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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 15, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> good morning, america. breaking news. another new case of ebola in america. a second health care worker infected with the deadly disease at the hospital that treated thomas duncan. in isolation now after reporting a fever. the alarming allegations this morning about major safety mistakes at the hospital. were workers using tape to cover exposed skin. and the latest on that 26-year-old nurse speaking out for the first time about her battle with ebola. breaking right now. terror on the highway. a knife attack on a bus load of people heading to a casino. what the hero bus driver did to stop the crazed attacker and save lives. ♪ bombshell lawsuit, kesha top superstar, claiming years of abuse by one of the industry's top hit-makers.
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what led her to rehab and almost cost her her life. why he says it's about blackmail. the abc exclusive interview this morning. what would you do if the entire room you were in started disappearing? the floors, walls, disappearing around you. did this extreme prank go too far into shocking you into shopping? and we do say good morning, america. a lot to get to this morning. and, george, as you just said, a second health care worker has tested positive for ebola. that's what we're seeing in dallas just moments ago. an all too familiar scene. hazmat teams swarming an apartment building. >> so much anxiety.
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120 people are being monitored for symptoms. 11 with definite exposure. 114 with possible exposure. this is the second one infected in america. >> we have full team coverage and hear from the white house. but let's start with abc's tom llamas at the hospital. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we've just learned new information about that second health care worker infected with ebola. we know she's a woman. she did treat thomas eric duncan here at texas presbyterian. she's lives alone with no pets. this as doctors in dallas try to treat two ebola victims, two patients were their same hospital. overnight, a second health care work chore provided care for thomas eric duncan tested positive for ebola.
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the unnamed patient in isolation at texas health presbyterian after reporting a fever. dallas police and fire rushing to this neighborhood just moments ago to begin the decontamination process of the latest patient's home. >> when i read here that the likelihood of contracting ebola is extremely low, it kind of concerns me, because right now, it's knock on my door. >> reporter: so far, two the 76 people responsible for duncan's care have tested positive for the virus. >> it may get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: this morning, alarming allegations from the national nurses union about working at texas health presbyterian. >> the nurses said there were no clear cut guidelines or protocols on how to provide care for the patient. >> reporter: union president deborah berger, telling us search texas health presbyterian nurses contacted them, wishing to remain anonymous, about
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critical flaws in the way duncan arrived the the hospital with the ebola systems. they don't represent any nurse at the hospital, but those were wearing gloves with no taping around wrists and suits that exposed necks. and they could tape their necks. and facial masks were not necessary, some supervisors said. this information came from the cdc but didn't respond quick enough when he was diagnosed. >> i wish we would have put the team on the ground on the day he was diagnosed. overnight, her friends paying for her. as for the critical care nurse now upgraded to good condition. she's doing well and wants to thank everyone for kind wishes and prayer, adding i'm blessed
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to be cared for by the best doctors and nurses in the world. despite dealing with a double infecti infection. there are no plans to move this new ebola patient or nina to somewhere else in the country. george? >> for more, joined by the secretary of health and human services, sylvia burr well. thank you for joining us. what do we know about the condition of the new patient. and given how wide the circle of contacts turned out to be, should we expect to hear about more ebola infections at the hospital? >> with regards to the new patient at the new confirmation with ebola, i'll leave that to the clinicians on the ground and also respect their privacy in terms of their choices about that information. with regard to the contact tracing we're doing from the first incident with mr. duncan, what we know is that there are 76 people that we are tracking closely. those are people that came in contact. because we don't understand exactly how the breach in protocol occurred, we are taking
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the precaution of making sure that anyone who had contact in that treatment space will be tracked and monitored in a more serious way. >> so nurses at that hospital coming forward now talking about something far more than a breach in protocol. they are saying there were no protocols at all, insufficient protection, improper guidance. they say they feel unsupported, unprepared and lied to. is it fair to conclude there was a major breakdown at infection control at texas presbyterian and are you confident it has been fixed? >> with regard to the steps that we're taking and were announced yesterday by director frieden, there's been a number of additional steps that have been put in place. and that includes adding nurses put in place. and that includes adding nurses that have come from emory to do peer-to-peer training for the nurses and also in addition we have added further training with regard to the protocols. we have given direction.
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there is flexibility within the protocols dependent on patient and clinical setting. although this point, the cdc gave direction. and there is a 24/7 site manager for oversight of taking on and taking off of the protective equipment that health care workers have wearing at texas presbyterian. >> finally, madam secretary, we heard the world health organization say yesterday we could see 10,000 new cases a week around the world. does the u.s. agree, and what needs to be done to get this epidemic under control? >> with regard to the sense of urgency, i think everyone is feeling the sense of urgency and the importance of containing it onsite in west africa. that's very important to our own domestic preparedness and making sure we fight this. right now, whether that's the president and the communication he's doing with leaders and all of u-and the department of defense, the state department, usaid, working in the whole of government, full-court press, working an that issue at the same time with the domestic preparedness. >> thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you.
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and abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard besser is here now with more on this. and knowing, texas presbyterian is a good hospital. it's a very good hospital. tom llamas referring to it as a general hospital. and people are question, and you have all along, is it capable of taking care of patients like this? >> i don't think it is. i think that's the fundamental mistake here. when you have someone with ebola, you want them taken care of in a place where they specialize in that. you can't just give people suits. sounds like here, they weren't even given proper suits. but you can't give people suits and make sure they use them properly and safely. >> six weeks ago the military was building containment units. where do we stand? >> i was there two weeks ago, and they hadn't broken ground. and the idea you can take a slow approach on this is very frightening. the numbers from the world health organization are scary. if they can't build quickly and get patients treated, it's going to continue to spread. >> the numbers that george referred to are scary. people are waking up, okay, this
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is the second one. and there is this natural concern about it being widespread. >> i'm hearing this fear. and if i were a health care worker who was taking care of mr. duncan, i would be worried, but for the rest of america, they're not at risk of getting this disease. >> how does the cdc, you were there before joining us here at abc news, how do they regain the public's trust? >> it was a big step yesterday when they said they made a big mistake, should have gotten there sooner. what they need to think about hard is getting the patients to specialized units where they know how to take care of this kind of disease safely. >> you're heading to dallas? >> i am. i'm going right after the show. turn now to the two major storms, one on each coast. a major hurricane barrelling toward bermuda, and tropical storm picking up speed as it closes in on hawaii. >> start with hurricane gonzalo. that's in the atlantic.
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this is what it looks like over antigua and now it's a major hurricane. category 3, winds of 125 miles per hour. all over water now. should strengthen to a category 4 later today. that would make it the strongest hurricane in the atlantic in three years. so it's been a while since we've seen something like this, and bermuda is on hurricane watch. friday is the day we'll be watching it pass by or over bermuda, and that leaves us in the atlantic. we've got to head to the pacific. because that's where our attention turns also on friday, for hawaii. tropical storm, ana, should strengthen into a hurricane later today. pass right over hawaii as we go through the weekend. two huge headlines, both coasts. and we have strong storms in the mid-atlantic and northeast. >> you're on top of it. and the other top stories. good morning, everyone. and we begin with a big scare overnight for passengers on a tour bus driving down interstate 95 in connecticut. all of a sudden a man with a knife started attacking people. seconds later the driver was forced to take action.
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this coach bus carrying dozens of passengers to a casino overnight, when violence breaks out. a man starts stabbing people in the seats. the driver, hearing the commotion, makes a bold move, pulling over in this construction zone, flagging down a state trooper. but that's when things became more violent. >> once the suspect realized the trooper was close by, started advancing to the trooper with the cutting instrument. the trooper was forced to draw his service weapon, fire, and struck the suspect. >> police saying they had no choice but to open fire. but one bullet apparently ricocheted off the pavement. >> nix, the trooper did in fact strike a witness with one of the rounds. >> that witness expected to be okay. and stunned passenger evacuating the bus, grateful for the drivers quick thinking. now the suspect later died. two people stabbed on the bus are in the hospital. their condition is not immediately released. the motive for the attack, though, remains unclear.
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the supreme court is stepping in to allow abortion clinics in texas to reopen. the court is blocking a state law that had imposed strict requirement on abortion providers. but the legal fight is far from over. an appeals court is deciding whether that law as a whole is constitutional or not. and trouble ahead for democrats in the next month's midterm elections, according to a poll, president obama's approval rating has plunged to a new low of 40%. that's the same of president bush's approval rating back in 2006 before democrats swept the mid term elections. nascar is handing down punishments for this brawl that broke out saturday after a race. driver tony stewart now facing a $25,000 fine for backing into another driver. his rival, brad keselowski faces a fine of $50,000. and finally, the video that's blowing up the internet this morning. as you know, first lady michelle
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obama often works with children in her vegetable garden. this time, she is pushing one of her favorite veggie, the turnip. now singing the hit rap classic "turn down for what." >> turnip for what. turnip for what. >> love the head nod. she posted the video after someone online asked her, how many calories do you burn every time i turn up. and now there are turnip people memes. halloween turnips. >> it's just endless what we can do. >> what to do with brussel sprouts? >> who knows. >> it's kind of hard to carve a brussel sprout. >> you guys weren't here when michael strahan was yelling, "turn up for what." and we were all -- thank you. and now to the high school hazing scandal rocking a new jersey town.
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some team members making their first appearance in court on tuesday. and this morning, we're hearing from ra former player. linsey davis has the latest on this. >> reporter: the player shared, that was key. and now the football program in jeopardy, how long has this going on is the key question for investigators. the same players who would be gearing up for football practice, suiting up instead for court. several of the seven football players facing criminal charges in the sexual hazing case plaguing sayreville high school. making their first appearances in family court tuesday. the accused players now suspended and football season canceled indefinitely as they're trying to figure out what happened in past years. >> everyone knew that if we did something wrong, we would have been he would accountable. there would have been consequences.
7:15 am
>> reporter: 2006 graduate and former football player matt hammond says he remembers joking around, but no hazing. >> there was a consistent respect for everybody in the locker room. there may have been jokes cracked. nobody was ever laughing at you. it was all about laughing with you. >> reporter: he points out the unique layout of the athletic facility. the coaches' offices, quite a distance from the locker room where the alleged hazing may have happened, making it hard for the coaches to see what was going on. >> the guy i think i know, if something like this had happened, he would have said or done something about it. >> reporter: this morning, a glimpse of george najjar's interaction after the powerhouse football team's final game on september 27th. >> one thing, we will not do when we leave this facility is hang our heads. i don't want to see anybody hanging their heads. >> reporter: it's unclear if the teens that were arrested are being held or they are now back with their parents. while the prosecutor confirmed some appeared in family court
7:16 am
yesterday, he would not say if he will charge them as adults. which would be pivotal. >> thank you so much. and another beat with lara. a dramatic rescue thanks to an iphone app and really quick thinking. a police officer came to the rescue after a california woman was saved. she was at the bottom of a ravine. trapped overnight after driving off the road. and aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the grateful family of melissa vasquez, air lifted to safety after being trapped at the bottom of a 500-foot ravine, speaking out. >> we want her to be okay. >> reporter: the dramatic rescue all thanks to an app on her phone helped save her life. she veered off a steep and windy mountain road monday. the car landing on the roar, flinging the 20-year-old woman to the ground, her cell phone out of reach. her onstar device alerting authorities she had been in a crash, but led them to the wrong location. after her mother reported her
7:17 am
missing 12 hours later, officer david cameron went to her home, finding her locked ipad. incredibly, the tech-savvy officer able to guess the password. >> it was an educated guess. third attempt, i was able to get in. >> reporter: cameron then accessing the find my iphone app, pulling up a map, showing the exact location of her cell phone. showing the location, right there on mount hamilton road. >> getting a hit on a gps from a find my iphone app. >> reporter: police swarming the scene. watch as they hoist the young woman out of the ravine on a stretcher. >> from the time i got into the ipad until the time she was located was somewhere like 20 to 30 minutes. >> reporter: after hours of being missing. >> after hours of being missing. >> reporter: an onstar spokeswoman is telling us they are investigating the incident. vasquez recovering in a hospital with major leg injuries this
7:18 am
morning is expected to survive. aditi roy, abc news. >> and how quickly they were able to after getting that information. >> unbelievable. those 1-2-3-4 passwords. >> never thought that would come in handy. but actually n-this case, it worked out well. and thunderstorms in the northeast, the rain is moving into the mid-atlantic and northeast. and ginger, you have an eye on it for us. >> and here in tallahassee, almost 5 inches of rain. that's more than a month's worth at least in october in that part of florida. and in the mid-atlantic, tornado and thunderstorm warnings. most are just strong thunderstorms. that will bring heavy rains from south carolina to pennsylvania. and watch as it breaks apart. but it's a wet next 48 hours. anywhere from 1 to 3 inches in some spots.
7:19 am
clear. i am the meteorologist, with clouds and sun with highs 60's along the coast and a few 70's inland and 70 in vallejo and 74 in fairfield and san francisco is getting to high of 65. the seven-day forecast shows another rain friday into saturday and another chance early next week.
7:20 am
>> so the rain's about here now. by tonight, we get the heaviest of it into tomorrow. umbrellas handy, everyone. >> coming this way. all right, thanks for the heads-up. coming up, super star kesha's bombshell lawsuit. claiming years of abuse. he's calling it extortion. her lawyer is here. and a nanny caught on camera. any parents nightmare. what you need to know right now to protect your kids. why are some of the most innovative companies, from apple to facebook, paying for employees to freeze their eggs. and brad pitt hitting the open road, the superstar like awe rarely see him. have rarely seen him.
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now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. good morning, i'm eric thomas. breaking news out of san jose this morning where a traffic injury accident has closed three lanes of southbound 280 in san jose. crews are cleaning up afternoon a tanker spilled what appeared to be blue porta potty water. the chp says six vehicles were
7:25 am
involved in the accident, including the overturned tanker. two people suffered minor injuries. no word on when the lanes will reopen. let's check the rest of the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> i've got excellent news, all lanes have reopened. southbound 280. however, the first street on-ramp, that remains shut down. we are looking at some delays as you approach the scene of the accident of course in that northbound direction. plenty of traffic there. it is spectator slowing at this hour so you want to use 880 to santa clara instead. eric. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. when we come back,
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i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. live sdaichb hd will show rain showers primarily in the north bay. light showers out there. you may need the umbrella a short minute and then you can ditch it because by the afternoon we'll see drier skies and some clouds out there. so highs around the bay area, 60s along the coast, a few 70s inland. in the seven-day forecast we've got another chance of rain friday afternoon into saturday and another one early next week. now back to "good morning now back to "good morning america."
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here and only here. ♪ ce and get it. ♪ it's going down ♪ you better move you better dance ♪ you know the smash hit, "timber," by pit bull and kesha. pop super star now suing her producer, claiming years of abuse by dr. luke. he's fighting back, calling it extortion. we will hear from hear lawyer this morning. and a shocking incident caught on camera. a nanny allegedly abusing kids in her care. their shocked mother speaking out. what you can do to keep your family safe. why are some of the most innovative companies, from apple to facebook paying employees to freeze their eggs. getting a lot of reaction this
7:31 am
morning. and a huge surprise this morning. taylor swift with a big reveal on "gma." and kesha suing her long-time producer, claiming years of abuse. >> reporter: this year kesha fought back from a life-threatening stint in rehab. and now taking shocking allegations about the man she claims put her there with his abuse. the same man who made her a star. 27-year-old pop sensation kesha, a regular on billboard top 100. and countless red carpets. but it was all put on hold when she landed in rehab for a reported life-threatening eating disorder in january. now the pop star slamming the man behind some of her biggest hits. long-time collaborator lukash,
7:32 am
aka, dr. luke. claiming physical and emotional abuse she claims led her to rehab and nearly cost her life. in a new lawsuit filed tuesday, he started abusing her at 18. alleging he continuously made sexual advances towards her. and on one occasion allegedly plied her with the date rape drug ghb to assault her. and called her a fat expletive refrigerator. and saying you are nothing without me. in addition to a variety of damages, she wants to be released from her recording deals with his companies. >> according to the lawsuit, during the two months in rehab where she talked about the relationship, the doctor's official report said if they continued a relationship, it would hurt her health.
7:33 am
>> reporter: they have co-written or co-produced 30 top tens. working with kelly clarkson, miley cyrus and katy perry. co-writing "roar." but kesha's mom said he pressured her to lose weight. at the time, denying the allegations. and now the megaproducer firing back, filing a defamation lawsuit of his own against the singer. telling abc news the mother and daughter duo are engaged in publishing outrageous and untrue statements to third parties. and their allegations are scurrilous and false. he claims they extorted him by filing a lawsuit with false complaints unless she was let out of a recording contract. he says it's nothing more than a continuation of her bad and offensive acts. >> and the attorney joins us
7:34 am
now. you heard the countersuit, your response. >> legally, it's amateurish. >> why? >> but not unexpected. you can't have defamation in a lawsuit. you have legal immunity. putting that aside, doesn't really matter. the lawsuit itself and the filing of is just a conuation of what he's been doing. he is somebody who's got way too much money for his own good. he has basically emotionally tortured this young lady for going on ten years. and she's finally to the brink where almost putting her into rehab -- putting her into rehab, almost killing her. and at this point, she's healthy enough to stand up to him. >> tortured, almost killing her, why not file criminal charges? >> everything is on the table. she's ready, willing and able to fight back. the idea that it's extortion is laughable. what she wants is him out of her life. >> these cases, so often he said, she said, how do you back
7:35 am
it up. >> you look at the lawsuit. we have 27 pages. it's detailed in enormous detail. we have witnesses, we have evidence, we have fresh complaint. we have everything we need to do and very comfortable. >> this goes back a long time. what do you say to skeptics, why now? why not earlier? >> that's feeling that now people are more accepting of it, number one. the public, the idea that this could happen. but i think even more importantly, she's at a place she's strong enough to make it work. that she can stand up to him. this is a frightening thing to go through. the date rape, the years of mental and emotional abuse. those are things that i think anybody, especially at her age, when all of this started, would be devastating by. are you saying now if the -- if she's let go from the contract, this all goes away? >> i'm saying we want her out of -- we want him out of her life. if that means out of the contract, that's fine.
7:36 am
but protective orders are on the we want him literally held accountable. >> you're not going to try to file criminal charges if she's let out of the contract. >> i can't get into a quid pro quo for that. everything is on the table. this is unfortunately emblematic of the music industry. this is a bigger story. she's here and strong enough to champion it. >> how is kesha doing now? >> it's interesting. she's had a lot of trepidation about this. but she's strong. when i talked with her yesterday, i thought she was enormously resilient about this. she's in a good place. >> okay, mark ergos, thanks very much. and start in the pacific northwest, unsettled. seattle might hear thunder, anywhere in the pacific northwest. it's cool and showery. all you have to do to warm up is fly over the rockies. settle in denver, and 83, maybe
7:37 am
a record high today. high pressure in the southwest, 77 for salt lake city, midland, 83 today. i am meteorologist drew tuma with highs in the secretary loan the coast this afternoon and 70's inland. the seven-day outlook calls for another chance of rain on friday night into saturday and another one early next >> this weather report brought to you by neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair. i will be talking about the atlantic and pacific tropical storms coming up. also coming up, the latest on the breaking news, another case of ebola in america. hazmat crews on the scene. now cleaning up another apartment in dallas this morning. and shocking moments caught on tape. a nanny looking like she's
7:38 am
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. we are fast approaching 7:42. and a nightmare for any parent. a nanny caught on camera, allegedly physically abusing 1-year-old twins.
7:42 am
it was all too real for one california mother who was shocked at what her hidden camera revealed. abc gio benitez here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's a real lesson for parents in this story. mom says there were no red flags. seeing the horrifying tape for the first time, while teaching kids in school, her children were in the hands of an alleged child abuser. the videos every parent hopes to never see. a california nanny caught on nan yay cam, shaking the child by one arm. the videos so intense, we aren't showing them in their entirety. it's 34-year-old dana cash. now charged with child abuse. >> i was appalled. >> reporter: the children's mother not wanting to be identified, sitting down with a reporter. >> i hear my child screaming and
7:43 am
crying in the video. it's terrifying. >> reporter: the mother set up a video camera, rarely checked the tap tapes. it was her 8-year-old son who told her. >> he knew it was wrong. he's sitting there playing with the ipod. he's paying attention to everything. >> reporter: showing the video to the nanny herself. >> i made a mistake. that's not a mistake. that's not a mistake you're allowed to make. and she was fired. >> she was fired through >> we take the safety of our community extremely seriously. we have a national team of safety professionals that review every care giver applicant. we were not aware of any other complaints from the community. >> reporter: cash isn't the first nanny in hot water. in jacksonville, florida, jeanine campbell was sentenced to eight years after she was caught abusing an 11-month-old baby in 2010.
7:44 am
and another sentenced to ten months in jail after slapping a 5-month-old old baby. these tips for parents -- >> do your internet search, check references, run a comprehensive back ground check and monitor the situation. >> reporter: cash has not entered a plea, and the mom thought she did everything right but didn't check the camera too often. >> never know what happens behind closed doors. >> reporter: she is out on bail and could potentially apply for another nanny job. when interviewing a nanny, ask for five references, not just the typical one or two. >>, do they recommend the nanny cam? >> absolutely. that's what captured this. most important, trust your gut. listen to yourself. >> something doesn't feel right, absolutely. and i like the reference idea too. five. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, why coloring is
7:45 am
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we return now with our zombie obsession. the living dead are just killing it right now. yeah, i said it. "the walking dead," one of the most popular shows on tv, zombie costumes flying off the shelves for halloween. what is behind it all? we sent none other than nick watt to dig up some answers. >> reporter: there's no happy ending, no shmultz. it's gruesome, but the undead are hot. 17 million people watched "the walking dead" season premier sunday night. smashing records. >> there's a little something for everybody. for everybody. and to watch it together, doesn't happen often. >> reporter: meanwhile, 15,000 people in minneapolis set a world record for the most people dressed as zombies in the same
7:50 am
place at the same time. there's a lot of things to be scared of, wars, disease, so we think about zombies. it's much more fun, and they're not real. their folklore, that now thanks to "the walking dead," a house in minneapolis looks like this. >> it's all in fun. too scary for the 3 or 4-year-old, don't bring them here. >> reporter: and zombies are among the best-selling halloween costumes. >> everybody loves the concept of the dead coming back to life. >> reporter: zombies are everywhere. they would live among us and won't bat an eyelid. home for dinner, about 6:00? we might just think they're "walking dead, fans. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> go, nick, go. does it again. "the walking dead," very much alive. beat a ratings record held for
7:51 am
seven years by "high school musical 2." >> i am watching it today, planned my afternoon around it. >> i think it started with the "thriller" video. >> like that. "thriller" video. >> like that. big how to shed pounds this winter. there. no more drafts. finally. [ male announcer ] now get 20% off all johns manville fiberglass insulation at lowe's.
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. maybe your seeing some sprinkles? let's get right to the weather with meteorologist drew tuma. >> many of us are seeing dry air push in but there's a line of showers over the north bay. as we zoom in on live doppler 7 hd, mill valley, san rafael, you are seeing light showers, even light showers pressing into downtown san francisco, but the seven-day forecast will show you drier skies prevail later this afternoon. drew, a really serious accident in daly city and fog may have had a role in this. it's involving an overturned vehicle. the vehicle was also transporting some children. skyline boulevard at hickey
7:57 am
boulevard. some major injuries possibly involved with one child unconscious. heavy delays as well. the sig alert still in effect san jose southbound side of 280 at first street. all lanes have reopened but the first street on-ramp remains closed until further notice. closed until further notice. >> thanks a lot. mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut. hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here. californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up.
7:58 am
no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and another new case of ebola in america. a second health care worker infected. alarming allegations right now about safety mistakes at the hospital. and freeze it. why some of the most well-known companies in america are saying they'll foot the bill for icing your eggs. is the new policy holding women back, or helping their careers? ♪ and brad pitt, like you've never seen him before. exclusive video as the super star opens up about family life, "fury" and his love of the open road. ♪ all that and emma stone, live. and wait until you hear what taylor swift is revealing only here. as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america! the dance party this morning out there in times square. break dancing going on, some ballerinas there as well for a good reason. we are about to -- other dancers there too. we are about to get a big announcement from taylor swift in just a little bit. >> and i can do that. >> she can do that. >> she was like, got the seal of approval. i love it. also this morning, another big live event in the you're hired series. we have been surprising people all week with job offers live. and we're about to do it again. one army vet, about to get life-changing news. >> love this story. i think you all will too. and abc's rachel smith is live in north carolina, getting ready for that big surprise. rachel, how are you?
8:02 am
>> reporter: we're doing great, lara. that's right, a very deserving young man is right inside. he has no idea what's coming. but i have the varsity cheerleaders from his alma mater. gals, you're going to help me out. >> you're hired. >> that's right. shhh. we're going to let him know in just a bit. oh, yeah. >> he doesn't know a thing yet. thank you. can't wait for that. news first from amy. good morning, everyone. and right to the breaking news this morning. another health worker in texas testing positive for ebola. the news coming one day after the cdc admitted it could have done more to stop the spread of the virus. abc's tom llamas joins us from dallas. what do we know about the latest patient? >> reporter: good morning. we just learned new information about that second health care worker to be infected with ebola. we learned she's a woman who lived alone. we also know she treated thomas
8:03 am
eric duncan, now this new patient does not have any type of pet. right now, dallas fire and rescue is decontaminating her apartment and her car. along with that, they're handing out flyers to this workers' neighbors to make sure they're aware that someone in their neighborhood has been infected with ebola. dallas texas hospital told us, they are treating two patients ever. this is the first time a general hospital is treating two ebola patients at the same time. they don't know how the patients were infected with ebola but confident the cdc program will help prevent infection. and the cdc is now on the ground to assist with this latest patience. amy? >> thank you. and strong new accusations from the largest nurses union in the u.s. saying that thomas duncan was
8:04 am
left in an open area of the hospital emergency room for hours, and nurses worked for days without proper protective gear. the hospital promising to review and to respond to those claims. stay with abc news on air and online, and bring you the latest developments from the ebola crisis as we get them. in other news, a brazen attack in boston. one of the most famous public places. a park ranger is fighting for his life this morning and another is recovering after a stabbing in boston common. witnesses say the rangers approached a man sitting on a monument, he lunged and stabbed them repeatedly. police arrested the suspect nearby. they say he is homeless and has a violent record. new revelation about deadly chemical weapons in iraq left over from the saddam hussein era. american troops were reportedly exposed to them as recently as 2011. "the new york times" saying u.s. forces found thousands of chemical warheads since the 2003 invasion. but the pentagon kept that discovery secret. it comes amid growing concerns that isis fighters may have use the chemical weapons like
8:05 am
mustard gas. a bizarre arrest in the nfl. dallas cowboys running back, joseph randall, is charged with shoplifting $124 worth of gucci cologne and polo underwear from the store. he could face up to $30,000 in fines from the team. summer may be over, but the sharks have not seemed to notice. this great white caught on camera swimming just feet away from two surfers at the bottom of your screen. this was just off cape cod. and experts say they are tracking eight other sharks in that area. and finally, yesterday we showed you fun video out of australia. a man wanted to make people happy on their ride to work, so he started this dance party on the train. i might have mentioned that, you know, in new york, probably would never pay off because commuters here are less impressed with subway acts. we see them all the time. but take a look at what happened. the harlem globetrotters got the
8:06 am
same idea and surprised them on the subway here in new york city. and i feel like people were a lot more responsive. and they were the harlem globetrotters, right? >> who's going to say no to smiling with them. but i did notice, people didn't get out of their seats. just saying. >> but they did spin the ball. >> they did. and good job to the harlem globetrotters for trying. >> get out of the seat and lose it. i want my seat. >> exactly. >> all right. >> thank you, amy. "pop news" and weather coming up. if you're here, where's robin? >> i'm here at the social square. they're always working so hard here in social square. guy, you know, i gave this young man, jeff, new to our team, i gave him an award when he was 8 years old in farmington, connecticut. and now we're working together. >> small world. >> and i feel old. thank you very much. ahead, on the "gma morning menu", this man, brad spit -- brad spit. brad pitt, an exclusive with him. the superstar like you rarely see him, opening up about being
8:07 am
a dad. what happened the first time he road a motorcycle. and two incredible surprises this morning. live at a starbucks in north carolina, a young vet about to find out he got a job. and the dancers with the huge reveal. taylor swift will make the reveal herself. you know i will, you know i will. more here in times square. come on back. more here in times square. come on back. ♪ , , wpreferred networks, including manyunited healthcare,lan
8:08 am
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8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ this is the part we have an exclusive new video of brad pitt. the beautiful redwood forests in humboldt county, california. he took part in a shoot for the november issue of "details" magazine. revealing that the first time he rode a motorcycle was at age 7. and he accidently ran into his grandmother's car when he did it. yep. luckily he's a lot more road savvy now. the actor says he's realized that he's pretty good at his most important role, and, of course, is being a father. he often talks about that. very proud of that. and we look forward to catching up with him this friday when he joins us here. what? i just read that. brad is here friday? >> yes!
8:12 am
>> the new movie is supposed to be amazing. >> so guess a helmet kind of ruined those shots. >> that whole legal thing. safety. he is like a fine wine, though. >> i agree. >> if they want to make a commercial selling something -- >> i guess we're all here on friday. >> arm wrestle you. rock, paper, scissors. >> all sitting on each other's lap. we have a few questions. >> it's my first exclusive interview. right? >> very good. >> how about "pop news," everybody? >> let's do it. we begin this morning with this. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the new captain citrus. >> what? >> yeah. the orange juice industry hoping to revamp their superhero and in the process, get people to start drinking o.j. again. it's in an effort to boost sales which are down dramatically in recent years. florida growers and suppliers called on the minds of marvel to give the mascot a makeover. the original citrus man was
8:13 am
round like an orange. which isn't very superheroey. he has now been peeled and juiced up by illustrators. captain citrus will appear in comic books that will be distributed at schools and in other marvel products. >> fascinating to see if that works. >> we'll see. all in an effort to drink the o.j. no scurvy amongst us. >> is that a pirate thing? >> argh. an inspirational weight loss story out of hollywood. hangover star zach galifianakis has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation, and looking good, my friend. stepping out at the new york film festival, looking svelte. but it's gradual. his secret, he revealed that after he quit drinking, the pounds began to fall away. >> you can see it in his new movie, "birdman." >> he is so good in "birdman." >> looking healthy. looking good.
8:14 am
>> and then finally, a new study ranked the states with the most immature men in the country. >> and little rody scores big. the smallest state ranking first in the study by a real estate blog called the stately. which decided to set out and determine which states have a higher percentage of male adults still sleeping between their childhood "star wars" sheets. and they used these immature measurements. no job, fantasy football enthusiasm, beer pong enthusiasm. enthusiasm for watching "family guy." porn viewership. and finally, did i say no job? number one was rhode island, delaware, illinois, north dakota and ohio. bringing in the top five. congratulations. >> i loved george's expression. when you started -- like, really? >> i'm going to stay out of this one. >> can i also say that the most mature men in the states are in
8:15 am
the northwest, the mountain west and the south. not here in the northeast, george. not here in the northeast at all. 35th was new york state. >> 35th? >> wow. >> wow. okay. >> we've seen you do this -- okay. he hasn't. >> not even going to respond to that. we're going to get the weather. >> i haven't seen you do that, george. i would have -- hey, good morning, everybody. where are you guys from? >> arkansas. >> from arkansas. and i think a group of minnesotans over here. very good. and we're all super excited about this taylor swift stuff. but first we do have to get to some weather. because, guess what? it's going to rain here later today. and tonight. i know, look at all the faces, like, what? washington, d.c. here this morning in the mid-70s. a little balmy. but flood watch in the areas in teal there. parts of virginia, west virginia, all the way up to baltimore this morning. it's more than an umbrella day.
8:16 am
you may see some inundation in places. and wanted to update you, hurricane gonzalo, still a category 3 at 125 miles per clear. i am the meteorologist, with clouds and sun with highs 60's along the coast and a few 70's inland and 70 in vallejo and 74 in fairfield and san francisco is getting to high of 65. the seven-day forecast shows another rain friday into saturday and another chance early next week. >> i think all i need to do is recruit a couple of you to come ov >> i think all i need to do is recruit a couple of you to come over here in front of that sign. i believe is where i would be break dancing soon, right, robin? >> cannot wait for that. >> come on, come on. we have the heat index now. and what scientists say could be the first case of internet
8:17 am
addiction. hear me out, a guy using google glass was wearing it 18 hours a day. he's now been treated. because it turns out, he suffered withdrawal symptoms when he couldn't use the device. he said he got irritable, argumentative without it. there is some debate. a lot of people say, this is just a sign, he had some other kind of underlying problems, these kind of addiction disorders. >> you think? >> but 18 hours a day of google glass. yeah. >> just thinking about it -- >> i would imagine that would do severe damage to your eyes. >> straight into your head like that. that could be the first one, guys. we have reached out to google for comment, have not heard back. and also in the heat index, a new piece in the huffington post revealing coloring is not just for kids. it turns out a set of crayons and paper could be the key to helping adults destress. >> men in the northeast. >> that as well. >> psychologists say it helps people relax, stimulates their brains, sparks their imagination. and the trend is picking up.
8:18 am
and coloring books for adults taking over best seller lists in france. >> are those called adult coloring books? >> in france? why in france? that's funny. >> that's what the huffington post is telling us. they're in france. >> i'll color with my daughters. i get what they're saying. you're there in the moment. >> i love coloring. kate and i -- >> what do you think? what do you color? i make flowers. >> i do snoopy. i like draw snoopy and woodstock. >> do you go outside the lines? >> i stay inside the lines. >> i border the lines. >> shade it. >> that is true. >> i'm the picasso of coloring books. >> never outside the lines. >> we really want to hear from you. what do you do to destress? tweet us #socialsquare. >> it is fun. it is fun doing projects with your kids. highly recommend it. next up on the heat index, a prank on a bunch of unsuspecting shoppers getting millions of clicks. and you'll see why. tony reali has this in the social square. this is unbelievable.
8:19 am
>> it is. thank you, lara. >> so many people talking about a lot of things right now, but in particular, take a skip with me. to the big screen. nearly 2.5 million views. a north face store in south korea, shoppers scoping out merchandise. all of a sudden the floor starts to disappear. look at his face. panic plus shock equal climbing skills. they're literally forced to climb this wall. this is where things get really interesting. that jacket floating down is a glowing lifeline, grab it, it's free. miss it, you're free falling and going home empty handed. it's a real fun video. but we have to ask, is a prank worth a free product? tweet us what you think at #socialsquare. guys, i have to know, what do you think? >> i want to know how thick the mattress was. >> yeah. >> also depends on the product. a diamond ring -- >> you're jumping. >> right. >> that's what you would jump for. right. it's true. this is the brand philosophy of north face. putting the face in north face.
8:20 am
>> it's interesting. it's a cool video. >> can always count on you, tony. thank you. and time for the morning stir. and that new benefit for working women sparking quite a debate. tech giants apple and facebook say they will foot the bill for employees who want to freeze their eggs. but not everyone thinks this is such a good idea. mara schiavocampo is here with the story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you might imagine, freezing your eggs is not cheap. this benefit is being hailed as a major perk. but critics argue it encourages women to put off having kids to get ahead professionally. this morning, a heated debate over frozen eggs. tech giants facebook and apple confirming they will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs. facebook has already started, and apple will begin in the new year. making them some of the first and biggest companies to cover costs for that fertility treatment, which can run upwards of $10,000.
8:21 am
plus $500 a year for egg storage. apple says it will cover up to $20,000 of that. telling abc news, "we want to empower women at apple to do the best work of their lives." it's the kind of benefits some working women, like ty, would love to have. >> i was 35 at the time. i knew i wasn't getting any younger. last year, the 36-year-old style expert paid out of pocket to freeze her eggs, after realizing her professional success had delayed her dream of starting a family. as she told "essence" magazine. >> i know at some point i want to of my own biological children as well as adopt. >> reporter: but the news is igniting a debate about whether these companies are sending the message that work comes first and family can wait. one twitter user writing, talk about generous policies. but another saying, why not just accept that women want children and need time off? still, experts say it could be a
8:22 am
way to get more women to enter male-dominated fields like technology. >> i think it's just part of a larger benefit package encouraging women to come to these companies. >> reporter: both companies say they also cover adoption costs and in vitro fertilization. and this is just one more option. they are saying it's about freedom. >> options like that. seems your form tifb years and your career are also the prime years to have children. >> that's the great paradox for women. the years that your career is taking off, in many cases, are also your childbearing years. critics say does this give women in their childbearing years an excuse to put off having children? does it encourage them to put off having children and say i can do that later? that's the question a lot of people are asking today. >> a personal choice. something that the individual has to think for themselves and their family. but freezing the eggs, it does really matter what age you do it. >> absolutely. >> it's better younger? >> fertility doctors say it's the age of the egg that's most
8:23 am
important, not the mother. so if you know that you want to freeze your eggs, do it as soon as you have made that decision. even in your 20s, because the younger eggs will be more viable later down the road. >> this is getting a lot of attention. thanks. >> it is. a fascinating topic. a really interesting debate. thank you very much. lara? >> thank you, robin. you have take an selfie or two of your own face. now imagine that selfie giving you the complexion you have always wanted. becky worley is checking out the newest tool in the quest for perfect skin. >> reporter: amazing skin, is it genetic or the work of a seriously-gifted dermatologist? but a visit to the doctor costs time and money. wouldn't it be great if you could do it from home? what if an app could help you navigate your skin care. the skinbetter app, which partnered up with "allure" magazine, it's free and promises a personalized evaluation. >> take a selfie of your face. an algorithm gives you a grade for your skin, as well as
8:24 am
products that are right for you. >> reporter: i have some crow's feet. whoa. wrinkles. the app suggests lots of different creams and serums. what? it's $256 a bottle. >> these are high end because they contain high levels of active ingredients. >> reporter: and the app clearly states that its makers get compensated for any products you buy. but how do their recommendations compare to a dermatologists? he agrees with the app, i have age spots. >> i agree with that. >> reporter: the app indicates i have more than an average amount of wrinkles. the doctor disagrees. >> your wrinkles look different when you smile. >> reporter: who doesn't smile when you take a picture, i'm making it worse. >> yes. >> reporter: but he sees a medical condition that needs a prescription. >> looks like rosacea. >> reporter: and they say it's not the doctor. >> this is not a substitute for going to a dermatologist. but skin better is great for being educated about your skin. >> reporter: if i walk out with your targeted plan --
8:25 am
>> if you were tabulating all of that, that turns into about a $430 bill. >> reporter: and as for the products suggested by the app -- $594. so new tools that help you see your problems are useful, but you may need to see a professional for the most cost-effective route to healthy skin. for "good morning america", becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> very cool. thank you, becky. and coming up here emma stone is with us live. and then we have a big, life event. one very deserving military vet about to learn he got the job. back on "good morning america" live in times square. so don't go anywhere. live in times square. so don't go anywhere. ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. you know the giants are just two games away from the world series and they're taking on the cardinals again tonight at at&t park for game four of the nlcs. the orange and black pulled one out yesterday scoring in the bottom of the 10th on a throwing error for a 5-4 win eventually. tonight ryan takes to the hill. he has a great postseason record. let's hope it continues. all right, leyla, not such good luck in the commute. >> horrible. hercules the eastbound direction of highway 4, the sycamore on-ramp, a vehicle on its side. very slow on westbound 80. a serious accident skyline boulevard at hickey boulevard
8:28 am
and that is where we have an accident involving some children who are also in an overturned vehicle. >> thanks a lot. we'll watch your game time forecast and meteorologist drew forecast and meteorologist drew tuma w , , , forecast and meteorologist drew tuma w you have made my life special by being apart of it.enough. (everyone) cheers!
8:29 am
glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. live doppler 7 hd will show you much of the bay area is dry. we're checking one loan band of rain showers so you still need the umbrellas over the next couple of hours or so. game four, at&t park will be dry
8:30 am
with temperatures cool in the 60s. your accuweather seven-day forecast, we're tracking another chance for rain by friday. now back to gma. ♪ ♪ i'm just gonna shake and our dancers have been shaking it up a all morning. pumping us up for the big moment. robin is ready. ready for the big announce want from taylor swift? >> yes. >> let's do it. america, are you ready? thursday, shea lor swivel shaking up "gma" in a live event. but first taylor wants to see how you shake it. so shoot a video of you and up to four friends shaking it off, and send it to us on on yahoo!. if it's picked, taylor is going to surprise you live on "gma."
8:31 am
and what else? a trip to new york to -- >> good morning. >> it's the ultimate shake it off contest. >> all types are encouraged. and you heard it, america. start shaking. taylor swift wants to see you shake it off. get all your friends, get together, send up to a 30-second video of you singing along to this hit song. which is so catchy. because "gma's" ultimate shake it off with taylor swift's contest starts right now. >> go to our website, "good morning america" on yahoo, the complete rules, and the chance to win and be vips at the concert on "gma" october 30th. >> and a late night concert on october 23rd for jimmy kimmel live, don't miss it. and you have a big surprise, lara? yeah, i'm excited to share
8:32 am
this story. the big live event this morning. we're calling it you're hired. there were over 500,000 unemployed vets as of september, and this morning, we'll meet one of them. take a look. his life was a dream come true. his army career as a logistics specialist was on track. but last year during a physical, his life's plan crumbled. i was medically discharged, i was a lifer. a heart condition. 20 years plus. >> reporter: but he turned it around. >> it was a set back, it was a letdown. life goes on. >> reporter: like many other veterans, his return to the job market is difficult. >> i have sent the resume about 40 times, have gotten five responses. >> reporter: but starbucks has a new military initiative.
8:33 am
benefits are impressive, including an online university program, tuition fully paid. and one pound of free coffee a week. who knew? >> do what we do. >> reporter: penn interviewed for a shift supervisor position. and dressed for the part. >> my mother and i talked about this shirt when i was iron. i'm interviewing for starbucks. their colors are green and white. >> reporter: and they saw something special in his skill and character, and the fact he moved cross-country to help take care of his parents. >> i believe penn is one of those military veterans that's a diamond in the rough. and we really hope and plan that he succeeds with us. >> reporter: this morning, "good morning america" and starbucks salute a young man who has served his country, faced life head on and is ready for the next chapter. and here comes that next chapter. abc rachel smith is with penn who thinks she's there to talk about how the job search is going. he has no idea that he's live on "gma." so let's go right to rachel live
8:34 am
in winston-salem, north carolina. good morning to you. >> hey, thank you. we have been chatting for a little bit. and i know you think we're going to dive a little bit more into the job search. but actually what you don't know is you are live right now on "good morning america." >> oh, wow. >> reporter: yeah. >> okay. >> for penn. >> did you order coffee? >> i did not. >> reporter: wait, what does it say right here? >> oh, you are hired. ♪ >> woohoo! >> reporter: check it out. ♪ oh, my gosh. are you a little bit surprised? >> i am very surprised. >> reporter: congratulations. >> i am very surprised. >> reporter: a big thanks to the mighty marching mustangs. your alma mater. >> my high school. >> reporter: starbucks is offering you a shift supervisor position right here at this very store. >> okay, well --
8:35 am
>> reporter: how does that make you feel? could be? >> could be, you're right. >> reporter: congratulations. to make this official, you have to accept the terms of the offer. no pressure whatsoever, but the job is yours if you want to take it. hopefully you want to take it. >> i accept. >> reporter: i love it, i love it. right here. >> thank you. >> reporter: fantastic. and now bring in someone that you will remember. sean, sean, hey in. >> so excited you are joining our team. i'd like to give you this patriotic apron, and your name will be groided. other veterans wear that this, thank you for your service, and couldn't be prouder to call you partner. >> reporter: sean is the store manager, and you interviewed penn for the position. what qualities stood out and allowed him to snag this job? >> his composure stood out, and
8:36 am
the leadership skills in the military will serve him well as a shift supervisor. so glad to have him. >> i'm glad to be here. thank you. >> reporter: well-deserved. congrats. well, thank you. and congratulations. and i think it's time for celebrating and caffeinating, guys. back to you guys in the studio. >> indeed. congratulations. so well-deserved. and thank you to starbucks. because they have hired over a thousand veterans and they are committed to hiring at least 10,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2018. we raise a cup of joe, if i had one, if you're at home having yourself, raise a cup for us. and to starbucks, for recognizing that veterans are more than qualified for today's job market. and if you need more tips on scoring a job, go to our website, on yahoo!. that was great, thank you so much. and to ginger for the last look at the weather. >> i can do that and bring smiles.
8:37 am
good morning to this side again. i love putting everybody on tv. good morning, what's your name? >> casey. >> wasn't that a sweet story? were you able to hear it? >> i was. >> giving vets jobs. and get the pictures going. we need to share. we haven't talked much about fall color, a pop of it from wisconsin. and kansas city, i know it's a big day in missouri this morning. and erin little sent us that. good morning to you. slightly unsettled just east of this, chicago, 55 with the showers. it's raw. i am meteorologist drew tuma with highs in the secretary loan the coast this afternoon and 70's inland. the seven-day outlook calls for another chance of rain on friday night into saturday and another one early next >> all that weather brought to you by mercedes-benz. george. >> thank you.
8:38 am
turn now to norman leer, the creator of all in the family, sanford and son. that's just the beginning. and now telling the story of his life and career in the new book even this i get to experience. i got to experience the man who's work has touched so many of us in so many ways. ♪ before there was all in the family -- tjeffersons and good times -- ♪ any time you need a payment there was norman lear, son of a vet, political activist and tv pioneer. he created hit after hit and tells all the stories in his new memo memoir. even this i get to experience, fantastic title. somewhat of the motto, too, right? >> this is kind of my life. this is the moment, even this i
8:39 am
get to experience. >> it's hard to imagine today the kind of audiences you were getting with a show like "all in the family". >> bacon souffle. >> not going to eat that. >> archie bunker, beloved character, bigoted but beloved. inspired by his father. isn't it true that your dad came up with archie's signature line? >> you're a meat head dead from the head up. >> looks like we lost a daughter, but we gained a meat head. >> so that's real life. >> yes, that's real life. >> and stifle is real life. >> stifle, stifle yourself. right into her face. >> stifle that, will you. >> and then i would pick it off the -- >> will you stifle that? >> carol oh connor, doing archie bunker tortured him. it wasn't him.
8:40 am
>> it was 180 degrees from him. >> you just made me change my mind. >> about what? >> about burning your dinner. >>ester roll and john amos, they were sometimes uncomfortable with what they were dealing with. that's something of a theme in the shows. >> someday you'll meet a girl like your mother and be just fine. >> i'm going to drink myself into a cool aid coma. >> they were the first parental figures, african-american, who had to deliver the african-american experience. >> archie bunker has a lot of your dad. i was surprised to ahead that maude has a lot of you. >> maude had a lot of me. >> you get paid for what you do. nobody gives me a dime, and that's the barometer, walter. >> i'll give you 5 bucks to put on your dress. >> i will get you familiar. >> i hadn't realized it until i was deep into writing this book. she was the liberal that i am. >> everything we stand for is going right down the drain.
8:41 am
>> who didn't really know it all. and didn't know enough to be as loud and vigorous and forceful as she was. >> and wasn't just the characters who were outspoken. he calls himself a proud liberal. starting the civil rights group people for the american way. >> i couldn't be prouder of its existence today. don't read a newspaper and don't thank god that it's there. >> just like so many americans, so grateful for the character who is changed the face of television. what was it like to know that on any given night someone was watching a show that you helped inspire? >> i remember flying over the country in the early years of all of that at night. and looking down and thinking, wherever i see a light, it just might be possible that i helped to make somebody laugh. ♪ >> it sure would. he wasn't exaggerating at all. at their peak, his programs were seen by 120 million people a
8:42 am
week. "all in the family" was so popular that the water table dropped during commercials. >> i believe it. >> everybody taking a bathroom break. that's something. and it's now in stores. and emma stone is right here. she's going to be live in just a and emma stone is right here. she's going to be live in just a second. ♪shining, shimmering, splendid ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers, visit or call your travel agent. trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors
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and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. now, more and more americans are discovering that... shred after shred... dish after dish... day after delicious day...
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shredding galbani mozzarella yourself inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one block mozzarella. it is always a pleasure to have emma stone with us on "gma." she's co-starring with michael
8:45 am
keaton in "birdman." the movie is generating a lot of oscar buzz for both of them. see why. the two of them, daughter, father, arguing about how desperate he wants to be relevant. >> this is my chance to finally do something that means something. >> means something to who? you had a career before the third comic book movie. people started to forget who was inside the bird costume. you were doing a play based on a book written 60 years ago for a thousand rich old white people who's only concern is to be where to go to get coffee when it's over. who gives a -- but you? >> emma stone is here, ladies and gentlemen. oh, my goodness. you're kind and thoughtful. even when that scene ends like that, there's silence. but you could feel michael keaton, you could just feel the
8:46 am
pain that he -- that he was in. such a dramatic film. >> it's really -- and kind of what you're saying is part of the reason why i think the kind of genius of alejandro, the director, and the d.p. is so incredible. there's no cutting away. there's no reaction shots. it's all one long kind of beautiful, fluid take. >> and we had michael here yesterday. and naomi was here earlier in the week. and they both talked about how it's a little complex and different. but you said you kind of liked that. >> i did. a lot. because you -- as difficult as it was, and as long as it took to kind of adjust to the choreography of it, it felt like theater. it did, over and over again. that needed to be perfect. but once you -- once we did so much rehearsal and you got it in your bones, there was no ramping yourself up to do coverage or closeups on other people.
8:47 am
it was all just in the one -- in the one shot. so it was kind of energizing. exhilarating. >> it comes -- as somebody sitting there watching it, there's just not many films like this anymore. that's the way to put it. you referred to alejandro, people are talking about him. it's like a masterclass, being in his presence. >> it is. >> what do you mean by that? >> he just -- he's one of very few -- i don't know if there are many left this way, but he doesn't compromise what he wants to make in any way that i saw. and he's so incredibly passionate and doesn't let you rest on your laurels at all. so it's always pushing you to another level. and that, you know, is -- that's what you hope for what you go to work. you want it to be difficult and rewarding and not just -- >> that's why cyou do this. st. james theater holds a
8:48 am
special place for you, "the king and i." and you remember going to the theater and being drawn. >> i remember going to most broadway theaters. we saw -- we got a lot of rush tickets and saw a lot of plays when i was growing up. and, yeah, so broadway -- there's a gmat in my face. good stuff. >> staying in character. >> but i think broadway in general holds a lot -- as it does for many people, a lot of great memories. >> and you have ka baa ray. are you ready? >> i don't know what ready means, but i'm working hard. and i mean, i can't even describe how excited i am. >> we're excited to see you on broadway. the range, emma. you are a true actor. and appreciate you sharing your talent. >> thank you so much. >> and this is a good one. thanks again for stopping by. >> thank you. >> and "birdman" opens
8:49 am
nationwide -- are you ready? friday. coming up, the stars of the new brad pitt epic over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy, affordable, kid-inspired, chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas
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burritos so big, they make everything look smaller. . the new movie, f"fury," loos at world war ii. brad pitt commands a tank and a five man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. here's a clip where the newest recruit meets the crew. >> reporter: you saved? >> i'm -- >> that ain't what i -- >> you have to listen. >> are you saying -- >> wait until you see it. >> see what? >> what a man can do to another man. >> and it's our pleasure to welcome two of the tank's crew. we have logan lerman and jon ber
8:52 am
that will. thank you for being with us. you play norman ellison. >> i do. >> you are the rookie with no combat experience. and brad pitt's character, becomes your mentor, correct? >> yeah, i don't know if mentor is the right word. he's almost like a parent that's, you know, giving his, you know, kid an education on how to survive. you know, in life. life at war. >> that's what it's about. it's about survival and family. you play a man from app plach ya, and critics love your visceral performance. it took a lot to make the characters come to life. >> it was a full emerging experience. but at the end of the day, we're portraying real american hero s. and we got the pleasure of meeting them, second army division in world war ii, honoring them, it's real. >> it's real, raw, gritty. and i read some of the cast,
8:53 am
yourself is including, is still recovering from the mental strain of being immersed into the roles. >> yeah, it was tough to get out of it. i definitely took a, you know, a little bit of a break when we were finished. so it was -- it was a long -- a long shoot. we spent a lot of time on the movie. and i'd say, you know, all together it took about nine months or so. >> this is great. i love this line from the director. it's a study of families that happens to live in a tank and kill people. but ultimately this is a movie about family. >> i think so. one thing that was uniform about -- from all the tankers that we talked to is, you know, you don't pick your family, you don't pick your tank crew. this is a family drama about a family going through hell in a metal box. family going through hell in a metal box. >> it is incredible.
8:54 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. it looks a little wet out there. here's meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast. >> we're still seeing showers primarily in the north bay, right around novato, even vallejo getting on with moderate rain activity but much of the region is drying out and just dealing with some clouds. your game 4 forecast at at&t park, first pitch at 5:07. temperatures right around 53 degrees. dry but cloudy. our next chance of rain is friday night into saturday mo >> drew, we have an injury accident southbound side of 101 coming up to paul. there is one lane blocked with heavy backups before 280.
9:00 am
as we take you into san jose, we have a crash that has cleared southbound 880 at brokaw. >> thanks a announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "birdman," emma stone. and ack press and author suzanne somers. and performing their latest hit, "first things first," neon trees. plus, josh groban takes a seat at the co-host desk. plus, josh groban takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and josh groban! [cheers and applause] josh groban! [cheers and applause] ♪


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