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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 19, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. holiday havoc. new concerns about a christmas storm. snow, rain and high winds that could make roads dangerous, disrupt flights. our team has what you need to know as millions prepare to travel for the holidays. new details about the massive hack attack by north korea. and the elite team behind the assault. cyberwarriors recruited as children. and the president is set to respond today as george clooney unleashes a verbal assault on how hollywood insiders gave in to a dictator. hazards on the highway. take a look at this collision. unsecured cargo flies off cars and trucks creating chaos on the roads. objects become obstacles, even weapons. what you need to know to stay safe on the road.
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>> let me take a selfie. and this is about to be the most popular gift under the tree this christmas. could it be? beyoncé is crazy in love with it, so many more are too. why is the selfie stick being called the greatest invention of the year. is it about to change the way we snap those selfies? >> let me take a selfie. good morning, america. i want my kids to know this right away, they are not getting a selfie stick. >> not going to happen. >> lara's got one right there. >> very fun. i like it. hold on. let me try to adjust. >> okay. >> looking good. >> i look like kilroy. >> this is a first. i have to say, in all my years at "good morning america," doing a selfie to begin the show. it's a big shopping day tomorrow, super saturday. some may be looking for it. >> no question about that. the question is, are they going to be able to get to the stores
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when they do it? millions of americans getting ready to travel. snow and rain could make it hard to get home for the holiday. ginger is tracking it all. how about this? instead of a white christmas, i promise a wet and windy christmas for so many people. well, that's going to be the issue. watching a developing storm, it starts around mon day tuesday, in the great lakes. >> it really tightens up. these are isobars, lines of equal pressure. the closer they get the crazier it gets. windwise. that's why we're promising you wind. it's along the i-94 corridor. could be cold enough for snow. cleveland into christmas day, buffalo, the hot spots. west michigan. that could be the snow. doesn't look so snowy for a lot of people. i thought we'd just lay it out here on thursday. blowing snow back in parts of the northern plains, because they will have had snow but, yes, it's the developing storm about a week away that we'll have our eyes on and we'll give
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you a windy christmas instead of a white one. i can promise that. >> and that storm is going to really cause a lot of problems, as you know, ginger. it's going to wreak havoc on air travel. millions of americans heading to the airport to begin their holiday. and abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport for us this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: morning, robin. this will be the busiest travel ho day this holiday season. millions of americans are trying to get away early, a week before christmas. it's started this morning. i was just inside. there are lines at security. on this friday, more than 2 million american, maybe as high as 2.5 million could actually take to the skies. the busiest, atlanta and chicago. and as always, the concern is weather. it can quickly cause cancellations and delays. i just looked at the board and there were 80 flights on there. so far only five delays. ginger mentioned the storm coming in the middle of next week. the big concern is christmas eve. the good news for flyers, that
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is the lightest air travel day but it is one of the busiest days on the roads. it could be a slippy mess on the roads so take it easy the next couple days. >> that is helping a lot of folks. thank you. move on to the latest on the sony hacking scandal. the government expected to blame north korea for the destructive attack today as we learn more about the evidence building up to make the case. pierre thomas is tracking the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. there was an attempt by the hackers to cover their trail. but today sources tell us the u.s. has evidence pointing to north korea. abc news learned that investigators found two critical pieces of evidence, allegedly linking north korea to the sony attack. first they discovered the assault against sony had specific signatures of a north korean-style hack. he this also found that the hack against sony was identical to a series of attacks, targeting south korean banks and other institutions last year. the u.s. government is certain that those attacks were carried out on behalf of north korea. intelligence officials believe the assault was unprecedented. an extraordinary act of
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aggression. the cyber attack is being used by the adversaries as a weapon. >> reporter: sources familiar with the investigation tell ugh the electronic assault from north korea was routed through a number of infected computers overseas. singapore, thailand, italy, bolivia, poland and cyprus. >> the president considers it to be a serious national security matter. it's being treated as such. >> reporter: apparently to further cloud the trail, an administration source says the north korean government directed a hacker or group from outside the country to launch the unprecedented attack. the master minds, likely part of the elite north korean spy unit, bureau 121,ly is tasked with developing an army of so-called cyber warriors. recruited as children and trained at this military school. it included this threat to american movie goers. the world will be full of fear. remember the 11th of september 2001. all apparently because the north koreans are angry about a movie depicting the assassination of their leader. so the big question, what's the
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u.s. government going to do about it? george? >> pierre, there is a precedent here when the chinese hackers were active earlier this year. the u.s. government moved to indict them. >> yes, they charged military leaders for hacking american companies. they're considering the same thing in this case, george, but they're not quite there yet. okay, pierre, thanks very much. >> a lot of people upset about this. including george clooney who lashed out about the attack overnight, calling it terrorism. also blaming hollywood for backing down. and tom llamas has that side of the story. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. remember, clooney's e-mails were hacked as well. they were leaked. and since "the interview" is the film everyone is talking about but no one will actually see. clooney said hollywood's most powerful should stand together, instead. he says they are hiding in fear. >> on your right, george. george, can you look right here, please? >> reporter: in an exclusive interview on overnight, george clooney slams the press for the coverage of the hacking scandal while accusing hollywood insiders of
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leaving sony hanging out to dry. the movie star said last week he circulated a petition to other power players asking them to stand with sony but couldn't get within person to sign on. clooney tells deadline, this is where we are right now. how scared this industry has been made. he goes on to say we cannot be told we can't see something by kim jong-un of all -- expletive -- people. we have allowed north korea to dictate content. that is just insane. >> it feels like censorship to them. a lot of actors are frustrated that they did not release this movie. >> i think a lot of actors and directors and producers are frustrated that north korea convinced sony not to release this movie. >> want to go kill jim jong-un? >> totally. i'd love to kill kim jong-un. it's a date. >> reporter: he says that with just a bit of work you could have found that it wasn't just probably north korea, it was north korea. >> it's going to take a really long time for the wounds to heal
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and for them to move forward. they have been devastated in the last two weeks by these leaks. >> reporter: it's not getting easier for sony. abc news learning overnight, they are putting their popular studio tour on hiatus. they won't say it's because of the cyber attack. and the big question moving closer to christmas, what else is coming? the hackers promised a christmas surprise. but sony's pulled the picture that led to all of this. it's unclear if the hackers satisfied. we will have to wait and see. >> we will. the white house watching as well. i want to go to jon karl at the white house. president obama set to have the year-end news conference this afternoon, jon. and the big question the white house is wrestling with, whether to call it an act of terrorism, an act of war. >> reporter: george, there are two big questions, one, will the president call this an act of terrorism, and what will they do about it? as you heard, the white house has already said this is a serious national security matter. they have vowed a proportional response. the fear here is that this could be the dawn of a new cyber threat that is far-reaching, and many other countries besides north korea have this kind of capability.
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there's a need to deter north korea from doing anything further, make them pay a price. but also to deter other countries and other groups that would potentially want to try to do the same thing. >> right. but our tools are pretty limited. >> reporter: they are. and very interestingly, yesterday, the white house raced the possibility that response would be a covert response. the white house press secretary josh earnest said the white house may not be able to reveal exactly what they are doing in response. there are very limited options. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. we have a lot more this sunday on "this week." new let's go to amy with the other top stories. good morning. wall street gets back to work this morning after its best day in three years. the dow surging more than 400 points thursday thanks in part to the federal reserve's decision to leave interest rates alone for now. overseas markets followed suit today, staging rallies of their own. today investors will be digesting new state by state unemployment numbers by the labor department.
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and a new review of the secret service is recommending major changes in the wake of that security breach. this fall a man jumped the white house fence and ran inside the front door. an independent panel found the agency is beyond its limits and needs more agents and better training, also recommending outside leadership and says the white house fence should be built five feet taller than it currently stands. overnight, pakistan announcing a new offensive against the taliban in the wake of tuesday's horrifying school attack that left 149 people dead. pakistani jets and ground forces reportedly killed at least 67 militants near the afghan border. and major developments from iraq, u.s. air strikes helping the kurdish minority take back a large swath of territory from isis fighters. u.s. officials also reporting three senior isis leaders have been killed. back here in this country, that massive fire in downtown los angeles this month has been ruled arson. the blaze lit up the skyline
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causing an estimated $30 million in damage to an unfinished apartment complex. investigators have not named any suspects yet. and a warning from the irs. it says your tax refund could be delayed this year because of recent budget cuts. the agency also warning there will be fewer agents available to answer your questions. and a close call in houston as a tire flew off a truck and went crashing through this medical clinic. look at that. a direct hit on the janitor working inside. the tire smashing through the window, taking out the chairs. fortunately the chairs actually cushioned the blow, the janitor amazingly after looking at that video, only suffered cuts and bruises. and finally this is going to get you into the holiday spirit. cheryl was working the cash register in houston, just another day at the drive-through, or so she thought, until a woman named
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nadine pulled up wearing a beautiful mink coat. she complimented her saying, that is such a beautiful coat. nadine was so touched, she took the coat off and handed it to her through the drive-through window, saying, it's yours. that coat, worth $10,000. an act of kindness this time of year that's priceless. and her co-workers said that when she got the coat, she screamed like she had just won a million dollars. it was such a nice gesture. i'm sure that was probably the best money she could have spent, making someone else's day. >> i like how she started. >> this feels real nice. >> try not to get it in the fryer. >> good point. >> thanks for sharing that. and now we have the latest on the man behind the boston marathon bomber. the accused bomber in court on thursday seen here wearing the orange jump suit. this is likely the final hearing. before his trial begins. and brian ross has been tracking the case since the first terrifying minutes. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. the trial set to begin after the first of the year with the accused boston bomber facing the possibility of the death penalty. the 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev had not been seen in public for 17 months. until this scene outside his prison, surrounded by u.s. marshals with automatic weapons. in shackles and wearing an orange jump suit. he and his brother are accused of setting off the bombs at the boston marathon finish line that killed three and injured dozens. he was severely injured when police found him hiding in a dry dock boat. >> he is moving. we have movement in the boat. he just sat up. >> reporter: his older brother, tamerlan, had been killed earlier that day in a shootout with police. in court thursday in boston, tsarnaev with a bushy head of hair appeared completely recovered from his injuries. at least 14 of the bombing victims came to court, it watch the proceeding, encountering outside a small
7:14 am
it watch the proceeding, encountering outside a small group of mark walked away from them in disgust. >> get a life, lady. get a life. >> reporter: tsarnaev's lawyers claim he can't get a fair trial in a city where the memories of the bombing are so raw. it could take a month to pick a jury, and the judges ask for more than 1200 potential jurors to be available. robin? >> any thought to move it robin? >> any thought to move it outside of boston? >> tsarnaev's lawyers have asked for that once, and asked for it again yesterday. but the judge says the trial will be held in boston and scheduled to begin on january 5th. >> aht. then. thanks very much. time is now running out on the holiday shopping season. as you know and don't need me to remind you. if you thought black friday was bad, tomorrow is the busiest shopping day of the year. however, there are some great deals to be had. also, new ways to avoid the crowds. and rebecca jarvis is here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. and 68% of us, that is 132 million americans, including me,
7:15 am
are procrastinators and yet to finish holiday shopping according to consumer reports. and in this final push, every store in the country will be doing everything it can to get you inside and spending that cash. move over, black friday. the biggest shopping day this year is expected to happen tomorrow. on super saturday. perfect timing for all those procrastinators. five days before christmas and right in the middle of hanukkah. sales expected to soar to $10 billion with hundreds of thousands of americans hitting the malls. >> we're predicting a super saturday bigger than cyber monday or black friday. and that's because these discounts going to be so big that a lot of people are going to come out. >> reporter: a 42-inch l.e.d. hd tv $50 off at walmart. bye buy /* buy one get one
7:16 am
barbies, and $50 off the ipad mini at best buy. >> they are offering discounts at the last minute online. >> reporter: google's express service available in six locations. we gave it a try. as i finished my shopping list. i'm looking for hats for my nieces and nephews. browse and purchase items online from retailer, including target, staples and walgreens. so for $4.99, get them sent today. and your order is delivered. mine arriving in just over an hour. >> here they are. a couple hours later. many also scoring a helping hand from task rabbit. >> just picking up a stereo. >> reporter: in 20 cities across the country, you can pay a so-called tasker $20 to $25 an hour to fight the crowds for you. they promise to finish your wish list and check it twice, all with plenty of time left over. the world is changing. well, amazon has just launched its own quick delivery service. they're calling it prime now. it lets prime members place orders on and receive
7:17 am
the purchase within one hour for $7.99, two hours for free. now it's only available in new york city. but amazon tells me they plan to expand to other cities next year. this is a changing world. >> it works. >> it does work. >> you enjoyed it? >> i'm doing it this afternoon. >> i want to ask about gas prices. really low. how do they impact the season? >> the good news we have more money to spend on christmas presents and hanukkah presents. so people will be spending more at retailers, because they're saving. 14 states now paying less than $2 for a gallon of gas. that's good news for the economy and good news for consumers. >> less than $2. >> wow. >> i get the pictures tweeted to me. i love it. >> that's got to help. that's got to help. have a good weekend. >> thanks very much. and for those going out shopping down south. they might be in for a little something. >> anyone waking up in baton rouge knows there's a lot of rain happening. and we're going to take you right over here. not just rain but thunderstorms, too. popping up along this stationary
7:18 am
front. back into parts of eastern texas. houston to 58 today, new orleans at 60, montgomery at 60. and much cooler. look at these, these are highs, right? 45 little rock. unsettled through the end of the week here. now how much rain is going to fall? some of it has started. but total, we're talking 2 to 3 inches in that red zone. you take the purple, that will bring you 1 to 2 inches all the way to tallahassee. that includes parts of southern -- from birmingham down so southeast of atlanta. here in the northeast, a bit of a different story. certainly cold, but you may even run into some pockets of ice. if you're anywhere from pittsburgh up through western new york this morning, they have a winter weather advisory just for a couple more hours. detroit, 34, 29 green bay, 32, chicago, and indianapolis, 33. i thought we have to leave you with a christmas eve forecast for the whole nation, but we'll get to the local weather forecast. i'm having trouble talking.
7:19 am
good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the songy bay area forecast. steady rain this morning. showers this afternoon. painly rain across the north bay tomorrow. dry and warmer starting sunday when winter starts. the temperatures this afternoon are upper 50's to low 60's and overnight, cooler than this morning. well see upper 40's to low 50's and the showers dissipate during overnight. the seven-day forecast show 60's and sunshine next and coming up here on "gma,"
7:20 am
and coming up here on "gma," a dramatic day in the so-called slender man case. both young girls in court learning if they will stand trial. and new details in the mysterious shooting of a tv meteorologist. how he's helping police track down the suspect. hey, lara? and, george, we cannot get enough of this, one of the hot new must-have gifts. say hello, america, the selfie stick. could it be in your stocking this holiday season? we are going to tell you about this and more of the must-have gifts coming up on "gma." you have to get the right position. hold on. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
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up to $1 billion? $3 billion? $4.5 billion? the answer is... up to $4.5 billion. using your computer's built-in energy-saving features can generate real household savings. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here. good morning, i'm eric thomas. we have breaking news out of san francisco. the power appears to be back on along the embarcaderembarcadero. this is a live picture from our abc 7 rooftop camera. about an hour ago the embarcadero was plunged into
7:25 am
darkness, no lights on there. we still don't know what the cause is but we're checking with pg&e to find out what exactly happened. the good news is, like i said, the lights are back on here. let's see how the news is for you on the road this morning. here's sue hall. >> a couple of tough spots, eric. we go to the san mateo bridge. bumper-to-bumper, nearly at a stand still because of an accident on the high rise middle lane in the westbound direction so avoid that if you can, maybe dumbarton bridge. here's san rafael, very, very slow northbound. we have an accident just north of central san rafael so i grind getting into san francisco. take extra care, we've got early problems at 380 right at 101. when we come back meteorologist m
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good morning. most of us waking up to drizzle. even a spotty light rain shower possible over the next couple of hours but let's go up to the no north bay where steadier, light to moderate rain is moving through. we'll eventually transfer over to some scattered shower
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♪ i get drunk at the bank and take off my shirt at least ♪ here for weird al. >> that's "tacky." his spoof of pharrell's "happy." and part of the epic viral video countdown of 2014. he had a big year. part of the epic video viral countdown of 2014. he had a huge year. >> he did have a huge year. and new details on the mysterious shooting of a tv meteorologist. how he's now helping police hunt down the suspect. plus highway hazards. scary scenes caught on camera. objects flying off cars and trucks, causing serious injuries on the roads. what you can do to stay safe behind the wheel. because when you see someone with a mattress and things on a car like that -- >> i do. >> more than that. we are going to tell you what you should do.
7:31 am
begin this half hour with the so-called slender man case. two young girls charged with stabbing their friend. allegedly inspired by the fictional online character. both girls in court on thursday. a judge ruling if the middle schoolers are fit to stand trial. abc's alex perez has more with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the legal step the victim's family had been waiting for. after months of a legal back and forth, the judge says this case will move forward. this morning 12-year-old morgan geyser and 13-year-old anissa weier are an important step closer to standing trial for allegedly stabbing their friend to please a fictional online character named slender man. weier's attorney argued she didn't understand the proceedings. cameras did not show her face, but we heard her voice. >> i consider myself incompetent, sir. >> reporter: but the judge disagreed. >> she's competent to be able to make the decisions that have to be made.
7:32 am
>> to be competent to stand trial, you just need to be able to understand the providings against you and be able to assist in your defense. it's a very low standard. >> reporter: the judge later ruling geyser could also stand trial. >> we are hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, to put this horrific incident behind for this wonderful family. >> reporter: the girls, charged as adults for alleged first-degree homicide, lured their 12-year-old friend into the woods with a game of hide and seek and stabbed her 19 times in may. >> is there any bleeding going on? >> her clothing has blood on it. >> reporter: her parents telling david muir what they told her after the stabbing. >> i told her i thought i lost you. but she said, but you didn't. and that's, from the get-go, she was stronger than we were. that's our girl. >> reporter: since then, payton has returned to school and the entire family plans to come together to celebrate christmas
7:33 am
with her. all as her friends, turned alleged attackers, spend the holidays awaiting a possible trial. and those two suspects are due back in court for a pre-trial hearing in february. george. >> okay, alex, thanks. we're going to turn now to the deepening mystery in texas where a meteorologist was shot multiple times outside his waco tv station. police have a sketch of the suspect, but searching for the man and his motive. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: this is our first look at the gunman police believe tried to kill a texas tv weatherman. a sketch based on descriptions from the victim. 35-year-old patrick crawford. morning meteorologist at kcen-tv in waco. crawford was shot several times wednesday morning as he got into his car in the station parking lot. police say the gunman approached him from behind. they exchanged words, the suspect opened fire and then ran off. crawford managed to drive his car just far enough to flag down
7:34 am
help. remarkably, doctors say he should make a full recovery. >> he's in good spirits. he is awake and talking. his family's at his bedside. >> reporter: including his wife, heather, also a meteorologist at the same small station. police have been at his bedside too. crawford tells him he doesn't know the man who shot him, never met him before that parking lot confrontation. police say they have no other leads, just the sketch. and by now, the man who for some reason wanted the weatherman dead could be anywhere. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> that is a strange one. turn now to ginger for the weather. >> yeah. and i wanted to bring you up to date on california. you had all of the rain. we had all of the mudslides and all of that action. but there was a silver lining, and this was it. 55% of california was in exceptional drought. watch it shrink away from the bay area, down to 32%.
7:35 am
so, you know it's far from over, the whole drought problem. that's a three-year issue, but it did help. now that we have caught up on that. more rain happening just north of the bay area this weekend. you look for the heaviest of which to come in parts of coastal oregon and washington. also in the cascades. this is a relatively warm system and will start to diminish as it goes east. you know who's going to get a lot warmer? palm springs. they have been cool, and now 15 to 20 degrees above average, into the low 80s christmas week. phoenix, back to average in the mid to upper 60s, and las vegas, also warming to almost 70 by the end of the week. certainly going to see warming for l.a. in the next several >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, you need the you will umbrella, morning rain is scattered showers in the afternoon and upper 50's to low 60. the seven-day forecast shows another chance of rain tomorrow. mostly in the north bay. dry and warmer next
7:36 am
>> all that weather brought you by target. just talking to max upstairs. he tells me when i do well, when i don't. >> talking to max -- robin is waving to everybody outside. >> from tampa, florida. can you tell it's a friday? friday before christmas. we're all like -- coming up, an important warning for the millions of americans are asthma and allergies, why you may be using this life-saving medicine the wrong way. and what you need to know right now. and "gma" on the lookout. frightening video from the highway. objects flying off cars, so scary. what you need to know to stay safe starting this morning. nter♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, it's a whipped cream day ♪ ♪ i wait for it all year round ♪
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. 7:40 and back now with "gma" 7:40 and back now with "gma" on the lookout for hazards on the highway. as people hitting the roads this holiday season, you won't believe the stuff falling off of their cars and could be in your way. it can be incredibly dangerous. and gio benitez is here with the story and details. >> reporter: good morning. >> hey, good morning, lara. just this week, we saw a bad accident with a mattress caught on tape and it got us thinking, how often does road debris cause an accident. it happens a lot. this morning, "gma" is on the lookout. ♪ watch this dramatic collision on a southern california highway. watch again. the first car stops to avoid a mattress in the road, but the
7:41 am
suv right behind it plowing straight into it. these crashes are the result of a dangerous and often deadly hazard on the roads. >> there it goes. >> reporter: unsecured cargo falling off cars and trucks, transforming ordinary bed mattresses into roadside hurdles, wooden planks into makeshift missiles. even couches into chaos-causing obstacles. serious obstacles, highlighted in tv ads like these. >> be better protected from mayhem, like me. >> reporter: road debris caused around 51,000 crashes and at least 440 deaths in 2010 alone. >> it's a very serious problem. when it does happen, it can be very serious, can lead to serious injury and death. >> reporter: think about this, a 20 pound object falling from a car traveling at 55 miles per hour, strikes with the impact of half a ton. maria lost her eyesight when a 40 pound board fell from a uhaul
7:42 am
truck, smashing through her windshield in 2004. a jury awarded her more than $15 million in damages. now, heir mother, robin, helping to make it illegal in washington state to not secure loads property. >> secure your load as if everyone driving is in the vehicle behind you. >> reporter: washington state please even putting out a video showing how to secure the load. >> good strap on it. >> reporter: and call 911 to alert authorities of shaky cargo before it leads to this. all right. and in that accident both drivers went to the hospital but we're told they are both recovering and doing well. but let's go ahead and show you that video one more time. because this is that big tip. watch what happens. we're talking about a car that just sort of stopped in the middle of the road. and that's what you have to do. you have to try to avoid those cars. go around it so that you can go ahead and not get hit by that car. and call police. that's a big thing.
7:43 am
>> so it may not be the debris, might be the person -- >> that's right. >> if you stop. >> if you stop, that's the most dangerous. go around it. call police right away to get that road debris off the road. >> good advice there. >> thank you. and coming up, everybody, one blogger's beauty experiment. wait until you see what happened. after she sent her pictures to beauty editors all over the world. she asked them to make her beautiful. you will not believe how she was transformed. >> everyone was different in what they thought was beautiful. it's interesting. >> and by the way, she is beautiful. >> she is. and number one in the epic viral video countdown. we're not going to foil the mandatory fun. >> what? >> just yet. i don't know. come back. come back. see what it is. come on back. >> there's mandatory fun here, people. >> you're going to have fun. >> whether you like it or not.
7:44 am
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♪ the countdown continues. we are in the social square hanging out here with t.j. holmes. the big finale in the epic viral video countdown. all week long, you have been doing it for us. counting down, showing the favorite videos from the year. before we get to the number one, number one, here's a look back. the top five, monday, odell beckham. >> we love this one. >> incredible three-finger catch. >> and tuesday. >> the apparently kid. this is a big michael strahan fan.
7:48 am
strahan love this little guy. >> he has a huge hit. >> wednesday was everyone's favorite singing nun. remember? >> it's strange seeing a nun singing "like a virgin". >> but the money goes to charity. >> and number two, the man trapped in -- out in vegas, he made a video, all by myself. celine dion, doing his thing. we're on number one now. >> yes. >> number one, one of the biggest pop stars of the year. if i told you one much the biggest pop stars, you would think who? taylor swift, maybe? katy perry? >> maybe. >> but this guy has been producing viral videos for 30 years. >> he's back. >> some of his biggest hits are "like a surgeon," "fat," things like that. but this was really one of the biggest viral years anybody's ever had, weird al yankovic. ♪ ♪ it might be crazy wearing
7:49 am
stripes with plaid ♪ weird al yankovic is 2014's comeback kid. three decades since becoming a household name with "eat it." ♪ just eat it this maestro of mockery, looking like he hasn't aged a day, is back on top of the pop culture world. ♪ with aluminum foil >> reporter: his 14th album "mandatory fun," taking on music's biggest names from lorde -- ♪ i hate these word crimes >> reporter: -- to robin thicke. even pharrell. instantly going viral. propelling the album to number one on the billboard chart in july. his first ever. when we spoke to him earlier this year, even he couldn't believe it. >> i think it took a while for the rest of the world to catch up with me. >> reporter: since then, he's been everywhere. from a show-stopping performance at the emmys in september --
7:50 am
>> valor. >> reporter: -- to a new radioshack ad. ♪ toyland >> reporter: even going viral this week for magic. his latest trick getting almost 2 million views in just two days. his big year topped off with a grammy nomination for best comedy album. oh, yes, he had a very big year. everything he touched, actually, went viral. but i didn't want to leave the countdown without, especially for you, george, an honorable mention video. >> okay. >> let me see it, folks. ♪ this was the one i brought up and all of you absolutely hated it. >> i do hate it. >> thanks. >> you're -- george's wife was writing in saying you have to get t.j. off the air. send him back to whatever network he came from. >> let's chick chick chick. >> that one was big as well. weird al, a big year. >> thank you so much. good choices. >> big year for you too. good to have you with us. >> good to be here.
7:51 am
thank you guys. you have been great to me in the few months i have been here. >> more to come. and more to come on "gma." holiday 911. last minute ways to save on your celebration. great ideas for everything from gifts to decorations. and we're going to do it on a budget. going to save you some money. and we have more time. on this friday morning. >> stay here. >> on "good morning america." you shouldn't. ere people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom. right now at kohl's, the more the more you save! go to kohl's dot com to get your savings pass... spend $100 or more and save 20%!
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. so far it's just sprinkles. when is the real rain coming? here's mike. >> well, we're tracking it through the north bay right now, sprinkles for the rest of us until this showed up, moderate to heavy rain just south of petaluma heading over towards sonoma and napa. you can see all this is sinking ever so slowly down to the south, so the morning we're going to have light to moderate steady rain to scattered showers in the afternoon hours. one last chance of rain across the north bay and along the coast saturday night. definitely not friday light out there. if you're traveling the san mateo bridge westbound, you are just nearly at a standstill.
7:57 am
we have an accident at the center dwight in the middle lanes, and the high rise headed in the westbound direction. and a possible report of an eastbound accident in the eastbound
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and an important new warning for asthma and allergy patients. why you may be using these inhalers and epipens all wrong, risking your health. and a revolutionary beauty experiment. this plus-size blogger asked beauty editors to make her beautiful. the surprising results this morning. ♪ relax don't do it and holiday 911, the tips and tricks you need to handle a last minute holiday emergency. >> get clippings from the tree and put it into a vase like this. and it's our holiday shop like a shark competition as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] robin, fans out there in times square. and daymond john from "shark tank." and there he is with two previous winners of our shark tank competition here. they are going to face off in a holiday "shark tank your life." and come up with gifts to help people in your life do better at work. >> people going back in the workforce and that. and i'll have what he is having. he brings it every time that he is here. >> there you go. and it's friday. and that means, yes, we have a deejay with us. not just any deejay, we have d.j. ruckus. spinning us into the weekends. going old school. >> he here we go. beyoncé is crazy in love with the selfie stick. you saw us earlier in our selfie stick. it made an appearance in her latest video. and why time is calling it one of the best inventions of the
8:02 am
year and so many people are giving it as a gift this holiday season. i wish i had thought of it. put your camera on a stick. >> like the invention. >> that is coming up. let's get some news from amy. we begin with breaking news about the massive cyber attack against sony. abc news learning government investigators found two pieces of evidence allegedly linking north korea to the attack. today the justice department is expected to announce the attack has specific signatures of a north korean-style hack and is identical to previous attacks against targets in south korea. sources say the sony hacking was routed through infected computers in six foreign countries. meanwhile, george clooney is accusing hollywood insiders of hanging sony out to dry. they canceled the interview because of threats. clooney circulated a petition among other power players asking them to stand in solidarity to
8:03 am
release the film. but nobody would sign the petition. he accuses the industry of running scared. and accusations that fema is not prepared for the next natural disaster or crisis. a congressional audit that begin after hurricane sandy finds the government lacks effective coordination and is years away from being able to secure adequate shelter and emergency help during a catastrophe or terror attack. the audit said they don't know what other parts of government are doing. and olympic champion michael phelps is back in court today. his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit when he was pulled over for speeding and swerving across the yellow line in maryland. he faces a year in jail if convicted. he was also got another dui, but that was waived last time because he was a first-time offender.
8:04 am
and millions of americans are heading home for the holidays. the big getaway begins today. aaa predicting record traffic. a winter storm could impact travel on christmas eve. we will have ginger's forecast in a few moments. a close call for a skateboarder, tearing down this twisty mountain road in mexico. a camera on a car recording it. he hit speeds more than 50 miles an hour, turning corners with his hand. his confidence is soaring until the next turn. take a look. whoa. that bus sends him straight off the road, into the trees. good thing he was wearing his helmet. everyone is okay. and finally, if you've sat through one too many awkward holiday family dinners, then take a look at this. a pet food company got 13 dogs and one cat together at a holiday table to enjoy a big feast. humans supplying the hands to eat with. not everything went according to plan. it was for a good cause. many of these pets were rescued by the humane society, and the ad is aimed at racing awareness about pet adoption, highlighting that dogs and cats can sit
8:05 am
together. and can easily become part of your family. keep the alcohol away from your pets. might not be a good idea. >> what could go wrong? >> the human hands, that's what i think. >> we have a health warning now for the millions of americans that suffer from severe allergies or asthma. one in six people are using epipens correctly, and fewer with asthma using the inhalers the right way. this is an eye opener. how are they getting it wrong? >> either not trained properly, or years ago and forget how to do it. either way, it can be life threatening. >> what's the proper way to use the epipen and the most common errors? >> this is for people who have life-threatening food allergies, bee stings. those types of things. it's easy to use. grip it in your palm, and swing it down into your thigh. you'll hear the click. but you have to leave it in place for ten seconds so the medicine comes through. people put it there, hurts,
8:06 am
and they pull it right out. so ten seconds to get the medicine in. >> there are tips on how to properly use an asthma inhaler as well. >> millions of people use this with a spacer or without. the key thing here is, before you breathe in, you have to breathe out. you want to empty your lungs fully of all of their air, so when you release the medicine, and breathe it in, it goes deeply into your lungs. >> have completely empty lungs? >> as much as you can. and open your airways. next time you go to the doctor, demonstrate how you're using them, and they can correct your behavior. and that way, when you need the medicine, you'll get it. i'll be answering your question on this all morning. >> thanks, rich. thanks very much. "pop news" and weather coming up, but lara in the social square. what's cup on the "gma morning menu" and "pop news." modern home inspired by the stone age. dick clark and fred flintstone, there is something in common. we will explain. and then what one blogger learned about sending her picture to beauty editors all over the world and what is the
8:07 am
definition of beauty. and daymond john is here. with his had vice, thank you so much, fonzi, on how to get the most out of your christmas gifts and answering your questions. just tweet us at #gmasharktank. of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd
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♪ we cannot say this enough, we thank everyone who's come down this year to see us. spending a little time with us here in times square. like this morning. it means so much. and we'll be heading out to see you shortly. but first, we're going to heat things up in "pop news." >> that's right. here's what's popping. good morning. and what you're about to see, this year's miss world from south africa is the last one to have to wear a bikini on stage. that is right. this is the bikini ban heard around the world. for the first time in 63 years, the miss world pageant will no longer feature swim suit as part of their competition. the organization's chair woman says, quote, i don't care if someone has a bottom two inches bigger than someone else's, we are not looking at that. we are listening to her speak. they want to focus on beauty with a purpose. >> i like that. >> amen.
8:14 am
>> we applaud you. >> amen. >> really, really great. also in "pop news." we have an update on obie who made headlines two years ago when he was rescued. do you remember, george? obie weighed in at a startling 77 pounds. and now today, proud to say that is obie who has shed more than 50. the dachshund is now a hot dog truly. >> look at obie! >> so hot that obie has his own calendar this year, showing him in various shots. the secret is getting him off of human food, two meals a day and lots of exercise. advice, really all of us -- aside from the human food, we need that, but, you know, smaller meals. >> again, it wasn't obie feeding himself. >> no. >> it wasn't obie's fault. >> no. >> i'm glad everything's working out. >> he's doing just fine. >> control problems. >> yes. and dog food really is good for dogs.
8:15 am
>> it is better. >> moral of the story. and finally in "pop news." a little real estate. there's a reason i'm playing the theme of one of my favorite cartoons of all time. the home of dick clark in malibu just sold, and pictures of it made me wonder if the late, great, producer might have had something to do with the success of the flintstones cartoon, certainly inspired by it. check this out. a very distinct similarity to fred and wilma's home with modern updates. he wanted to appease conservationists who didn't want him building on a cliff next to a national park overlooking santa monica mountains. from the outside, it's completely blended into the rocky mountains. only one bedroom but users said to be unrivalled. it was on the market for rock bottom prices, it went for $1.77
8:16 am
million, which guarantees that the new owners are going to say, yabba dabba doo. >> it's one bathroom. >> unrivalled use. more bathrooms, maybe not. >> you have a quarry -- >> i thought it was an interesting juxtaposition of dick clark and the style of the home. >> thank you. >> i thought i would share that with you. i love the interior design. >> yes, you do. >> and that is "pop news" checking out. heat index coming up, go to ginger with the weather. >> and good morning to all our friends out here. it's a little chilly, right? this is payton, what birthday? >> 18th birthday. >> from charlotte, north carolina. we're so happy you're celebrating. keep that hat on. you need it. you're going to to need that hat. let's warm up and see something someone sent me. just something to make me jealous. that's puerto rico in case you want to visit. thanks for the invitation. now we're going to go to michigan, where it's nice and balmy. and milder in the middle of the nation, heavy rain and storms
8:17 am
along the gulf coast, move through the northeast and back into the coast. rain there from coastal oregon. quick look at the developing storm next week. wednesday into thursday, christmas eve into christmas daytime period. worried about the wind first, and mild along the coast. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the songy bay area forecast. steady rain this morning. showers this afternoon. painly rain across the north bay tomorrow. dry and warmer starting sunday when winter starts. the temperatures this afternoon are upper 50's to low 60's and overnight, cooler than this morning. well see upper 40's to low 50's and the showers dissipate during overnight. the seven-day forecast show 60's and sunshine next >> all these beauties from the sunshine state. but look at this, tampa, florida, they're updating the weather for me. they're giving me current temperatures. isn't that nice? >> they have been out there since the wee hours of the
8:18 am
morning. can't wait to see them. and the "gma" heat index, and the beauty experiment so many people are talking about. a blogger sending a makeup free picture of herself to beauty editors across the globe, asking them to make her beautiful and the results might surprise you. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: it's the social experiment turning heads. looking to see how different countries define beauty. >> the layout that i gave the editors was make me beautiful. that was kind of the tag line of the whole experiment. >> reporter: 23-year-old marie sent this photo of herself with no makeup, no clothes, to editors in 21 countries, asking them to use photoshop to make her beautiful. what did you think would happen? >> that the majority of them would slim me down and make a very obviously air-brushed miniature version of me.
8:19 am
>> reporter: earlier this morning, she tried a similar experiment. >> i wanted to see how the cultural concept might edit it. >> reporter: mariey half colombian, is considered plus sized. she wanted to see if they would air-brush away her extra weight. >> i was surprised how they changed her bone structure, her weight and she was already a quite slender woman. >> reporter: were you afraid of what was going to come back with you? >> i wasn't. the biggest point was to see and prove that people's perceptions of beauty was individual, not just one basic norm. >> reporter: canada, a new hair do. jamaica, a tan. her favorite, italy, who glammed her up with photo shopped makeup. but very few changed the shape of her body. >> reporter: i was surprised that only 3 out of 21 altered my weight and bone structure.
8:20 am
that was nice to see. >> reporter: not bad for an online simulation to change the way we look at ourselves. >> slowly but surely the message is getting across that people's natural beauty should be celebrated. >> reporter: marie hoping this inspires women of all cultures to love their look, no matter what. >> through these images, beauty isn't defineable, is what i saw. it varies so much from nation to nation and person to person. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. and i agree with what you said when we first saw a picture. beautiful. just absolutely -- >> just the way she was. it was an interesting idea, though. >> encouraging that so few changed her basic structure. >> getting there. >> slowly but surely. also in the heat index, a lot of people calling 2014 the year of the selfie. so no surprise that one of the hottest gift this is holiday season is the selfie stick. we have been trying it out all morning. and linsey davis has the details. on this innovative product. good morning, linz. >> reporter: good morning.
8:21 am
narcissistic? maybe. nifty? definitely. it's advertised as taking the perfect selfie or self-we. the group shot you don't have to ask someone else to take. perhaps it's the perfect stocking stuffer to help out an increasing self-absorbed selfie society. >> let me take a selfie. >> reporter: there's the selfie song. the eye opening apps and flattering filters and for some, there's plastic surgery all for the sake of the selfie. >> my darn chin just bugs the living daylights out of me. we are a narcissistic society. we are obsessed with ourselves and documenting our lives. >> reporter: let's face it, 2014 was the year of the selfie. but 2015 is all about the self-we. the novelty industry now making it even easier to take picture of yourself and your loved one, with one of the hottest gift this holiday season, a selfie stick.
8:22 am
>> you can get your friends and family in the photo. we have had a lot of people buy them for stocking stuffers. just for secret santas. >> reporter: in just the last month, the company, selfie on a stick, has seen sales increase a whopping 3,000 percent. time magazine heralding it as one of the best inventions of 2014. >> now we have our entire lives on our cell phones. do you want to hand your cell phone to a stranger? >> reporter: do you love it? >> love it. >> it's very essential for us. >> reporter: the gadget lets you snap away from far away. you can get the background, all of times square. all you do is clip your camera to the end of this stick, set your timer and use the little remote, and voila. you can even use it for video. here we are in what has got to be the selfie stick capital of the world. times square. three, two, one. for those who are ready for their closeup, but just don't want it so close up. some describe it as a better
8:23 am
vantage point than the human arm allows. which makes sense. this little apparatus extends to more than three feet in just seconds to give you depth and distance which you obviously want in a self-fie, right? >> up high, right? >> always up high. >> that's key so he don't get the up the nostril shot. >> is there a lighting kit? >> that's what we need. i was going to take a group shot, but the battery just died. >> that's just too bad. >> darn it, no more selfies. >> for today. next up in the "gma" heat index, the cost for a big spread can climb pretty quickly for christmas dinner. how to get a fantastic holiday feast without breaking the bank. >> the holidays mean family, friends and, of course, ravishing dinner parties. but in order to keep that christmas tree stocked, we need to keep the dinner party for ten under 40 bucks. >> this looks amazing. for under 40 bucks. you would think it's over a
8:24 am
hundred. >> reporter: janette planned the meal. creamy sweet potato soup, green bean casserole, slow-roasted pork shoulder, wine and chocolate milk. peppermint deviled food cake. all for less than $5 a person. it's because of this book. it's because of this magical book. >> that's the bible. >> reporter: build your menu on what's on sale in the grocery ads and don't forget to take a trip for those big savings. this is a six-pound roast. it was $18 but you paid 7? >> it's worth it to drive if the sale on meat is great. >> reporter: find coupons that match the ads. this could double or triple savings. >> krepts rolls. these would have been $6.38. and they were on ad, two for four. i had 40 cents off, $3.60. >> reporter: and easy.
8:25 am
soup, not salad. cooking this creamy carrot concoction, way cheaper. >> i got it down from 9.87 to 5.64. that's for ten people. >> reporter: that's 50 cents a serving. >> for soup. >> reporter: one dinner party don't, don't overbuy. cook what's necessary. and no party is complete without with the libations. >> you put them in beautiful wine decanters. people are just drinking away. >> reporter: turns a $2.50 into $11. >> exactly. >> reporter: it's all about the presentation. making that ordinary dinner look like a five-star meal. >> put the little ornaments on the table. it makes it just look expensive. >> reporter: i could imagine someone sitting down and thinking, wow. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california.
8:26 am
>> $5 a person. that's incredible. more great holiday ideas coming up. last minute ideas on everything from decorations to gifts. and we have d.j. ruckus here on this friday. >> all night long. come on, lionel. ♪
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. we're following breaking news right now in san jose. police are looking for a suspect right now wanted in a shooting this morning. they have a two-block perimeter set up in the area of stokes street and southwest expressway. we don't have a lot of information about the victim right now. he's been taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening wounds. avoid the area around stokes and southwest expressway while police conduct a search for a suspect. let's get a look at the traffic this morning. here's sue hall. >> believe it or not, look at the san mateo bridge, this is an improvement. you can at least see some movement. taillights bumper to bumper across the span. accident high rise in the clearing stages. foster city from hayward over to
8:28 am
the peninsula, 51 minutes, so use dumbarton if you can. westbound 80 at carlson accident also slowing traffic too. when we come back, the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
8:29 am
we're track moderate to heavy rain across 37 and up 29. this is our next batch of rain. moderate to heavy right now. it will slide across the rest of our neighborhoods over the next
8:30 am
couple of hours, turn to scattered showers this afternoon, and those will ♪ well, it is d.j. ruckus, getting the weekend started a little early for us. there he is. and he's going to be performing with run dmc tonight. barclays center in brooklyn. but here with us first as we say good morning, america, and happy friday. >> we are ready for christmas as well. josh brolin is mere to talk about his new movie, "inherent vice." there he is in the social square. and duded out just like in the movie. he's great in this. it's a trippy movie. we will talk to him in just a little bit. can't wait for that. and daymond john is here with "shark tank your life." and he has two aspiring entrepreneurs and they will be facing off in a game show about what gifts you can give your friends and family to help build
8:31 am
their personal brand. and maybe help them land that job or promotion. lots of possibilities. >> good stuff, yeah. >> nothing to see here. >> nothing to see here. that's coming up, amy. and right now, day two of the holiday how-to series. new ways to get creative and have fun with decorations. today, it's about holiday emergencies. like what to do when you have run out of time, you need to bring something to a holiday party. tony reali teamed up with buzzfeed with some great ideas. ♪ >> 911, emergency. >> reporter: it's a holiday emergency we're all familiar with. >> my house is being robbed. >> reporter: maybe not exactly like "home alone," but what to do with the last minute holiday 911 moments. your tree isn't as spruce as you thought. i call this a charlie brown situation. you get to the christmas tree farm. it looks full and perfect, bring it home, it's empty, naked.
8:32 am
it's got male pattern baldness. >> all you have to do is get some of this tinsel garland we have right here. and kind of just kind it into the holes of the tree. >> reporter: find yourself without a centerpiece? >> get some clippings from your tree, put in a vase like this. if you don't have a real tree, you can always go to a christmas tree farm. sometimes they give them away for free. go out into your yard. >> reporter: go out into the neighbor's yard. >> exactly. >> reporter: run out of wrapping paper, create your own container. this is a toilet paper roll. >> this is a good way to wrap something small, hard to wrap. fold the ends over like this on both sides. and tie a little ribbon around it. it looks like a really cute custom package. >> reporter: that's a christmas miracle. >> yes. >> reporter: for a last minute gift idea, turn to your pantry. >> this is a diy cookie. check the recipe and put everything you need in the jar. >> reporter: this is a recipe for disaster. okay.
8:33 am
and we're layering here. >> and you're layering. it's going to look really pretty. dump this in the top. and it looks nice. just tie a little ribbon around it. put your name tag on that, maybe instructions for what they are. >> reporter: the 411 on your holiday 911 moments? priceless. for "good morning america," tony reali, abc news, new york. >> lots of good ideas there. keep them coming right now. and i'll be thinking of buying some new clothes for the man in your life. it can be a challenge if he's on the shorter side. ali tells me that all the time. we have an answer to that. take a look. tis the week before christmas. the malls are all hopping. crunch time for last-minute shopping. ♪ more than 60% of holiday shoppers say they plan to buy clothing this season. but it's not as easy as you'd think. if you're a smaller woman, there are petites. a larger man, big and tall section. but if you're a man on the shorter side, not much.
8:34 am
well, enter peter manning. >> well, men don't really want to shop, for one. and they don't want to have to take the stuff and go to the tailor. there has to be a better way. >> reporter: that better way is manning's own clothing label, designed for men 5'8" and under. how sure you there was a market? >> i see everyone in pants that are too long and shirts that are too big. i did some research. 25% of american men. there's a market there. >> reporter: yes, i have a personal interest in the topic, but i'm not the only one. >> having things properly proportioned makes all the difference. i mean, you feel normal. i go to brooks brothers, and i'm swimming in the clothes. >> reporter: fred has been frustrated for years even with his wife, gail, helping him shop. you had joked that ought to be a business for this. >> exactly. i mean, i have been shopping with fred for years. and as you say, off the rack clothes just don't fit. he's been really frustrated. >> reporter: i can relate. >> he can never, ever find a
8:35 am
coat that fits. ever. >> reporter: goes down to here. >> down past the knees. >> it's coming. >> reporter: a few tips for those of us a little height challenged. manning said, no pleats in pants, smaller prints. >> ties we do shorter because if you don't tie that tie exactly right, it's hanging down to here. >> reporter: every morning, tucked down here down to the body. there's no way it's going to be the right size. >> george, this tie is 4 inches shorter. >> reporter: one of many details that seems small, but make a big impact. so happy shopping to all, no matter what height. merry christmas to all, and to all a good night. you're wondering why i did that piece, huh? >> no, i'm wondering why we didn't join forces and create that company. it's a great idea. really nice stuff. >> great guy, great stuff. it's true. let's go to ginger for a check on the weather. >> little zoe just hanging out. on dad's shoulders. we love that. and we love linda. and linda, we love you for being here. so happy.
8:36 am
tell us about yourself. you beat cancer. >> i did. i was diagnosed back in march of 2014. and i had some treatment for about three months and i beat it. and -- >> you're here with us now. and we love that. >> i'm great to be in new york city. >> thank you. we're actually celebrating the best photos, also, of the year. that's why i wanted to start with this one. i want you to submit your photos. we're going to do a countdown. you know that always happens closer to new year's. this one came in from virginia beach. i just had to put it up. send us yours with the hashtag on the screen, "gma" best photo. and the week of new year's eve we will pit them against each other. and see a bunch of pretty pictures. how about that? and the heavy rain moving into the northern california, parts of coastal oregon. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, you need the you will umbrella, morning rain is scattered showers in the afternoon and upper 50's to low 60. the seven-day forecast shows another chance of rain tomorrow. mostly in the north bay.
8:37 am
dry and warmer next week. >> and all that weathe >> and all that weather brought to you by the u.p.s. store. >> yes, look at these wonderful warm coats. we have been partnering all season long with burlington on the warm coats, warm hearts drive. so many donating the gently-worn coats. to those in need. abc's rachel smith has a look at some of the people giving the gift of the warmth this holiday season. >> good morning, america. it's "the chew" crew here. >> there's nothing better than giving back this season. and you, our "gma" viewers, are spreading the holiday cheer by donating coats at your local burlington and posting on social media. randolph middle school got into the act, collecting over 1,000 jackets. the theme this year is families helping families. >> i have three beautiful children, we are going to be warm for the winter time. i thank you so much. >> reporter: at this shelter in new york city, dozens of people won't be left in the cold. next up, burlington in brooklyn, new york. we're here to give some coats
8:38 am
away. and middle weight pro boxing champ peter quillen bought 75 coats to give away. peter says it's a full-circle moment for him when he was growing up homeless in chicago. >> i remember how it was to receive those and not being cold anymore. as far as the encouraging notes. i got tons of them. we could go all night. >> reporter: let's get to it. warm nights, warm days. #coatnotes. great. >> how do you feel right now? >> happy. i'm blessed. >> reporter: watch out, look at mr. washington. bam. you have a handful of coats here. >> yeah, for my three boys in need. >> reporter: you reach in your pocket. you should have something special in there. >> warm yourself with happy thoughts. coat notes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, brooklyn, new york. [ cheers and applause ] >> and look who we have here, "shark tank's" daymond john. has kindly offered to donate his coat. donate away. >> i'm glad it's going to keeping people warm. i love it. >> that's fantastic.
8:39 am
this is "gma's" eighth year supporting the warm hearts, warm coats coat drive. we have collected over 80,000 coats. and you can help the cause by going to any burlington store and donating a coat. post with hashtag coat notes. it might end up on "gma." for information you can go to on yahoo coming up, we have so much more with you, danmond. >> if i'm giving away free clothes, you know it's worth it. >> that's right. and we have a special holiday edition of "shark tank your life," next. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
8:40 am
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playing your song. playing your song. >> i know that music. >> you know that, too. back now with a holiday edition of our "shark tank your life" series. and joined by "shark tank" host and branding expert daymond john. >> thanks for having me. >> welcome, daymond john. >> thank you. >> and the competition is on. we are about to kick off a game that will help you find gifts for someone, or everyone on your list, that will put them on the track for success. people getting back into the workforce. >> that's right. >> tell us why it's so important to own your own brand. >> your own brand. people invest in your personal brand before they invest in anything else. we're all a visual -- we're in a visual time right now. if you can give a gift that's going to get somebody one step closer to their goals and become, you know, successful, why not give during this time with love. >> it's a win-win. >> it's a win-win. >> we have two great contestants here.
8:43 am
you have seen them before. they are back. they are april estrada, she won our "gma" pitch-off for the undress. a revolutionary way to get changed quickly after a workout. remember that? since her first appearance, she has brought in over $200,000 in sales. wow. way to go, april. and matt mcclain, he won for -- remember this? the instagate. the tailgate party in a box. >> i think i bought one. >> did you? >> i might have. >> he's looking to scale up in 2015 and shipping out tons of holiday orders right here. congratulations to you both thus far. you know how the game goes. i'm going to ask you a question. you wait until i ask the question and give you all the answers. and then you select the right one. you buzz in, and you can be a winner. okay, you ready? you ready?
8:44 am
everybody ready? all right. first question. let's say you have a son or daughter who just graduated from college and is about to start looking for their first job. what gift to help them master their personal brand? a new sports coat to wear for interviews, a gift certificate to have their suit tailored by an expert, or, c., a new briefcase. april? >> c, briefcase. >> no. >> matt, you want to give it a shot? >> i would go with the sports coat. >> oh. >> now tell them why it's b. >> all right. here's why it's b. because you know what? you're going to buy a suit -- tailor a suit. it's very affordable. but they are going to look presentable any time and every time they are out. do we have some examples of that? >> tell us the difference here. who's owning their brand. >> look the at the difference. somebody is a maybe a little more looser with the clothes. and look at this. nice and tailored, looks professional. and a lot of times people are branding you when you are not actually talking to them. you're somewhere in a restaurant, somewhere online. and they're looking at you.
8:45 am
this looks way more presentable way more professional, and you can wear it all of the time and switch it up with a couple of little pieces. >> you guys are twins, right? looking so much alike. thank you, ladies, very much. we have time for another question. these were great answers. but it's what's best. they make sense. our next question for you is, let's see here. let's see -- let's see, question number two. let's say your mother just re-entered the job market and you want her to own her personal brand as she starts her new job. what should you buy for her? should it be a massage at a nice day spa? a new journal or diary? or a necklace to wear for good luck? >> necklace for good luck. >> no. >> april? >> i'm going to have to say, journal or diary. >> yes, you did it. >> and tell them why. >> here's why. you know. they say people who wrote goals are actually ten times more likely to succeed than those who don't. also, it's a fresh start. it's something you're going to
8:46 am
write down. and for something for her to move forward with this new aspect of life. it's about goals and journals. you can't hit a target you can't see. let her write down her goals. >> that's a good idea here. one last question for you here. this one is for you guys. what item should be on your own holiday wish list if you hope to enhance your personal brand in the new year? should it be a session with an expert photographer, to jazz up that resume? a hands-free wireless headset, or a brand-new smart watch? >> april? >> i'll say a, photographer session. >> you got it. >> i had a dog named bingo and that was his name. here's why. remember, you have an avatar. people will normally look at you through our iphones. now you can shoot yourself as well as your product. and you need press or anything else, you have professional pictures out there. congratulations on that one.
8:47 am
>> april, you are the winner of shop like a shark, the holiday gift edition. >> and all of these things are very affordable. >> we have a special prize for you. you'll be taking home all the items that were correct answers in our game. a well-tailored suit, a new journal, and a photography session. that's going to help you out, right? matt -- you look good. you look good. and remember, thanks very much. and tune into "shark tank" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. coming up, josh brolin is here live. so come on back to see josh. >> i'm so nervous.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back now with josh brolin, oscar nominee. we're back now with josh brolin, oscar nominee. part of the all-star cast of "inherent vice." he plays a character who's first scene in the film is narrated. take a look. >> like a bad luck planet in the horoscope, here's the hippy-hating mad dog detective
8:50 am
himself in the flesh. lieutenant detective christian f. bigfoot bjornson. the s.a.g. member, john wayne walk, flat top, flintstone proportions, and the evil twinkle in his eye that says civil rights violations. >> what's up, doc? >> bigfoot josh brolin joins us now. >> thanks. >> the hair is still working there. >> i got a little 49 -- i run a studio right now with the coen brothers. we're doing "hail ceasar." that's why i look like this. i swear to god. this is not a personal choice. >> you came up with the flat top. >> i did. he sent me a picture early on. he had a jack lord kind of idea. and i didn't like it. we saw a flat top and watched "the right stuff." i don't know. it seems to work. it seems to be appropriate against joaquin's mutton chops. >> and joaquin was here a couple weeks back -- >> how was that? >> it was really fun. >> five people laughed right away. how was that? >> he confessed that he was not telling the truth on letterman when he said he was engaged.
8:51 am
is he ever on the level? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. i went to a dinner after that and i said congratulations because i bought into the whole thing. i gave him a big hug and found out it wasn't true. i feel as duped as you do. as letterman does. >> he had a hard time describing the movie. i get it. i watched it at home. >> have you described the movie? >> you know, it kind of washes over you. >> literally, it's like sitting down and taking a massive bong hit and watching "chinatown." like good luck. >> so after doing the movie did you do a massive bong hit and watch "chinatown?" >> no, i don't do massive bong hits. but if you do see it -- where's the camera? take a massive bong hit and see the movie. no. it's a fun movie, if you allow yourself to just let it go and watch an amazing kind of amalgamation of scenes and characters. >> it could take a year to figure out. >> look when "the big lebowski" came out. it wasn't a massive success.
8:52 am
now one of the great consult films of all time. >> spawned all kind of ph.d. -- >> exactly. >> i want to ask you since you're here today. george clooney, speaking out overnight about the whole sony hacking incident. caused a lot of debate in hollywood. what do you think about it all? >> because it's new, everybody wants to speak out because they want to sound like they know what they're talking about. i don't know what i'm talking about. it's new to me. >> it's new to everyone. >> it's new to everyone. it's orwellian to me. i heard they weren't going to release the movie here and they were going to release it overseas? what does that mean? if we say yes, we are not going to release the movie? are we just controlled by their government and what does that mean? you make a decision and have to live that out. what's the consequence of that decision going to be? >> we don't know the answer. >> no. it's very unnerving. very unnerving. >> one of the best ideas i saw, maybe the best thing to do is find a way to have it played over there. >> played over in north korea? it's hilarious over there. it's a huge hit over there. those are the only people watching it.
8:53 am
but they love it. seth rogan. >> with or without bong hits. >> with or without. >> thanks for coming back. have a great christmas. >> good to see you. >> "inherent vice" opens every where on january 9th. we'll be right back. >> total liberation. >> you're done.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ ♪ what a great morning. ♪ what a great morning. thanks to d.j. ruckus for providing the sound track for our morning. >> we got ready for the holidays. >> we did. >> made it. >> we are coasting in for it. be back next week. at least some of us will be back next week. there's our final selfie. bye, bye, everyone.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. sky 7 hd is over the scene of an accident at a san jose elementary school. as you see here, a white suv hit the side of blackford elementary a short time ago. we've seen at least two people carried out on stretchers into an ambulance. the school had minor damage but apparently there are injuries. it looks like a rainy day, mike. >> yes, definitely and the front is stalling as expected so the moderate to heavy rainfall and across the north bay and eventually will make its way southward by the afternoon hours where it becomes scattered showers. sue? >> roadway clear, san mateo bridge traffic is improving but jammed westbound to foster city 26 minutes due to an earlier
9:00 am
accident and police activity in san jose, stokes avenue at southwest announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new musical "into the woods," golden globe nominee emily blunt. and from the megahit show "homeland," rupert friend. plus, the amazing and world famous harlem globetrotters. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! hi.


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