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>> this will never happen to m me. >> local man on walk along the water mauled by 2 pit bulls. attack so vicious the dog put down by police. >> the victim describes the terrifying ordeal and explains why he believes those dogs were set loose on purpose. good evening. >> the attack happened at the san leandro marina yesterday afternoon. nick smith 30's tonight with the story. nick? >> good evening. 2 pit bull went on the attack. aggression cost them their lives. put down by san leandro police. now cops are asking that anyone with information contact police so they can find those responsible ichltd this attack which lasted probably about 5 minutes was the most vicious thing ever encountered. >>reporter: police are still lacking for the person responsible for letting loose a pir of pit bulls that attacked larry osbourne and his 2 rest caw dog margo and my a. >> leash in my hachbilityd i can't get the mace. can't get my knife. i'm in the middle of
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a ballots right away. >>reporter: battle that left the 3 of them hurt and margo with the most serious injuries. >> the pit bull basically had her right here in the mouth and shaking her like a rag doll. >>reporter: larry says after one dog bit my a the other went straight for margo locking her in the jaw and not letting go. >> dog knock me down em ban bankment like a lev levery. >>reporter: flat on the back and on to the rock. the guests ran over to help beating the chair off with chair and table that the pit bullet good. the witness saw the pair of pit bull come from blue toyota pick up. hoping video will provide clue. >> there's responsibility when you become a pet owner. >> the dogs like aggressive. they should keep them on a leash tauments at all times because they could attack somebody. >>reporter: police eventually shot and killed both pit bull after they moved to attack an officer responding to the 911 call. larry says he refs to live in fear. and will return to the marina as soon as margo
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and my a are healthy enough to did soil. next time i walk i'll have something with me. that i can protect them in any situation. this will never happen to me again. >>reporter: in san leandro, nick smith 7 news. >> new at 11 san francisco police want to find out more about a crash involving one of the patrol cars and scooter. it happened at geary and polk just before 8 tonight. nobody went to the hospital after tonight's collision. san francisco police department is showing the support for 2 fallen new york city officers. group from the department will head to new york city to honor 2 officers killed saturday in an ambush attack. police chief craig sir has advised his officers to be open what he describes as heightened safety alert. after the murders. >> just to be smart. don't be if i whereby yourselves and any situation where you feel that you should have more officers extra back up certainly call
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for err on the side of caution. >> san francisco san francisco police officers remember their own who died in the line of duty 8 years ago. officer brian was shot december 22 2006 in the sun set district by escapee from state correctional work camp. another officer opened fire and killed the gunman. plaque dedicated to the officer is on display at menial garden directly across the street from the police station 30. is in new information on case involving bay area police officers who shot and killed a man. happened 2 and half years ago. in april of 2012 as we reported at the time officers shot 3 35-year-old dan gonzalez chls antioch police said he fired first but tonightal listen has obtained mr. is video internal reports that show again sol east never fired a shot. in the newsroom with the story tonight. alan. >>reporter: there's no argument that dan was heavily intoxicated when he called a friend and threatened to kill police. but what is being disputed now that police
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helicopter video has he mentaled is how it all went down. >> we were getting ready to start our new life with new baby new home. >>reporter: andrea gonzalez was led to believe her husband antioch barber died at the hand of police because he fired at them first. >> i just needed answers. >>reporter: so she hired an attorney who obtained this police helicopter video the of 35-year-old dan gonzalez walking out of his home holding a handgun. it was already surrounded by antioch swat officers. not clear what startled him but police believe he fired first. they returned fire with nearly 60 rounds that killed gonzalez. gonzalez was shot twice in the back. >> one of the officers apparently was over excited and fired a shot as soon as he came out and they could see a gun. fired a shot and that led the other officers apparently to believe that shots being fired and so it was just boom boom boom boom boom. >>reporter: attorneys for again sol east widow say the
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video proves danny never fired a shop. forensic analysis found the gun was still on say. ultimately we concluded this was a justified shooting. >>reporter: deputy assistant da grove admits the video never part of the evidence in the internal investigation that helped him draw his conclusion. but after viewing it he sees gonzalez pointing the 51 at police while he's retreating. >> in doing so erased the gun up and turned it around and pointed it back towards the direction of the police officers. >>reporter: deputy da says his conclusion that there was no wrong doing stands. antioch city attorney lynn says civilian jury found that when officers located gonzalez he advanced toward them armed with a loaded handgun. >> thank god there water a video in the case. all i can say. >>reporter: attorneys foregone sol east believe the video is so contradictory to the findings they are now suing the city of antioch. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> developing news. more
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details are emerging about woman cushion former forty-niner player ray mcdonald sexually assaulted her while unconscious. woman claims she went to his house after meeting him at a bar. they continued drinking at his home on december 14th. she last remembers hitting her head after falling near mcdonald swiping pool. woman went to san jose police with her story. detective then exchanged text message with mcdonald while posing as the woman. he wrote i don't understand why you are bothered you chess to stay with me for another difficult. detective answered yes but you shouldn't have had sex with me after i was knocked out. >> ray mcdonald to be convicted of this has to know that the accuser was so impaired that she was not capable of giving consent. fight mcdonald accuser says he admitted to having sex with her the next day after she woke up naked in the bed. police are still investigating. >> more flooding in the bay area today and it didn't involve the rain this time. unusually high tide known as
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king tide the flooded low lying area today this was the scene in mill valley where it often flood during high tide. today tide was the highest of the year and tomorrow will be nearly the expect more of this. >> home come celebration tonight in belmont. residence of the belmont mobile home park evacuated from the homes back on december 12 when heavy rains flooded the park with potentially contaminated water. today cal-trans crew dredge out muck and other debris that clogged the drainage system. people have dealt with flood in the past but this last one was the worst. >> governor brown today declared emergency in 4 california counties because of the storms that hit 11 difficulties ago. he named marin, mendocino oshtion san mateo and ventura county har hardest hit. the declaration also authorizes cal-trans to request emergency assistance from washington. >> mold hassan jose firefighters on the move. it forced relocation of 8 firefighters from fire station 16 on south king road to 2 other stations. they have also
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moved app engine and truck. department says it won't affect fire coverage in the area. mold at station 16 a problem in the past. one of the oldest station in the city. >> this stretch of polk street in san francisco ranked first in new top 10 list of best bike lanes in america. pro cycle group conducted survey. license allow bicycle legislature to travel against the flow traffic on busy one way street of polk near market strichlt one final holiday gift next on abc 7 news. man known as mr. christmas hangs up the lets for the last time. tonight how the community thanks him for the countless years of holiday cheer. >> plus tough test for the new what happens when you boil the pricey gadget in soda? >> and perfect stocking stuf stuffier. if they are ever used. problem with giving gift card this holiday season. >> calendar says winter but
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tomorrow the brings us a breath of spring. the forecast
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the. >> eights the tame of year full of tradition and each year folk in one concord neighborhood look forward to the uniquely american hotel difficult light display. a labor of love. they call mr. christmas. wayne takes a look at the gift that mr. christmas has given his neighbor. >> for one house along olive drive in concord what a difference daytime to nighttime can make at least in christmas season. >> pure joychlt man who has built this has earned a special
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name around here. >> mr. christmas. >> also known as bruce age yichlt put together this living piece of folk art every year for 36 years partly in honor of his late wife. it has grown bigger every year in terms of spectacle and neighborhood importance. >> parents 35 or 40 years old who were around here when they were just a kid and they got their own kids and then their kid got kids. >>reporter: jackie is one of them. she has been to see mr. christmas house every year. >> since i was 17. >>reporter: but this will be the last. at 85 years old mr. christmas just can't get those 50,000 bulb up and down or keep them running every year. item a 5 month project. >> this last year i didn't take them down because i couldn't get them down. >>reporter: which bothered jackie. a lot. >> it would be sad if he he bed this year unplugging the later and having not having the recognition from the community. >>reporter: so tonight it
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happened. did you expect all this. >> no i didn't. it was a shock. >>reporter: thanks in. like 3 season in one here. >>reporter: christmas joy. christmas thanks. christmas love. they say when you give you get back tenfold. consistent case of mr. mr. christmas, maybe even more. >> we love you mr. christmas. >> it's quite a sight it's changed a little bit over the years. mr. christmas tells me it used to cot cost him more for electricity. now he's gone all led. in cop cord wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> well if you like to curl up with a kindle i-pad or another kind of each reader before bed time doctors believe it mate damage your sleep. researchers compare old fashion book and light emitting each readers before sleep it took longer for e reader users to get to sleep and more tired in the morning. >> if well, you just saw
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washington happens when you boil a brand new i-phone 6 in coke. yes coca-cola. why anyone would want to do that remains a mystery. but people were sure interested in it. this video more than two million view ins the past two two weeks. within seconds sugar black goo bubble over the i-phone with excessive heat warning prompt promptly before shutting off until the end of time. all done. >> plan to give a gift card this hotel difficult season it might be worth it to remind people to use them. gift card sales hit 124 billion dollars this year. and sales more than doubled since 2007. now study he reveals 750 million dollars in gift cards will go unredeemed. >> but when santa needs help getting toy to needy children he does what president's have done sense the earliest day he calls in the marines. stuffed
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animal like these will soon have new homes thanks to the marine corps reseven toy for tot program. today marines and volunteers help sort toy in the reserve facility in san bruno. folk like you have helped mat arena by filling donation barrel located all around the bay area. but more work needs to be done in the last few days before christmas. we invite to you join us and give where you live. parent company disney has donated 10,000 dollars to toy for tot to help deserving bay area children have a birth hotel day. find out how to help with a link open our web site. toy for tot one of the grit programs. >> you are looking what could very well be the future of christmas cards. nothing says happy hotel difficult like 100 foot tall greet prague jebingted on the side of a building. personalize hotel difficult messages displayed on 2 buildings on market street in san francisco. cars ordered free on line. and you get digital version as keepsake. we have a link on our web site. >> clever.
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>> very high tech. >> no written in sight but certainly a lot of snow in the sierra. >> the past storms left feet of new snow just time for the hotel difficult. >> video provided to us by kirk wood mount resort opening up 100 percent of the rip tomorrow. become home no written or snow but some fog around here. >> that's right. spencer in for sand why and he has accu-weather forecast. >> things liking nice in the bay area. live doppler 7hd mainly clear sky but there are patches of fog and in the location visibility is down to well in napa 1 quarter of a mile. most location all righ righting normal visibility 10 miles or better. 5 miles at half moon bay with a little bit of fog. a little bit more developing over nature. here's fog animation forecast starting at 11:00 o'clock. fog already rather dense in the central valley and pushing into the delta the straits and patches of fog in other location as well. overnight dense fog in the central valley becomes even denser and pushes farther
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natural strits but by 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning most of our local 80's here in the mead why the bay area will see the fog burn off move out to sea. pleasant conditions tomorrow mid morning after the fog is gone. still coastal flood watch in effect for all of the by area really until 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoo afternoon. minor tidal overflow at hay tide is a possibility. high tide come at the golden gate at 12:54 a and 11:44 am be on the look out low lying area especially north by for the tidal overflow. temperatures in the low mid 50's across the bay area. 40 in napa which is going to be cool spot overnight for sure. live view from the east bay hills camera west ward across the bay and forecast feature tonight. not very wide spread. record high pressure for the calendar day tomorrow and chance of showers wednesday christmas eve now the satellite image shows high pressure dominating our weather picture. bring us another unusually warm difficult tomorrow but
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right after that comes this system. which likely bring us showers on wednesday. forecast animation starting at 7:00 o'clock wednesday morning during the day clouds will increase by midday we see rain developing in the north bay first swinging south word to the golden gate mid afternoon. late afternoon it's moving into the south bay santa cruz mountains wind down on wednesday evening giving way to mainly dry clear conditions leading that overnight into christmas difficult. overnight this night look for low pressure mainly in the upper 50's to low 20's then tomorrow maia high in the south by mid upper 60's. 67 at san jose. about we project record high for the day and 68 tops out mountain view tops out at 68 tomorrow record high for the date in mountain vawchlt downtown san francisco high of 66 tomorrow. north by couple records 67 san rafael. 70. santa rosa over in the east bay predicting high of 67 at oakland. that would be a record high in oakland for tomorrow indicate and inland high upper 60's as well but no record expected there. here's
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accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. we see sharply cooler weather on wednesday and few showers in the afternoon but will end before thursday christmas day but sunny dry christmas difficult with high pressure only in the mid 50's and warm-up just a little bit for the weekend. string of dry day ahead. >> perfect thanks spencer. >> a lieutenant to cheer about with college and pro bay area hoops tonight. >> that's right. rick is in for larry. >> talking about cal and warriors off to best started in 55 years. cal basketball team takes on 6 rank wisconsin. sitting out with hamstring
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>> red hot warriors play host to sacramento tonight. golden state looking for eighth straight win at home after missing 21 games for ham injury david lee returns to the line up. warriors had it under control from the start. curry steal and lay up. played 16 minutes. chipped in with 6 points and 7 rebounds. now in transition. curry with the lob to thompson. team high 35. the dish to him for the dunk. hotel difficult came off the bench with contrary high 18 points. warriors cross 128-108 improve to league best 23 and 3. cal hosting sixth rank wisconsin. wallace with the steal and dunk. he led the bears with 17 points. banners had one of the best big men in the country 7 footer frank who puts in the reverse. big guy can also hit from outside. finished with 14 points as
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wisconsin wins 68-56. bears drop to continue and two shark ins anaheim tonight. tied in the third. san jose young gun team up. him if to carlson first nhl goal for the 24-year-old. game over time less than a minute in. kessler with game wish. 3-2 anaheim the final. loses second i'm in 11 games. >> still to co-jim harbaugh asked about the future with the 49ers. and future hall of famer manning wi
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>> by this time next week pretty good chance jim harbaugh
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will no longerer be the 49er head coach. jay is reporting the club won't take long to cut tie with harbaugh saying would he meet with management from 24 to 48 hours after the season finale. at today news conference harbaugh tryed to down my the rumors. >> jay glazeer go back and ask his source what that for more clarification. but i haven't participated i don't intend to now. thinks a good 12 months of this kind of thing so no reason to start, start now. what will happen will happen. what won't happen won't happen and i'll work at the pleasure of the organization and let them have the floor on. that. >> monday night football the bengals needed to beat the broncos during play off spot. dalton came through in prime time with pair of touch down with 17-14. manning was 8 and o with the bengals but the streak comes to app end. ma
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manning threw 4 interception at cincinnati beat denver 37-28. >> and terrible end to go gritty miami beach bowl misses interception and second over time to have a within over byu. afterward hay maker thrown all over the field no. word as to to disciplinary measures to each side. >> the report was brought to you by ebay. >> probably koychlingt i would think so so. >> thanks. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back and on the mobile device with our 7 news no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise
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swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. >> on jimmy kimmel. >> have a great night
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you have your 2015 glasses yet? >> yeah. >> i'm just getting to christmas
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and you already got us to new year's. >> i shouldn't have because i'm not done yet either. getting ahead of myself as usual. a department score scare. a scorpion found hiding in the women's apparel department. the common household hazards that could make your tree erupt in flames. find out three easy steps to avoid this disaster. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action. disaster. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action.
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