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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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created. new rest places from president obama on what we did not know about sis. thanks for joining us on monday. it is "national coffee day." cheers. this stuff keeps us going in the only folks. along with the weather forecast. leyla gulen? >> leyla gulen deserves a double doing weather and traffic. >> i will have a double. hope you had a great weekend. live doppler hd shows marine layer over the san francisco bay area and the north bay with thick fog that is making its way south to vallejo through napa and into san jose. we will see limited visibility. this is what i am talking about. we can expect to see seasonal temperatures. the start of the morning is
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deceptive because it will be mostly sun in the afternoon with coastal clouds sticking around and by the end of the weak we have autumn warmth and maybe a triple digit or two by the end of the week. how is it moving along on the road? we have an accident that is cleared to the shoulder in san jose and this is northbound along highway 87 we have a little slow-and-go traffic in the northbound direction and folks just headed out we are looking at that normal congestion 101 still managing clear up to 280 and 680 at the nimitz where we see the bunching up of congestion. here is a look at mass transit with everything running on time but we do have one delay that is on muni, a few buses that are going to be late, 1, 5, 43 and 71 all experiencing service delays. land ahead for that.
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new this morning concord police are investigating a wild car crash at a home on meadow lane slamming into the front yard of home and hit six parked cars before ending in the yard. the people in the house were startled but no one was hurt. people are talking to the driver. there is no word if alcohol was involved. a brazen burglary after a bicycle shop in san francisco is broken into overnight. what happened, nick? >> what makes this difficult, i just spoke with the owner, voted best small business by the city of san francisco four months ago and he has not been opened a year. you can see where the thieves busted out the store for a window at the super store. who are on fillmore at 1300.
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the thieves busted the blase and there is blood. one of the theives may have cut themselves. weapon they came in, they were under surveillance video the entire time and they break in, took two bicycles, a second person came with and took a bicycle from this area, as well. in the next 30 minutes i will show you what they captured on the surveillance video because the hope is as the police department continues the investigation that someone could be able to identify the suspect or the bicycle they have taken home. we are in fillmore district in san francisco. in 30 minutes we will have video that you will see only here. thank you, nick. in the east bay, police are trying to find out who left a device that looked like an explosive device that called a
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shelter-in-place and action by the bomb squad. >> last night, police detonated the device. it was two flares taped together. the explosion left a hole a foot and a half deep. when it was discovered police ordered shelter in place and residents were told to stay inside and close the doors. amy hollyfield will have a report from the scene at 6 pock. a san jose man will enter a plea for assaulting a man who may have exposes himself to his son. the 41-year-old father turned himself in on friday after being named as a suspect if the labor day assault. police say he beat a man he believed flashed his son in a bathroom. the man suffered several facial injuries and police have not confirmed the incident occurred. >> authorities in san francisco are holding a community meeting to update the officer involved
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shooting when a man was slot and skilled last thursday starting when the suspect carjacked a wise cadillac. he was chased across three counties and two bridges before he crashed. he fired after bystanders and refused to surrender. >> doctor's medical center has held in san pablo with a bill signed by the governor to give them $3 million as they seek long term funding. they have face add series of cutbacks including diverting ambulances to other facilities because of budget problems. the attack open isis. the military is fully involved in the air, new revelations from president obama on what we did not know of the brutal islamic extremists and why. here is the latest from washington. good morning, president obama is describing isis as a
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cancer that was under estimate estimateed. fighter jets ready for take off 24/7 the indication of the expanded american mission in syria where war planes are bombing isis targets considered safe havens while airstrikes again isis are ongoing in iraq. the campaign is intensifying on the ground with kurd fighters taking on the militants would have murdered american and british hostages and are expand ing terror prompting this question on president obama. >> how did they end up in control of so much territory? >> i think our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, has acknowledged they
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underestimated what was taking place in syria. >> he didn't say only that we underestimated isil. he said we overestimated the ability and the will of our allies, the iraqi army, to fight. >> that is true. that is true. >> the president described isis as a cancer and speaker boehner agrees but add the united states may have to do more to destroy isis. >> someone has to have boots on the ground. we do not destroy them we are going to pay the price. >> the president continues to rule out putting american troops on the ground. it is now 6:07. a new cnn poll shows a majority of americans oppose sending ground troops to fight isis in iraq and syria but they support the airstrikes. 45 percent of americans believe
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isis is a very serious threat. 23 percent believe it is fairly serious. 22 percent say it is somewhat serious. now a wet on the last monday of september. >> seasonal and dry. we have warmer temperatures, the golden gate bridge shows visibility is not an issue yet. we do have reduced visibility on 101 to the north in novato and santa rosa half mile there. the next 12 hours there is a cooler start to the morning and by noon it will be sunshine and by 4:00 p.m., 74 degrees and 68 along coast and clouds coming back in with a breeze mix merchandise and then it warms up. >> we have a couple of crashes
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with an accident trying to approach this area with one or two lane blocked away from 580 and tapping the breaks southbound on the nimitz. over to 84, that commute is looking slow, bumper-to-bumper traffic and in fremont, southbound 680, that is where we have a crash blocking two lanes and, finally, metering lights were turned on 15 minutes ago and traffic is backing up from emeryville into san francisco. still to come, new hope in the fight against breast cancer, and health experts are calling a new treatment drug revolutionary surprising discovery a southern california man made in
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covering san salvador, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:12. more protests in ferguson, missouri, last might and into the morning. 150 protesters gathered outside the ferguson police department to demand the arrest of the
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officer would shot and killed unarmed teen michael brown. a grand jury is deciding whether to file charges. a decision is expected in november. a public records search shows that the governor has received thousands of calls, e-mails and letter from people angered over the handling of the shooting. >> apple could learn if they are required to pay billions in back taxes. the "wall street journal" reports the issue revolves around sheltering of revenues in ireland. they have been accused of using the laws to get out of corporate taxes $9 billion a year. apple is denying any wrongdoing and the european commission is investigate whether apple received a special deal on taxes from ireland. microsoft is gear up for major presentation tomorrow in san francisco and the company is widely expected to preview a first look at the ones 9
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operating system. a goal was to make keeping windows on the pc up to date as keeping your phone up to date. windows 9 has focus on corporate users. >> an american doctor exposed to ebola virus has admitted to hospital near washington, dc, after volunteering in sierra leone. he was taken to the national institutes of health where he is kept unobservation in a special isolation unit. he is showing no symptoms and the move is out of caution. four other aide workers have been affected. there is now success in a new breast cancer drug with final data showing in patients whose cancer spread beyond the
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breast, they lived 15 months longer if they got the drug, the long of the amount of time for a drug used in initial treatment for advanced breast cancer. this is now part of a swiss drugmaker rouche. a study suggests that taking aspirin each day could decrease the risk of ross state cancer. the study of 6,000 found that those who took aspirin each day had decreased their odds of developing prostate cancer. republic has suggested that aspirin could have a role in cancer prevention. a homeowner made a start startling discovery. he found a deer swimming in his pool. >> doe. >> actually, buck. >> buck. >> the deer took an unexpected plunge after another neighbor
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found him wandering in the area and he tried to get the answer before the deer jumped the fence into the water. they pulled off the cover and freed the animal. the deer pulled itself out of the water and he was squared and went into another yard. officers arrived and tranquilized the deer. the only thing we need to answer is whether he dove in antlers >> now the newest fashions for fall, the warriors have a debuting november 15 when they host charlotte and worn on saturday games throughout the
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season were what do you thick of the new look? go to our facebook page and tell us what you think. >> we are reading what our viewers are posting. >> it is not too popular. >> nation looking trash bag. >> didn't know the salvation was having a sale. >> not so good. >> you guys? >> i don't consider myself a fashion expert but it is a little drab. >> me, too, but they got one thing right, short sleeves. and that is what you will need this week. >> a lot of visitors coming to san francisco for the first time expect summer warm. that is not so of the when summer is over and the fall starts in september or october that is when the temperatures warm up. that is what we have on tap. now, a look at sfo where we have night arrival delays of 54
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minutes because of low clouds. the low clouds are moving down across san francisco especially in the north bay. we there is thick fog across 101 with half-a-mile visibility and it is moving to the east bay at nine miles in oakland and lower in livermore and eight miles visibility. five miles at half moon bay and elsewhere, it is unlimited. watch out and use the low beams. the ridge of high pressure is coming in and replacing the trough of low pressure that brought us precipitation and moving to the east. there are a few drops in the east bay communities, the far east, i would say and now we have rainfall near lake tahoe but that is moving out and we will replace that with a ridge of high pressure that will change our flow to an offshore pattern warming things up for us at home. we will be in the upper 70's in
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the south bay, and 72 in milpitas and the pins that is 73 in millbrae and cool along the coast with clouds at half moon bay. daly city is mostly cloudy this afternoon, at 65. accident in downtown san francisco. mostly sunshine there. 78 in novato. we will hit 80 toward napa. 75 in castro valley. 77 in pleasanton. 79 in livermore. 81 in antioch. lows tonight are cooling to the mid-50's in fairfield at 54. mostly upper 50's to lower 60's for the rest of us. expect temperatures in the 90's by end of week. in our far inland area you could see a triple digit or two. it will be hot.
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is anyone getting hot under the collar with our traffic? headed to the san mateo bridge at the toll plaza we have a wreck blocking one lane. the rest of the driver when you pass the tolls it is slowing smoothly and as we pull out we have this crash starting to cause delays along the sunol grade, we have one or two lanes blocked because of this accident and when you pass viring -- vargas you of on director way. 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes. brace yourself: you can soon be paying a lot more to pull money out of your a.t.m. >> first, the ford mustang celebrates the big 50. how do the new models stack up
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ed ford mustang turns...50. do the new models pack the same punch? "consumer reports" has partnered with michael finney for the answer and "7 on your side".
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>> mustang is celebrating 50 by introducing the latest 2015 model. "consumer reports" tested the first mustang 50 years ago and got a look at the latest model at the test track. to appreciate the must tapping you have to appreciate the rich history. >> step i wanted a 1965 mustang and she feels the car is a great piece of american history and fun to drive. >> each day in that mustang is happy. you feel good in it. no matter what is going on in your life. >> a million mustangs were sold in the first two years and it created a new car segment defined by affordable entry price, unique style with a long hood and short deck, rear drive and the fact you could go from mild to wild. >> "consumer reports" tested this 50 years ago and priced at under $2,500.
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>> it was a huge hit. but with 101 horse power it took 16.8 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour. that is really slow. the next year we tested it and it was much faster. >> "consumer reports" has taken the 2015 mustang on the test drive. >> a lot has changed in 50 years including a sleep design, powerful engine and optional turbo charged four cylinder. >> there is independent rare suspension which was missing for some time. >> when the mustang goes on sale in the fall "consumer reports" engineers will conduct a full battery of tests. not all 50 years were great for the mustang, after the oil embargo the second generation was smaller and legislation -- less powerful and does not go
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overwell but "consumer reports" has recommended it each year since 2008. >> a blast from the past, one of scrapeers -- designers for the mustang was lee iacocca. we have a victory for those fighting sexual assault on college campuses with new regulation of when "yes means yes." >> and a link between a series of fires in oakland and alameda. a tense night in pittsburg traffic is light on the bay bridge but we have heavy congestion because of accidents and limited visibility.
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news. hope you had a great weekend leyla gulen is here for the weather, mike is off. a beautiful soft the sunrise. >> first, we look at sfo where we have flight arrival delays because of low clouds. you can see that now it looks like things are lifting in materials of the marine layer with pore of the traps america pyramid and you can expect a warm-up with the trend continuing from wednesday through the end of the week into the weekend. there are hot temperatures and the heat is on. i will have the seven-day forecast straight ahead. we will start off with the altamont pass. we are remaining accident free. plenty of congestion. pulling away from tracy, you are at 31 miles per hour. and 205 merges with 580 into the 20's and paceally on the brakes
6:31 am
the entire stretch to the dublin interchange and not helping matters is the accident blocking two lanes but it is fought involving injuries. we have two lanes blocked at the sunol grade and you have extra time to head out the door. a routine traffic stop ends in early morning car case starting at midnight and c.h.p. officers say a woman refused to pull over westbound i-80 and led them on a chase to highway 242 in concord. the driver reached speeds of 80 miles per hour before strips slowed the car. the woman was arrested for d.u.i. and evading arrest. >> back-to-school for myburg high school students after the bomb squad was called to handle a suspicious package near campus and amy hollyfield is in pittsburg with more. it was a tense night in
6:32 am
pittsburg. here is the hole in the ground where they detonated the device. it is filled in. it is across the street from the high school. >> the bomb squad detonated at 10:30. people in the unable had to shelter in place in place for a couple of hours. they found the device in a newly vacated home and described it as two packing flares taped together. no word on would it belonged to or why they had it. no arrests were made. no one was hurt. san francisco police are investigating a car versus a cyclist accident that left the cyclist with a severe head injury last night on the embarcadero at 10:30. the victim was going into seizures when transported to the
6:33 am
hospital. police are still trying to determine if it was a hit-and-run accident or whether the driver is cooperating. police have arrested two men suspected of setting eight fires in a matter of hours. the fires damaged several hopes and buildings in seven blocks of alameda's downtown. one business was a cleaners that was gutted and a restaurant was supposed to re-open after being remodeled. >> looking forward for opening working very hard on this the last few months. >> investigators think the 27 and 22-year-old arson suspects could be responsible for five suspicious fires set near international boulevard on friday including this van on east 15th and art house studio that repairs old furniture. >> the governor signed a bill to prevent sexual assault on college campuses making the
6:34 am
california the first state to constitute the rules and as to what constitutes concept. it is automatically no if someone is drunk, drugs unconscious or asleep and addresses how colleges and universities handle assault alleges and special training dealing with the victims. janet napolitano announced the system will we establish an independent advocate to support assault victims on all campuses. san francisco is hosting the open world of oracle. it is great for tourism but for drivers, not is great. former c.e.o. larry ellison delivered the address closing the speech by mentioning securing user data something that silicon valley has been conscious about in the time of consumer data breaches and the n.s.a. revelations. the streets around the mascone center were closed so drivers need to be aware with 60,000
6:35 am
people expected to attend the event that goes through thursday. >> we should research if san francisco court workers are striking, union workers rallied outside the civic center courthouse before taking a vote on wednesday with votes counted today. members of the union say negotiations with management have stalled and the two sides are at odds over wages, staffing, and rising health care costs. the supreme court could decide whether to tackle the same-sex marriage issue in the term that begins to exweek -- next week. bans have made it to the attention of the high court and the justices will discuss which courts to hear. some believe they will consolidate cases from five states into one case that could result in a single ruling affecting all 50 states. >> uber will exexpands their new
6:36 am
ride sharing service without waiting for permission from public agencies. that is what the uber c.e.o. told the mayors at a conference in sacramento on sunday saying uber has postponed new features while waiting for the government ages to develop regulations around them and competitors then roll out the same filetures disregarding regulator warning. the prosecutors in los angeles and san francisco issued warnings for inadequate background checks on drivers. >> breaking into a home wasn't enough. police are sanction to get a bold burglary caught on video off the street. >> despite the star-studded wed on saturday, george clooney was officially married and what he is doing to fix
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>> a man accuses of breaking into a home and taking random stuff happening between last monday afternoon and tuesday noon. the man broke into a home on church street and spent the night and left with a coat, ski patches, and two sleeping bags or the traps. he tried again to break in but the homeowners had fixed the door. >> the man is described at
6:40 am
hispanic in his mid-20's with facial hair. >> illinois senator wants to know how a contract employee sabotaged a regional control center and bring chicago's two international airports to a halt. the senator says he will ask the inspectors whether there was a security breach last friday. police say the suspects started a fire in the basement of a telecommunications room in a control center and tried to exit suicide. over 400 flights have been canceled today, even, out of o'hare. a driver forgot to take the gas nozzle out of the car, and a witness took this video of the fire, he pulled off with the hose in the scar and the pump was pulled down. the owner of the station was able to turn off the pump before the fire spread spot building. no one was hurt. the gas station minus a pump is
6:41 am
back open this morning. >> reports say that raiders coach is not expected to be at podium for the weekly news conference tomorrow. that is because the raiders were embarrassed on a world stage on sunday playing in london, they lost 38-14 to miami, one handed catch by jones was one of few highlights. the raiders is lost continue straight under their coach and are 0-4. >> the 49ers are back in the win column with kaepernick to gore for the touchdown to put the 49ers in the we -- the they won yesterday. >> it was cooler at the game. leyla gulen? will that continue? >> it will start to get warmer as we look at beautiful colors to get us going this morning and
6:42 am
a look here at the sun rising and the marine layer is mixing out with the radar satellite showing dense fog in the north bay and that will burn off by later this afternoon. early afternoon, actually. our current temperatures in san francisco are in the upper 50's and 58, and lower 60, and 57 in palo alto and 59 in saratoga and 58 in pittsburg and we are at 74 in walnut creek and we will have the full seven-day forecast coming straight ahead. first, traffic. >> we have the toll plaza where we had flashing lights off to the right-hand side, the far ride hand side and a very large truck was trying to move through taking up more than one lane. that is what the flashing lights were about and we have crews behind it, still trailing, and the rest of the traffic is becoming up away from the maze. the richmond-san rafael is owing more company here as we
6:43 am
try to push to the tolls and five minutes gets you across the water. the rest of the area is heavy traffic and the san mateo bridge is looking busy as you approach the bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza had an early crash now cleared. >> mr. and mrs. george clooney are taking over van -- develop -- venice saying "i do," for a second time. they washingtoned into the townhall building where they tied the knot in a civil ceremony. it took 10 minutes. the 53-year-old clean my and his 36-year-old wife were married in a star-studded celebration. no official photo yet from the wedding. matt damon and bull murray were given phones and ipads at the
6:44 am
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. breaking news from a bay area bicycle shop broken into and the 17s were caught on camera. the video you will see right now only on abc7. we are on scene. nick? >> what makes this heartbreaking is the store has not been here a year. we have been able to monitor the progress. this is the window. thieves busted out the window. the reason we know this, the entire thing was caught on camera. we have been watching the surveillance video loop back-and-forth to identify someone who may be responsible. san francisco police department are investigating the crime and a few saids ago i had an opportunity to speak to the owner who is heartbroken about this happening. the store has not been here a
6:48 am
solid year. a few months ago it was voted best small business in san francisco. >> i have been hearing from other business owners there are problems with smash-and-grabs. it is a set back considering we are just about to go on our-year anniversary and happy anniversary. >> he said he is not ready to give up with faith in the san francisco police department and their ability to help fine the people responsible. the boys are unique, they are odd in shape and odd in size because they are electric. if you see anything, do not be a super hero but report it. we have posted the video on our when. take a close look. if you see anything, contact the san francisco police department. trading is underway on wall street. >> dow is having a huge down day down 143 points to 16969, under
6:49 am
the 1700 flesh -- flesh hold. >> polaroid is giving gopro competition with a camera called "the cube." it is $99 and priced for people what do not want to spend two to four times as much. each camera is made of a rub rubberized material. there is a single button to press once for a picture, twice to video. banks are ringing it in with the fees, the average fee for using out-of-network a.t.m. is $4.35, a 5 percent jump from last year. and everdraft fees are at the high at an average of $32. now weather and traffic.
6:50 am
leyla gulen? we have morning cloud cover. that is deceptive because it will be warm by this afternoon and it will warm up for the prosecute of the week. from our east bay hills camera, it looks like marshmellow bluff and that will burn off this afternoon with live doppler hd showing sat nine miles in hayward the this means we have mostly unlimited but we do have a flight arrival delay at san francisco international airport. looking to downtown financial district in san francisco, you can see the cloud cover is still covering the peaks of the transamerica pyramid.
6:51 am
the current temperatures in san francisco are 58, and oakland is 51. and 61 in san jose. morgan hill is 60. and 59 at half moon bay. we will be under cloud cover along the coast for the day. this area of low-to-upper lows are moving out, and move into novato. we have a ridge high pressure that will come in, and, now, we will see a slow change. it will bring in dry conditions, as well as warmer weather. today we will be 79 in morgan hill. we will be 77 in san jose. and 76 and mild in redwood city, and clouds and cool along the coast, and 66 at pacifica, and 70 downtown san francisco, with sunshine, and 79 in pet lame, and 81 degrees in calistoga.
6:52 am
mid-70's for the east bay and headed into further reaches, 79 in pittsburg and 79 in brentwood. you could see 80 degrees or so. lows are lower 60's and upper 50's. we have temperatures reaching upper 90's later in the week and tuesday night we could have a small craft advisory tuesday night into wednesday with the breezes and the welcome we will hit hot temperatures and calm and dry conditions. that is fire weather watch. >> the tolls are busy from emeryville up to the toll plaza at on minutes as you make director way to the bay bridge. the san jose drive is slowing down coming away from highway 17 in the northbound direction and southbound traffic is nonexistent and traffic is heavy along 680 and that is due to an
6:53 am
accident and it and blocking two lanes, and gumming up the cop mute -- the commute. the morning news continues in 90
6:54 am
here are seven things to know today: breaking news in san francisco, police are investigating this braise were burglary at a bicycle shop overnight. the suspects were caught on
6:55 am
surveillance video and one can be seen smoking a cigarette during the break in and the owner opened a year ago and was voted best small business. >> police are looking for the person would left a suspicious device at a home that was two road flared taped together. residents were ordered to shelter in place while the bomb squad detonated the device. >> two men are suspected of setting eight fires yesterday morning. they are trying to determine if the 27 and 22-year-old suspects are behind five fires set in oakland on friday. >> the president obama says united states intelligence agencies underestimated the threat of isis and everestimated the ability of iraq's army to fight. speaker boehner says the united states may have no close but to send troops in, if the president's strategy fails to destroy the group. the a's and giants are playing wild card and the an
6:56 am
beat texas and are in kansas city to play the royals tomorrow and giants play pirates on wednesday. the next 12 hours, we start off cool, mostly sunshine by this afternoon and temperatures are reaching upper 70's and lower 80's inland and 60's loan the -- along the coast. >> the fog is on the golden gate bridge with traffic looking heavy there, as well, as we continue the drive along 880 with debris here that is causing a little bit of a slow down at 98th avenue. >> we continue on-line and facebook and all mobile devices. we will see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" and you can see this evening kristen sze anchoring the
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break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. good morning, america. breaking right now, flash flood warning. torrential rain from coast to coast. submerging drivers in an instant. overflying rivers. wild weather takes out bridges, tears the roof off this airport. millions more in the path of severe weather right now. developing now. a new alert from the cdc. the mystery illness leaving children paralyzed. health officials racing to find answers. is it connected to the enterovirus sweeping across the country? this does not look good to me. take a look at this. the monster hit that left the college quarterback dazed and confused. and the firestorm that happened next. barely able to stand, the coach kept him in the game. >> it's appalling he was left in on that play. >> the calls this morning for that big-time coach to be fired. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine mr. and mrs. clooney. the newlyweds make their first


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