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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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set on fire, and also damaged, a church and several homes. today, patrick brennan tells us why he set those fires in january. >> there was an arson fire in this neighborhood five nights in a row. a security camera at one house caught him in the act of setting a porch on fire. he returned four times until succeeding. >> with this system, and the neighborhood, open watch that made it so hot for him, he couldn't set anymore fires >> he told abc7 news he was glad he was caught because he couldn't control the urge to set fires and explained what motivated
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>> brennan was facing potential 455 years to life but asked for a plea bargain. he >> would have to agree to a life sentence ' agreed to plead guilty to all 13 arsons and attempted arsons and to >> he would go on a walk about in the early morning hours, every night and light fires and would walk around, and use a lighter to set the fires, then, return home. >> the court will determine if he has means to pay restitution
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to victims. >> new details emerging tonight about the accusations of rape made against ex-49ers star ray mcdonald. abc7 news is live with that document and what it says. vic? >> this is the 32 page affidavit. this is a summary of the police investigation into accusations. this is the second time in four months he has been investigated. in august, he was arrested for possible domestic abuse against his pregnant fiancee, but never charged and now, this, he's back in trouble again. >> the woman claims the sexual assault happened here. she ended up at mcdonald's home.
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she says she remembers falling by his pool and hitting her head on the ground. she says she woke up naked in his bed and told police mcdonald said he just let her sleep because she was tired. later that day, she says alden smith showed up and the three began drinking and he then told her they did have sex. an investigator got per permission from her phone as if she were texting him. >> they try to get a suspect to start talking about the investigation are they lying about little things? >> mcdonald says s just happened we're just enjoying the moment. police sargent, i don't remember anything. i don't know how i could have been enjoying something. mcdonald, i don't understand why
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you're bothered you chose to stay with me for another day. sargent, yes. but you should not have had sex with me after i was knocked out. mcdonald, i didn't do anything wrong, like you told me, before you started coming on to me. a group that helps victims believes the d.should have prosecuted mcdonald the last time for domestic abuse >> i've said when it's the first incident against his wife, that he will commit another one. >> they'll turn the case over to the d.a.and will decide whether to charge mcdonald. >> a 35-year-old has pleaded not guilty to charges of illegally copying computer indicate data. and his attorney told a judge
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there will be a change of plea. harrington is accused of searching phones of two women he stopped and sending pictures to himself and other officers >> there is flooding in another a number of locations today and it didn't rain but triggered by a king tide, an unusually high tide that happens this time of the year. this is from the golden gate. they've been monitoring tides longer than anywhere else. we're live in belmont where flooding has been a frequent problem. >> good news is that there was no flooding in the san mateo county area. there is a flood of good cheer going on right now at belmont mobile home park.
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this is a party for the residents. 300 residents who have only recently been able to get back into their homes. this party is a home coming for residents, evacuated december 12th because heavy rains flooded them out. since then, officials are trying to pinpoint why so much run off spilled into the park. >> there is drainage behind this trailer park. >> this contraption has been designed to storm future storm
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water. residents say this was the worst. >> most people were happy to get them, you know? i knew that this is going to flood >> residents wonder how to get help replacing what they in redwood city, residents are trying to return to normal, 35 families after being evacuated as city officials are trying to help others >> we're offering flood vouchers, as well as
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to the red cross. >> governor brown declared an emergency in four california counties because of the storms. and storm damage continues to crop up in marin county. this is the rock and mudslide that brought two lanes of southbound 101. caltrans reopened rootedways about nine hours later. and' tree fell in moraga you can see it's sitting on a power line. a window watcher that fell from the roof of a building is making progress.
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he survived a fall a month ago, landing on a car. is he talking and eating. their oldest daughter dropped out of college to take on more hours as a care giver. >> we need to pay rent, utilities, groceries we're just barely scraping by. >> his wife says his memory is starting to come back, though he doesn't recall the accident. >> spirits are good. he's eager to get up and move. >> perez is now in a rehab center. his family says they'll celebrate christmas there, with him. >> there is a lot more to bring you. >> just ahead a bay area doctor
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who learned her trade in cuba. the deal in exchange for her education. >> first full day of winter felt like spring. and tomorrow may bring record warmth. >>
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys
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grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. >> polls show americans are split over they support a
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decision to normalize relations between united states and cuba. among those is a bay area medical doctor that got her training from havana. >> dr. mina ramos works in contra costa county. she went to medical school free of charge in cuba. the program founded by fidel castro, requiring only that they work in under served communities. she now helps uninsured and under insured. >> i'm able to relate to people on a very human level, not on a kind of doctor patient, hierarchy. it's partners in this. >> the 31-year-old made life long friends, learned spanish,
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and how to play an after row cuban drum. when president obama made his announcement last week. >> we'll begin to normalize relations between our two countries. . >> i was like, final finally. just thrilled. thrilled. >> but there are many americans who are not. those who oppose cuba's mill rights system. >> i don't think the purpose to get rid of an ideology or, because that is not something that, you know a policy can do. it's something evolving over time, but open up dialogue and having more free exchange to me is what i take from this this step forward. >> giving more americans a chance to see a bit of the cuba dr. ramos experienced.
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>> google said a prototype could hit the road in the new year. until now, google has been testing it's driverless technology with equipments and sensors, wired into existing vehicles today, announcing it's now built a car of its own. and here is what it will look like. a tiny two seater resembling a volkswagon beetle. >> a san jose charity is asking for your help to children in need can receive presents this holiday season. sacred heart began giving away 17,000 toys and books to 5800 kids in need the organization says it's 4200 short. the community responded immediately.
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>> close to 700 volunteers helped make this happen. $8,000 in cash. >> it's incredible. in san francisco, st. anthony foundation needs your help the donation drive runs through wednesday, volunteering collecting food, blankets, and money. donated goods will makeup gift bags to give to people for a hot meal on christmas day. >> when santa needs help he does what presidents have done. he calls in the today, marines and volunteers helped sort toys in san bruno. folks like you helped marines around the bay area. so on behalf of the marines
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thank you for that. we invite you to join us and give where you live. and find out how to help by going to abc7 >> a group hopes their hike captures spirit for all to see. they're carrying a christmas tree this afternoon. brian peter gave us this picture after the tree came, finished it's mission this afternoon. >> they picked the right day. >> yes. we've had nice weather after that long stretch. >> it's felt more like the 4th of july today. first full day of winter. we had spring like weather.
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and we have clear skies right now, a bit of a foggy start this morning. right now, possible. and then, at 11:44 a.m . again, there is flooding that will be overflow. this evening, we'll see fog spilling into the delta and some coastal fog here. patches of fog over the bay. notice into the early morning our coastal fog pull as way. and fog stays in the central valley and pushes into the straight and delta.
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mainly into upper 50s here now. 59 across the bay in hayward. and on we go to looking westward, pockets of dense fog overnight, high temperatures and this is just showers on wednesday, you can see high pressure bringing us unusually mild weather. there is one more day of that and this system begins wednesday morning. clouds increasing increasing during the day. pushing through true central part of the bay area, pushing south ward into santa cruz mountains so santa and his
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reindeer will have a clear start. high temperatures upper 60s, 67 in san jose. 68 in mountain view. upper 60s on the peninsula tomorrow, downtown san francisco, 66 tomorrow. 67 in san rafael. 70s in santa rosa. highs upper 60s and inner east bay, highs mid to upper 60s as well. cooler weather and a chance of showers. cooler, still, but expected to be a dry day, mainly sunny skies and high temperatures reaching only into mid-50s. a far cry from today's and tomorrow's spring like weather. >> before the next storm rolls in, be sure to down load abc7 news weather app. go to abc7 or get it are from google play.
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>> coming up next, the thousand year flood hitting northern california. >> it's one of the most destructive storms you'll see, stay with us. female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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tonight marks the 50th anniversary of one of the destructive forms storms, the
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1954 flood. when that happens only in a thousand years it was 500 miles wide, dropping up to 50 inches of rain, melting the near-record amount of snow that had fallen, washing out roads, bridges and entire towns. >> like a war. it was like artillery. and boom, boom, >> it was incredible. >> this video is from a documentary getting made that is due out next year. it claimed two dozen lives. >> tonight's money matters, stock prices rise, dow jones climbing 154 points today to close 40 points shy of the 18,000 mark.
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nasdaq did well, energy stocks did not november home sales down 6% from october. prices are rising but fewer people could afford to buy. realtors predict this year's sales will be lower. economists are predicting russia will glide into a recession as oil prices continue to tumble. today, russian government was forced to bail out one of its top 30 banks. and relations between u.s. and cuba means travellers can bring back small amounts of cuban rum. >> still ahead at 6:00, a late statement from the wife of a fallen nypd officer ambushed in his patrol car. police are now on guard. >> north korea gets the taste of his own medicine. isolated country's internet crashed. >> and michael finney opening some doors tonight for a
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tonight, new york's governor calling for a cooling off following a wave of anger over ambushed murders of two new york city police officers. a new wife of one officer spoke about her loss. here she is surrounded by family members and husband's colleagues >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. staying together, together. >> the shooting brought a long rift between the mror union and new york mayor to a boil with the union president blaming the mayor for the murders. >> sidewalks produced two police officers shot two police officers shot simply for being in uniform.
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>> the mayor spoke and shortly after, ambushed >> let's focus on the families and what they have lost. that is the right way to build toward a decent city. >> after visiting the homes, deblasio says this was the attack on everyone. some see that as more than that. leading officials to say he put officers at risk, failing to crack down on protests about michael brown and eric garner.
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nypd police commissioner says he spoke with union leaders. all police force balances mourning their loss with, frustrations about city leaders. >> members of the san francisco police department will head to new york city to honor the two fallen members of the nypd. this after the ambush murders the chief offered to help new york city police. >> whatever the police department thinks they can use from us, we'll help. i know nypd is the biggest agency in the country. i can assure you, this has shaken every police officer in the country. >> thousands are expected to attend a funeral for officers. >> the internet went down today, throughout north korea and what experts describe as a classic denial of service attack.
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services overwhelmed with traffic. forcing to shelf a comedy for the north korean leader. north korea only has a thousand internet users. north korea human rights record was on the united nations city council agenda today, the first time debated any country's human rights. china and russia protested and north korea refused to recognize the meeting. the security council has been urged to refer to the international criminal court but no action today. >> it's a time of the year is full of tradition. it's been a labor of love by someone they call mr. christmas.
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and a look that he has given his neighbors. >> the little gifts the neighbors have given back. i'm going to step out here and let you take a look. it's a tradition here in concord going on 36 years this is the last season. the house and what a difference the man earned a special name around here. he's put together this living piece of art every year, 36 years, partly in honor of his late wife. it's grown bigger every year in terms of spectacle and neighborhood importance. >> there are those here that
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were kids, they have kids, their kids get kids. >> she has been to see the house every year. >> since i was 17. >> but this will be the rest. mr. chris can't get bulbs up and town or keep them running. it's a five-month project. >> last year i didn't take them down because i couldn't get them down. >> it would be sad taking down the lights. >> tonight, it happened. >> did you expect this? >> no. i didn't. shocked. >> is it thanks enough? >> this is three seasons in one here. >> christmas joy, christmas thanks and christmas love. they say when you give, you get back ten fold. in the case of mr. christmas, maybe even more. >> we love you mr. christmas!
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>> from concord, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> joe cocker, the gravelly voiced rock singer whose career took off after the 1969 woodstock festival died of lung cancer at his home in colorado. he will be remembered best for "you are so beautiful" and "up where we belong". he was 70 years old. back in a moment.
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>> sometimes, you know the simplest things can cause greatest aggravation. >>
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who knew a door slot could be this much trouble? steve sweeney makes a trip to his mailbox. until recently, the post office slipped mail through this front door. it wasn't an ideal situation. >> steve brought it from lowe's and it came precut with the mail slot. the cover, like this one, didn't come with it. the door didn't kwum a lining to protect inside of the foam door. steve was told to wait a few days. >> if there is one mistake after another. >> lowe's told the sweeneys, the manufacturer sent the wrong size.
6:40 pm
soon, steve says days turned into months. >> about six months. >> steve went to talk to a manager the manager told him to be patient. >> we're not talking about ten days we're talking about six months. of being patient. as soon as heard that, i was furious and i'm like, game on. he contacted 7 on your side. lowe's offered a compromise, installing this door without a mail slot and gave it to steve free, along with a full refund for the first door. >> got it free, thank you 7 on your side because that was awesome. >> lowe's maintains it would have offered a same deal and said attempts to locate a acceptable mail slot were
6:41 pm
possible. steve maintained a sense of humor. >> all i want for christmas is my two front doors >> he says he wanted a door with a slot, but now is just happy to have a door that is safe. to see my reports go abc7 and click on sections tab. if having a problem, that is where you can complain as well. >> yes. >> just a door. >> right. >> coming up next, how climate change is changing habits of wildlife. >> back in a moment.
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female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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bay area conservationists are helping wild animals adopt to climate change the project happening about 30 miles south of san jose in the valley between gilroy and hollister.
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this pup are facing a challenge. these images are from motion-activated cameras showing large mammals in the lower mountains. >> the habitat in original places is changing and getting hotter and drier. they need to move up and find cover, food, and water. >> animals used to travel across this valley, south of gilroy to move between mountains. but most of the trees and bushes are gone now, these kids are helping create a wooded passageway. this is part of a teamworking on the restoration.
6:46 pm
the line of trees is a natural passage way that exists through part of the valley. this project will fill in the gaps >> this is snow berries. and this sycamore, doing >> that is why this wild looking thing comes in. >> he walks the route filled with plants. all taking pictures to produce a 60 degree view. >> there is a gps unit.
6:47 pm
>> the final product is similar to this one, taking new images to track progress of the one of the first things was getting rid of a fence that blocked a culvert over a road animals went into action. >> a bob cat came through and after that, other animals started crossing back and forth, too. >> because it's a demonstration, it will be cheaper and most funding from private donations. >> time to turn to weather.
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>> it's been a nice, dry day. >> yes. lots of rain last week as you know, and now, you can see clear skies over the bay area, we'll see some areas of fog developing during overnight hours. we don't expect fog to hang around too long. sunny skies, and nice, pleasantly mild through throughout the state. highs into 60s in chico and fresno. 74 in los angeles. 77 in san diego. not only a mild day, a warm day, with possibility of record high temperatures for tomorrow's date. and 67 in san jose. 67 oakland so looking for warmth tomorrow on the second day of winter. here is the accu-weather forecast. wednesday, a chance of showers christmas eve.
6:49 pm
and thursday, christmas day, sunny and dry and cool, highs only into 50s >> nice to get a good stretch after such a long stretch of rain. >> yes. thank you. >> thank you spencer. >> well, everybody wants to know what is going to happen. >> jim harbaugh may be out of a job. and there is lots
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>> he still has a year left on the contract, all indications are this sunday's game will be jim harbaugh's last as 49ers head coach and reported the club won't take long to cut tie was harbaugh, saying he would meet with management from 24-48 hours after the season finale.
6:53 pm
>> happens will happen what won't happen sh won't happen. and we'll let them have the floor on that. >> to return to the alma matter. >> david carr got by buffalo. interim head coach had his own thoughts with team owner mark dave yits. >> we've had good conversations just that are will continue.
6:54 pm
just to make sure we're doing the right thing. >> oakland native marshawn lynch game rolled arizona seahawks 79 coming on this unbelievable run by lynch through just a few to go down. after being fined lynch is taking a new approach to post-game questions. >> oh, well. and thank you for asking me about the miami beach bowl where byu and mem fits were feeling good about chances but jake elliott comes through with a 55-yard field goal.
6:55 pm
in the second ot, memphis gets the ball first. and scores as lynch finds roger proctor in the end zone. kristin stewart has a pass kicked off. and if post game celebration, both teams throwing cheap shots. where is the christmas spirit? two more, not there. two more bowl games on set tomorrow, 3:00 marshal taking on northern illinois and then, followed by navy versus san diego state. and tonight their facing a tough test. konzo martin getting the most out of players like tyrone wallace, junior averaging almost 20 points per game. here is a steal and dunk.
6:56 pm
at the half, wisconsin leads, 32-20. after dropping out of the top ten for the first time in five years, stanford women got a much-needed win against uc davis. bonnie samuelson led the way, hitting 60-threes with 30 points. and this abc7 sports report orchard supply, hardware. and dan informing me byu stands for? >> beach you up. >> i thought it's brigham young all the time. >> thank you rick. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. indictments unsealed in the bank robbery and details about one of the most-violent incidents in local history. >> new video and a lawsuit calling into question shooting death of a man by local police
6:57 pm
the district attorney responds >> and tonight here on abc7 starts with great christmas light fight featuring a home in sonoma county, by the way, followed by castle, then, we'll be back at 11:00 >> that is right. that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter and i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> have a good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a lab tech from ramona, california... a semiretired educator from silver spring, maryland... and our returning champion, a stay-at-home mom from alexandria, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen, anweome to our show. well, the weather outside may be frightful, but inside our studio, it is just delightful because, in less than 30 minutes, one of these three players -- we hope --
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will win a lot of money. will it be the newcomers, carly or bert, or our returning champion, allison? let's start finding out. good luck. here we go. and now the categories, starting off with... we'll deal with... and finally... alex: allison, you start us. i'll take international cuisine for $200. allison. what's an oven? oven. you are right. cuisine, $400. allison again. what is spinach? spinach. yes. cuisine for $600. southeast asian dish seen here, waiting for its peanut sauce.


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