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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 14, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. we know some of you have plans to started your sunday so let's start off right with a check of the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris, good morning. live doppler 7hd has some returns but it's returns in the upper level of the atmosphere. it's fog we are dealing with toward concord, napa and up in santa rosa. but the front is still well offshore here so we will be looking for more clouds here, especially in the the north bay, a few peaks of sun and rain is expected to arrive by evening. sfo this morning, temperatures are cool everywhere in the mid-40s, 45 in santa rosa with about a mile visibility. concord, fog for you.
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we are looking for the delta at a half-mile visibility. today once again, a few changes out there in terms of the cloud cover, otherwise mid-and upper 50s for the most part. maybe 60, 61 oakland. and we will see more clouds along the coast and in the north bay. we are talking detail about when the rain arrives and how much rain there is for the last week of autumn coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. thousands of people took to the streets in the bay area and across the country yesterday to protest police shootings. it wasn't all peaceful. in oakland the protests turned violence with police making dozens ever arefs after people continued marching in the streets, even after officers declared an unlawful assembly. one group was detained at 29 and telegraph and another group was surrounded by officers in riot gear at 17th and franklin. police declared the unlawful assembly after vandals hit a whole foods group on bay street.
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windows were shattered and someone set a flag on fire. at several points protesters tried to get on interstate 980 by downtown but several officers quickly mobilized to keep the group from entering the freeway. the demonstrated that endnd 9:30 last night started peacefully. about 3,000 people participated in the protests that coincided with demonstrations nationwide, calling attention to the beth of unarmed black men at the hands of police. sky 7hd was over san francisco yesterday as protesters marched along market street to city hall. here's abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian in with a look at that part of the demonstration. >> they chanted, they marched, and they remembered the one who brought them together. >> you can only silence for those who have died. eric garner, oscar grant -- >> a list of those killed by law enforcement was long. although there were thousands of different faces in the crowd, there was one unified message.
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>> they are killing us. they are killing us. and i can't -- they can't anymore. we have to come together. >> black people and brown people are not treated the same in society. >> the heavy police presence only frustrated many of the protesters. that's why once the scheduled event was over, hundreds marched on and shut down the streets around union square. police rushed to control the protest routes, but the marchers brought traffic to standstill in front of westville center on market street. the group took off once again and this time headed to the mission district. the face necessary this protest had changed. there were no children or families here. instead angry individuals. they stopped in front of the police station on valencia. [chanting "shame on you]
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>> the crowd remains loud but peaceful and said they would keep up the fight. in san francisco. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> there were protests all across the nation yesterday as people called for change. in new york city thousands of people marched along 5th avenue. >> look at the masses, black, white, all races, all religions. this is just a great moment. this is a history-making moment. >> eric garner's mother was among the speakers at yesterday's protest in washington, d.c. garner died in july shortly after being held in what some say was a choke hold in new york city. michael brown's father will be in the bay area today. michael brown, senior is speaking out after his son was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. the shooting launched a series of protests in ferguson and around the world.
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brawn said he wants his son's memory to be republicanned in peace and mr. lawful political action. he will be speaking in san francisco at 4:00 this afternoon. now to a shocking display at u.c. berkeley. rattled students taking part of the demonstrations. three effigies tied with nooses were tied on campus. >> cardboard cutouts hanging from a noose in the berkeley campus. they each included the words "i can't breathe" a reference to garner's last words before he was choked to death by a police officer. they are in regard to the protests related to garner. >> to call attention to the garner case, the "i can't breathe," and to show anger about the lack of insight. >> miles is chair of cal's black student union wishes held a
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black lives matter demonstrations at the sprout plaza. whether it was unclear whether the motive was to support or antiguns, they said it was offensive, nonetheless. >> the fact that no one will attribute themselves to these images or effigies continue to reinforce this idea that black people in this country are forced to live under the conditions of racial terror. >> a university spokesperson said while it's certainly not clear what the intention was, it's not reflective of our values at u.c. berkeley. these are very disturbing images and we will do everything we can to identify a suspect and fully prosecute that person. >> it's just wrong to use that image. >> berkeley resident j hanson grew up in the south. she saw the images online and came to campus in case student needed comfort. >> unfortunately i don't think a lot of people understand what a destructive image and what a horrible history lynching was. >> as for the students they are
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using the effigies for yet another reason to bring attention to their cause. in berkeley, lilian kim, abc7 news. getting a check of our other top stories. two people are recovering after a safeway delivery truck lost control going down a hill in san francisco. witnesses say the truck was headed down 21st street yesterday afternoon but the driver couldn't stop when he got to guerrero street. the truck slammed into a car, then went over the median and into three parked cars before finally crashing to a stop in the building. the truck driver and the driver of the sedan were both hurt. >> the lucky thing were apparently people were working on that building and had been there like 30 seconds before. one guy apparently was up on the scaffolding still and pushed himself into a window or something as it was happening. >> engineers are checking the scaffolding to make sure it was stable. check out this video from sky 7hd. a car caught fire on southbound
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880 at hagen berger road in oakland yesterday afternoon. a driver used a blanket to try to utah it out before firefighters got there. thankfully no one was hurt. a lot of cleanup across the state after thursday's purchase full storm. residents of a mobile home park in redwood city were returned home. city workers helped finished draining the property on bayfield road. officials issued a mandatory evacuation order because of the gases and dirt inside the water. >> i was pretty scared. after all the fire department evacuated my neighbors, it was really amaze to go see the waters carry heavy items. i saw chairs floating by, some heavy stairs. >> residents say they will be ready this week for more rain. >> in san mateo, crews removed a tree that came crash down into a
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multimillion-dollar home. the homeowners had just purchased the house the day before and hadn't even moved in yet. in southern california crews spent the day cleaning up a mudslide that left 13 homes uninhabitable. the debris flowed down a hillside friday, burned by a wildfire last year. 5:09 the time. businesses in the sierra are grateful this morning for the heavy snowfall they received and skiers are equally as happy. carla reports from the sierra on how the fresh blanket of snow made for a great day on the slopes. >> the fresh blanket of snow made for a great day on the slopes. >> it's the greatest it's been in probably a couple years. >> the winter wonderland, a paradise for snowboarders and skiers at the resort. >> we've been here for a couple hours. it's really fun, the fresh powder. >> it was packed with many
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people who came up for the day after hearing of the fresh powder. >> it's the greatest feeling in the world. i love snow. >> others who already had their trips planned, just got lucky. >> it was just lucky that we picked this weekend because we heard about the storm when we he were coming up and we were like, yes! >> is this the storm of the queer for you guys? >> they are saying it is supposed to be but i think it came up a little short. i think we can do better than that. >> for this time of the year the storm dropped a significant amount of snow, enough to make the conditions just right. the storm dropped 21 inches of fresh powder. you see the snow coming up to my niece. perfect conditions for snowboarders and skiers here. at boreal, the resort is 90% open. >> let's say mother nature is definitely on our side with this one and looks like she will be rolling in with another 8 inches or so in a day or two so shaping up to be a fantastic winter. >> the snowstorm came just in time with the holidays and with winter break not far off, the
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resorts are expected to get busier. that's as long as the snow sticks to the ground and we get more snowfall on the summit. abc7 news. >> and having been to boreal before, i think there's a difference between the manmade snow and the real tough. >> for sure. >> you can feel it, lips in the grooves. >> exactly. we are going see more snow in the mountains and temperatures will be quite conducive for the natural stuff with temperatures just in the near 40 for a high there and a couple of systems adding to the snowpack. 50 downtown. we will talk about our rain, when it arrives, when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, holiday cheer, the big event in the south bay today that benefits san jose's christmas in the park. >> an effort by one local family to rid themselves are common how hold pests leads them to a completely different problem. i'm michael finney, the story
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. >> dozens of people turned out for three separate gun buyback events in the bay area yesterday. this one in san francisco you see here on your screen. the event paid tribute to the victims of the sanddy hook elementary school shooting. today marks two years since adam la. nza fatally shot 20 children and 6 educators in newtown connecticut before killing himself. palo alto city leaders are including a smoking ban that includes e-cigarettes. it will consider an ordinance prohibiting smoking in public areas like the stanford shopping center as well as all outdoor eating areas, public events and
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worksheets sites. the penalty for the first offense is $250 and it would also ban pharmacies from selling tobacco and e-cigarettes. >> happening today hundreds of bird enthusiasts will gather in the east bay to take part in the 115th annual christmas bird count. the audubon society is organizing today's bird count. it will cover a 15-mile radius surrounding oakland. birders will comb parks, beaches and other areas to count every species, as well as individual birds. the society will hold another bird count in san francisco on december 30th. results of the count help scientists track wished population trends. hundreds of scientists from all over the world have mapped an evolutionary tree so complete one scientist calls it mind blowing. they tapped into the genes of 45 different bird species and had nine super computers analyze the data and arrange the birds into a family tree. one example of what they found, falcons are more closely related
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to parrots than eagles or hawks and penguins developed a gene to stay warm that's similar to a gene in humors that creates tough skin on hands and feet. the finding are extensive and should lead to more research for years. you can read about it in "the journal science." >>. >> one bay area family called michael finney for help >> nick recalls pulling into his driveway in hayward. he and his which have noticed something wasn't right. >> oh, my god. what what did they do? >> his wife saw a roof tile in the driveway and immediately looked up. >> it was broke in several pieces, the one on the edge. >> she wasn't too concerned. she called terminex who just completed with her home. they agreed to fix the damage since they had just been up on the roof to remove the tinting.
5:17 am
they agreed to send an inspector but no one got back to them with the results. >> it was frustrating. i really got upset how come they are ignoring me. >> things became more urgent when her husband noticed more damage as he was pulling into the driveway. >> oh, look there. look at the dam on our roof. >> in all, more than 60 tiles were missing. with winter fast approaching, they felt pressed for time. >> they said it might rain, so if i did not fix it, then if it rains, i will damage my roof. >> they went ahead and fixed the roof, sending a receipt for the repairs, along with photos of the damage to terminex. >> we waited another month and there was no response. then my husband said let's try "7 on your side." >> we contacted terminex and it phoned the family to apologize. they did not talk to you are for
5:18 am
our comment we they agreed to pay the bill for repairs. >> i feel very happy you have done something for us. >> if you have a consume arish you you can't get resolved, let us know about it. go to and click on the sections tab and look for "7 on your side." i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> michael finney to the rescue. time is 5:18. happening today, holiday cheer in the south bay as the third annual santa run returns to silicon valley. it helps fund the south bay tradition, it's called christmas in the park. 5,000 participants dressed as santa claus or other holiday characters are expected to take part in today's 5k run in downtown san jose. the run gets underway at 3:00 on the intersection of santa clara street and the boulevard. weather-wise, lisa, do you think the rain is going to hold out? >> yeah, looks like it. >> it will be okay at 3:00? >> definitely. we will see more sunshine in the south bay than the north bay with increasing clouds in
5:19 am
advance of a cold front that's headed our way tonight. in fact some of the high clouds that are streaming out ahead of the system have inhibited some of the fog from forming, which is the good news. but with the high and mid-level clouds we are looking at a couple degrees of cooling today. 7:17 is the official sunrise. and we will be looking at it setting before 5:00. next sunday will be the winter solstice. it will officially start winter. we are well above averages in terms of our rainfall. right now live doppler 7hd looking at some returns offshore. but this is just moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere and a dense fog advise for the san joaquin valley. you notice the front still offshore. we have a dry day in store for sunday. looks like the north bay should see the rain first this evening. here's a look outside from our emeryville camera. pretty dark. can't see much. 50 degrees in san francisco. it's 45 in san jose. half moon bay sitting at 50.
5:20 am
and we do have 44 in redwood city. another vantage point, sfo perhaps a few delays later on this morning, but the fog not as dense as it was yesterday. still some passes up in the north bay. 45 in santa rosa. 47 in napa with mid-40s from concord to livermore. and a look at the visibility. the delta just a mile and a half. napa not doing bad right now at 7 miles. that will change, though. and santa rosa a half-mile visibility with just a little bit of things obscured in the east bay. concord 6 miles. from our sutro tower camera you see the view here and we are looking at a weak high pressure to hold on for another day. mostly cloudy today. we will call it partly cloudy in the south bay. a chance. rain toward evening. and more chances of rain behind the system on tuesday with a series of waves that will move through, keeping things, as we like to say, a little bit unsettled. so here's a look at the high pressure that is going to slide on off. there's the front. so we it will keep us dry
5:21 am
throughout the afternoon. notice coming out of the gulf of alaska, it's a cold one. we will see some pretty good snow in the sierra nevada which is bringing the bay area rain and a another little wave behind it. here's the timing. this evening you notice we are still dry late afternoon, 4:00. but by about 7:00, 8:00, maybe a few showers from san francisco, marin. the overnight hours things get going. spotty showers throughout the morning commute. some of the rain continues to increase and it will be quite moderate to heavy at times. by the middle of the day, look at the yellow and the dark orange here. but notice the focus in parts of the south bay toward san benito county. that's where we will see the heaviest rain, the santa cruz mountains through minnesota night. we are lacking at lingering showers throughout tuesday as another impulse comes our way. anywhere from .5. in fact half-inch of rain to two inches so we will be looking at some pretty good totals here. 60 san jose. 61 over in oakland and the
5:22 am
accuweather seven-day forecast shows the rain continues into wednesday with a few scattered showers. we are dry late wednesday into thursday and another better sizable system on friday. you can see it showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the new abc news weather app. it's free. we have more information at so if you don't have it by now, get it. >> with the break in the rained to a good chance to go out and get your christmas tree. i know you got a chance to do that yesterday, right? >> yeah. have to get the lights up. it's a a huge process. you have a couple dry days, certainly good to do that. and we didn't really have the brakes until this weekend. >> get it done. >> yeah, get going. >> lisa, thanks. coming up next, people dress like santa claus bar hopped around san francisco. why yesterday's annual
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5:26 am
holiday meal. >> a lot of them it's just their groceries they need to get through the month. the cost of living is so high in the bay area and rent continues to go up. >> all the food boxes will be handed out to local families this week. a worldwide event that got started in san francisco may have made its last trek through the city yesterday. you may have noticed all the kris kringles through the area yesterday. men and women dressed up at santa visited different landmarks and bars here and nearly 200 other cities. first santacon began here to poke fun at the commercialism of christmas. >> i read that they wanted people to donate toys, so i feel like that's part of t but honestly, i don't know. i just want to dress up like santa and join everybody. >> a lot of my friends were with them yesterday. yesterday sf-santacon tweeted
5:27 am
out this wick tower and "rest in peace, santa-con." the original inventors staged a funeral for the event yesterday afternoon. more secrets revealed from the hack at sony films. and it's being called uber for kids. the family-friend
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news >> time now is 5:30. good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. carolyn tyler has the day off. no rain right now but the fog is causing some visibility issues in parts of the bay area. let's head over to lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler 7hd. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. you notice the moisture on live doppler hd. that's inhibiting some of the dense fog we saw yesterday. where with the high clouds ahead of the system we will look for more in the way of cloudiness in the north bay. the clouds will thin out in other parts of the bay. this morning in emeryville it's cloudy and we are looking at temperatures from about 44 in redwood city, 43 in morgan hill. as we go through the rest of the morning, the high and the mid-level clouds begin to thin on out. we will see some sunshine around the bay. but we've had a lot of rain. the ground is already saturated
5:31 am
and another healthy system headed our way with another one to two inches of rain possible messing up the morning commute and the rest of the day. we will detail that coming up. >> lisa, thank you. 5:31, the time. the u.s. deposit will not be shutting down, the news out of washington d.c.. >> the 56 to 40, the motion to concur is passed. >> the senate voted yesterday in favor of the long-term funding bill. the main item left on congress's year-end agenda. $19.1 trillion spending bill is on he is way to president obama for signature. it provides money for the entire government through section september, which is the end of the budget year. coming up on "this week" more on the scathing report the cia released last week by the intelligence committee. the former cia director speaks out about the reports which speaks about torture tactics
5:32 am
used on detainees. you can catch it here on abc7 at 8:00. >> the hits keep coming from the giant sony but they aren't good kind. new hacked e-mails have more a-list stars exposed. >> the sony hackers strike again. the group allegedly behind a massive sign air tack on the company releasing more stolen e-mails. and reportedly promising a large christmas gift that it says will, quote, put sony pictures in the worst state. the latest stolen e-mails reportedly showed sony executives slamming dinardo detap preowe about pulling out of the jobs film and jokes about children. a leaked script is copious notes to try to improve it. and other e-mails reportedly revealing a sony wish list for all female leads in a new ghost
5:33 am
busters movie. jennifer lawrence and emma stone at the top. and executives apparently debating aggressive legal action between the original ghost buster bill murray should he stand in the way of the new full many. >> it's a digital disaster, and it's one that shows no sign of stopping. >> but among the revelations getting the most attention, documents reportedly showing oscar winner jennifer lawrence and co-star amy adams reportedly earning less than their male costars on american hustle. and a female executive at sony making significantly less than her male counterpart. sony chair, amy pascal, has pent the week apologizing after one showed her and one making racial jokes about president obama. pascal told abc news she's reached out to civil rights leaders jesse jackson and al sharpton. her remarks going all the way to the white house. >> at least one sony executive
5:34 am
whose e-mails were made public has apologized for the content of those e-mails and i think that's appropriate. >> abc news, new york. >> some tense moments for airplane passengers after a bird strike forced an emergency landing. people on southwest flight 3118 heard a loud bang this caused the plane to shake late friday night. impact left a hole in the plane's wing and sent flames shoot you out out of the engine. the flight from san antonio, texas had to make an emergency landing in baltimore. no one was hurt but the experience frayed a lot of nerves. >> i was sure i was going die. it was heavy and loud. >> one of my colleagues sitting on the right side, he could see flames shooting from the engine. you could see almost like fireworks through the window on the left side. >> some incredible pictures. pilots train for this type of event and planes are designed to fly with just one engine. car services like huber and
5:35 am
lift have changed transportation but not everyone wants their kids using them. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, a san francisco company saw that as an opportunity in their new family friendly car service has just expanded all over the bay area. >> here we are. >> sharon is not her mother and she's not her nanny but she spent years looking after other kids. >> we have a requirement of having child care experience in order to be aloud to be a driver for us. >> a driver is exactly what she is. far from a babysitter, sheri's job is just to get jenna from point a to point b. in this case from school to her office while her dad is traveling abroad. >> my only other alternative would be to hire a short term nanny and that was not going to be an affordable option. >> her mom did research and found an app called shuddle spelled with two ds. >> we are are specifically for
5:36 am
families. >> it just expanded to marin and san jose and covers most of the bay area. rides are made by appointment and parents get the driver's picture and profile ahead of time. >> when they see me standing outbeside my school they are happy to see me and know who i am. >> they charge a flat fee of 10 bucks a ride and after that it's similar to a taxi fair. it's more than a standard lift or uber mind. you are paying for added peace of mind. >> we will look at the full criminal history of a driver before they are allowed to drive for us. >> and all the drivers ever women. sheri told us she had to go through two interviews, one on the phone and another in person. >> they asked me a lot of questions with children and my background with children and how i felt about issues with children. >> better than riding a school bus. >> yes, so much better. >> she knows it's no substitute for mom and dad but it may be the next best thing. >> they preten they know me. >> it's been fun talking to you. >> nice talking to you to. >> in san francisco, johnathan
5:37 am
bloom, abc7 news. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. a new spin on a tv classic. it's a holiday version of the golden girls like you've never seen before. but first, the time right now is 5:37. a live look from our kgo roof camera pointed down at the embarcadero. if you were at the farmers market yesterday, you know it was packed. today should be much calmer at the ferry the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> welcome back. it's 5:39. another live look at the embarcadero. you see the bay bridge in the
5:40 am
distance moment major problems traffic wise to begin your sunday morning. adrian peterson is considering retiring from the nfl after an ash tore upheld a ruling that will keep the minnesota vikings running back suspended until aft least next april. it comes just as new audio recordings are released detailing a conversation between peterson and nfl exec troy vincent. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. >> you can text me. >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> good morning america will have much more on these recordings in an exclusive report tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m.. new photos have been released of the future king of england. take a look, the duke and duchess of cambridge, also known at prince william and kate, have released three official christmas photographs of prince george. pictures, taken last month, show prince george in a courtyard atkinsing ton palace. he's growing up so fast, lisa.
5:41 am
>> he looks so cute. he may need the socks this morning. comes just in the mid-40s for concord, livermore. still in the 50s for the afternoon. will the rain hold off for the bulk of your weekend? it's going to be a close one but we will talk about it and show you the extended outlook, which includes more rain coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, the warriors continue to roll on the road with the splash brothers leading the team to the 15th win in a row. mike by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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5:44 am
golden girls pack a mission district theater night after night. entertainment reporter leyland takes us backstage. >> the golden girls ran on tv for 7 seasons from 19835 to 1992 and still lives on in reruns today. the comedy tells a story of rose, dorothy, sophia and blanche facing life after marriage, death and kids, all after living together in miami. >> i can't remember him. all he said on the phone was he had a great time with me the night before he left. >> and it's got to be -- >> anybody. [laughter] >> this is the golden girls. the christmas episode. a live on stage reenactment of the hit tv show. >> the actresses were just amazing in those roles. >> in this version the cast of characters is played by well-known san francisco drag
5:45 am
performers. cookie dough for mother sophia, and dorothy. and the idea for the live performance started in a living room. >> the first time it was like 50 little seats and i remember the first time we did five weeks and we did like 30 shows. >> nine years later, the show is filling hundreds of seats, selling out the theater most nights. >> good morning. >> don't talk to me, rows. >> one of the reasons i thought it would work well as a christmas show is because when i first moved to san francisco there were so many great campi productions to go to. the karen carpenter christmas and all kinds of stuff and then those kind of things stopped hang. i think people want to come to something like that fun around christmas. >> for that reason, many people keep coming back. >> a lot of the audience members have been telling us we've been coming every year since you started. >> i think it's great. they are such good actors, and
5:46 am
the way they reinterpret it, and their facial expresses are amazing. it's thumbs up. >> girls! >> for others it might just be the makings of a new christmas tradition. >> it's amazing it's pretty much verbatim. it's pretty much right on. >> the golden girls, the christmas episode, runs now through the 21st in san francisco. abc7 news. >> a packed house night after night. weather-wise, lisa, a lot of kids are returning home from college this weekend. and at least they get a break from the rain today. but some changes are on the way. >> but if you are planning to head up to the sierra nevada they have you have to watch the forecast carefully because not so many breaks in the week ahead. that will obviously include some dicey travel around the state. live doppler 7hd showing the moisture in the clouds. and due to the high clouds, that is inhibiting some of the fog development around the bay. so not quite as dense or
5:47 am
widespread as it was yesterday but we still have the fog in pockets. dense fog advisory for the san joaquin valley and the cold front still sits far offshore. most of you will see an entirely dry day today with a few light scattered showers towards evening. we will pinpoint where and when just in a minute. 46 in san jose right now. 43 in morgan hill. cool locations around the bay. not as chilly as yesterday but we are getting used to the d.c. chill with just a week left of autumn. we begin the winter season next sunday. sfo right now probably some delays stacking up later on. 45 in concord. 46 livermore. with mid-40s up in santa rosa. here is a check of the visibilities in miles. 2.5 miles in fairfield with 3 miles santa rosa and just a little fog out toward concord. livermore also. the usual. not as bad, the clouds will then out. we will see a little bit of sun as high pressure stays with us for another day.
5:48 am
then the rain arrives toward evening and we will look for more rain chance was a couple of additional waves right behind this front tomorrow. and tuesday into wednesday. then that will add up and hopefully bring the reservoirs up a little bit because with the ground so, so dry, the past deluge we had did soak into the ground and the reservoirs still need some work. 10:00 tonight some showers. san francisco, the peninsula, overnight things get going. we will see more rain toward the morning commute. but as we go toward the early afternoon, look if he heavy rain all across the bay. in fact, the bulk of the heaviest activity should be south of the santa cruz mountains but by the afternoon commute still rain becoming more widely scattered, though, and then comes another push of energy on tuesday and finally into wednesday. so rainfall totals through tuesday morning anywhere from a half-inch to two inches. and that probably will be in the coastal ranges here.
5:49 am
the higher elevations of the north bay. but it certainly is adding up. these are cold systems originating from the gulf of acton so that means snow monday. #*, tuesday, witness day, maybe up to two feet in the higher elevationings and low snow level. 50 in yosemite, 66 los angeles. snow levels going as far down to 4,000 feet. so definitely it will look more like a typical winter time scenario. 60 san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the rain arrives tonight overnight through tomorrow. the commute will be wet through the evening. some scattered showers and another push of rain tuesday. ending on wednesday. a dry day on thursday. and another system friday that lingers into saturday. so that's just amazing that we can keep it coming. >> yeah. it's nice it's finally starting to feel like winter in the bay area. >> right, and nothing as big as we had last week. >> lisa, thank you. turning to sports now, both raiders and 49ers are playing big rivalry games today.
5:50 am
at 10:00 a.m. the silver and black are in facing the chiefs and the niners kickoff at 1:25. later this afternoon the warriors will try to extend their franchise record 15-game winning streak in new orleans. tipoff against the pelicans is 3:00 p.m. yesterday the warriors beat the dallas mavericks in texas. here's mike shumann with the highlights and this morning's sports. good morning. well, the warriors are making some noise around the nba. we knew they were good about 20-2 with 15 straight wins and nine straight on the road, they are really good and the mavericks found that out yesterday in dallas. steph curry and the warriors rocking slate jerseys. out ahead to steph here. he led all scorer with 29. former warrior richard jefferson miss misses. steph gets it out to clay
5:51 am
thomas. and the jumper, he had 23. another former warrior, monta ellis led dallas at 24. knocks down the contested three. he shows off his maturity. dishes to chandler. the alley oop dunk. he had 12 points. he loses his shoe. steph tosses it out and then he swats it back but it goes to chandler in the first row. here's the one-handed lay-up. the warriors win 105-98. they are the twelfth team in nba history to start the season 20-2. >> we kept our composure for the most part. and really held strong the second half when they gave it all they had. and a big win for us. >> now the sharks want to win their first stanley cup in franchise hi industry, they have to win games against teams likes nashville. the star -- predators in town.
5:52 am
joe pavelski and the sharks entered a six-game home winning streak. he throws it toward the net. cleans up the rebound, 7th of the year. sharks up 1-0. antti niemi was stone-cold. blocked the scoring chance. his 29th year shutout and joe thornton ices the game with an empty netter. sharks won seven of their last 8 with a 2-0 victory. the heisman trophy happened out yesterday in new york with wisconsin running back gordon and cooper and oregon quarterback marcus marietta the three finalists. one was special. >> the winner of the 2014 heisman memorial trophy is marcus mariota of the university of oregon. [applause] >> he is the first hawaii native to win the heisman. the first from the university of oregon. he threw for 3783 yards.
5:53 am
38 touchdowns k ran for 669 yards and 14 touchdowns, leading oregon to the pac-12 title. marcus, like all winners, was stunned and overcome with emotion. >> words can't express how much this means to me. i'm truly grateful to have you guys in my life. mom and dad, thank you for your love and sharing that with me and i'm truly grateful. god bless and go ducks. >> well-deserved. raiders in kansas city to take on the chiefs. 49ers up in seattle to take on the hawks. we will have all those highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> time now 5:5 3. up next a big celebration in the mission district. how the community worked together to
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night owes power ball draw. 5, 13, 28, 55, the power ball number 33. nobody picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot jumps to $80 million. and the winning numbers from last night owes $22 million super lotto plus draw, 3, 7, 19, 25, 42. the meganumber 5. nobody matched all six numbers in that draw either so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $23 million. happening today, san francisco will rededicate it's historic carnival mural in the mission district, considered one of the most important art projects in the mission district. it's been 30 years since the mural was originally painted. with funds from the city community challenge grant, artists took on the task of restoring it, which has just been completed. today's rededication celebration gets underway at 1:00 at south venice avenue and 24th street. next on the abc7 sunday
5:57 am
morning news at 6:00. demonstrations turn violent in the east bay at police crackdown on protesters. and students on cal's campus disturbed by life size effigies hanging from nooses.
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>> time now is 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen, carolyn tyler has the day off. if you have places to see, places to go, let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hello. yesterday we had sunshine. boy, it felt good the middle of the day. and a few high clouds today in advance of a weather system that will get us wet tonight into tomorrow. here's live doppler 7hd. we see a few returns up to the north. it's not out of the question we could see a stray shower, but for the most part everybody stays dry today. here is the funnel band and it is packing a pun. ahead of it with the high clouds, precluding some of the dense fog. we have patchy fog and some limited visibility, but not as bad as yesterday. 46 by the delta. one spot where you do have the fog. and also around concord, santa rosa 44. we will look for ptl


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