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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this is live doppler hd showing the rain over the bay area right now. this is the biggest storm to hit the bay area this season. we have not seen this much rain if two years. it is good for the drought but it is causing a lot of problems. >> storm is causing headaches all over the bay area, inbound flights to san francisco international airport are delayed nearly four hours according to www. . up to 45 flights have been canceled and motion has three flights cancel but nothing canceled in oakland.
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so far. >> san jose freeway traffic is looking okay. the c.h.p. says the height of the storm there were 90 accidents around the bay. >> in san francisco, cable car service was shut down because of the weather. crews are cleaning the mud and debris 50 of the stalled cars. >> we have coverage of the wet weather with amy hollyfield in the east bay and alyssa in the south by. but, first, we will check with lisa here for meteorologist mike nicco and what is going on now. lisa? you can see the low pressure is offshore. ahead of it we have lightning strikes. there is the strong cold front that continues to bring moderate to heavy rain across the bay area. right now, richmond is looking at heavy rain along with berkeley toward martinez. you can see the peninsula is about to see heavy rain. the north bay has been spare the. we picked up three-quarters of an inch in the east bay and we
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will still look at more heavy rain throughout the afternoon although you can see the break here. santa resolution is under quarter of an lynch and we will look at moderate-to-heavy rain this afternoon. after 7:00, here is the break, until midnight. then we will look at round two right through tomorrow. we will talk about totals and time it out through thursday. >> the downpour caused car crashes, power outages and flooding worries in the east bay. we will go to amy hollyfield at a sandbagging station in walnut creek. amy? >> yes, we are in walnut creek where it is raining again. we got a little bit of a break late in the morning but not much. this rain seemed ready to stick around. >> rain overnight was relentless falling for hours and picked up strength the longer it fell. not many were out but those would were did not seem to mind
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the good soing. >> we have not had rain if a long-term. i like rain. >> the problems started appear especially on the roads. c.h.p. says officers in the bay area dealt with 400 accidents between 2:00 and 10:00 this morning four times the typical amount. traffic was at a crawl all over the bay area. >> it was murder. usually it takes 20 minutes that took me 50 minutes. >> a driver in lafayette lost control and crashed into a traffic signal on mt. diablo boulevard knocking out the power turning the busy intersection into a four-way stop at rush hour. we still have a knew days lets of this. considering all of the fallen leaves and blocking the drains you can expect to see street flooding this weekend. many people say given what we have been through they are happy to deal with headaches.
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>> actually, i don't mind seeing delays, 15 minutes, if it means rain. >> given what we have seen you may want to consider coming and packing a few of these: sandbag stations are available all over the place. this is in walnut creek. we have not seen any takers this morning but people may want to have second thoughts given that more rain is on the way. >> indeed. thank you. on the peninsula, windshield wipers are back on duty this morning and this is interstate 280 going northbound with the black mountain road area where drivers are dealing with very slick roads. >> there are some very brave people in san jose making a pints on this giving tuesday, a big day to devote giving back for our communities. we are joined by amy hollyfield with that story. alyssa?
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>> good morning, despite the rain as you mentioned very brave thrill seekers are going down the side of the marriott in downtown san jose and we have seen one person go down. they are taking part in a fundraising pa relativing 40 stories down the building and do not mind getting wet raising awareness for a group that is an organization that protects children from drug and alcohol addiction. in san jose the rain is dying down. here is a look at the conditions earlier. the raining nonstop. it soaked the entire bay area. this led to traffic jams. there were fender benders. it was a much longer commute. i drove from san francisco and it took me 2 1/2 hours because two lanes on highway 101 were closed because of flooding which caused some massive backup. the weather service has issued a flood advisory near the extremes so be prepared for anything like that and drivers should expect pooling and flooding in lanes of traffic. take it easy.
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maybe drive slower and be safe in the weather. a tree fell on to wires blocking highway 116 in sonoma county and it happened at 6:30. the westbound lane of the highway was closed for half an hour and caltrain was able to re-route the traffic while the tree was cut down and the traffic was re-routed. you can track the weather where you live on live doppler hd any time with the weather app that is free on apple app and google play. we have more information at workers have removed a car that caused kite a scene on the golden gate bridge during the commute. the driver treated the pedestrian walkway as a traffic lane and wedged the car into an incredibly tight spot. we are at bridge with that
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report. good morning. passing a driver on the right is a no-no, yes, that includes even when you use the pedestrian lane of the golden gate bridge as a traffic lane. >> i heard abut the this i had to make a few calls and confirm that i was reading it correctly. >> what he her was correct. but seeing is believing. look. the driver of this blue mustang wedged his car on the sidewalk after crashing through the area marked for pedestrians. >> this individual went over metal pylons and squeezed through tight areas. >> ended up here stuck between a fence and...a hard place. >> to any normal person it is obviously you are driving where you are not supposed to drive. >> there is nothing normal about what happened after 5:00 a.m. c.h.p. receive add report a car headed southbound on 101 entered the pedestrian on-ramp speeding. >> he got far enough he came to a narrowing in the sidewalk where the november became wedged
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and when that collision occurred airbags were deployed. >> they identified the driver as 22-year-old daniel soto. he was arrested for d.u.i. his car versus sidewalk versus bridge has created a problem never seen by bridge workers. >> it is good that the crew like puzzles because this is a challenge. >> officials remain stuck on how to remanufacture a car too big to fit how it came in. >> crews need to figure if they need a crane or take part of the ray down. whatever way it happened we will be blocking off one or two lanes of traffic. >> they will stop traffic in both directions and lifting the car up and over. >> we have confirmed the entire crash was caught on security camera. though are not sharing the video with me but they review the security tape to see what improvements, if any, can be
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made. an update now on this southern california police chase with a big twist. the suspect tried three different types of transportation to get away. when he was finally caught, a reality tv star got part of the credit. eric thomas has that story. >> the suspect was wanted for stealing a calculate his bad luck began when police got on his tail and it was worse when he ran into the repo man. it had everything, fleeing suspect in a stillen car, police in hot pursuit and tv helicopters above. >> jesus, he clipped that give. >> the chase reached speeds up to 90 miles per hour on the streets of los angeles. >> barely missed that guy. >> before slamming into a car the suspect jumps out of the stolen bmw and tries another wheeled vehicle. >> is that a gun? >> skate board. >> off he goes. when it looks like he might have a shot at getting away he gives
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up the skateboard and runs again. almost hit by not one, but two cars. he doesn't realize it but this is just about the end of the road. >> got pinned by the car. bam. he is cut off by a go player tan in a pickup enabling police to get their man. >> you can see him running with a skateboard and he is running from the cops and they are right on him, there are six or seven cops. >> this is los angeles and even a good samaritan is in the entertainment industry. the truck driver is tale reality star from "operation repo." >> it ain't no joke. >> yes, that is the sake pickup truck from the show. >> just instinct, block the guy off and slow him down. >> it ain't no joke. nobody was injured and police have released little information about the suspect but after leading officers on a dangerous
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chase like that, it could be a while before he sees the skate board again. >> crazy. still to come, a popular child car seat maker under the microscope. how many years graco waited to warn parents about a major safety ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. ♪ ♪ >> vote gears are looking into whether graco delayed reporting
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a defect in child seats. they recalled six million seats this year because the bucket got stuck during an emergency. they have five days to notify regulators of a safety defect. "new york times" reports they were aware of complains of the buckles back in 2009. if they delayed reporting the issue the company could be fined up to $35 million. >> former british prime minister tony blair is being teased around the twitter world after sending out a christmas card that will make every other family feel good about their card. the card shows his wife looking pleasantly devoted but the expression on his face has people wondering, some describe him as menacingly odd or fabulously awkward. >> hard to say...there are jokes on twitter with "things less comfortable than tony blair's
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christmas card." >> she looks lovely. >> we have a weather advisory until 7:30 tomorrow for the entire bay area and san francisco is 56 degrees with light rain so everyone has the light-to-moderate rain. we will talk about when it publics up and how much more to expect through the next 24 hours. you will be surprised. stay tuned. >> also, the top trends in the nursery, the most popular baby names of 2014. >> cyber monday could be over but there is time to score deep discounts online. the best dailies that have not happened
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>> what is in a name? the letter "a." baby officer has released the most popular baby names. drum roll...girls, the top five are sophia, emma, olivia, and isabel that. for boys, jackson, aden, lucas and no ah. >> the traffic behind us, my goodness. we have seen a lull in the rain and we will do it all over this morning with the heavy rain. that will bring another 1-2" from midnight tonight through the take tomorrow. here is what going on right now. the strong cold front sends energy across the bay area. here is the low.
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well offshore. that will arrive tomorrow. that could bring the gusty wind and the thunderstorms. here is a look at heavier rain to american canyon and highway 37 toward the delta. very heavy rain and through hercules southwest on the peninsula and you can see the moderate rain from san francisco to daily city and a few more cells offshore and the rain is lighter to 680, dublin and hayward and fremont is still light and in the north bay, you picked you barely quarter-inch from santa rosa but the moisture coming in tonight will pick up the rain and you will see an additional 1-2". thing soy exploritorium camera we talked about the advisory that shows potential high for the flooding and upon on the roads and the creeks rising outside their banks. some of the nuisance flooding is what you can expect. there is light rain in san francisco. temperatures are flat. there is fog.
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in the mid-50's. we will look at the totals increasing. this is 4 hour totals. oakland and concord over 1" of rain and sfo and san jose, over three-quarters itch and behind santa rosa but an inch in novato. we will look if the substantial part of the system come in tonight and that will bring us the thunderstorms and the snow, finally getting going in the sierra nevada with temperatures in the low-to-mid 30's. the circulation is offshore. little pieces of energy are ahead of this. that will allow for heavy downpours again. as we go through today, notice, really, light-to-moderate rain through the afternoon and here comes a break after 7:00, the commute will still be wets between 7:00 and 11 o'clock not so bad but midnight, more heavy rain, and we will look if that, 1-2' of snow, maybe 3' of snow at 7,000 feet. from 4:00 in the morning on
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wednesday, law 6:00 tomorrow morning, it is the same story as this morning, 11 o'clock still light-to-moderate rain. 1:00 o'clock, still coming at us, 4:00, the afternoon commute, and 8:00, still, looking at more rain. thursday, we still have scattered showers. it will take us through friday. looking at temperatures today on the cool side, with numbers just in and around 60 degrees but, still, 3-5" of rain in the santa cruz mountains and looking at numbers on the chilly side but we need it. most people are happy about it. >> we want everyone to slow down and stay alive. >> thank you. but, otherwise, we will take the rain. if you missed out on black friday and cyber monday, there is time to score deep discounts. we learn of the best deals teen new and christmas. >> if you missed the sales event of the year, for whatever
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reason, cyber giving lives on. we are now into cyber week. >> the stores will have week-long sales so if you do not get the deal today, check tomorrow. >> amazon has new deals for eight more days such as this power tool set at 68 percent off retail. wal-mart promoting 500 new sale items such as this 55" l.e.d. for $648 with a $100 wal-mart gift card. target has promotions like this kitchen aid mixer for $224, the cheapest rice we could find for it online. home depot has seven days of deal including appliances. now, clothing. ploy kids are growing out of everything, shirts, pants, dresses, i need a sale. >> huge sales from clothing retailers. >> 20 percent an entire line through the end of day.
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hallelujah, k-mart has 25 percent off if you spend $125 and carter's 25 percent off if you buy $50 worth on wednesday. if you shopped over the holiday weekend, you could be concerned the things bought on sale could actually get a bigger discount. good news, there is an app for that, slice tracks the rich and if there is a drop it alerts you. most scores have a price drop refund policy if you act fast. >> still ahead, taking luxury to a new level. what makes this convertsible so expensive in this particular
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>> coming up at 4:00 and 5:00 we are watching a series of storms moving through the bay area, live team coverage on the damage, potential flooding and traffic headaches for the evening commute. the cars people love the most and the models drivers regret buying. "7 on your side" partners with "consumer reports" for abc7. >> got 500,000 cars? neither do i, but you will need that much to bring home bentley's latest luxury vehicle.
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>> it is not affordable but it is pretty. look at that, whoa, the grand convertible, at the los angeles auto show. >> hand will of these will be proud as a limited addition. this shade was originally created as a one time custom color for customer to match the sequence on a party gown. >> serious dollars. >> the woodwork on the convertible uses more lacquer than a high end kitchen remodel. amost of us cannot afford our cars to match the dress so i can buy t-shirts to machine our -- match our car. >> thanks for joining us
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yo! ho! ho-ho, ho! hi! [laughs] hello, and welcome to the show. i'm terry crews. some of you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine, and i'm lucky enough to also be here hosting millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant is a hard-core biker who's on the road to riches today. from cypress, texas, please welcome bobby harold. [cheers and applause] what's up, bobby? how are you, sir? how are you? nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you, my man. now, i hear you've been riding motorcycles since you were eight years old... >> right, been riding-- >> but you also are an ordained minister.


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