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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 26, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, high alert. an arsenal of weapons found in a new york city apartment. at least half a dozen arrests made against police just this week. out in the streets as demonstrators protest against police in missouri, violence and vandalism break out in other american cities as tensions remain high this holiday. ready, set, return. retailers hoping to break out today on what is supposed to be the second busiest shopping day of the year. what you need to know before you hit the stores. and a christmas miracle. a mother goes into labor on a train. no doctor is in sight. the quick-acting cops springing into action playing santa as they deliver the most precious present of all.
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good morning. i'm michelle franzen. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to get to our top story this morning. new york is in mourning and on alert. six people have been arrested for making threats against the police. in one apartment, the law enforcement allegedly found an arsenal, a shotgun, automatic brass knuckles, bulletproof vests and more. that suspect spent christmas day in jail. >> other new yorkers spent christmas at the sight where two police officers were murdered while sitting in their patrol car. the wake for one victim is later today. his funeral tomorrow. the funeral for the other officer shot has not been scheduled. but there are still protests over shootings by police for a third night in a row. there were protests in a st. louis suburb. >> but as abc's elizabeth hur
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reports, last night's demonstrations were tampered somewhat by the holiday. >> reporter: calling the march no time off, protesters out again on christmas night from the st. louis suburb of berkeley, missouri, to the streets of oakland, california, and cleveland, ohio, all determined, they say, to fight and rally in the name of justice. >> this is a human rights issue in that everyone should be a part of some type of action to raise awareness. >> reporter: most remained peaceful, but police in oakland kept busy responding to reports of vandalism including smashed windows and burning dumpsters. >> amen. >> reporter: meanwhile, in brooklyn a show of respect for new york city police officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu killed in the line of duty last saturday. this event organized by reverend al sharpton, who has been at the forefront of the national movement against police brutality following the deaths of eric garner and mike brown.
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but on this day, sharpton offering a message of reverence and unity as a city in mourning prepares to bury officer ramos. >> we are against the shedding of any innocent blood, and we respect and appreciate what ramos and liu was doing in policing just like we respect and appreciate the value of the lives of those that we mourn here today. the head of sony pictures says the sold out theaters that "the interview" is now playing in is proof that cybercriminals cannot silence free speech. the film is now in hundreds of theaters nationwide, and there's few tickets to be had. before sony released it the film was pulled because of threats and the hack attack on sony's computers. seth rogen, who directed and stars in "the interview," showed up at its first showing in l.a. >> if it wasn't for theaters like this and for people like
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you guys, this literally would not be [ bleep ] happening right now. >> the trade magazine "variety" says christmas screenings of the movie made nearly a million dollars. the film was also posted online. other studios are looking at this simultaneous introduction to see if it's successful. and russia is offering its support to north korea following the sony hacking controversy. a spokesman for vladimir putin yesterday said north korea's anger over being accused of orchestrating the hacking was quite understandable. he added that the u.s. has offered no proof of north korea's involvement and that threats of retaliation are counterproductive. now some weather and a destructive windstorm in western new york state. gusts of up to 60 miles an hour brought down part of an old silk mill in buffalo, new york. demolition crews quickly came in taking down more of the building making the surrounding areas safer. neighbors said when it fell, the noise was simply frightening. >> it sounded like a sonic boom,
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you know, like there was an earthquake. >> residents near the scene had to be helped from their homes. developers had been considering putting up apartments in the building. those plans are probably changing. yeah, and holiday travelers will find both storms and unusually mild conditions across the country. >> let's get the details right now from justin povick at accuweather for a look. how's it looking, justin? >> thank you. i'll tell you what, finally sunshine on the way for the northeast waiting and along with sunshine here, quite warm. we call it mild with temperatures well into the 40s. some spots into the 50s. for now the cold blocked off to the north and no mention of snow whatsoever. high temperature, 48 in pittsburgh. 52 in d.c., into the south and east, pleasant weather, as well, just a slight chance for a shower in southern louisiana into southeastern florida. kendis and michelle, back to you.
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>> justin, thanks. ten years ago the world was just starting to learn of the horror unfolding after the indian ocean tsunami. it was set off by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake and it triggered enormous tsunami waves from indonesia to thailand and africa's east coast. survivors and locals have been leaving flowers at a memorial wall in thailand, and there are remembrances today across the region hit by the disaster, which killed some 230,000 people. a spokesperson says former president george h.w. bush is in great spirits while remaining hospitalized in houston. he's been there since tuesday when he suffer ed shortness of breath. mr. bush, as you know, is 90 years old. his wife and son neil visited him on christmas day. the former president is being kept in the hospital, we're told, as a precaution. meanwhile, the christmas message from the vatican had a somber tone. pope francis addressed about 80,000 people and he spoke of sadness throughout the world. making specific reference to the violence in the middle east and
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elsewhere. francis also spoke about the world's children who are mistreated. for everyone he offered, quote, may christmas bring them hope. and in her recorded christmas message, britain's queen elizabeth praised doctors and medical workers fighting ebola in africa. she called their sacrifices selfless. the queen has been delivering her christmas message since 1952. and president obama spent part of his christmas thanking u.s. military members. mr. obama and the first lady took time out from their hawaiian vacation to visit an oceanfront marine base. the president says much of the world can enjoy peace and prosperity thanks to the military's many sacrifices. and listen to this. here's a great christmas present that a military family in new jersey will certainly never forget. >> yeah. >> that present was an army national guard corporal matthew morrison. >> he was picked up at philadelphia's airport by a u.p.s. driver and taken to his
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family's home. it was all a surprise. you can see the surprise and the reaction of morrison's stepson. >> his wife and the rest of the family came out when they heard the commotion. morrison even kneeled down to kiss their unborn baby who's due in march. quite a delivery there by u.p.s. >> yes, and there's always creative ways of doing this. i don't know if you saw the one earlier this week where the dad was wrapped in a box, and the young girl took four minutes unwrapping that present, and he pops out. ah, beautiful stuff. >> very good stuff. all right. coming up, exchanging gifts with loved ones without spending a penny. see who is absolutely buying nothing on christmas. also ahead, why today could be a make-or-break day for big stores on this second busiest day of the year for retail. and thinking smaller to make big money. it could be apple's next iphone plan.
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well, today could be make or break for some retailers. the day after christmas is always busy for stores but this year, even more so. >> and it may actually help determine whether some retailers are even around next christmas. abc's byron pitts has the story. >> reporter: it's another day for die-hard shoppers. stores are cutting prices, redeeming gift cards and taking back those unwanted gifts. >> i got these very fuzzy slippers. >> reporter: it's down to the wire for retailers hoping customers are willing to spend more after the holidays than they did before christmas. black friday and super saturday sales were lackluster for brick
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and mortar stores, so on the day after store managers are seeing dollar signs because shoppers are anxious to use those gift cards before they lose value. >> card companies start to charge a fee, a monthly fee for basically doing nothing except keeping track of the fact that you have this card out there. >> reporter: expect bargains on clothing, not a hot seller this season. electronics are also discounted as stores clear inventories, and for the best deals, do your homework and find them online before you head to the mall. >> if there's a retailer that you frequently shop at, sign up for their newsletters. they're going to be frequently releasing special deals, promotions and coupons directly through those channels. >> reporter: many national retailers are opening their doors as early as 6:00 a.m. hoping to squeeze a little more profit out of the remaining days of 2014. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> okay, so say you got one of those gift cards that byron was talking about, chances are walmart will honor it, even if it's from a competitor. you'll need to go to walmart's
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website first to redeem that card, and you may not actually get the full value, but walmart sees this as an opportunity. as much as a billion dollars in gift cards will not get spent this year, and most shoppers using gift cards spend more than the value of the card. and more and more women found firearms under the christmas tree this year. >> what? >> stores say they saw a spike in sales this year of weapons intended specifically for women. they're designed for smaller hands and often come in bright colors like purple or pink. men are worried about their wives, girlfriends and daughters, says one store owner. >> interesting gift. okay, some good news for those who think the iphone 6 is too big. an analyst says a smaller version may be released next year. the phone would be the same size as previous iphones and have a smaller price tag while iphones get smaller. that same analyst predicts a bigger ipad will be introduced, as well. >> a little something for everyone. hackers took aim at online
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video games this holiday. both microsoft's xbox live and sony's playstation network are having connection failures. a hacker group is claiming responsibility for the problems. they began christmas day just as many people unwrapped those new game consoles. it's not known if any user data was stolen. and a very different problem with playstation for a man in colorado. when he opened the box, he found bags of rocks. he says a walmart employee told him it had been returned to the store by another customer. at first walmart's managers were a little skeptical but eventually they gave him a refund and good thing he opened the box first before giving it to his niece. >> yeah, she might not have been too happy. but there is a growing movement that retailers wish was not getting any bigger. >> an interesting movement called buying nothing, the project here, and it just orchestrated what's called buy nothing christmas. people join the groups on facebook where they offer like
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new items that others might need for loved ones. there's no buying or selling. >> buying nothing christmas means buy nothing. have christmas, enjoy your family, and don't stress about your budget. >> members are divided into different groups based on their neighborhood or city. it started just 18 months ago and now already has some 80,000 members in nine countries. >> a growing movement, indeed. when we come back, fire engulfs a mosque attacked in sweden, smoke billowing out as people made their escape. and a christmas miracle delivering a little christmas miracle on the train. ♪ abe! get in! punch it!
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well, snow doesn't faze some people as a winter storm dropped four inches in the denver area and as much as a foot in the colorado rockies. those stores that were open on christmas did a brisk business in shovels and other supplies. and that's the region where driving will be the most difficult today. slippery roads extending into some of the midwest. they'll be somewhat wet in the northwest and eastern oklahoma and texas. if you're flying, airport delays are likely in denver and salt lake city. let's turn our focus to sweden where police in stockholm are investigating a fire at a mosque as an arson attack. flames and smoke poured from the windows yesterday.
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the mosque is a place of worship for some muslims living nearby. 20 people were inside when the fire started. at least five of them were injured. an american woman who had been held in the southeast ashays nation of tease timor is waiting to fly home to the u.s. dr. stacy addison was arrested after sharing a taxi with a stranger who picked up a package of methamphetamine. they found the package and took everyone in custody. anon line campaign publicized her case and now released. she's awaiting the return of her passport to fly home to oregon. >> did you hear about this? a special christmas night delivery aboard a philadelphia transit train. a baby, the mother went into labor just as the "l" was arriving at a station. two police officers dashed on to it and began the delivery. other than disentangling the umbilical cord no problems and gave the baby to mom wrapped in dad's shirt to keep the infant
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warm. one of the cops said he had already opened his present at home and then got one more last night. >> mom and baby doing well. now a christmas miracle involving a boston terrier. the dog survived a 15-story fall in sacramento, california. sam is 13 years old and doesn't see very well. his owner says the dog became disoriented and fell off the balcony but managed to land dead center in a hot tub. sam has a fractured pelvis and ribs but the vets say he's going to be walking around in a couple of weeks. >> 13 years old but still very lucky there, sam. all right, here's something of a christmas surprise for drivers on new jersey's garden state parkway. >> yes, a busy road but none like this. exit 15 renamed for clark griswold, the chevy chase character in "the national lampoon" vacation movies.
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>> the sign usually says clark westfield. the police and the people who maintain the road not so happy about pranksters' handiwork but our graphic guys clearly are. >> treacherous out on those roads. now sports, college football's bowl season is cranking into high gear. there are three bowl games today and five of them tomorrow. >> that's right. but when it comes to christmas day sports it's all about the nba. the highlights from our guys at espn. kevin connors, john buccigross. five games christmas day including a good one in south beach. >> lebron james makes his return to miami as a member of the cleveland cavaliers hugs and kisses. all around in miami before the game and then when the game began here comes dwyane wade. put-back, puts the heat back by five. fourth quarter, down by nine, lebron james and one, made the three-point play but could not
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get closer. denny granger. the heat win in lebron's return. clippers and warriors in the staples center, chris paul thinks about it. he who hesitates eventually knocks down a three-pointer. clippers led by 6. fourth quarter, l.a. leading by 8. jamal crawford coming off the bench jacking up 18 shots but did have a game high 24 points then moments later, crawford finish him and he does, 100-86, the clippers beat the warriors. busy bowl day on friday. >> next live "sportscenter" over on espn at 9:00. >> all right, thanks. up next in "the pulse," some precious little stocking stuffers. >> and the santa spotting. it's gone viral this morning. suffering from the flu is a really big deal.
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ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0. ♪ okay, now for "the pulse," stories you'll be talking about today starting with stocking stuffers in infant form. christmas babies in stockings not hung by the chimney with care but all laid out in a row. >> a tradition in hospitals around the nation. gifting the babies festively for their parents and those parents
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get another gift, having to only worry about buying presents on that one day, sorry, babies. next up, some australian broadcasters going all out in their reporting about santa's trip around the world. >> this was done by the folks at 9 news in darwin, australia. the anchorman delivering the breaking news santa had been spotted over the city. >> they even had a mock-up of a cockpit allegedly showing what one pilot show just moments ago. maybe the best part, quote, 9 news has been told it's important that darwin boys and girls go to bed now. >> which they probably did. finally what might be the most peculiar christmas video we've seen all season. hit it. >>♪ ole, >> a dog on a rumba. >> nice. >> mama cita. what is better than that?
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:28 on this friday morning. hope you have good deals on december 26. kristen sze and meteorologist mike nicco are off but leyla gulen is here with weather and traffic. how is it shaping? >> beautiful. gorgeous day ahead. not a single peep can you feel how dry it is? it will be dry, more so than year as the cold air mass pushes into the area. you can see how clear it is. crystal clear. we start off with patchy morning frost. we will see purely sun this afternoon. temperatures are back down for the cold ofest
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san mateo is at top speeds and no delays. there could be residual holiday conditions. we have primed traffic at 580 tracy to dublin but a quick 23 minutes. antioch to concord is 15 miles per hours and san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. it is 4:29. happening today are police are hoping for a calmer manufacture -- atmosphere in san francisco over the shootings of black men by white police officer. in oakland vandals turned a peaceful protest into a damaging attack on downtown businesses. amy hollyfield has more on the events. amy hollyfield? >> there will be an event today in young square. the plan is to keep it peaceful but to keep the momentum going. that was the plan last night to keep the movement going.
4:30 am
the march in oakland was called no time off. it was christmas, they wanted to keep the movement going. in oakland, there were protesters and some vandals. the lights and ornaments were torn off the christmas tree in jack london square and windows were broken on impair -- empire dark west. a dumpster was set on fire. the protest did not last as long as we have seen in the past, an hour and a half. it wasn't as large. however, it left its mark. today the land is to meet in young square at noon and protest until 3:00 and they want to get in the first of what they call post christmas consumerism and they are calling for it to be peaceful. they want construction done to the shops and they want to get people's attention. reporting in san francisco this is amy hollyfield. >> in missouri, 75 percent matched in a peaceful protest in


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