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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 23, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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"world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time. welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking news. the reported tornadoes coming in at this hour. and we've just learned, they've been deadly. also, the interstates backed up in blinding snow in the middle of the country. and now, the new storm hitting the east. two planes colliding on the ground. someone carrying a piece of the plane. plus, a major security breach. the loaded guns smuggled onto planes right beside the passengers. they had no idea. late developments tonight. that movie that angered north korea will be seen here in america after all. the road rage caught on tape. two women in a car, the other driver, a woman in that pickup. and you will see what she's about to do. and the great made in america christmas. viewers to the rescue tonight. your one thing made in america. >> "world news tonight"?
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good evening. christmas eve, just hours away, and tonight, millions of americans are on the move. dangerous storms and deadly tornadoes touching down. 175 million in the storm zone tonight. and let's get straight to the pictures. starting in the south, mississippi. at least two dead. you can see the sheer force of that twister. that ambulance, flipped on its side. and there, a funnel cloud on the horizon. in colorado tonight, they're battling blinding snow. we showed you i-70 last night here, backed up. well tonight, a repeat performance. a man walking his dog faster than the cars. the map says it all tonight. those storms powering up, moving in, and now, the new system hitting in the east. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano starts us off with the harrowing images tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the deep south under a dangerous threat. severe damage in amite, louisiana. up to 20 houses hit hard by a possible twister. and at least four dead in mississippi, where the governor
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declared a state of emergency. winds there so strong, they flipped cars on the highway, including this ambulance. at least seven tornado reports, plus hail and wind damage as the storm steam-rolled across the gulf coast today. storm chaser brandon clement is on the ground. >> today was even worse, because we had a lot of fog. a lot of light rain around the storms, so, it was almost impossible to see anything, unless you were directly hit by it. >> oh, man! it is storming! >> reporter: near baton rouge, rain rates up to four inches an hour. definitely white in the midwest. snow plows out in full force. in rapid city, south dakota, visibility down to a quarter mile this morning. and in minnesota, rain turned to snow in a hurry, snarling the evening commute. the rocky mountains, buried in snow. over two feet of it. a boon for ski resorts, but getting to the slopes is a problem. interstate 70, shut down for more than 100 miles, leaving drivers in colorado and kansas stranded. >> and rob is with us right now.
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the severe weather, we saw as we came on the air tonight, still brewing. and this is the same system moving up the east? >> reporter: it is. though these twisters can move at a deadly pace, the system as a whole is moving very slowly. so, we still have a threat tonight, especially across the deep south. the i-10 corridor, in through the gulf coast and the florida panhandle. a slight chance, enhanced chance to see more in the way of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes through the evening. tornado watches remain in effect for a good chunk of this real estate until about midnight tonight. and then the storm system, as a whole, moves off toward the north and east. heavy rain from atlanta tomorrow morning, and then pushing up the i-95 corridor through philly, boston and new york. it's going to be a dangerous and at sometimes slow commute for the i-95 corridor. and a little bit of snow along the back side of this. snow and rain across the pacific northwest. winter storm watches just issued for chicago. dangerous travel there. but it could be a white christmas. >> all right, forewarned in chicago, as well. rob, thank you. those holiday storms causing trouble for holiday travelers. dangerous roads, as we showed you. danger on the tarmac, too. and these images coming in from laguardia airport right here in new york.
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one passenger snapping this picture through the window. the tip of that southwest plane gone. you can see the airline employee carrying the missing piece of the plane after the two planes collided, clipping wings. abc's david kerley with what happened. >> reporter: talk about a delay. hard to fly when part of your jet's wing has just been broken off. the southwest pilot may not have even realized it. >> yeah, it looks like you might have touched that american. >> okay. >> reporter: more than a touch of that southwest wing and the tail of an american jet. it happened on the ground at new york's laguardia. denver-bound passengers stuck at least for awhile. today, long lines were the problem. >> i'm looking at the lines, going, oh, boy. >> reporter: tomorrow, that heavy christmas eve storm could cause delays and not just on the east coast. >> it's a trickle effect. it will delay the flight there and it will delay the flight coming back. >> reporter: the highways could be treacherous. states up and down the east coast keeping an eye on it. aaa predicting a record number on the road this holiday season, nearly 90 million. if it is a record-breaker,
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expects believe part of the reason may be that surprise christmas present consumers got. those low gas prices. $2.40 a gallon. the lowest level in five years. 27 states now with gas under two bucks a gallon. in des moines, it usually costs this driver 61 bucks to fill up. >> today, it was $31. so -- that's a real good deal. >> reporter: there is no end in sight to these low gas prices. so, drivers will save on the way back home, as well. and hopefully the weather will be better after this christmas eve storm. david? >> david kerley tonight. thank you. now, to that investigation, the startling new images coming in, five men, including a delta employee, accused of smuggling loaded guns on board planes, right in the cabin with passengers on board. those passengers had no idea. tonight, one of those men, police say, seen here on this tape, arriving at jfk airport. authorities say inside that backpack, 18 guns, seven of them loaded. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: authorities say it was an inside job. watch here as mark henry, a
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former delta employee, calmly walks through the terminal at atlanta's international airport, the world's busiest. what's shocking, prosecutors say, is those guns they say he's got inside the backpack. police claim he took those loaded weapons as carry-on, right into the passenger cabin on a flight to new york. >> they put guns on the plane this time. they could have easily put a bomb on one of those planes. >> reporter: investigators say henry bypassed every security measure with the help of this insider, eugene harvey, a delta baggage handler in atlanta. harvey, an airport employee, used his security badge to come and go without being screened. after bringing the guns into a secure area, he allegedly gave them to henry in an airport bathroom. then henry strolled onto a new york-bound flight. the guns were sold in brooklyn, but what the suspects didn't know is that an undercover new york police officer was the one buying them. 153 guns smuggled on multiple flights between may and december, with henry using his
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mom's unlimited flying pass as a retired delta employee. henry and harvey have been charged with gun trafficking violations. and david, what's so scary is that authorities say the scheme has been going on for five years. >> pierre thomas tonight, thank you. now, an update on those two police officers ambushed in their car, killed in cold blood here in new york over the weekend. these images documenting the chaos in the aftermath. one of the victims there rushed away on a stretcher. well tonight, both men are being remembered with a moment of silence. their fellow officers there, their heads bowed, near the sight of the shooting in brooklyn. tonight, we're also following the breaking headline in the sony hack attack. movie theaters across the country, defying north korea, now saying they will show the movie after all. abc's tom llamas tonight. >> hello, north korea! >> reporter: the film that survived hacks, threats and possible cyber warfare will finally hit the silver screen at independent theaters in the dallas area, atlanta and cleveland, and tonight, that list is growing.
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>> when the picture hits the screen on christmas day, i think the people of the united states are the ones that really won. >> reporter: movie goers trying to buy tickets. >> kim jong-un is not going to tell us what we're going to watch. >> i'm not the least bit worried about my own safety. >> reporter: the stars of the film taking to social media. james franco posting this photo on instagram, writing, "victory." seth rogen tweeting, "freedom has prevailed." last week, sony announced they would not release the film, in part because theater owners were worried about violent threats from the guardians of peace, the group that hacked sony's computers. tonight, sony saying, "we are proud to make it available to the public and to have stood up to those who attempted to suppress free speech." >> you want to go kill kim jong-un? >> totally. >> reporter: the fbi says north korea directed the cyber attack. upset over the film's plot, a fictional assassination of leader kim jong-un. president obama vowing the u.s. would respond. and now, north korea, which these satellite images show has
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trouble keeping the lights on at night, having new cyber trouble. knocked offline yesterday for nearly ten hours and at least twice again today. and tonight, the obama administration not commenting if the outage was a cyber counterstrike. and we've learned that the president is applauding sony's decision to authorize those screenings. we've learned sony is hopeful to have "the interview" on video on-demand to watch at home before the end of the year. david? >> seems like an about-face. tom llamas tonight, thank you. now, to washington, and a stunning fall from grace. congressman michael grimm, seen in this video, threatening to throw a reporter over the balcony there. well, tonight, pleading guilty to felony tax evasion, but vowing to stay in congress. abc's david wright, face-to-face with him today. >> reporter: after vowing to fight the charges against him "tooth and nail," congressman michael grimm today pled guilty to one count of lying on his taxes. that confrontation with the reporter was about this investigation. >> let me be clear to you. >> reporter: but today, he admitted that as the owner of
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the new york city restaurant healthalicious, he cooked the books. as part of his plea deal, he'll now pay three years worth of state and federal taxes he owes. congressman grimm is now a convicted felon. under the house rules, he is allowed to keep his seat, but he might not be allowed to vote on the house floor, so -- he now faces some serious questions. >> i am certainly truly sorry for it, but i also accept full responsibility. >> reporter: congressman, will you resign? today, at first, he ignored that question. but finally admitted he plans to stay. >> can close this chapter in my life. >> reporter: doesn't accepting responsibility mean resigning? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: today, the fbi said not only did grimm fail to pay his fair share of taxes, he also lied under oath to conceal his criminal activity. next month, he'll be sworn in as a member of the 114th congress. six months later, he may be headed to prison. david wright, abc news, brooklyn. >> david, thank you. and to a big move tonight
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from the fda, recommending an end to a lifetime ban on blood donations by gay men, a ban that has stood for more than three decades, since the early days of the aids epidemic. the move could increase the nation's blood supply by 4% a year. now, to your money tonight, the economy surging. the gdp for the third quarter a measure of how quickly the economy has grown, up 5%. that's the biggest growth spurt in 11 years. it sent wall street soaring, for the first time ever, the dow breaking that milestone, the 18,000 mark. now, to the great made in america christmas tonight. last-minute shoppers out in force. and this evening, viewers across america with their one thing made in america. the clocks are ticking. it's the most wonderful time of the year. which is why our great made in america christmas is back. and what a month. are you in? >> i'm in. >> reporter: and where was she from? >> bethlehem, p.a. >> reporter: you're from bethlehem, p.a.? and more importantly, are you in? >> i'm in. >> reporter: you'll buy one thing?
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>> definitely. >> reporter: and then there was santa' santa's helper, too. where's that hat made? >> made in china. not from the north pole, that's for sure. >> reporter: that won't make santa's elves very happy. remember, in the '60s, nine out of ten products we bought, made in america. today, more than half, foreign-made. but we noticed a big change this year. big name retailers everywhere, men's warehouse, look up, the flag. inside joseph abboud, made in america. wegman's grocery stores, back where i'm from, they're making it clear. and walmart. merry christmas. >> nice to meet you. merry christmas. >> reporter: good to see you. do you notice that the shoppers are asking again, that they want to check the labels? >> yes. >> reporter: so, you put it right out there, so, when you're holiday shopping, you can see it. >> we have. >> reporter: and she was about to show me. let's do it. first up, the bathroom. walmart investing in a brand called "made here." the american-made towels, the workers faces right on the back. it's joy. joy, 30 years, william, too. and we went to find them. the griffin, georgia, water tower, the sun shining on their 1888 mills factory again. and we found william giving joy a hard time.
5:43 pm
back at walmart, the wine glasses. we can toast to that. >> we can. >> reporter: little tykes from ohio. 50 new hires tonight. coleman coolers, wichita, kansas. 15 new jobs. even the candles. can you smell that? and kinex toys, not only here in the store, but happy in the factory tonight. >> happy holidays, abc! >> reporter: you've heard the criticism before that walmart took jobs overseas, but you've begun to bring them back. and has the formula changed? >> the economics have definitely changed. it can in fact be less expensive to make it here. >> reporter: we were out to fill up our cart with our viewers on the hunt, too. debbie from pittsburgh -- >> i just finished baking a batch of cookies on my usa pan cookie sheet. >> reporter: tim from texas. >> my new ford f-150. >> reporter: and merry christmas to the ford workers. >> hi, david. >> reporter: proud in dearborn, tonight. >> happy holidays. >> hi, "world news tonight." >> reporter: and stephanie, showing off her american garden tools. >> hi, david.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: look at the name he spelled out with his south bend woodworks. there was >> merry christmas! >> reporter: and roger's wife, yolanda, if you are watching, close your eyes! >> here they are. beautiful. >> reporter: made in america jewelry under the tree this year. and in the time it took for this one report, just look at our cart. merry christmas, with those three words in mind this year -- made in america. so many shoppers this year looking for those three words. and up next here tonight, you have to see this. the road rage caught on tape. two women recording the whole thing. terrified, saying the other driver was chasing them. well, that other driver, another woman, you'll see what she's about to do next here. also, the armored truck mystery tonight. the driver missing, the truck completely empty. well, late word coming in now of an arrest and a twist in the case. and you might have seen the tractor trailer, the fedex truck flipped, all the gifts everywhere. tonight, the new video. the gifts coming off the back of this truck. hope you didn't pay extra for that.
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next tonight, millions of americans on the roads this christmas week. tis the season for road rage, too, unfortunately. and this case, caught on tape. abc's brandi hitt with what police discovered when they caught the driver. >> she just hit our car! she just hit our car! she's pushing us off the road! >> reporter: caught in a frightening road rage rampage. watch as two women in northern california are chased by the driver of this pickup truck. >> she keeps trying to hit us off the road. in the moment, absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: one of the women admits flipping the truck driver her middle finger for cutting them off. you can see the truck then swerve in front of them. the driver -- slamming on the brakes. >> she got out of her car, started waving her arms at us, saying "i'm a sheriff. i'm a sheriff." >> reporter: all recorded on a cell phone. the women call the highway patrol for help. >> she's saying that she's a cop. she's knocking on our window, saying she's a cop. >> reporter: panicked -- then relieved -- when officers arrive on scene. arresting deidre orozco, who is not a sheriff, on several
5:48 pm
charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. it's certainly not the first time drivers have lost their temper. and there may be more added stress this week. a recent survey shows 75% of people witnessed road rage during the winter holidays. christmas is second, followed by black friday. >> no, no, no, no, no! >> reporter: these two angry drivers who appear to know each other have a different outcome. perhaps a lesson we could all learn. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> brandi, thank you. next up, the armored heist, right before the holiday, and tonight, the twist. now comes word of an arrest. it's not what many expected after so many saw that emptied armored car. and oh, no. those are presents falling off the back of a fedex truck tonight, hurt ming down the highway. where this picture came from when we come back.
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straight to the index tonight, and a mystery in texas. a manhunt under way for the driver of this armored car, found abandoned. the engine still running. more than $200,000 inside, gone. well, tonight, late word, the driver's father is now under arrest. the search for his son continues. stay tuned. well, one of santa's little helpers there in colorado, take a look. that's a fedex truck you're about to see. the back door open, yes, leaving a trail of christmas packages right there along highway 40. a good samaritan flagging down the driver to let him know. you can hear him? your packages fell out, he said. and one proud dad's home video going viral tonight. check this out. a son running rings around the other kids at the basketball tournament. a chip off the old block. can you guess which one? that's lebron james jr. 10 years old. his dad tweeting out, "proud of you, son." not bad. genetics are a powerful thing. when we come back here, america strong. as we approach christmas eve, the one holiday gift from these school children no one saw coming.
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. finally tonight, america strong. the school children watching this broadcast, helping children a world away. we will never forget boarding that truck, 6:00 a.m. with the children, the refugees on the syrian border. they showed us the way. this way? >> this way. >> reporter: this way. the children in lebanon, their tiny hands holding on as we headed to the fields. once from middle class families in syria, they are now the ones who support their families. off the truck, into the field. the tractors dangerously close.
5:57 pm
seven hours filling those potato bags. but through it all, one glimmer of hope. they would skip through the fields at the end of their day, and then we heard it. kids are learning here? the voices. where unicef was giving some of them the classrooms they sorely miss. we have not forgotten them, the photos i took on my phone. the little ones we met in an orphanage in beirut. the youngest of refugees hoping to be reunited with their parents. zaki, his fingers in the shape of a heart. ahmed and that smile. the little guy strong enough to carry the equipment bag. and nearly 6,000 miles back here in america, word of another school watching. the school children lining up the hallways and their signs. the plight of the children in syria. lend a helping hand. and they did. hey, guys! telling us, they filled jars in each classroom. how many of you brought in pennies for those children that you saw from syria?
5:58 pm
they raised a symbolic amount. >> $1,776. >> reporter: and what message do they want to send back to those children? >> we really wish they can go to school and don't have to work in the fields anymore. >> thank you, sister jeanette. >> thank you very much, david. >> reporter: thank you all. and i can't want to see the next song in the hallways. clapping as we applaud them for remembering the children who moved us, too. a gift from all saints regional catholic school in new jersey. and we'll look back at the entire year tonight at 9:00 eastern. until then, good night. >> tonight, why mes used this man power and why the man that lives here calls it excessive force >> the government eases rules on who can give love. supporters are calling it a disappointed first step.
5:59 pm
>> tonight the bay area theaters who joined the crusade. >> i'm spencer christian. record warmth today, people went to the beach on this second full day of winter. can this last? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming a show of force in a theft investigation. here is how they left the place after searching for a stolen camera. good evening. >> santa clara police are in cross hairs tonight accused by a man of using excessive force and targeting him because he's muslim. abc7 news is live in santa clara police headquarters with the story tonight. >> what police say is that they stand by what they did.
6:00 pm
they went to the home with a search warrant in at least a dozen officers are seen moving in. you can see an assault weapon and service guns drawn. and you can see a battering ram. it looks like a drug bust. officers are looking for a $300 dash board camera. the 26-year-old is accused of stealing a relative's camera. these photos indicated police looked all over the house for it but never found it. >> it's not over. his attorney says police


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