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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 29, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, flash flood warning. torrential rain from coast to coast. submerging drivers in an instant. overflying rivers. wild weather takes out bridges, tears the roof off this airport. millions more in the path of severe weather right now. developing now. a new alert from the cdc. the mystery illness leaving children paralyzed. health officials racing to find answers. is it connected to the enterovirus sweeping across the country? this does not look good to me. take a look at this. the monster hit that left the college quarterback dazed and confused. and the firestorm that happened next. barely able to stand, the coach kept him in the game. >> it's appalling he was left in on that play. >> the calls this morning for that big-time coach to be fired. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine mr. and mrs. clooney. the newlyweds make their first
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appearance after the wedding of the year takes over venice. inside the glamourous guest list. the playful snapshot revealed at the reception. and new details this morning on how they tied the knot. ♪ and good morning, america. good morning, venice. let's take a look at the live shot right now. >> oh. >> that is where george and amal are getting married this morning, the venice town hall. what a glorious day it is there. what a fabulous weekend it apparently was. this morning it's official. they will be married in italy. >> it's official today. boy, did they party all weekend long. let's take another look at the picture, the photo they gave to their guests. >> that is so cute. that is so adorable. >> they partied until the wee hours of the morning.
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rightfully so. they look very, very happy. >> they had a lot of tequila to help them along, right? >> yes. >> they're looking good. we'll have a lot more on that. we begin with the dangerous flash flooding. some parts of the country getting as much rain in the past few days as they did the entire summer. ginger tracking it all. george, everyone. look at this. this is jacksonville, florida. this is what it looks like out someone's front yard. so much rain, two inches very quickly there. in sarasota, florida, this video from there, the entire weekend was just wildly wet. it has been a very wet, and to the mont of september. and guess what? it's not over. we have the same stationary front not budging. going to drop another two to three inches through wednesday. it's going to be another wet 48 hours. then there's this. the severe weather that made its way through arizona. sky harbor airport, one terminal, the roof ripped off. you can see the debris there. they had to shut down the airport for a time, at least a part of it. and severe storms, all of that energy moving into parts of the high plains, just
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east of denver through parts of new mexico. we'll be covering this much more and we'll tell you the exact details coming up in the nation's weather. >> thank you, ginger. now to the terrifying health scare for parents. new concerns about the nationwide enterovirus outbreak. this morning, health officials are investigating whether the fast-moving respiratory disease is linked to a mysterious pair ail sis in some children. abc's clayton sandell has the latest outside of denver. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're inside children's hospital colorado this morning. this is where a cluster of sick patients are now suffering a strange new symptom. and medical investigators urgently want to know why. this morning, the cdc is searching for links between a wide spread outbreak of enterovirus d-68 and a new complication. young patients with
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infections now having trouble moving their arms and legs. >> in a circumstance like that, the virus infects the central nervous system, causes injury to some of the cells, and that's what causes the paralysis. >> reporter: at children's hospital colorado, nine patients, ages 1 to 18, have the symptoms. >> arm weakness or leg weakness. >> reporter: four of those patients tested positive for enterovirus d-68, but doctors have not yet confirmed a link. >> we don't know the link. that's why we're asking people to say, hey, what's going on around the nation? >> reporter: enterovirus d-68 is spreading, confirmed or suspected in 45 states. authorities are now investigating whether the virus killed a 4-year-old new jersey boy late last week. 13-year-old simon humphrey, just one of hundreds stricken so far, he spent nine days in a colorado hospital room fighting for his life. >> he was sort of a blueish-gray color. >> i was scared. i could feel myself not being able to stay awake. >> reporter: and with the added threat of paralysis, health
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officials are sounding the alarm even louder, stressing, it is rare, but for some patients, could be permanent. >> we don't know why some of these kids go on to develop this level of serious complication. >> reporter: we're told it could be a week before we know if entero have virus d-68 is the culprit. in the meantime, health officials say for now there's only the one cluster here in colorado but as more states report in, those numbers could go up. robin? >> we're going to talk about that to dr. jen ashton. thank you, clayton. going from a respiratory issue to this limb weakness. how does that happen? >> we know that enterovirus is a respiratory illness. we also know that rarely, it can cause paralysis. in fact, polio virus and ev-68, they come from the same family. of note with the denver cases, four of those cultured positive for ev-68 from the nose, not the spinal fluid. so, at this point, definitely more question than answers.
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>> we heard from clayton going forward. what can we expect from the weeks ahead? >> here's what the cdc and doctors everywhere have to do to track an outbreak like this. number one, they have to look at when there might have been a possible exposure. then, when the patient became ill or sick. and the third thing, what is the incubation period? if you know two of the three of those factors, you can figure out the third. that's how we track any kind of disease. >> you're a parent. i have to tell you, there are folks waking up this morning that are very, very concerned about this. >> absolutely. as am i. but it's important to remember what we call the attack rate. right now, the cdc has confirmed 277 cases of ev-68. we do expect more. because some may not have been reported yet. and so far, nine cases of this limb weakness, that's about 3%. luckily, not that common. >> and not necessarily permanent. >> that's correct. we know we're going to be following it closely. >> thank you. >> okay, guys, thanks. we're going to turn to the war on isis. president obama admitting that the u.s. underestimated the
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threat. and now there are growing doubts about whether or not isis can be destroyed without american troops on the ground. abc's jon karl is covering all of this from the white house. the president pretty frank about what went wrong here. >> reporter: the president bluntly acknowledged that the united states got it wrong in two ways. first, underestimating the threat posed by isis and how much power they had amassed. and second, overestimating the ability of the iraqi government to fight back. even as he acknowledged this, in an interview with "60 minutes," the president made it clear this was a mistake made by the intelligence community. he wasn't taking personal responsibility here. >> and in my interview with house speaker john boehner, he suggested there was no way that the u.s. strategy could succeed without boots on the ground. take a look. >> and if no one else would step up, you would recommend putting american boots on the ground if no one else steps up? >> we have no choice. these are barbarians. they intend to kill us. if we don't destroy them first, we're going to pay the price. >> reporter: the white house responded to that by saying again, there will be no u.s.
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ground invasion of iraq or syria under any circumstances. but, george, i got to tell you the white house rhetoric on this has shifted. the line, there will be no boots on the ground, has become, there will be no ground forces in iraq, u.s. ground forces in a combat role. there are already over 1,000 troop there's advising the iraqis. as the president acknowledged last night, they are definitely in harm's way. >> and boehner's remarks to you on sunday raised a lot of eyebrows. now to the travel nightmare. more flights being cancelled in chicago today after thousands were grounded over the weekend, creating chaos across the country. members of congress calling for an investigation, questioning how one man can disrupt the entire system so easily. abc's david kerley is at o'hare with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. they're hoping to get more flights here into chicago. yesterday, about two-thirds capacity. that still meant 600 flights were canceled. all because of sabotage. and this morning, listen, as the
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pilots are wondering what is going on. >> got a peculiar problem in that nobody in chicago center is up. >> reporter: pilots confused. why can't they get directions? word goes out it's an emergency. >> chicago center is having some problems, so we've stopped departures currently. >> reporter: the chicago air space closed. the first 2,000 flights grounded across the country. this morning, that number is closer to 4,000. >> flight was canceled. >> it's been very crazy, but we made it. >> reporter: this morning, more about the man who single-handedly created this hole in the sky over chicago. 36-year-old contractor technician, brian howard. 5:06 a.m., he entered the building with a rolling suitcase. 5:36, he posts on apparent suicide note. then, he allegedly starts destroying the electronic gear he's worked on for eight years in the basement of the building. radar, communications, flight plan computers. reportedly 23 of the 29 computer racks damaged by cut wires, fire, water, or blood, because
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he's bleeding from the u side attempt. >> how can one person take down the entire system? >> this person that created this dilemma is vetted, has a security clearance. if they're inclined, and this gentleman was, to create havoc, they can do it. >> reporter: this morning, members op congress calling for an investigation, looking into how one man could cripple such a critical system. it was so bad inside the center that the faa has decided to build a completely new center in the room next door. some equipment arrived last night. it will take days to put it together. and it will not be fully operational, robin, for two more weeks. >> 14 more days of this. all right, david, thank you. we turn to amy with the other top stories. good morning. >> good morning, robin. we begin with a surprise eruption of a japanese volcano and new concerns it could blow again. ash has blanketed a two-mile area nearly two feet deep in
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some spots. recovery crews found more bodies this morning bringing the death toll to nearly 40. but they have suspended the search for now because of the dangerous levels of ash and toxic gases coming from the still-erupting volcano. pro-democracy rallies in hong kong are expanding. they turned violent as police hit protesters with pepper spray. the crowd, demanding greater freedom from chinese rule. at the vatican, a rare snapshot. two popes honoring the contributions of grand parents to society. pope francis saying having pope benedict still living at the vatican like having a wise grandparent at home. back here at home, the secret service is under fire just days after a fence-jumper reached the white house front door. "the washington post" reporting it took agents four days to determine that a gunman had fired shots at and hit the white house multiple times in 2011. agents initially said that the incident was an unrelated gang shooting. bank fees are surging nationwide. among them, using another bank's
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atm. that now costs an average of $4.35 per transaction. that's up 5% from last year. overdraft fees surging also. nearly $33. that is the 16th straight record high. a mysterious balloon flying 800 feet over lower manhattan triggers 911 calls by people thinking it was a terror plot. police later discovered it was not a threat, but instead, this was actually hired by the city to take photographs. and finally, plenty of people go whale watching but from the safety of a boat. what if whales want to go people-watching? that could have been what was happening here. an australian couple found out. they went for a swim. they were approached by an especially friendly humpback mom and her calf. the whales put on a real show. disappearing under water and reappearing right next to their new friends. after more than an hour, the couple tried to swim away, the whales kept following them. saying, you want to play some more? we should mention, not all
7:13 am
whales are safe to play with. you probably shouldn't try this in the water near your home. >> it worked out for them. >> they have some pretty cool pictures to show. >> a whale of a story. >> i like that disclaimer at the end. >> don't jump in with the whales. >> let's see if the whale's friendly. >> thanks, amy. we turn to the devastating hit on the football field that has people calling for michigan's football coach to be fired. he kept his quarterback in the game even though the player was clearly dazed and wobbly from the hit. >> reporter: george, good morning. it's been almost 48 hours since that game, and it's still unclear if michigan quarterback, shane morris, suffered a concussion. medical information is private. fans are worried because of this hit you're about to see. >> this does not look good to me. >> reporter: take a look at this hit. from any angle, it's brutal. university of michigan quarterback, shane morris, already suffering from a leg injury, steam-rolled by
7:14 am
minnesota's aaron cochran. even espn announcers say it looked like a concussive hit. >> he can barely stand up. >> they have to get him out of the ball game. >> reporter: many say the real danger is what happens next. >> it's appalling he was left in on that play. >> reporter: the sophomore nearly falling over when he tried to walk. he stays in for one more play but goes to the sideline. later in the quarter, he goes back in. >> you can't make the diagnosis purely on observation. but there were certainly elements that you saw in his behavior that raised concern. >> reporter: at a postgame news conference saturday, coach hoke said, he didn't even know morris was wobbly. >> i didn't see him. i can only answer for me. >> reporter: morris, eventually carted off the field. >> shane wanted to be the quarterback. and so, believe me, if he didn't want to be, he would have, ah, come to the sideline or stayed down. >> reporter: after the hit,
7:15 am
morris did wave off someone on the sideline, possibly signaling he wanted to play. >> if you're the head coach, brady hoke, how can you not know what your quarterback is going through? how can you not see that? how can you not say, okay, get him out of here? >> reporter: now, after the game, michigan head coach brady hoke released a statement saying that morris was evaluated on the sideline and we're confident proper medical decisions were made. concussions a growing problem, and george and robin, just this year, two division i quarterbacks calling it quits after sustaining multiple concussions. >> there was no reason for him to stay in for the first play right after. >> and what athlete is going to say, coach, i'm out. they want to be there. they want to help. >> especially young players like that. it is the coach's responsibility, and the staff. lara, you have much happier news. >> i sure do. so happy to report that mr. and mrs. george clooney are making it official this morning with the civil ceremony at the venice
7:16 am
town hall after quite the blowout wedding weekend. lama hasan with the assignment of a lifetime and all the details. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. yes, that's right. first the splashy star-studded wedding bash. this morning, a small, private civil ceremony taking place in the town hall behind me. that officially takes the world's most eligible bachelor off the market. it's official, the clooneys arriving by boat called amore for their short but sweet civil ceremony lasting 12 1/2 minutes. but venice city mall they were surrounded by fans. on sundayi italy's royal couple made an appearance after the sunset surgery.
7:17 am
>> show us the rings, the rings! >> reporter: the beaming smiles and the sparkling wedding bands stunning the crowds and causing canal congestion. clooney cruising into his final moments of bachelorhood saturday afternoon. the 53-year-old, rubbing his hands, looking slightly nervous, before meeting his bride, amal alamuddin, inside the seven-star aman hotel. the star flanked by his dad, nick, and mother, and best man, rande gerber, cindy crawford's dapper other half, some 90 guest, including matt damon, emily blount, anna wintour, bill murray. and a special gift reportedly given to them by the new couple, this candid snapshot, capturing pre nuptial bliss. the couple reportedly served up their favorite five-course italian fair, including lemon risotto with lobster and beef with porcini mushrooms. then hit the dance floor with a play list rumored to include the jackson five and blondie. >> festivities went on until 5:00 a.m. after the wedding, a great brunch with all of their guests. >> reporter: rounding out the weekend, another feast for friends that night. they make it all legal italian-style today. and get this, lara, over the weekend, one media outlet publishing this cheeky headline
7:18 am
saying internationally acclaimed barrister, amal alamuddin marries an actor, insinuating clooney is punching above his weight. can you believe it? >> i love it. that's beautiful. thank you for all those details. so good. >> they look happy. >> picture perfect. >> i mean, their honeymoon, i hope, includes a big nap. and the weather cooperated there. and here on the east coast, beautiful weekend. >> it was. a lot of us have had perfection. a lot of the plains, midwest, great lakes, nobody complaining there. that's why i want to start with there. a beautiful look in kansas. some of the high temperatures for almost a week have been about ten degrees above average. see the farms there and the green still summer-like. the warmth, yes, in place for another day or two, depending on where you are. still 83 in st. louis today. almost 80, chicago. detroit, 76. but here we go, here comes fall. look at the numbers drop off. 81 today in chicago. to 62 on tuesday.
7:19 am
live doppler hd is show the fog moving southeast with more cloud cover for the east bay neighbors. we will see mostly sunshine and democrats in the upper 70's to lower 80's for our bay area, and 73 in san mateo. the seven-day forecast shows warmup starting on wednesday and we will see an offshore trend with temperatures reaching the
7:20 am
90's and triple >> that actor's wedding, one we all wished we could be there. lama made me feel like i was there. >> she had a wonderful time. thank you, ginger. coming up a break in the case of an arkansas real estate agent who disappeared after going to meet a prospective home buyer. the desperate search for the suspect right now. the deadly and shocking monster truck accident. how did one of the monster vehicles spin out of control and into the crowd? the new remote control. why you can lose control of your car. we'll tell you about a small device and more than 1 million cars across the country. and frozen comes to life. next. ♪ let it go
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beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. good morning. i'm eric thomas. san francisco police are investigating a brazen burglary. this is surveillance video of the crime. two men smashed in the front window of electric bicycle
7:25 am
superstore overnight. they made off with two of the expensive electric bikes. the owner said he opened the store just about a year ago. >> we have a couple accidents causing major delays. we have this accident blocking a couple lanes. and the red behind it as you approach highway 92. that's a rather slow community. at watson hill road, a crash involving a motorcycle there. >> thank you very much. and leila will be back with the
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fog and low clouds still in the north bay. showing those returns limited visibility. we're looking at warmer temperatures today, burning off, revealing sunshine. upper 70s to lower 80s in the inland areas. overnight lows, 60 to upper 50s. wednesday through the weekend, temperatures reaching the
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♪ hey baby, i think i want to marry you ♪ going to town hall in style. these pictures coming in right now from venice. george clooney and his bride, amal, coasting into the town hall. >> great hat. >> after a weekend of celebration in venice. >> and a quick wardrobe change there. >> we'll have the fashion coming up a little bit later. again, wish them all the very, very best. also this morning, that terrifying monster truck accident. the driver of one of those massive vehicles losing control, driving into the crowd. these events popular and so frightening to see this. >> so scary. a new headline on a potentially revolutionary breast cancer drug.
7:31 am
the treatment showing unprecedented success. dr. jennifer ashton is with us with more on that. and a look at elsa from "frozen" like we have never seen her before. coming to life on "once upon a time," adding a new chapter to the belov ed movie. the show generating so much buzz online last night. even trolls were there. i love those guys. and we're taking you behind the scenes for it all. >> there is a resemblance. >> the way they made them come to life like that. very cool. >> we'll share that a little bit later. but we begin this half hour with a break in the case of a missing arkansas real estate agent. she disappeared after going to meet a prospective buyer. now a warrant is issued for an arrest of a suspect. ryan owens has the latest from north little rock, arkansas. >> reporter: good morning to you. people are so very worried. you see this woman's picture at the real estate office. people are heartbroken at the news that police had their suspect but he got away.
7:32 am
arkansas police are desperate to find this man, 33-year-old aaron lewis, now accused of kidnapping this real estate agent, beverly carter, who hasn't been seen since thursday when she met a prospective buyer. >> we're asking people to contact the sheriff's office. >> reporter: lewis has a lengthy criminal record. he was involved in a car accident on sunday. at the time, he was a suspect in carter's disappearance. but he was not under arrest. when he went to this hospital for his injuries, he slipped away. shortly after, a judge signed a warrant for his arrest. too late. more heartbreak for beverly carter's husband of 35 years. >> all i can say, we would love to have our wife back, my boys' mother, my wife, please, turn beverly loose. drop her off anywhere. >> reporter: detectives won't say why they suspect lewis or if they have new information about
7:33 am
what happened to beverly carter. her suv found in the driveway of that home she was showing. her purse inside. one thing gone, her cell phone, and police say it's been key. >> sorry, phone been dead. >> reporter: carter's husband received several texts from his wife's phone after midnight the night she disappeared. >> having drinks right now. >> reporter: text messages that sound don't sound like his wife. >> she wasn't a big drinker. i knew she was in trouble. >> reporter: since that night, police and hundreds of carter's friends have scoured the woods looking for her. this morning, police have another search to worry about. for the suspect who just slipped through their fingers. and this morning, carter's friends are vowing they'll keep searching for her. they'll gather at 9:00 this morning, as they have for the last couple of mornings. meanwhile, police will obviously focus on their own search for that young man they believe knows what happened to her. robin? >> thank you, ryan. dan abrams joins us with more.
7:34 am
the suspect, the link to the case. >> so frustrating. right? they had him. they had him right there at the hospital and he gets away. you have to believe it's likely some sort of phone reports or e-mail records that led him to him. the authorities seem pretty definitive they believe he's the guy. they had to set up this appointment somehow. they had to make a time and a place to go meet. you would have some sort of records of her interchange with him. i think that is probably how they were able to so definitively link it back to him. >> you have been following this very closely all weekend long. some people were saying, as a real estate agent, doing this, she took every precaution as much as you can in a situation like this when you're going to meet a prospective buyer. >> i hate to see it when some people start blaming her. well, she should have brought someone with her. the bottom line is, there are
7:35 am
two key things. number one, she told her husband where she was going and exactly where she was going. the minute he became suspicious, he immediately goes to that house and tries to find her. sees the scene. her purse, her wallet there in the car and immediately becomes suspicious. she did the right thing in that sense. some people say, bring someone with you. that's great in theory. you talk to any real estate agent, at times, that is not practical. look. is this going to change people's thinking? absolutely. i think blaming her in any way, shape, or form, is completely unfair. >> i agree. >> thank you, dan, very much. we turn to the deadly monster truck accident caught on camera. one stunt driver loses control of the giant vehicle, plows into the crowd, killing three people. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: it's moment a monster truck show turns tragic. all captured on this cell phone video. watch as the 9,000-pound truck with tractor trailer tires more
7:36 am
than five feet high rolls over a row of cars and then keeps going. knocking down a guardrail and plowing right into a crowd of horrified spectators sunday. officials in this small netherlands town say at least three people were killed, including a child. and more than a dozen injured. with tricked out trucks, crushing power, and speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, monster shows attract millions each year. at times, turning deadly for fans. last year, a truck lost control during a show in mexico, killing eight and injuring 79. and in illinois in 2007, an out-of-control truck went flying into a crowd of 100 spectators, injuring 9. industry officials say safety is self-regulated by individual promoters and van us, and that
7:37 am
they are committed to keeping crowds safe. >> we have developed standards for distances for spectators, safety holds, direction of travel, all with the intent of keeping the spectators as far away as possible. >> reporter: now an investigation into what caused this tragedy and one truck's very wrong turn. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> we hope they get answers. let's go to ginger and the weather. >> we talk about the drought all of the time. but california, more than half of that state, still in exceptional drought. barbara's lawn one year ago. and her lawn now. this side by side helps to see that they need rain. my next graphic shows you they're not going to get it. we're setting up a pretty strong high. monsoon flow. the end of that deal. sacramento, 91 by thursday. hot and dry in l.a. phoenix, same thing. las vegas in those numbers. a look at the pacific northwest, which breaks that.
7:38 am
you see the cold front just sitting over there. >> back to seasonal conditions at home and we are going to see temperatures in the lower 70's around the bay to the lower 80's inland. overnight lows are another area of marine layer coming in, over the bay area, and that will burn off revealing mostly sunshine >> all that weather brought to you by dove body >> all that weather brought to you by dove body wash. if i had a nickel every time some all that weather brought to you by -- >> someone said, couldn't we bottle it up and get it over there? >> if you get that, "shark tank" is waiting for you. >> and the device in your car that could stop you from driving this morning.
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♪ i'm walking on sunshine there they are. mr. and mrs. clooney. these pictures just coming in of george and his new bride walking out of the venetian town hall. they've made it legal. boy, it is reminiscent of the royal wedding. it is quite the scene. >> and he really is royalty in italy. they love him so much. he's been so open with it and sharing a magical day, and magical weekend. for goodness sakes, take a nap. congratulations to the beautiful
7:43 am
couple. congratulations. do need to turn now to, quite a turn, to the drastic way that people make their car payments. more and more lenders installing a device on cars that lets them shut down the vehicle via remote control. an electronic kill switch. and abc's gio benitez has the story. >> you're all repo men. >> what if we are? >> reporter: forget the repo man driving off with cars on the big screen. now new technology is taking his place. small devices like these are being installed in more than 1 million cars across the country, allowing lenders and dealerships to remotely disable your car when you're late on a payment. dealership owner, bubba hill in panama city, florida, uses passtime usa. . one of the many devices flooding the market. he says it's good for the seller and buyer. >> some call it mom.
7:44 am
it's forced them to do what they needed to do in the first place and make their payment. >> reporter: he shows us how it works. with the software, lenders and dealerships can monitor customer payments. and when they're late, a warning is sent to the car's device. >> they have 24 hours left to drive in this car before it will not run. >> reporter: after a certain period of time, the car will be shut off. >> this is a truck we have earlier disabled. now a consumer can come in the car, tries to start the car, and it won't start. >> reporter: candace smith says her lender allegedly shut down her car while she was driving down the highway. >> i didn't want to die. everything just became slow motion. >> reporter: cag acceptance says they dispute her allegations. and passtime usa, the maker of the device in candace's car, claims it's not even possible to shut down a moving car. >> it's a starter interrupt system and only disables the vehicle when the car is in the off position and not moving. >> reporter: cag acceptance did not admit wrongdoing, and
7:45 am
reached a confidential settlement with candace. her attorneys have filed a class-action lawsuit. on behalf of another client, alleging there is a bigger problem, that lenders and dealers can disable cars too quickly. within two days of it being past due, even though the law says it takes 30 days to go into default. >> the devices need to comply with state law. we feel they are dangerous devices. they don't take into consideration where you are when they turn off your vehicle. >> reporter: passtime usa's ceo says if customers are not happy with this product. there's an easy way for them to steer clear. >> they can go to another dealership and buy a vehicle without our device. >> reporter: and cag says it's reviewing that class action lawsuit. by the way, we're told even if the cars are disabled, the device does have an emergency feature. when you enter a specific code, it will let you drive for another 24 hours before it shuts off again. set those calendar alerts and make those payments. >> if you're driving, how do you set in the code to continue driving?
7:46 am
>> remains to be seen. >> all right, thank you so much. gio. coming up here, jennifer lopez's close call. her car hit by an alleged drunk driver. what she's saying about it this morning. now to jennifer lopez's the. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. not a halloween bag. box, rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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7:49 am
now to jennifer lopez's close call over the weekend. with her two children and good friend actress leah remini. abc's cecilia vega has that story for us. >> reporter: she's the superstar
7:50 am
used to shaking it. this morning, jennifer lopez and her bff leah remini are shaken up after a night on the town ended with a rear-end collision by an alleged drunk driver. j. lo posting this selfie on instagram shortly after the incident. sitting at a light, riding high right before some drunk fool rear-ended us in my new whip. thank god everyone is okay. and adding this this #dontdrinkanddrive. cursed that fool out. the bronx came out. lopez posting pictures and videos of both their kids in the backseat. no one was injured. investigators say the truck driver fled the scene right before he was about to exchange information. the quick-thinking girlfriends reportedly called 911 and deputies picked up the truck driver nearby, arresting him on suspicion of driving under the influence and hit and run. this morning, jenny from the block, her friend and family,
7:51 am
back on the road again. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> thanks goodness everybody is okay. coming up, did you see this? the frozen transformation last night, the new story for the sisters coming to life. we're going to take you behind the scenes. and taking the popular paleo diet to the next level. it's become a lifestyle, they say. we'll talk about that. come on back. >> announcer: coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by emergen-c. overall cruise line 11 years running. and will soon feature the best internet connectivity at sea. call now to be wow'ed.
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i'm eric thomas. alameda police are still trying to determine the motive for a string of arson fires. police arrested two men suspected of setting eight fires in a matter of hours. they damage five businesses, two homes and one vehicle. nobody was hurt. had suspects may also be behind five suspicious fires set in oakland. >> generally speaking, we have a fire weather watch. in terms of the weather today, pretty mild. in the mid-70s to lower 80s as
7:57 am
we push inland. we're looking at a warming trend on wednesday with hot temperatures by the end of the week. and let's talk about traffic here. we do have a couple accidents in san jose where we have this vehicle versus a motorcycle northbound high way 101 at 8aty.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and george clooney ties the knot. all the details on the star-studded ceremony. the snapshot they gave out to all the guests. and a weekend of show-stopping fashion from the glamorous bride. and the revolutionary breast cancer treatment making big headlines. could it be the secret to beating the disease? and it's all about paleo. the hot diet trend now becoming a lifestyle. it's a modern day caveman movement. but is staying on it pushing your body the extreme? ♪ let it go let it go and "frozen" over. the blockbuster hit takes over "once upon a time." trending all night long. why fans can't let anna and elsa go. as we say -- >> good morning, america. check out this jheri-curl mullet.
8:01 am
i'm thinking about brigging that back. what do you think? no? supermario. mario lopez here in times square. always such a delight to have him here. he has a brand-new book coming out. he'll open up about that. intimate details about his career, family, and love. >> it's wedding day monday in venice, italy, right now for george clooney and amal. officially married after a weekend of celebrations. a lot more ahead on the fashion from the wedding. >> so many gorgeous outfits. we haven't seen her wedding gown. the one that we're all wondering about. hoping we'll get a snapshot of that. and then in our "morning
8:02 am
stir," taking the popular paleo diet to the next level. is it extreme or just superhealthy? good morning, everyone. we begin with the war on isis. president obama admitting the u.s. underestimated that threat. the president also saying the u.s. may have overestimated iraq's ability to combat isis in that country. he says right now, the priority is weakening them with air strikes. concern is mounting over a potential new threat from the respiratory illness in that's affected hundreds of children. the cdc is looking into whether the enrow virus -- enterovirus is linked to a temporary paralysis in nearly a dozen children. enterovirus d-68 is confirmed or suspected in 45 states. the manhunt in the pennsylvania poconos for accused cop killer eric frein is
8:03 am
entering its third week. authorities are worried that the area they're closing in on, a five-square mile perimeter of dense woods may be booby trapped. and some frightening moments at a gas station in texas. as flames erupt. the driver pulled off before removing the hose out of the car. pulling the entire gas pump with the vehicle and causing the fire. thankfully, no one was injured. the empire state building was illuminated in yankee white and blue in tribute to derek jeter last night. earlier, at boston's fenway park, he played his final game and got one standing ovation after another, even as the yankees beat the red sox. finally, hanging 20 in southern california. look at the dogs showing off their skills in the sixth annual surf city surf dog competition. held in huntington beach. some 65 dogs competed raising more than $6,000 for charity. all sizes and breeds. some enjoying it. some, well, it looks like they're all enjoying it.
8:04 am
i think it's a tidal wave of cuteness. what do you think? >> i love that. >> they look grumpy and scared. but it's cute. thank you, amy. health news and a breast cancer drug showing unprecedented success in extending lives. the test results are stunning. >> a drug called perjeta. in this longer-term follow up it was found to extend overall survival for most patients by 16 months. for some over four years. this is meaningful time, not just statistical analysis. it is being called impressive and good news by some breast cancer experts. >> there's a lot of attention, excitement. this is geared toward a specific group of patients. >> absolutely correct. it's very important. this is for advanced breast cancers. disease that is spread outside the breast.
8:05 am
metastatic is another way of referring to it. specifically her-2 positive. this is about 20% to 25% of all cases of invasive breast cancer. it's not for everyone. >> is there a reason to temper the excitement? >> there are always caveats. it's very important the keep those in mind. this was a trial funded by the drugmaker. this is an expensive drug. like most chemo drugs, about $6,000 a month. and lastly, side effects can drop your white count. there can be cardiac or heart issues. the most important finding, the heart defects were not found to be greater than those treated with placebos. so this is good news. >> that's huge. very, very exciting. a group of women, patients, because breast cancer also affects men, this type is not talked about enough. they don't get attention. >> you're going to be taking questions all morning long. tweet jen ashton. using the handle dr. j. ashton. and "gma" goes pink this wednesday. it's the start of national breast cancer awareness month. we'll have so many stories to
8:06 am
share with you. we're looking forward to doing that for a second year in a row. we got "pop news" and weather coming up now. lara, to the social square. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." there you are. first in pop news, why the star-studded "gone girl" premier could mean big things for this movie. then inside george and amal's blockbuster wedding weekend. the fashion, the couple, the love. and then wake up and win. we're revealing this week's huge prize giveaway. mario lopez. >> hi, lara. >> would you spin our wheel? >> yes. here we go. >> this is your first clue. rip it off. you'll be sleeping in a cabin. >> nice. >> is that a prize? we'll let you know. my guess is it's pretty darn good. then we'll talk to mario about his new book. a lot of secrets revealed, my friend. >> it's true. >> a.c. slater lives. let's do it.
8:07 am
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listen to post modern jukebox. their spin on "break free," arianna grande's hit. featuring morgan james. video's gone viral this morning. we loved having them on the show last year. hope to have them again. that is really popping today. lara, what else is? >> i was just going to say, remember when they were on, it just kept coming. >> loved every song. in "pop news" the star-studded premier. if this one is any indication, "gone girl "could be the movie of the year. it kicked off the 52nd annual new york film festival. it stars ben affleck and rosalind pike. they were front and center, b k basking in the glow of amazing buzz. five-star reviews. it also cannot hurt that the movie is based on a terrific book. it's directed by david fincher. who also directed "the social network." let the oscar buzz begin. >> i cannot wait. i can't wait to see if the movie ending is different than the book ending. >> oh, don't, don't, don't.
8:12 am
>> it suggests it might. i don't know. i can't wait. i haven't seen it. >> i didn't know they had five stars. >> it's strong. hey, today is the day to celebrate joe. as in -- cup of joe. >> gallon of joe. >> yeah. it's national coffee day, everybody. it's a holiday we celebrate every day here at "good morning america." to celebrate our favorite morning pick me up, several businesses across the country, including dunkin' donuts and krispy kreme are offering free cups or discounted cups of coffee. make sure you check with your local establishments. >> i wondered how we would reuse that. again and again and again. >> we will. it's not inexpensive, robin. we'll find a way. then we'll turn it into a stool. >> well done. well done. >> that was good. and finally, it's a love story that has created a national outcry of support. i have to read this off this because the prompter is wrong. i'm so excited about this,
8:13 am
though. for ten years, napoleon and antosia shared the same enclosure at a zoo in poland. as visitors witnessed on a regular basis, the honeymoon was not over. these love-struck donkeys couldn't keep their hooves off each other. parents complained. the zoo officials separated them. put them in separate cages. >> aw. >> news crews descendend on the zoo. animal psychologists weighed in. and the zoo keeper brought them back together, everybody, proving that once again love conquers all. >> they do look happy. >> they do look happy. >> yes, yes. >> they are smiling. >> they're so cute. >> and that's "pop news." >> why are they smiling? >> why would you instigate that? because you know i'll answer. >> i know you would. instead, we're going to get the weather from ginger.
8:14 am
>> i found the pocket of the most excited people out here. i think, from nashville, tennessee. and san antonio, texas. what's your name? >> i'm victoria from nashville. >> and she is pumped this morning. she's celebrating national coffee day, that's for sure. let's start with the weather. we have to get to panama city. rain is on the mind of so many. flood potential out there for so much of florida. this morning, charleston seeing one to three inches. and that's what's going to happen through wednesday. heavy rain along the stationary front. great lakes, warm. just cooking. duluth in the low 80s the other day. not anymore. look at tomorrow morning. in the low 40s. fall coming at you with a vengeance there. live doppler hd is show the fog moving southeast with more cloud cover for the east bay neighbors. we will see mostly sunshine and democrats in the upper 70's to
8:15 am
lower 80's for our bay area, and 73 in san mateo. the seven-day forecast shows warmup starting on wednesday and we will see an offshore trend with temperatures reaching the 90's and triple digits >> so this is fanny. i'm going to give her a high five because she's 60. straight off the ranch from new mexico, thanks for visiting us. let's get inside. everybody is here this morning. can't wait to join everybody. kicking off the "heat index" george clooney's wedding. there you see the happy couple. they were just leaving town hall in venice just moments ago. amal in that white pantsuit. her fashion getting high marks all weekend long. and abc's lama hasan was there. >> reporter: here comes the new mrs. clooney. overnight, 36-year-old amal
8:16 am
alamuddin rocketing to fashion fame. >> she's become a style icon in the past 48 hours. the whole wedding week end, she knocked it out of the park with every single outfit. >> reporter: donning the signature style for the biggest red carpet event of her life, her wedding. the bride kicking off with a black and white striped dolce & gabbana dress. toting a hatbox emblazened with her wedding monogram. later, making a quick change into this alexander mcqueen red and black water fall cut dress. the groom and his guests, queen of fashion, anna wintour making their way to the black tie event by boat saturday evening. a slightly precarious feat for cindy crawford's cheer gown. emily blount's baby blue keyhole dress. trust me, getting on and off the motor boat is not easy. first of all, it's moving around. you have to gingerly make your way down. you need help.
8:17 am
can you imagine doing this wearing a long dress and stiletto heels? it ain't easy. the married couple emerging for the first time sunday, both sporting some new bling, their platinum wedding bands. and amal stealing the show in this off the run way dress with floral detailing. while details of the wedding dress have yet to emerge, fashion insiders speculate there is one designer who likely took the clooney wedding cake. >> rumor has it she wore an alexander mcqueen wedding down. you may remember that kate middleton also wore an alexander mcqueen wedding down. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, venice. >> can't wait to see that dress. nothing? nobody else? i thought -- george clooney got married, people! >> we'll let you bring that story. >> is anybody else excited out there? i love love. >> yes, yes.
8:18 am
for the ump tooent time yes. one of the top stories of fast company's website is new research from washington university in st. louis that shows your relationship with your spouse could affect your career. if you divide up house work evenly, you're less likely to stress at work. your boss thinks your trust worthy. if you're in a rocky relationship at home, that could affect your performance at work. >> it makes sense. yes. you bring your home life with you, i think. it's hard not to. >> it's hard to avoid. also in the "heat index" when hair dos become hair don'ts. a survey of 1,000 americans by the hair salon, tony and guy, finding that 1 in 5 women have been so disappointed by their haircuts that they have left the
8:19 am
salon in tears. the most common catastrophes were when going from long to short. >> i would imagine. >> and they say men, kind of like yours. >> i have had the same hair cut for -- 12 years. >> you haven't had a bad perm? i did that in the '80s. >> even mario was talking about the jheri curl back in the day. send us your pictures. of your hair do disasters. some pouring in. are you ready for this? i haven't seen it but i've heard it. ginger zee. that's what -- i don't know why she sent that in. >> really? it's pretty bad. >> i can top that. totally. >> they've pulled up so much worse for all of us. >> i can top that. eighth grade year. >> that was ten years ago. i just walked out crying. that's all i'll say. >> i had one where i look like flock of seagulls. >> i had a mushroom head. like a triangle with a perm. >> been there. >> remember that? >> we don't have enough time for me to share my hair stories. not enough time in the show. also in our "heat index" the
8:20 am
first look at "vogue's" 73 question series with reese witherspoon. here she is behind the scenes with a look at her life in her l.a. home. >> mm. >> if you could switch lives for a person for one day, who would it be? >> um, my baby. >> if you had a tattoo, what would it be and where? >> i didn't say i don't have a tattoo. >> if you would live in any historical decade, what would it be and where? >> the '40s, in america. >> what is your spirit animal? >> humming bird/squirrel. >> humming bird/squirrel? i wonder what that looks like. the magazine hits newsstands october 1st. watch the full video. she gets out 73 questions. roaming through her home. it's very interesting. >> that's cool. this new movie she's in is a departure. she's gone from a sweet girl to massively talented -- a serious
8:21 am
actress that will blow your doors off. >> it's a beautiful movie. it really is. very powerful. now it's time for "the morning stir." something new than we're doing. we're going to dig deeper into what's buzzing, what's trending. the paleo lifestyle. not diet, lifestyle. eating like our cavemen ancestors did. and taking it to a whole new level. abc's sara haines has the story. >> reporter: the paleo diet is a food plan where people eat foods like beef and leafy greens is hugely popular. but now, devotees are taking it to a new extreme. adhering to the lifestyle. the modern day cave man movement. it mimics how our ancestors ate, moved, slept, years ago. there's the diet. and then a lifestyle. >> exactly. >> reporter: and you do all of the above?
8:22 am
>> exactly. >> yes, we've incorporated. we're full in. >> reporter: they started living pal erk o three years ago. they own a paleo chocolate company. there's no sitting down at this office. you're at the desk and standing. >> we get the health benefits of standing. we're getting the work done. at the same time. >> reporter: the hunters and gatherers of the past would walk and hunt for exercise. these two enjoy a morning walk through the woods with some interesting footwear. >> we wear these five-finger shoes. it mimics the natural movement of walking barefoot. >> reporter: later, afternoon frisbee. >> nice catch! >> reporter: and lunch. >> what would a salad be without bacon? >> reporter: this is delicious. what about sleep? our ancestors' sleep pattern was set by the sunrise and sunset. to create a cave-like effect, they ditch the alarm clocks and
8:23 am
wear blue blockers. >> it blocks out the blue light from a tv screen. it helps us get a more restful night's sleep. >> reporter: they say their lives have not been better. rick lost 12 pounds. christine says she hasn't been sick since 2012. this paleo guru says it's big. >> this is probably the longest fad in the history of mankind. it's been going on for 2.5 million years. my genes want me to be strong, lean, fit, happy, productive. >> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> let's continue to dig a little deeper. joining us now, dave zinczenko. author of "eat this, not that" that series. let's start with the pros and cons. >> the diet and the lifestyle. on the diet side, it's great. it's telling you to cut out all processed foods. americans, 70% of their diet is processed foods. so if you're eating less sugar
8:24 am
and lez processed foods, that can't be a bad thing. on the lifestyle thing, they're saying exercise more and sleep more. that's awesome. if you can do that, it's great. it's hard for people to incorporate. >> yes. and to sustain that. what are the drawbacks? >> any time you restrict certain foods or food groups, there will be drawbacks. most americans don't get enough calcium, vitamin b, vitamin d, fiber. you cut out dairy, you're cutting out the primary source of these nutrients. the list of foods you can't eat is huge. you may as well go to the supermarket and press your nose to the glass from the outside. because there's a lot of stuff in there you can't eat. >> this is tough to stay on. to sustain? >> it's hard to sustain because of -- it's deprivation. you're restricting the food groups. the best thing you can do is you have the community aspect to it. >> that's works. everybody in the pool.
8:25 am
the it helps. what's the bottom line? >> the diet is safe. the lifestyle is safe. don't dive into the workout too much. it is sustainable if you find yourself with a community. people are saying, i'm living in 2014 a.d. you want me to live like it's 2000 b.c. i gotta be a flintstone but i can't eat fruity pebbles. a lot of people will struggle. learn to cheat a little bit. >> what do you mean? >> adopt an 85% rule. allow yourself to drift 15% of the time. on weekends when you want to get crazy with friends, that's okay. work in any kind of exercise that you can. like we saw in the taped piece, it was frisbee and walking in the woods. that's great. you don't have to do something crazy, like jump into exercise whole hog. get the support of family, friends, loved ones. >> that's the community. if you have underlying health issues, talk to your doctor before starting any kind of new
8:26 am
program. thank you, dave. we want to know what you think. could you go paleo? tweet us with the hashtag socialsquare. and let us know. amy is outside now. amy? we're going to give you a chance for the wake up and win prize giveaway. we're going to spin the wheel to reveal your next clue. live, stay with us. where will it land?
8:27 am
san francisco police are investigating a brazen burglary. take a look. this surveillance video of the crime that you'll only see here. two men smashed in the front window of electric bicycle superstore over night. they made off with two of the expensive electronic bicycles. the owner said he opened the store a year ago. >> we have a couple accidents. the first one is here in san jose. it involves a motorcycle on the northbound side of highway 101. and then what started off as a stalled vehicle turned into a three-car crash. looking at loiter conditions,
8:28 am
however, but the brakes need to be applied when you hit bas co. >> after the break,
8:29 am
we're sill sock in in the north bay. we're looking better elsewhere, but still, a great start to the morning. that will all burn off revealing mostly sunshine for the bay area. temperatures reaching the upper 60s along the coast. lower to mid-70s around the bay,
8:30 am
and lower 80s inland. the overnight lows, upper ♪ a monster for the desire full of love ♪ ♪ i am a monster the one that everyone is so afraid of ♪ ♪ go, melissa. >> never too early for a little rock with melissa etheridge. that is monster off her brand-new album, "this is me." we'll have more from her coming up in a little bit. >> i have lost how many times i have seen here in concert. it's a show each and every time. also ahead, how about the stars of the hot new comedy "selfie." you have been hearing all about
8:31 am
it. karen gill, john cho. we'll get their tips on how to take your best selfie. also, we're revealing this week's wake up and win prize give away this morning. so i just spun the wheel and it landed right here. that's right. this is the second clue. all aboard. a cabin and a boat. i'm skon fused. maybe you can guess it. we'll tell you how the win as well. >> get it, cabin. boat. cruise ship. i bet i got it. i don't think you're camping on a boat. >> i don't think so. how about "frozen "? so many fans can't get it go hen it comes to elsa and anna and the other characters from the hit movie. they made their debut on "once
8:32 am
upon a time" yesterday. chris connelly takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: do you want to build a snow -- monster? the billion-dollar animated hit "frozen." got a live action incarnation on sunday night within the primetime world of abc's "once upon a time." >> storybrooke. >> reporter: sisters anna and elsa. now pmulling the mystery of ther parents' final journey. their clothes and ship wreck much like the movie. anna eager to search for the secret on the cusp of her wedding. plenty of ice-ometrics. some traffic-stopping sperl effects. the troll also getting his post animation transformation, along
8:33 am
with sven, now real-life creation. and the wardrobe transformed into needle and thread truth. >> it's a silk imported from europe with austrian crystals. >> reporter: before the premier, "once upon a time's" "frozen" crossover was one of the new tv season's more daring moves. >> how do they interweave these characters into "once upon a time" without it being oversaturation. >> reporter: the hashtag heavy response on twitter may suggest zesz so far. >> but it's a nice thing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> you can see more on sundays at 8:00 here on abc. let's cue up the wake up and win sound.
8:34 am
♪ that's right. it means it's time for our weekly prize give away. before we reveal today's prize, here's the last clue. >> go ahead. >> oh, see, we got it. nautical always in style. if you haven't figured it out yet, i'm guessing this might help. [ boat horn blowing ] >> yeah, get ready. you're going sail. we're sailing. it's a cruise courtesy of norwegian cruise line. they're sending a lucky winner and their guest on a seven-day vacation aboard any of the norwegian cruise liners. including the newest ship. it sails year-round from plim to the caribbean. while on board, you can experience free-style cruising including a wide variety of dining venues. don't worry about air fair. go go vacations will set you up.
8:35 am
you have to win this incredible trip. click on. get in here with me and enter the code, ship, just like you see it. >> thank you, julie mccoy. >> it only makes sense to have ginger here. >> how about that weather? >> it's gorgeous on my cruise. i want to take you to some other places. the plains. severe weather potential today. damaging winds, hail possible. we want to share some nicer photos. the lightning there, just stunning. superdangerous as we watched that front sit around south florida. then there, close to -- conway, new hampshire, the fall color >> back to seasonal conditions at home and we are going to see
8:36 am
temperatures in the lower 70's around the bay to the lower 80's inland. overnight lows are another area of marine layer coming in, over the bay area, and that will burn off revealing mostly sunshine >> all that weather brought to you by walmart. george? >> thank you, ginger. i'm back inside with the stars of "selfie" abc's brand-new take on my fair lady. karen plays eliza. john is henry. let's look at the moment they meet. >> what are you doing many my office? >> i'm eliza. i work in sales. i have poor instincts. a weak stomach. >> and loose sexual morals. >> have we met? >> i'm afraid i have to ask you to leave. >> i'm afraid i'm not leaving until you say you'll help me. >> but you can't be helped. >> we know you're going to break down. what's the moment that brings you around?
8:37 am
>> it's probably my charm that wins him over. >> amen. >> i first heard the title, i hear the title, "selfie" and go, there's though way i'm watching. your character, everybody is identify with your character. >> if you're not fan of the title, someone who is not a fan of the title on the show. but it's a polarizing word pip think -- i would like to think that selfie can be this, but it can be someone -- someone who is a narcissist. it can be a way into dealing with self-hood. >> that leads to the next question. one from social media. if eliza was a real person, would you be friends with her or would you ignore her? >> probably onlyfacebook. >> only on facebook. we watched this with our family. our girls are selfie-obsessed.
8:38 am
they're 1 and 9. this is so much part of their culture. it's fun to watch you go at it. >> oh, thank you. >> john let me ask you this, because i know they were looking for a standard, british, henry higgins type -- >> they got one. why do i do jokes. george, what was your question? >> i don't know. it made me laugh. >> we got a little bit out of the creek. crew. >> they werie looking at white, british, older men. they wound up with me. it was a complete failure in terms of casting serg ining sea. >> but it's a winner on the screen. the premier, tomorrow, 8:00 eastern on abc. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, marrio lopez
8:39 am
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8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] well, there you are. so he started out as you probably know as an adorable child actor. "save bid the bell" i believe is the name of the show.
8:42 am
now he's the duke of "extra." mario lopez. you have an auto biography. you look 12. >> thank you. >> it's a great read. congratulations on that, your beautiful family. everything coming up roses. >> i feel blessed. >> you're so candid. >> this was important for me for the people that have watched and supported me over the years. i call it just between us. when man turns 40, it's an important time to pause and look at how he got there. make a plan for the future. people have asked me a bunch of stuff over the years. it's stuff i can get into if a book that i don't have the opportunity to on tv. >> you're usually the one asking questions as i understand all too well. what would surprise readers the most. something that your advisers said, dude, you just don't need to share this. but you wanted to.
8:43 am
>> everything. i'm a child of imgadgets born in a border town. the stuff my father had to do to take care of the family. the fact that i almost died. all my love life is shared. >> rerack. can you share? >> i was a little underfed. >> your body looks to the same today. it's so weird. >> i look like a little charpei and mexican mischelin baby. it was very therapeutic. it's amazing how much you forget. oh, my gosh, that's embarrassing! >> those are not. we do have one. that's where it starts to get -- >> my mom put me in a bunch of stuff to keep me busy. >> you are -- you talk about how fatherhood has changed you. >> best role ever. i'm blessed with a wonderful wife and two beautiful, healthy
8:44 am
children. my daughter is a ham. and my son is literally a ham. he's a little fat. a happy kid. i love him to death. i'm hoping to expand and have more. >> you get into "save bd by the bell" i was a huge fan. i didn't understand the reach of the show. did you know home people were watching it every day? >> i had no idea. it was a saturday show. for 8-year-olds. the fact that it's still playing in some countries today. it's amazing. i still get recognized. that blows my mind. i guess i haven't aged that poorly. they recognize me. i'll take it. >> you talk about one of your costars. another child actor who has done well, a gal by the name of stacy. who now has a different name. >> yes, fergie. we started out on kids incorporated together. she's in my book.
8:45 am
we have a very special milestone, i should say. >> that you talk about. >> great fun. fans of your work on "extra. jts you wanted to be dick clark. you are so successful. congratulations. >> thank you, lara. thank you. so blessed to be here. happy with the new become, the new season of "extra." just everyone being so supportive. off our emmy-winning season. i love it. >> the name of the book, "just between us" out tomorrow. great to see you. >> thank you. coming up, melissa etheridge is performing. don't go anywhere.
8:46 am
8:47 am
it's a great morning here. the up with and only melissa etheridge. she has a brand-new album out tomorrow on her new label.
8:48 am
her own record company. please welcome, melissa etheridge back to "good morning america." it's great to have you here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> i need to congratulate you personally and professionally. the new company. you got married in may. >> all kinds of new stuff. >> your best friend. >> it's crazy. i recommend it if you have a good best friend. it's amazing to be so connected with the person that you're married to. >> and it's inspired new music. >> of course. >> i have known you a long time. never seen you happier. >> i know. that's just it. wouldn't i hope that i would be getting happier as i get older. musically, professionally, it's a very exciting time. a lot of people get worried about the music business. it's all about the artists right now. ky reach my fans. i have a new album. >> if you look at the album cover, these are pictures your
8:49 am
fans sent in and you pixillated them? >> yes. we had a thing on the website. everybody sent it in. you can find your picture on the website. what part of me you have made up. >> i know how you are about your fans. >> love 'em. >> i know. melissa etheridge with a little bit of m.e. the power and the passion of melissa etheridge. ♪ ♪ if you believed if you tried it could be enough to know you were alive ♪ ♪ if you knew the truth it couldn't be denied you could change the world ♪
8:50 am
♪ and know that you might find that the world goes round and round and round everybody walks on common ground ♪ ♪ we gotta pull together if we're gonna pull through a little bit of me and a little bit of you ♪ ♪ the world goes round and round and round even feels a little upside down no need to be afraid of anybody you see ♪ ♪ a little bit of you and a little bit of me ♪ ♪ na, na, na ♪ a little bit of me ♪ is it on my skin is it in the love or things about each other that we're so scared of ♪ ♪ you can shake your head you can change your mind either way you wake up inside yourself to
8:51 am
find ♪ ♪ that the world goes round and round and round everybody walks on common ground ♪ ♪ we have to pull together if we're dp we're gonna pull through ♪ ♪ everybody feels a little upside down no need to be afraid of anybody you see a little bit of you and a little bit of me ♪ ♪ na, na, na ♪ zploets ♪ a little bit of me lean to your left lean to your right look all around the room at every soul hear tonight ♪ ♪ have a little bit of faith everyone will see that all the good books in the world agree there's a little bit of you ♪ ♪ and a little bit of me
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♪ and the world goes round and round and round and everybody walks on common ground no need to be afraid of anybody you see a little bit of you ♪ ♪ and a little bit of me na, na na ♪ ♪ and a little bit of me hey hey a little bit of you ♪ ♪ oh, oh hey a little bit of me ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh just a little bit of me ♪ ♪ come on ♪ come on we're going to walk on common ground ♪ ♪ just a little bit of me [ cheers and applause ]
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sburritos so big, they make severything look smaller.a warm guerrero tortilla.g, they make our thanks to melissa etheridge. this is m.e. is the new one. oh, gosh, we almost had a baby. not mine. >> you had an amazing weekend,
8:56 am
at penn state this weekend. grand marshal of homecoming. there you are. your brother was accompanying you, standing in for your father. the whole family taking the field at half time. that must have been so much fun. >> i want to say thank you to penn state. we are. we didn't win. but it was okay. >> one more time. >> a big day tomorrow. we have five seconds of summer and lena dunham, both live. have great day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. first up, a check on the bay area forecast. >> we have extensive cloud cover, but it will be mostly sunshine by lunchtime. temperatures will remain mind. highs around the coastline will be in the lower to mid-60s. mid-70s around the bay and 80s around the coast. but the seven-day forecast shows the warm-up that begins on wednesday will see hot conditionsy weekend. in traffic, we have this in the east bay. north and southbound 880, we have a packed house, but the accident in the northbound direction, actually two separate accidents. give yourself extra time.
9:00 am
it's a busy one today. >> thank you very much. our next newscast is at announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of the new film, "gone girl," ben affleck. and performing his latest hit, "she knows me," bryan adams. plus, your questions and comments from the co-hosts -- when the co-hosts open up the "inbox." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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