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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> lightning, rain and lots of hail. so much it looks like it snowed in napa. and in solano county, flooding and mudslides. wild weather around the bay area. good evening. i'm dan ashley. ama is off. it has been incredible for this time of year. look at this video of lightning in vallejo. the worst weather was in the same area hit by last month's earthquake. katie is live tonight in napa. katie? >> dan, when you take a look at some of the more severe damage from the napa earthquake it really reminds you how much this community is that been through recently. and california needs every drop of rain it can get right now, but what this community didn't need was dangerous lightning and hail. doyle and joan are standing
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what appears to be a winter wonderland. but it is a drift on their winter wonder land home. their dog is not sure what to make of it, and neither would they when it wouldn't stop. >> it kept going and going and going. 45 minutes. >> this was a texas thunderstorm. >> doyle thinks he lost a lot of olives off his olive tree, but other than that, no harm done. >> i grew up with tornadoes and hurricanes. i would rather be in california any day. >> only a mile away the weather took a more dangerous turn. >> i was thinking holy smokes, is the house burning down? >> he says it split a tree in half. >> a heard a crash and sparks flying over the house and we were nearly taken off our couch. >> drivers had to deal with wet roads while staring into a bright sun. an odd weather phenomenon which when the hail hit tried to explain to her grandson.
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>> i told him the story my mother learned from her mother. it was in croatia and that is when the sunshines and it is raining the gypsies are getting married. >> a little folk lore like the tale we are told about this colorful weather occurrence. abc7 news. >> in fairfield, water poured down causing flooding and small mudslides. it caused problems for drivers. >> people are losing control. >> and pictures from the national weather sf show the mess caused by the rain and even hail in that same area. viewers sent in their videos which we report greatly. look at the rain and hail coming down in napa. another viewer sent us this photo. you can see just how hard it was raining. you can see how big the hail
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we have been talking about was. some are the size of large marbles. sandhya, really unusual this early on, isn't it? >> it is indeed. not what you expect to see in the middle of september. it was intense. i want to show you live doppler 7hd and show you what is happening. not a lot here in the bay area. there is a lightning strike showing up. it is not too far away from our coastline. still keeping an eye on the isolated lightning strike. scattered thunderstorms developed in the north bay. some heavy rain was falling. hail of course. quarter-sized hail in napa. it was half an inch in diameter. cordelia had hail. looking at the other storm reports, half an inch in santa rosa and yountville .68 and atlas peek had over half an inch. flooding in rockville caused problems there. and look at this viewer
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lightning picture from fairfield where they did have downpours. you saw that lonely lightning strike, dan. are your weekend plans okay? i will be back with the details. check out live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it has an easy way to share your picture and it is free on the app store or google play. tonight an uber driver is off the job and facing assault charges. police say he attacked a passenger with a hammer and it is so bad he might lose an eye. it happened on tuesday. abc7 news president arer cornell bernard is live with new detail in this case. >> he pooed -- he posted bail, but his family tells me of on camera they don't know what prompted the attack. the -- a warning that the picture you are about to see
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is graphic. >> he is recovering from this severe head wound. his family tells me doctors may not be able to save his eye. they got in an uber car, but there was a dispute about the route the driver was taking. the driver told the passenger to get out. here is the intersection on google street view. then he went on the attack. >> san francisco district attorney george gascone said he pleaded not guilty of the attack . there was no one home at his home in pacifica. police have been there before on disturbance calls. >> the brother is fighting. >> hours later someone wearing a hoody jumped into the car in the driveway and peeled off. uber sent us a statement saying it is our policy to immediately suspend a driver's
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account following any serious allah gage -- allegations which we have done. the district attorney sent letters to ride sharing companies about possible violations of state and local laws including misleading information about driver background checks. >> it is not like i am against the business model. it provides improvement for a consumer. we just have to balance it out. >> ride sharing companies have until monday to respond. as for his recovery, it could take months. cornell bernard, abc7 news. and another san francisco uber driver has been suspended after three bay area women claim hee-haw rased them. claim he harassed them. it was in the middle of a highway to yell at them before one woman was undressed. police arrested a man accused of flashing women on a running trail near moran
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lagoon. he con ease ifed to exposing and touching himself. he ran away after exposing himself when a female driver threatened to call police. he is being held on $10,000 bail tonight. a terrible accident, two people are dead after a head on collision between a van and a sand trans bus in san mateo. police say the bus was heading northbound on south el caw el camino real when it crossed the double yellow lines. a man and woman in the van were killed. twenty people on the bus and five were taken to the hospital. hundreds were strappedded when flights to and from chicago were canceled. 50 flight were canceled or delayed. the f.a.a. stopped all planes in and out of midway and o'hare for five hours after a man set a fire in the basement of an air traffic control
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center in chicago. -- a group from modesto was supposed to stop in chicago. they will lose days. >> we went a few days early to see the sights that we will never see. we will see the coliseum. but i understand the vatican will be closed on sunday. >> tough break for them and so many other people. the f.a.a. says it will be days before all flights are back on schedule in chicago. a dramatic helicopter rescue and the chp says a 63-year-old man was badly hurt when his atv was rolled over in a remote area on sunday. a bunch of paramedics stabilized him and he was taken to the hospital. it would have taken crews hours to get the man to safety. well there is a new member of the clinton clan dynasty tonight. about an hour ago chelsea
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clinton tweeted, mark and i are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, charlotte. it came days after chelsea clinton made an appearance in new york at the clinton global initiative. is it the first grand child for bill and hillary clinton. still to come on this friday night, a special homecoming for one high school student who over came challenges to get a special honor. you should really see this story. and the wedding no one ever thought would happen. george clooney and friends converging on venice. the big plans for the big wedding. and putting the new iphone to the test. 7 on your side's michael finney has teamed up with reports to see if it really does bend as some people have said.
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about apple's new iphones that they might bend. videos like these suggest there is a problem with structural design. consumer reports partnered with 7 on on your side to test out the iphone 6. they put 70 pounds of pressure on the iphone 6 and it was permanently bept. >> it takes a lot of force to bend one of these iphones. any of of the phones we tested for that matter. >> here is a look at the other phones the htc1m8 bent at 70 pounds and the iphone 6 plus, the big one took 90 pounds. the lgt3 was even more impressive at 130 pounds before it was permanently bent. and the samsung galaxy lasting
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until 150 pounds. the result? consumer reports found the iphones are not the strong e phones around, but fears of a structural design flaw are overblown. well, a big wedding weekend ahead for george scwhroon knee. the long-time hollywood bachelor arrived in venice where he is reportedly getting married. here is abc news reporter. >> the happy couple spotted together in venice, italy. george clooney and his bride to be being whisked away to a luxury hotel. ahead of their weekend extravaganza. the reported 150a-list wedding gist included brad pitt and angelina jonie and bono. the paparazzi staking out the area to catch the arrival. the celebration will reportedly cost up to $13 million. clooney's best man, cindy
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crawford's husband, was spotted by tmz earlier this week loading up his private jet with 50 cases of tequilla. she is rumored to be wearing a dress by alexzander mcqueen, the same kate middleton chose for herred with expght groom -- and the groom? a georgio armani tux. >> officials are pulling out all of the stops. the former mayor of rome will perform the ceremony. abc news, los angeles. they have a new homing king and it is big news because of what it means to him and what he says about his classmates. sergio has a great story. >> they are celebrating homecoming and there is one student who is very excited. >> was it nice being nominated? >> very nice. >> he is among the 10 seniors
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nominated by their fellow classmates for homecoming king. for his mom, teresa, it is exciting, but mooly she is enjoy -- but mostly she is watching her son soak it in. >> it is nice to see he has a community of people he knows here on campus. >> as a teenager with down syndrome, his high school career started with special challenges, but over the last few years principal kasey o'brian says brandon has become one of the most out going students on campus. >> had a little bit of a slow start. he has his feet under him and everybody knows him. on spirit days he comes fully dressed. >> it was no surprise that he should be nominated. when the moment came to announce a winner -- >> homecoming king, brandon. >> it was a big surprise for brandon. >> do you like your crown? >> yeah. >> it looks really good. >> his fellow homecoming queen let us in on a little secret
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after the ceremony. >> we talked about it among the court. all of the guys were giving up their crown for him. we knew he would be the king. >> and it made this one of the best nights for brandon and showed character from his classmates as well. abc7 news. >> way to go all-around. very cool. let's go back and talk about the weather forecast and what a strange night we have had around the bay area. sand yaw patel is here with a look at the forecast. >> and the weekend will include our weather and all afternoon we were keeping an eye on the center screen. they are building and building and in the evening hours thunderstorms erupted so it was intense. remember that lightning strike we had off the coast, it is long gone. as you look here, it has quieted down quite a bit. in the sierra it picked up the moisture.
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this is raining in truckee, tahoe, but it is snowing south of tahoe in the sierra as you can see here. it is right around the central portion of the see year raw. higher passes may be impacted if you are traveling up there for the upcoming weekend. the exploratorium camera, a few clouds lingering across the bay. temperatures in the low to mid60s across san francisco, oakland and san jose. and from our sutro tower camera it is sparkling in san francisco. cooling down, napa now 53 degrees. low to mid60s concord and livermore. as we look across the bay it is drying out. isolated showers are still possible overnight. sunny and mild for the weekend and we look at a warming trend next week that may have you heading to the coast. along with the heating from the sun, there was limited moisture and the low was supposed to go south. but it brought all of the thunderstorms. we have the unstable air mass
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and it will shift to the east. the high pressure starts to build and we are looking at sunny and mild weather for the upcoming weekend beginning tomorrow afternoon and continuing through next week. as we take a look at the computer animation, isolated shower may should up going into 7:00 a.m. if you step out to grab the paper, you may see a few drops. and then the showers wind down. we will start to see the sun breaking through. sierra could see 2-4 inches of snow above 8,000 feet. already heavenly has had a dusting of snow. we are waiting for winter's arrival. low 50s to low 60s. know you may run into a few drops out there. it is going to be on the crisp side so you will need a jacket or sweater tomorrow afternoon. looking pleasant, brighter, milder, 80 in antioch and 80 fairfield and 71 san francisco and 79 santa rosa, oakland 74, 75 in san jose, half moon bay 68 degrees. pacifica, well, there won't be
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a lot of fog, but pleasant weather. 60s and getting up to the upper 60s by 3:00 p.m. mild, light breeze at 6:00. mainly clear. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures are going to go up a little bit this weekend. upper 60s coast and low 80s inland. much warmer heading into next week. matter of fact, i think we will probably behead together beach. dan, mid70s to low 90s thursday and friday. >> i can't believe how warm it will be. >> very warm. >> now over to sports and pins and needles watching the a's. >> they scored some runs. >> every run they score right now is like gold. it explains the effort from josh donaldson. take a look at him running. it was a really sore knee. that is pure desir
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little bit. they snapped a three-game slide inching closer to locking up a wild card playoff spot. didn't i look good? yeah. go to sleep on that. anyway, the a's adam dop speaking -- adam done -- dunn and this is the scary part. josh donaldson landed hard on what was already a sore knee. the drought is over. it is courtesey of josh reddick. reddick with three r.b.i. where has this offense been? he wants to keep playing throughout the weekend.
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a's win it 6-2 and the mariners win. the royals ended the longest playoff drought. the former stanford man and the first time since 1985. i am not even sure sandy was born then. 29 years. 3-1 win over the white sox. the royals later in the quarter with the good stuff. bumgarner received the most inspiration at player with the great willie mccovey. one former athletic high off the wall and a run comes in. that shatters vogelsong. safe and vogey allowed four runs and kennedy goes seven and spans six.
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they will be on the road for that wild card game either in st. louis or pittsburgh. the raiders spent the week in london. their apponent is the dolphins and arriving fashionably late.
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the river and through the woods, the raiders don't care where they go as long as they can win a game. they have been practicing the raiders have all weekend. the dolphins arrived today. so we will get more work done flying late. leave the kickoff to jet lag. this is a must win. >> we have been playing hard and battling each week. we will continue to fight and
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wake up weather. there could be a few isolated showers. it will be a cool morning. 50s, 60s and lisa argen is here at 5:00 a.m. with updates. >> terrific. thank you very much. that's this edition of abc7 news. our reporting continues now on-line, twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. right now on jimmy kimmle, anthony anderson.
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appreciate your diswriem. good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kaley cuoco-sweeting. from "black-ish," anthony anderson. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from bastille. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from here on out, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. that's very nice. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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