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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 1, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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san francisco. and a fatal fall at orco ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours.
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here and only here. ♪ come and get it. it's not the kind of weather you want to take your small boat out in if you can possibly avoid it. crab is not a good reason to go out and risk your life. >> four people dead after a boat capsized near bodega bay. a fifth person was pulled to safety. good evening. i'm katie marselo. this is a picture of the boat that was capsized early this morning. here's the latest from bodega bay. >> witnesses said the coast guard and others quickly recovered the people from the dangerous waters. she could see paramedics trying to revive them. >> the paramedic was just hauling on somebody.
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>> were they trying to give cpr? >> yes. it was so visceral, i couldn't believe it. >> unfortunately, three men and one woman pulled from the water did not survive. an additional man named sanchez was pulled from the water. that's him being walked into the station by two rescue workers. he was rushed to santa rosa hospital. the 2-foot-long boat they were aboard smashed into the rocks. it was a complete loss. >> it pretty much got smashed to pieces by the waves. we haven't seen any recoverable pieces of it. >> the only survivor of today's crash, philip sanchez, has already returned home from the hospital. we talked to some of his friends who tell us he's known the other four people in the group for years. they launched this morning together for the opening day of crab season. sanchez did not talk to us. his friends asked us to leave after he got home.
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none of the people in the boat were wearing life jackets. the coast guard is asking boaters to be careful through the rest of the weekend. a wind advisory remains in effect in the area. something as semimple as a foul spark plug or anything else, when you break down in winds like this, you drift so quickly that you'll find yourselves in rocks in no time. it's so dangerous. >> this crash is still under investigation. abc news. three of the victims have been identified tonight. 79-year-old jesse langley from boo bodega bay and 60-year-old costa robkin. the woman has not been identified. live pictures for you from the bayview district where san diego police found the driver in what they originally thought was a fatal hit and run. it happened at 9:30 near third and cargo street. police say it's possible the driver didn't know he hit
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someone. investigators are interviewing the drooiver and witnesses to determine exactly what happened. the victim is a man in his 20s or 30s. police say he was on a skateboard. a uc berkeley student is dead after falling at oracle arena. zachary bradley was pre-med and in his second year at cal. lillian kim is live in berkeley with the story. lillian? >> reporter: katie, zachary bradley was a member of theta delta kai. his fraternity brothers asked for privacy as they cope with this tragedy. by all accounts, 20-year-old zachary bradley was a talented, well-rounded individual. his family said he was fluent in spanish, played the piano and several other instruments and a spid speiered to be a doctor. but on halloween, the cal student took a tragic fall. they attended the ku klux
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concert in oakland. he died after falling 20 feet. he was climbing in a restricted area behind the stage. his fraternity brothers are grieving. they didn't want to go on camera but said they would miss bradley and his spontaneous adventure. people helping neighbors who are displaced by an explosion that distorted part of a housing complex. two men who lived in the unit suffered severe burns and are still in critical condition tonight at uc davis burn center. investigators say hundreds of volatile butane canisters were in the place being used to turn marijuana into hash oil, and they are what caused the blast. the explosion blew out windows in buildings across the street, and the whole complex is unin habitabs bee
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habitable. >> we will help residents if they need help. >> a fifth showed up at the hospital later that day. all three face felony charges. the attorney who is charged with stealing nude photos from a woman's cell phone says his client is sorry. 34-year-old shawn harrington resigned from the police force. he faces two counts, including the woman he arrested for drunk driving. the attorney said his client a apologizes to women and his colleagues in law enforcement. we take a live look at the exploratory canyon right now as the skies are clear. let's head to our meteorologist for the first check on weather and what's happening. >> the clear skies and light winds will allow temperatures to drop into the 30s tonight.
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we'll paint you a dry picture. highs today around the cool side. the warmest number you see on this map, 66 degrees, the high in fairfield. everyone else topped out in the 60s. napa, san ramon and los gatos. 31 for santa rosa. we'll take a look at sunday shaping up with the accu weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> remember when i was complaining about the heat? ski resorts in the sierras received a healthy dusting of powder overnight. they received 3 inches of snow overnight. 6 inches fell at squaw valley and 10 inches of fresh powder fell on alpine meadows upper mountain. coming up later in the hour, the storm moving across the rest of the country this weekend. evacuation orders have been lifted for a ventura county
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neighborhood after this messy mudslide early this morning. residents in camarillo springs were ordered out just after midnight after mud and debris began flowing through their neighborhood. one home had to be red-tagged. election day is tuesday, but this weekend several bay area counties are giving residents a chance to cast their ballots early. they can head to the department offices for early voting. they're also collecting absentee ballots curbside all weekend long. they can head to oakland county tomorrow. early voting is also available at the county registrar's voter's office. be sure to follow coverage when the election returns on tuesday with the abc voting app. san francisco giants manager bruce bochee has been getting a lot of con grgratulatory messag
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and today he got one from president obama. he told him he looked forward to having him on the team soon. he also sent one to series mvp, madison bumgarner. we've heard a lot of that screaming lately, haven't we? a huge reception for another member of the championship team, second baseman joe panik. he signed autographs and shook hands with shoppers at macy's unc men store today. he told the crowd he never imagined he would win a world championship in his rookie year. he also told everyone he wants to do it again next year. don't think he's going to get a lot of arguments there. still to come on abc news at 11:00, could space tourism be over before it even begins? the new fallout from yesterday's virgin galactic crash. a tightrope stunt in the windy city. what's ahead for daredevil rick
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wal l wallenda. don't forget to fall back
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the future of private space travel is in doubt tonight after yesterday's midair explosion of a prototype rocket. it happened during a test flight of a spacecraft that was meant to start carrying passengers next year. 39-year-old pilot michael alsbury was killed. the other pilot, peter seabold,
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pair churachuted to safety and undergo surgery. the problem is a mystery, but the engineer promises it will be back in the sky. >> we owe it to our test pilots to figure out exactly what went wrong. >> these videos capture the final moments of virgin galactic 2. it exploded midair fry in a test run over the mojave desert. >> it was just a puff that shouldn't have been there, and at that point i knew that something was very, very wrong. >> dreams of flight in pieces in the sand. one pilot was killed. a second, severely injured, was airlifted to the hospital. it brought richard branson, the designer of the virgin galactic, to the crash scene. >> we will now assess the result of the crash. >> ntsb is in charge of the investigation. >> we intend to find out what caused this accident and make
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sure it doesn't happen again. >> it was the first to use new fuel which never before had been tested in flight. this is how the spacecraft is supposed to work. the mother ship carries it to 50,000 feet, releases it, and the craft fires its own rocket, taking paying passengers to the edge of space. 700 have put down deposits, including some big hollywood names. branson says they can get refunds, but he'll continue to aim sky high. chuck receiseverson, abc news. a gallon of gas is below $3, even in the bay area. this gas and shop on the bay cost drivers $2.80. prices have plummeted 30 cents in the last month, bringing the average cost to $2.99. that price has not been seen since november 2nd, 2010. in san francisco, though, the average is $3.47.
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in oakland it's 3.35, and 330 in san jose. a doctor who discovered hiv and aids is honored tonight for his contributions to the world. he was honored at san francisco's deyoung museum. they celebrated dr. arthur demond. he identified the first cases of aids resulting from mother to fetus transmission, which meant hiv could be transmitted through blood. demond also did trials for vaccines for pneumonia and meningitis. >> we forget how much progress we have made in hiv when people work together and really see the need and respond to these needs. >> demond founded global strategies in 1998 to help affected mothers in poor countries. he still travels overseas to work on those programs.
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daredevil tightrope walker nik wallenda will walk a wire at a 50-degree incline between two skyscrapers in chicago tomorrow. and he plans to do part of it blindfolded. wallenda said the inspiration came after undergoing laser eye surgery. the daredevil captivated a live audience last year when he crossed a gorge over the grand canyon. let's turn it over for a look at the daredevil forecast. drew? >> it's going to be a little breezy out there in the windy city for tomorrow, so he'll have to take his time crossing that rope. here we're talking about a clear and cool night across the bay area. live doppler 72 right now. we'll show you a quiet picture. we have rain this morning that has now moved out and the skies are drying out. a live look from our rooftop. all orange glow for the giants
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early tomorrow. some areas of the bay got some healthy rain. salinas and monterey an inch. half moon bay, almost two-thirds of an inch of rain. san jose picked up a little drizzle. two .100 and two .200, respectively. we are tracking autumn warmth in the forecast. we have a few spots already in the 40s. currently 70 degrees, 51 in hayward, 51 in fremont. san jose at 53 degrees. we do have cooler numbers to the north. frost advisories in effect tonight and early tomorrow morning when temperatures will get close to the freezing mark. remember, bring wrour pets indoors. they don't like the cold, either. there is widespread cold in the deep south. freeze warnings are up in ten
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states where temperatures will drop to 20 and 30 tonight, effectively ending the growing season. you do notice the swirl in the atmosphere. that was the low pressure responsible for the rain yesterday and the first half of today. you do notice clear skies in the bay area, and that means ample sunshine for sunday and monday. it's going to get cool out there. 40s and 50s. in some spots even in the upper 30s. in the afternoon we'll see temperatures warming up in lots of sunshine into the 60s and into the 70s. take a look at the week ahead for san jose. the average high right around 60 degrees. tomorrow will be below normal at 67. temperatures skyrocket by midweek or 10 degrees above normal. nearing 80 degrees, and temperatures will stay above normal throughout much of the 7-day forecast. we fall back tonight, end of daylight saving time.
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turn your clocks back one hour as we see sunrise happening tomorrow morning at 5:10 in the morning. 56 for san francisco and 67 the high in san jose. the accu weather forecast calls for november sunshine tomorrow, and then we'll track that warmup. that warmup is going to peak inland with 80s and 70 s along the coast. >> i don't know what to say. i can't get a grip on it. no one could be more tired or more confused than you. college football top of the order. the game fell to the mighty ducks of oregon. oregon made a
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the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million peoplever the next 40 years and almost all the growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved info safe, clean, affordable housing,
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places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then neighborhood begins to thrive and really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities so we are now working in chicago, and in washington d.c., and newark. it's amazing how important safe affordable housing is to the future of our society.
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stafford's championship will live or die based on what they did on the road visiting oregon. 7-1 ducks, arizona cardinals. that is charles nelson. 6 yards, 7-0 oregon. arizona 22-yard touchdown. 14-3. second quarter, oregon up 24-6. kevin hogan got it to chris mccaffery. patrick skoe, he's in. four tds on the night for marcus. ducks win big 45-16 your final. cal visiting oregon state in
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carvel. little shake and bake. give stanford a 14-yard touchdown. makes a move, cuts back, finds the end bell for the second time. 17-10 cal. 16-yard gain here. with that he's now the all-time leading passer in history. passing ed markley. bears up 27-24. tyrone ward, cal up 6th, late in the fourth. 188 yards. three tds, bears rule 45-31. they're going to slow down colorado state. first quarter joe gray, third and goal. 7-0 spartans. inside handoff, up the gut. game tied at 7. the rams hand off to tyler
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urban. gets a few blocks. stanford takes it 14-7. now under 6 minutes to go in the half. not just one, but both feet down. colorado state 17-14. he's in and they'll go on to win 38-31. let's take a brief time-out before we hit the hardwood of the nba. the lakers are signing a new
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yesterday clay thompson agreed to a four-year $7 million contract extension with the
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warriors. he calls it a stress-relieving deal. >> this relieves a little stress and lets me go out there and focus on the court and try to bring a championship home for golden state. and lastly, i can't wait to get on the floor tonight. >> and then he went out and had a career night. a finger roll. three minutes to the end of the game. catch and shoot. 3. 20 in the first half. late second quarter. harrison barnes. kobe bryant, a one-man team. fouls and kobe 28. he needed 52 because the warriors win it by 23. clay, the corner 3. in the 4th. give him 39 in the game. finished with a career high 41. the owner, joe likeb, gave him 70 mill.
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0-4 start since 1967. the warriors now 2-0. perfect for a daddy/daughter date night. he cuts to the net. sharks bite back on the power play. the puck lost behind the net. grabs it, puts it in in game 1. he knocked it in for the 2-1 lead. this is abc 7 sports report brought to you by ebay. just ahead, coming home. the newfound freedom today for a u.s. marine held for seven months in mexico. hundreds of thousands of poppies have popped up at the tower of london. we'll tell you what's behind the unusual art exhibit. the calendar girls are back,
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm katie marzilo. in the headlines, local police investigating a shooting. it happened on 11th street. the victim, a man, died at the scene. police found the driver in what they originally thought was a fatal hit and run. it happened at 9:30 near 3rd and cargo streets. police are investigating the driver and witnesses to determine exactly what happened. one person survived a boat accident that killed four people in bodega bay. it happened at 8:30 this morning. none of the victims were wearing life vests. police are trying to figure out the cause of a 20-year-old
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cal student. he fell 20 feet behind the stage at oracle arena. a former u.s. marine who spent months in a mexican jail is now back in the united states. he's not quite ready to talk about it yet, but he does have quite a story to tell. and it all starts with a wrong turn. richard davies has the story. >> he is back home, a freeman once again. on friday the retired marine sergeant set foot on american soil for the first time in 10 months. he landed on american soil early saturday, accompanied by his mother. >> he kept saying living in the moment, and i think he was reconnecting with his family. >> reporter: it was the end of an ordeal that began march 31st, when he said he accidentally strayed into mexico from a california freeway. his car trunk loaded with hundreds of rounds of weapons and ammunition. he told a 911 operator he
11:37 pm
couldn't turn around. >> i'm at the border by accident, and i have guns in my truck and they're trying to possess dairk they're trying to take my guns from me. >> so you're in mexico? there's nothing i can help you with, then, i do apologize. >> that wrong turn cost him 362 days behind bars on weapons charges. he's been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and that was the basis to win his relief. shontelle williams was among his advocates. >> this experience for him in the last seven months has almost retrau retraumatized him. >> last friday a judge ordered him freed because of his mental state. private now just wants private time with his family. now to the site against ebola in america.
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the new york city doctor infected with the virus has improved. his doctor says he's no longer in serious condition. dr. craig spencer became infected while treating patients in guinea. the suspected case led governors in new jersey and new york to stop travelers exposed to the disease in south africa. nina pham has been reunited with her dog. authorities placed bentley in quarantine for 21 days, fearing he, too, carried the ebola virus. >> i feel like this is another measure of hope for me, going forward with my life with my dog again. >> pham was declared ebola free from the hospital in maryland last week. there is all kinds of weather across the country tonight. right now there's snow in the sierra and winter storm warnings in the northeast. michelle frandsen has the
11:39 pm
latest. >> the band of snow sweeping through parts of the south caught many off guard. >> it was freezing, and our car windows were covered in ice. >> snow on halloween. like here in georgia, it's never been that early. >> we came up for halloween, i guess, and it was a nice surprise for a white november 1st. >> in the carolinas, the snow fell on leafy trees weighing them down, causing some branches to snap and fall on power lines. at one time 20,000 customers had no electricity. and ice turned roads into a different kind of halloween trick. >> dangerous driving. a lot of folks up here don't know how to drive in it. >> high winds in utah gusting to 80 miles an hour caused this semi to tip on i-80, stopping traffic for hours. the precipitation will help ease extreme drought conditions. >> we love the water, we lover t -- love the snow, we love it
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this early. >> there is more snow on the way. an extra bonus for ski resorts. >> expecting about 10 inches of snow tonight and a couple days of really cold. >> a jump start to the ski season in certificasierras week thanksgiving. a field of poppies popped up outside the tower of london today. tens of thousands of people traveled to see the art installation. it's called blood-swept lands and seas of red and was created to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the first world war. in all, nearly 900,000 poppies will be placed in a moat, each representing a british casualty during the great war. you're probably aware the calendars featuring not so fully clothed firemen. some seniors are following suit in their birthday suits. these lovely ladies live at cedar crest retirement community in poplar plains, new york and each stripped down to their
11:41 pm
skivvies for a photo shoot. miss may, 98, miss december 94. miss august just wanted to get out without breaking a hip. >> it wasn't so bad. i was the problem. one had to push, the other had to pull. >> nice work, ladies. the 2015 calendars cost just $10 each. i say double the price. they earned more than $8,000 so far. still to come. getting a little help from your app. >> a new app. if you ask for it, it will fetch it. plus those holiday sales are coming earlier than ever. the details when we return. and i'm abc 7 meteorologist. november starting off on a cool note. temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees below normal, but we have some
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tradition is changing, at least in the world of retail. black friday is no longer the day after thanksgiving, it now starts the day after halloween. amazon started its so-called black friday deals today. the on-line retailers' shares
11:45 pm
plunged 11% last week after saying sales during the all-important quarter would be lower than expected. they also started sales to lure shoppers well before the holidays. with a busy work schedule, maybe you have kids, cooking, cleaning, it's hard to find time for shopping. some people use personal shoppers, of course, that can be expensive. michael finney says there is a shopper anyone can afford. >> doug figelson and his partner max are starting their own software company, so there's little time for pesky chores like shopping. >> i would run out of socks, and i never wanted to shop for socks, so i would have to reuse these really old tattered socks. >> doug isn't rich enough yet to pay a personal shopper, but he found one for free. it's an app on his iphone called fetch. users type in what they want.
11:46 pm
fetch goes shopping. >> you're on the way home and you remember you needed to buy a new toothbrush. you just go in the app and say, new toothbrush. >> right now doug is getting ready for halloween. he asked fetch to find him a creepy horsehead mask. 10 minutes later, fetch came up with it. >> we found your horsehead mask for $18.29. that's a good deal. >> it includes tax and delivery. he hits the buy button and waits. >> we book flights for people, hotels, car rentals, any type of products. >> they are based in oakland, but requests like doug's gs o t real-life shoppers. this one scans the internet for deals. >> i want to find good deals at a good price. >> asking for a retro diner boot. a wig, and an oakland raiders t-shirt. danielle tackles that one, finding the shirt for $19.99.
11:47 pm
she then sends the customer a message with picture and price. does he want that? >> if they don't like it, they can either decline it or say, no, can you find something larger or a size small? and we'll try to update their request and get them something they do like. >> fetch got doug this laptop stand for about $30 and some badly needed socks. those were great. he also picked out this office rug, which he refused to buy. not his style. so what about that horse head? three days after he ordered it, the mask is delivered. >> it's amazing. >> doug may not have time for shopping but there's always time for a little horsing around. >> neigh, neigh. >> the app is completely free. the company makes money by taking a cut of sales from the retailers. if you don't like what you see
11:48 pm
in person, fetch will return it for you, too. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> good stuff. if you were a little too chilly today, our meteorologist has some good news. >> great news. we're talking temperatures on the first day of november. we're below that normal high at 68 degrees. the next 30 days we see a dramatic drop in our temperatures. a high around 73 degrees. we're start to go get to average rain in november, three inches. it's rather cool in the northeast. we have 40s. 48 the high, new york city. we're tracking that remnant low that brought us some rain on friday. that will bring a little bit of rain into mountain snow on that portion of the region. 68 san diego and tahoe, cool at
11:49 pm
44 degrees. in the bay area, we'll slowly start to be warmer than we were today. 66 behind san francisco tomorrow, 67 san jose. plenty of sunshine across the bay area and that warming trend continues. into the 70s we go, and by midweek, yes, you two will get to the 70s as well. >> all right, drew. thank you. you got the baseball for us? >> i got a little basketball, football. don't worry, we're not giving up. >> the high-flying oregon state with a record-setting quarterback, but they had a high flyer of
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with the weight of an uncertain future lifted off his shoulders as a result of a $70 million contract expansion. he had all three to start. light second quarter. harrison barnes. kobe bryant chs a one-man team. the old man still has some hang time, especially when a deal is falling on him.
11:53 pm
kobe had 28 but he needed 52, because the warriors a winner by 23. curry another 3. he had 31. the corner three in the fourth gave him 30 in the game. a career record high 41. 127-104 the final. the lakers latest start since 1937. a three-game losing streak in lo cal. 14-yard touchdown. tied at 10 in the 2nd. make a move, cut back. second time tonight. history in the fourth. beavers quarterback throws a 16-yard strike, surpassing unc's barkley. tyrone ward, beavers go up
11:54 pm
21-37. l lasko puts it away. the bears rule 45-31. head coach david shaw said it best. his team ran into a bust-off in eugene. marietta keeps throwing the reid option here. that's 14-3. second quarter, oregon up 24-6. kevin hogan fired it at four tds on the night for marcus. ducks went big. 45-16 your final. >> looking to pass around colorado state. first coa d. hart inside handoff. six yards, game tied at 7.
11:55 pm
a botched fake field goal by the rams. 89 yards for the touchdown. fourth longest running school history. under six minutes to go in the half. it's now 14-10. 7-yard touchdown, colorado state up 17-14. rams give it to hart. he's in and they on to win 38-31. >> we knew they were going to be a tough opponent. we were all excited about the game and we said it would take us four quarters or more. the emotions were just to never quit and we continued to play our best, continued to grind through it, continued to get through the ups and the downs. >> now that the giants have clinched their third world series in the past five years, it's time to get back to business with some key free
11:56 pm
agents. left field michael morris was huge in the world series. will he be back? but the biggest decision, what will giants do with carlos sa sandmoor. >> before we hear the sign pablo chant, i think i'm a little light, larry. not enough, right, pablo? i brought that on myself. >> all right, we've all seen the giants clinch the third world championship in five years, but we've never seen it quite like this. the giants got the taiwanese asian treatment. pretty much got hit on the head with bumgarner. >> bumgarner stepped on the mound in the fifth inning and completely shut things down.
11:57 pm
>> in the end, bumgarner and the giants were just too strong and won the game 3-2. the giants now have dynasty rights, meaning their third in five years. congratulations. the 2014 world champion. the world report is brought to you by ebay. if i'm not mistaken, drew, that was your halloween costume last night? >> exactly. >> wanted to make sure. a lot of fun, we were all at the parade yesterday. it never gets old like all the players said. players said. >> do it again next
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hey john, check it out. whoa! players said. >> do it again next yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today.
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