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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 4, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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. good morning, america. new developments overnight in the high stakes, often chaotic ebola cleanup in dallas. for the first time we see the family of the patient leaving their apartment. this as our dr. rich besser journeys out of the hot zone in africa. >> lots of check points. >> the precautions flight attendants are taking in the air. isis strikes again. the terror group beheads a fourth hostage, a british aid worker. now threatening to kill this american next. what his family is saying this morning. a shark attack. look at this. a great white taking a bite out of this kayak. >> those are holes from a great white shark. >> kayakers tossed into the water, terrified the shark would come back for more. who finally came to their rescue. and caught on camera.
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not so special delivery. the u.p.s. worker caught throwing packages and ripping them open. what he was looking for. all right, good morning. also coming up, the dramatic conclusion to a long-running and strange case of alleged parental abduction. >> a little girl kidnapped a dozen years ago in texas now found in mexico. her mother accused of going to extremes to evade the law. we are learning about the 12 years sabrina allen was held captive and why she is not reunited with her father yet. and the new developments in the first case of ebola in america. overnight the relatives of the patient, thomas duncan, were finally moved out of their apartment in dallas. we have blurred their faces to protect their privacy. as the home is finally
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disinfected, there are so many questions about the delays and missed opportunities in this case. and ryan owens is on the case in dallas. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. more on the family in a moment. but first the latest on the one and only person sick in the united states right now. he's in the texas hospital mind me, still in serious condition. the family he left behind, they are finally behind the cramped apartment. they are the family at the center of the storm. feared by some, pitied by others. and this morning these four finally have a new home. one far from the hazmat suits that now occupy america's first residence contaminated with the deadly ebola virus. >> there's room to roam there. it's an area inside the city of dallas and away from other people. >> reporter: authorities will not say exactly where the family's new four-bedroom home is, only that it's donated, isolated and gated. the family spent several days in
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this two-bedroom dallas apartment with liberia national thomas eric duncan after he had ebola symptoms and was therefore contagious. then even after he was hospitalized, they stayed five days in close kacontact with hi sheets, his towels. all potentially contaminated. >> right now she is scared, okay. people in this complex are scared. >> reporter: duncan's girlfriend and family members are healthy, no symptoms. to make the point they aren't contagious, county leaders drove with them to the new house. >> i'm wearing the same shirt i was when i was in the car with that family. >> reporter: the family's old apartment looks like a nightmarish crime scene. caravans of hazmat teams, wearing face shields, two layers of gloves, taped suits to keep anything from seeping in. they even tarped and taped duncan's car. inside, crews collect all of his belongings plus anything he touched. from the mattress he slept on to the couch he sat on.
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they will all be cut apart and stored in barrels until they can be incinerated. >> we are anxious. but there is no fear in our eyes. we will be safe. we will get this done in the appropriate way. >> that family of four just some of the people the cdc is keeping a close eye on in dallas. a total of ten people are considered at high risk for exposure to ebola. that includes the paramedics that were inside the ambulance when mr. duncan was brought to the hospital. 40 people are considered at low risk. the cdc is keeping an eye on them too. >> thank you for reporting from dallas this morning. and now to the efforts to fight ebola directly at its source. dr. richard besser is returning home today from ground zero of the epidemic in liberia. and he joins us from brussels, belgium, to show the precautions being taken on his journey out of africa. good morning. >> reporter: the key to stopping
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ebola is making sure sick people can't get on the plane. i started my journey home yesterday, and i wanted to see how good a job are they doing in liberia, keeping disease inside their borders. arriving in brussel overnight, after hours of travel out of ebola-stricken liberia. there's no signs saying anything about ebola. on the plane, some attendants wearing masks and gloves. but by the time we landed, it seemed to be business as usual. we have been here a week, time to go home. heading to the airport. now the front line of the battle to contain ebola, to keep it from spreading around the world. there was so much ebola here in liberia. people want to know can you really keep it from leaving? i want to see how they're trying. driving in, guards check my temperature. fever is one of the first signs of ebola. and remember, you're not infectious unless you have symptoms. fever, no, headache, no, vomiting, no. since i was fully-covered when in the ebola wards, nothing we
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did as journalists here put us in harm's way. but anyone can make a mistake. mukpo just diagnosed with ebola days ago. his parents sitting down with abc news. >> he just spent three weeks filming the tragedies, people dying, waiting for care. his mind went there, he thought i'm going to die from this. >> reporter: he will be flown to america as soon as tomorrow. and not on a public plane. headed to the same ten-bed isolation unit in nebraska that treated dr. rick say sacra when he had ebola. >> i think their confidence level is boosted given the experience we had previously and recently. >> reporter: but for all the travelers leaving liberia on my plane, questions. have you been in close contact with someone with ebola? this is a really good screening questionnaire. but it will only work if people read it carefully and tell the truth. we know eric duncan, the lye
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peer yan in isolation in dallas, did not reveal he had carried an ebola victim. another check point, a visual inspection. see if i look sick. my temperature taken a second time. lots of check points to make sure that people who are sick are not leaving the country. all clear. but so many lives depending on trust. and a thermometer. i'm halfway home now, but now i'm mixed in with all the other european travelers. when i arrive in america later today, they'll have no idea where i've been. that's one of the reasons why calls for closing the border just won't work, paula. >> dr. besser, phenomenal reporting. but a couple of questions. white house officials admitted last night the reaction to this epidemic has been rocky in perception and reality. they remain confident there will not be an outbreak. how can they be sure? >> reporter: depends on what you mean by outbreak. may be more cases, people with direct contact with mr. duncan. but they have identified the contacts and won't be able to spread disease unless they're sick.
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by monitoring them, there will be no outbreak beyond those people who have had contact with mr. duncan. >> you showed us firsthand the lack of precautionary measures right there in brussel, which is a major pipeline in and out of west africa. short of closing the borders and stopping flights, how does the u.s. protect itself from the spread of ebola? >> reporter: it's clear how to protect america. the first thing is we have to do everything we can to stop disease in west africa so there's no more people boarding planes, bringing it to our borders. but in america we have to be prepared. every hospital has to take this as a wakeup call. when someone comes in, you have to ask where they have travelled and act on that information. >> all right, just amazing reporting. and i feel like anywhere i go at this point, this is the concern of so many. and their concern is that the reaction and the criticism that they were too casual in their response to this. >> and questions about whether or not enough is being done on the ground in africa right now. wish rich safe travels. and move on to the other major story of the morning. the latest atrocity of isis.
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an american family in high anxiety and a british family in mourning. a new isis video shows the apparent he be heading of a british taxi driver. he is in syria as part of an aid convoy. it ends with the threat to execute this american yet. alex marquardt is here with more. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. this is the fourth brutal execution of a westerner by isis in six weeks. a response to the american-led air strikes in syria and iraq. and as the u.s. ramps up the air campaign against the group, they're now warning that the life of a young american army veteran is on the line. his name is peter kassig, a 26-year-old from indiana. shown in the latest isis video kneeling in the desert next to a man threatening to kill him. he's a former army ranger who served in iraq. a medic who found a cause in the brutal syrian civil war.
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founding a non-profit aid group dedicated to providing medical supplies and food to the masses fleeing the endless cycle violence. >> this is yet another very clear example of the brutality of this group. >> reporter: it was this time last year that he was kidnapped on his way to eastern syria. his would-be executioner now saying he and other americans will pay the price for american-led air strikes. the warning coming moments after the beheading of british aid worker alan henning, a former taxi driver who last christmas delivered supplies to displaced syrians. the mass executioner in the video speaking with an english accent. as did the militant in the previous execution clips whom the fbi says they have identified. the obama administration is claiming military and economic blows against the group, which despite the assault has maintained control of a huge stretch of territory in both iraq and syria. >> he is one of two americans still believed to be held by
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isis after the murders of journalists james foley and steven sotloff. and on a personal note, i met peter just days before he went back into syria. this is a particularly nasty and dangerous time to be going into syria. but he spoke so passionately about helping the syrians caught up in the war, this was something he saw as a personal mission. >> he understood the risk. >> absolutely. but he wanted to take them anyway. he was very passionate about helping the syrians in the war that's been raging for three and a half years. >> we are thinking about him and his family. thank you. a lot of other news overnight. and over to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, mr. dan harris, ms. paula faris. good morning, everyone. the huge cyber attack targeting the nation's largest bank, jpmorgan chase may be bigger than previously thought. the security breach compromised the identities of 83 million households and businesses. this morning the new york times is reporting that the hackers, believed to be operating out of russia, may have targeted nine more financial institutions. the names of those firms not yet released. and harvard university is on high alert after chilling
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threats targeting hundreds of female students. officials say about 500 of the poorly-written threats were sent mostly to asian women on campus. the e-mails went out on friday and have co-eds on edge. >> it's certainly very striking just because it's very specific. tomorrow at 11:00 i'm going to come in and shoot all of you. >> and the fbi joined the investigation. police stepped up security around campus. overseas to hong kong, 19 arrested overnight in clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police. and muhammad lila is there and has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. from downtown hong kong. take a look around me. tens of thousands of protesters are still here on the streets in defiance of beijing. but the mood has changed. overnight there were skirmishes at another protest site. the protesters accusing beijing of sending thugs into the crowd to provoke violence and give the
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police an excuse to clear everybody out. as we saw with our own eyes, the protesters firmly held their ground and now even more entrenched. they will not leave until beijing gives them the right to elect their own leaders. and to give you a sense of the mood here. that orange sign over any shoulder. that says do you hear the people sing? it's that famous song from "les miz." but the protesters here are claiming it as their own. ron. >> reporting from hong kong. and back here in the u.s., a fire at the united flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania, destroyed three administration buildings. among the items lost is the 9/11 flag that flew over the u.s. capitol on september 11, 2001. no one was injured. the fire is under investigation. and finally, caught on camera. this u.p.s. worker tossing dozens of packages from the back of his semitruck. those packages were supposed to be handled with care. like that. this incident was revealed as part of a 12-month investigation by milwaukee prosecutors.
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the suspect, michael hence admitted to damaging the packages so he could remove painkiller medication and has since been fired. >> all the same guy. >> same guy. allegedly. caught on camera. who knows? >> hard to argue allegedly. >> presumed incident. >> that's what happened to my christmas present. >> exactly. we appreciate your efforts at fairness, ron. thanks very much. >> hey, rachel. >> hey. good to see you. >> good to have rachel with us this morning. and a shocking scene caught on camera. the video of a 61-year-old woman being tased by a tallahassee, florida, police officer. her family and residents are outraged. that cop has been disciplined as the department launches an investigation. gio benitez has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now that grandmother is demanding justice. thanking the neighbors who recorded the tense moment using just a phone camera. the video evidence now forcing police to investigate one of their own. this morning, dramatic video of
7:15 am
a grandmother being tased. >> oh! >> reporter: watch, here she is. 61-year-old viola young. asking a police officer about an arrest in her community. that's when officer terry mahan grabs her hand. watch as she pulls away to turn around, he uses the taser on her back. she falls face first on the pavement, rolling over. then no movement. she was medically cleared, but broke her wrist. officer mahan's bosses at the tallahassee police department quickly making the video public and placing mahan on leave. >> based on the video i have enough concerns to call for an internal investigation. be transparent with the community by sharing what we can. >> reporter: police say they went out there for concerns about drug sales in the neighborhood tuesday afternoon. officer ma han wrote in a police report that young caused me to take my focus off of one of the arrestees and engage her.
7:16 am
now was not the time for that. he adds that she refused to leave. and that he tried to arrest her. leading to the dramatic scene caught on camera. police charging grandma with resisting arrest. >> tasers are not used unless you have someone so disruptive you physically cannot control them. >> reporter: the new video launching the debate over if officers are using the tasers too quickly. especially officer mahan. unbelievable video. three other people arrested that afternoon also face resisting arrest charges. none were arrested for drugs. which again, guys, that's the whole reason police went out there in the first place. >> you said she broke her wrist? >> yes. >> disturbing images. thank you. >> could have been worse. she was walking away at the time. >> that's right. all right, thank you. this morning, new clues and optimism in the massive manhunt for a cop killer believed to be hiding out in the woods in pennsylvania. three weeks in, searchers say they have found one of eric frein's campsites. there it is. and they predict he will surface when he runs out of food.
7:17 am
linzie janis is in pennsylvania this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. as police find and take food, clothing and ammunition from eric frein, they say the fugitive will have to steal supplies to survive. a move they hope will give them the upper hand. this morning, a look at the campsite where police say they found two pipe bombs and other supplies left by eric frein earlier this week. authorities say frein, a self-taught survivalist, is living on cans of tuna and ramen noodles and likely running low on supplies. >> we continue to push frein and to seize the items he needs to survive. we believe he will be forced to search for food and shelter in other locations. >> reporter: also this morning, according to new york state prosecutors, he fled into the woods another time. back in 2006 after he was charged with stealing from a fellow war re-enactor. >> it's hard to call a
7:18 am
reenactment, a bunch of guys went out and popped off some blanks. >> reporter: that time eventually turning himself in. but for now authorities on high alert. prompting a hunting ban on all public and private land in and around the search area. adam took us deep into the woods of pennsylvania's poconos. to his members-only hunting club. he follows police instructions, checking out the cabin for any signs of frein. gun in hand. >> i think there's going to be a lot of people that, you know, don't take kindly to that and get upset. and, you know, if they don't feel that they're in the immediate danger zone, they're going to probably try to go back to the normal way of life and go to hunting. that's what they want to do. >> reporter: hunting is wildly popular in this area. and he says the ban adds to an already frustrating situation. >> people are now fed up. they've had enough of living behind the curtains. living in the shadows. and being scared and feared for
7:19 am
their life. >> reporter: police say the weather is now turning in their favor. they say frein will eventually seek shelter from the cold and the rain. possibly in one of those vacant . >> thank you. linzie janis continuing to cover that story for us. now to a different kind of story about a sixth grade girl who leapt into action at a pool party when a boy went under the water and didn't come up. >> quick thinking to use cpr to revive him. now on the crusade to get everybody to learn the life-saving procedure. rachel smith in for sara. rachel has this incredible story. and a reminder that we all need cpr training. >> good morning. this is an incredible story about a brave young girl. 11-year-old skylar barry. she thought she was attending a typical pool party celebrating her friend's 12th birthday party. but little did she now her attendance would save another friend's life.
7:20 am
>> i think he had a seizure. >> right now? >> no, he's not breathing. >> reporter: this dramatic 911 call capturing the frantic moments after a little boy nearly drowned. his life on the line. >> you don't understand. i have panic attacks. >> that's okay. just tell me if he's okay. >> reporter: a fun birthday party by the pool turned into a terrifying emergency. >> he was gone right in front of all of our eyes. we lost a friend. >> i thought he wasn't going to make it. i thought there was going to be a death. >> reporter: one of birthday boy david's friends finding himself in deep water, lifeless at the bottom of the pool. >> they pulled him out and i checked his pulse. and i was like, there's no pulse. and so i tried cpr. >> it was pretty cool. i have never seen an 11-year-old do cpr on another kid. >> i just started crying. i was so proud. and i asked her, how did you know that? and she said, mom, fire camp. >> call 911. somebody's drowning! >> reporter: just days after her heroic act, skyler is on other
7:21 am
-- another mission. teaching her classmates to perform cpr. >> push it right in the middle of the chest. like right there. >> reporter: sharing her life-saving skills. >> it can happen any second or any time. they can be choking on food to drowning in a pool. >> reporter: her knack for cpr stunning everyone around her. this little girl now a big lifesaver. >> i would do anything for my friends. >> reporter: wow. what a remarkable young lady. >> love her. >> absolutely. >> thanks for that story. and rob marciano, the weather. fall, but we're talking snow and winter conditions? >> in some places, the first snow of the season. check out this video from rice lake, wisconsin, where the snow was falling last night. right around the midnight hour. hovering around the freezing mark. it was chilly enough. it stuck in some spots, but blew old glory around. it stuck on the windshield of cars, and the grassy surfaces. 2 inches just north of there in hawthorne, wisconsin, spotty power outages.
7:22 am
here comes the big ridge out of canada. it's going to bring chilly temperatures. frost and freeze warnings from as far north as north dakota, to as far south at northern oklahoma. temperatures right now. 38 degrees in chicago. snow mixing in with showers at times today. meanwhile, out west, nothing but the heat. it was 95 degrees in san francisco yesterday. that was a record. 96 in monterey. another warm one today. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above normal. we'll keep that for the next two days. eventually moderate here and cool off through monday and tuesday out west.
7:23 am
>> what you didn't see on some of the snow video was snow on top of the pumpkins. forget about frost -- >> can you make the forecast warmer. please? >> we'll do that. >> excellent. that's coming up in the next half hour. and the big break of a indication of a 4-year-old girl allegedly kidnapped in texas 12 years ago by her mom. the steps her mom took to shake police and how she was finally found. and shark attack, the kayakers who narrowly escaped from a great white shark and who rushed to the rescue. and the item of clothing that ben affleck refused to wear when filming his new movie "gone girl." want to guess? >> nothing that i can say on the air. >> all right. we'll tell you in "pop news" coming up. keep it here.
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his jaws were probably -- this is probably a 16, 18 foot shark. it was a big one. >> wow. what a bite. that great white shark took out of a kayak. the kayakers lucky to be alive. they were thrown into the water. terrified for their lives. good morning, america, and how they were rescued. that's coming up. what a phenomenal and frightening story. >> i would live the rest of my life on terra firma. in a lawn chair. and coming up, a much warmer and fuzzier story. check out these lion cubs. they're cute, exotic, reasonably safe were the next couple of weeks, at least. missing one big thing. coming up, how you can help these little guys. but the new details in the strange and windy case of alleged parental kidnapping. started in texas and ended 12 years later in mexico.
7:31 am
>> now at the center of the story is young sabrina allen. allegedly taken at age 4 by her mother. seen there with her father. her father wants a reunion. will that be possible? bazi kanani has more. >> reporter: good morning. that father is revealing some of the heartbreaking details about the years he missed with his daughter. sabrina allen finally found after what he describes as more than a decade in captivity. >> she's in bad shape. >> reporter: in a new online video to raise money for his newly-returned daughter. greg allen recalls the last conversation with his then-4-year-old 12 years ago. >> sabrina said don't ever forget me. >> reporter: investigators said while on the run, sabrina's mother, dara lloren changed her
7:32 am
name ten times. >> they were found in mexico city, but escaped capture. >> reporter: she dyed the hair from blond to brunette and disguised herself. >> she's had plastic surgery. >> reporter: and sabrina was confined to a small apartment for years. and often not allowed to attend school. and under an intense campaign to hate him. >> she's been told i didn't want her, that i committed suicide. >> reporter: it set off a worldwide search after her mother failed to drop her off after a weekend visit. the story was featured twice on "america's most wanted." nearly 7,000 tips later, philip klein, the private investigator hired by greg allen, received critical information from an anonymous source. it led them to a small two-apartment just outside of mexico city. >> mexican federales made a tactical entrance and they were removed to the airport. sf
7:33 am
sflr. >> reporter: sabrina, now back in texas, has not seen her father. she's under the care of a therapist helping her to readjust. her father with so much to ask her. this question first. >> i'm going to ask if i can give her a hug. >> reporter: investigators say her mother, 55-year-old dara llorens use the several aliases. she's jailed in austin on an aggravated kidnapping charge. paula, dan. >> thanks. and this girl has not seen her father, grandmother, aunt. she refuses to because of what her father calls the intense years of parental manipulation. a lot going onover night. for the other news headlines we're following. we turn to ron. >> a strange calm over the set this morning. there's no sara. >> oh. >> it's quiet here. >> welcome, rachel. just kidding. good morning, everyone. in the news, we begin with the growing fears over ebola here in the u.s. u.s. health officials say they are prepared to fight the deadly virus here and overseas.
7:34 am
this is the family of the liberian national, thomas duncan, who contracted the virus. and the family was moved to an undisclosed location. and vowing to kill american hostage peter kassig next. kassig, a former army ranger, was kidnapped last year. the video taped warning comes moments after the beheading of british aid worker alan henning. and what a week for the royals closer greg holiday. and that was the wild card on tuesday. after the game, flew to north carolina for the birth of his son. and rejoined the team thursday for game one against the l.a. angels, getting the save and the win. and last night, did it again. his second-post-season save as the royals won for the second time. and this bear who showed up to swim in a backyard pool in hanover township in pennsylvania.
7:35 am
the bear checked out the water for a little bit. a drink or two, and then a long swim. the uninvited guest made him or herself, i'm not sure which one. dan can maybe figure that out for us right at home. >> get a little too close. yeah. >> anyway, looks like the bear -- >> oh, plays with the ball. >> and the family with more than one gift, blowing out the air of the ball as you can see there. the little girl is not too happy about that. >> go down the slide. come on. >> does not go down the slide. >> have to skim the pool for all the fur that was left behind. >> they have to figure out whether it was a male or a female, dan. >> i'm on it. >> it's crucial to the story. >> ron wants me to get hurt. what do you have for us in the weather department? >> no bears in brooklyn or lower manhattan. and a live shot, don't see one world trade. a lot of fog and clouds. rain today. temperatures in the 60s. up to 70 degrees.
7:36 am
and then eventually clear out. but before then, dodge rain drops from new york all the up to boston. here's a look at the forecast. and the radar, and fully expected to look like over the next several hours. and once the rain pushes up to boston. it'll get there around 10:00 tonight. and the cool air drives in. 49 degrees in pittsburgh. it'll eventually be that kind of temperature in new york city. at least in the morning. and the cold blasting all the way to the gulf coast. including atlanta. 46 degrees the expected temperature in the morning. your high temperature will likely stay in the 60s. 40 degrees in chicago. might be a few snowflakes later on today. hurricane simon, a category one, strengthening to a 2 or 3, and maybe into baja, california. potentially moisture in the desert southwest. and hot in so-cal, and hot and dry in dallas, 87.
7:37 am
>> this weather report brought to you by bp. what you didn't see there was the forecast for the auburn-lsu game. looks great. on espn tonight. i don't know who michigan is playing. >> yeah. but on a better note, a positive note, a congratulatory note. congratulate dan harris. >> thank you. >> a big week for you. another emmy win. this is number two. so -- so you know how talented he is. we know how talented dan harris is. i know you're meek and humble. not really. but the emmy committee nominating him. and you won an emmy for the story for "nightline." >> the war for paradise. we were in rio, and looking at children who used crack, and drug dealers on the streets.
7:38 am
and there's a famous scene where one of the drug dealers threatened my life. >> and you lived to tell about it. >> i lived to tell about it. it was an open-air drug market on the streets of rio. it was an amazing experience. i worked with an amazing producer. we're really happy. >> emmy number two. >> you are one of the best story tellers. >> thanks very much. i appreciate it. i have paid all of them to say this. >> no, he hasn't. >> yeah. coming up here on "gma." the shark that made swiss cheese out of the kayak. what happened to the people inside. and it's tacos with a twist. celebrate national taco day with us when we come back. are we eating? tacos? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, i don't know -- ♪ it's raining tacos ♪ it's raining tacos they thin. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology.
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look at this. this is a story about a group of kayakers out for a lovely day on the water. with no idea they were about to be attacked by a shark. a big one. >> just stay on land, folks. but this great white was hungry and let his mouth and teeth do the talking. aditi roy has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: terrifying moments
7:43 am
caught on tape as a great white shark zeros in on three kayakers. destroying their kayaks and knocking them into the water. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> look at that. look at that, dude. that's huge. >> reporter: holes in the bottom of this kayak from an apparent shark attack. boaters calling mayday. >> you hear mayday, mayday, mayday on the radio. and so i picked up, where are you at? >> reporter: kayaker ryan how describes the frightening moments. >> next thing i know, i see the shark go right across me. i hit him in the face with a paddle. >> reporter: they believe it was a great white shark. >> those are holes from a great white shark. >> reporter: these kayakers pulled from the water by fishermen. lou and charles krisman. >> the shark knocked this guy out of the water, eight or nine feet through the air. >> reporter: just look at the
7:44 am
damage on these kayaks. >> his jaws -- it was a 16, 18-foot shark. it was a big one. >> reporter: for a moment it seemed as though the shark may have cornered one of the kayakers. >> the kayak is upside down, and he is clinging to it. >> reporter: they pull them to safety before the shark causes further harm. >> get the kayak and him on the boat. and two of the other guys hopped on the boat. and we towed them all three into the landings. >> reporter: and just 60 miles north near vandenberg air force base, three beaches remain closed after a shark bit a 28-year-old surfer's knee. >> somebody said there was a shark attack. >> reporter: more seals and sea lions are along the coast, so the chances of shark encounters have increased. still experts say shark attacks remain extremely rare. someone is more likely to die by, get this, a falling coconut than being attacked by a shark.
7:45 am
it's interesting when you consider that video. >> i love that. >> i love that statistic. i'm going to watch out for coconut, a, and i think sharks get a bad rap, b. >> i would rather by struck by a coconut. let it just be said. >> that's not irrational. i'll back you up. thank you. >> now that's settled. >> yes. and coming up on "good morning america," we have been talking about it all morning. ben affleck, the picky dresser. what he would not wear for his latest movie. it's all ahead in "pop news." ♪ it's not every day that you find yourself at the corner of "a little flu shot" and "a world of difference." when you get any immunization at walgreens, you'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the un foundation's shot@life campaign. thanks to customers like you, last year we helped supply three million vaccines to children in need. this year, help give even more. it's easy at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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7:49 am
we have some fun news to share with you. great stuff today. first up, ben affleck. he's a man who believes in loyalty. especially when it comes to his sports teams. check this out. affleck is quite the boston red sox fan. and he stuck to his guns when it came to shooting a certain scene in his new movie, "gone girl," which is out this weekend. so director wanted the actor to wear a yankees cap shot at a new york city airport. but affleck was not with that. >> i like him even more now. >> yeah? >> loyal to the last place red sox. >> those are the guys -- those are the guys on their stance. but in the end, there was a compromise in store. so affleck wore a mets cap instead. >> the real actor doesn't care what hat he's caring. >> and the yankees are doing what right now, ron? >> they're resting. they're resting. >> they're resting. >> fair enough. moving right long. ellen pompeo knows how to keep a secret.
7:50 am
the tv doctor just revealing she and husband chris ivery welcomed a baby girl into their family two months ago. the baby was born by surrogate. she told jimmy kimmel that she was there for the initial procedure. >> we hold hands and prayed and talked to god. >> what did he say about this? >> he said he was going to try to help us out. and now we have a gorgeous baby girl. >> congratulations. >> yes. and, of course, we'd love to add our congratulations to ellen and chris as well. the baby's name is deanna may. how precious is that picture? they also have a 5-year-old. named stella. they have good names. >> yeah. >> if that wasn't enough baby names for you, we have more. and little bits and pieces too. and we have 3-week-old lion cubs to show you. they are missing something, names. that's where you guys can chime in. the oregon zoo is looking for
7:51 am
your help to name these adorable little cubs. they have great choices picked out. you can vote for your favorites on the oregon zoo's website through thursday. the winners will be announced on friday. a lot of them are swahili names. and my favorite was one that means chubby cheeks. >> no mufasa? >> i don't know. but that's what i'm doing right now, because i have learned one thing and that's food. >> we love to eat. >> indeed we do. >> mufasa. cue that music. >> yep. >> paula knows every word to it. anyway. that music is helping us celebrate national taco day. last year americans ate 4.5 billion of them. i'm pretty sure i ate 4 billion of those. yeah. if you line them up, goes to the moon and back. guys. we are watching in new york city, it's a great spot. >> i want to say something, i'll try on the break.
7:52 am
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hey, thanks for joining us this saturday morning. dan has agreed to eat the grasshopper taco. >> grasshopper taco, baby. come on. >> no, no, no. >> see you tomorrow. omorrow. good morning. i'm matt keller. marin county officials are putting a youthful twist on gun buyback events. they can trade in toy guns in exchange are for ben & jerry's ice cream and raffle tickets. be the first of four events taking place throughout the county in october. organizers say they want to spread a message of peace.
7:57 am
it is sponsored by the district attorney's office. the event starts at 10:00. the bluegrass festival contin s continues. sky 7 was overhead as thousands of music loves flocked the park as the festival kicked off yesterday. nine acts 14 years ago and is now a free three-day event featuring more than 100 musical artists performing on seven stages. we have more information on the strictly bluegrass including a link to the schedule. now time to check in with lisa argen. matt, it was 92 in san francisco. today will be just about 80 degrees. it's clear. the fog is not forecast to come back until later on tonight. not in time to cool us off. 63 in san jose.
7:58 am
we were down to 46 this morning in napa. so the heat advisory for the bay shore here, santa clara and santa cruz, but the sea breeze kicks in late in the day and dangerous conditions with a strong swell at our beaches. 79 half moon bay. matt? >> up next a mother's play. why the family of a girl declared brain dead says she's very much alive. a morgan hill teacher accused of sexual assault.
7:59 am
good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! look for big g cereals with money saving offers on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost.
8:00 am
good saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. all is clear and we're looking at another warm day around the bay. not as hot as yesterday as our onshore winds will kick up throughout the day, but this is going to be after 2:00. this will cool the coast down and bring san francisco's temperatures down about ten degrees today. so that sets you up for the upper 70s, to the 80s along the coast, in the city, low 90s in santa claira. matt? thank you, lisa. developing news from san jose where two-story townhouses considered a total loss after a big fire raced through last night. it started


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