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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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dentist. we can do the same for you. so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, happy 5:00 a.m. on wednesday. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> we are so happy to see you. >> happy to be back. i thought the alarm went off at the wrong time. >> i am flood it went off. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. less than quarter-mile visibility around novato and headed to petaluma and rohnert park it increases a little bit but could be thicker. be careful through the north where the fog is this morning. as far as the afternoon hours, ready for seasonal temperatures at 70's to 80 into san jose.
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normal inland from 80 in the north bay to 90 so above average. at the coast we have stubborn clouds and more sunshine in downtown san francisco and 68. the temperatures are below average. we have 36 bart trains on time with ace trains one and three are on time and as you look at the golden gate bridge we are under a fog advisory so row with caution we have construction with flashing lights in the distance moving northbound so if you are leashing the city make sure you are careful. fleet week is this week and we do have a lot of traffic expected at the toll plaza and all of our bay area bridges but specifically golden gate bridge, bay bridge and headed in from south san francisco along 101 and 280 be careful. if you are going anywhere along the water front expect to see plenty of big crowds. thank you, developing news
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the firefighting community is morning the loss of an air tanker pilot who lost his life fighting a wildfire in yosemite. the pilot was based at hollister air base. >> the tanker left year afternoon, the sister plane is sitting on the tarmac. it would have gone, as well, if they needed a second air tanker. the pilot of the air tanker 81 was a veteran pilot who lived in the bay area with 15 to 20 years of experience and the only one in the plane. the wildfire was burning at yosemite. several dozen homes were evacuated the air tanker crashed at edge of the park horrifying the visitors and firefighting officials. >> we much withed it and saw sparks and a huge black cloud of spoke and you saw the plane roll
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off the mountain. felt sorry for the people just trying to put out the flames. >> the pilot would fly the tankers contract pilots who work for the company which is aist military contractor based out of virginia and the 23 air tankers will be grounded and officials are trying to notify the next of kin. he leaves behind a wife and children. cal fire secured the site. the investigation is in the hands of the ntsb. we will have continuing coverage of the air tanker crash on air and online with reporting continues on twitter@abcnews. another orange october with the percents headed to the series, finishing off the
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gnashes in game four of the national league division series in typical agonizing giants fission there was a sensational cash on the wall. in the 7th, harper crushed a home run and tide the game at two. bottom half the giants had bases loaded and in the ninth wilson ground out to end the game and giants pete the nationals 3-2 and take the series 3-1. at&t park after the game and most were confident the team would find a way to close owe the nationals at home. cytases some.
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so much fun. fans will be back at at&t park open tuesday for game three of the series. >> they enjoyed it and this young lady enjoyed it a begin goaling baby sent to us through she is excited and she is decked out in the orange giantants once-y. you can mail us your pictures at the giants had today st. louis to face the cardinals with first pitch at 5:07 and game two is stimulus on sunday and then game three the giants come back to san francisco on tuesday and game time is still to be determineed. a burglary suspect is dead after
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a police shooting near at&t park last night during the game. authorities say officers watch three suspects break into the sufficient around 9:00 and when officers walked up to the suspect's car they saw the driver had a gun and investigators say the officer told the suspect to drop the gun but he refused and the officer opened fire fearing for his safety. the driver and a passenger in the back of the car were hit by bull lots and both taken to the hospital. the driver was pronounced dead. the second suspect is expected to survive. a third suspect was caught by other officers. stolen property from the s.u.v. was found in the suspect's car. palo alto police are investigating a second case of indecent exposure. a 10-year old was walking her dog at 6:30 last night when a man exposed himself in a car and drove up to the victim. the girl ran home and told her
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parents and open monday a map also exposed himself to a 14-year-old walking and police are adding extra officers to patrol and asking the public to report suspicious behavior. >> this afternoon, officials from sonoma and napa county and the governor's office are holding a hearing on the impact and lessons learned from the 6.0 magnitude earthquake in august. board of supervise arors chair from the governor's office of emergency services will take part in the safety hearing. scientists and engineers will present information that will be used to make policy recommendations to reduce losses in future earthquakes. the hearing is held at 1:00 o'clock p.m. at the double tree hilton inn in american canyon. the napa valley earthquake was the largest earthquake in the bay area since loma prieta that happened 25 years ago on friday. we look back on saturday at 9:30 with the premiere of the special
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"15 seconds, 25 years later loma prieta earthquake." >> this morning the f.b.i. is asking for your help to identify an isis fighter who could be an american. here is the latest. >> fighting in syrian border town with refugees crossing into turkey as the united states led coalition continues the air assault. the pentagon is worried that it will be lost. >> i am fearful. it could fall. >> in an interview the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general dempsey talked about airstrikes against isis and the shadowy terror group saying the military disrupted the plots in united states and western eurpoe. >> it is disrupted but...the unknown is, how long?
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>> in the up, the f.b.i. is enlisting the help of the public to traffic down homegrown terrorists. in this propaganda video a fighter in a mask speaks about killing and digging a ditch. >> they are digging their own graves where they were stationed. >> f.b.i. believe he could be from the united states and we are hoping someone could recognize the individual and provide us with key pieces of information. >> "no piece of information is too small," according to the f.b.i. the f.b.i. is being aggressive about the homegrown terror threat. if you have not looked outside you are missing a stunning total lunar eclipse. >> you may not be able to see it but turn away from the tv and look, there is fog in the bay area that could prevent it but injury this if you cannot see
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it: a live look at the blood moon from the observatory in los angeles. >> looks like the planets are moving out of the way of the eclipse. >> this shot shows the eclipse started at 2:00 and by 3:30 a total lunar eclipse or a mood moon because of the reddish color cast when the earth mobs its line to the sun and that is how it looks from los angeles a short time ago with the total phase of the eclipse ending at 4:30. >> if you missed the blood moon another total lunar eclipse is running to the sky in april. >> mike? >> and some cannot eat or drink during a total lunar eclipse because of religious reasons.
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>> 49 in novato and 48 in santa rosa and 50 in petaluma and 49 in mill valley and 50 in american can wrong and cool to the north until calistoga and higher and warmer there. we have 60 in alameda a warm spot and veteran in san jose and half moon bay and check out the 67 in brentwood on the other side of the ridge it is warmer. fog is now starting to develop over the golden gate bridge and it will be thicker headed to the morning and you can see the clouds racing at ten miles per hour from left to right which is a west wind across the golden gate bridge so there is a cross wind this or. 47 to 59 with fog across the north bay and the coast and clouds at balloon and the rest of us are 64 to 80 and microclimate, 64 at the coast to 86 and low clouds push back into the bay at 7:00, 60 to 72 inland. moving forward our coolest two days, tomorrow and friday and
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saturday is the warming trend. leyla gulen? >> as we start off by looking at the macarthur maze traffic is running smoothly and we had early construction eastbound and westbound direction but all of that is wrapped up. we are in good situation to get through berkeley and emeryville and this is what you find at the bay bridge toll plaza: empty. traffic is at top speed through fast track and cash paying lanes. we have construction along eastern span of the bay bridge starting at the skyway so eastbound 80 from 4th to treasure island you will find lanes blocked until 5:30 this morning so be careful. we have the bit of construction blocking off the exit but other than that it is all looking clear. eric and katie? >> thank you, katy, another giant in silicon valley considers splitting up. >> the big day if court ahead
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for minnesota viking running back adrian peterson on child abuse. >> a strong earthquake shakes a province in video
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too.
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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:15. happening today, minnesota viking running back is expected
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to need not guilty to child abuse the first court appearance. he said high never intended to harm his four-year-old son by spanking him with a tree branch this year. nfl owners will meet to discuss the personal conduct policy after several high from file arrests. >> aftershocks are causing concern in chinese after 6.0 magnitude earthquake with the building shaking yesterday and teams rushing out. one person was killed and 300 other people are injured in the province. some people spend the night camped out because of after shocks. residents have been evacuated because of a crack in a damn that is leaking water. silicon valley software giant could be late toast divide in two to boost sagging profits. bloomberg is reporting that
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mountain-based company is in talks to split into two forms, a spokesman would not comment from semantic but others including hewlett-packard are in the process along with ebay. >> stocks fall but faith helps a restaurant profits soar. here is "america's money report." >> good morning, topping america's money, another down day on "wall street journal" with the dow losing 273 points the worst decline in months. investors are worried about the economy but not ours. >> based on weather forecast the energy says those would use natural gas to heat the homes should pay 5 percent less this winter. the electricity will be down 2 percent and heating oil 15 percent and propane is 34 percent off last year. pepsi has a new soda named
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caleb's soda packaged in glass bottles sold first in costco in new york, washington, maryland and virginia. >> a new approach for a restaurant, no prices on the menu but customers are paid to what they think it is worth. revenue has friendship peopled. >> it will be warm for some and cool for some so it should not be a surprise. san francisco and the coast and maybe over to oakland and everyone else is average to above average inland east bay with a hard time getting some of the cooler weather into your neighborhood. winds are light and variable and nine miles per hour in fairfield so it has caused cloud cover to develop. expect the trend to continue the next couple of hours.
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this is thick fog developing from novato with visibility at quarter-mile in some areas. above and below average today. eric was talking about how crazy the weather will be. coolest is tomorrow and friday and sunshine and warm weather will return to our neighborhoods this weekend. the winds are blowing from the ocean and will taper tonight and then it will continue tomorrow interest friday and it will pick up speed and be breezy tomorrow and interest friday away from the bay shoreline where it will be breezy today. we have 90 in gilroy, barely. and morgan hill and los gatos upper 80's. 78 in santa cruz. in the south bay 77 in sunnyvale to 90 in gilroy. more compact on the peninsula, mid-to-upper 70's and millbrae is 70. low-to-mid 60's along the coast and more sunshine around
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downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's and the north bay shore low-to-mid 60's and headed inland in the home 80's and oakland is 72 and cool spot is rim monday and breezy and 70's. up to 79 in castro valley. in fremont, no need to turn on the air conditioning. tonight, we have thicker marine layer headed inland with clouds moving in the east bay and we will see temperatures tomorrow cooler than today with high pressure weakening and the moisture is staying south for the wettest october ever in phoenix with the rain. our big storm will stay to the north and it will induce the sea breeze so we are cooler tomorrow with friday high pressure and more typical of the three day
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warming event and the pattern changes on tuesday and wednesday and thursday next week we are cooler looking dry with the rain staying in northern california. we have bart running on time at 42 trains and ace train one and three, no delays and clear conditions in san jose 280 away from highway 17 and traveling toward it tail lights are headed under the overpass and we do have a quick drive on our hands at 12 minutes from 101/680 to cupertino so clear conditions. in the eastbound direction this is 580 eastbound to green april road until 6:00 and in the westbound direction heavy traffic and bumper-to-bumper at 26 miles per hour is the top speed so already loading up tracy to dublin is 41 minutes and along highway 4, westbound
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antioch to concord is 21 minutes . looking if a gift for a special someone? we will look at a special
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welcome to the modern world. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. finally, the purple pill,hr the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ >> here are isn't things to know. the ntsb and f.a.a. are expected to arrive on the scene of an air tanker crash that killed a bay area pilot. it slammed into a cliff near yosemite being used to fight a 1 38 square mile wildfire that broke out. >> a car burglary suspect is
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dead. there was a police shooting near at&t park last night during the game. authorities say the officers confronted three suspects at 9:00 and investigators say an officer fired after one of suspects refused to drop a gun. a scare at the home of "7th heaven," actor after there were reports he committed suicide. he was now home he is fine. he is the focus of a child me liveation investigation after he allegedly con pested to a therapist. >> a stanford scientist won the nobel prize in chemistry. william warner on the last shared the award with two others for developing technology that allows microscopes to see finer details. the giants advance to the national league championship series after tweeting the nationals in game four last
5:26 am
night. the giants take on cardinals on saturday in best of seven. amy hollyfield will have a report from at&t park in a few minutes. tracking low clouds and fog and the cooling trend continues in the seven-day forecast and i will update the warm weather this weekend and "fleet week," forecast. >> a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving but, city, quiet commute with no accidents at this hour just construction. it is hot and heavy over the altamont pass. now the story of a generous police officer and the mother would says he went's and beyond to help her family in western michigan. this is picture of the woman shaking the hands of the public safety officer. he pulled her over because her
5:27 am
five-year-old daughter was not in a car seat. rather than ticketing her, he had her meet him at the nearby store and he bought them a booster seat. she fell on heart times and could not afford a car seat and will pay it failure when she gets back on her feet. >> great to hear stories like that. we have another full 90 minutes of news. >> did you see it in the lunar
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:30 i am katie marzullo leader for kristen sze. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> we start with the fog in the north bay.
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petaluma is quarter-mile and into the valleys we have half mile visibility. watch out. elsewhere, clouds are developing and that is happening but not over coit towers. it looks beautiful. no clouds today for us. all sunshine and bright smiles. dodgers lose you and clinch the same day. 80 to 90 slipping inland but above average cool and gray along the coast and 62 to 68 and breezy this afternoon, 70's to 80 into the south bay. away from the maze with the cash paying lanes are backed up. 45 minutes from tracy to dublin
5:31 am
at 28 miles per hour and 31 as you exit and it eases up and slow and go to the dublin/pleasanton and highway 84 is 34 miles per hour south of buchanan and 71 on 680 so that is clear. the rest of san jose is white order. katie marzullo? that is okay. the san francisco giants are packing for st. louis and the start of the national league series this week with the giants advancing with a dramatic win over the washington nationals at at&t park. that is where we find amy hollyfield. they did it in front of hometown fans. grateful and relieved and excited fans.
5:32 am
>> the place blew up when the giants won eliminating the washington nationals and moving to the next series and now face the cardinals. never count these guys out say the fans, never underestimate the team. they just beat the team with the best record in the national league. go giants. >> the players have said they are in this with the fans and last night they celebrated with them running the field and high fiving the fans. the fans shut it down and does not party all night. it is quiet. they are saving up because fans know the team is still four wins away from the world series and the fans are ready for the
5:33 am
fight. thank you. they celebrated in the clubhouse for the third time now winning seven post-season series in a row. the giants advance to the nlc west against the cardinals and it will be a re-make of the 2012nlcs which the giants won in seven games. >> even bird is getting into the spirit, this is tillie sporting orange and black. e-mail us your photos at or tweet us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea and the giants head to st. louis to face the cardinals game one on saturday and first pitch is 5:07 at 5:00 p.m. game three the giants head back
5:34 am
to san francisco on tuesday and game time is to be determined. >> other news now developing news, san francisco police are investigating a fatal police shooting involving a car burglary suspect near at&t park during the game. authorities say the officers watched three suspects break interest an s.u.v. parks at 9:00 p.m. and when the officers walked up to the suspect's car they saw he had a handgun. the store feared for his safe h safety. the driver and passenger were hit by bullets and the driver was pronounced dead much the second suspect is expected to survive the third suspect ran but was caught but other officials. stolen property from the s.u.v. was fund in the suspect's car. the pilot of a cal fire air tanker has been found dead in the crash wreckage. this is a photo of the tanker
5:35 am
taken after it crashed year near know yosemite filing 130-acre wildfire on the western edge. the plane from hollister air attack base yesterday and this morning the ntsb and f.a.a. will arrive on the scene. the pilot has 15- to 20-years of experience. >> a huge loss to cal firefighter and the federal government and military. though all train together. it is not just like cal fire lost a family member. >> there is video of the air tanker taken in 2005 the entire fleet has been grounded for inspection. >> investigators will take a closer look at the plane that was manufactured in 2001 by
5:36 am
tankers much the last crash was in 2001 when two tankers collided in mendocino county. >> a san jose neighbor is on edge after a homeowner caught a mountain lion around his house on the surveillance video. it happened yesterday morning near the country club and the motion alarm on the surveillance video went off so the homeowner saw the pull that climbed on his car, stood there, looked around, and climbed off. >> people walk around here at night and take the dog and walking with the dog. it is dangerous.
5:37 am
weighs only 70 or 80 pounds, so it is less than two years and trying to establish territory. there is a lot of and shawl game so the cat could be seen again. >> a scientist won the nobel prize in chemistry with two others. william warner pictured on the left won with two other scientists and the academy of sciences say they won the honor for development of super details. >> two men accused of attacking two 49er fans will appear in court. the brothers are accused of beating two men in a bathroom before the 49ers matchup on sunday against kansas city.
5:38 am
the suspects were arrested after one victim brushed by one of the brothers. he is in critical condition. >> park at your risk, the park and ride lot if pill valley outside 101 will flood again because of the high tide. the lot does flood during high tide or heavy rain and this is video from january showing how bad the flooding can get. yesterday the flooding caused serious damage. the high tide is even higher today than yesterday. the eclipse is almost over. does you see it? we have governor romneyous total , clips and you can see the reddish hue on the morning and you can see the pictures from earlier with the best viewing in the west. this is how it looks in chicago starting at 2:00 and by 3:30 it was a totally lunar eclipse or
5:39 am
blood moon because of the reddish cast when the earth blocks the lights of the sun. the total phase of the eclipse ended at 4:30. if you missed eclipse nasa says another total lunar eclipse is returning to the sky next april if you don't mind waking up in the early morning hours. >> hopefully the fog will cooperate so you can get at look at it. in the meantime this is all we have, from 49 to 45 one degree waller for the immediate forecast. june at palo alto and 52 in menlo park and redwood city and foster city and bell mop is 56 and hayward is the same thing. 53 in san ramon and 55 in
5:40 am
fremont. upper 40's in santa rosa and mill valley with the thickest fog and quarter-mile visibility. warmest in antioch at 63 and 55 in half moon bay. most of us are stuck in the 40's and 50's withing for thickest along the coast and in the north bay and opening up everywhere but the coast by mean and 80 inland to 86 this afternoon and around 76 to 78 for noon and 4:00 temperatures in the bay and mid-60 throughout the daytime hours. we will fall back spot upper 60 by 7:00. moving forward, on thursday and friday, the cool of the days in the forecast temperatures are back to average and warmer-than-average at the cost on saturday and a teaser on sunday. the richmond-san rafael shows light traffic at 61 miles per hour along 580.
5:41 am
the area is covered in orange and that indicates where the fog is affecting the commute. be careful along 101 to marin wood and to the south we we have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. it is national "walk to school day." be careful. there will be more students on their feet so be careful. stop at the stops. 680 southbound to walnut creek is six mills and 24 westbound from walnut creek is nine minutes and 42 minutes and tracy to dublin westbound along a 80 is looking good. >> heart breaking decision, drastic action a 29-year-old woman with term tall -- terminal brain cancer is planning. >> a heart warming medical milestone, a surgery that took place right here in the bay area 30 years ago. >> vice president biden makes a
5:42 am
cash call in the bay area with a message to
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talked about the incentive of a minimum wage increase in los angeles and last night attended a national committee event at a private residence in san francisco and president obama arrives on friday for another fundraiser. >> a terminal ill san francisco woman has moved to oregon to end leader life in four weeks. the 29-year-old decided to buy november 1, two days after her husband's birthday diagnosed with brain cancer shortly after getting married in january, doctors said she had years but the cancer progresses quickly and it changed to six months. rather than detour as a slow painful death, she has decided to take her own life. her family moved from san francisco to oregon so she could do it legally under the "death with dignity act." >> i can't tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know
5:46 am
why have to difficult the way described to me my brain tumor would take me. >> she says shell help her life using doctor-prescribed medication and she plans to be surrounded by her family and close friends. today is a medical milestone for pediatric heart transplants, the youngest successful heart transplant recipient has become america's longest living with the same transplanted heart for 30 areas. the 32-year-old of redwood city is the only recipient in the country to survive with the same donated heart received as a toddler. she got the heart a few months shy of the third product. at the time, cardiologists did not know if a transplanted heart would proceed. >> when i had the transplant recipients were supposed to survive maybe five or ten years and hitting 30 years on the same heart is a big deal. >> she is the model patient
5:47 am
since, staying active, having just completed the san jose rock-n-roll half marathon sunday. >> congratulations. that is no small feat. >> i ran a mile other day... >> on purpose? >> our stage manager said something interesting, that last four years, american league teams in the world series have had to play either the giants or cardinal. >> probably rather play the cardinals than giants. >> two storied programs going back to when the giants were in new york. >> a fun fact. if i am stuttering this morning it is because i get three hours sleep. someone else was at the game and he is not here. small craft advisory -- but nice
5:48 am
having you -- the bay shoreline into the delta, choppy and another indication the sea breeze is going to be stronger and the cooling trend will be more expense headed into the afternoon interest wind at 21 to 33 knots. we use knots when we talk about the wind ploying over the water. the golden gate bridge has reduced visibility because of the west wind at 10 or 15 miles per hour and reduces visibility and a cross wind. be careful. the bay bridge is quiet and look how calm the bay water is from the exploritorium and we will have above and below average temperatures from the coast to inland east bay and coolest at high tide and sun and warm weather on fact and watching saturday night and sunday for a heightened fire danger. we will let you know. the wins are blowing ashore today and tonight and tomorrow
5:49 am
and friday and they faster tomorrow and friday and they will be the two cool of the days. today, the microclimate is 77 in sunnyvale and 80 in san jose and 78 headed to santa cruz and mid-to-upper 70's at the peninsula and temperatures are close to average at 70's in millbrae and home 60 loan the coast and mid-to-upper sent in downtown and sausalito and those temperatures are below average. close to average through the north bay with home 80's and the east bay similar is close to average with mid-to-upper 70 but berkeley and oakland and rim monday in the low 70's and inland, is mid-80's to nearly 90 in antioch and livermore. tonight with the thick are marine layer it is deeper and clouds make it inland so we will see cooler weather. we started off in the mid-to-upper 50's but the north bay is 40's in santa rosa and 50 in napa. the seven-day forecast shows two
5:50 am
to six degrees warmer from the bay and the coast is steady. 70's at the coast and 80's around the bay and 90's but only saturday and sunday and money and cooler on tuesday and wet in the north bay next week. >> we need it. have your windshield wipers on. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights turned on, indeed, and 15 minutes away from the maze to san francisco. the other parts of the bay area show a brand new crash along 680 in the south direction at the parkway, be careful if you are traveling in this area with one lane blocked and it was a hit-and-run accident. the dumbarton and san mateo bridge, all running at top speed at 64 miles per hour and 61 miles per hour along the san mateo bridge and across the peninsula. we have slowing northbound 101 at 26 miles per hour around alum rock and beyond the nimitz it clears up nicely with 280
5:51 am
smoothly and highway 85 has no delays. it is 5:51 and this morning, knee monday marcus -- neiman marcus has perfume in 14 karot gold bottles where you can meet in paris with a master perfumer. >> and a trip to the academy awards for $425,000 and a limited mazurati industry to -- industry to 60 in 4.7 seconds. you can get peacock floral sculptures for the garden starting at $25,000. a large sculpture is $65,000. >> beautiful totally worth it.
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almost 5:55. one step at a time, why kids cross the bay area will be pounding the pavement. ♪ god only knows >> what happens when you get the biggest names in music together on one stage? got only knows. >> buffett reveals his choice for president in 2016 and he is willing to bet on
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they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ >> if you see more kids walking to school, there is a reason. children from across the bay area are taking part in international walk to school
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day. students will walk or bicycling to class with a pole to promote exercise, keep kids on safe routes and talk about's safety. >> now the forecast. meteorologist mike nicco? >> the clouds are developing along the east bay shore from the east bay hills looking down, the parent player is thicker so the cooler weather will head deeper. san jose drops a degree. antioch is two and los gatos is two and oakland is four but redwood city and san francisco is the same as yesterday. all the moisture headed to our east unfortunately we are going to be warm through the day and mid-90 and 74 in lake tahoe so not a record high, and if you are headed to "fleet week," the blue angels will practice tomorrow but performing on friday and saturday and upper 60's on thursday and 70 on friday and 78 open saturday, and 80's on sunday. leyla gulen? >> we have fog on the golden
5:56 am
gate bridge so drive with the low beams. it is reduced visibility. we have clear traffic but not so in fremont, we have a new accident southbound 680 and it is blocking one lane, a hit-and-run accident with northbound traffic running smoothly and you can see in the northbound direction a bit of red so we have slow conditions along highway 84 up to 680. we have construction eastbound highway 24 between happy happy -- valley road. >> the bbc has a cast of famous munitions to sing "beach boy" classic "got only knows. ♪ i may not always love you, as long as there are stars ♪ ♪ above you ♪ you never need to doubt it >> elton john, stevie wonder,
5:57 am
among the 27 big named artists making cameos in a video celebrating the launch of the new bbc music going to children in need. the ledge end brian wilson was honored that his song was chosen and said it is one of the best he has ever written. governor brown has a new ad campaign ahead of the election and the commercials are not what people were expected. >> and the nationals come up short and the new personal message from harper for giants'
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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a deadly plane crash near yosemite and what we are learning of the pilot and what went wrong. >> the f.b.i. is asking for your help this morning. they want us to look at one particular video. on the ground. at second. panic. the giants get division series and now they face a familiar foe. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> the laughter you just heard is from meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. it blood moon really looks more orange. more orange. >> surrounded by black. >> exactly.


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