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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at action. first up, we will check on the weather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is off today. rue is here with a dry morning. it will be a dry first half of the day. live doppler hd shows no showers on the radar. temperatures are chilly in some locations: napa is 50. june in santa rosa. 54 in oakland. hour by hour throughout the day a few clouds and we will have clouds to start and they will
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burn off. north bay location, there could be a stray shower as the cold appropriate of yesterday exits the region. now, the traffic. good morning, everyone, from marin on a friday morning it is usually light and we are want it with the golden gate bridge ferry on strike and no extra buses. that means crowding on the buses and the roadway and give yourself extra time. if you work for home there is a perfect slice, walnut creek southbound the turn to 24 with no delays and everyone is good through season valley and road work remains if we leg at the drive off -- up and over the altamont pass with slowing from 205. it pigs up to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. big headaches for those flying this morning. this is from illinois a complex of buildings that houses chicago
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radar complex that controls all air traffic through a 91,000 square mile region of the midwest including illinois, kansas city and wisconsin. there is a fire. the building is evacuated. no flights are in or out of o'hare or midway. the f.a.a. facility controls more than the idea chicago airport we are getting if you reports this airports in wisconsin and iowa are will impacted. the impact is huge. >> all traffic that normally goes through chicago center or the controls are being rerutted to other control centers so this could be delays or problems like that. we will keep you updated. >> follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea . >> we have strike call, no golden gate bridge ferry service
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at ferry captains call a one day strike causing ripples. we are at the larkspur ferry terminal. >> the first ferry leaves at 5:45. we have not seen the commuters who did not get the word but there is a bus coming for those that won't to get to work early. one has come through so bus service is working. those workers are not on strike but the ferry workers are on strike. workers do not like the offer that management put on the table and they are on strike. they did not decide to add extra buses today.
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>> and the buses were able to pick up the extra passengers who needed the ride and on friday we have 10 percent fewer riders so we expect they can absorb the extra passengers. >> the sticking point on the contract negotiations is down to health care. the offer is more than subsequent rouse. the workers disagree and will negotiate again on monday but this strike is for the full day so do not count on the ferries to get to sore great work or for the giants game. with the special ferry being canceled. apple is winning a tough week on a positive note. they are reassuring nervous
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stockholders over concerns that the phone is easy to bend. >> a week ago people were lined up around the world to get their hand on the newest iphones. now there are complaints of the biggest iphone bending and the littest software. some have reported it is vulnerable to bending and that is not the only problem. they withdraw the update to the new soft wish that affected customers would purchased the new iphone models. that left some unable to make calls and a newer version is available to fix the issue the apple released statement and allowed media into the laboratories where they tested the new iphones for pending issues.
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with normal use a bend is rare and through the first six days of sail a total of nine customers contacted apple with a bent iphone. apple said they sold ten million new iphones last weekend a record and if you do have a problem contact them. >> frustrated is how city members feel after being told the surface is limiting what they can know of recent security breaches at mineta international airport. federal authorities would not let the administrator discuss what happened even with the city council if closed session. t.s.a. oversees security and the city council wanted answers when a homeless woman snuck on to a flight last month and a teen stowed away to hawaii.
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>> residents are being urged to clone everything and throw out their food after a strange gas odor forced them to evacuate. we brought this to you yesterday morning on the morning news and residents were out of their home all night after the smell was traced to an apartment with two bodies inside. officials say the odor was a toxic mix of chemicals. a letter was sent to the residents to toss out any food that was last out. rebound is expected to nominate replacement for united states attorney general by early next week. two women with bay area ties are on the lit of people the president is considering. hold are announced his resignation yesterday and will stay on until the successor is confirm by the senate. after his announcement the california attorney general harris suggested she had little interest in the position right
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new. she is running if re-election intends to continue her work for the people of california. u.k. president napolitano issued a statement praising holder say "he leave hype an outstanding record for seeking equal rights for all americans." napolitano was homeland security chief until she took the top job at uc. >> officials say the wet weather increased humidity and brought down the flames at the king fire. they are trying to build lines around the 95,000 acre fire. some areas continue to ignite east of georgetown as the rain pored down. the fire has deyou haved 12 homes and still threatens thousands more in the sierra novato foothills and is 55 percent contained. >> the fire department says if you smell or see smoke in dublin, do not be alarmed, crews are holding a training exercise
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starting at 8:00 part of a will control burn involving 200 acres. burn will increase defensible space for residents. they should done by 3:00 this afternoon. >> more rain is great for the firefighting and the drought. later this afternoon, we will have less rain than yesterday. all is quiet try now. the bay bridge is lit up with a few clouds. temperature-wise we have cool spots in the 50's in san jose at 57 and 55 in morgan hill and san francisco at 52 and napa only at 50. a light jacket is needed in some cities. this is tons of sunshine by afternoon and isolated shower and the best chance is in the north bay with light showers in ukiah. 60's along the water and 70's
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inland and 71 at oakland and napa has sprinkled and a high of 75 degrees. isolated showers this afternoon and we are try and breezy and bright for the weekend with temperatures warming up nicely. happy friday, everyone, usually in marin county it is light and we are watching with the ferry strike. take the bus if you can. or car pool if you have to drive. only the golden gate bridge ferry. the san francisco bay ferry is running. if you take bart, no delays. do not forget the giants game if you take the giants ferry it will not be running. you need to make alternate plans. san mateo bridge is good with a few brake lights but no major problems. our road map show eastbound 580 richmond-san rafael until 6:00 this morning and i am see slow
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traffic on the when side over to marin county. we will follow that. remember, eastbound and westbound 37 is closed tonight at 10:00 p.m. until monday morning at 5:00 p.m. for road work and a detour. >> neighbors in southern alaska are leaning up after a powerful earthquake. new video of the damage. >> she is sleeping one minute and then she is hide on the roof. a woman's terrifying encounter with a
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning on friday at 5:14. a look at san francisco from the sutro tower camera, we have only a few clouds, but no rain like yesterday. wells maybe a bit of something and we will talk to drew about that. or later this afternoon. we are looking at damage inflicted by the 6.2 earthquake that rocked alaska. ceiling fell on the floor inside a middle school in anchorage but students go if cover and no one was hurt. books and files littered the floor after the shaking knocked over shelves. the epicenter was 60 miles north of anchorage that was rocked by
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9.12 earthquake 50 years ago. >> top civil right groups gin the families of two men killed by police calling for greater accountability. one man died after being put if a chokehold by new york city police and the other, michael brown, was shot and killed inning if son, missouri, after police arrested several protester outside ferguson police headquarters last night. between 50 and sun demonstrators called for the resignation of the police chief. he apologized for the shooting death of the unarmed teen. a woman is still shaken after a frightening ordeal. she was in bed when a man broke into the house and she called 9-1-1 on the cell phone and climbed on to the roof and hid under the eve and police surrounded the house as 29-year-old christian hicks came on the roof after her. >> my fear is he was going to be
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forced to hide in the same place i was hiding. >> firefighters put up a ladder so she could get down and police got hicks to surrender. he is charged with burglary and held open $50,000 bond. >> she did exactly the right thing. >> trouble if the dow but savings on the way for drivers. here is more's money. good morning, topping america's money, stock futures were mixed after the worst day since july dropping 264 points on thursday and analysts attribute this from continues in the middle east to the apple software glitch. >> gas prices could drop below $3 with prices usually dropping in the fall and the decline is greater because of the global drop in oil prices. wendy's is backing on barbecue as it rolls out through new menu items including pulled pork.
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now a ghost. possibly caught on camera. the haunt police station a new mexico believe says he cannot explain a governmentally figure captured on security camera outside a police station. there is a pleasurey figure strolling through the fence and walk out again. the officer says he believes in governments. but he is not sure what this is. cue for the organ music. >> exactly. >> there will be drizzle this afternoon and i will show you when and where and live doppler hd shows you we are scanning the bay area and no precipitation
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open our radar and outside, you can see the bay bridge hit up, and there are a few low clouds, but around the water, san francisco and oakland in the low 60. and elsewhere, 50's are the name of the game including morgan bay but napa is chilly at 51, a light jacket in the north by could be needed before the sunrises and warms us up. the forecast calls if sunshine and possible isolated shower in the north bay and sunny into the weekend and we are dry for the seven day forecast so the satellite imams show you the story, a cold front yesterday brought us soaking showers and there is energy that could spark a late afternoon shower and the best bet is in the north bay for a few isolated showers, light and nature and not everyone will see but you could see one quickly and the forecast confirms the early morning clouds and a little bit of rain
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but nothing like what we saw yesterday, but, still, the wet weather is in the forecast for part of the region. 73 in san jose and 76 in leg leg and sunday in sunnyvale and 71 in menlo park and 73 los altos through san francisco and downtown is 68 and north by is the best chance to see sprinkles, and 75 in napa and east bay the low 70's and sunday in oakland and union city and 76 in pittsburg and livermore and brentwood. at at&t park the padres take on the giants. partly cloudy and breezy possibly a light crackle at 9:30 with temperatures in the low 60. isolate showers. everything clears for the weekend. we are warm. we are brit. -- bright. we dry. >> happy friday. the golden gate bridge ferry captain strike and we are
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watching the roads and the buses are more crowded. friday is usually light from marin but that could help this or. now at look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is easy going with no metering lights or delays making your way across the eastern span through the tunnel and san francisco and so far, leaving novato through san francisco it is looking good with no extra traffic moving at the limit up the hill to the sick center to lincoln and central san francisco. we do have san francisco giants laying tone at 7:15 at at&t park and there will be no special giants ferry from larkspur. you need to make other plans. >> at 8:00 tonight, "shark tank," has two hours of ideas and deals and a new 20/20 at
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10:00, and abc7 news at 11. >> you can catch all the shows live with smartphone or tablet or computer with details on watch abc in the app store. >> straight ahead, seven things to know use start your day. i was going to have you read this but i decided i must do it, are wedding bells ringing for george clooney. >> one of the toughest players in the nfl shows a different kind
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we've put a fresh twist on classic desserts.ry, making them all new, any day treats. starting with cheesecakes, reinvented using thick and creamy traditional greek yogurt. then delicately topped with delicious fruit sauces. the twist? less than 200 calories. new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon! also try our dannon creamery pudding range. >> here are seven things to know today, an estimated 9,000 commuters will look for another way to get across the bay as golden gate bridge ferry captains hold a strike. that affects all ferries between
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sausalito, larkspur and san francisco including the ferry to the giants game at at&t. we will have a report in a few minutes. number two, sue hall in the traffic center this friday morning looking at friday light and we are following the marin county commute specifically because of the ferry strike and we will keep our eye on 101 and the golden gate bridge and you can see it is looking good. otherwise, we are looking at friday light away the bay area. three, live doppler hd shows a dry sweep around the bay area but we could be looking at scattered spring sprinkles toda. >> delay is expect the at several major airports. there is a fire at an f.a.a. air traffic control facility outside of chicago. no flights are coming in or going out of o'hare and midway
5:25 am
airport in chicago. the fire started in the basement. one people was injuried. there are 13 flights from the bay area between now and 10:00 to chicago. >> british prime minister cameron is urging parliament to gin the united states-led airstrikes against isis saying the militant group is a danger to britain and six plots have been uncovered already. >> the joy amendments celebrated playoffs after the win over the padres fine out earlier they got the wild card spot when the brewers lost and the a's lot 2-1 in texas. they can state get a spot if they when and the manyers lose. >> jeter had a game winning single at yankee stadiums for his final game before retirement after two decades as yankee shortstop and as the team
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captain. >> a fitting ending. >> george clooney is getting married soon, walkways have been closed in van -- venice and most predict it will happen monday or tuesday. he is hearing a human rights lawyer and the wedding is expected it take place near the famed grand canal. the pictures are on her arriving in venice and reporters camped out...we will watch that. >> got your plane tickets? >> by, george. >> enough nfl football player shows his soft are side, the 4-year-old daughter is fighting cancer and the cincinnati bengals defensive tackle posted video of a people talk he gave her. >> i am ready for the day are
5:27 am
you ready? you ready to pete the cancer? let's do it. let's beat that cancer. >> you he was scared beyond words but would never let her see that, the surgery went well and it look like the doctors were able to remove the entire tumor. >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. including the women accusing uber and lyft of putting them in danger when they called
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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and now guy, done stop bay area it is showing no showers. 51 in napa, so a light jacket. and 57 in novato and 62 in san francisco and 61 in fremont. the temperatures are in the 70 inland and upper 60 along the coast. i thought we would check in on the other ferry which is the only one on strike this morning, the captains, and 43 trains are all running on time the buses
5:31 am
could be more crowds as will 101 because the ferry riders need to get on the road to get to the city. we will follow the commute into marin county and it is looking nice with no major problems through walnut creek southbound 680 making turn to 24 with a few brake lights and not a problem. now breaking news from chicago, illinois. this is a picture of chicago airport where we see the cars and people are coming and going and we understand there are no flights getting in or outside of this article or ohio as a result of a fire this morning as an f.a.a. air traffic control facility outside of chicago. we understand two people are injured and the facility
5:32 am
overseas aircraft for illinois, iowa, wisconsin, indiana and michigan. >> it is covering 91,000 square miles called chicago center. the airports are closed down while they happen tell the fire with two people report through injured. no information open how the fire started or what any of the complicated electrical equipment inside the building has been affected. you can call ahead if you are flying out or expecting someone from chicago affecting o'hare and midway airport. both. >> month estimate as to exact what time they will get things started pack up but follow us on twitter at abc7 news. >> the world's busiest airports. a one day strike by golden gate bridge ferry boat captains means commuters have to hit the roads or stay home.
5:33 am
amy hollyfield? we should find out if everyone got the wore. the first ferry is leaving at 5:45 and they announced this during the commute so they hope everyone heard but we will soon find owe. this is in ferry service today the captains are on strike. this will be bus service from marin to san francisco and officials did not know or does not order extra buses. they say on friday the traffic is usually light. the ferry young representatives felt lick a strike was their only option. >> i apologize it came to this. we have for warned the district at the pardon meeting. week after week after week. we said if we did not reach an agreement there would be a
5:34 am
strike. the union says that management offer does not cover enough health care costs. management says the offer is more than generous. there are 9,000 commuters who use the ferry each day so they need to fund a different way to get to work or decide to stay home. there are 1,600 giants fans backed by this because the special ferry for tonight is canceled. san francisco uber driver is suspended after three girls in the car claimed they were harassed. the driver started weaving as the glances of the driver lingered over her friend's body. uber said driver safety is number one and it is our policy to suspend an account following seriousallies as the district attorney of san francisco and los angeles have announced a joint investigation into ride
5:35 am
sharing companies in a letter to uber and lyft and sidecar they found provide lays of laws including misholding representation on background checks. the u.s. geological survey is reporting a cluster of earthquakes if mammoth lake activity and we have counted three dozen small earthquakes if less than 24 hours near mammoth lakes between 2 and 3.4. they started 9:00 a.m. yesterday. the last one was 1:49 a.m. today at 2.8 earthquake. >> there will be a relief fund in napa for the victims of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake and this is a fur day food, music and wine event to help residents and businesses recovering. it started year. they run through sunday at locations around the city. some events are free.
5:36 am
others require tickets. new concerns of the new eastern span of the bay bridge and according to the san francisco chronicle, several giant steel rods have been exposed to water and official possibly for years and they are concerned that can cause corrosion. the problem was detected last week and found in all of the dozened sos. the workers have drained the waters and officials do not know if there is damage. early this year rain ought was found below the road deck on the stretch of the span that was supposed to be watertight posing a risk of corrosion that could make the structure thin and weak. >> san rafael police know would shot a man, they believe, after a fight. they still lacking for him. officers found the victim at 5:00 people and they believe he was shot a few blocks away on novato street. people riding inside a jeep got into a fight with a man on the
5:37 am
street and he fired several times into the jeep suffering a life-threatening wound to the head. >> the san francisco fire chief will fend off a challenge to her leadership after facing a call to resign from different groups. some of the chief's supporter spoke during the regular meeting of the fire indication after a conference between the opponents of the chief and the mayor at city hall on wednesday. much of the criticism is over long response team by fire department ambulances. the chief flames years of budget cuts for the delays. >> giants fans are looking to the post season after a wild card spot with a big win at home. >> it was close. gianted and padres at at&t park. brandon got the swing back with a hit in the second but padre rallied taking in the lead with
5:38 am
two homers in the 7th. the giants fought back and scored three runs in the bottom half and reclaimed the lead for good with final score 9-8. card game at home. for that, they trail the pirates by one game with three games remaining. >> the a's are in texas after another gut wrenching loss and the a's would go on to strand ten runners in. bottom the 9th, a walk off home run giving the rangers the victory account royals also won dropping the a's into second wild card spot leading the marineers by two games.
5:39 am
we know the far lick tries are hot. the beer will be cold. at at&t park. >> garlic fries...i had a doughnut earlier but garlic tries are better. >> garlic doughnuts. >> or breath mint.ç&(eij- lio rain this morning. we will take you to the current temperatures, some places are chili like 62 in san francisco and mountain view at 58. our friday forecast shows clouds and a lot of sunshine by the afternoon and our departing cold front is slow to leave the region and you notice a residual shower is possible in the north bay around santa rosa and napa and vallejo. keep the umbrella happy. it will not be wide-spread but rain is in the forecast. 60's around the water and 68 in san francisco and 76 for concord
5:40 am
and 7 to in fremont. at at&t park the giants take on the padres and it will be 65 at first pitch, temperatures fall through the 60's with a breeze from the northwest at ten or 20 miles per hour. >> happy friday, everyone, we are following of course, the ferry strike from larkspur and sought latte with traffic getting heavier at the 9,000 ferry riders need to take the care or bus or car pool or stay hope. that is a great idea. check at san rafael traffic is fairly typical and no major delays and the tail lights are headed southbound and north san pedro to lincoln and central san rafael with no delays at the golden gate bridge where they will have the four southbound lanes opened which is normal monday through friday and four southbound two northbound is
5:41 am
looking good. but under 40 miles per hour up and over the altamont pass which is typical and pigging up at livermore to the dublin interchange. >> the fbi identifies the marked man in the chilly isis beheading videos and we are in washington with that and the latest airstrikes under way. >> another twist in the ray rice video controversy: new questions of who knew what and when. >> the money you could be saving as the phone.t lives more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years.
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covering novato and oakland and sunnyvale this is abc7 news. >> fbi agents believe they know the marked isis terrorist in the beheading videos speaking english in what sounds like a british accent. forces continue to pound isis targets in syria and balls have pounded oil refineries that have helped isis finance the terrorist operations. the british house of commons is now debating whether the u.k. will join the assault on isis. law enforcement official sent the video of ray rice punching his then fiance to the attention of the nfl security
5:45 am
back in april and the lead security chief said he never received the video. the league is maintaining no one with the league saw the violent video until tmz released it. the official who spoke to the associated press on condition of anonymity says he does not know if miller saw the dvd or opened the package. >> and former athletic director of cal has graduation rates for athletes falling below the national average including faculty and coaches and asylum my and former student athletes. the feignings will be released at 11 o'clock a.m. >> a no of gas could fall below $3 in parts of the country and gas prices usually fall this time of year when the refines switch to a cheaper blend and people drive less.
5:46 am
this year economists expect prices to fall more pus of dropping global oil prices. by the end of the year, two-thirds of the united states could have gas under $3 and this is not affecting you, all of us, the current national average is $3.34 in california is $3.71 and our prices will probably stay over $3 gallon. >> that is how it is. we always pay the most. >> we are not bitter. >> we have good weather. wet weather but a different picture than 24 hours ago where some areas of the region picked up three quarters inch of rain and the explore term camera showing the bay bridge with a few clouds in the background and
5:47 am
clouds to wake you up. temperatures are along the water are 62 in san francisco and oakland and elsewhere in the 50's with a if you spots with napa at 50. a light jacket is needed in parts of the bay area. and 61 in livermore. clouds giving way to sunshine and a chance of possible isolated sprinkle later on this afternoon and sunny by the weekend and a dry pattern for the seven-day outlook. we have a cold front that brought us rain yesterday and that is dying off and behind lit is a ripple of energy from the area of low-to-upper to the northwest that could bring us a few light isolated showers in the afternoon. the best chance to see the wet weather is our north bay location so friday forecast shows the wet weather green on the screen and isolated showers
5:48 am
around vallejo and napa and santa rosa and cloverdale, so the barack obama could be needed in some spots. highs if friday are 73 in san jose and 72 is the high if santa clara and 67 for half moon bay and downtown san francisco and topping out at 68 degrees under sun and 65 in dallas city. to the north, we have showers likely later on this afternoon, 75 in calistoga and 74 in sonoma and east bay is 71 along with newark and inland, not is warm. 75 in pittsburg and pleasanton. usually we are in the low 80's. the seven-day forecast shows isolated afternoon showers. we are dry through the rest of extended forecast. >> good morning, everyone, watching this strike or the lack of ferries going this morning and golden gate bridge ferries are affected, not the vallejo
5:49 am
bay line or san francisco ferry just golden gate bridge and larkspur and you will need to make all planned trips taking the transit bus or ride share other car pool or work from home. if you must, bart is the on time way to go with no delays. traffic is moving nicely around the bay area with a mainor backup at the bay bridge. stacked up a bit on right happen. elsewhere, san mateo bridge is nice with only a few brake lights at the high-rise but, otherwise, 16 minutes between hayward and foster city with road work or lane closed eastbound san rafael bridge until 6:00 and an accident in napa north 221 a big rig and a car got interest it and that is off the shoulder and you could
5:50 am
expect delays. >> a lazy bear forces a school and businesses to look down. the extreme measures police took to let him know it was time to go. >> big bucks a bay area company is spending to lure new employees and what makes the starting salary so
5:51 am
5:52 am
a start-up is cutting to the chase to hire top engineers with only 12 employees, a mobile company wants to attract most talented people it can get offering an average salary of $250,000 a year plus a share of the mountain view company. >> we want the very best people
5:53 am
and remain small and acknowledge i'll and deadly and compete against the giants. >> the hiring program reflects the shortage of software engineers in the valley. observers say the most bitter competition between technical rivals is if skilled workers. after two years are testing the national weather says decided to use twitter to get out crucial weather alerts and information. the weather service announced the program goes operational october 31 and in addition to warnings of authority mades and thunderstorms, tweets will be used for public outreach and education and twitter says the users pay not notice a change but the deal opens the door for new partnership opportunities between twitter and the national weather service. we have another great weather resource for you following live doppler hd open twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shane , and "spare the air" alert
5:54 am
and weather tweets from the favorite weather team. >> and drew is part of the favorite weather team. doppler looks a lot different from the grab. >> it was working overtime yesterday picking up from .5" to three quarters inch of rain. napa is at 50 degrees and 63 in oakland. san jose has a temperature of 57. highs for friday are showing everyone in the 70's and the chance of sprinkles are mostly in the north bay at napa and santa rosa and clearly. sue? >> good morning, everyone, the big news is golden gate bridge ferry captains are open strike between san francisco and sausalito not running and the buses are running and the 9,000 foams will be on the road or be on the bus so expect congestion.
5:55 am
remember, no boat from larkspur to the giants game. you have to make other plans. metering lights are on. what a difference five minutes make. traffic is stacking to the macarthur maze at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> were what as a frightening carjacking video unfolds on the valets and several other people as he tried to get away in the vehicle. he slammed the s.u.v. into other vehicles to clear a path. police found the suspect several hours after the carjacking and he faces carjacking and attempted murder. an auto recall: chrysler is recalling 350,000 vehicles forking anything problem from 2008 model year including the jeep and dodge charger and chrysler 300.
5:56 am
a flaw in the ignition can cause the vehicle to lose power while driving. a minor accident is linked to the issue and car owners get a notice of the free repairs. >> a large black pair was napping in the front yard of a hope in canada, the 500-pound bear slept if eight hours before he finally woke up. this video was posted, with folks trying to coach the animal and a green space but he was not having that, zigzagging from yard to yard before heading for another nap. he may have eaten federal minuted -- fermen today
5:57 am
hangover remedy? >> a delivery man refused to drop off the package because the driver checked "other," with understandable explanation: bear at door. at 6:00, missing dictator. forth korea's kim jong-un has not opinion scenes in weeks and the international specific place on what could be wrong. avoid frequent flying frustration and michael finney reveals which airlines make it easiest for you to use your miles and get a
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break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, ground stop: most flights in and out of several chicago area airports are grounded after a fire at a
6:00 am
critical f.a.a. facility. we are at san francisco international airport with the impact on the flights. bay area ferry workers are on strike. we have more on when it ends and how it is backing the commute. >> us attorney general holder is stepping away from the obama administration. speculation new on the replacement is turning to two powerful bay area women. drew has agreed to wake up very early in the morning to johnny us with the weather forecast. >> it is i-with co-anchors like you guys. we not seeing any delays at sfo but headed to chicago you will see an impact. live doppler hd shows an the pay area it is dry. right now we are at 62 in san francisco and 63 in oakland and napa is chilly at 51, so a light jacket in some locations. the forecast through friday


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