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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it is monday, november 3. we have election day tomorrow. the forecast is obviously important whether to bring your umbrellas. >> we will talk to mike about that. >> not an issue with the weather. we have wonderfully warm sunshine coming our way. high clouds will be the rule today. you can see them on the roof camera or setting the clock back you can see the beautiful shots of the pay area -- bay area and temperatures with the planner in and around the bay, 51 at 7:00, 56 at noon, and 55 at 4:00, and 59 at 7:00 after topping out in the upper 60's to 70. inland we will have 47 this morning and 66 at noon, and 58 by 7:00 and at the coast we will have hazy conditions and 56 and high clouds and sun and mid-to-upper 60's to 62 by 7:00. it will be cooler by 7:00 now
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that we have less sunshine in the evening so dress appropriately. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00, we are tracking this accident and it is in the eastbound direction of 580 we are getting more updates an overturned tractor trailer, an 18-wheeler. it is on the shoulder. we have possible lanes blocked. we are hearing there will be a helicopter. one person is tracked. in the westbound direction traffic is heavy. there is spectator slowing building and as we flight over to castro valley westbound 580 at 238 an accident involving a black passenger bus. >> the pain at the pump in the bay area, and this morning some drivers are finding relief. a gallon of gas is less than $3.
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nick is where the cheaper fuel is now selling. >> absolutely, in fact, some of the computers are asking, highway low can you go? they want the pump prices to go lower. we are talking $2.97 in san jose. this is why: aaa said without any natural disasters gas prices will continue to fall over the next few months dropping 33 cents in october. less than a month from thanksgiving, the average price at pump fell to the lowest level in four years. commuters are seeing the savings where it counts. >> $120, usually, and it was up to $150 or so when the prices were up. >> he had a big s.u.v. and he is saving $40 when he fills up and because of the fracturing fuel
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boom is the main reason. demand tails off after the summer and refineries can switch to a cheaper fuel blend that uses less clean burning ingredients that are barred in the summer. the national average for regular is $2.99 and this station the gas right here at north 33rd in san jose is one of two we have found with less than $3 a gallon gas. thank you, knick. >> in the east bay, firefighters remain on the scene of a house fire in concord. this is new video we just in to the newsroom, the fire department tweeted a picture earlier showing the house on fire but with the plane and video you can see the work they were doing putting water on the
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fire. it took ten minutes to get the fire under control. >> a former schoolteacher will be re-tried on child molestation. the 46-year-old was a 4th and 5th grade teacher. in augusta jury acquitted him on all counts involving three students and 11 others. the defense attorney said group hysteria and coercion led to the accusations of the teacher with a reputation of being fun and caring. >> 29-year-old brittany maynard passed away on saturday after taking a lethal dose of drugs prescribed by her doctor. she was diagnosed with brain cancer in january and captivated millions with her public decision to end her life. in the last facebook post she said good by to family and friends and wrote, today i have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal
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illness, this brain cancer that took so much great me but would have taken so much more. she moved to oregon to take advantage of the assisted suicide law. the 20-year-old oakland man accused in the shooting death of a mother of four will appear in court in a road rage incident. he is accused of shooting 30-year-old perla avina eight days ago the fifth standardly shooting in oakland in a week. two were killed over the weekend including a 26-year-old shot and killed in front of a store on saturday night. last night, a man was found shot to death inside a home on 10th. oakland police are investigating two other fatal shootings, one on 22nd and the other on 69th. the price of the eastern span of the bay bridge is skyrocketing and managers say they will have to shift money from other bridge projects to
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cover the cost. officials say the new span had a deficit of $35 million. they add that there are still $110 million worth of unbudgeted work to be done and some of that is covered by contingency funds. $45 million of unspent money from retrofit projects on antioch bridge and dumbarton is moved to boost the budget. >> election day is tomorrow. when all the votes are coupled the general election could have the distinction of having the west town out ever. analysts say they would not be surprised if that happened because there is not a lot of energy or excitement. governor brown is getting part of the blame with a wide lead over g.o.p. challenger neel kashkari and he has not spent money on a single commercial asking for votes. >> washington, dc power is at stake tomorrow, and new polls over discouraging news for
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democrats. here is that report. it is the final push before tomorrow's midterm. long lines for early voting. voting early was a must. president obama barely visible, hit the trail. >> are we going to vote? >> yes! >> so did potential 2016 hopefuls rand paul and chris christie and scott walker and hillary clinton. >> it comes down to who shows up >> tell everyone how important this election is. >> criminal of congress is up for grabs and republicans need to pick up six seats to re-capture the senate. republicans start halfway there with west virginia, montana, and south dakota certain to go to the g.o.p. >> and cotton is pulling away from arkansas senator pryor so the republicans only have to win
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two of ten competitive seats. republicans are making the race about president obama with 44 percent of americans viewing him fairly. >> democrats in tough races have been running away from the president and alison lundergan grimes taking on mcconnell in kentucky is running this spot. >> i'm not president obama. >> we may not know who controls the senate on tuesday, georgia and louisiana require winners break a majority of voters. if not we have a run off. you can follow all the election issues on the smartphone or tablet with the news app and look for our voter resources page, your voice, your vote. >> can we drum up winning weather? >> there is no rain on election day, in fact, sunshine. if you have to stand outside you will enjoy, your sunglasses. healthy rain in san jose
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doubling their totals since july. we are at 41 percent in livermore and 48 percent in santa rosa. 57 percent at sfo and 71 percent of average in san francisco. we still need more rain. visibility is quiet. look at this from walnut creek into the san ramon valley with temperatures in the 40's and by this afternoon, we have upper 60's to low 70's from the coast or san francisco to inland and the temperatures are two degrees of average and as we move forward it will get warmer with high clouds and sun at 68 to 76 from the coast inland and 72 to 80 wednesday and thursday. >> we have a medical helicopter at 580 eastbound to help a victim in an overturned big rig accident not blocking any lanes according to c.h.p. but it is causing spectator slowing
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westbound direction. that is stack on extra minutes as you pull from tracy to livermore and dublin and westbound 580 at 238 one lane is blocked causing backups approaching castro valley. in san jose, this accident is clearing and it was blocking a lane involving two vehicles and someone was injured in that and bumper to bumper trent at highway 82. bart is now recovered from the delays in the we pittsburg and time. >> it is new 6:10. raceway rumble,
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>> man's best friend is separated from his family after a
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. this is abc7 news. good morning, it is 6:13, not 7:13. we fall back saturday night into sunday morning. the sun will rise. fill be -- it will be a gorgeous day in the bay area. >> this morning, federal officials are saying pilot error may have been a factor in the crash of galactic space ship with the tail lifting too soon. the tail lists during "feathering," and the pilot pulled the lever prematurely. "good morning america" will have more on the crash at 7:00 a.m. >> police in southern california will release more information about the arrest in the hit-and-run accident of three 13-year-old trick-or-treaters
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when a monday day s.u.v. slammed into them they were killed while in a crosswalk and thrown 100'. two men were seen running from the ditched november. police will armor details at a news conference later today. now a wild brawl on the racetrack involving one of nasa -- nascar's biggest stars, jeff gordon. brad keselowski's car collided with gordon laugh night in texas and gordon went after keselowski when he spun out and keselowski said it is part of racing and responding to the brawl on twitter saying "we had finisher tires with the wind and the championship on the line, you take it or regret it forever." >> a five-year-old dog has been reunited with the owner after spending a day and a half
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trapped in the family's mud filled home. the house was filled with mud when rain poured in southern california on friday need. firefighters feared she was buried but their grandson walked by yesterday morning and her a bark coming from the house and he spotted the dog in the window. >> you could look around and see tears flowing from everyone. a miracle happened here. >> there are still several feet of mud in the home and the who success red tagged. they are trying to figure out what to do because they do future have flood insurance. >> nothing is better than seeing a dog react to to seeing you for the first time in a while. >> absolutely. now, we are seeing a lost --
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lot of sun. the flow of orange october is spilling into november as we look from the tower to the east bay hills and mt. diablo proceed cruding 3,800' into the sky with high clouds prevalent to the north and least likely to the south and they are coming in on live doppler hd but they are not dropping any rain. light and variable wins and good thing with temperatures in the low 40's and if we had a wind we would have we witches in -- wind chills in the 30's. bright sun over the rain and high clouds and sun and above average highs this weekend and november is extremely dry compared to the way we ended october. to the south, milpitas is 68. 67 in santa cruz. everyone else is 70 to 71. we are 66 in millbrae and 68 to
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70's is the spread on the peninsula and the coast is home 60's and upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and around the bend low-to-mid 60's and novato is the warm spot in the north bay at 63. and inland, castro valley is 60. 69 in san ramon and pleasanton and 72 for the rest of the inland east bay neighborhood. to the north the clouds are thicker tonight with a few of those spilling and temperatures are still in the mid-40's to possibly mid-50's and not so cool as this morning. the storm track is to the north and it dips to the front side of the high pressure. it does have high clouds across it but as the high starts to settle across our neighborhood, notice the high clouds shift away and they will be thinner tomorrow and nonexistent on wednesday. look how warm it will be at the
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coast, low 70's and 80 inland and dropping friday, saturday and sunday and mid-to-upper 60's and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of us. have a good day. leyla gulen? >> if you are headed along the westbound direction on 580 out of tracy for the a pass the accident is in the eastbound direction and i have been telling you all morning, on the shoulder it does not sound like lanes are blocked but this is debris with a medical helicopter helping someone tracked in the vehicle. we have an accident that will be with us for some time. c.h.p. is sticking to the fact that there are no lanes blocked but westbound traffic is busy. from tracy to dublin it will take 53 minutes. highway four is loading up, antioch to concord, 101ant beyond to san francisco is 21
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minutes. and a to -- two car crash from hercules at highway 4. >> who is better at baby talk, moms or dad? surprising revelations and we will breakdown the new medical alert. >> a controversial call that has you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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good morning. warmer temperatures today but a cool start to the morning out there. right now we will check with "good morning america" and amy. next on "good morning america" an early winter storm slammed millions in new england bringing frigid cold and record snow fall. we are in maine with the latest. if you missed it a controversial call cost the 49 we as victory against the programs, the 49ered hat the bail and kaepernick fumbled the snap from center but appeared to regain control crime crossing the goal line and officials ruled it a fumble and rams fall but the replay did not change their mind. an x-ray could tell you what happened but the nfl does not
6:24 am
have one. final score rams 13 and niners ten. another tough loss for the raiders facing saw hawks up 3-0 to start but lynch rushed for two touchdowns including this. here is an interception of the passion and they returned it 35 yours if another score and the seahawks win 30-24 despite oakland's best efforts, the 14th straight loss. >> the wait ends folk the "call of duty," for the gamers. ," at 9:00. >> city officials will hang "for residents," at palace of fine
6:25 am
arts. it occupied part of an exhibits hall before moving to the embark dare. the parks department will issue requests for proposals next week including possible uses of museum, a sports facility and performing arts venues. they will pay for retrofitting the building. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> new details on a weekend tragedy on the water, the lone survivor of a deadly boat accident in bodega bay shares the lessons he learned. >> your voice, your vote, one more day until the midterm election with a real eye opener involving governor brown. >> the 29-year-old woman who advocated for the right to die has ended her life. >> no fog and november is going to start exactly the opposite of how october ended.
6:26 am
i will show the dry weather and how warm the temperatures will be above average in the seven-day forecast. that is the golden gate bridge and we need calm in our lives and traffic there is nice and smooth and empty from marin with the trouble in the east bay with the accident over the altamont pass and all the details on how that is putting a crimp on the commute when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> here is a look at san rafael and things are warmer today. it is november 3rd. thanks for starting your day with us. i am matt keller. >> i am kristen sze. >> a different picture from friday at this time thanks to falling back an hour. beautiful shot of the bay bridge. it is looking nice today. what do we have weather-wise? mike? get rid to put the warm weather clothes away. we will have a tremendous spread at 30 to 35 degrees from the
6:30 am
morning lows to afternoon highs and a lot of sunshine today with a lot of high clouds especially the further north you are and that is what we are seeing on live doppler hd but check out the sun, it is gorgeous, the color as the sun moves further and further to the south. the day planner today we are waking up to 40's and low 50's and most of us in the 40's and we are all in the mid-50's at noon with high clouds and sun and low 60's by 4:00, it will be cooler at 4:00, and it will be cooler at 7:00, and losing hour of sun in the evening, mid-60 to nearly 60. >> it is included at the bay bridge and nothing but headlights pushing in from the maze and we have a 20-minute delay from 580, oakland, to san francisco and normally it and 15 minutes so we are beyond what we normally wait but as we look at the san mateo bridge traffic is nice and slow and you can see the traffic is 12 minutes from
6:31 am
hayward to foster city. we still have an overturned big rig not causing delays in the eastbound direction because everything is on the shoulder but westbound traffic is packed. as we look at westbound 80 a two-car crash and you can not gem nut office the lanes with backups. thank you, leyla gulen, we have breaking news in the east bay. a concord appeal and the the -- family and the dog are safe after escaping a morning fire when the garage was engulfed fully when the firefighters arrived at 3:30 this morning. it spread quickly to the house. it took ten minutes to get under control. three people were displaced. strong reaction to the death of the former bay area woman who became the most visible spokesperson for death with dignity. brittany maynard ended her life
6:32 am
over the weekend. >> she died peacefully surround by friends and family in her portland home but wished she could have passed away in her home state of california. the 29-year-old brittany maynard spent her last weeks to pass laws to give terminally ill the right to thy. she made the most of her last days by traveling with her family including a trip to the grand canyon where show always wanted to visit and celebrate her husband's birthday. she was diagnosed with aggressive brain tumor in january and posted this final video. >> since january 1 my diagnosis, this is what happens you get sicker and circumstance when you are terminally ill. >> last facebook she says good
6:33 am
bye to family and friends. this terrible brain cancer has taken so much from me but would have taken so much more. the group "compassion and choices," plans to campaign for the right to die laws in california. only here the lone survivor of saturday's tragic boating accident off the sonoma coast is speaking out. philip sanchez has been fishing out of the bay for years but saturday he was thrown overboard when he and four friends were on a 32' boat that cappized. her two friends were killed. he is the only one who survived. >> i was pushed off the ice chest and i seen bubbles. >> sanchez was not sure he would survive but swam for half an hour cutting his arm along the way and was airlifted to a
6:34 am
hospital. he state survivors' guilt is hardest. >> a former c.h.p. will appear in court for face charges of sharing nude pictures of a woman he arrested that he found on a phone when she was being booked in jail. she discovered what happened and he claims that the other officers stole nude photos but investigators found no proof of that. harrington has quit his job and the prosecution have dropped d.w.i. charms again the -- charges against the woman. >> jury election begins for two former san francisco police officer involved in a federal corruption probe. the two officers pleaded not guilty to abusing and stealing from residential hotel dwellers. five police officers and a former officer were indicted after a three year investigation. one officer pleaded guilty last week and promised to testify against the others.
6:35 am
>> officers will gather in roseville to on a deputy and detective killed in a husband and wife wild shooting rampage. a service is held today for the deputy danny oliver and another service will honor michael davis jr. tomorrow. governor brown will attend both services. >> the prosecution says a man and his wife are behind the crime spree which spanned two counties. the utah residents fire on several deputies and tried to carjack three others before finally being taken into custody. >> candidates across the bay area will make a last push to get-out-the-vote for election. some political watchers thing statewide turnout could be below 50 percent. san francisco's department of election opened the office in the basement of city hall for those who want to cat early ballots in person. early i voting is available in most registrar's offices in the
6:36 am
bay area. >> a shocking discan be between people in politics and those living in california, with 40 percent does not know governor brown was running for another term. a kiltant was not surprised saying brown does not even ask for your vote. only one in five could name brown's opponent, neel kashkari. >> you can follow all the latest election news on our news app. >> how low can gas prices go? coming up, new relief drivers are finding and how long the lower prices can stick around. >> browsy danger. you may want tory consider getting behind the wheel if you getting behind the wheel if you have a tough time waking up. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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6:40 am
wednesday and mid-to-upper 70s for the weekend. traveling around the state it is quiet and sunny and 66 in monterey and mid-70s in san diego and house an. safe travels. >> in tracy the big rig overturned on 580 eastbound and now we have a few more details it sounds like major injuries could be involved sending a medical helicopter to the scene but they have been unable to get the victim out of the big rig. two other trucks are involved in the incident. there are no delays eastbound but westbound traffic is busy between tracy to dublin. as we take you to westbound 80, one lane is blocked and you are slow off the cartinez and westbound up to texas street we have an accident blocking two lanes and the backup is south of highway 12. >> the new iphone 6 for $99?
6:41 am
where and when you can fine the technical deal. >> who is better at baby talk? moms or dads?
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all
6:44 am
the bay area, this is abc7 news. we have been on the hunt for cheap gas all morning with prices below $3 a gallon in several bay area cities. nick is working so hard and he found $2.897 in san jose! we hear the gas stations are changing the price. >> yes, just if the last few seconds he dropped the prices even lower and people have been riding up here, nick, thanks for letting me know. this guy has been trying to find great gas prices all day long and we spoke to a few commuters. gas prices, per, have been falling across the nation at less than three. one said he was just trying to fine the best deal possible. >> it varies from $80 to $100. today i filled up on $60 at this gas station and even across the
6:45 am
street and it will be $3.50. it will not go down. >> when you see the prices up there on the board, they have dropped to $2.85 for regular here and we had a little bit of a line and one of the reasons we had the line is because we knew people were trying to find the best deal possible. i had a couple of people say, you know what, prices are low in my neighborhood, too, in santa rosa. i appreciate that tweet and following me on twitter but if you know where the gas prices are low, let us know. you can check out our website for the best gas prices where you live with a link on if you have something better than we have, we want to know. >> most of us know drowsy driving is dangerous but it could be more serious than we
6:46 am
rehis. a study by aaa shows that more than one in five fatal car crashes involving sleepy drivers and a third of crashes involving a drowsy driver results in injury. with daylight saving ending and evening commute darkening, aaa is avoid tragedy and recognize the need. dads need to brush up on the baby talk. researchers attached recording devices to infans -- infants and reported speed pattern. 70 percent of responses came from the mothers. and 120 percent came from dads but usually only if the mothers were around. >> number studies show early language is promoted by the conscious you have, how much you talk to your child between birth and age three tied to academic
6:47 am
development and i.q. so studies are showing you can teach young moms and dads how to talk to their babies and it could help with development. >> we will talk more about this on "good morning america" this morning at 7:00. >> one world trade center opens today and the first tenants are moving in. a magazine publisher will occupy floors 20 through 44 and a quarter of the 104-story building. 3,400 employees will move in starting with the first couple hundred today. construction took over eight years at the cost of $4 billion. trading is underway at 6:47 and it is a down day at the early starting point. the dow jones industrial average shows trading down by 19 points,
6:48 am
still, to 17370. >> sam's club is offering a deal on the iphone six with the phone only $99 with a two-year contract $100 off the regular price tag. the new phone debuted less than two months ago and is for member's only and the phone must be bought in the store. that can go to a huge supply of toilet paper or paper towels. >> our sunglasses. >> true. we had to buy a 40-pound bag of potatoes which is cool...lugging around the costco or sam's club size bag. >> have them push around the field. a lot sunshine. you will need the sunglasses.
6:49 am
only thing you need the umbrella is for the sunshine that will dominate our sky with a few high clouds. it is gorgeous. do not for bet pictures of the sunrise again with each of those getting 6,000 "likes," how much you like the sunrise views. the storm program -- storm track is to the north and it is still raining in seattle. high pressure is over the oakland and it moves to the east it will push the high clouds on the prompt side to the north as it does the storm tram so we have a warming trend and brighter days ahead. at the bart stations, 41 in dublin/pleasanton and walnut creek is tri- and concord and hayward and to fremont at 46,
6:50 am
and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50's. this is how it looks from the east bay hills this morning, with the high clouds and the clean air under it, so high clouds and sunshine, enough said, and above average highs all week and it is dry in november. no rain in the forecast the next seven days but 68 in milpitas and 67 in santa 60's in sausalito and low-to-mid 70's in the valleys and temperatures in the upper 60's loan the east bay shore and inland, 70 in castro valley and 69 in san ramon and pleasanton, and 70 to 72 inland east bay neighborhood and a giant spread with the high clouds dropping 25 to 30 and mid-40's to mid-50's from veals to around san francisco and oakland so maybe not so cold as it is this morning, no reason not to vote
6:51 am
tomorrow weather-wise. wednesday and thursday the high water waters low 70's at the coast mid-70's to 80 and dropping a couple of degrees, friday, and saturday and sunday. have a great day. >> we have a couple of problems on the east bay, and we take you to solano at texas street, two lanes are blocked and now we are seeing the heavy backups through fairfield up to highway 12 it opens up a little bit and you are back on the brakes closer you get to cordelia interchange and the slowing starts on 680 and 80 pulling in to 37 and you come off the cartinez we have another barkup on our hand causing pressure along highway 4 as you push in to 80 so we have a two scar crash blocking one lane and you move them to the shoulder so continuing in the south direction along 8021 miles per hour at the hoffman split
6:52 am
and you go to the richmond-san rafael it is slow as you approach the toll plaza. >> taylor swift has the number one new album own youtubes and now announced a new world tour. here is her tweet "yeah, the 1989 world tour is happening" -- i don't think this was meant to be read outloud. >> here arer concert daylights, first interested, levi stadium is highlighted on the list in santa clara, august 15 next year. mark your calendar. >> what could be a whole signature met, matt keller reading taylor swift tweets. >> back with seven things to know before you
6:53 am
6:54 am
it is now 6:54 whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor an update on breaking news, a family of three and their dog are safe after escaping an early morning house fire in concord that broke out near clayton road. crews say the garage and house were on fire when they got there but they knocked it down in ten minutes. two, we have problems over the altamont pass as overturned big rig not causing slowing in
6:55 am
the eastbound direction at grant line road but plenty of slowing in the westbound direction and we have a life flight helicopter awaiting to transports a couple of victims away from the scene but we still have one person trapped and diesel fuel and 30 minutes until it is cleared. >> our sunrise is bursting through the bay bridge this morning and it is going to be warmer today, warmer tomorrow, and warmer the next day we have dry air on way after 40's and 50's in the morning and low to up purr 50's at the coast and upper 60's to mid-70's for the rest of us. >> four, the bay area woman who moved to oregon to take advantage of the assist the suicide law has died and 29-year-old britney married pass -- brittany maynard passed away on saturday. >> the only survivor of the saturday boating accident near
6:56 am
bodega spoke about ordeal. philip sanchez and four friends were then overboard when the boat capsized and he swam for half an hour to make it to shore cutting his arm along the way. >> more red ink for are bay bridge which is $35 million in the red because of problems. officials are using money from other bridge projects to pay bills and vow not to raise the tolls. aearly voting is underway crass the nation for the midterm elections and voters decide on 147 ballot issues and california voters pick between six propositions including gambling and health insurance. >> we will continue on twitter and facebook and other mobile devices and see you again during
6:57 am
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. snow emergency. a record-breaking winter storm blasting the east coast. blizzard-like conditions. dumping nearly two feet in some areas. powerful wind gusts. over 50 miles per hour, taking out power and trees and trucks. ginger is tracking it all. wild brawl. superstar jeff gordon attacks nascar's new bad boy. fists flying and the crowd cheering after gordon's car was spun out in the 200-mile-per-hour race. >> the way he races, i don't know how he's ever won a championship. >> will nascar crack down before tensions on the raceway get more out of control? what a view. that's a long way down. >> daredevil nik wallenda, breaking a new record with his death-defying tightrope walk high above chicago.


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