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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 27, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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outheast asia. plus a car slammed into the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new
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volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. another plane has vanished in southeast asia. this one an air asia plane with 161 people on board. good evening i'm katie marzullo. the air asia plane disappeared shortly after takeoff from independent nearbia on its way to singapore. our reporter has been following the story and jones us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: the flight departed through indonesia just after k5 a.m. local time and after requesting to change the root to avoid weather after takeoff, controllers lost contact with the plane 42 minutes after its trip. this is a tweet send out, regrets to confirm that qz 841
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has lost contact at 7:24 hours this morning. the general manager of the airplane in independent neara reported there were six crew members and 155 passengers on board. 16 of those passengers were children. most of the passengers are from indonesia. the rest are from other areas. authorities have launched a search for the plane in the sea. crews from the air force and the navy are assisting in the search. >> local broadcasters have been passing along details about where family of those aboard should get information. according to civil aviation authorities a waiting area has already been set up at an airport in singapore. air asia is a budget airline based out of malaysia.
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that country is reeling from two other high-profile crashes this year. in march, malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared in root from coola lum poor to beijing. and another was shot down over the ukraine. there were no survivors. according to a staumt by the airline, the captain and copilots were experienced pilots with thousands of hours of air time and the plane had just undergone routine maintenance. >> stay with abc 7 news and following us on twitter for the latest on the missing plane. new at 11:00, two people are hurt after a truck slams into a buddhist tell telenell san jose. it happened around 7:30 on story road neither waters drive. witnesses say the truck took out a light pole and some power lines before crashing into the building. a monk inside the temple and the
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driver both have minor injuries. police arrested the driver on suspicion of drink driving. more cold weather on tap tonight. take a live look outside. this is the view from our explora tore yum camera. it's clear but cold. would have our first check on weather on doppler 7 hd. >> we will drop to chilly numbers overnight tonight. we also have to talk about a spare the air that goes into effect tomorrow. poor air quality. that means limit your wood burning over the next 24 hours. chilly temperatures tonight. look at this. 29 the overnight low in nappa. 30 in santa rosa. 33 in livermore. you are an areas like san francisco falling to 41 with clear skies. we'll see the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. our team coverage on the cold temperatures continues with nick smith live in san
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francisco. >> reporter: you just heard drew talk about those temperatures. last week we needed umbrellas. this week we need an extra blanket to stay warm because cold temperatures have blachgtsed the bay area. look at some of the video we shot as soon as we got here to the embark daro. staying bundled up and wearing plenty of layers seems to be the mandate. a great view of the city on the bay bridge this evening is being accompanied by temperatures below 40 degrees. earlier, in san rafael, hands stayed tucked in pockets and folks waited in line at popular restaurants huddled to stay warm. >> it's brisk. pretty crisp, i've got to say. it's not freezing but you want a hoodie on. you want a beanie. >> reporter: cold weather also means those with no place to go may struggle to find shelter. shelters in alameda county are close. shelters in contra costa county
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are at capacity. bay area in rich mon has spait space for those 18 and older. go to mcs south at nick and bryant. they have chairs available, no more beds, but they have bathrooms and water for those who need shelter. in san francisco, nick smith, abc7 news. firefighters were called in today to rescue a woman in bow days agoa bay. the firefighters say the woman slipped on some rocks and dislocated her shoulder when she fell. a helicopter lifted the woman from the beach to the parking lot where an ambulance was waiting to take her to the hospital. new york city landmarks are paying trip utd tonight to the two officers killed last weekend in brooklyn. you can see the white and blue lights with the spinning red to replicate a siren. it's all to honor the two officers explain. today ramos was laid to rest as a sea of officers dressed in
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blue paid their final respects. michele franzen has more. >> reporter: thousands of police officers from across the country packed the queens church and spilled onto the streets all to remember officer rafael ramos. ramos and his partner liu were shot execution style last week by a gunman determined to kill police officers. new york city police commissioner bill bratton offered consoling words to the family of officer ramos. >> we will never let you be alone again. that we are our family now just as we were your dad's. >> reporter: vice president joe biden also spoke. >> they were part of new york's finest. and that's not an idle phrase. this is probably the finest police department in the world. >> reporter: meantime, outside the services hundreds of officers tun their backs when mayor bill deblazio spoke. it was a form of disrespect not lost on new york governor andrew
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como. >> when you put on that daj badge as a police officer you are no longer just a man and a woman and a citizen of new york. you represent public safety, and law and order. >> reporter: officers ram skpoes liu the first officers to die in the line of duty in new york city since 2011 were post homously promoted to first grade detective. ramos was also made honorary chaplain of the department where he worked. >> may god grant him rest and peace. >> members of several police departments here in the bay area went to new york to honor the officer. here you see san francisco police officers paying their respects. the department tweeted this photo earlier today. and captain from the oakland police department tweeted this picture showing an oakland
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police officer side by side with a new york police officer. demonstrators staged another protest if oakland. they gathered for a black lives matter demonstration. a handful of protesters stood at the enter section of broadway and 14th street. traffic was slowed down but not stopped. the protest remained peaceful. the american civil liberties union could decide if a northern california school's decision to ban e shirts that read i can't brooetd violates free speech. mendocino high school students have worn the shirts in memory of erik garner. now mendocino says it has banned the shirts as a security precaution. tonight we've learned a bicyclist killed in a morning crash was a 40-year-old man. it happened around 9:45 this morning on a stretch of road popular for weekend bike rides. the highway patrol says 50 riders were headed on highland road north of livermore where
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two of the cyclists crashed into each other. another rider trying to avoid the crash crossed the double yellow line into the path of a water truck, which killed him. >> it's scary. you have to be really aware when you are riding a bicycle because you can't stop as fast as a car. >> the driver of the truck was visly shaken and told police he tried to do everything he could to avoid the crash. still to come on abc7 news at 11eck. growing spec litigation on the future of 49ers coach jim harbaugh. plus a wild post holiday shopping frenzy. the brawls in malls in at least three separate cities. and the woman who gave birth at ucsf while in a
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. the niners wrap up the season tomorrow, and it could be harbaugh's final game with the team. speculation is growing tonight that niners coach jim harbaugh will leave the bay area for the university of michigan. abc 7 news reporter sergio can tanna has the story. >> reporter: on the eve of the 49ers last game of the season, fans are concerned it could be the had he coach's last. >> he has been good for the 49ers. >> went to the super bowl two years ago and the nfc missed it by a hand. now all of a sudden you are the worst coach in the wont world. >> doesn't make sense. >> reporter: according to reports, members of the athletic department from michigan are in
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california right now. >> i haven't heard much out of the niners as far as like this is what we're doing, pursuing coach harbaugh. >> reporter: following tom's game the coach is still under contract for another year so he cannot communicate to other nfl teams. during an even for the upcoming foster farms bowl, david shaw who taq took over the stan forward rford program when harbaugh left said he can understand why a return to college coaching is being taken into consideration. >> i get notes from old players, hey, coach still thinking but. and that dup happen in the nfl. >> the 49ers play at 1:0025 tomorrow afternoon. even the players are getting ready to say good by. offensive tackle anthony davis tweet i had just looked harbaugh in his eyes and thanked him for
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leading us to some of the best times in our lives. give respect when it's due. >> shoe will be along later. you can follow us on twitter for the latest. krbz 7 news bay area. >> president george h.w. bush will spend the rest of the weekend in a hospital. the former president has been under observation at the hospital for shortness of breath since tuesday. >> a fremont family is thanking the police department for a generous gesture made in the spirit of christmas. according to the department's facebook page officer elise dooly and her fellow officers surprised a family whose holiday deck operations were stolen. they surprised them with new ones. the family says the peanuts characters were very special to their 4-year-old son. they anchored the new decorations and say they son carries the snoopy stuffed animal with him wherever he goes. >> that's nice to see in the spirit of the holidays. also winter, and in the
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spirit of that it is cold outside. >> the first half of december was mild and it was wet. now we're going to end the month on a dry and chilly note. live doppler 7 hd shows you no precipitation right now and clear skies dominate the overnight forecast. ious live from the sue troe tower looking at downtown san francisco. light breeze and temperatures are cooling off rapidly. the forecast calls for another delightful december day on the way to round out the weekend on sunday. a seasonably cool paerch over the next couple of days. we are tracking a cold conclusion to 2014. the highs today up to 55 in san francisco. 58 in santa rosa. # 0 in doin oakland. 55 in san jose. these numbers are two to four degrees below normal for this time of year. we're going to continue the cooler than normal trend offer the next couple of days. right to you some areas have
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cooled off into the 30s. nappa 37. 47 in hayward. that in freemont. san francisco warmer coming in with a temperature of 49. satellite and radar shows you we had clear skies. mainly clear skies overnight tonight with patchy cloud out there. tomorrow morning, pochy louds and those burn off for total sunshine by the. >> yeah. tonight, few clouds out there. clearing early sunday morning by 8:00. we are tracking a light veil of clouds. temperatures similar to where we topped out today, mid to upper 50s. overnight lows, clear skies, allowing nappa tocal cool off quickly. 41 in overnight low in san
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francisco. freemont dropping to 37 overnight. after that frosty start in some spots, getting up into the 50s. 56 in livermore. 56 in richmond and also a high of 57 degrees in san jose. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. frosty start tony. few clouds in the morning. total sunshine by the afternoon. another cool start on monday. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures up into the upper 50s. tuesday, though, temperatures dip just a bit as the cold front tries to move through. dry frontal path meaning no rain. but it will drop our temperatures leading into new year's eve on wednesday. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. as we welcome 2015 on thursday we'll do it on a bright note and temperatures below normal. friday total sunshine temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. and this time next week milder temperatures back to
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seasonable. otherwise, a quiet next seven days but on the cool side. >> i'd consider that lucky. >> there you go. over to shoe now in sports. of course lots of buzz about harbaugh and the niners, but there are other sporting stories. >> we'll get to that. the warriors are back on track after losing back to back. and home cooking, timberwolves starting a six game home stand. highlights next. if you are looking for something to do on new year's eve, check out our wetsd. we have
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>> the warriors have struggled without their two big men. both out with injuries. they have lost two straight.
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warrior fans happy they are back home. so are the players. david lee, green the steal, spin moves and the nice feed to curry. who will lay it in. warriors up eight after one. second period, livingston behind the back to barns. that's good. 43-32, golden state. minnesota trying to cut into the lead. zach throws it down. warriors on a quick break down to four. curry finishes with a sweet reverse layup. curry with 25. warriors up ten at the half. extent the lead to 20 in the third. green with his fifth steal. warriors win 110-97. curry, fun with thompson during the post game interview. college hoops. wcc openers.
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details 7-3, broncos 5-3. st. mary's up 4 at the four. broncos take a 35-34 lead early in the second. clark. brad, 20 points tonight. two handed includes. st. mary's won 9 of their last 11 gons the problem coast. glover had only eight. in the first, steals on the breakaway, throws it down. post arises, erik thompson. usf improves to 7-6 with a 77-71 victory. we'll take our final time-out before we hit the ice. sharks following in the warriors footsteps. looks like jim harbaugh may be headed back home to the college ranks and his alma
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sharks down south of a a four day break hosted by the defending skup champion l.a. kings. get on the board first. thornton forces the turnover, little joe squeaks his 17th of the season past jonathan. 1-0, sharks, but the kings tie it. 1-1 game n. the second l.a. power play two on one down low. cope tar roofs it, eight of theth of year. 2-1 kings after two thirds. two for four on the power play. sharks fall 3-1. the 49ers final game of the 25
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2014 season set for tomorrow at levi stadium against the cardinals but all the talk is about head coach jim harbaugh. just got off the phone with more sources tonight. it's done, jim harbaugh is coming to michigan and his friends are flying in on monday. reports it is a six year $49 million accurate. they have an assistant in the bay area to get his signature with a press conference scheduled for tuesday. he has a year left on his contract with the 49ers and frank gore wishes he was not leaving. >> he was a great coach. a winner. i didn't enjoit it here until we start winning. since he been here, i won. i got a chance to let the world see. i love the man. i love the way he coached. i love the way he put the staff together. he is a great coach.
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>> the niners better have a great name ready to replace him. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by e-bay. more coming up later in this newscast. >> doesn't seem like harbaugh is going to confirm anything until he is ready. just ahead, terrified shoppers after fights break out at malls after post holiday shopping. we'll show you what happen snis plus new fallouts over the movie the interview. and the battle to stop california's statewide plastic ba is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number.
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good evening. i'm katie marzullo. in tonight's headlines authorities are searching for a missing air asian plane with 161 people. the flight left indonesia and was on its way to singapore. air traffic control lost crack with the pilots just 42 minutes into the plight. air asia is a budget airline based in malaysia. 156 of the passengers are from indonesia. three are from southcia. one is from singapore. one is from malaysia and one is from france. anxious family members are trying to get information on what happened to the flight. police si a suspected drunk driver crassed into a buddhist temple on story water near waters drive in san jose. both the driver and the monk inside had minor injuries. bundle up for a chilly night
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ahead. lots of people did along the embark daro. tonight's temperatures are sbptd to be in the ho gifts. chaos broke out as shopping malls were crowded across the nation. two large fights involving teenagers broke out at a sacramento mall. it happened yesterday evening at arden fair. as police and mall security moved in smaller fights broke out. police closed the mall early. and it wasn't just there. abc news reporter michele franzen has late details. >> reporter: terrifying moment for shoppers who got more than their bargained for. scrambling for safety after violent erupted at several malls. a food court brawl at the arden mall in sacramento. police say rowdy teens tried to take over parts of the mall. >> got to the point where it was proact i have to shut the mall down. >> reporter: police made eight
11:37 pm
at least three arrests. and this is near pittsburgh. cell phone video capturing the chaos. people shoving and pushing and shoppers fleeing up theist escalators. police say six fights broke out and two teens went to the hospital. >> appeared to be no set type of a protest, just many juveniles. >> reporter: and in missouri at the independence center sirens and unrest as police barricaded the entrance. >> we take that seriously. that's why we were able to get a large police presence here quick will he. >> reporter: michele franzen, abc news new york. >> new information shows three quarters of a million people illegally downloaded a copy of the interview on christmas day. according to the pie wrassy blog torrent freak people stole the movie the same day it hit pictures. the interview also scored a lot of legal digital purchases although no word from sony on how many. nogt north korea is slamming
11:38 pm
sony for releasing the interview. in a statement read by north korea's official news agency the country's national defense commission referred to our president as the chief culprit who forced sony to indiscriminately distribute the movie. meanwhile, egypt has banned a different hollywood movie the biblical exodus gods and kings. the movie depicts the jews' escape from egypt. a back up of container ships is causing a traffic jam in the san francisco bay. the ships are waiting to unload cargo at the port of oakland. port officials tell our media partier an average of 12 to 15 ships a week have come to oakland in the recent months. the problem is starting at the ports of long beach and los angeles due to a lack of
11:39 pm
trailers to haul goods from the port, a work slow down by dock workers and an increase in huge container ships. crews are getting ready to shut down the golden gate bridge two weeks from today. the span will close from saturday, january 10th until monday, january 12th so crew ks install these pieces of a movable median barrier to prevent head on crashes. the 52-hour closure will be the longest since the bridge open in 1937. during that time, the bridge will only be open to golden gate transit buses cyclists and pedestrians. fines from your homeownerers association over how green you keep your lawn may be a thing of the past. hoas can no longer punish people who cut back on water use or allow plants to die. also, january 1st, a first in the nation requiring conscious
11:40 pm
affirmative and voluntary consent to sexual activity a law that make it easier to fire abusive teachers and child abuse victims will have into the age of 40 to file a criminal complaint. people have until monday to gather enough signatures to put a challenge on the ballot before voters. the legislature proved the ban on plastic bags. it isn't set to be phased in until july. >> still to come, how climate change is changing the habits of bay area wildlife. what some are doing to help the animals get around. it's another cool night across the area. temperatures falling into the 30s in most spots. a live look from
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a mother who gave birth while in a coma is back at home tonight. melissa carlton left the bay area today and returned home to fresno. in march she's the a seesure caused by a benign brain tumor and fell into a coma. she was hospitalized where she give birth by c-section to a healthy baby boy in may.
11:44 pm
the insurance provider sent her home to recover. melissa can move her feet and is alert but there is a long road ahead. >> the horrible and tragic nature of this is devastating. and yet you know when you get to cold a baby like west and play with him and kiss on him and watch him laugh and smile it's really something else. >> the family has set up a go fund me account to help raise money for caring for melissa. it has raised nearly $120,000. bay area conservationists are combining state-of-the-art technology and old-fashioned elbow grease to help killed animals adapt to climate change. 30 miles south of san jose in a valley between gilroy and hollister where a ritcal habitat is being brought back to life. dan ashley has the story. >> reporter: this howling coyote pup and this mountain lion are
11:45 pm
just a couple of the creatures facing a serious challenge as their environment warms up. all these images are from motion activated cameras showing large mammals at the lower edge of the santa cruz mountains and the mountain hamilton lange. >> climate change is making it difficult for animals to be able to move from one place to another because the habitats in their original place is chaging, getting hotter and dryer. they need to be moving up into cooler places. >> reporter: the animals used to travel across this valley south of gilroy. but most of the trees and bushes that provided food and shelter here are gone. >> they are having a hard time getting across. >> reporter: now these school kids are helping create a wooded pass ajway to the valley. >> planting trees and shrubs along the river. >> reporter: this video is created by a team of nonprofit groups working on the
11:46 pm
restoration. the children are from bradley school. the long curvy line of trees in this photo is a natural passageway that already exists through part of the valley. this project will fill in the gaps so animals can make it all the way across. >> this is snow bury valley oak is in this cage. this is a sycamore. we've already seen birds perching on it. >> reporter: information from this project will be used on other reforation. that's where this wild looking thing comes? >> all i have to do is walk. >> he is wearing the google trekker has he walks the root that will eventually be pild with plant. the ball they stop contains 15 cameras all taking pictures to produce a 360 degree view. >> there is also a gps union on top tracking my exact location.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: the final product will be a 360 degree view of the trail similar to this one done in marin county. they will take new images every year to track the progress of the plants. but scientists won't have to wait that long to know they are already making a difference for wildlife eager to start moving through the valley. one of the first things the team did was to get rid of a fence that blocked a culvert under a road. even before the whole fence was removed the animals went into action. >> a little bobcat poked his head through and came straight through. and after that other animals started crossing back and forth. it was impressive how these little actions can make a difference. >> neat to see the picture. that was dan ashley reporting. the project will cost about $250,000. because it is a demonstration project it will be cheaper to recreate in other places. most of the funding is from private don'tations. there is a link at abc 7 if you would like to contribute. let's send it back over to
11:48 pm
meteorologist drew itemo with a look at how cold it is right now. >> temperatures in the 30s and the 40s right now. live don'ter 7 hd is not go to show you much of anything. clear skies dominating the forecast tonight and through sunday as well. we are traging this cold front in the east. rain in atlanta, new orleans washington, d.c., new york tomorrow topping out at 49. could see wet weather. midsection of america, clear with a little bit of snow. otherwise california is looking just delightful for december standards. lots of sunshine on the way. 41 in tahoe. 47 inio semty. kmeeko getting to a high of 55 tomorrow. closer in the bay area as after a frosty start tomorrow morning temperatures will get into the mid to upper 50s. that's seasonable for this time of the year. 57 the high in san francisco. 55 in vallejo. 55 in concord. 58 in freemont. 56 in livermore and san jose
11:49 pm
getting to a high of about 57 degrees in the afternoon. here's a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. a cool start tomorrow. again monday morning with police department of sunshine on the way. a cold snap on tuesday with a cold front plofg moving through. dry, meaning no rain. temps dip to the low 50s. friday and saturday a brief pick up on the temperatures but lots of sunshine the nest couple of days. >> did you say the weather outside is delightful. >> yeah, it's not frightful at all. >> thanks, drew. if you are traveling over the holiday use our weather app. the app is free, and perfect for those new smart phones. >> you got new smart phone. >> i did. >> i did. >> drew will teach you how to use it. >> it's wasted on me. college football bowl season in
11:50 pm
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>> stanford was hoping for their fourth straight bcs bowl bid, but they struggled to a 7-5 season and were happy to be invited to play in the fosser the farms bowl at levi stadium
11:53 pm
against maryland. it should be a great matchup. they held their press conference today in san francisco. this will be the first bowl game at levi's. after a month after since their last game you can imagine how bad both of these teams want to get back on the field withstandford head coach david shaw leading the way. >> i think this is going to be one of the more excitesing games in the bowl season. you are looking at two teams that are tough, two teams that are well coach. two teams that look like they love the game of football and play it that way. i'm excited to see it. >> we have got tremendous challenges. they are very found fundamentally. and they are not going to beat themselves. they are going to execute. they are going to try to wear you out and wear you down and defensively, they play hard and they play with good fundamentals and they play with good technique and they make you beat them. >> we have a mature group of guy who is are staying focused. and we're going to enjoy the city. not often we get to come up here
11:54 pm
and spend a lot of time spend a week up here. but we're here completely focused on the game and know how good of a team they are. >> coach shaw has talked about this a lot there has been many opportunities to pack it in. but the guys on this team, our coaches have always been there for us and we've been there for each other. no matter what we're going to keep climbing keep clawing. that's how our year has been. it hasn't been great, hasn't been all peaches and roses but we found ways to win at times found ways to overcome adversity adversity, injuries. we want to win. >> college football's bowl season in full swing. heading to san diego for the holiday bowl between usc and nebraska. ucs marching to the beat of their own drum scoring at will. jackson showing he could play on sunday. toss from kessler slices through the nebraska defense for a 71-yard touchdown. second of the game.
11:55 pm
kessler had three touchdown passes. informing for it on fourth and three. demodern aon the quick toss. usc holds on to win 45-42 the final. sun bowl in el paso, texas had everything but the sun. arizona statette led duke by as many as 17. fourth quarter krouler had 102 receiving records. threw a touchdown. ensuing kickoff returned 96 yards, richards. asu back on top, 36-31678952 seconds left. >> going for the win. boone picked off. game over sun devils win 36-31. virginia tech and cincinnati in the military bowl. clark loses the ill ball. williams picks it is up. loses the ball. kicked it to his teammate who is going to fooid fight his way in for the touchdown. virginia tech goes on to win
11:56 pm
33-17. miami and -- 78 yards on this touchdown, avoids three defenders. south carolina wins 24-21. boston college and penn straight. the penn stripe bowl at yankee stadium. on the extra point, knoll misses. eighth missed pit this season. eighth. hackenberg fourth touchdown pass of the game. carter. thicken able to make the extra point and 31-30 the final. first ever college playoff set organize stakes on florida state at the rose bowl. at 5:30, the second semifinal.
11:57 pm
national championship game on january 12 at cowboys stadium in arlington. this abc 7 news report brought to you by e-bays. 49ers host the cardinals tomorrow. of course it will be jim harbaugh's last game coaching the 49ers. >> i didn't know penn state was renamed drew tomba university. >> that will be announced tomorrow. >> thank you shoe. thank you thank you for joining us. that's going to do it for on the. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. . the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta...
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and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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c news special report. reporting live from washington--reed wallace. we have unconfirmed reports that shots were fired outside president fitzgerald grant's birthday gala this evening. and early reports suggest-- what? where is the president? why is he-- i've just been told that the president has gone to james madison hospital. why has he--


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