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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 22, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning. ebola evaluation. sick passengers cause a scare at two american airports. where are the passengers right now and the symptoms that put medical staff on high alert. luring americans. three young women accused of flying overseas to join isis. what we have learned about the teenagers, their possible mission and the family members that tipped off investigators. rough landing. the skier going at high speed takes a tumble in the worst possible spot. down a deep hole. and new look. many people saying this movie star is now nearly unrecognizable. the message she released for critics overnight.
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well, good wednesday morning, i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm t.j. holmes. we begin with officials scrambling at two u.s. airports over multiple ebola scares. >> two sick passengers arriving in chicago from liberia. one of them, a child, were rushed into isolation at area hospitals for observation. the child's family was put into quarantine. and a sick passenger arriving from west africa to newark international is now also in isolation. all passengers are from liberia, sierra leone and new guinea are going through five u.s. airports. newark, jfk, o'hare, dallas and atlanta. and the american journalist in nebraska will be allowed to return home to rhode island today. the cdc has confirmed ashoka mukpo's blood no longer shows signs of the virus. declaring him ebola-free. during his recovery in the biocontainment unit at the nebraska medical center, mukpo received a blood transfusion from fellow ebola survivor, dr. kent brantly. and texas nurse nina pham has
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been upgraded from fair to good. the 26-year-old pham was admitted not national institutes of health just last week. riveting new details from the official autopsy of michael brown and the statement of the ferguson, missouri, police officer who shot him. >> the county report obtained by the st. louis post dispatch found brown was shot nine times, taking three of those bullets to the head. it was also found that he had marijuana in his system. >> news sources said that darren wilson told investigators that brown slammed in the door when he tried to get out of the car and punched him in the face through the window. >> wilson reportedly said that he shot brown in the hand after he grabbed wilson's drawn gun. he said that brown did not have his hands up and fired again when brown ran towards him. next to the federal investigation. trying to determine if three young american girls wanted to join the terrorists. >> authorities say the teenagers hopped on a plane from denver to germany possibly en route to join isis fighters.
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abc's tahman bradley following the latest developments in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the latest disturbing example of foreign terrorists trying to recruit in the united states. this time it appears they went after teenage girls. >> the thinks that i have for the sisters -- >> reporter: sources tell abc news that jihadist propaganda videos like these lured three american high school girls on a mission to join terrorists in syria. the girls, ages 15, 16, 17 are of sudanese and somali decent. authorities are not identifying them because of their young age. >> it's very important they come to this place here. >> reporter: the girls were allegedly seduced into flying to frank further, germany, with tickets that had them bound for turkey and then syria. but after they disappeared last weekend, their parents contacted the fbi and they were stopped by authorities in germany and sent home. this morning, the fbi is investigating whether overseas radicals funded the trip. >> one of the hooks, we'll pay your way here.
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besides creating this false utopia, we'll pay you to come and we'll pay you once you get here. >> reporter: this isn't an isolated incident. abc news has learned that syrian radicals are specifically targeting women and girls to become their wives or fighters. >> we have houses and security. >> reporter: the u.s. military air campaign against isis targets in syria continues. u.s. officials say that local security forces are beginning to make headway against the terror group. the pentagon has spent $424 million on the military campaign. including $7.6 million a day on air strikes. reena and t.j. >> thank you, as always. an ohio man has flown all night back to the u.s. after his release by the north korean government. jeffrey fowle had been detained for nearly six months after he left a bible at his hotel. he was flown out of north korea on a u.s. military jet to guam
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and then to the u.s. two americans are still being held by the north. three victims of a confessed serial killer in northwestern indiana have been identified. and officers are searching abandoned buildings in gary for more bodies. police say darren vann killed at least seven women. one victim was found in a motel friday. and he led investigators to the buildings where he had dumped the others. >> vann, during the time he's been in custody, he's been accurate about the information that he has given. but that does not mean that we are simply going on his information. >> vann is a registered sex offender with a long history of violence against women. he was convicted of a 2009 rape in texas. and ten years ago police say he kicked down the door to his girlfriend's home and threatened to set her and himself on fire. the new jersey high school football coach who's program was shut down by a hazing scandal is now suspended indefinitely. that was the result of an emotional board of education
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meeting in sayreville, new jersey. many spoke in support of coach george niger and four of his assistants. they will be paid during the suspension which won't end until investigations of those hazing allegations are wrapped up. for the first time, gay couples in wyoming can marry. last week a u.s. judge ruled that the state's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. now the wyoming attorney general says he will drop any appeals to that ruling. activists say the state has come a long way since the death of gay college student matthew shepherd 16 years ago. the world's youngest nobel laureate is now the youngest recipient of the liberty medal. 16-year-old malala yousafzai, winner of the nobel peace prize, was praised for her courage and for serving as a powerful voice for those denied of their basic human rights. she was shot in the head two years ago in her native pakistan for defying the taliban for going to school. and president obama is among those mourning the death of ben bradlee. he's a legendary newspaper man. the former "washington post"
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editor died yesterday at his home in washington. abc's david muir has a look back at his towering career. >> reporter: he was a newspaper legend reporting on history and making it. but even this seasoned journalist was surprised at what a president could do. >> in my naive way when i first came to this tongue, i didn't think presidents lied. >> reporter: a veteran of world war ii, a buddy of jfk. in 1968, ben bradlee became the executive editor of the "washington post." for 20 years he was the fearless leader. fighting the government, determined to publish the pentagon papers in 1971. >> we are free to publish what we always were going to publish. which is material that in our mind the public had a right to know. >> reporter: and the same determination a year later with the story that would reshape history. he stood by the two fearless newspaper reporters, woodward and bernstein, as they broke the watergate scandal. when bradlee received the medal of freedom last year, he was called a titan of journalism. >> i miss the excitement of the stories that quicken your pulse. that's when a newspaper man can get on with the job he was born to do.
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>> our david muir reporting there. >> that's right. and time now for a look at the nation's weather. downpours for the northeast. some areas could get more than 5 inches of rain by the end of the week. showers from southwest texas, to northern minnesota as well as northeast and south florida. >> and temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the northern tier. and 50s -- or, rather, 70s and 80s. don't want to short you there in the deep south as well as on the west coast. and a blowout in game one of the world series. we have the highlights from espn. and family's fight. the new details about the post-party melee involving the palins. what her daughter bristol says how it all started in dramatic police records are. and free fall. a skier hits a jump and sails right into a deep crevice. right into a deep crevice.
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a powerful surge for u.s. stocks over the last couple days has all but erased last week's steep declines. the dow added 215 points yesterday, nasdaq, up 103, and the s&p 500 surged 37 points, the best day of the year. the rally was fueled by solid earnings report and economic growth in china. most asian markets had strong gains overnight. one that wasn't in on the rally was mcdonalds. the world's largest burger chain says its sales around the world dropped more than 3% over the last three months. company is moving quickly to try to reverse the slide. tinkering with the menu, appealing to regional tastes and beginning to use a touch screen ordering system.
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federal safety experts have expanded the recall of the possibly explosive air bags. more than 6 million vehicles could be at risk. urging drivers, especially in warmer climates to have them replaced. the company which makes the bags says that higher humidity may be causing them to explode. and target is taking a major step in holiday shopping dollars. they are offering free shipping with no minimum purchase from now until december 20th. last year was a bit of a disaster after target announced that more than 100 million customers had data stolen. toys 'r us are pulling four collectible dolls from "breaking bad" from its shelves and website. it was in response to an online petition started last week. they defended the ball, saying they were sold in the adult action figures area of the store. now the dolls are on an indefinite sabbatical. the chai tea from starbucks, good for you, right?
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but your passengers smell this. {ding} eliminate odors you've gone nose blind too, for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. wow, it smells good in here. so you and your passengers can breathe happy. take a look at this, folks. dramatic pictures of the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. this is realtime video taken last saturday in extreme northern norway. sky shows caused by charged protons and electrons shooting through the atmosphere. take the scientists' word for that. i have no idea what causes this. and a look back on earth, wet and flooding in the pacific northwest. and rain will slicken roads along a 1500 mile band of showers from texas to minnesota. wet conditions in the northeast and south florida. and if you're flying, airport delays possible in boston, new york as well as miami. well, the public now privy
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to gripping new details about a drunken brawl involving sarah palin's family. >> photos and the conversation have been obtained by tmz. it took place at a house party in alaska. with as many as 20 people jumping in. witnesses say bristol palin repeatedly punched the host in the face. but in a profanity-laced statement, she says he attacked her first. >> a guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground. and takes me by my feet in my dress, in my thong dress, get the [ bleep ] out of here. i don't know this guy. i have never seen this guy in my life. >> bristol says she was knocked down approaching a woman who shoved her sister, willow. witnesses say her husband and their son, track, also joined the fight before they were kicked out. so far no comment from the palins.
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and a man has been charged in the disappearance of his girlfriend. and she was last seen leaving an tlan restaurant in columbus. police have charged greenlee's boyfriend, jacob fur with her murder. he gave police a confession and led police to her body. he is scheduled to be air rained tomorrow. and the man accused of attempting to rob a young woman at an atm in florida has been arrested. he was wrapping his arm around her throat and demanding she get money. she triggered the alarm on the car keys and the suspect fled. someone tipped off police once the images were released. now to the dangers of driving drowsy. safety officials are warning that losing two hours of night of sleep can cut your decision-making time by 20 to 50%. that's one of the most underreported problems on the road.
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one study suggests that one out of every five accidents involves a tired driver. so i guess the bottom line, don't get behind the wheel unless you have enough sleep. and now flu advice from the cdc for your kids. the nasal vaccine can prevent 50% more cases of the flu than traditional injections in healthy children age 2 to 8. the nasal spray, however, contains a live virus which the cdc insists cannot cause the flu. and a story of survival here from a guy in northern ireland. lucky to be alive this morning. take a look at this. skiing in the french alps when he takes a bit of a dive. fell into a 60-foot crevice. video shot by a friend who had a camera on the helmet. he landed just right, and even snapped a selfie as his friends were pulling him to safety. and some more incredible video from a boxing tournament in europe. the guy in red, you see him there, walking over now. he was counted out by the ref.
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they were coming together to announce the result. the croatian fighter attacked the referee. knocking the ref to the canvas and starts wailing on him. he was pulled out of the ring and arrested. he couldn't beat his opponent, so he beat up the ref. the ref has been hospitalized. >> oh, boy. it was much more civilized in the opening game of the world series. >> royals fans hoping tonight goes a little bit better than last night. we have the highlights from espn. >> this is kenny, i'm neil, this is "sportscenter" in los angeles. kenny is fired up. >> performing under protest. >> game one, giants at the royals. hunter pence took a wooden bat and hit that ball over the fence. 2 for 3, 2 walks. 2 ribs. baumgartn baumgartner, you have to go to the record books to see people
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who have done as well as he has in post-season play. he goes seven, 3 hits, 1 earned run. giants are up 1-0 after a 7-1 win. wake up, america, we have hockey. bruins hosting the sharks. third period, tied at three. daniel paille. to gregory campbell. fourth line goal. and bruins take a 4-3 lead. but claude julien, kill off a four minute penalty. how is your penalty kill? uncomfortable. what do you think of the bruins tuuka rask? >> you know what, i think -- >> he had ten saves in the third. and david krejci, buying insurance, they win it 4-3. >> and in concacaf, olympia won 3-1. >> tweet kenny your hockey questions. he'll get back to you. >> underscore. will the real renée zellweger please stand up. the actresses different look create cathying a lot of buzz.
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if you haven't heard about this, you'll be hearing about it today. it's buzz-worthy, i guess. a little silly as well. renée zellweger, how she looks right now. >> this is what the oscar-winning actress used to look like, this picture, taken about two years ago. but here she is at an event earlier this week, getting a lot of attention for her appearance. some say made her unrecognizable. >> the 45-year-old star issued a statement to "people" magazine. there you go, seen it side by side. she said about the speculation, who doesn't look different as they get older? good point there. she says he's leading a different life. a happier and more fulfilling life. and she's glad is shows. >> her eyes look the same. >> and it was to honor women's achievements. and still all we talk about is a woman's appearance. i think that's very telling. >> absolutely right. and making headlines this morning. >> barbara walters, retired from
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"the view." did that earlier this year. but returning with her ten most fascinating people of 2014. >> and includes luminaries such as neil patrick harris, chelsea handler, scarlett johansson and, of course, oprah winfrey. >> but the list is apparently not done just yet. check out our website, tell us who you think should be among this year's most fascinating people. and finally here -- do you like this story? >> i'm glad barbara's back. >> barbara's not going anywhere. come on, now. this is for anybody who wanted a hoverboard like marty mcfly in "back to the future ii." a california company has something that might be up your alley here. >> it's the hendo hoverboard, it's powered by magnetic energies under the board. allowing to hover. >> they are trying to raise money on kickstarter. could cost $10 grand. important to note, you can only use it on one of these special
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. we are feeling great! >> why is that? >> winning game one of the world series. >> not winning: crushing. >> crushing. yes, crushing. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. good morning, everyone. live doppler hd shows a few more high clouds than yesterday. we still have 40's and 50's. doesn't that look great? city hall in orange? looking from sutro tower. high clouds are thicker today. temperatures are around seasonal levels from 74 to 77 inland east bay and coast to san francisco is 63 to 69. around the bay, 70 to 74.
4:29 am
how is the commute? >> moving quickly. good morning, everyone, the bay bridge toll plaza shows clear conditions from the maze. ing in but green. so we are running at top speed. we do have areas of construction. first, drive time traffic shows 580 westbound from richmond to dublin is 23 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. how about we revel in the win. tonight, giants will try to get agreedy after game one. the first inning 2001 run slot to right center gave the giants the early 3-0 lead. that is all they would need as bumgarner pitched a winning game
4:30 am
on the road giving the fans a lot to celebrate. >> good morning, tiffany. >> 2010 and 2012 giants played game one right here at at&t park. last night they did not have home field advantage but the fans crowded the bars around town to she support. at lefty o'doul's, the fans cheers when they took game one decisively. game one winner of the word series have won nine of the last 10 years. in kansas city, there was trash talking that got the bar owners involved. in giants lost left last said they would send the special bl


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