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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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suspected d.w.i. and leading them on a chase. from the east bay, pittsburg high school constitutes are in class after a suspicious package was found near the campus. it prompted a visit from the bomb squad. amy has the latest. >> here is what happened last night: a pile of frush dirt filling in the hole where they detonated the bomb across the street from pittsburg high school. we have video of the bomb squad in action. it sounds like it was over in a hurry but it took some time to get to this point. residents had a cup of tense hours told to shelter in place at 8:30 because an explosive device was found in a vacated
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home. it was two road players taped together so they had to remove it and take it to this field and detonate it. everyone was told to "shelter in place," while the bomb squad investigated. no one was hurt. people were allowed to leave their homes at 10 ok -- 10:30 last night. dispatch said it does not look like any arrests were made. there is in word on the motive or who owned this. the investigation on this device continues. >> san francisco police are investigating a car and a cyclist accident leaving the cyclist with severe head injury last might on the embarcadero
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near harrison and the victim was going and seizures transported to the hospital. police are trying to determine if it was a hit-and-run accident and whether the driver is cooperating. >> police have arrested to men suspected of setting at least eight fires yesterday or. the fires damaged several hopes and buildings in the downtown business district of alameda. one bit was gutted. another business, a restaurant, closed for remolding, as supposed to re-open next week. >> looking forward for the sign to foe you. a few months. >> investigators believe the 27 and 22-year-old arson suspects could be responsible for five suspicious fires set near international boulevard on friday including this van on east 15th. the governor signed a
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historic bill to prevent sexual assault on check campuses addressing the way colleges and universities handle sexual assault and allegations. it makes california the first-in-the-nation to establish the rules and dines what constitutes consent as in when yes means yes and an automatic no if someone is drink, drugged or unconscious or asleep. we have more on what it means for the clams after the hour. >> technical speakers are in san francisco for the oracle open world the first without larry ellison as c.e.o. it is a traffic might -- nightmare. >> party continued into the night. ladies and gentleman, welcome executive chairman.
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>> days ago he announced he would step down as c.e.o. of oracle a change that was noted in the introduction, on stage closing the key note by mentioning products aimed at securing user data something silicon valley has been very conscious about in consumer data breaches and edward snowden n.s.a. revelations. >> we can find programs with malicious intent and stop them corrupting our data or stealing our data. >> during the speech he only mentioned stepping down as chief in a passing joke reverending the two executives he promoted as co-ceo's. >> he is in charge. i don't expect anything about it. >> i was not surprised. i was interested in hearing the speech. >> 60,000 are expected to attend through thursday night.
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drivers will have to divert and mascone center. today, we should learn if san francisco court workers are striking. union workers rallied outside the civic city before taking the vote on wednesday. votes are countried today. members of the union say negotiations with management have stalled and both sides are at odds over wages, staffing and rising health care costs. >> the supreme court will decide what to tackle the same-sex marriage issue. lawsuits challenging the bans in five states have made it to the attention of the high court and justices will conference behind closed doors to discuss which ones to hear. court watchers believe they will consolidate cases from end in, oklahoma, virginia, utah and wisconsin into one case resulting in a single ruling
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affecting all 50 states. >> uber will expand the new ride sharing service without waiting for permission from public agencies. that is what the uber c.e.o. told the mayors at a why ensure in sacramento say they have postponed new features while waiting for government agencies to develop regulations and competitors disregard the regulator warnings and last week the prosecution in san francisco and los angeles issued warnings to uber and lyft and sidecar for violating fare walls and inadequate background checks the. the a's are in kansas city and will soon begin for the tuesday wild card game against the royals making their way to the final day of the season before making the playoffs. there is a triple to center and that is all the a's needed against texas. it was a complete game shut down
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and the wild car game is tomorrow the. >> giants clinched a playoff spot and buster tied the game at two and giants won and now travel to pennsylvania to taking on the pirates in the wild card. bumgarner is on the hill. they have been the hottest team in september, finishing dead even in wins, losses and runs. a good matchup. >> she whipped out the stats for us on a monday morning. >> my head hurts. >> leyla gulen has the look at the weather here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have had the much needed rain and now we have a dry spell. bart stations are checking in at 59 in pittsburg and 57 in concord and further into hayward
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at 61. san francisco is 59. cloud cover, as well, that will mix with sun this afternoon. the day planner is starting off with clouds and cooler. it warms up when the sun shines and 74 degrees and 64 along the coast and by 4:00 p.m., sunny and 80 inland areas and 74 around the bay and 68 along the coast and the temperatures are going to be warmer by the end of the weak. the construction project that was shutting down highway 37 in both directions between highway 121 and 29 has re-opened and we have another wave of closures taking place and mostly green mean we are running along at top speed and here is the drive time traffic, westbound am wasn't to the maze, and 880 from fremont
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to san jose is 15 minutes and from 101 to cupertino is 10 minutes. traffic is smooth and we have construction crews picking up cones so slow if the cone zones. if you are headed out the door to the road and you making it to marin be careful. moving along clearly and clear conditions visibility-wise. >> breaking into a home was not easy. why police are anxious to get a bold burglary caught on video off the streets. >> passengers trying to make their way in and out of the chicago face more challenges and how long the f.a.a. said it will take to repair fire damage to a major radar center. >> dramatic pictures from the deadly volcano eruption in japan with a search going on for victims right
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. new video of a man accused of breaking into a mountain view home and taking random stuff, police say it happened between last monday afternoon and tuesday at noon. the man broke into a home on church street and spent the night and left with a coat, ski pants and two sleeping bag straps. police believe he tried to break into the same home on wednesday night but could not get in because the homeowners fixed a broken door. they found images of a man on the home surveillance video. he is described at hispanic in hid mid-20's at 5' 8" and weighing 150 pounds with facial hair. >> illinois sent wants it necessity how a contract employee was able to sabotage a regional control center and bring chicago's two international airports to a halt. senator durbin will ask if this
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was a security preach. the suspect started a fire in the basement of a telecommunications room in a control center and tried to commit suicide. flights continue to be canceled as authorities try to get the system up to speed. >> now, a deadly volcano eruption in japan. the death now is now at 36. workers put their rescue efforts on hold because of toxic fumes. >> it came without warning, mount ontake turning deadly caught by frequents hiker. watch this video from inside one of the huts near the summit of the hikers plunged into darkness. it erupted during prime hiking season. 250 climbers, many believed near
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the 10,000' peak, were caught, some trapped overnight. emergency helicopter teams running to pull survivors from the ashes battling toxic gas and fears of anotherrer russ of the rocks fell like hail. we could not breathe. dozens are dead. some bodies were found in a lodge, and others buried in ash. it is one of 110 active volcanos in japan. erruptions such as mount on take can be difficult to predict, scientists seeing an uptick in cease milk activity but nothing to predict this. had were lucky in japan, survivors off the mountain and back if the arms of their loved ones. >> and riots in hong kong shouting down an official that
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tried to get through him and police to enter the hong kong trade office. a protester tried to climb over others and the students are criticizing the police crackdown on poverties in hong kong and the hong kong they are angry about only beijing approved residents allowed to run for the top civil positions. >> citizen necessary allen will not be at the podium for the weekly news conference. >> the raiders were embarrassed in london, with a loss of 38-14 and this catch by james jones was one of the few highlights, the raiders have lost continue straight under am listen -- under al lasten. >> 49ers are back in the win, with kaepernick for a 55 yard
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touchdown and the defense left philadelphia scoreless. the 49ers first win at levi stadium. it is nice to see frank gore back in the thick of it. >> a nice play but the play the coaches tell you never to make, never throw the ball back crass the field like that. >> unless it works. >> then you are a genius. >> you have to be januaryious for -- genius for weather and traffic. >> we will have a new heat wave by the end of the week. we are waking up to a marine layer from the exploritorium to downtown san francisco there is fog. live doppler hd shows mostly the fog is in the north bay and san francisco. in the east bay you will wake up
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to clear skies. we had an area of low pressure on way out. half a mile visibility in napa and everyone else it is looking good but half moon bay is at five miles visibility. napa is 48 right new. 55 in poet plume -- in petaluma. the upper trough of low pressure bringing in the moisture and possibly a few sprinkles in the north bay neighborhoods but that is going to move to the east. it will be replaced by the high pressure that is coming in, off the pack, and we will then experience an offshore flow. that means by wednesday we will have warmer temperatures. today, 79 in morgan hill. 77 in san jose. 72 in milpitas. mild along the peninsula at 76
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in redwood city. 74 in palo alto. clouds and 66 in pacifica and san francisco. 73 in south san francisco. i let you know if we have flight arrival delays at sfo. north bay, 78 in santa rosa. 77 headed for vallejo. 73 in richmond. mostly sunshine inland neighborhood and 79 in pittsburg. 79 in livermore. increasing cloud cover again bringing our temperatures to 60 degrees. my seven-day forecast is dry spell signaling danger for fire conditions. not too bad in the wind department but 90's inland by end of the week and upper 80's around the bay. >> we have construction in oakland southbound on the nimitz
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with a protect in the works with a few lanes taken away. northbound traffic is managing well. the altamont pass is going to be 32 miles per hour. so that is slow as you leave tracy to livermore. here is a look at berkeley: 80 twine albany and emeryville and the tail lights are pushing eastbound direction and the drive is clear and light in the westbound direction, as well. happening now, the celebration conditions in italy with the bodying of the most eligible before -- bachelors, george clooney and human rights lawyer walked into the townhall, she is wearing a hat, where they are saying "i do," for a second time in a civil ceremony. the 53-year-old clean my and his
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36-year-old wife tied the knot in an extravagant star-studded celebration. so far, no photos have been released. guests were asked to leave their cell phones outside. >> speaking of cell phone, apple is not the only one with a phone bending problem. when it comes to bending the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus do better than some phones and worse than others. "consumer reports" says the bigger 6 plus held up until 90 pounds of pressure which should be enough. apple says they have only received nine complaints. at&t is doubling the monthly data on mobile share plans available to both new and existing customer whose sign up through the end of october applying to fans of 15 giga bytes.
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thank you. >> facebook has a new way to make money through online ads and a lot of the users may not like it. >> the fear, as a dangerous respiratory virus spreads crass
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facebook users can expect more targeted ads, launching an updated version of the ad platform called at last which it purchased from microsoft directing ads to people on other websites or mobile apps. not even facebook. it will help marketers reach across platforms but it could raise privacy concerns for users. bags -- banks are raking it
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in for using out-of-network a.t.m.s, 5 percent more than last year and 23 percent more than the past five years. for the 16th consecutive year, overdraft fees are at an high up to $32.74. >> it makes you not want to use your cards. >> here we go. sfo shows it is clear. so far. we have a marine layer. i will let you know if we have flight arrival delays at sfo. we can expect the slow burn off to the afternoon hours revealing clouds along the coast and 60 degrees and 70's in the south bay but 80's inland
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neighborhoods. we will warm up today. as we head out the door, 59 at crissy field and the rest of the the bay area is 64 in richmond and 59 in pittsburg and we will see the warm-up by the end of the week. is traffic heating up? it is starting off nice and we will hold over to 92 loan the san mateo bridge with a stall at the toll plaza and it could be causing a slow down. it should be clear on the shoulder soon and san jose is dry, northbound side of 280 pulling away from highway 17 and southbound traffic is clear so maybe some folks are hitting the snooze button. new concern of the mysterious respiratory virus spreading across the united states. 45 states have reported cases. a disturbing new symptom,
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paralysis if some parents. it is more important than ever to watch your kids much. >> when your child is not acting the way you expect with a cold symptom, you need to seek help. >> several of the young patients have trouble moving their arms and legs and tested positive for enterovirus d-68. the centers for disease control is investigating if that virus to blame. the american academy of pediatrics has new guidelines to promote point health. choosing soda over milk and other calcium containing beverages leads to weaker bones. under the new guide lines, they recommend calcium, vitamin d and exercise to develop strong bones in childhood and prevent brittle ben condition like osteoporosis later in life. according to researchers 25 percent in high school drink soda every day leading to a lower intake of milk and calcium
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>> 81-year-old is grateful after random act of kindness after the shrubs were trimmed at her house. she fell and hurt herself and tripped over shrubs breaking her arm and injuring her leg and shoulder. noticing there was no clear path the firefighters went back to the house and cleared the way. show had surgery and is recovering at home. california takes the lead in protecting college students from sexual assault. the new bill signed by the governor that will make "yes means yes" the new saying on campus. >> a rude awakening for a family: the mess a wayward driver created. >> new rest places from president obama on what we didn't know about isis with new deta
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> october is almost here. the last couple of days are september, leyla gulen will have the weather. last days of september. first days of october. summer has ended. fall has begun. the warmth is on the way. live doppler hd shows radar picking up precipitation in the north and far east bay as the slow brushes to the east. we are looking at limited visibility with fog and marine layer in san francisco.


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