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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> good morning, america. this morning, new details in that video game hack attack targeting xbox and playstation networks, leaving kids in tears for three days now. >> very malicious. >> the struggle this morning to get the system back online and the new concern, who could be next? mall madness. brawls erupting across the country, scaring shoppers that were out bagging bargains. police rushing in to make arrests trying to keep the peace. peril in paradise, hikers stranded by a raging river rising higher and higher. they're air lifted to safety in a dramatic rescue mission, describing the moment they knew they were facing serious trouble. and fallen star.
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"saved by the bell's" screech waking up behind bars this morning. the trouble at the bar christmas night all caught on camera. good morning, america, on this holiday weekend. >> look who's back. it's great to have dan back in the chair as a new dad in a moment you didn't think was going to happen. >> i did not think it was going to happen. we struggled for years. i brought pictures. you're going to have to sit through. >> you look so much more mature. >> thank you. i appreciate that. this isn't a clip-on tie. >> you look mature. >> from one dad to another. we're going to have a whole lot more from dan and hear about little alexander's first christmas and his debut. i have to tell you, christmas in our household didn't go exactly as planned.
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here they're playing their new xbox, a game called rivals but like so many who weren't able to do so on christmas because the network was out. if they only knew how foolish they truly looked in real life. >> the grinches to targeted the xbox and playstation networks have yet to relent, making more misery for children and their parents, paula included. >> this is the latest security breach and everyone wondering when it will end. the bigger question, who could be next, and abc's linzie janis on the case for us this morning. good morning, linzie. >> good morning, paula. 160 million gamers. that's how many playstation and microsoft xbox customers are affected by this attack. the hackers bombarding the company's online engage servers with so many requests, they simply shut down. this morning, gamers around the world struggling to get online after a group of hackers calling itself the lizard squad claimed responsibility on twitter for
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taking down the sony playstation and microsoft xbox live servers, hashtaging them both off line, even writing, we truly are the grinch. the timing couldn't have been worse. on christmas eve and christmas day just as thousands of people were unwrapping gaming consoles and trying to log on, services were down. >> the system basically just falls over. it can't deal with all of the requests and it has to shut down as a response. >> in a cheeky tweet, the lizard squad writing, i wonder how many people tried to return their new console, thinking it was broken. the outage a blow to many gamers. online game play is one of the more popular features for billion dollar blockbuster games such as call of duty and grand theft auto and destiny. overnight sony playstation tweeting to customers, ps 4, ps 3 and other services are gradually coming back online, thanks for your patience.
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xbox tweeted, we're aware that some of you are still having trouble. our team are on the case. the attack does not appear to be linked to the much more sophisticated cyber attack on sony pictures, believed to be a team of north korean hackers. the motivation for this latest assault by faceless internet scrooges is unclear. >> they're very malicious. it's kind of a sport to these guys. they just want to bring the system down as a show of power. >> cyber experts say the capability of hackers is almost endless, from getting into our home wireless networks and computers to hacking into cameras and watching us in our own living rooms. experts say follow good online practices, secure your wi-fi network, change your passwords, that helps. ultimately we're at the mercy of these companies to protect our personal information. again, it doesn't appear that personal information has been stolen. it wasn't an actual hack, just a denial of service attack, and it doesn't appear to be linked to the sony picture attack. >> crucial difference there but
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still a lot of reasons to worry. thank you. this is going to be a sad and somber day in a divided city. tens of thousands of police officers from across america descending upon new york for the funeral of rafael ramos. one of two officers killed in an ambush attack recently. the vice-president will be there and so will the mayor of new york city, who many cops blame for fueling the outrage against them. abc's mara schiavocampo is at the church right now. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning and a very sad morning here in new york. that funeral set to get under way shortly. a number of dignitaries have already arrived. as you can see here, thousands of officers gathered to pay their respects. this after yesterday's emotional, 8-hour wake for officer ramos. thousands gathering outside as the nypd flag was draped over the fallen officer's casket as it was carried into christ tabernacle church where they gathered to remember him. >> a guy to dedicated his life
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to helping others. >> reporter: less than a mile from that church, new york police made another arrest of a man allegedly threatening to kill cops. elvin payamps arrested wednesday night after a former officer told investigators he was overheard saying ismaaiyl brinsley, quote, should have killed two white cops when he ambushed and killed ramos and his partner, wenjian liu, one week ago. the officers were shot in their patrol car by brencely who linked his plans for the attack to the killing of black men by white police officers. during a search of payamps's home, officers found an arsenal, including shotguns, brass knuckles and body armor. there have been more than 40 threat probes across the country for false 911 calls in the wake of saturday's attack. >> since the incident we've received a number of what i would describe as copy cat type threats and as of this time none
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of this have proven to be anything. >> reporter: as vice-president joe biden prepares to attend today's funeral for officer ramos, officer liu's family is surrounded by supporters, including former mayor rudy giuliani. officer ramos was studying to be a pastor. he leaves behind a wife and two children. plans for officer liu's funeral have not yet been released. paula? >> a moving show of support for those fallen officers and their families. thank you. another headline this morning, the bad weather that will make it tough heading home for millions of travelers this weekend. rob marciano tracking it all. good morning, rob. >> good morning, paula. it's been tough across parts of minneapolis. look at this video. you would think they would be able to handle this, but this has been the biggest snowfall of the year so far. deicing the planes and there were over 100 crashes across minneapolis roads and highways just last night with just over two inches of snow falling
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today. it's been a mild december so not a whole lot of snow. winter weather advisory. it will be clearing out and drying out and then some of that colder air filters down from canada. a mild december. we'll show you how chilly things will get. that mild air does have moisture so we're looking at flood watches and warnings across new orleans. jackson over four inches of rainfall expected there. tough driving but also that rainfall going over the areas that were hard hit by the tornados and of course we'll talk about the travel, big travel day tomorrow. dand -- dan and paula, back over to you. >> thank you, rob. a fresh embarrassment this morning for the secret service and this comes after a very, very rough year. >> it has come to light that the agency has been using untrained volunteers to drive some of the vehicles in the presidential motorcade. turns out this has been happening for a very long time. abc's jim avila with the president in honolulu, hawaii has the very latest. >> reporter: you would think the middle of a presidential motorcade would be no place for amateurs. but right there among the secret
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service and the police just yards from the president is an untrained volunteer. the president on the way back from his morning workout in hawaii. his suv buried in the middle of as many as 20 imposing secret service black cars and local police escorts. also in the middle of the pack, a few cars back from the president himself rose the lowly white house press core van driven by -- well, just about anyone. untrained volunteers like 24-year-old natalie tyson. up identified by the "new york times" as the volunteer press driver in san francisco this fall. she posted her picture next to the president's limo along with a question wondering why anyone would trust me with a 15-passenger van full of reporters. and young natalie admitted she got her job because a friend at the white house casually called her and asked. >> i think the selection process for the drivers on the white house end is subpar. i think it's been subpar for a long time. >> reporter: but is it more than that?
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is it safe to have a novice driving among the professionals and so close to the president. the secret service in a statement points out that normally there's no other traffic on the road when the president is moved and the service says the press is in the rear of the motorcade and if it's attacked the volunteer driver in the press van will be left behind. >> the press who they escort around, they're not a component of the secure vehicle package. >> reporter: the ranking democrat in the homeland security committee tells abc news that times have changed and the new secret service leadership should find a way to put trained officers on all presidential motorcades. dan and paula? >> jim, thank you. as we said this has been a tough year for the secret service. turning over to ron and yesterday one of the busiest shopping days of the year taking an unfortunate turn. >> some wild scenes around the country. we begin with the chaos at several malls packed with post holiday shoppers. abc's michelle franzen has late details on the mayhem at the mall. >> reporter: terrifying moments
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for shoppers who got more than they bargained for, scrambling for safety after violence erupted at several malls across the country. at the arden mall in sacramento, a food court brawl and reports of gunfire after police say rowdy teens tried to take over parts of the mall. >> it got to the point where we shut the mall down. >> reporter: police made at least three arrests. and check out this scene near the monroeville mall near pittsburgh. cell phone capturing the chaos, people pushing and shoving and pushing. shoppers fleeing up the escalators. police say six fights broke out and two teens went to the hospital. >> it appeared to be no set type of a protest. it's just that there were many juveniles. >> reporter: in missouri at the independent center, sirens and unrest as police barricaded the entrance. >> we take that seriously. that's why we were able to get a large police presence here very
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quickly. for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. and president george h.w. bush is said to be in great spirits but he remained hospitalized a fourth night in a texas hospital. america's oldest living president, 90, was rushed to the hospital tuesday after experiencing difficulty breathing. doctors at houston methodist hospital say he is being kept there as a precaution. and a utah boy is back home after a terrifying ordeal, kidnapped right outside of his own home. the boy's mother asked him to get her cell phone from the car early friday morning. that's when police say these two men grabbed him, put his hoodie over his head, threw him in the back seat of the family car, and took off. the police spotted the car after the mom called 911. the suspects tried to take off but they were taken down by officers and are facing numerous charges including felony kidnapping. now to something that's got all drivers pumped up. gas prices going down again. missouri becoming the first state in five years to have a state-wide average gas price of
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just under $2 a gallon. also a first, gas prices declining for the 93rd straight day. there are 33 states out of the 50 with at least one gas station with a price below two bucks. nationally prices are down nearly 50 cents in the last month. to a remarkable animal rescue in oregon. a sandy, a three-year-old lab, fell 150 feet down a cliff during a christmas afternoon hike. a volunteer from the state's humane society repelled down the cliff, fitted sandy with a harness and pulled her to safety. sandy was a little frightened but not injured. happy ending there. finally, a boy's family wants proof that santa exists so let's call it a santa setup. check this out. 7-year-old evan and his family put a camera in their living room christmas eve right there on the left. the next morning they gathered to see what happened overnight and listen to this. >> what is it?
7:14 am
>> it's the reindeer bells! >> reporter: where there are reindeer there's obviously going to be this guy, magically appearing. >> how does he not see it in the light? >> enjoy the milk and cookies with a snap of his finger. you see the presents under the tree. finally santa notices the camera and turns it off using his magic powers. this video has gone wildly viral. should have been in pop news, perhaps. sorry, sara. over 1 million views overnight. >> my parents always warned me you don't want to do things like that because you risk him not coming back. you don't want to try to peek. >> that's what might happen? >> no, it can. i don't want to scare that little boy but you got to be careful. >> enough with the conspiracy theories. we'll move on now. a daring rescue in paradise. dozens of hikers getting trapped in a rain storm that made the nearby streams overflow and trapped the hikers on a trail as their supplies were running low.
7:15 am
abc's aditi roy is on the story. good morning to you, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, dan. what was supposed to be a pleasant outing for some hikers on a popular trail, turned out to be a days long ordeal. in just a matter of hours streams that were once easy to cross became impassable. a dramatic christmas eve rescue caught on camera. 62 hikers trapped by this river turned raging rapids. boarding a fire department helicopter after three days stranded on one of the most dangerous hiking trails in america. >> the whole campground actually flooded and became like one cascading waterfall. >> reporter: angela anderson and her boyfriend were visiting the island. the experienced hikers deciding to head out on a 22-mile trek sunday afternoon when the weather was dry. >> we got to mile six and it started raining right before we went to bed. >> reporter: when they woke up, they realized they were stuck.
7:16 am
by this time the trail was shut down. the pair, joined by several other stranded campers. >> we all kind of helped each other out. we all tried to keep the fire going. >> reporter: the next morning they finally found a spot to cross, but then another road block. >> we got to mile two and it was just impassable and definitely a lot more raging. >> they were already running short on food so they seemed like they already had enough. >> reporter: the next day the choppers were out scanning for stranded hikers. >> my backpack actually has how to flag a helicopter down, like instructions, so we used some of those. >> reporter: after nearly three days of drenching rain and no way out, angela and her boyfriend among the dozens rescued, thankful to be safe. >> it will definitely make us think twice. >> reporter: she credits her survival skills and first aid knowledge with keeping her cool.
7:17 am
officials say one hiker did suffer injuries, but they were nonlife threatening. some harrowing moments there. dand dan and paula? >> thank god for rescue helicopters. as we mentioned earlier, this is dan's first weekend back at work after he and his bianca had their first child, alexander. he is so cute. >> look at that hair. >> dan gave birth to a child, that could be the lead of the show. >> it is an anatomical miracle, folks. we've asked dan to give us a full report. >> he's staring at me there and basically asking for money. i put together a little video diary and mercifully i left out the diaper changes. check it out. >> we never thought this could happen. my wife and i struggled for years to have a baby, so when this little dude arrived, we were over the moon. here he is on his birthday, december 15, 2014. we named him alexander robert harris. after he came out, all i could do was stare. my wife has always been
7:18 am
beautiful but this is her at her most radiant. as a mom she's the happiest i've ever seen her. when we brought alexander home, our cats were curious but to our relief not furious. they sniffed him a lot and spent their time sleeping amidst his baby gifts and playing security guard at his crib. the past 12 days have been a series of firsts for alexander, first bath, first visit with co anchors paula faris and rob marciano who asked to be called the godfather. first christmas which he mostly slept through and first meditation session with dad. we may have both slept through this one. i still stare at him all the time, at his little feet, how peaceful he looks when he sleeps, how impossibly cute he looks sitting in a car seat, or just clutching my finger. >> dan, this is such a gripping book.
7:19 am
i read it in one sitting. >> earlier this year i wrote a book about how discovering meditation made me ten percent happier. the other day an abc news colleague made me a new version of my book cover with a baby bottle and the words, 100% happier. that pretty much sums it up. >> it looks so good on you and bianca is over the moon. >> she looks gorgeous. >> she's really happy, really this has been fantastic. the most fun we've ever had. >> you guys didn't think this was going to happen. >> we absolutely did not think it was going to happen so it's been fantastic. i have a few more pictures. we have a picture of the moment the nurses brought him -- that's when they gave me a temporary tattoo of his baby foot. that's the mohawk they gave him after they brought him out of the nursery several hours after he was born. >> can we clarify. alexander robert after rob marciano, yes? >> yes, after rob. >> the godfather. no, it's after your grandfather. >> after my grandfather and alexander is bianca's grandfather. >> we are so happy for the two
7:20 am
of you and it really has softened you up. >> the six of them, the cats. >> that's right. it's a family. >> beautifully expanding family, we're thrilled. >> what does the weather look like, godfather? >> i have to switch gears now. i'll give you an offer you can't refuse. how about ice skating in phoenix? they put in temporary ice skating rinks. this morning they are having an easier time of keeping that ice because it's currently 38 degrees, the coldest morning of 2014. so that ice will be a little more firm today. wind advisories for the southwest, including burbank. we had some trees down across parts of los angeles over the weekend with those strong winds. it's been a windy week and a half and today will be no different. also on the chilly side so we have frost and freeze advisories, 41 in los angeles. 32 in las vegas. further to the north a winter storm warning for the cascades. they can use some of that snow.
7:21 am
the colorado rockies in utah have been getting dumped on. the cascades a little below average. they'll get up to two feet with that storm system. this storm that we mentioned earlier is going to bring rain, mild air ahead of it. the temperatures will drop by 10, 15 degrees as the mild air pumps up towards the east coast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s in some spots. here's >> this weather report brought to you by godfather rob.
7:22 am
i know that's not going to happen but any time you need me to babysit i'd be thrilled. >> that's the last thing i would do. no, i'm just kidding. >> he's got a 3-year-old. he knows how to do a diaper change. that's important. probably better than i do. >> i can swaddle like the best of them. >> that's important. i just learned that. coming up here on "gma," this is about all in the family. the dad who recruited his son and daughter to form a group of bank robbers, now captured and jailed. the brother and sister's emotional farewell. plus child star behind bars, screech from tv's "saved by the bell" is arrested. so what landed this star in jail on christmas night? and puppy love christmas for hugh jackman. we'll show you the adorable pooch under the star's tree coming up in pop news. we'll show you the adorable pooch under the star's tree coming up in pop news.
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and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. screech, the president of the school board told me he never received that matching funds proposal. >> the proposal, zoinks, i never did it! it's safe to say that screech got into a whole lot of trouble in saved by the bell but the actor who played him in real life hot water this morning. why did he end up behind bars on christmas morning? it's all coming up. >> unclear if he used the word zoinks. also what happens when hersheys gets ahold of a 3-d printer, the delicious results coming up in pop news with the one and only sara haines who's already smiling about this. but we start with the bank robbers who kept it "all in the family." >> a father turning his kids onto a life of crime, each playing their part. now they're locked up and
7:31 am
cameras right here catch a brother and sister's final embrace for what may be a decade. abc's matt gutman bringing us this incredible interview jr.. t >> reporter: it was a family affair all right. they didn't look like the fbi's most wanted list. but apparently the family that stays together, robbed together. it begins where it ends with dad scott catt. scott catt fell in love and married his high school sweetheart, beth. beth catt would die at the age of 32, leaving behind 4-year-old hayden and 2-year-old abbey. yet, the children thrived, leading a seemingly normal childhood. >> we were very close. my sister is the only consistent thing i've had my whole life. >> my brother is my best friend. he was basically the only one that was there for me. >> reporter: what scott's kids worried about most, their dad's drinking.
7:32 am
scott partied away their savings. >> that's when he approached me and said would you be willing to do something to get some money, more illegal than selling drugs. >> scott talked his sister into joining their gang. >> i was led on like this is how i protect them. these are the only people i have. >> where there are robbers, there are cops. and the cops were already onto them. >> when scott was arrested, the detective that made contact with him told him you're under arrest for bank robbery. scott's initial response to that was which one. >> reporter: investigators were about to learn that scott catt's secret life of crime dated back to the clinton administration. he didn't even ask for a lawyer before he started spilling the beans. the family had been held in separate cell blocks and hadn't seen each other in over a year. they had committed the crime. now came the punishment. for abbey, all she has left is
7:33 am
her brother, hayden. making an unprecedented gesture, the sheriff allowed us to bring them together for one last time before they served their sentences. the jailhouse rules were strict, no touching. the soul mate siblings couldn't seem to help, reaching out, breaking one last rule. >> abbey, i'm sorry, okay? >> i don't blame you for anything. just know that i love you forever. >> if you guys want to give each other a hug, the sheriff said it's okay. >> really? >> reporter: listen closely, our mics picking up abbey's heart pounding. the siblings' love for one another, the one thing their fool-hearted father couldn't destroy. >> incredible story. >> look forward to seeing that full report. you can catch it tonight on "20/20" saturday at 10:00 right here on abc. what a spectacular moment that you could hear her heart
7:34 am
pounding through her chest caught by those microphones. >> again, you can see much more of it tonight. let's get a look at the morning's headlines. let's get it over to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning to you. we begin with the funeral of the new york city police officer ambushed and killed a week ago. tens of thousands of people, including vice-president joe biden, are expected to attend the services for rafael ramos when he and his person partner wenjian liu were assassinated as they sat in their car in brooklyn. now to a cyber attack, this one attacking video consoles after a group of hackers took down the playstation and microsoft xbox servers. xbox is mostly up and running. the texas tv weatherman shot 13 times at the studios where he works, he is out of the hospital.
7:35 am
there is a sketch of the suspect but sdiet nearing 100 tips, no arrests in that case. finally, the panda can't get enough of his zoo keeper and won't leave this guy alone. not even bamboo leaves can distract the panda. at one point the keeper had to carry him out of his work space. that didn't work either. the clinky panda came right back. in fact, he followed him home and slept right next to his bed. >> i would love to have a panda following me. >> he just wants hugs and love. >> my son would love a panda. >> is that possible to pull off? >> you're looking at rob? >> he's a meteorologist, not a zoologist. >> at a zoologist. >> is that possible, rob? >> of course, anything is possible. >> they like cold climates? >> we're looking for a horrible transition here.
7:36 am
speaking of pandas and where they live, let's take a live shot of new york city. this morning 45 degrees, come on, it's the end of december. it's going to go up to 51 at least today in new york as the area of high pressure moves off shore. we get that southerly wind. temperatures in d.c. may touch 60 degrees before this front that has a little bit of rainfall with it begins to cool things off. a lot of rainfall down the south. the rains are going to increase especially across new orleans and southern mississippi. tonight, two, three, maybe four inches of rainfall. we're going to see spotty flooding because of that. some of those thunderstorms might be severe so we'll watch for that. looking towards next week we have big changes on the way. cold air dropping down from canada. by midnight new year's eve, people tend to stay up for this one, temperatures in the 20s across the i-95 corridor and
7:37 am
the teens through chicago and minneapolis and with some of the >> this weather report brought to you by ashley furniture home store. i joked about being the godfather but we all know who the godfather is on this set. i'm sorry if i disrespected you, godfather ron. >> apology has been accepted. >> no, it has not. >> somebody is going to be sleeping with the fishes. coming up here on "gma," screech from saved by the bell had a run-in with the law. it was all caught on camera. we'll talk about it coming up. beyonce shares her picture perfect vacation with fans ahead
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hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! you may know him from iconic images like this when he was screech on "saved by the bell"
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wearing a singlet there. the actor dustin diamond is in a lot more trouble than his character ever had to handle. >> i believe it's called a unitard. >> it's a singlet. >> never correct me. >> the actor was arrested after some trouble at a bar christmas night. our newest correspondent, we welcome you to "gma." we are confirming it is called a singlet. >> i thought it was a onesie. >> no. we wrestle in iowa. it's singlet. >> good to know, good to know. it's good to be here. it's not a good morning to be dustin diamond. as you know, diamond spent ten years in the 1980s playing the nerd screech and he's the latest in a long list of child actors to have run-ins with the law. this morning the kid we knew as the geeky and loveable screech on "saved by the bell" is now behind bars. dustin diamond seen here smiling in his mugshot taken after a
7:43 am
friday morning arrest. diamond is accused of reckless endangerment and carrying and using a dangerous weapon. this tmz video captures the 37-year-old actor moments before he allegedly used a switchblade to slash a patron in this bar north of milwaukee on christmas night. listen to the woman recording the video as she spots diamond brandishing an object in his right hand. >> that's a [mute] knife! >> reporter: according to court reports, diamond and his fiance got into a fight with three people inside a local bar. in an affidavit police say diamond admits to unintentionally stabbing one of the men under the arm, he says, to defend his fiance. >> my fiance was injured -- >> reporter: diamond appearing in court by video conference on friday. since roaming the halls of bayside high in the '90s, diamond has been known for his real life bad boy roles on shows like celebrity boxing.
7:44 am
and off-screen troubles. >> he's had some lawsuits. he's had some foreclosures. he did an adult film. >> reporter: the actor is being held on $10,000 bond. his representatives declined abc news' request for comment. by the way, the alleged victim in this case was not seriously injured. as for diamond, this is not really going to impact his hollywood career because there really wasn't one lately. his last bit of work was an unauthorized documentary about "saved by the bell." you both saw it? >> no, i didn't. >> it was on lifetime. >> did you see it? >> no. and i normally watch everything on lifetime. >> sara haines skipped a lifetime special, who knew. so great to have you here. >> i couldn't imagine a better story to kick my abc career off with. >> you'll always remember this one. it will all come back to this. coming up here on "gma," struggling to clean up after christmas, call in the goats.
7:45 am
pop news with sara haines coming up. christmas, call in the goats. pop news with sara haines coming up.
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that. >> if we could show you what happened in the commercial breaks here, i don't know how you would react. >> a different version of pop news. >> exactly. some of you would like it, others would not. anyway, sara haines is here with pop news. >> every break starts the blaster because of the things that go on here. some day i'm writing an unauthorized book. santa delivered hugh jackman a pup. the australian introducing the new family member with this pic.
7:49 am
her name is alegal gra. she's a little sister to his french bulldog dolly. i call that a sister from another mister because they're not the same breed. >> we're sure they're both sisters. >> you know, a brother from another mother -- do i have to teach you this, ron? another star who had a very merry christmas was justin bieber who appears to have found the keys to a private jet in his stocking. "new jet for christmas. she's beautiful," he wrote on instagram. now, that's why i don't have many followers. my christmas gifts don't look like this. >> i gave you a plane. >> no, that's never happened. >> it was a barbie plane. >> i'm loving reese witherspoon's d.i.y. gift. she turned yourself into the ultimate reese witherspoon with this photo. reese witherspoon's were the hottest holiday decor after mindy kaling introduced us to
7:50 am
her incredible creation in the christmas episode of the mindy project. beyonce gifted her fans with new photos this christmas. she was in iceland celebrating jay-z's 45 birthday. the celebration included helicopter rides complete with champagne. the power couple visited a spa where beyonce stripped down to her bikini and made an adorable snow angel. if you're wondering what to do with your christmas tree now, the festivities are over so here's one option. why not feed it to some hungry goats. take a look at them feasting on the tree. apparently it takes the goats less than half-an-hour to strip the tree bare and forgets full of vitamin c so it's healthy for them. >> can i feed it to my baby? >> read that daddies for dummies
7:51 am
book i gave you. a number of farms are accepting christmas trees. if you're looking to throw yours away, why not gift it to some goats. the future is here. 3-d printed chocolate bars are officially a thing thanks to the geniuses at hershey. they created the world's first public chocolate printer at chocolate world in pennsylvania. they printed some "gma" hershey bars for us. they layer the chocolate screen. each bar takes about five minutes to print using the latest technology. rob's is cracked. >> why is mine broken? >> i think that's rob marciano. >> is that ron? >> take a bite. >> we'll be right back. keep it here for more "gma." >> we'll be right back. keep it here for more "gma." suffering from the flu
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i just beheaded you. >> once again the show has gone off the rails. i can't promise it won't happen tomorrow but tune in and find out. thanks for watching today. out. thanks for watching today. good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. in the san francisco bay, a flow it till la of giant conta containerments are causing a traffic jam on the water. according to "the mercury news" the ships are waiting to unload cargo at the port of oakland. port officials say an average of 12 to 15 ships a week have come to oakland in recent months
7:57 am
surpassing anything they've seen in the past decade. heavy port congestion in southern california is partly to blame, forcingi inmany ships to travel north to oakland. several colleges are among dozens statewide vying to offer low-cost bachelor's degrees not offered in the uc or csu system. shifting job requirements make four-year bachelor degrees increasingly necessary. they say 21 other states allow community colleges to offer at least some four-year degrees. the local colleges applying to offer four-year degrees include evergreen, foothill college, napa valley college, and solano in fairfield. a quick check of the forecast now with meteorologist lisa argen. hey there, chris, good morning to you. here is chilly san jose at 34 degrees. a most ly sunny sky. a few high clouds around. 37 it at the san carlos airport, and at the freezing in morgan hill with 41 along the coast. here is a look at mt. tamm.
7:58 am
winds have been up along mt. tamm and in the east bay hills. so that's where it's a little breezy. 31 napa. santa rosa 36. we will be look iing at these 24-hour temperature change readings. stick around. it's going to take a little time for us to wam up into the mid and upper 50s today. chris? lisa, thank you very much. coming up next, the funeral certificate ves service is unde york city police officer shot last weekend. volunteers are allowed to drive in the
7:59 am
a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the worl energy mix, let's go.
8:00 am
it is saturday, december 27. good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. we're off to a chilly start across the bay area, but hopefully we can have some sun on the way. let's check in with lisa argen tracking it for us in the weather center. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. hi, everyone. we have a frost advisory, the sacramento valley, the delta, and looking at cold conditions into the san joaquin valley. our freeze warning has expired for monterey. temperatures have bottomed out into the mid and upper 30s there along the central coast. and right now we're below freezing for napa and santa rosa. 36, san mateo. mountain view


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