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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are at san francisco international airport with the impact on the flights. bay area ferry workers are on strike. we have more on when it ends and how it is backing the commute. >> us attorney general holder is stepping away from the obama administration. speculation new on the replacement is turning to two powerful bay area women. drew has agreed to wake up very early in the morning to johnny us with the weather forecast. >> it is i-with co-anchors like you guys. we not seeing any delays at sfo but headed to chicago you will see an impact. live doppler hd shows an the pay area it is dry. right now we are at 62 in san francisco and 63 in oakland and napa is chilly at 51, so a light jacket in some locations. the forecast through friday early morning clouds guying we
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to sunshine and our cold front of yesterday is slow to depart and this afternoon had could be an isolated shower and a chance of wet weather is the north bay, santa rosa, napa and vallejo with highs in the mid-70. that is weather. how is the traffic? we are bracing for more traffic because of 9,000 folks that need to get on the road or take a bus and the transit system says they not adding any or further buses. normally friday is lite from marin county and we are watching this morning. if you have tickets we take the larkspur ferry to giants game and they are refunding the tickets with no ferry to at&t park. crewed on the east shore freeway from golden gate field. traffic is stacked up getting interest san francisco. an accident to report in the napa area the tow truck is on
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way north to 21 a big rig and a car. we are continue our breaking news from the midwest with a few flights landing at ohio, one of the busiest airports. you can see, there is no flight activity going on, on the run ways right now. reporters are letting politicals that were airborne land. this is after a fire at an f.a.a. facility a short time ago. i will show you that facility, in aurora, illinois, handling traffic passing over the midwest. the fire report through started in the basement and a man has been transported to the hospital for what is describe as a self inflicted wound and another map was treated at the scene for smoke inwhatlation and it will
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impact flights at san francisco international and we expect other airports, as well, to be affected. matt will general us shortly for more on the break story and you can follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. this is impacting flights in the area. look at the flight tracker, you can see virgin america 12 take off from sfo bound for john f. kennedy and new york city and the flight path takes a dip to get out of the chicago air spare. and one flight managed to depart but they have to weapon below 10,000' in the kick control area and 160 flights or more canceled so far already. follow us on twitter. >> under 10,000 until they are handed off to another regional control center for the flights. if your commute takes you
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through the golden gate bridge expect extra company because the ferry workers are on strike. you can see the traffic is still light. this is just a one-day strange and amy hollyfield is at terminal where picketing is happening much amy hollyfield? it is quiet. not a lot of commuters have arrived. a couple have. they did not get the word there would be no ferry service and they were disappointed. the ferry captains are striking. there is no ferry service between marin county and san francisco. 9,000 ferry customers who take the boats need to find a new way to work. buses are running. that is an option. some say they will take the bus. others say they will work from home or drive in and there are those who did not know.
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>> i didn't know. i will have to go back and think about my options. what is your reaction? >> doesn't work for me. obviously. this impacts you, too, giants fans, with the special ferry has been canceled for the game tonight. this is only a one day strike with union and management due back on monday to try and reach a deal open their cup. top civil rights groups will gin the families of two men who have been killed by police calling for great accountability. a man died after being put in a coast guard hold by new york city police. the other, michael group was shot and killed in ferguson, missouri, after police arrested several protesters outsiding if son police headquarters last night. between 50 and 100 democrat
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states called for the resignation of the chief jackson who apologize for the shooting death of brown who was unarmed. >> two bay women are talked about as replacements if eric holder. harris is seeking a second term but wants to stay. janet napolitano who wanted the ag job as homeland security territory issue add statement of praise without taking herself out of the running for the job. holder is the first african-american attorney general and he has drawn a great deal of criticism from republicans during his six years with the obama administration but supporters praised him if the work to uphold civil right and lower crime rates and will stay on as attorney general until the successor is condition firmed which is expected to be contentious and could take
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several months. >> frustrated is how some members feel after being told the t.s.a. is limited what they can know about recent security breaches at san jose international airport. san jose aviation director says that federal authorities would not let her discuss what happened with two airport breaches even if it was with the city council if closed session. t.s.a. oversees the security. the city council wanted agencies after a homeless woman snuck on a flight and a teen custody away to hawaii. the mayors have joined leaders in asking fema to removing some trees that pose a fire hazard in an area between strawberry can wherein and highway 24. removing the trees costs $5 million. officials blame these trees for helping the 1991 oakland hills
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fire storm to spread so quickly. >> the recent rain helped crews bat battling the king fire. officials state wet weather increased humidity and helped bring down the films. firefighters are trying to build containment lines around the 95,000 acre fire and some areas east of georgetown continued to ignite as rain poured down overhead. the fire has destroyed 12 homes and still threat weres hundreds more in the sierra nevada foothills and now is 55 percent contained. >> do we have more rain in the fight? that would help. >> a little. we will see a couple of sprinkles but nothing to the extent of year morning. live doppler hd will show you a scan around the region and we are dry right now temperature-wise some locations are in the low 50 with napa at 51 and 54 in fairfield and 61 in san francisco and 63 in oakland.
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we have highs for friday and everyone has 70's on the board and we will have plenty of sunshine but a chance, green on the screen especially in the north bay, napa and santa rosa could see isolated sprinkles later on this afternoon. sue? >> happy friday, the golden gate bridge ferry can't strike is on everyone's mind and this does not affect the san francisco bay ferry only the golden gate bridge ferry and, remember, on monday, they experience a pre-planned schedule adjustment for the winter fall schedule so look ahead for that. san rafael is not looking too bad from novato to north san pedro and traffic is flowing nicely across the golden gate bridge and so far we do not have heavier marin county commute into san francisco. >> it is early. new this morning, missing
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dictator, forth korea's kim jong-un has not been seen in close to a month. there is speculation over this. >> end a baseball era with a farewell to yankees' legend dere
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>> good morning, everyone, a look at traffic on interstate 80. it is busy. the larkspur ferry is fought running because of a when day strike by the ferry captains. >> this morning, appreciate prime -- british prime minister urged parliament to join the coalition and the united states in air strikes saying they pose a problem for print because they are terrorists and six plots have already been uncovered by intelligence agencies. a mystery involving kim jong-un who has not been seen in three weeks. he was last seen long side his
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wife at a concert september 3 and he missed an important parliament meeting yesterday the first he has ever missed since coming and power three years ago. there is speculation that he could be sick. he has been visibly gaining weight and the "wall street journal" reports that he could be suffering from gout which runs if his family. the dictator is anyone to river from obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. a los angeles woman is still shaken up but otherwise fine after a frightening ordinary dole. the woman was in bed and a map -- man broke into her bed and she called sunday sunday and hid under the roof, hide leg and police surrounded the house at the 29-year-old came up on the roof after her. >> my fear is he was going to be forced to come hide in the same place i was hiding. >> firefighters put up a ladder
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so she could climb down and police got him to render. he is held on $50,000. >> we are hearing from nascar champion tony stewart for the first time since he was cleared of criminal charges. he says the crash that killed tenth-year-old kevin ward was 100 percent an accident. he spoke to the associated press from his home in north carolina say he did not want to get out of bed or leave his room in the weeks following the accident. he could still face a civil lawsuit. bail fans are celebrating a hollywood style ending in the bronx, derek jeter played the final game after 20 seasons. with the fame tied in the bottom the 9th he it is a single to right field and a winning run scores in dramatic fashion. yankee stadium erupts in clears
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and he is mobbed by the teammates, the 14 the time he will not lay shortstop in the yankee final three games this weekend preferring to have the last game at yankee stadium at his position. he plans to be in two games. that is the way to go out. such a good role model. >> an awesome ending. >> we hope for awesomeness for the giants and a's. >> so, awesomeness referring to me? absolutely. absolutely. live doppler hd shows the time is 6:16 and live doppler 7 hd show as dry scan in the bay area. beautiful shot and the sun is on
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the way up. the picture is gorgeous. right now, 61 in san francisco and oakland, and san jose is 58, and the bay is in the mid-50's and overlooking san francisco, a little bit of haze with low clouds and generally just talking about partly clouds. chilly in napa at 51, and 50's across the board and a like jacket could be needed and we will warm up nicely with a chance of isolated shower and a dry pattern will prevail on the seven-day forecast. this is the cold front that brought us the rain yesterday and there is a weak piece of energy hype it that will prius isolated showers by the afternoon and the best chance to see a few showers will be in our north bay spots, with friday forecast showing we early morning clouds and a chance of isolated showers, santa rosa, napa, vallejo, could need the umbrella and i will show you saturday we have a chance of seeing snow in the higher elevations of the sierra south
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of south lake tahoe for the first snow of the season. it is that time of the year. the winter weather is returning. 70's in many locations and 76 in concord. at at&t park, later this evening, you can see the giants took on the padres at 6 a by first pitch and by 9:30 the temperature are falling and at 62. isolated showers three today and private and beautiful and dry for the weekend and dry wet will prevail throughout the seven-day forecast. >> hello, everyone, all eyes are on the not running golden gate bridge ferries. if you have tickets if the game, the ferry is canceled and you can get a refund for the tickets. we have a heavy commute from marin county and we will follow that. stacked up and this is the east shore freeway beyond golden gate bridge field to the macarthur
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maze and sluggish and slow-and-go traffic and no friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic stacking into the macarthur maze. it is a grind from the central valley with the red sensors from 205 and things pick up a bit into the livermore area and dublin/pleasanton but not by were, speeds are under 40 miles per hour. do you want to get away but cannot become a flight with your miles? >> frustrating. "7 on your side" reveals which airlines have the best loyalty programs
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but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. >> good morning on friday at 6:22. a look at the san mateo bridge trafficking is better than yesterday because at this time yesterday we had rain. hopefully you are enjoying a good commute and we talk to sue about the weekend weather. >> first we will check with amy and a preview of "good morning america" at 7:00. good friday morning the next on "good morning america" an error on an airport run way forces two commercial flights to turn around. officials are investigating why the landing systems shut off up expectly on "good morning america" next in 38 minutes.
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>> have you ever had frequent flying frustration trying to become a flight use miles but you cannot fine the right seat. or any seat. "consumer reports" pans -- partners with sovereign sovereign to fine out which airlines give passengers the best deal for the miles. good morning, 300 million of us belong to frequent flying programs getting free miles. it is no secret that black intermediate dates and limited seats using the miles can be frustrated. we checked out nine programs and found big differences. who doesn't want to fly for free? can you really get where you want to go using your miles? "consumer reports" asked staff to try booking round trip tickets using frequent fly miles with nine programs: alaska, american, delta, problem too, secret blues southwest, spirits united and us airways.
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they searched for a seat afternoon the most popular routes for flights that departed in these days, one month, and these months. >> opposites were limited. results are just a snapshot so we get the most choice on delta and then southwest and us airways. the deals varied wildly. spirit required the most miles for the routes followed by us airways. they both charged the highest backing fees, $100 for last minute. >> best dailies were with alaska followed by jetblue and american and delta. "consumer reports" found that you are better off to book early. for example, on southwest, chicago to new york, a round trip ticket went from 17,000 a mile a month before to 77,000 miles for a flight three days arrest the on short notice united sometimes lower the number of miles needed to become a seat. >> "consumer reports" said do
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not order the miles because they could expire. >> more surprises if you cannot become a seat try calling the service deck and agents can sometimes fine seats that you cannot find online. we are continuing to follow breaking news of a fire a couple thousand miles away impacting travelers in the bay area and we have major delays happening right now. plus the bay wear women accuse uber of putting them in danger weapon they caused for a ride. >> live doppler hd is dry but sprinkles can come back this afternoon. from the traffic center on friday morning we are looking at a live shot of san rafael where traffic seems to be fairly
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normal for friday morning expecting, though, delays because of the ferry strike with if you can work at home, that could be a great way to go on this friday morning. nds]
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:28 on friday remain. there are troubles in the air. you can see a couple of flights are canceled to o'hare pause of a fire at radar facility outside of chicago. more on that coming up. right now we get you started with the weather forecast. this morning, a lot different than yesterday. drew? >> we do not have the rain of 24 hour ago. we have a rest this morning. some spots are chilly in the low
6:30 am
50's. 55 is june. 63 in oakland and fremont. and as we look at highs for friday, around the bay area, upper 60's to mid-70's. i point out that this is green to the north bay and that is the chance of isolated showers like napa and santa rosa and sonoma. have the umbrella many. nothing too heavy but light showers could be expected. >> that is traffic. we focused on the ferry strategic from larkspur and sausalito and san francisco. on monday this is a new adjusted schedule for the fall-winter and we tweeted that for the updated schedule. right now we are looking at heavier than usual traffic from marin county and we will keep our eyes on that. this is the bay bridge toll plaza with meter lights on. there is a stall at grand avenue.
6:31 am
the reason for some delays. we will look at the golden gate bridge great marin county, traffic is relatively normal and san francisco. 6:31 and we are following breaking news from killing area this morning a parcel group stop is in affect at o'hare and midway airports after a fire was put out at to f.a.a. facility in suburban chicago, illinois, overseeing flies for airports in illinois, inend, wisconsin, iowa and michigan. a man is suffering from a self-inflicted wound and being treat at the hospital. there was a fire in the basement and an f.a.a. employee was treated for smock inhalation. this is pacting anyone would needs to get to and from chicago which you both airports and many people here in the bay area affected.
6:32 am
matt? >> yes, it is tough to know how this is going to impact flights at sfo and san jose and oakland because we seeing on the night board two flights canceled to chicago or coming from chicago so arrivals are what we are seeing. we have a 9:25 arrival flight from american airlines canceled and a 10:35 night from chicago delayed afternoon hour and another canceled from usa airways and one from southwest airlines from midway is canceled and as far as departures, everything reads "on time," for chicago. anyone who is headed to chicago if you check the board it says "on time," but i saw someone with a bears jersey and he said the night was canceled so the departures are not passed along to the flight pores. i talked to the duty manager and he said they are waiting for
6:33 am
more information to understand the impact it will have here at sfo. i talked to a woman would was going to leave to chicago and she was helping she could make it on the flight and head to chicago but a lot of questions are still lingering. 575 flights have been canceled from chicago area airports so that means big problems for arrivals at sfo. we waiting to see what the impact is on departures. no doubt an impact. thank you, ma. right new we want to show you a visual representation of the impact from flight tracker showing in real time, the airplanes are flying in airspace right now and you can see the huge empty space in the chicago airspace, a few blue planes but not very many and normally that would be packed. you know how busy chicago o'hare and midway airports are but we
6:34 am
have word that the f.a.a. let a small number of flights that were airborne land at o'hare and you can see, areas of inactivity happening now from a strike by ferry boat captains means the computers have to hit the roads or stay home. the streak by the ferry captains is because of contract nexts involving health care costs much >> officials said this would happen but not were got the wore the look at this video: confused commuters arriving moving for a ferry and not knowing there would be no service. they have rushed off saying they had to try to come up with plan "b" and figure how to get to
6:35 am
work. the captains are on strike. there are 16 captains providing service for 9,000 come homeland- commuters. buses are running. there is nothing extra. >> we do not need we need extra buses. the buts were able to pick up the extra passengers would needed a ride and on friday we have 10 jess fewer riders on the buses so our expectation is the buses can absorb the extra passengers. >> i apologize pit -- it came to this. we for warned the district week after week after week at the board meetings if we did not roach an agreement this would be a strike. giants fans, this impacts you. the center ferry added for the game has been canceled and that
6:36 am
handles 1,600 fans. those people need to fund a new way to get to the game. this is a one-day strike. management and young representatives are scheduled to be pack at the tail on monday to try and work out a contract. a san francisco uber driver is suspended after three girl claim they were harassed. the driver started weaving with side long glances lingering over her friend's body and the company said ride are safety is public one priority and the positive also to contractually suspend an account after serious allegations. the i didn't comes as the district attorneys of san francisco and los angeles announce a joint investigation interest ride sharing companies. the d.a. says they found violations of state and hole laws including misleading
6:37 am
representations about background checks. >> an president bite pack, giving us an fade look at the bay area facility where it tested i phones and why reports of bending gadgets are overblown >> pop the champagne, psychiatriants are going to the playoffs. a speech from a player that everyone is buzzing
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welcome back. we have clouds billowing in over the wars of the san francisco. we will see sun this afternoon and isolated shower. a dry pattern next week. friday, we will see morning clouds. there is a chance of isolated shower and that would be in the north bay. cloverdale and sonoma could use the umbrella but most locates are dry. highs through friday are in the 70's cross the board and 76 in concord and 68 san francisco and san jose is the high at 73. now the traffic. sue? we have been talking about the golden gate ferry captains
6:41 am
are on strike so you do not have that option. other mass transit, no problems with bart and vallejo bay line ferry is not. >> we have a couple of delay on muni and a few bus delays so check ahead. into marin county from richmond side, the richmond-san rafael toll plaza, traffic is stacking up and busy. very slow cross the san mateo bridge from hayward to the foster city side of thing. give yourself plan wety -- plenty of time. >> from sfo, flights delayed after a fair and thousands of miles away. >> it is wedding weekend for
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internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you. >> abc7 news begins with breaking news. this is a departure and arrival board at san francisco international airport are we have reports that two flights have been canceled. one has been delayed for arrivals from chicago.
6:45 am
departure board is showing all on time. it could change. sfo officials say they expect delays as a result of the f.a.a. facility fire in chicago. they do not know how long it will be. check with the carrier if you are flying this morning to chicago or expecting someone to come in from chicago. >> there are the lines at chicago's o'hare international airport right new the business of the airports in the world and the fire forced evacuations at a major f.a.a. air track control facility in aircraft and the facility is
6:46 am
down and no aircraft are going through the space and they are routed around it to other regional radar facilities. this center oversees flights flying over indiana, illinois, wisconsin, michigan and www. . --andiowa. >> there have been three dozen small earthquakes near mammoth mostly between 2 or 3.1 and the latest was 1:49 this morning at 2.8 earthquake. a massive entertainment event will support a relief fund for victims of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake. napa valley rocks is a four day music food and wine event to help residents and businesses still recovering from the
6:47 am
earthquake. it started yesterday and run through sunday at closes away the city. some are free and others require tickets and ends with a sold out concert on sunday. >> we will see how the market is doing right now after the big 260-point loss yesterday with the dow up 53 and a fraction hovering around 17000. >> technology sector led the losses especially apple and now apple is biting back against the critics after reports that the 15 iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus bending issues. this is video. and apple released a statement saying a bend is rare in the iphone and through our first six days of sale a total of nine customers have contacted us with a bent iphone 6 plus. >> giants fans are looking
6:48 am
forward to the post-season after the team claimed a wild card spot when the produceers pet the reds and our giants topped it with a win at home. >> giants and padres at at&t park and jumped to 6-0 lead. the pod day rally taking the lead in the 7th with two homer s and giants fought back in the bottom half of the inning to reclaim the lead and then the sell business, 9-8 and lincecum got the win the 100th victory. then the shall pain showers. and they hope to play the wild card spot trailing the pirates by one game with three games lost. >> that was a suicide squeeze. >> the a's are in evening tax trying to get a wild card spot after a gut wrenching loss in the 5th and in all the a's
6:49 am
would strand ten runners and a walk off home run giving the rangers the victory and the royals also when and that drops the a's into the second wild card spot leading the mariners by two games and oakland can clench if they win and the mariners lose. fingers crossed. >> it got so exiting after with the speech that new is trend on twitter. >> of course. >> dropped a few...bombs and they would cut back to the come tea parties. >> he was kited. >> they are like...apologies. we are not serving sunshine. cloud cover. but that will leave. live doppler 7 hd shows it is
6:50 am
quiet as we take the scan around the region and i expect a couple of showers in the north bay. from the rooftop camera we have cloud cover and sunshine and 61 in san francisco and oakland and 50 around the by area and we will take a shot at sutro tower with the low lying clouds moving in from the west to the east and they will move out by midday. napa is low 50's concord is in the upper 50's. the cold front was responsible for the rain yesterday and there is weak energy behind it, trailing, and it could spark a couple more showers and the key whoevers are few is far between. it will not be widespreadest -- event. here are the isolated showers in the north bay, vallejo and snap pa and sonoma, you will need the umbrella this afternoon.
6:51 am
not everyone see them. highs friday are 73 in san jose and 73 for cupertino, and 65 for pacifica, and 68 this downtown san francisco and 73 in petaluma and 74 in sonoma and 75 in pittsburg and antioch. at at&t park watching the giants and the padres, it will be breezy weapon the game wrap up with temperatures around 62. the weekend is brit. beautiful. dry. and the dry stretch through the seven-day outlook. now we have traffic with sue. >> good morning, everyone. all eyes are on the commute because we have the ferry captain strike. we did not have tremendous delays. golden gate bridge is looking
6:52 am
good but we have an accident northbound 101 -- pardon me, southbound 101 with fur fur four 101 top of the hill approaching the civic center and traffic now is starting to back up. we have brick lights southbound 680 at walnut creek toward 24 and sluggish traffic through the san ramon valley. not a friday lite unfortunately. george clooney is ready to tie the knot this week. 150 guests expected to take part in three days of parties to celebrate the marriage. tomorrow, the canals are restricted as they escorted between two luxury hotels. the parade to be will wear the
6:53 am
same designer that kate middle continue picked if her royal wedding. she is marrying into legal wad royalty so may as well. >> doesn't get much more romantic than that. >> morning news continues in 90 seconds.
6:54 am
here are seven things to know today: breaking news.
6:55 am
major airline delays across the america. there was a fire at a business of the air traffic control centers in the country near chicago. most delights are grounded at o'hare and midway. two men were injured related to the fire. we can see several bay area flights to chicago are canceled today. an estimated 9,000 commuters are looking for another way to get across the bay as ferry captains hold a one-day strike that affected ferries between sausalito and larkspur and san francisco include the ferry to the giants game at at&t park. three, all other ferries are on schedule, the san francisco bay ferry, bart, looking good, and we have an accident at san rafael southbound 101. >> four, live doppler hd showing it is dry but expect showers in the north bay later this afternoon and the seven-day forecast is brit and beautiful
6:56 am
and dry. a san francisco uber driver is suspended after three bay area women claim he harassed them as the d.a. in san francisco and los angeles threaten legal action against ride sharing companies claiming they are violating state and local laws. >> british prime minister cameron singling parliament to gin the united states help led airstrikes against isis. six plots have been uncovered by intelligence armies. >> the giants celebrated a spot after the win over the padres clinching a wild card spot weapon the brewers lost to the reds and the a's are looking for wild card spot after losing in texas 2-1. we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices in 25 minutes.
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>> good morning, america. breaking right now, scare in the air. two passenger planes forced to abort their landings. >> we couldn't see the approach. >> the runway lights and crucial landing systems turned off without warning. the jets forced to turn around. what caused this mass i have mistake. breaking at this hour, the fbi says they know who this is. the isis terrorist who skruted two americans. the urgent hunt to find him and free those hostages this morning. why did you shoot me? >> caught on tape, the shocking moment on dash cam, a state trooper opening fire on a driver after a routine traffic stop. shooting him when he goes to get his license. will the trooper now be the one who goes to prison? fantasy becomes reality.


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