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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 15, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. fog sneaking around in parts of the bay. let's send it over to lisa argen tracking the accuweather for forecast for us. looking at live doppler 7 hd. some of the low clouds off the coast here. also up in the north bay where we've been looking at reduced visibility towards the delta and a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. we can see some of the cloud cover. temperatures 40s and 50s. 50 in morgan hill. 52 in mountain view. and here's how it looks for the rest of the day starting out
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with some sunshine but high clouds will invade parts of the bay today. so overall we'll call it partly sunny and temperatures in the narrow range. low 60s at the coast. look for upper 60s out towards concord, livermore and about 67 palo alto and san jose. a look at when the next rain heads our way a bit later. some passengers fleeing out of oakland international airport were put on another flight this morning after their original plane struck a bird in the sky. here is a picture of the flight path. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: just minutes into alaska airlines flight 349, this transmission from air traffic control. >> i have the emergency in progress. >> reporter: from sky 7 hd you can see the alaska airlines plane back on the ground at oakland international. according to a spokes pen for the airline, a bird smashed into the nose of the plane.
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passenger chung park took this picture as he and the other 150 people onboard left the plane. i talked to hem through the airport paging system. he said weigh didn't notice the plane do anything. the pilot came on the p.a. and said we had a bird strike. park said the captain also announced that the impact knocked out an electronics panel inside the cockpit, but his first officer's instruments were fine, so they safely landed. by phone the alaska airlines spokesperson says their pilots are trained for these emergencies the. >> our pilots go through training every year. they do retraining where they come back and they fly more in our simulators which are state-of-the-art designed to replicate the flight deck of a 737. >> reporter: she also said the flight will resume with a replacement plane. the damaged plane will stay grounded for further inspection. at oakland enter national, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. the napa earthquake is still causing headaches more than two
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months later. a water main is broken near highways 12 and 29. it ruptured at around dinner time last night. abc 7 news reporter alan wang has more from the site of yet another main break in napa that happened last week. >> reporter: the latest water main break north of highway 12 and 29 in napa. city officials say it's so close to a creek that crews were unable to fix it. it's the second break along the same 36-inch main this week. it's putting a damper on christie garko's wine vacation with friends. >> it's been a problem getting to our house and causing a lot of slow traffic. a little bit of an annoyance for us. >> reporter: meanwhile construction on another main break continues along browns valley road. until both ruptures are repaired, napa city officials say they could see a change in their water pressure. >> there are a lot of showers. for us to shower and rotate, it
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wasn't very good because the pressure was really low. i think because the water main broke. >> reporter: now people are being asked to conserve and avoid unnecessary water use. napa officials say this is a delayed result from the damage caused by the august 24 earthqua earthquake. public works has fixed more than 150 breaks since the quake. alan wang, abc 7 news. it's been about a week since 16-month-old gorilla tied at the san francisco zoo being crushed under an electric door. as the i-team explains, there were warnings about that very same door for years. dan noyes brings us a story you will only see on abc 7 news. >> reporter: this week the zoo release add note from the zoo keep er about the death of a bear. the keeper writes, i began to close electric door four and
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when i looked at the door again it was closed and the baby was caught in the darr across her chest. internal zoo documents obtained show a long history of problems with the operation of that same door. a logged entry from january 27, 2010 notes that hasani, a gore i will la about the same aiming as kabebi got her hand caught in electric door four. the next day a zookeeper warned to avoid shifting hasani into far off electric doors which are hard to see gorillas through. sources tell mae the door that killed the gorilla is the furthest away. in may 2010 a different door trapped hasani again. the zookeeper wrote, i didn't catch the door in time. he screamed. looks like there was a gash in left middle finger knuckle. knuckle swollen. the zookeeper even illustrated where the cut appeared. >> had there are a lot of issues
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in that building. there are visibility issues. there's lighting issues. the configuration of the rooms is not ideal. >> reporter: officials are bringing in zoo expert from florida. he says one obvious solution would be to have a second set of eyes when transferring gorillas past those doors. >> if there are two of you operating the system and one person doesn't see something, the other one can say, hey, look at this. there's something going on there. you need to stop. >> reporter: but almost a year to the date before kabibe died, a zookeeper asked management for the same thing, a second employee to be available for all shifting. shifting is when the keepers more the gorillas through the doors. if zoo officials had taken action after that e-mail one year ago there's a chance the gorilla would be alive today amount source close to the zookeeper says the zookeeper is devastated and feels the zoo is trying to blame her as a way to deflect attention.
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a spokesperson for the zoo says they will not have any comment until the investigation is over. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. on tuesday the city council is expected to grant the oakland zoo a key victory in its effort to expand. according to our media partner "the oakland tribune" they will consider the request to extend a conservation zone and trade a gondola ride for access to new hillside attractions. environmental groups have raised concerns over the zoo's attempts to spread into the park saying it was prime team habitat and would reduce open space. a man who owned dozens of horses will face cruelty charges. neighbors complained to authorities after seeing the horses starving in a pasture in morgan hill. after more sickly horses were discovered in gilroy, the d.a. decided to press charges. the owner is currently in jail in san mateo county on an unrelated charge. he will be arraigned at a later da
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date. more than 30 of his horses were seized this week. we've been told they'll be put up for adoption and santa clara will have more about the application on wednesday. we have a link on our website new this morning, a chp officer and a sonoma county sheriff's deputy are recovering from injuries after their car slammed in a a tree. it happened just after 10:00 last night on the 101 north in hillsberg. they say the unmarked car the two were riding in hit furniture in the road. the car spun off the highway and slammed into a tree. the car was totaled. both the chp officer and the sheriff's deputy were taken to santa rosa memorial hospital with injuries that aren't considered to be life threatening. three men whose job it is to uphold the law are accused of breaking it by smuggling illegal contraband into jail. san mateo county deputy juan w lopez and correctional officers michael del carlo and george ismael were arrested thursday. they're accused of bringing cell phones into a correctional facility in redwood city.
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ismael, seen here in court yesterday, is accused of smuggling the drug objection yi k con continue into the jail. a surgeon working in sierra leone is on his way to the u.s. for treatment. officials say the doctor could arrive in the u.s. today. once he does, he'll be taken to the nebraska medical center in omaha. he is a general surgeon who had been working in sierra leone's capital. no word yet on how he contracted the virus. he had a citizen of sierra leone but is a permanent resident of the united states and lives in maryland. two brothers from south africa traded an app and a bay area technology journalist helped get smart phones into the help of aid workers in west africa. abc 7 news report er with the story. on friday we said, okay, we
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want to help. >> reporter: app developers just moved from south africa to palo alto to do business. what they've been doing are for the past month isn't making them any money. >> the biggest issue the aid workers said was getting information faster. >> reporter: the brothers cruiserweighted the ebola care app. it allows health care workers to document and share patient information immediately. but you can't use an app without a smartphone. >> we donated a phone. >> reporter: enter bay area tech journalist larry maggot. he met with the brothers the same day amazon announced it was losing millions of dollars on unsold fire phones. larry got an idea. >> this is turning lemons in a lemonade, phones that may have lost amazon a lot of money but if they can save lives, i hope the amazon folks feel good about what they've been able to accomplish. >> reporter: amazon has donated 1,000 phones. >> it's empowering knowing that
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someone in west africa is using your app and they think it's saving lives. >> reporter: the phones should be in the hands of health care workers. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. sunshine is on the way, right? >> it's sunny everywhere but in santa rosa. some clouds along the coast. as we head outside, looks a little hazy here from our camera. it's 49 in concord. 50 in livermore. everyone in a narrow range, upper 60s. we get into an offshore flow. we do have rain in the seven-day outlook. come back and we'll detail that for you. >> also ahead, it's called an autoroo and kids seem to love it. when you put your kids in it and are they really safe? michael finney puts this device to the test. plus, into the darkness. delays to re-establish
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so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. developing news out of colorado where authorities are looking for someone who shot a
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police officer during a traffic stop. it happened in the city of aurora just east of denver. authorities say two officers were attempting a traffic stop when one was shot while approaching the car. the second officer returned fire but it's unknown if the shooter who ran away was hit. the first officer was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. this morning officials in hawaii continued to monitor the lava flow that's been flaming one community there. the river of lava from the ki kilauea volcano has been inching to the town of pa hoe a since june 27. video here shows the lava burning through a fence yesterday. civil defense and public safety workers are keeping a watch on the lava flow around the clock. kilauea has been active since 1983. 8:15 the time. the head of the european comet commission says it's received no significaals from the lander th morning during a scheduled effort to establish communication after it went dark last night. the bumpy landing on wednesday
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left it in the shadow of a cliff. that mebt its solar panels couldn't get enough sun light. it was supposed to stay up until 2015. last night the lander tweeted i'll tell you more about my new home soon. the next move might be next year when the comet gets closer to the sun. a flotation device for infants long used in asia is starting to catch on here in the u.s., too. a bay area woman is behind it all. michael finney checked out the odd looking item. >> reporter: two babies trying out the very late nest pool gear. the neck flow. shamiro on the left and audrey on the right are trying them out at our request. they seem to be loving it. it looks weird. >> it does. there's definitely people's reaction has been either, oh, my gsh, how cute. or, this is so weird.
8:17 am
>> reporter: tiffany chu first saw the neck float in asia. she came back to the states, worked on the design for two years, then introduced it. >> when babies are in mommy's belly they are floating very comfortab comfortable. as they get older, they develop a fear of water. >> reporter: she has been working on the design with specialists including pediatricians. >> there are a lot of benefits with the device. basically it allows an infant to really explore a natural environment which is water for them. >> reporter: but is it safe? other versions of the neck float or neck floaty have been available through the web for several years. we couldn't find any reports of kids being injured. and tiffany says hers is designed to be even safer. so, we asked the california public interest research group to look it over. >> i have no reason to believe
8:18 am
this product can't be used safely. but i will say that parents and caregivers have to be hyper vigilant anytime their child is in or has access to a body of water. >> so it look like they're having fun but what do the moms think? >> it made me nervous. what's going around their neck and is it going to be comfortable? it doesn't seem to bother. >> both our moms liked it and say their babies do, too. >> i love it. i think it's a great thing. hopefully they'll give us one for doing this. >> reporter: all of our experts say it is important the caregiver always be within arms's reach of the child. we found one on line of a floating. the baby slipped through the device but was not injured. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. this morning boats are out at sea for the official start of
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the crab season. the crabbers were out before dawn yesterday preparing their traps. first catches are expected back on the docks later today. wholesalers have set the prays at $3 a pound. fishermen are reporting a lot of big crowds so far this year. turning to weather and, lisa, if you want to head out for a jog this morning, might want to wear long slaefs. >> it is cool out there, in the 40s and 50s. we have moisture off the sonoma county coast. and 53 over in oa from our tower camera another vantage point cuds around, lighting up the city pretty nice with the sun picture perfect out there. 49 in concord and 52 in livermore. santa rosa, good morning. 44 for you. a look at lake tahoe and just a little bit of snow in the highest elevations waking up in.
8:20 am
49 cloudy this morning. overall a paaround. so overall partly sunny conditions. 64 in monterey. lack f look for 62. as the winds switch around, some damaging winds possibly in southern california down throughout los angeles and the valleys here. so those offshore winds allowing for some very gusty conditions. southwestern california. but back to the bay area and tuesday night the rain still sits offshore. by wednesday your morning commute will be west, maybe a quarter to a half inch of rain and even the afternoon commute will see some soggy conditions as well. so that's some good news. it's not a huge storm but we'll take what we can get at this point. 66 your afternoon high in santa cruz. about the same in mill pitas toy with mid-60s. 62 in pacifica. los altos 68. sunshine and 62. 64 downtown.
8:21 am
up in the north bay some of the warmer locations with 9 santa rosa and clover dale 68. vallejo, 67 by the water near east bay look for mid-60s for hayward. fremont, 67. and you had head inland, maybe a couple degrees warmer. and about 68 in walnut creek. the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow, a couple degrees warm er. breezy winds in the higher elevations. low 70s in the it forecast for both monday and tuesday. about 70 around the bay. mid-60s the coast. and here comes the rain on wednesday. we're back it to partly cloudy and mild thursday and friday. abc 7 news, another great weather resource. following live doppler 7 on twitter for the bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. video forecasts, power outagen foe and weather tweets from your favorite weather channel. here we go again with another weak system. >> hopefully mother nature delivers with that rain, though. >> it's not winter yet.
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we'll see. >> fingers crossed. lisa, thanks. still to come wwe fan frenzy. why one giants' player's name
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welcome back, everyone. you may have never heard of it, but today is america recycles day. and pg&e is getting into the spirit by reminding customers of its refrigeration recycling
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program. turn in your old fridge and get $50 back. they'll even come to your house and pick it up for you. you can earn an additional $75 rebate if you replace it with a new energy efficient refrigerat refrigerator. how do you know if your fridge needs to be replaced? >> one example is the suction on your refrigerator door. if it's easy to open or if you put a piece of paper in it and it can pull out, chances are you need to get that replaced. >> a new energy efficient ref j refrigerator can lower electric bills by $100 a year. it's important to note 95% of the materials in old refrigerators are recyclable and this program keeps old ones out of landfills. that chant isn't just for baseball. wrestlemania fans know it started with the wwe's daniel brian. he and the wwe's biggest stars signed thousands of autographs at a special party for wrestlemania fans last night at levi's stadium. brian told us he was flattered
8:26 am
that giants outfielder hunter pence adopted the chant during the season and for the world series run. >> oh, my gosh, i think it's awesome. i think what hunter pence and the giants have done, a rallying cry for people and it unifies the team and the players and it's awesome. >> wrestlemania comes next march. tickets go on sale to the general public today. we have much more ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news including the return of bat kid. an update on males scott and other key players one year after the heartwarming event that unite add city and became a worldwide phenomenon. plus, napa strong. how the area is recovering from the big earthquake in au
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half past the hour on this saturday morning. thanks for spending time with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's head over to lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast for us. lae is lisa, some clouds out there. >> you can see from our live camera over our east bay hills. temperatures are approaching 50 degrees. morgan hill, 52. we get a wind shift and slightly warmer air despite some of the high clouds. today we have partly sunny
8:30 am
conditions and temperatures nearing the average and the wind shift tonight bringing up a dry offshore flow for the second half of the weekend and numbers ranging in the upper 60s to lower 70s. details on the rain heading our way coming up. chris? good information, thanks, lisa. the world summit is under way in brisbane, australia. president obama joined other leaders at the parliament house for a working retreat and lunch. earlier today he opened his summit appearance by speaking at the university of queens land. the president's speech focused mainly on asia but he threw out a new line of criticism of moscow. >> leading with ebola in west africa and opposing russia's aggression against ukraine. which is a threat to the world as we saw in the appalling shootdown of mh-17, a tragedy
8:31 am
that took innocent lavs, among them your fellow citizens. as your ally and friend, america shares the fwref of these australian families and we share the determination of your nation for justice and accountability. >> russian president vladimir putin was also at the summit. sign-ups continue for year two of the federal health care overhaul. california needs 1.2 milicic existing policyholders renew them and persuade hundreds thousands more to sign up by february 15. that's when the enrollment window closes again. keep in mind this three-month signing period is half the time of the other open enrollment. california expects 50% of those enrolled will find coverage elsewhere or drop out altogether. the ban that prohibits gay men from donating blood in the united states may be loosening up but not enough to satisfy activists. department of health and human services advisory committee has recommended allowing gay and
8:32 am
bi-sexual men to donate blood if they have abstained from sex with men for one year. the ban was put into effect at 1983 when doctors realized the aids virus could be transmitted through blood transfusions. a doctor says donors should be skraend forri risky behavior no sexual orientation. a final decision is expected on december 2. a heads-up for a bay area commuters looking to navigate the golden gate bridge in the new year. it will be closed more than two days while crews remove a barrier. the bridge will close on january 10 for 52 hours. the span would reopen by 4:00 a.m. on january 12 with the new barrier in place. prep work got under way last week and officials say it is designed to prevent head-on collisions. the jack london square ferry will be closed for refurbishment. they will build a new gangway and a new security gate.
8:33 am
customers are encouraged to take the ferry from the alameda main street terminal. it is expected to reopen monday just in time for the morning commute. one year ago today san francisco was prepared to become gotham city. make-a-wish greater bay area made maliles' wish happen. abc 7 news anchor ama daetz has more. >> reporter: pint-sized and packed with courage, miles scott took gotham city when he saved the city from evil doers. he has spent much of his life battling leukemia. on this day he instead fought off villains like the penguin and rescued a damsel in distress. the carefully orchestrated event brought approximately 20,000 people out to the streets of san francisco on friday, november
8:34 am
15, 2013. millions watched online and shared the event on social media. our city truly felt like the center of a very positive uplifting universe. now, a year later, the men who played the penguin and batman remember what a remarkable phenomenon it was. >> it's insane. only you would pull this off. >> reporter: this weekend they'll get to see miles again to mark the anniversary. >> we're getting together a small sample of family and the major players of the people who helped out on day. >> reporter: mike is a computer graphics engineer at industrial light and magic. on bat kid day he was the penguin. you might have guessed that by his purple shirt. e.j., eric johnson, is an inventor and acrobat. he played batman and thinks of this year's private ceremony as an expression of gratitude. >> it was everybody doing everything they could including a new vector.
8:35 am
>> reporter: we begin with breaking news from the hall of justice. >> the san francisco on , the circus center, the police department, all of these local groups of just kind of people in the community coming out and saying, what can i do? >> reporter: miles is now 6. check him out already for school as a big first grader. that's his little brother, clayton, by his side. thankfully miles is still in remission. >> seeing miles take things from the event and grow over the year is all that any of us are in it for. >> reporter: what came out of the bat kid wish was so much more than anyone could have hoped for. >> it was such an opportunity to allow people to see the magic make-a-wish does all the time. >> reporter: because of the fact that it went viral, make-a-wish has seen a 45% increase in pending wishes. there's also been a significant increase in donations in the past year. and the chapter is on track to grant more wishes than ever before in a single year.
8:36 am
390. that means more children like miles will get to see their wishes come true. ama daetz, abc 7 news. if you'd like to help make-a-wish grant more wishes for kids, you can go to we put up a link. still ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news, why the movie "frozen" has two bay area kids singing their hearts out. but, first, as we head to break a live look outside in emeryville you can see the san francisco skyline in the distance there. some clouds hovering across the bay. lisa returns with
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time now is 8:40 on your saturday morning. a bay area brother and sister's rendition of "let it go" from the movie "frozen" has put them in the running for a spot of a tv commercial. they beat out thousands of others to become top ten finalists. take a look. ♪ ♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ you'll never see me cry >> how can you help but not smile after seeing this video. zach and elena sang parts of s
8:40 am
disney's frozen friday competition. the winner will be featured in a cold commercial at the end of the music awards a week from tomorrow here on abc 7. he elena says she and her brother have seen the movie many times, but they had to work really hard to memorize the lyrics to "let it go." >> my mom printed them out for me and i sang them over and over and i memorized them. when i found out that i was one of the ten finalists, i literally had to scream when i got home. >> you can vote for zach and elena online. we post add link. we should mention disney is the parent company of abc 7. lisa, got to say before we transition to weather, those kids, they're just so cute, one, and, two, this movie has been out for a while now and yet people are still obsessed with this song. >> yes, pretty crazy. we are looking at cold, cold temperatures across the nation. unfortunately, nothing changing
8:41 am
here. we are locked into this pattern. look at our future tower camera. 54 in san francisco. 58 with sunnier conditions at sfo. we'll talk about the mild highs and a little bit of rain heading our way into next week. i'll explain when we come back. also ahead, a new college hoops season tips off for cal, stanford and st. mary's and a new era beginning in berkeley. larry beil has the highlights ahead in sports. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum? not this time! now that her doctor switched her to once-a-day xarelto®, mary can leave those monthly trips behind. domestic flight? not today! like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib
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some big stars are in wine country for the return of the napa film festival. it's a big step after the big earthquake in august. on the red carpet last night kevin costner was will there to receive an award. he's also there to promote a new film he financed called black or white about raising an international child in america. this is the fourth year of the festival and despite the damage from the earthquake, organizers expect 10,000 people to attend this year. abc 7 news reporter freedman. >> reporter: ever have a tough time breaking up with someone? what if there is a service to help you do so. every person here is an aspiring writer. movie plots to a panel of experts who mate give them a big break.
8:45 am
>> a story of two brothers who travel back in time to current day 2014 to tray to stop a nuclear terrorist from destroying los angeles. >> reporter: or maybe here is an even better script about a small city that suffered an earthquake a couple months ago and how it's now the centerpiece for a film festival across the napa valley only it's not a movie. it's reality. >> anytime a big truck goes by you have your instant freeze-up. >> reporter: general manager of the beautiful and classically restored uptown theater restored twice actually as these pictures show the quake decimated the show piece. now it's back and napa almost ready for its close-up. do you see the writing on this window? this is how the window looked for weeks after the quake. they sold pictures of it for $1 to raise money for a new one. just a couple weeks ago they got it.
8:46 am
lyinda coffey skras this as beig symbolic. >> it says that this is a panel that cares about its community as a whole. >> reporter: better yet, one getting back on its feat and, yes, pitching their movies. >> write a screenplay that's 90 pages. it's a lot harder to tell a story in one minute. >> reporter: not as hard as recovering from the quake of 2014. in napa wayne freedman, abc 7 news. really great to see the community come together especially for a big event like the film festival. >> certainly. it should be a nice day up in napa. a little cool to start out. the fog dissipated and temperatures across the area in the upper 60s. here is live doppler 7 hd. before you get too excited about the green in the upper left-hand side of your screen, a little moisture in the clouds being picked up along with sonoma county coast and we do have a weak front that will push through northern california especially in the mountains today. that's going to set the stage for an offshore component for
8:47 am
the second is half of our weekend. but we are looking at those frigid temperatures across much of the nation. take a look at all the snow here in denver, just above freezing. a high today in the teens. the dakotas, snowy weather. less than an inch of snow anticipated for chicago today. but even a few flakes down by st. louis and about two to four inches expected as cross the lake effect areas of upstate new york. back home to santa cruz where we have sunny conditions, maybe not quite beach weather but, hey, close. how about 66 today in santa cruz. right now 52, morgan hill. 52 in mountain view with san francisco in the 50s. how about 59 half moon bay. a look at the clouds. a pretty shot from our east bay hills. hazy below and we'll look at numbers cooler in the north bay with 44 up in santa rosa. 48 novato.
8:48 am
so our golden gate bridge camera shows the you clouds here. overall, though, a partly sunny day today and we should warm up to average readings today. a dry pattern for the weekend. we talked about the wind shift that will bring the temperatures up a few degrees to the early part of the week and then by late tuesday and wednesday we're looking at our next chance of rain. the dirty ridge of high pressure that sits offshore allows for the high clouds to move through the ridge and allows for some of that high cloudiness to make for a partly sunny sky today. and tomorrow with that wind shift it's a cold front that will move into the sierra nevadas. temperatures aren't going to change too much. it's the wind shift that will allow for some gusty winds in southern california. here is our rain, it comes in a play wednesday morning's commute and will last through the wednesday evening commute and then behind is we're dry. maybe a quarter of an inof to a half inch in some locations. still nothing to write home about. in fact, we look at the forecast models and promising weather in
8:49 am
terms of cold fronts and then we really haven't been able to piece much together in terms of where we stand to date. 1.4 inches of rain for the rainy season. 36% of normal in livermore and look at mountain view not even an inch of rain. we, of course, are well behind and we'll look for temperatures today to be on the mild side. this partly sunny conditions. 67 in san jose. look for 69 out to fairfield today. and if you are heading down the peninsula, should be a nice afternoon. dropping through the 60s throughout the game in stanford. and we'll look for san jose to host hawaii this afternoon l. temperatures will climb to the low 70s the next few days. staying in the mid-60s at the coast. hazy out there to partly sunny throughout the weekend and we look for the rain maketory come our way on wednesday and then upper 60s thursday and friday. >> we're hoping for that rain.
8:50 am
>> we're not freezing. two bay area schools, as lisa said, hawaii battling san jose state with kickoff at 1:30. third ranked utah meets stanford. that game starts at 3:00 p.m. college basketball started last night with cal, stanford and st. mary's in action. larry beil has more. good morning, everybody. college basketball season is suddenly upon us. cal tipping off with their new head coach. gentlemjabari bird. the bird is flying. sweet reverse and one. the game for wallace, with authority. had 17 in the first half. cal was up 50-32 at the break. some foul trouble, still 4-6 from downtown. making it rain. had 18 points. wallace leading the way with a career high 22. the steal and finish.
8:51 am
cal wins the opener for coach martin 91-57. wofford hoping to catch stanford napping. a nice pass. sneaking behind the defense. provided tons of offense, career high 26. freshman reid travis built like a linebacker. 14 points, steals and feeds chase and randle. a winner 74-59. st. mary's opening against cal state l.a. senior carter attempted 1 is 3 shots, all were three. finished with 25 points and 12 rebounds. good for a guard. waldo, double-double. 16-10. the freshman from australia a little thunder from down under, mate. he had 12. gaels win 77-67. this is the anniversary the raiders will not be celebrating. almost a year sense they've won a game. they played the chargers tomorrow, 364 days since their last win, november 17, 2013,
8:52 am
against houston. matt mcgloin threw the touchdown pass. jennings with the giants had an 80-yard touchdown run in a 28-23 victory. but since then the silver and black have dropped 15 in a row, 0-9 this year. it sounds horrendous. the rookie quarterback believes the wins are just right around the corner. >> effort goes down, that's bad. the energy level, we're like 9-0. guys run around and still striving to do whatever they can to make this thing right. and hopefully it will be sooner than later. like i said, it's going to happen one of these days. i'll be excited to be a part of it. >> the 49ers basically saved their season last week in new orleans. so they can't afford to slip up this sunday at the new york giants. so much talk this week about michael crabtree's diminished role and grumbling. colin kaepernick throwing more to anquan boldin. that's clear.
8:53 am
he caught six passes against the saints but had five drops. he says he still has total trust in boldin. >> very reliable. he still went for almost 100 yards in the game. he's a playmaker. >> we have college football tonight on abc 7. this is a good one. the showdown between florida state and miami. kickoff at 5:30 p.m. and we'll be with you after of that with after the game right around 8:30. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. we'll take a quick break.
8:54 am
8:55 am
first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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happening today the boy scouts of america will go door-to-door all in the name of charity. more than 30,000 scouts and their supporters will be scouting for food by picking up boxed or bagged nonperishable items left on doorsteps. donations can be placed on doorsteps by 9:00 a.m. we invite you to give where you live. you can text the word feed to the number 80077 to make a $10 donation. lisa, a final check on weather? we're looking pretty good. a few high clouds in in the mix today and tomorrow. upper 60s on the peninsula. san jose, 68 in concord. warm up a couple degrees for the early part of the week with numbers in the low 70s. then a little rain comes our way, a tenth to a half inch of rain and again we're dry thursday and friday. thanks again for joining us
8:57 am
on the saturday morning news. abc 7 news returns at 4:00 because of college football. next eighth ranked ohio state meets number 25 minnesota. at 12:30 nebraska faces wisconsin followed by abc 7 news at 4:00. then at 5:00, florida state battles the miami hurricanes at sun life stadium. cache creek after the game with larry and mike at around 8:30. the news continues online on twitter, facebook ananananananan
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heavy snowfall in minneapolis left cleanup crews quite busy on wednesday at tcf


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