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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 13, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning, america. and breaking overnight. bono's brush with disaster. a terrifying air scare for the biggest rock star in the world. the door ripped off his private plane thousands of feet into the air. luggage sucked out into the sky. new details coming in right now. weather warning. the alarming new threat to the weather warning system that protects all of us from terrible storms like this. chinese hackers accused of attacking critical satellites. the investigation under way. >> i'm at the short hills parking lot. an abc news exclusive. the videotapes one mall did not want you to see. alleged carjackers prowling a luxurious mall for days before finding their victim. what it says about security at the mall and what you need to know into the busy holiday shopping season.
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and take a look at this, the giant hammerhead shark chasing kayakers for miles off the coast of florida. what they're saying this morning about how they finally shook their tail. ♪ and good morning, america. i think they called in matt gutman. >> i think you're right. >> that was the way to do it. it is a busy thursday. we have that deep freeze all over the country right now from what they're calling the polar tumble. ginger has the latest on that just ahead. >> she's standing by. but begin with the scary call for u2 front man, bono. one of the doors falling off his private jet mid-flight. gio benitez has the story. that's right, robin, it was scary. the door falling off in the middle of the flight. bono on board with four friends and this morning, surviving what could have been a catastrophic disaster. ♪
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>> reporter: he's used to flying high as the lead singer of u 2. ♪ it's a beautiful day >> reporter: but this morning, bono is just thankful to be alive after a cargo door on a private lear jet he was traveling on detached from the plane, falling 15,000 feet in the air, luggage flying out. the irish rocker and four friends were almost at the end of a two-hour flight from dublin to berlin on a learjet 60 like this one, heading to berlin to accept an award tonight. like a pro, the superstar didn't miss a beat after the incident, meeting with a government minister later that day. >> get off my plane. >> reporter: and while in the movies where a detached plane door spells disaster, experts tell us in real life the situation on that plane was less risky. >> the passengers were not in jeopardy on this airplane. if the pressurization was not compromised, the airplane was flying well, there's really no reason to turn around and go back. >> reporter: the pilots noticed
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a rumble, similar to turbulence, on approach, but felt no change on how the plane was flying. it was only when they landed that they discovered that the door and luggage were missing, but the mid-air drama is probably something the star could have lived with or without. ♪ with or without you >> all right. so we had some fun with the songs. u 2 is set to perform at the awards tonight. and he had arrived a day earl to meet with the economic development minister. i can't even imagine, being on a plane. at least he didn't know that door had fallen off. >> hard to imagine. >> unbelievable. >> that's crazy. turn now to the scary video. three american sailors attacked on the street in turkey. anti-american protesters grabbed them, sprayed paint on them and placed bags over their heads before they escaped back to their ship. abc's martha raddatz is covering the fallout from washington.
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good morning, martha. >> good morning. the sailors are confined to the ship, all shore leave canceled, after the frightening encounter, which the military said was handled just the right way by not inciting the protesters further. >> reporter: the three u.s. sailors on a scheduled port all to istanbul, attacked. here they are at an atm, wearing civilian clothes, trying to ignore taunts from a crowd. >> we define you as murderers, as killers. we want you to get out of our land. >> reporter: some 20 protesters surrounding the americans, getting more and more aggressive. shoving them. spraying the soldiers with red paint, representing blood. and chanting -- >> go home! >> reporter: -- their message clear. yankees, go home. >> go home! >> reporter: and then it escalates. the crowd forcing plastic bags over the sailor's heads. take a look again. the bags, an apparent reference
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to a 2003 incident in iraq, where u.s. forces put hoods over the heads of detained turkish soldiers. the sailors managed to break away. first walking, then running, as the crowd runs after them. finally, making their way safely back to theirship, the "uss ross." the u.s. embassy condemning the attack on twitter, saying the vast majority of turks would join us in rejecting an action that so disrespects turkey's reputation, for hospitality. the attackers are part of the turkish youth union, an ultranationalist group that condemns what they call, american imperialism. they are working with the authorities. >> that is so troubling. americans like your father who served in turkey for so long. >> i remember there was a little unrest in the late '60s with nato. we were told not to make ourselves too present. >> had to be careful.
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>> yeah, we did. now to the alarming new threat to the weather warning system. critical computers designed to help us prepare for extreme conditions, sabotaged. pierre thomas has the latest on that. good morning, pierre. >> good morning. this week alone, government sources accused china of hacking the u.s. postal service. and now sources are pointing the finger for allegedly targeting another agency. and it affects how we get key weather forecasts. in times of severe weather, hurricane, tornadoes, satellite images like these, can be critical to saving lives. and today congressional sources tell us the national weather service recently lost access to some of the most important images for days. this morning, u.s. investigators are trying to determine if hackers affiliated with the chinese government are to blame. this as the national oceanic and atmospheric administration confirms that four key weather websites have been hacked, declining to offer more detail.
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but a member of congress was blunt -- >> this is china, china is doing this. they are stealing us blind. >> reporter: national security officials say we're in the midst of a surge of hacking. by sophisticated players. terrorism is still the number one national security threat but we've seen cyber grow at an alarming rate. and the threats that we face, the number of actors, the number of breaches. this is a real problem. >> reporter: officials say they're deeply concerned because the breach shows that hackers possibly can disrupt the nation's ability to get timely weather information. during extreme weather, information delays could be the difference between life and death. the government says all systems are working again and that accurate forecasts were delivered to the public. but sources believe this potential breach is another ominous sign that hackers could seriously disrupt our lives in dangerous ways, george. >> that could affect everyone. okay, pierre, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to that big chill blasting the country. midwest, east and south all freezing right now.
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ginger, you told us it was coming. >> hardly anyone is safe from this. and it's not going to go anywhere any time soon. look at this. the cool air settled in in parts of the rockies and northern plains. looking at windchills, yes, 32 below zero feels like in denver, amarillo, 0, even dallas, feels like the teens. casper, wyoming, 24. memphis and houston, both sub-freezing in the windchill. so, those freeze warnings are all of the way down to the mexican border. you can see from new mexico, to the florida panhandle, atlanta tomorrow morning in a freeze warning. so those numbers aren't going to be going up any time soon. even places north and east of little rock hood their first snow, first measurable snow, in november in 20 years. we are not safe here. a lot colder in the east coast. these are highs today, likely early in the day. early saturday morning, the terrible tumble keeps on going. savannah in the 70s today, 29 by saturday morning. >> oh, my. >> what a switch. thank you.
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now to the dramatic rescue at the world trade center. two window washers dangling 68 stories above the ground of the tallest skyscraper in the country. abc's david wright is at one world trade center with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning, the broken platform has been removed and that window on the 68th floor that served as an escape hatch is set to be replaced today. the window washing company explains that what happened was that the cable on one side of the platform malfunctioned, creating this cliff-hanger that had everyone on edge. 800 feet up and dangling on a precarious perch. their rig nearly vertical. these two window washers hung on for dear life. tourists at ground zero looking up in horror. >> i have never seen anything like this before in my life. >> reporter: as firefighters race to rescue them. >> well, now, they have no options. they can't go back up, so we have to look at everything collectively. >> reporter: from the roof top,
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one fire crew launched a second window washer's platform down as a fail safe while inside the building, rescue team one cut through multiple paynnes of gla using diamond-blade saws. tricky task. an open window at this height could turn into a wind tunnel, like popping open the exit door on a plane in mid-flight. >> that's a long drop down. >> reporter: an hour and a half later, the firefighters finally pull them to safety. juan lopez and juan lezama were rattled, suffering mild high percentthermia, but otherwise unharmed. >> they were relieved. >> yeah. they were walk, but couldn't go anywhere. they're comfortable at that height. so it was okay. >> reporter: new york city firefighters, train for this. for 20 years the local union has required 216 hours of classroom instruction plus 3,000 hours of apprenticeship before
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windowwashers can operate one of these rigs. on this day, all that training saved lives. amazingly, we're told that the firefighters drilled this exact scenario here at this building just ten days ago. you know, it used to be thought of that washing windows on skyscrapers in new york is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, but it turns out with modern safety gear, it's actually safer than driving a cab. robin? >> we'll take your word for that. that looks scary 68 stories up. glad everybody is okay. and all that training paid off. now to amy. other top stories that are developing, good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. and we begin with the drama unfolding 4 billion miles away on a come et hurdling through space. here is what it looks like close up. this is the first photo coming in overnight taken by the european spacecraft that landed on the comet's rocky surface wednesday. an historic achievement in space exploration. and what a landing it was. mission managers say the lander bounced three times. there was a problem with its
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anchoring system. right now scientists are getting as much data as possible before its battery needs to be recharged. back here at home, we're expecting new testimony in the shooting death of michael brown. the unarmed teen shot by police in ferguson, missouri. a world-renowned forensics expert hired by the brown family is set to testify, as ferguson braces for a grand jury decision. abc's steve osunsami is in missouri with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning. the medical examiner is expected to tell the grand jury that he believes officer darren wilson fired at brown from a distance. that's key. because the county autopsy suggests that much of the gunfire happened at close range. even inside the police suv. backing up police accounts that brown fought with officer wilson and even went for his gun inside that police suv. businesses here are bracing for the worst, boarding up their windows, worried that this city
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might burn if officer wilson isn't indicted. amy? >> all right, steve osunsami with the latest. thank you. and people in kansas are assessing the damage after the largest in a series of recent earthquakes. wednesday's quake was a magnitude 4.8, felt as far away as texas. it was enough to send bricks crashing down. throw household items to the floor and even crack walls. 1200 quakes have shaken the region in just the last year. some blame fracking. scientists are trying to determine if that is the case. and after a six-year battle, congress is trying to debate whether to build the keystone pipeline. democrats are no longer blocking the bill. they are trying to help their colleague, senator mary landrieu win in louisiana. awe the pipeline would run from canada to the gulf coast. a house vote is expected tomorrow. and higher oil production is one reason gas prices are dropping. the average price at the pump is predicted to be under $3 a gallon to $2.94. that's 45 cents lower than this year. and a police chase in kentucky came to this dramatic end along a highway. a robbery suspect tries to make
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a run for it, but doesn't have a chance. within seconds he's tackled by officer, and then taken into custod custody. oh, he tripped and that helped the officers there a little bit. and a close call for a pedestrian on this highway. watch as he comes just inches from being crushed in the middle of that intersection. it happened in russia. the driver of the car was trying to avoid the man while he was turning. oh, my goodness. in the end, walked away without a scratch. and, finally, shoplifters typically go for small items they can usually pocket. well, smart shoplifters do. not smart ones go big and go to jail. take a look at the guy on the left corner of the screen, he's stuffing a chainsaw down his pants. take a look. after he thinks he's concealed it. go for it, buddy. yeah. no one's going to notice that walking out. >> his shorts?
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>> is that a chainsaw? >> the police caught him within seconds. >> well, if it's turned off, it's safe. i'm guessing. but, anyway, there's his mug shot. >> dude. >> oh -- he looks uncomfortable. >> seriously. did you think nobody would notice? >> why. >> yes. and that's why we love our dumb criminals. >> there's so much to say, i'm leaving it alone, george. >> there's so much that could be said. we have it in our minds. >> you can say the sentence, is that a chainsaw in your pocket. >> you said it! [ applause ] >> it had to be said, america. >> george was the one to say it. >> there we go. >> wow. >> the respect i have for you. let's move on. matt gutman has been with us all week. and you'll remember, we showed you this video of matt demonstrating what to do if you encounter a dangerous shark. well, it really happened to these kayakers who were followed by a shark for miles off the
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coast of florida, and our matt gutman, of course, has the story. >> reporter: if the fin slicing through the waves just feet from this kayaker wasn't jawsy enough, take a look at what the camera reveals when dunked into the water. the unmistakable shape of a hammerhead shark, tailing them for two hours. >> he hit my rudder and jogged my whole kayak, just following us steadily, and creepily. a little bit of "jaws" action there. >> the kayakers were kayaking off of palm beach. the shark, estimated as big as their kayak, 13 feet. >> it was a big shark. it got just a little -- >> a little hairy, i would think. >> reporter: hammerheads are not considered as aggressive as great whites with fewer than 30 attacks in recorded history. but they can be territorial as this spearfishing duo learned in california this weekend. instead of staying out of the water, they jumped in. >> that was not the smartest
7:17 am
idea we've ever had. >> reporter: circled by another hammer head, they cling to each other and jab at it with their spears before finally wising up and getting back in their boast. close encounters from coast to coast. and experts say they're only becoming more common. possibly because the warm waters of el nino are attracting fish. and the bigger fish that eat them. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. can't get enough. >> no, no, no. you have some video for us. trick shot? >> this video is going to take you back to your basketball roots, robin. >> all right. ♪ >> you're going to like this. thunder law of the harlem globetrotters shattering the guinness world record for the furthest basketball shot made backwards. he nails it, just over 82 feet. amazing. beating the previous record by ten feet. how much time did it take to practice? >> look at that. how many shots do you have to
7:18 am
take to be able to make that. >> nothing but net. >> that's all you need. >> it is easier with a chainsaw down your pants. >> everything is. >> thanks. michael, that was fun. >> let's go back to ginger now. you have a storm on the west coast? >> yes. storm everywhere. so it's basically winter everywhere. i want to take you with me to give you an idea what's happening. early this morning in oregon. look, snow falling. and not just snow, but in some places, the columbia river gorge, blizzard conditions. so, a blizzard warning out for that area, not wanting to travel anywhere along that state line, between washington state and oregon. you can see all of the winter storm warnings. some of the snow up to two feet in some of the higher elevations. ice in some of the cities, portland included, could be messy. it comes with huge wind, too. your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area profit. we have wet weather through the morning. it will be sunny and dry this afternoon. brighter and warmer this weekend. still unsettled next week on when the rain will arrive and how much we will get. today, a mild air mass behind the cold front and mid-to-upper 60's and want out for patchy fog and cooler temperatures with 40's in the valley and low-to-mid 50's at the coast. warmer data is >> still to come on "gma," the >> still to come on "gma," the colorado man accused of pushing his wife off a cliff.
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why the death of his first wife is now under investigation. and an abc news exclusive, the videotapes one mall didn't want you to see. carjackers prowling for victims, what you need to know to stay safe at the mall. plus "gma" investigates credit card hackers, how they can swipe your personal information straight from your wallet. our "shark tank" expert will tell you how to protect yourself. and tears of joy. a new study revealing why we cry when we're happy. and it's a big morning here. people lining up all night. the stars "the hunger games" here. jennifer, josh, liam, taking over times square. that and a whole lot more when we come back. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system
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cherish moments like these with realpad. available at and at walmart. good morning. i'm eric thomas. wet weather is moving across the bay area this morning. a live picture from steiner and eddie streets in san francisco. crews are cutting up a huge tree that fell on a car and across the road. city officials aren't sure if
7:25 am
this is weather related. the tree did fall during the storm. another tree is down at post and goff. let's get a check of the traffic with leyla gulen. >> lane lines pulling out of service. take you back into san francisco, this update. the sigalert has canceled eastbound side at essex street. on-ramps have reopened. we'll be on the brakes as you head up to treasure island. busy one out there. eric? >> leyla, thank you. mike nicco has your bay area forecast when we return.
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good morning. still drizzle and light rain. you can see it falling here as we look at our emeryville camera. 280 and 17 even seeing some brakes in the cloud cover. live doppler 7 hd, moving away from us. we'll transition from drizzle and light rain from 9:00 to 12:00 to just scattered showers and then it should be fairly dry during the afternoon hours. look for
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♪ mattress discounters daddy, i'm so happy. >> you're so happy? ♪ >> got to love those happy tears. we see them all the time. >> you get a car! you get a car! >> it seems strange. why do people cry when they're happy and laugh when it's sad. >> that happens to me. >> there's a scientific explanation. >> am waiting to hear. i can use it as my explanation. >> science. >> yeah. >> there's no such thing as inappropriate laughter. >> not what it's scientifically explained. >> exactly. >> as long as there's science behind it, right? >> and the shocking video tapes one mall did not want you to
7:31 am
see. carjackers prowling for a victim. what you need to know to stay safe this holiday season. and "gma" investigators, sorry, michael. you first. >> you're doing great. "gma" investigators credit card hackers. >> they do. >> the way they're swiping injure personal information, and what one of the "shark tank" experts say you can do right now to protect your personal information. begin with the colorado man charged with killing his wife. it happened on their wedding anniversary two years ago. the case is raising questions about the death of his first wife. cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: this morning the husband in these seemingly happy family photos is behind bars, accused of pushing his wife off a cliff to her death. >> she's a cautious, very conservative person. doesn't go on the edge of anything. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a romantic anniversary hike in colorado's scenic rocky mountain national park.
7:32 am
but tony didn-- toni didn't mak out when she stopped on a steep ledge. the autopsy reports she was fallen or pushed to her death. a 14-story drop. >> i'm so sorry this happened when i was with her. >> reporter: now two years after her death, police arresting harold henthorn. the alleged motive? a $4.5 million payout. before she was buried, a claim was made to collect on one of those policies. in an indictment last week, they said he willfully, deliberately, maliciously and with premeditation killed his wife. >> there has to be evidence he was thinking about this long before they began the hike. >> reporter: now opening an investigation into his first
7:33 am
wife. killed two decades ago as they changed a flat tire. harold was the only witness. the location, desolate. her insurance policy, almost half a million dollars. >> we talk about those things in court. >> reporter: his attorneys not talking outside court. he's being held without bond and pleaded not guilty wednesday. if convicted, he faces life in prison. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. and thanks to see seal ya. and now the surveillance footage from a mall parks lot they didn't want you to see. shows a gang of alleged carja carjackers on the hunt for a victim. it's raising security questions. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: good morning. it was a holiday shopper's worst nightmare, dustin freeland killed while shopping with his wife at an upscale mall. they are speaking to us and
7:34 am
showing surveillance video that may serve as a warning. >> i'm at the short hills mall parks lot, my husband has been shot. >> reporter: that panicked 911 call from jaime after her husband, 33-year-old dustin freeland was gunned down at new jersey's posh short hills mall last december. and this morning, a bomb shell in the wrongful death case against the mall, her lawyer showing us exclusive, never-before-seen surveillance video the mall doesn't want you to see. >> the parking spots were an invitation, but it wasn't safe when you arrived. >> reporter: december 12th, the suspects stalked the white suv in the two-tone suburban before tailing it out of the mall. retired nypd detective nick says this was a dry run. they're testing security. >> yes. and they're confident that they can -- they could do their
7:35 am
carjacking whenever and however they want. >> reporter: then on december 15th, that lurking two-tone suburban is back. parking next to the white car. >> hunters looking for prey. >> reporter: but minutes later, with no shoppers in sight, drin to the next parking spot. they find their target, and according to police, taking his life and his car. 13, 14 minutes after the parking deck, that's the two-tone suv, and that is freeland's car. >> day know the monster act they committed and they're just pan i icing out of there. >> reporter: a terrifying warning. >> see something out of whack, walk away. let the lights and sirens go on. >> reporter: as for jaime, this case it more than just justice for her and her family. >> this is a wakeup call. if the malls want people to come and spend money at stores there,
7:36 am
they have to make it safe. this says go out and take the steps to make sure your patrons are going to be safe. >> reporter: lawyers for theal had no comment. the four suspects have been charged with murder and carjacking and pleaded not guilty. staying safe, if shopping alone at night, or your parking spot is way out there, mine often is, ask a security guard to escort you to the car. may keep you out of harm's way. >> i've done that. when we first learned about this case, so incredibly sad. thanks very much. another check of the weather. just everywhere. >> little elm, texas, north of dallas. ice on the roads and the cars. and look at denver. we know it's a snowy couple of inches yesterday, but the temperature this morning, actual air temperature, 13 below zero. and it feels like 32 below zero. lake effect snow advisories in the usual spots. some of the numbers will reach 6
7:37 am
plus inches in western michigan, western new york, and close to erie, pennsylvania. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. you will need the umbrella. the showers stay. we have clouds and seasonal and upper sin. a little fog the nbc couple of mornings and high clouds and sunshine and warmer through >> all that weather brought to you by union pacific railroad. i'm reminded not all cold and snow it bad. i think so. arizona is good today. coming up, old navy under fire. outrage over the retailer charging extra for plus size clothes for women, but not doing the same for men. and "gma" investigators credit card hackers. new high-tech way they're swiping your personal information. and what you can do right now to protect yourself.
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all right, we're back now. and "gma" investigators this morning a consumer alert with new ways that hackers are stealing your credit card data. maybe swiping your personal information out of your wallet or purse without you knowing it. rebecca jarvis turned to a star of the "shark tank" to see how it works. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is shocking how easy this
7:42 am
work. robert shows us how criminals using just a phone and an app can make off with your credit card information in a matter of seconds. in the race to score a deal this holiday season, you may be eyeing big discounts. but hackers may be eyeing you. and all it takes it a simple app. >> they're becoming more sophistica sophisticated. the last offer, $4 million. >> reporter: and robert is also a cyber security expert. and he shows "gma" investigators how quickly your credit card information can be swiped. >> simply by putting this near your purse, we're able to take your entire credit card information. >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, he not only steals my credit card number, but my pin. my previous transactions pop up on his phone. he says this can happen with credit cards that have smart chips embedded.
7:43 am
the wireless technology attached to the chips make it possible. experts say it makes another level of security, and you can wave your card to pay. by the end of next year, 70% of credit cards are expected to have these chips. but experts say hackers are already outsmarting these smart cards. how you protect yourself? >> you have to read your entire credit card line by line. >> reporter: he says check your credit card statement for small charges. >> they're getting sophisticated. i'm not going to buy a $5,000 item. spend $20. >> reporter: those microcharges. >> we call that microfraud. >> reporter: they are committed to investing in a system to protect millions of american who is use it every day. products like this wallet are available to help shield your credit cards. >> it's got a little bit of a metal coating. if your credit card was in this,
7:44 am
couldn't read anything. >> reporter: and putting your credit cards in a metal sleeve or aluminum foil, yes, aluminum foil can protect you from situations like this one. watch, my wallet right next to me. he puts his phone on top it of, showing how easy it is to steal my info again. nowadays on the phone, reason together music, multi-tasking. this is simple. >> we staged this. but this is reality. >> reporter: a problem he warns is not going away. >> the cards are becoming more smart. they contain more data, when they steal it, get more information. this is definitely becoming a bigger problem. >> reporter: the most important thing to do if you believe this has happened, call your bank and credit card company immediately. you should not be responsible for fraudulent charges. but the low tech solution, aluminum foil, wrap it around your card. >> it's not the sexiest look.
7:45 am
>> but it works. >> in this world, we have a lot of expensive ways to fix it, but the cheap way to. >> an easy fix. unbelievable story. thanks so much. coming up, everybody, workout tips. if you're feeling a little lazy. the simple ways to get fit without changing a thing about your daily routine. >> i need to know that. and tears of joy. it might seem strange. and tears of joy. it might seem strange. why you cry when you're you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists make it easy for you to save on your prescriptions. so you can keep your money where it belongs. swing by walgreens... ...where you could save even more with medicare prescription copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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and what dinner is complete without the delicious taste of ocean spray cranberries? both: happy thanksgiving! okay, who likes yams?
7:49 am
♪ tears of joy which we all have had at some point. laughing in the face of tragedy. they say like strange ways to respond to your emotions. but science may explain these odd reactions. and t.j. holmes is the in the social square with that. good morning. >> let me admit, i cried like a baby on the day of my wedding. not just because i was losing my bachelorhood, maybe had a little something to do with it. but why on the happiest days of our lives, we end up crying. our bodies might be trying to keep us in emotional balance. >> daddy, i'm so happy. >> you're so happy? >> we know them as tears of joy. when we're at our absolute happiest. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: the flood gates
7:50 am
open. that's kristen bell, crying her eyes out when her husband surprised her with a sloth. like in this seen from greys anato anatomy. >> george is dead, and i have cancer. >> reporter: some can't help but laugh, you're not losing. . new research from yale says there's a reason our motions often don't match our reactions. >> it's possible when we're feeling overwhelmed with emotions that we need to balance in some ways. >> reporter: this may explain why mary tyler moore couldn't get it together at the funeral of chuckles the clown. >> those individuals that do express this way seem to recover better from that overwhelming emotional experience. >> reporter: or why elaine on "seinfeld" does this. >> get out. >> reporter: when she's really excited. >> will you marry me?
7:51 am
>> reporter: but at least you now have science as an excuse to ride that emotional roller coaster wherever it takes you. >> baby is so cute i just to want punch it in the face. >> reporter: no matter how strange the destination may be. you have emotional limits, your body know it is too happy, too sad, triggers the option reaction. >> that's interesting. we're going to have a lot of tears of joy coming up. jennifer, josh, liam. the stars of the hunker games are here with us live on "gma." . give a little joy. a book is a gift like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other book store in the world.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. it is wet out there this morning. let's check in with mike. >> drizzle. little bit of light rain. pretty indicative of most areas. san jose, 280 and 17. best radar returns are moving away from us. we'll have drizzle and light rain through 9:00. noon to 4:00, those showers fade away. leyla? mike, trees down in san francisco causing muni to be rerouted. the first one is the 9 route, rerouting around a tree between 22nd and 23rd, also the 33
7:57 am
route, that is also being blocked. a look right now in masury. fog at the bay bridge. some fog as well in the east bay northbound side of highway 442
7:58 am
7:59 am
which means it's time thfor the volkswagens here, sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the well-crafted all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and old navy, under fire. why is one of america's biggest stores charging women more depending on their weight? and are you the default parent? the one your kids run to with good news and their problems? could it be hurting your marriage? ♪ and power up your workout without breaking a sweat. even if you can't find the time to get fit, we have tips you can use to sneak in shaping up starting now. and channing tatum's revealing one-on-one with george. >> i think people's minds are going to be blown. plus jennifer, josh, and liam, the stars "the hunger games" here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪
8:01 am
and a big bundled up crowd out there in times square. all excited for those three right there. liam, jennifer and josh. stars of mockingjay. they are here this morning. and look at that crowd. a big welcome. >> flashes going off. >> their own red carpet. >> yeah. >> they are such great sports. can't wait to talk to them. they also brought with them an exclusive clip no one has seen yet. and we're giving several lucky superfans a chance to ask them questions right here live. because many people have been lining up overnight for a chance. >> they were here early. >> yes, they were. >> yeah. and the movie is so good. today, it's a scientific sort of study -- sort of. >> another one. >> what your favorite pizza topping says about you and your love life. who you might be best matched up with. extra cheese, a little pepperoni. we'll discuss. >> oh, wow. okay. all right.
8:02 am
a story -- a story for every parent. the number of small children injured at playgrounds is on the wriez, and why our smartphones may to to blame for that. >> figure that one out. >> it's easy. >> that's coming up. amy has some news. good morning, we begin with the new news about the air bags. takata is the subject of a federal grand jury investigation. the company's air bags are blamed for five deaths. millions are recalled. and near paris, there's a report of a tiger on the loose. it's unclear whether the tiger escaped from a nearby wildlife park. the police are using a helicopter in hopes of finding
8:03 am
it. and several suspects are in custody accused on this attack on three american sailors in turkey. they shoved the sailor, spraying them with paint and putting bags over their heads. and president obama is meeting with the president of myanmar, also known as burma. the once-reclusive nation has been slow to implement the political and economic reforms promised two years ago. the president also met today with pro-democracy champion aung san suu kyi, banned from becoming president in that country by law. frightening, breaking story overnight for u2 frontman bono. flying to berlin for a meeting with a german government official. on the way a rear door fell off his private jet, like this one. happened at 8,000 feet. the luggage falling out. but expeshts say the pressurization of the cabin was not affected, no one was at risk. and the plane landed safely in berlin. and breaking news from wall street, duracell batteries being sold. warren buffet's company,
8:04 am
berkshire hathaway, is buying it from proctor & gamble for approximately $3 billion. and speaking of money, when you thought the price of a college education couldn't get any higher, well, a new survey finds the average four-year private college now costs more than $42,400 per year. and even with that staggering number, this year's tuition ns increases are actually the lowest increases in five years. that's the average. i mean, it really is outrageous. finally, a park in milwaukee is back to normal this morning. it's no longer a parking lot. check it out. that tractor-trailer, can you see it there? stuck between two of the park's pedestrian bridges for hours. and you're asking, how did a tractor-trailer get stuck in the middle of the park like that? well, the driver says it was his gps. he was just following the directions. and hey, i have a news flash, next time the gps says drive off a cliff or into a body of water,
8:05 am
which i have personally had happen to me, don't do it. common sense, people. yes. that is now back to normal. people are able to walk through the park. but the driver faces $600 in fines. >> wow. >> such a feeling of power when you override your gps. >> i'm not doing that. >> exactly. can i say something, your mother was proudly watching you. every word. she was looking over here. >> was she mouthing the words with me? >> it was so adorable. so sweet. i couldn't help but notice that. beautiful. >> thanks, mom. >> that's my girl. that's my girl. >> and you brought it home, amy. >> and you brought it home. nice to have you here with us. >> now to accusations of sexism and sizism against one of the country's top retailers. old navy is under fire for charging more for plus-size women's clothing, not doing the same thing for men. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: this morning furious customers demanding old navy implement a new policy with
8:06 am
some of it's plus-sized clothing for women. clothing the retail giant charges more for than regular sizes. >> it's really pretty frustrating. >> reporter: renee posey is the woman behind a petition with 30,000 signatures and counting. she said she found a price markup on some of old navy's plus-sized items for women online, though its men's line costs the same across the board. >> i felt it was sexist and i felt that it was sizist. >> reporter: we looked at the site and found not only a separate tab for women's plus items, but different prices. like these rock star super skinny jeans, normally $35 for regular, 45 for plus size. old navy telling abc news overnight that the plus-size clothes cost more because we invest more in them. saying the line is specifically designed and manufactured to fit and flatter our valued customers. we visited an old navy store in the middle of new york's store and searched, but -- you won't
8:07 am
find a price discrepancy here in the store, because all plus sizes are sold online. she is working to change it. discussing how to bring plus sizes to stores. >> we have seen instances where companies have not included plus sizes in their lines. take abercrombie, recently added larger sizes to the clothing offerings after a backlash. >> reporter: customers going to war with their favorite stores, and sometimes winning. what do you think? for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. "pop news" and weather coming up. but now michael over in the social square with the morning menu. >> yep. now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square, powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news," what your favorite pizza toppings may say about you. and a surprising explanation, why more kids getting hurt on the playground. smartphones may have something to do with that. and kim kardashian, set out to break the internet. a lot of people tried to help her with that.
8:08 am
how people are responding to the outrageous magazine cover. all that -- you know what? we're so lucky, we have the stars of "the hunger games." we have got jennifer, we have got josh, and we have got liam. yes, we do. >> live in times square. >> wide angle lens. >> forget that -- ♪ i think everybody's jealous now. this is the ship that changes everything! introducing royal caribbean's new quantum of the seas call now to change the way you vacation forever. that's the way i look at life. looking for something better. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better.
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royal caribbean has been voted best overall cruise line eleven years running. proving that no one does the caribbean like royal caribbean. call 1 800 royal caribbean today. ♪ just helping michael. a little something on your shoulder. that's what we do here. welcome back, everybody, time for "pop news." we begin on this wednesday by talking about the science behind -- oh, yesterday, i should say, today's thursday. rerack. yesterday, we talked about about the science behind bad dancing. research suggesting that some people can't sync up their movements to different tempos. it's beat deafness. and we showed the classic elaine moment, and the jimmy kimmel moment, spoofing the music video for "chandelier." well, guys, apparently jimmy saw that. here you go. >> and nobody wants that. ♪ >> what do you mean nobody wants that? how dare you. i double dare you.
8:13 am
you know, i opened myself up to the beauty of dance and they slap me right across the face. thank you, "good morning america." unfortunately, my morning was not so good. more like bad morning america. >> we want to say we think you're a wonderful dancer, jimmy. and we wish you a very happy birthday, which is today. happy birthday. >> the reason i wasn't here yesterday is because i was at jimmy kimmel, he was helping us with the thank you america special. our thanksgiving special. so we did something. he is just everything and more. >> he didn't take it out on you. >> no, but he did mention it. >> he did? >> sorry about that. >> he still went along with it. >> he's so funny. so, anyway, happy birthday, jimmy. we just wanted to check in with you, let you know we were watching as well. and what does your pizza
8:14 am
pie say about you? the smell and taste expert teamed up with the uk chain, pizza express, for a study. and they deduced the personal preference may be as accurate as your astrological sign when determining who you should settle down with. yes, indeed. here's the breakdown. pepperoni and veggie delights are considered the best match. >> i like both. >> i love pepperoni. >> you need to find yourself a veggie lover. >> okay. >> because the pepperoni lover is an extrovert. check. >> no, i'm shy. shy and misunderstood. >> veggie lovers are charming, but slightly self-absorbed. a good balance according to the science. >> i like pepperoni and mushroom. that's a little bit of each. right? >> yes, that is. >> you like a veggie pizza, you're self-absorbed. >> george acts like he's taking this personally. >> i take it you like vegetarian pizza? >> i like both. >> fans of the white pizza pie, bechamel-based white pie. they're cautious, good with money and they enjoy a debate. their ideal companion would be
8:15 am
the meat lover. because they are typically supportive and more likely home bodies. >> that's because you can't move after eating all of of this pizza. you're stuck at home. >> who needs gemini and taurus when you have extra cheese and meat balls? thank you. go find love. thank you. no? no? george has had it with me. >> at the pizza spot, you might find love. you ordered the veggie pie. well, finally, this video shows that every dog has its day. and on this day, this guy just needed a lift. literally. >> i mean, it's thursday. >> that tortoise is going fast. >> for a turtle. he's cruising. he's cruising. great gas mileage. nice head room. slow and steady wins the race, everybody. it's thursday, one more day to go. and that is "pop news." >> thank you. >> you're welcome. science has once again been performed.
8:16 am
heat index coming up, ginger for the weather. >> we have huge "hunger games" fans. look at these girls. they've been waiting here. they got the autograph, right? >> yes. >> and you said it's so cold? >> it's freezing, we've been out here since 6:00 a.m. >> you think this is cold? wait until you see what's going to happen. yeah, we're going to take you right through the northeast, parts of the mid-atlantic, temperatures there. washington, d.c. some places are going to fall. and, yes, snow mixing with rain in a lot of spots in new england. by friday night, dip below freezing and the windchill is way colder. if you think this is cold, that's nothing. look at that, it's next thursday. it's not going anywhere, guys, it's staying cold. especially for the great lakes and the mid south. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area profit. we have wet weather through the morning. it will be sunny and dry this afternoon. brighter and warmer this weekend. still unsettled next week on when the rain will arrive and
8:17 am
how much we will get. today, a mild air mass behind the cold front and mid-to-upper 60's and want out for patchy fog and cooler temperatures with 40's in the valley and low-to-mid 50's at the coast. warmer data is sunday, thisre >> your biggest fan from hawaii. and i need to be at work at 9:00 a.m. totally worth it. guys, right into you. >> there you are. good morning. i was wondering where you went to. all right. first up in the heat index. so many distractions these days. some can have serious consequences. especially when it comes to children. lots of people get upset when they see parents at the playground, looking at their smartphones, instead of watching their children. new research suggests this could lead to kids getting hurt. a yale graduate student arguing that an increase of injuries like broken bones and concussions in children under 5 could be the result of distracted parents.
8:18 am
a study suggests a 10% rise in these types of accidents. indirect evidence, but something to think about. >> it makes sense. >> you know you see that all the time. >> absolutely. make a rule. leave it in the car, leave it at home. spend some quality time. your child will be safer. everybody wins. >> got it right there. next up, we have presidential love in social media. a little bit of a showdown too. started with bill clinton. tweeted wednesday, he received his copy of "41." that's the book that former president george w. bush wrote about his dad but called him out for not being on twitter, #how are you not on twitter? he went to instagram, thanks, 42. you like the book about your pal, 41. and he added the hashtag, how are you still not on instagram? it comes from brother from another mother. see how close they have become? >> really good friends. >> and clinton is especially close with his dad. >> i love hearing those stories.
8:19 am
>> also, next in our head index, buzzfeed with another signature list, this tim, offering fitness tips for when you're feeling a little lazy. how you can get yourself moving and motivated. adding exercise to your social life. that makes sense. instead of commuting to work or school, running or cycling home. walking home. let's just go for that. gives you a breath of fresh air. but also gets you moving. here's my favorite one. i have done this before, turn your favorite tv show not into a drinking game, but a work out game. for example, every time you see olivia pope on "scandal," five squats with when she has a wine glass. every time for me, a zombie gets a knife in the head, five squats. that's "walking dead." >> that's a beautiful game, amy. good morning, america. >> thanks again for sharing. >> or oversharing? >> i actually do -- >> all right. >> those are both great ideas, though. >> really. sorry. >> we're going to have the gopro at home.
8:20 am
and today's "morning stir," the default parent. the one that kids go to with their good news and problems. can stir up resentment between the spouses. abc's deborah roberts has more on that. >> reporter: it's what some families like the johnsons from "blackish" call the every day jam. >> hey, dad. >> hey, babe. >> i forgot to tell you last week, we need two dozen cupcakes for school tomorrow. >> reporter: household responsibilities falling on just one parent. >> listen. we both have huge jobs. but when i come home from mine, saving lives and whatnot, i start another huge job. when you come home, you play video games. >> reporter: 44-year-old meredith calls it the default parent in her latest blog that's now gone viral. >> one of my daughters walked by my husband, and came to me in the shower, and said, can you put my necklace on? i don't think they think he can put a necklace on. >> i asked mommy when i had tennis. not daddy. >> you can assume she knows, but not always him. >> reporter: and while they
8:21 am
share some responsibilities -- >> they were sharing the domestic chores but i'm doing all of this other stuff that no one is talking about. >> reporter: he's what she calls the backup parent. >> i try to be as helpful as possible. but there's things i'm hopelessly clueless on. >> reporter: and the kids praise on backup dad. >> the worst part, when we fly with the kids. they're like, great job. what a husband. really? >> there's low expectations. >> he sat with his kid and gave them the snacks that i packed and the games that i packed. and he's a big hero. >> it's good to be a backup parent. >> he's a good backup parent. the best there is. >> oftentimes the default parent has a lot of annoyance and animosity towards the backup parent. they're heralded as a great parent. here you are toiling every day, and no one ever really says thank you. >> reporter: sometimes thankless, but still a treasured job. >> they know where you're supposed to be. they know where things are. they know what needs to happy.
8:22 am
that's absolutely necessary. >> reporter: i know that feeling exactly. she admits in the end she wouldn't have it any other way. recently her husband took over one task and she felt left out and clueless. in fairness to the hands on, involved dads, like the one in my home, we know you're invested in your kids, but sometimes, george, we just kind of need to vent. >> you did a lot of work in that. >> it's true. >> sounds so familiar. ali's the default parent. i do what i can. and i think she would say the same thing. she doesn't want it any other way. >> exactly, because you're not doing it right. it's -- according to us, anyway. it's one of those things. she writes humorously about it. you just want to vent. why do the kids just know the word, "mom"? how about "dad" sometimes? >> we're ready for it. thanks very much. let's go over to robin. you're ready for it always, george. "hunger games," eight days to go. until "mocking jay" part 1 h hits theaters. and we have the three biggest
8:23 am
stars, jennifer lawrence, josh hutcherson and liam hemsworth. they are here with us this morning. i know. >> we clap for ourselves every day. >> it just seemed like yesterday you all were here for the first one. and now look. >> we haven't matured since you last saw us. >> it's backwards. >> we have learned nothing. >> going backward. this is how big you are, two segments. this is just a little preview. >> oh, my gosh. >> and we'll have you back in the next half hour. you brought a clip we're going to share in the next half hour. get caught up. you see the people out here going nuts. >> yeah, we did. >> did you have -- do you share that same excitement? even though you've seen it, but you know that everybody else is about to? >> oh, yeah, i'm excited for everybody to see it. the story becomes a lot bigger now. talks about the consequences of war. and everything in the first two movies is coming to a head. i can't wait. i love it. i'm really happy. >> did you have a little bit of a separation anxiety? >> every time. >> post-partum depression. >> i have to say -- when we're
8:24 am
not together -- >> it's really scary. >> no, we ride in the car to and from work together. >> really? >> we don't get separated much in hair and makeup. >> nope. >> that's going good for the game we have coming up. >> it's a little sick. >> but even in this particular, this part three, so to speak, you two aren't seen together. we get to see gale step up a little bit more and see a little bit tougher side, liam. >> yeah, it was nice to -- to be at work a little more often, you know? >> we like having you there. >> you know, it felt good on the whole. >> liam and i had problems with not having josh around as much. >> yeah. >> you did? >> not being there with you guys. >> i would get excited, but get anxiety three days before he would leave. yeah. so my three days were ruined. >> a slim window where it was okay. >> yeah, where it was fun. >> and it's a little bit different, because it's all about the rebellion. that's what we're leading up to. we don't have the games like in the first two. was that different for you guys
8:25 am
too? >> yeah, it was. i actually kind of liked that more. i felt like the movies took on a different tone. and a dramatic and powerful way. >> no games this time. >> no games. >> how about the tag line for this movie? no games this time. peta's evil. >> might want to bury that. and you even sang. your song -- >> what? >> sang. >> i thought -- i thought you said you saying. and i said what? that's every day of my life. my publicist calls, what is it? what did i say? >> you sang, and you sang beautifully. everyone was saying that you were a little apprehensive about it. >> i hate singing. i have a terrible voice. and it's my biggest fear to like sing in front of people. >> she doesn't have a terrible voice. >> thank you, liam. eat a raw fish, like gollum. and made me sing. >> it was a tense morning on set. she was quite stressed about it. i naturally assumed that she must have a bad voice.
8:26 am
because she was so stressed about it. >> i do. >> no, she doesn't. >> i sound like amy winehouse with bronchitis. that's tone deaf. >> i don't know what that means. >> just really quickly about some things. room service. what do you guys order for room service? >> i get pasta bolognese. >> he gets steak. i don't know. this morning -- >> kale. >> yeah, kale. >> quinoa. >> you spend every day with me. that joke isn't even -- >> who is the biggest prankster? the biggest prankster? >> josh. i think so. >> josh. >> yeah. josh just convinced me -- just before we started rolling, and pretended he lost his tooth, and i believed him for a second with the tic-tac. >> we will have much more with this group and a little sneak peek of mockingjay.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the storm is moving out of the area but may have contributed to as many as four trees falling in the area. a more serious accident happened at 23rd and petroa. someone was trapped underneath a tree when it suddenly fell over, taking power lines with it. let's get an update with leyla. too many accidents to even get to this in report. what we do have is the muni reroutes in san francisco. expect delays about everywhere. all this orange is indicating where fog could be affecting our commute. northbound side of highway 422.
8:28 am
brand new crash southbound 680. >> thank you so much, leyla. >> thank you so much, leyla. we'll check o can't say thank you enough. >> thank you so much, leyla. we'll check o you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can.
8:29 am
good morning. we're still dealing with drizzle, light rain falling now. you can see it's still pretty wet there. san jose, 280 and 17, little bit of drying in this area. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd.
8:30 am
you can see the fog forming three-quarter, 1 3/4 at ♪ looks like we're out there with us in times square. because we have a lot of star power here with us this morning. a lot of excitement for the new "hunger games." we'll have more with jennifer, josh and liam coming up. >> excited about that. and the star power doesn't end there. we have channing tatum as well. talked about his starring role. very different in "foxcatcher," and also get to talk with him about working with our man, michael. >> what's that film they're doing? >> i'm sure you don't know. hey, it's also thankful thursday. and robin is spending time with a remarkable woman who decided to bring joy to people in need. she's got just the recipe to do it. >> that's coming up. let's go to tony reali with
8:31 am
the speed feed. >> good morning. and i don't know that i need to tell you the biggest story on the internet. no butts about it. francesca is 3 months old, can't see this. kim kardashian, revealing cover. dare it break the internet? it's close to doing that. memes have been everywhere. take look at some of our favorites. she turns into a centaur. and she's a peach here. a can't show that. and in breaking break the internet news, she lands on a comet, it appears. and fix the internet, that hashtag, i have a feeling that's going to last longer. let's move over here quickly. and big on facebook, not sure how george is going to feel about this one. a "gma" classic. our unofficial anthem. take a listen. >> i'm going to make a request for george. i heard it's one of your favorites. "turn down for what," lil john. >> again? >> come on, george, get the moves. >> come on, george.
8:32 am
>> coming at you. >> it's going viral. people want more, george. and maybe they'll get it? tweet us out with the #gmaspeedfeed, with the viral moments. and now to the big screen. this is my favorite here. any of you watch discovery channel's "maked and afraid?" james franco and seth rogan, their buddy movie opens on christmas day. they'll appear in a special episode of "naked and afraid." and as you can imagine, very little is left to the imagination. take a look. >> what are you doing here? >> seth. >> are you joking me? >> oh, man. >> you're supposed to be a hot australian-like survivalist. >> do you know anything about surviving out here? >> i'm glad it's you, brother. >> okay, okay. >> honestly, i was a little surprised. >> i was hoping to be teamed with a woman, but i guess franco is the next best thing. >> we have blurred out a lot. that episode is on discovery on
8:33 am
december 7th during their megaweek. and even more will be revealed, if that's possible, to talk about the interview in december. hopefully dressed and brave when they're here. that's the speed feed, robin. >> you have jennifer's attention, tony. yeah. marking her calendar, where is that going to be? >> discovery channel in december. >> you go, discovery channel. >> hi, mom. >> hi. >> the lights are everywhere. >> oh, my gosh. you're such an idiot. >> they are wonderful. they are keeping it real. the stars that make up the hunger games love triangle. jennifer lawrence, josh hutcherson, liam hemsworth. they were at the twitter mirror a little earlier and brought an exclusive sneak peek just for us. just for us, guys? >> i edited it. >> we brought it in ourselves. >> i wanted to give you the whole movie. >> i'll be honest with you, i didn't know there was a clip. >> let's watch. >> let's watch. >> please. please, urge them to stop this war before it's too late. and ask yourself, can you trust the people you're working with?
8:34 am
>> we need to respond. >> thank you peeta for these revelations about the real mockingjay. >> did you see what he looks like? >> i saw a coward. >> you don't have any idea what he's doing through. >> i don't care. i would never say what he just said. not if they tortured me, not with a gun to my head. >> that's the same guy who defended you at the whipping post. norchlts, it's not. he's only defending himself. >> i remember this scene powerfully when we were watching. a lot of us went. and just seeing you all. and you are -- >> my body language, watching the clip. oh. >>. >> i know, really. but you -- the transformation of peeta. >> i didn't do anything personally to achieve that transformation. it's all done with computer-generated images. it's a cgi diet. you don't do anything. >> the cgi guys lost weight themselves working so hard to make him look that way. >> it's true.
8:35 am
it's true. >> all four films have been shot, right? >> yeah. >> all four of them. are you going through a little bit of -- i know you are planning reunions and all that. it's genuine. >> we see each other all the time and hang out. josh and i live down the street from each other. >> bad idea. >> i moved in after him. >> she followed me. >> i did. yeah. so we got really sad on the last day. but then we were like, oh, right. we can hang out all the time. >> it's different. it's not like all day every day for months at a time. >> it is different. and the thought of strog go and work with other people. >> it's not easy. >> it's really weird, though. >> i'm retired. >> i'm not going to do it. >> you get to work with woody again, right? >> i just did again. yeah, yeah. and it was weird. because we play this game on the hunger games. this game where you -- >> what game? >> you look at them. and then you punch him. it's the family game. woody tried to do it on this film that we shot together. wasn't the same. he looked at me, it's not right,
8:36 am
is it? no, man. it's not. they're not here. and thanks for bringing it up. you know? >> and the one you're working on, didn't help you get ready for this role? "escobar?" >> yeah, it was intense. i kind of lost my mind in that role. i had to lose my mind in this. i got my mind lost. >> he was crazy. no, he wasn't. >> i got to let out my inner looney. >> you're just crazy until they call cut. >> looney. looney. >> and they call cut. >> and you're hooking up again with your director in the next one, david russell. what is that about? >> it is about joy mendengal. >> i'm sorry, what? >> that pronunciation -- >> i mess it up every time, so i go with the mistake. >> you pulled it off. >> she invented the miracle mop. when you get a call at 3:00 a.m. from david oh russell asking if
8:37 am
you want to make a movie about the woman who invented the miracle mop, you say yes. >> we have some of your fans. they have been lined up all night long. >> i didn't see you guys there. >> you didn't see them. >> hello. >> super fans. questions over there. >> i do, robin. we have liza who lives in new york city. go ahead and ask. >> what's your favorite part about being in a book to film adaptation? >> oh. >> i think for me, what i like is we get to go kind of deeper into the story sometimes. in mockingjay, two separate movies, you get deeper and show a lot of things that, you know, that you didn't know before. >> yeah. >> i don't know, i like that. >> different perspectives on the story and the character. scripts a lot of times are just like maps. and books kind of go more indepth than scripts. >> you guys are good with words. >> thanks. >> we also have fiona. she's from new jersey. what's your question? >> who's your favorite character other than your own?
8:38 am
>> haymitch. >> haymitch. >> yeah. i love that guy. >> or effie. >> haymitch or effie, yeah. >> i'm haymitch, for sure. >> i couldn't say haymitch. i mean, god. you're glaring at me. cut it out. >> and from a atlanta -- >> if you could choose one person to be your ally to take down the capital? who would it be? >> between the three of us? >> we have half/half -- >> story wise within the stories, or just in the world? >>ed the world is your oyster? >> i just to want clarify. >> dwayne the rock johnson. >> i want to give a good answer. >> yeah. >> all right. there you go. so, and then finally, tiffany has this pressing question. >> this question's for jen. throughout the years you have made clear your passion of eating and food. if you had to choose for the rest of your life pizza or peeta? >> pizza or peeta. wow.
8:39 am
>> good one. >> be careful. this is a dangerous -- what are you going to say? >> it's not even a competition. >> pizza? >> pizza. i'm kidding. >> thanks. thanks for that. you just destroyed this great thing we had going for years. okay. >> well, i can get around it because i still have pizza bagels. and pizza bites. >> i like it. >> always thinking. lara, thank you. great question. the question. all right. her daughter, right? i thought you looked familiar. you know them all. can you stand up? your dress is getting a lot of love on twitter. >> thank you. it could be wrinkled now. when i put this dress on. if i were a cartoon character, this is what i would wear every day. this is like my favorite outfit. >> you put up with that all the time. "hunger games: mockingjay, part 1" starts next friday.
8:40 am
go to "good morning america" on yahoo!. and now the final check of the weather. >> oh, wow. inside, outside, everybody loving "the hunger games". this my new friend, jonas. he's from california. he said it's a little cold out here, isn't it? it's a little bit cold, yeah, a little bit cold. but find some warm pockets. warm up and look at the picture. from florida. it's not going to happen here, sorry, guys. st. cloud, florida. and look at today, orlando, 80. but by tomorrow, only in the mid-60s. the cold gets to orlando. but check out the southwest. that will be kind of protected. 80 in phoenix and tucson. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. you will need the umbrella. the showers stay. we have clouds and seasonal and upper sin. a little fog the nbc couple of mornings and high clouds and sunshine and warmer through >> this weather report has been brought to you by massage envy. and i'm standing in front of all of these wonderful people. because we have to tell you
8:41 am
about something we're really excited about this holiday season. abc and our parent company, disney, are donating $1 million to help families facing hunger. it benefits feeding america, the nation's leading domestic hunger relief, the thing you see here. and to support food banks to provide nutritious food to kids. take a look. >> see this box? this box has the power to change lives. >> this holiday season, join us and feeding america to provide fresh food -- >> to those who need it most. >> because without you, this box is just another empty box. >> feeding america serves more than 12 million children each year. and we are proud to be a part of their effort. find out how you can get involve skpod involved and give back. go to our website, "good morning america" on yahoo!. orange looks great. >> it does. and coming up, channing tatum, he's in "foxcatcher" with steve carell. powerful role.
8:42 am
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channing tatum getting well-deserved raves for his role in "foxcatcher." plays olympic gold medal wrestler mark schultz. struggling in poverty and the shadow of his older brother. until an eccentric multi-millionaire takes him under his wing and gets into his head. >> you have been living in your brother's shadow your entire life. it's your time. it's your time now. >> i know what you mean. >> do you?
8:45 am
>> everything that i've done, i feel like has somehow been credited to dave. and, you know, i feel that it's time for me to distance myself from him. >> and channing tatum joins us now. such a powerful scene. >> thank you. >> with steve. this guy knew exactly the right thing to say to your character. >> you know, i think everyone deals with certain things that are -- everyone wants to be seen. and i guess appreciated and loved. i guess. >> and you played mark schultz, the younger brother of dave, both olympic gold medalists. but dave has his life together, and you're struggling trying to figure it out. >> yeah. dave was, as mark would say, the golden boy. you know? like everyone sort of flocked to dave. mark went in the other way.
8:46 am
you know? he really wanted to be apart from people. and he wanted people to fear him. and, you know, it's an interesting choice to me. >> and you learned so much about the dynamic, the brothers' dynamic. there's a scene at the beginning of the movie, you're getting on the mat. you don't say anything. >> yeah. >> it must be a minute or two. you're just practicing and you get the whole relationship. >> there's actually 25 pages of dialogue scene that's in the script that's before that. and we realized that we just didn't need any of it because it's all in that scene. it's all -- there's all these scenes with dave taking care of mark and being there for him. >> you're a big athlete. wrestling was new to you. >> completely new. it's by far the hardest thing i have ever done. and i mean it in a -- it's such a mental -- you have to be there with it when you're at the point of suffocation. it's a flow sport. i think you wrestled? >> for nine minutes. you have nothing left at the
8:47 am
end. >> i hear you got a singlet in the closet still. >> don't make them bring it out. bad idea. they would. >> they probably will now that it's out. yeah, it's a flow sport. no resting. >> you have to keep going, push through. i would think that stripping is harder than wrestling. >> it is on certain nights. i don't want to walk out there right now. it's cold in here. >> i have to ask you about it. let's warm it up a little bit. >> yeah, it was -- >> tell us about michael strahan. >> yeah. he -- look, michael is like america's sweetheart. and the fact that he -- >> there you guys are right there. >> look at him. he looked great, by the way. got in shape like no other. but he came in, and, look, "magic mike" is not a movie you can half jump into. you have to jump fully in. and he did a triple indy back flip into "magic mike."
8:48 am
people's minds are going to be blown. but it's fun. >> we are going to have fun when it comes out. we cannot wait for that. how is your little girl? >> amazing. thank you for asking. 17 months and running around like crazy. >> that's fantastic. and just a terrific performance. thanks for coming in today. >> appreciate it. >> "foxcatcher" opens in theaters tomorrow. and coming up here, it's thankful thursday. you'll meet the woman with the recipe for giving back.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
8:50 am
♪ there is poout in the world yes, there is beauty in the world. we're calling today thankful thursday. honoring people making a difference. meet a 26-year-old woman with a big heart who found the perfect recipe for giving back. latrina wilshire is making something personal. >> this is katie may's sweet potato pie. she was my grandma. she was born and raised in montgomery, alabama. and ever since we were little, we always had this pie recipe in
8:51 am
our family. >> reporter: a comforting memory of her early childhood. >> and i remember thanksgiving, christmas. see her make the pies, but never knew the recipe. >> reporter: her journey took her through orphanages and foster care and homelessness. a tough life for this beautiful young woman. but sugar and spice was in her blood. >> even through the hardship and the hard times, finding home and shelter, i still managed to keep connection with my grandmothers. >> reporter: now off the streets and a pastry chef. twice a month she and two friends feed the homeless in downtown los angeles. the sweet tri pastry project. >> today we have sweet potato pies, protein bars, chocolate chip cookies and water. >> reporter: all delivered with a secret ingredient. >> the secret ingredient is love. and it's all around us. >> reporter: a teachable moment for us all. >> and i needed a purpose. i needed to give back.
8:52 am
and i wanted to help other people have hope. >> we have it over here. >> thank you very much. >> no problem. >> they're supporting the ones hungry such as myself. and i'm grateful. >> reporter: my mom said you can't put a limit on gratitude. the mayor of los angeles dropped by to give his thanks. >> thank you so much. >> thank you on behalf of the city. she is an angel in the city of angels. if we with 4 million of latrinas, we would be done tomorrow. the government needs to step up and do its part, but we as individuals have to do so also. >> just beautiful to see how she interacts with the people down there. i think she understands what it is like to miss out on love. >> reporter: her act of love brightens the lives of so many. >> i can't give them home, but a pastry and water. i can give them hope that people care out there. and that's why i love to do this. because i care. and i love. >> thank you. god bless you.
8:53 am
>> we're spreading love one slice at a time. >> one slice at a time. and, yep, she sent us a pie here. >> it's delicious. >> it is. her grandma, what a recipe. just one of the stories that you'll be seeing this holiday on thanksgiving. we're bringing something called "thank you, america". our special, honoring unsung heros on thanksgiving night.
8:54 am
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♪ oh. >> there you go. >> and i love mississippi right back. >> see you tomorrow, everyone. you tomorrow, everyone.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. we can expect more rain this morning. how much more? we'll talk to mike about that. >> transition from the light rain and drizzle has already started to take place to scattered showers. not much more. much easier to see. embarcadero is drying a little bit. we do have a little bit of fog out there at the coast and inland valleys. get used to ta. we'll have more in the next couple of mornings. accuweather seven-day forecast. leyla? very heavy at the maze. and moist on the roadways. once you get to the bridge, brand new accident involving a
9:00 am
motorcycle. fog advisory has been canceled on the bridge but do watch out. one lane is blocked near treasure i announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, star of "magic mike," and the new film "fox catcher," channing tatum. and performing her new hit, grammy award winner estelle. plus, your questions and comments on another edition of the inbox. all next on "live!" [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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