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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm tiffany wilson. let's starts off with a quick look at the weather meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. starting out with mainly partly cloudy skies a few light showers are reported in the east bay and also on the peninsula and down along the central coast. but the area of low pressure spreading rain in the sierra nevada and also into nevada right now. we will look for more activity in the mountains. while at home our sutro tower camera, clear conditions from this san taj point. cool numbers from napa and petaluma, in the legal 50s.
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after that a half-inch of rain in yachtville. and a the plan for the rest of the morning shows the clouds slowly clearing. partly cloudy along the coast with the return to the 60s. more 70s for san jose. mid-70s across the bay in oakland, and perhaps a few 80s in our warmest inland valleys. that will set us up for temperatures slightly below average today and tomorrow but not for long. we will see an offshore flow and a return to above normal readings with high fire danger for next week. a look at that in a few minutes. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you. >>? morning at least one home under construction by habitat for humanity is damaged after a fire in san francisco. at one point flames were visible from highway 280. no word yet only the cause of
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the fire. in developing news. four members of a women's college softball team are dead and 15 others injured after their bus collided with a bus in -- with a semi truck in oklahoma. they were onboard a bus when the accident happened last night south of turner falls. three women died at the scene and another died of it hospital. a witness who tried to help one woman describes the ordeal. >> she was in her seat and the bus came on top of her, on top of her head. when i got into the bus, she had a pulse for two or three minutes and we were trying to get the bus up to get her out. before we could get -- before we could get the bus jacked up enough to get her head up, we lost the pulse. >> authorities say the bus was returning to texas following a scrimmage match earlier in the evening. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. two people are dead after a head-on collision between a van
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and trans bus in san mattio. police sale the bus was heading northbound on south el camino real when the bus crossed the double yellow lines yesterday afternoon. the man and woman in the van were killed. 20 people were on the bus. five were taken to the hospital with noon life-threatening injuries. >> take a look at this video of lightning in vallejo. it was in the same area hit by last month's earthquake. katie marzullo has more from napa. >>. >> doyle and joan are appearing in what appears to be a winter wonderland, but it's a hail drift on the front porch of their home. their dog, nelson, not sure what to make of it, and neither were they when the storms wouldn't stop. >> it kept coming and going and going. 45 minutes. >> this was a texas thunderstorm. >> doyle thinks he probably lost a lot of olives off his olive trees but other than that not a lot of harm.
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>> i grew up in texas with tornadoes and hurricanes, and i would rather be in california any day. >> a mile away the weather took a more dangerous turn. >> i was thinking, holy smokes, is the house falling down? >> bill was home when lightning hit his neighbor's tree splitting it in half. >> i heard a huge crash and sparks fly over the bus and nearly not thrown off our couch. >> drivers had to deal with wet roads while staring into the sun. an odd weather phenomena before the hail hit. gail was trying to explain to her five-year-old grandson. >> i told him the story that my mother learned from her mother in croatia. and that is that when the sun shines and it's raining, the gypsies are getting married. >> a little folklore, and just like we were told about this
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colorful occurrence. abc7 news. >> water poured into fields and caused mudslides. causing a lot of accidents. >> there's been a lots of people losing control and accidents. we haven't had rain in a long time. they aren't used to driving in the rain again. >> and pictures from the national weather service shows the mess caused by the rain and even hail in the same area. here's the photos sent in. look at this rain and hail coming down in napa. another photo from browns valley in napa and you see how hard it was pouring. and this picture shows how big the hail was. some pieces as large as marbles. and make sure to check out live doppler 7hd anytime with abc7 news weather app. it includes an easy way to share your weather pictures with us. it's also free on apple's app store or through google play. this morning an uber driver
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is off the job and facing assault charges. police say he attacked a passenger with a hammer and it's so bad the passenger might lose an eye. >> roberto chicas is recovering from this head wound. doctors may not be able to save his high. in tuesday and he type friends got an uber car from san francisco but there was a dispute about the route the driver was taking. the driver told passengers to get out at allemany and else worth at bernal heights: then he went on attack. >> i proceeded to assault him with the hammer. >> 26-year-old patrick karajua pleaded not guilty to the attack that left chacas going in and out of consciousness.
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neighbors said police have been at his home before. >> the brothers fighting. >> hours later someone wearing a hoodie jumped into a car in the driveway and peeled off. uber sent us this statement saying it's our policy to immediately suspend a driver's account following any serious allegations, which we have done. the district attorney has sent letters to ride sharing companies about possible violations of state and local laws, including mission leading information about driver background checks. >> it's not like i'm a guest of the business model. i support anything that is creative and provides help for the consumer but you have to balance that with consumer protection. >> they have until monday to respond. as for roberto, his recovery could take months. in pacifica, abc7 news. another san francisco uber driver has been suspended after three bay area women claimed he harassed them. as we first told you, the women say the driver stopped the car
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in the middle of the highway to yell at them after one woman became uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her. belmont police have arrested a third suspect in connection with a high-end car heist last weekend. the 24-year-old man of oakland was charged on auto theft, possession of stolen property and violating his probation. they also recovered one of 8 vehicles that was stolen from the dealership early monday morning. six others cars were recovered after they were found abandoned in oakland tuesday. deputies have arrested a man accused of flashing women running on a trail. 21-year-old confessed to exposing himself and touching himself. this is surveillance video from earlier this month. the man allegedly ran away after exposing himself when a female jogger threatened to call
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police. he's being held on $10,000 bail. happening today, state senator barbara boxer will tour napa to assess damage after last month's earthquake. boxer will be joined by napa mayor and a congressman mike thompson. afterwards there will be a press conference to discuss the latest recovery effort. it comes amounts over a month after a 6.2 magnitude quake rattled the bay area, hitting nap pay and surrounding areas especially hard. a massive entertainment event in napa to support a relief fund for victims of last month's earthquake take place this weekend. napa rocks is a food and music event being held at the napa valley expo. ing tickets are $20 per person. and tomorrow caps off eat vent with a seemed-out concert. proceeds will help residents and businesses still recovering from the quake. and a reminder for drivers, ten miles of highway 37 are closed this weekend between vallejo and sierus point. it's part of a caltran project and the roadway is expected to
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reopen by 5:00 monday morning. for people heading out this weekend, rather nice weather, you expect? >> the wild weather is over. temperatures have dropped significantly in the north bay. just 50 santa rosa, 63 at the airport. looks pretty quiet out there. partly cloudy now. we will go for a high of 71 in san francisco. it's just going to get warmer in the days ahead with high fire danger returning. i'll talk about that, and as we say good-bye to september, much warmer weather. that when we return. >> also next, the wedding known ever thought would happen. george clooney said he wouldn't get married burks and he his friends were converging on venice. the plans for the big wedding weekend. and a very special homecoming for one high school student who overcame challenges to get a very special honor
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>> this is abc7 news. >> a volcano has erupted in central japan, sending a large plume of ash high into the sky. mount ontake in japan erupted yesterday. there were injuries but no word on their severeity. the level was raise today 3 on a levelful 1 to 5.
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officials are warning climbtories stay away from the voluntary cain know. >> hundreds of travelers got stranded yesterday when flights to and from chicago were cancelled. at san francisco international airport, more than 50 flights were either cancelled or delayed. the faa stopped all planes in and out of o'hare midway airport for five hours after a man set a fire in the basement of an air-traffic control center outside of chicago. a group traveling from mow defend stow was supposed to stop in chicago on their way to italy for a cruz. delayed for more than a danks they have already paid for a part of the trip they won't be able to enjoy. >> we have never been to romo so we went to a few days early to see something. the vatican is closed on sunday, i understand, and that's the day we are going to be there. >> how frustrating. the faa says it will probably be days before all flights are back on schedule in chicago. this morning there's a new member of the clinton dynasty. last night chelsea clinton
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tweeted mark and i are full of love and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, charlotte lon clinton. the birth came days after chelsea made an appearance in new york at the clinton initiative. this is the first grandchild for bill and hillary clinton. congratulations to the entire family. congratulations but also a tier for many of us. a big wedding weekend for george clooney. he will said he wouldn't get married but it's happening. he's reportedly good to get married, sending the paparizzi into overtime. here's news reporter, randi. >> the happy couple spotted together in venice, italy. george clooney and his bride-to-be being whisked way to a luxury hotel ahead of their weekend wedding extravaganza. the reported 150a-list wedding guests include bradd pitt and angelina jolie, and sand draw
6:16 am
bullock and bono. a few staking out the area to catch the the arrival. the celebration may cost up to $13 million. one was spotted loading up his private jet with 50 cases of tequila. the bride is rumored to be wearing a dress by the same designer as kate middleton wore for her wedding, and the groom a george area researchersmanio tux. >> officials in italy are also pulling out all the stops. venice is shutting down walk ways along the famous grand canal and the former mayor of romo will perform the ceremony. abc news, los angeles. >> a high school has a new homecoming king, and that is big news because of what it says
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about him and his classmates. herms sergio quintana with his great story. >> this high school is celebrating homecoming and there's one student in particular who is very excited. >> was it nice being nominated? >> very nice. >> brandon gruber is among the ten seniors nominated by their fellow classmates as candidates for homecoming king. for his mom, theresa, it's exciting, but mostly she's enjoying watching her son seek it all in. >> it's fun. it's nice to see that he has a community of people that he will knows here on campus. >> as a teenager with down syndrome, his high school career started out with special challenges but over the last few years, the principal said brandon has become one of the most outgoing students on campus. >> probably had a little bit of a slow start, but he's got his feet under him now and everybody knows him. he comes fully dressed for the event. >> it feels no surprise he should be nominated. but when the moment came to announce a winner --
6:18 am
winner -- [cheers and applause] it was a big surprise for brandon. >> you like it? >> yeah. >> it's really good. >> yeah. >> his fellow homecoming queen let us in on a little secret after the ceremony. >> we talked about it before. all the guys were actually going to give up their crown to brennan and we knew he would be king. >> and it made it the best for brandon and showed plenty of character from his fellow classmates as well. sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> i love that story and i think lot of people will love the weather later today? >> i don't know. i think a lot of people liked the wild weather. it was kind of interesting. >> it feels. >> in fact, beautiful skies, cumulus buildup and some of the dramatic weather in napa. but this morning it's quiet. the doppler hd showing a few returns in nevada. today rainy and cooler, in the 50s. 38 degrees here. truckee at 36 with light rain
6:19 am
and snow is around kirkwood. they will picked up a couple inches. in fact, most of the state picked up just a little to somewhat excessive amounts by yachtville. .6 there. and menlo park, right now the exploratorium camera it's quiet and partly cloudy. we will look for numbers ranging from about 50 in santa rosa, 63 san carlos. good morning morgan hill. 58 for you. half moon bay, 61 degrees. it's six degrees cooler this morning than yesterday in oakland a chilly start for you. from our sutro tower camera, looks good. no airport delays. the cool 50 degrees in santa rosa. 52 napa and petaluma. partly cloudy by fairfield. and we are looking at the clouds in concord and livermore. but those will lift and we will get underway to a sunny and mild afternoon. temperatures bit below average. we should see 80, 82 in the
6:20 am
inland valleys. rimville this morning with partly cloudy skies. sunny and mild over the weekend. a warming trend. and i mean temperatures well above average. a slight offer shore push. high fire danger, relative humidity plummets comes midweek. as we begin october, this is the time of year we get some of our warmest weather and it's right on cue for the upcoming work week. our pacific satellite picture shows the counterclockwise twist in the atmosphere. that's the low that continues to depart and move into nevada later on today. it will only be in the 50s for the sierra nevada and some showers for the southern sierra, as well. the winds kick up in southern california. the low moves on out. high pressure sits offshore. it's far enough offshore that temperatures will be cool. 60s and 70s. a little breezy throughout the afternoon. but it really will be pretty nice. a nice autumn day today. a few clouds around. >> 75 in san jose. upper 70s in morgan hill. look for 72 in santa cruz.
6:21 am
cupertino coming in at 75. same deal in redwood city. mid-70s for you. pacifica, fog fest, mid-60s. upper 60s around half moon bay. look for 71 downtown san francisco. and all the way up toward point israel's we will see a mild 70 degrees there. and 78 in nevada. more mid-70s on tap for san leandro and fremont today, about 76. castro valley mid-70s. head inland, night day with 77 pleasanton and brentwood in the upper 70s. another look at the peninsula and the fog clearing, giving way to very little fog. 67 noontime for fog fest. 68 at 3:00 in the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast. an autumn-like comfortable weekend with temperatures cooler today and mild monday and tuesday. tuesday the last day of september, and then temperatures really coming up into the upper 80s wednesday.
6:22 am
low 90's return inland. we will let you know how warm it will get in your community by following us on twitter @livedoppler7hd. it is typical to get the very warm weather september and october. it will be here. >> it will be here? all right. thank you, lisa. up next, thinking and playing inside the box in the heart of san francisco. exactly what is going on inside this glass box?
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>> we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning, paula. >> good morning. coming up on "good morning america" this morning, a birth with political implications. chelsea clinton has delivered a baby girl. we have the details on the new arrival. and the big question, will this make grandma hillary a stronger political candidate or less likely to run? also breaking overnight, a devastating bus crash involving a college softball team from texas. four of the students killed after they collided with a semi truck. we have the latest on this tragic investigation. and, plus, caught on camera, look at this. a volcano he'll republics in japan sending hikers scrambling and the crisis it is causing this mourning. as many as 250 people remain trapped near the peak. and finally, he said he would never do it, tiffany. george clooney, who publicly
6:26 am
promised permanent bachelorhood is getting married today. we have the latest on the fashion, the parties, the a. legs guest. doesn't look like a guy dragging his feet to the alter. it will be a weekend affair. it will go on throughout the weekend until monday. it's coming up this morning on "good morning america." >> paula, he broke my heart when i heard he proposed, but seems like they are an amazing couple. the best of luck. >> they are an amazing couple. >> all right. looking forward to that on "good morning america." >> thank you, tiffany. >> world-class athletes are squaring off at the embarcadero and it's not the giants. no, it's the championships at justin herman plaza. it's the third year the event will be held in a glass-enclosed court across from the ferry building and they say it's just what the sport needs. >> we need to get it here where people can pass by and learn
6:27 am
about our sport. it's fantastic that it's set up right here, you know. >> the players will be competing for a $70,000 in prize money. in case didn't know, squash got its name because of the squashable softball used. they once rated it as the number one healthiest spot to play. we have more ahead. campaign allegations against a bay area law make i. did he use his congressional staff to solicit congressional contributions? and a followium report on a herd of hungry horses. and a desperate rescue attempt came too
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>> good morning. we are starting this morning with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, tiffany. good morning. we have a nice shot from the roof camera. sun coming up at 7:02u see the partly cloudy conditions downtown. no airport delays and temperatures range from the mid-50s, the cool spot in oakland, to about 50 downtown. 58 morgan hill. low 60s half moon bay. cooler in the north bay from the sutro tower camera. we are looking at low 50s from
6:31 am
napa, petaluma. 50 santa rosa. livermore 61. the showers have moved out of town, taking that unstable atmosphere with it and throughout the rest of the day we will look for maybe some of those buildups over the higher elevations. but other than that, temperatures will be a little cooler than average. 60s and 70s today. maybe an 80 out toward brentwood up well toward saratoga. otherwise we will look for steadily warming temperatures. an offshore flow. and with high fire danger in the seven-day outlook. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you. happening now, demonstrators are attempting to block an isreali-owned ship at the port of oakland in protest of the gaza conflict. this is a similar demonstration was held last month when a five day blockade of an isreali ship forced the boat to turn around with most of it's cargo still on board. this morning protesters are
6:32 am
rallying in an attempt to block another israeli ship from unloading it's cargo. activists say they are protesting more than 2,000 palestinians killed by israel in gaza. this morning president obama said the world is looking to america and it's commitment to freedom in the face of uncertainty. in this morning's address he reality straighted the message he had at the united nation. he said the world is facing pressing challenges, including defeating the terrorist group known as the islamic state. >> america is leading the world in the fight to degrade and ultimately destroy the group known as is syl. on monday we began air strikes against isil targets in syria and they weren't alone. made clear america would act as part of a broad coalition and we were joined by friends and partners, including arab nations. >> mr. obama also said america is leading the fight to contain and combat the ebola epidemic in west africa. a race for a silicon valley
6:33 am
congressional district that pits two democrats against each other is getting a lot of attention. long time incumbent, mike honda, is being challenged by an obama administration official ro khanna. the challenger is now claiming there have been campaign ethics violations. >> it goes against the very fabric of our democracy. >> the challenger, mike honda, said ro khanna is trying to capitalize an allegation that is a honda staffer offered prospective donors prime seats to a department function in early 2013. >> what we are saying is no one is allowed to trade on the public assets that belong to the taxpayers. the state department took personal gain in a political campaign.
6:34 am
>> it stems from e-mails obtained. it referred to possible invite tease to a state department round table and identify them as potential campaign donors. in an e-mail to abc7 news, the campaign chief wrote the enact is this challenger organized a fake news attempt in a desperate attempt at publicity to save his campaign from another failure at the polls. nonetheless, two elected city officials from honda's district have written a letter, complaining to the office of professional ethics. >> the e-mails went this way, in my opinion, indicate a pay-to-play arrangement coordinated by congressman honda's chief of staff. >> the two have a debate schedule for october 6th. in fremont, laura anthony. abc7 news.
6:35 am
>> new details in san francisco's 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald. charges have been cancelled. it's the second time the district attorney's office have cancelled his arraignment hearing since he was arrested and since the visible injuries were reported to the authorities. they say the investigation into macdonald continues and there will be no new court date unless or until charges are filed. >> the owners of safari rest, the african themed park in sonoma county, are in talks for selling. on the other handers may sell 4900-acre property to a conversation organization. the organization, which has not been named, will continue to run the preserve. a safari west spokesperson said talks are in sealious but early stages. no deal is in place, but if the sale goes through. operations at saw fairily rest are expected to continue
6:36 am
uninterrupted. a sad development in a story you have only seen on abc7 news. about a number of starving horse necessary a field in morgan hill. we have learned that one. those horses has died. abc7 news reporter david louie broke the story on monday and has the latest from san benito county. >> of the 11 horses monica bought and rescued earlier this week, one was not originally part of the deal. a 9-to-12-month-old colt. seem insisted he be included because of his condition. she was starving, an estimated 75 pounds underweight and her instincts were right. there was much more wrong with him. the horse died at the equine rescue center before the veterinarian could examine the 11 horses. the horse had a heavy investigation of parasites and worms. they compete with the horse for food and spread to the lungs. the condition can be serious for young horses. glen is the veterinarian caring for the rescued horses. >> this particular worm
6:37 am
competes, in part, for nutrition. the horse would get it if the worms weren't getting it. and in the worst case scenario there's no nanny you can get an impaction. >> the other hoarses are underweight but not as serious. monica believes it reflects the lack of care the horses were getting. >> i knew we had to get to the bottom of what was really going on. it's senseless. there's no reason for him to have died that way. >> three other horses are blind and are being held in a separate pastor for their safety. >> horses sometimes bite -- they sometimes fight. but they all went around me. i thought are they going to start fight san francisco general hospital no. they made a circle and everybody just stood there eating. the hope is once the horses' health is restored, they will be adopted by loving people who are committed to their well-being. in san benito county, david
6:38 am
louie, abc7 news. >> well, the wet weather the past two days is really helping firefighters make significant progress in fighting the king fire either of sack men toll. it has burned more than 9 thousand acres. bigger than the city of san jose. but thanksfully it's now 74% contained. evacuation orders for two communities have been downgraded from mandatory to voluntary, and only 300 structures remain threatened. that is down from 12,000. the king fire is one of the largest of the year and has cost more than $50 million to fight so far. and still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, dragons in the dunken. a controversial art exhibit comes to alcatraz today. and here's a live look from our exploratorium camera. you can see the sun is beginning to rise right behind the bay bridge. still a little cool out there. lisa argen will have your full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> some people mr. pleasanton have done so well at saving water the city is scaling back the fines for using too much. since june pleasanton water users have been under orders to cutback by 25%. actual use has gone down by more than a third over the summer. people who don't meet the
6:42 am
conservation goals still face fines, but the city eliminated the plans to double and triple the fines for second and third-time offenders. and speakingful water, there was quite a do you know poor last night. >> yeah, over a half in and on the peninsula a tenth to quarter inch and the east bay valleys stale. >> shower activity right now. live from mt. tam, look at that. the sun coming up just after 7:00. a beautiful shot. we will look for temperatures below average today. the rain is gone and temperatures soaring throughout the week ahead. i'll explain next. >> and also next, a's third baseman josh donaldson limping on a sore knee, trying to help the a's to a wildcard spot in an important game against the rangers. larry beil has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> alcatraz is underneath a big change. an exhibit opens today that's a art show of the year and the most controversial. we have the story. >> he might be he china's most well-known dissident. arrested in 2007 for tax evasion. his passport was confiscated and he can't leave the country but he's making his voice heard around the world through his activism and art. alcatraz, once known as one of the world's most notorious prisons, is doubling as a gallery for his pieces.
6:46 am
the exhibit is called "at large." >> this is an amazing place to activate. what an incredible history it has. it's a place of detain meant, it's a place of protest. >> the curator traveled to china to bring some piece back. she said his creations are meant to raise questions about human rights. for example, the display with wind includes a giant paper dragon and kite. >> it represents power and freedom but they are displayed in a building use ford prison labor. >> if one person who comes to the exhibition comes away with a better understanding of what freedom really means, this project will have been a great success. >> another work is made entirely of legos. more than 1 million pieces, the faces of prisoners. many detained for political reasons. the artist also plays with sound. ♪ >> visitors can listen to music or poetry from prisoners echoing from cell walls.
6:47 am
only people who buy a ticket to alcatraz can see the exhibit for no extra charge on the island. it runs from this saturday three aim of next year. in san francisco, elissa harrington, abc7 news. >> turning to the 80 turning to the weather, what can folks expect today? >> it feels exciting yesterday. i wish there was more, but unfortunately we are going in the other direction. not only warming temperatures but well above average and high fire danger coming back into the picture just in time for october. live doppler 7hd right now where the activity has since shift into the mountains. still maybe a fugue light showers down along the central coast and the higher elevations. but, boy, yesterday in the napa airport only picked up .04. but menlo park over a tenth of an inch, and here .39. really widely varying rain full amounts. we will keep our eye on live doppler 7hd.
6:48 am
overall the rain has ended and we are getting underway to a very nice autumn weekend. you can see the clouds out there. but overall it is mostly clear start in parts of the bay with a few high clouds and some low clouds mixed in. 56 in oakland. >> 63 san carlos g morning half moon bay, 61 for you. the view from the east bay hills camera looking back at mt. diablo. you see a little haze here with partly cloudy skies. concord 58. 61 livermore and a cool 50 degrees in napa this morning. 52, i should say and 50 in santa rosa. finally the view from mt. tam with some of the layered clouds. nice looking view toward richardson bay and san francisco in the background. partly cloudy overall this morning. a sunny and mild weekend with temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. a few 80s coming into play. a few more 80s, i should say, tomorrow. the real transition comes on monday as we warm up at least five degrees and then the wind
6:49 am
shift on tuesday. that begins a warming trend and the offshore flow wednesday, thursday, friday. we have 80s around bait, 09s inland. here's a look at the satellite picture. the twist in the atmosphere denotes the area of low pressure that brought the rain, the unstable air mass. that will be heading out of town. but not soon enough in the mountains. highs today just in the 50s there and rain in the forecast for south lake. keep that this mind if you are headed up there or doing some camping. high pressure far enough offshore to keep temperatures on the cool side today with 60s and 70s. a little breezy, but with the absence of fog it will feel pretty nice out there all across the bay. the winds are kicking up in southern california with the wind advisory from san diego, and los angeles 76. plenty of sunshine the southern hatch of the state. but notice the cool numbers. just in the upper 40s in the tahoe basin. 81 sacramento. and we will look for highs around the bay today to range from the mid-70s oakland, 73
6:50 am
san mateo, santa cruz upper 70s and napa. a chance to dry out for you folks there. 80 over toward the delta and if you are in san francisco today, a beautiful afternoon with schmid upper 60s from 1:00, and the sea breeze kicks in in the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures very low warming tomorrow. inland just a few degrees. upper 70s around the bay. but by monday we are feeling the warmth and by tuesday, yeah, it's getting to be a pretty comfortable around here. but wednesday, thursday and friday, well above average. and shouldn't come to a surprise for anyone because this is what we get. but, boy, it was a nice surprise yesterday although it was kind of scary at times. >> oh, yeah. especially the hailstorm. >> crazy. >> it was. all right. lisa, thank you. turning to sports now. a full day of college football with all three bay area teams in action. at 1:00 p.m. cal plays colorado
6:51 am
at memorial stadium. 16th ranked stanford is back in action against washington at husky stadium. san jose state hosts envelope at spartan stadium. last night the a's drew closer to pinching a wildcard werth by beating the rangers. here's the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. a's manager bob melvin can exhale a little bits. a's finally scored a few runs last night in texas. snapped a three-game slide and came closer to locking up a wildcard playoff spot. anybody up for a snack? even early in the morning that would be pretty tasty. a's in starvation mode for 7 weeks. the slumping adam dunn moves up to second. doubles in the third, scores a pair. 2-1, a's. scary moment in the third. josh donaldson diving for a foul ball and lands hard on that already sore left knee in a lot of pain but stayed in the game. toughed it out. tom. four. and the drought it over! josh reddick, making it rain up in here! solo blast.
6:52 am
reddick 3 rbis on the night. 3-1. then in the fifth the a's, runs galore. jed lowrie doubles down. look at donaldson. look how badly he wants to lock up a playoff spot. a's win 6-2. the mariners also win so oakland's magic number is at one. the royals, want to talk about a long playoff drought, greg hollins gets him to pop out to end the game. the royals head to the postseason for the first time in 29 years! k.c. beat the white sox. long overdue forced some bubbly. the giants hosting the padres. bumgarner received the willie mccovey award. a miss and a drive up at the top of the wall. double. run scores. next batter. the bats shatter. singles off ryan vogelsong.
6:53 am
smith able to beat the throw. vogy was pulled. 4-1, padres. too much for andrews. and he fanned 6. giants lose 4-1. it will be on the road for the wildcard in either st. louis or pittsburgh. across the pond or over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house, the raidert don't care where they have to go to play as long as they can win a game. at 0-3 they will face the 1-2 dolphins sunday. the dolphins just arrived yesterday morning in england. the coach deciding they could get more work done in miami. try to treat it like a normal week and fly in late. so if they happen to be asleep at kickoff from jet lag we will know why. meanwhile the raiders know if they are going to salvage the season this, game is a must-win. >> guys decide to get out there and bought win in the win column. we've been playing hard and
6:54 am
we've been battling each week. it just hasn't gone our way. we have to continue to fight and do the right thing. if we do that, we feel comfortable in giving ourselves an opportunity to win this week. >> and the 49ers will host the eagles on sunday. vernon davis, the all-pro tight end, a game-time decision with ankle and knee issues. we have prime time college football on abc7 as it's notre dame and syracuse kicking off. hope to seal you will after the game right after that game. in the meantime, have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil! >> coming up next, we are talking major cute factor. the annual pet parade. how this year's events will help dogs and cats in need of homes.
6:55 am
a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
6:56 am
let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. some people think vegetaen gians but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit!
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>> pets will take to the streets for the 11th annual pet parade in burlingame. it will include a fundraising component. they are partnering with the hope program which provides medical and behavioral care for animals prior to adoption. everyone will receive a souvenir ribbon with special ribbons awarded to special categories like best dressed pet. it gets underway on broadway avenue and it's free to participate. >> what will be the temperature for that? >> in the 50s. 70 degrees later on today. a nice take. partly cloudy skies and for the rest of the bay area mid-70s oakland, near 80 antioch. 71 in san francisco. for our friends in the north bay, upper 70s. dry conditions santa rosa and napa. maybe a few clouds around the higher elevations. and the look ahead shows
6:58 am
temperatures maybe a few degrees warmer for the second half of your weekend. but by monday we are warming up. then above average, high fire danger by the middle of next week. >> all right, lisa. thank you. and thank you for joining us on abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next!
6:59 am
you throw your money away. trash bag breaks, bargain bag users go through 60 more bags a year than glad users. glad, strength that saves.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, it's a girl. chelsea clinton giving birth to her first child. what she's saying about her new bundle of joy. >> grandchild, yes. >> and, of course, the political consequences, will this baby affect grandma hillary's decision on whether to run for president? also breaking overnight, deadly crash. a bus filled with college athletes collides with a truck on the highway and overturns. four women on the softball team killed. how did it happen? caught on camera. eruption. look at this. hikers sent running for cover when a mountain suddenly blows its top. hundreds of people stranded near the peak in a giant ash cloud this morning. and that's amore, george


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