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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 30, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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had good morning, america. breaking news. airasia flight 8501 found. the plane that vanished from midair discovered in shallow waters six miles from last contact. this emergency exit door and victims found floating. a shadow of the plane, mostly intact, visible from above. families overcome with grief. what clues will be found in the wreckage and new questions this morning about what brought this plane down. deep freeze, tens of millions of americans getting ready to ring in the new year with frigid temperatures. 20 below zero in some areas, record cold for the rose parade. and snow and freezing rain making roads dangerous on new year's eve. mysterious disappearance,
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the desperate search this morning for a missing nurse. this new surveillance video, the last time the 22-year-old was seen. police now examining it for clues. can these 42 seconds of video help crack the case? ♪ this is the part when i say i don't want ya ♪ and fighting for the right to bare it all. the celebrities taking on instagram, trying to bust up what they call social media sexism. will their defiant pictures help women break free from this double standard? ♪ i'm stronger than i've been before ♪ good morning, america. and let's get right to the breaking news. airasia flight 8501 discovered overnight. that search effort sadly now becoming a recovery effort. the debris field found just six miles from the plane's last point of contact.
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>> it went down in shallow water as parts of the plane luggage and victims are being pulled from the water this morning. and now investigators are going to start looking for answers about what exactly went wrong here. we already have some early clues. the victims were not wearing life jackets and the plane appears to be largely intact. >> we have full team coverage beginning with abc's terry moran in jakarta, indonesia this morning. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. good evening from here. and as darkness falls as you point out, this is a now a recovery operation. but it's one that has been paused now because of heavy weather in the crash area. but teams were out there all day collecting debris and bodies. and for the families, they were expecting the worst. but when the worst came, it was agony. in the waters of the java sea, the pieces of wreckage were clearly visible. some had red and white markings like the missing airasia plane. in surabaya where the families
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waited, it was a shattering sight. gone, no longer missing, their loved ones are gone now. here, the moment a woman learns that bodies have been found in the water. 162 men, women and children aboard that flight. so many left behind heartbroken. medical teams were rushed in to help those overcome by grief. this morning in the bright tropical sun, searchers and local fishermen spotted the wreckage in the water. divers went in to recover bodies. none had life preservers on, officials confirmed. the debris field about six miles from the last point of contact with the plane, in shallow waters about 100 feet deep. officials say an emergency exit door and other pieces were found and under the water, the shadow of a plane could be made out, they say, suggesting the aircraft was more or less intact when it hit the water. now the investigation begins and
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the grief deepens. there is a silver lining for investigators in all of this. this plane came down in shallow waters. they are confident, aviation experts are, that they will find those crucial black boxes. dan? >> that is one key point of all this. terry, thank you. as terry mentioned, now that the wreckage has been found, investigators can start trying to solve the mystery of what brought the plane down. and abc's david kerley is here with that part of the story. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. along with the grim task of recovering bodies, the physical detective work begins now. everything that is picked up from the surface in the debris field and from the bottom of the social the java sea, can produce clues as to what happened to flight 8501. how will this debris, the corpses provide clues? if there are burn marks on pieces of metal, we will know there was fire. those pieces carry serial numbers that will identify the
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aircraft. the lack of life preservers on bodies could suggest there was was not time for the crew to communicate to passengers a. even where the debris is found on the water will yield information. if the debris field is narrow, that would suggest the jetliner hit the water largely intact. if the field is much wider, spread out, that could mean a breakup in the air and the pieces rained down on to the java sea. we know that the a320 hit bad weather at 32,000 feet and requested to climb to 38,000 feet. but even severe turbulence should not damage an aircraft. jetmakers put their planes through a series of stress tests to ensure they can stand up to a battering. so what happened at 32,000 feet? the weather may have been a factor but there could have been system failures. what became catastrophic failures because of actions taken by the pilots. >> if you're flying in difficult conditions like that, maybe the crew's taking inappropriate actions with the airplanes that lead to further problems which they failed to correct.
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>> reporter: 447, the air france crash over the atlantic, the crew didn't realize the jet was flying too slowly. some of the instruments were providing incorrect information and the plane stalled, basically stopped flying and started falling to earth. >> a swept wing airplane will start stalling and get get into a high rate of descent with the nose still up in many cases and that's exactly what happened with the airbus a-330 in air france. >> reporter: how will we know? those black boxes carried by the air indonesia jetliner. the batteries last 30 days. we've already lost three days so the scramble will be on. once found as we found at the ntsb black box lab, technicians can remove computer chips. >> it looks pretty much like this. >> reporter: those chips will provide not only the out yoi recording of the crew but hundreds if not thousands of bits of information about the systems on the jetliner and the inputs made by the crew. the indonesians had just asked the u.s. to help in the search.
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they will now need help with this investigation. a lab that can take one of these black boxes and extract that vital information. first they have to find them. the good news the pingers in 100 feet of water, not that deep. we have lost three days, amy, but that gives them 27 days to try to find these boxes. >> thanks, david, for the latest on that and let's bring in abc aviation consultant colonel stephen ganyard. we've heard about what they found so far. notably a shadow in the depths of that ocean that looks as if the plane is largely intact. what does that tell you about what may have happened at 32,000 feet? >> well, that it's intriguing, amy. think of this now as a crime scene investigation. every little piece of debris, where it is, the condition it's in is going to tell the investigators or at least give them clues to actually what happened. as david was talking about, the debris field and what it looks like is going to be very important. if there is, in fact, a shadow that looks like an airplane
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under the water, it would suggest that the airplane came down fairly slowly. maybe it was in a stall mushing to the ground at maybe 100, 150 miles an hour. it did not hit at a high rate of speed which would have dispersed lots of debris all over and we wouldn't see that shadow so they'll look at the big pieces. what will they see? is there a fuselage there? are both wings attached? if both wings are attached it will tell you something different than if just one were there. we need to get to those black boxes which will reveal all the details we need. >> and, steve, if indeed it was a stall and a slow descent, would there be a possibility of survivors as it hit the ocean like we saw in the miracle on the hudson? >> no, you know, it's not that slow. it's not a controlled ditching where the pilot would have had time to slowly fly the airplane into the ocean. this would have been a violent unsurvivable event. >> and up until this year we're always told that the most dangerous time of being in a plane is at takeoff and at landing.
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and that when you're in midair that's typically the safest time but these incidents this year have certainly given all of us major pause about that advice. >> you're exactly right and we don't have the answers now but we will have those answers very soon. remember, amy, the key here in a safety investigation, find out what went wrong and make sure that it never happens again. >> all right, stephen ganyard, we appreciate it. thanks so much. >> we will continue to cover this story all day long on abc news and, but we are going to move on to a damaging revelation from one of the most powerful republicans in congress. just days before the gop takes control on capitol hill, one of the party's top leaders is acknowledging that he gave a speech to a hate group more than a decade ago, so let's go to washington now and abc's jon karl. jon, this is really not what republicans need at a time when they're trying to win over minorities. >> reporter: that's for sure dan, and this looks bad. the person in question here is
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steve scalise, the third highest ranking republican in congress and his office is now acknowledging that about ten years ago he spoke before a group that was started by neo-nazi kkk leader david duke down in louisiana. now, his office is saying and he is saying that when he spoke to this group he did not realize what their views were, didn't realize how objectionable they were and in a statement his office has put out he says he has never been affiliated with the abhorrent group in question. the hate-fueled ignorance and intolerance the group projects is in stark contradiction to what mr. scalise believes and practices as a father husband and devoted catholic. now it remains to be seen if that's going to be good enough. we have reached out to speaker of the house john boehner speaker of the house, for comment on this. none yet. >> so the question, can he keep his spot as the number three top republican in the house of representatives? this is not the only story breaking this morning involving the republican party. overnight we learned that new york congressman michael grimm is going to resign after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion.
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can you tell us more about that? >> reporter: that's right. well, it looks like congressman grimm now soon to be former congressman grimm is more likely to spend the next two years in prison than in congress. this is a very colorful figure and not only did he plead guilty to tax evasion, you may remember this is the guy who threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony earlier this year. he, it looks like, will not be coming back to congress. >> he vowed he would not resign but it appears that speaker boehner may have convinced him otherwise. jon karl thank you for your reporting from washington this morning. amy, over to you. >> well, a lot of us are waking up with much colder temperatures and today an icy blast sending those temperatures plunging as we get ready to celebrate the new year. it is the coldest weather of the year in some places and ginger is tracking it all. >> that is so true. pasadena, the rose parade on thursday, could potentially be the coldest that we've seen in some 100 years so looking for potential tie of a record. they're literally going to be freezing. and then we're also have ingingeing
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winter weather advisories and snow on the las vegas strip. it's digging deep with advisories, warnings and back to socal. this morning, winter slicing into half the nation. whipping winds and subzero temperatures. snow furious lyly racing across frozen roads in park city, utah. winds up to 40 miles per hour. in kansas, waves of wind, plus temps in the low teens, a wreck on the roads. and in the southeast this morning, south valdosta, georgia, recovering after this reported tornado caught on security camera tore across the town. >> the grounds are unsafe. there's electrical wires that's down on the ground. >> reporter: workers running for cover as it approaches. major damage across the city, scattering parts of buildings. >> we were just trying to get up on the vehicles and stuff to try to avoid it because the building was just -- the top of the building was just flying off. all you could see was the roof being peeled apart.
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>> reporter: and check out this dramatic video, a tornado caught on a cell phone camera last week in columbia, mississippi. that arctic air mass dropping temperatures and windchills far below zero this morning. look at the windchill advisories from northern michigan and wisconsin, down into the panhandle of oklahoma and texas. the real spots that we're worried about are the warning areas from idaho into southern wyoming, west nebraska and west kansas. the temperatures, again, 19 below, north platte. and just to let you know it's not stopping there. midnight temperatures take us into the teens right there in the great lakes. new york city, 20s. >> you know you seem to be enjoying the low temperatures too much just for the record. >> i'm not, i promise you. >> she's promising a january warm-up. i made that up. >> don't listen to dan. >> don't let me forecast the weather. thank you. we're going to move now to health news and this morning new and worrying numbers about the flu. the cdc is reporting a big jump in flu activity. in america 22 states with high flu activity, up from 13 the week before.
7:14 am
and abc's dr. richard besser is here with more on this. so is part of the reason for yet another early flu season the fact that the vaccine this year was a poor match for the strain of the flu that's out there? >> i don't think that's what's going on. but there's something unusual going on with the flu. for the past four years, flu has started to peak at the end of december. it used to be that flu didn't have its rise until february or early march. but for some reason flu has been coming earlier and earlier and hitting during that holiday season. >> i mentioned the fact that the vaccine is not a great match for the strain out there right now. given that, is it still worth getting a flu shot? >> i think it is. this year you're right. the flu strain that's out there causing disease is not the one that's in the vaccine but there may be some level of cross protection. we won't know that probably until march or april when they look back but i still think it should provide some protection. it's the best thing that you can do to cut down your risk. >> go get the shot, you're protecting yourself and people around you potentially. one last question. we did speak to one doctor who said that he worried that the
7:15 am
strain that's out there this year is particularly dangerous for children. you do not share that view. why not? >> well, the flu is always dangerous for children. on an average year 100 children die. so far this year, 15. it's worth protecting your kids. >> all right. rich besser thank you very much. we appreciate it. a lot of other news overnight. for that we get it over to ryan for a look at the headlines. >> good morning, dan, good morning, amy. we begin with the dramatic rescue. a man becoming trapped in his suv after crashing into this canal in phoenix. take a look at that. his suv on its side. he was holding on to the steering wheel for his life. his face barely above the cold water when rescuers finally arrived and shattered that window pulling him out with just seconds to spare. breaking details overnight about that ferry disaster. in europe at least ten people have been killed in the fire and rescue effort off greece. and now there's word that two sailors who were helping to stabilize the ship with rope had been killed in the accident. now confusion remains about
7:16 am
exactly how many people may still be missing. a street protest in los angeles remained peaceful overnight after a new autopsy was revealed in the police shooting of an unarmed black man. it reveals that ezell ford was shot three times at close range, once in the back and police say ford had grabbed the officer's gun but ford's family say that he was mentally ill and harmless. meanwhile new york's mayor is meeting with the police union after he was booed at the police graduation ceremony on monday. it's the latest example of rising tensions between police and the mayor after a deadly ambush on two officers earlier this month. now, take a look at this. meteor sightings in the hundreds by the way were reported in the northeast overnight. this one, take a look right there, top of your screen top right caught on a new jersey camera. there it goes, flashing through the sky right there, a ball of blue and orange light. some sightings were also reported in california. imagine catching that on the road. now to some misbehavior on the football field. the student coach at texas a&m has been fined this morning
7:17 am
after he was caught -- actually he was fired. he was caught punching and shoving two out of bounds west virginia players who had run out of bounds during the liberty bowl. the video went viral. he was fired by halftime. a young couple got the surprise of their lives on their wedding day. in hawaii they were forced to relocate their ceremony on a golf course because president obama had scheduled a tee time at the same location. when the president found out he called the couple, two army captains, and apologized. take a listen. >> congratulations on your wedding. i feel terrible. nobody told us. >> it was a blessing in disguise. >> we just went right above the 16th hole so we were watching you golf. >> well, that must have been kind of painful. >> oh, the couple invited the president to their reception and mentioned it would be an open bar, right. he politely declined, i should say. now, the president did ask them where they were going on their honeymoon since they were
7:18 am
already stationed in hawaii. that's kind of hard to beat but they haven't decided yet. i'm thinking maybe the white house. you get to stay there. no? >> why not? >> exactly, why not. >> thank you, ryan. let's move on to all that colder air that's been moving east. ginger with the latest. >> just in time for us all to feel like the new year is going to start with a chill and it has dug as far south as arkansas. looks pretty but prickly and cold here. thank you to debbie for that. i told you about southern california being in parts of the winter weather advisories but we'll also see some freeze warnings back in the southwest. so i'm going to tell you california, places like the hollywood sign, 1700 feet or so, the snow levels are dropping to 2,000 feet. so it's going to be that close they get some snow. cold end to the year. new york city dropping in the 20s and the next couple of mornings it'll feel even colder than that. your local forecast 30 seconds away. tuesday trivia brought to you by mazda.
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>> good morningings i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. ing ins on the exploritorium tell you what is going on today, total sunshine, but chilly our tick wind. frosty cold night possibly tonight, through thursday night and it will be warmer and not so dry. we will have humidity in the air and fingers and lips are not so dry. low-to-mid 50's today but look at the temperatures tonight, 30's and 50's and with the wind chill it will feel ten degrees cooler than that all the way >> hey, >> hey, when you see this map,
7:20 am
these are high temperatures. 3 in denver, 5 in minneapolis, 76 in orlando. we'll check in on a warm spot next. how about that. >> just to confirm i was wrong about the january warm-up. >> you're always wrong, dan. >> sounds like my wife. thanks, ginger. appreciate it. coming up here on "gma," the mysterious disappearance of a young nurse. why these 32 seconds of available video may hold the clue to finding him. also ahead, a survival story. a surfer attacked by a great white shark living to tell his story. how he managed to escape its jaws. new uses for your old phone. putting that discarded device to work for everything from home entertainment to home security. at discarded device to work for everything from home entertainment to home security. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50 with calcium. it has delicious new taste and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50.
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for what's right for you which saves money. they settle claims quickly which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money, which means when they save, you save. because that's how it should work in the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow ♪ good morning, i'm kristen sze. developing news in berkeley. police are investigating a double shooting that left a man dead and woman injured. it happened around 9:45 last night in a parking lot near university and san pablo avenues. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman was taken to the
7:25 am
hospital. she is expected to survive her injuries. police say they don't believe the shooting was random but are looking into what led up to the attack. no arrests. right now it's still holiday light. a new problems out there. >> as we take a look at san jose, it looks like this drive moving along quite nicely there. that's 280 northbound right by highway 17 so no problems there. we still have quite a bit of traffic through oakland because of some concrete that caused flat tires, northbound side of 880 at fifth avenue. take a look at all that red before high street. as we head over to dublin, your drive right near san ramon road there's a car fire there off to the shoulder. >> thanks a lot. you can just tell it's chilly out there. meteorologist mike nicco will have your temperatures when we come back.
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welcome back. let's start with what's going to happen down the road freezing conditions. we don't talk about lows a lot but now they're prevalent and relevant and the bay shore coast doesn't have to worry about the profit of frost and the freeze. protect your pets and plants. we've got winds in the north bay. you're under the advisory now. the rest of us noon today until noon tomorrow, gusts up to 65 miles per hour. check out the 30s and 40s.
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♪ welcome to new york ♪ ♪ it's been waiting for you welcome to new york ♪ ♪ welcome to new york ♪ that's taylor swift rocking times square in "gma" in new york back in the fall with her hit "welcome to new york." i might work out to that tune once in a while. a million people will be outside our doors watching her yet again at the biggest party in the world hosted by ryan seacrest. be by the way is with us this morning to tell us what's coming up on new year's rockin' eve. >> that is certainly exciting. also an incredible survival story, the surfer attacked by a great white shark. how he managed to escape the terrifying attack. and with so many people getting new smartphones for the holidays, what do you do with your old phone? how can you put it to work for
7:31 am
everything from entertainment to home security. we begin with the mysterious disappearance of a pittsburgh nurse who disappeared two weeks ago. police are combing through this newly discovered surveillance video from the morning he went missing, looking for clues. kendis gibson has the latest. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning, amy. friends and family of paul kochu say he had so much to look forward to and planned to spend the holidays at home with his parents and after spending the last six years studying to be a nurse he finally acheeched his goal and then he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. this morning investigators examining this 42-second black and white video hoping it may provide clues in a mysterious disappearance. >> it's very difficult when there are very few answers and thousands of questions. >> reporter: police believe seen the man here is 22-year-old paul kochu a beloved pittsburgh nurse who disappeared after a night
7:32 am
out drinking with roommates. they told police when he had too much he went home without them. >> he cut himself on broken glass. we came home helped clean that up but at the time he was really emotional. >> they then left to get food and by the time they returned kochu was gone. his wallet keys and cell phone gone as well. but his car still parked outside. kochu stumbling through the streets with a white towel wrapped around that injured hand. >> his gate was off and it looked to me like he was suffering some other kind of injury besides the cut on his hand. >> reporter: pittsburgh police say they do not suspect his roommates. a desperate search of the woods and nearby river resulted in few leads. >> you don't find a lot of people like paul. >> reporter: his friends and family holding a tearful vigil with police pittsburgh examining every frame of that video. >> he does appear alone in that video so at least during those 42 seconds there is no foul play
7:33 am
shown. >> reporter: kochu's parents are offering a $20,000 reward leading to information on his whereabouts. i spoke with police in pittsburgh about this investigation and they tell me that video has already resulted in some tips coming in. dan and amy. >> valuable evidence perhaps. kendis thank you. now to that incredible survival story amy mentioned. a surfer attacked off the coast of california dragged underwater and this morning that surfer is telling his story. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: kevin swanson struggling to walk after surviving a vicious encounter with a great white. >> it was a violent attack. >> reporter: the father of three surfing off the coast of california sunday when out of nowhere a ten-foot juvenile shark sinks its teeth into his right hip dragging both him and his board underwater. >> i was down there for, i don't know maybe, two, three seconds and was attached to my leg and i
7:34 am
could see him holding on. >> reporter: his friend andrew unable to believe his eyes. >> the whole body just twisted and took him under the water. >> reporter: resurfacing, the 50-year-old warns others shouting shark before saving himself. >> i just started paddling to get to the shore and grabbed my leash and tied it as a tourniquet around my leg. >> reporter: someone calls 911. a chopper lifting him to a hospital for surgery. he believes not panicking likely saved his life. that and his trusty surfboard. >> this foam didn't allow the teeth to go all the way through and keep on cutting through my leg. >> reporter: this isn't the only recent junior great white sighting off california's coast. beachgoers filming this incredible video they believe to show one leaping out of the water near manhattan beach last monday. as for swanson, he's now home and he says the shark didn't take a bite out of one thing,
7:35 am
his love for surfing. >> been doing it since i've been 8 years old and plan on doing it for a long time. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news los angeles. >> braver man than me. >> i wouldn't get in a kiddie pool after that. >> we are glad he is okay, indeed. thousand to a terrifying ordeal for an 11-year-old from taken outside his utah home by two men. he was thrown into the family car and forced into a frightening ride. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: 11-year-old fernando rubio's nightmare began friday walking home alone from his apartment out to the family car. >> i was coming out of the house to get my mom's cell phone and then once i locked the door these two guys came up behind me. >> reporter: police say the two men asked him for money. when he says he doesn't have any, they allegedly take the car and him. >> they took the keys and the two phones and then they just put me in the backseat with my
7:36 am
head down. >> reporter: fernando's family soon realizes he is gone. >> he went down to the truck about 0 minutes ago and now we can't find him. >> they told him if you say or do anything stupid we will kill you. >> reporter: about 30 minutes later police in park city utah spot the car and the boy. the suspects make a break for it. after chasing them on foot police take 28-year-old anthony morales and 19-year-old gustavo vasquez nava into custody. both with criminal records. both now facing new charges including kidnapping and assault. they've not yet entered a plea but this morning are in jail. while fernando is back home. >> i felt pretty good because i knew that i was going to be safer with the police. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> we are certainly glad that all ended well and the guys are behind bars. >> great kid. time for the weather and
7:37 am
ginger oh that is not nice. >> how about we heat the party up. hollywood, florida, close to the southern tip of florida. 2 the high today. look at the picture this morning. i would do anything to be there just hanging out on the beach at 72 degrees. isolated though because north florida starting to feel the chilly air. watch this. 68 for jacksonville today. behind that front which will include a couple of showers, atlanta is 53 but drier. 67 panama city mobile at 60. columbia at 50. so the numbers are certainly dropping for everyone but there are freeze warnings watches and advisories from outside the bay area inland napa down to santa barbara. how cold will it get? pasadena on the rose parade will be around freezing and could tie a record. las vegas will drop into the 20s and will feel >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco hold on to the hats and steering wheel. arctic temperatures are here.
7:38 am
it will feel five degrees >> all >> all that weather brought to you by jcpenny. and sara mentioned, she loves the little sun. >> i feel they add it to the cold forecast to give us hope. >> just some hope. >> we should say that both ginger and amy are soldiering through with nasty, nasty coals. >> no one has noticed? >> you can't tell? >> after the show, i'm going to take a bath in purell. >> your voices sound amazing. >> a demi moore thing. >> all right, ginger, cold sister. coming up, a new threat putting an end to one of the most popular tourist attractions in britain. why the queen's guards are inside the palace gates. and new uses for your old phone. how you can put it to work instead of putting it in a drawer. it in a drawer.
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back now at 7:42 with new uses for that old cell phone. if you've got a new phone for the holidays you don't have to retire the old one. it turns out you can teach it new tricks. and abc's becky worley shows us how. ♪ >> reporter: get a new phone for christmas? yes. so then the old phone gets stuffed in a drawer, right? but hold on, this thing is still a really powerful device. don't retire it, repurpose it. >> don't ever throw that old phone away.
7:43 am
there's so much that you can do with it. >> reporter: let's start with navigation. the hudway app, it lets you download a route map at home and projects directions on to your windshield. that is cool. do you want to keep tabs on your home remotely? it has wi-fi access and a good camera. >> you can buy a $300 security camera or you can just use your old phone. >> reporter: the presence apps sends you alerts with pictures and video. smart. beyond burglars, what about keeping tabs on your baby? the cloud baby monitor runs off any device with wi-fi and a camera. including an iphone or an tablet. and monitor from your new phone. >> you can do things like record video. you can turn on music so it plays a lullaby. you can talk to them. >> reporter: think about the future. lots of new devices are coming out for a smart home that's wi-fi connected from music systems to telephone control to
7:44 am
lighting. all of these are controlled by your phone. but what if you and your device are out of the house? what do grandma and the baby-sitter do? the old phone. remember this has a huge hard drive. great for a permanent music station. also keep in mind you can find similar apps that do many of the same things on android phones so don't put your old phone out to pasture, put it to work. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> pretty cool news you can use. >> i love it. and coming up on "gma," why honesty may be the best policy for dating. the new site encouraging people to reveal the real you to find real love. and celebrities with something to get off their chest. they're protesting against what they're calling a social media double standard. ♪ this is the part when i break free ♪ , i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days. dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing, aching
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♪ this is the part when i say i don't want ya ♪ now to the big name celebrities taking a stand against instagram with a social media protest against what they say is a double standard, a ban on topless photos of women. sara haines has that. >> reporter: we have heard the brick and mortar rule, no shirt, no shoes, no service. now the digital world is joining forces specifically when it comes to the shirt and the ladies. it's the fight for the right to bare almost all. celebrities going viral this morning by going topless.
7:49 am
taking instagram to task for banning images of nude female breasts. miley cyrus and chelsea handler now joining rihanna in the online breast liberation movement using the #freethenipple to topple what they are calling a double standard. topless men, no problem. topless women? no way. >> they do bring up an interesting point when it comes to gender equality in instagram's policy. >> reporter: instagram's terms of service include ss restrictions on nude or partially nude photos. the site pulling offending picks. rihanna was so offended by the rules she quit the site for months. instagram pulled two of handler's snaps earlier this year but that didn't stop her from hosting this mountaintop view on friday. she posted another on less restrictive twitter.
7:50 am
perhaps her october tweet best sums it up, taking this down is sexist. i have every right to prove that i have a better body than putin. now, celebrities who have posted the free the nipple selfies, courtney love, scott willis, demi moore and bruce willis' daughter. i think i'm okay with cleaning upped feet. >> i've got some daughters. i'm totally fine with that. >> my niece is on there. they already see too much. >> ryan there's nothing we can say in this discussion that will do any good for us. >> you can take off your shirt. >> i'm going to -- yeah, i'll do that. i'll respectfully agree with everyone here. >> diplomatic. coming up next on "good morning america," the diet that could be the secret to helping you shed those extra holiday pounds and feel 20 years younger. stay with us. this is my butt my butt and i came into this world together.
7:51 am
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make breakfast pop. "good morning america" is brought to you by yoplait, it is so good. still ahead on "gma," ryan seacrest is here live with a preview of the big new year's eve bash right here in times square. almost a million people right
7:56 am
outside. outside. good morning i'm kristen sze. preparations are under way for the cold snap that's coming our way. are you ready? it's a good idea to get some extra blankets maybe a space heater and be sure to protect your plants maybe cover them up. also check that your furnace is working. if it's not make an appointment as soon as possible because you can bet crews will be busy. mike just how cold is it going to get? >> i think we'll have frosty conditions starting tonight and the next couple of nights. look what's going through the sierra. sideways snow. if you're heading that way
7:57 am
please be careful. as far as our highs today, we'll be in the low to mid-50s but it will feel with the winds 10 degrees cooler than that. so 20s and 30s tonight. we do have reported black ice, two reports as a matter of fact near santa rose arks petaluma pepper road. drive carefully there. and the bay bridge toll plaza
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it is 8:00 a.m. and we have the latest developments this morning in the hunt for that airasia flight. grief-stricken families learn that the first victims have been found as the search goes on. we are on the scene. is honesty the best policy with dating? the new site that says relegal vooeling the real you is for real love. does it encourage those looking for love to settle simply settle? are you ready to jump start 2015? >> i wanted to get to the point where i was happier eating smaller amounts. >> the dash diet, could this be the strategy that changes your
8:01 am
life to get you healthier, slimmer and feeling 20 years younger. and getting you ready for the biggest new year's eve bash ever in times square as we get ready to say -- >> good morning, america. there is ryan seacrest outside in times square. he's going to be spending a lot of time here the next two days hosting the biggest new year's party in the world. so many big names on new year's rockin' eve. taylor swift, florida georgia line just to name a few. we will hear about the big events. >> a great show yes. >> the biggest party in the world. pretty cool. also coming up expert advice for your -- excuse me. your new year's eve party as i learn how to speak english here. we have partnered with pinterest
8:02 am
to fooint find out what's trending for new year's eve. we have decor tips. these are two modelled -- >> the beard, i could totally pull that off. and also having bob kri brown, the queen of cosmetics. the tips and tricks to look ready on new year's eve. wear it on the stick like i do. >> a lot of the bright lips a good tip. much more coming up. but first, to ryan smith here president top developing stories. good morning. and we begin with breaking news in the search for the missing plane in southeast asia. debris and at least three bodies have been found and details coming in that could shed light on what happened as the flight was flying to singapore with 162 on board. terry moran has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, good evening from here. the recovery operation now
8:03 am
paused because of heavy weather at the crash site. officials say it will resume full speed in the morning. teams were out there all day collecting debris. debris marked with red and white markings just like the airasia plane, suitcases and bodies too. it came to rest in about a hundred feet of water. from the air you can see the shadow silhouette of the plane mostly intact. that could be a clue. the families were expecting the worst. when it came it was a terrible agony for them, of course. now the investigation begins but that grief will deepen. ryan. >> and our hearts go out to the victims. terry, thank you so much. and investigators say because no life jackets were found on the victims, that could suggest a catastrophic event in the air. bringing you more details as we get them. and here at home a scare for passengers flying out of philadelphia. flames were seen here shooting out of an engine. you see it right there on u.s.
8:04 am
airways tliegt. passengers say the plane was jerking back and forth violently. but they returned safely to the airport. and a big change at buckingham palace, could show the fears of lone wolf attacks, or terrorists the guards are now standing inside of the palace gates. other than bayonets they are unarmed. armed police were already providing additional security. and a rising star in the republican party admits he once spoke at a convention hosted by a white supremacist group. steve scalise was a state lawmaker in louisiana 12 years ago when he spoke to the group founded by former kkk leader david duke. he said he was not familiar with the group and, quote, detests hate groups. a dramatic rescue in mississippi, a family rushed out of their home to save a young girl after her mother's car
8:05 am
landed in a ditch, trapping the girl inside. underwater as you can see on the patrol dash cam. they helped perform cpr on the 4-year-old. they didn't think, they just acted. thank goodness for that. and a man trying to steal an atm full of cash got a bad time. he tried to light an explosive. that's what happens when you're a dumb criminal. he tried to insert it in the machine. obviously the plan backfired. on oops. and he takes off running without his flip-flops. needless to say, he didn't get any cash. he is wanted in connection with another threat. >> and destruction of property i hope. >> exactly. and finally, did you hear about the cat in oregon accidently sold with a mattress? dan, i'm sorry to tell you this story. this is little camo back home safe after an ordeal. the owner's boyfriend sold the
8:06 am
bed, and the cat was sleeping in the box spring. is that what they do? >> anywhere. that's their whole job. >> reporter: the new owner picked up the mattress and he made a run for it. roaming the streets for ten days the streets of portland. he was sighted and caught with the help of sardines. thank goodness for the sardines. >> i think he ran away because they make him wear the green outfit. that's weird. "pop news" and weather coming up but first sara in the social square. >> nooimtin the social square samsung galaxy. and game of thrones is coming up. and the hot new dating site is it the stret secret to finding true love? and the answer to losing weight and feeling 20 years younger. and all that and ryan seacrest. >> are you ready? happy new year!
8:07 am
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8:10 am
"fire' by firenze" "sir?" start your search online with over 35,000 carmax quality certified used cars. carmax. start here. bad news first, give you two
8:11 am
seconds, all right? the good news is they're not the tickets you expect me to give you. one is a ticket to new york an airplane ticket. and the other ticket is to a band called time fly. i talked to your dad, and that's from your dad. >> aw. >> that is such a great video. that is 17-year-old aw drankudra and the best traffic stop ever. to celebrate her recovery from a life-threatening condition. massively viral, 3 million views on youtube. her dad says she's doing well. crying right there. >> my heart would be pumping out of my chest. >> she looked scared at first. >> officer, yes. >> it's not -- >> okay. >> okay. well get on to pop now. new year's eve is tomorrow and maybe a kid-free midnight
8:12 am
kiss? well netflix is saving the day once again. there's a three minute countdown to 2015 available to stream on the site. it's hosted by madagascar's king julien. according to research conducted by netflix, 33% of parents stage an early new year's eve. >> an epidemic of dishonesty. >> 34%, awful parents. show this to the kiddies and pop open the champagne. >> and it's so exciting. >> but i love how they can see clocks in every corner of the house -- >> this is the problem. my kids are old enough to read time. >> i think they meant little kiddies. >> should i be offended if my wife tries to get to bed at 9:30? >> that sounds right. >> sure does. and game of thrones is a
8:13 am
huge hit among pirates that don't feel like paying for tv. they have compiled a list of shows with the most illegal downloads, and the medieval series topped it with 8 million downloads. amy is a huge fan, but she got hers legally. also popular was the walking dead also one that amy loves. 4.8 million downloads. >> we learned that amy has similar tastes to thieves. >> you like those. >> you do too. >> come on. oh they're my favorite. i can't wait for more. >> pretty much everybody has the same taste, legally or illegally. >> but we get them legally. >> we do except ryan. we had a dog playing in the snow this week. i thought it was only fair to introduce you to this tabby cat. this was specifically for dan harris the "gma" resident cat lover.
8:14 am
self-pro game claimclaimed. this is one kitty 10% happier in the weather. buy your coffee now. >> available at fine bookstores everywhere. i have had a lot of cats they didn't like snow. >> apparently they like sleeping in mattresses and frolicking in the snow. >> they don't like baths? nothing? >> they like to sleep. >> food and sleep. two of my favorite things as well. the heat index is coming up but first, ginger with a check of the weather. >> dan, you can feel the new year's excitement. my ladies from philadelphia. what's your name? >> linda. >> happy birthday to you. and hello to philadelphia this morning. you know we have been having our "gma" best photo contest. we looked at photos and these are the final two. we want you to go to the facebook page and vote for them. why not just share some beauty or some storm you? chicago is the hashtag for that feet from nick.
8:15 am
takes great ones with the shelf cloud over the city. and duluth with the fog coming up. thank you to tim for that one. go to our facebook page. we will reveal the big winner tomorrow. who's here for new year's day? anybody? going to be cold. rain in the south, and west texas could see ice. certainly going to see that cold air sticking around the southwest too. what did you say? it's going to snow? that was in the >> good morningings i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. ing ins on the exploritorium tell you what is going on today, total sunshine, but chilly our tick wind. frosty cold night possibly tonight, through thursday night and it will be warmer and not so dry. we will have humidity in the air and fingers and lips are not so dry. low-to-mid 50's today but look at the temperatures tonight, 30's and 50's and with the wind chill it will feel ten degrees cooler than that all the way
8:16 am
>> oh and great news everybody. the glasses now certainly say 2015. can't miss that. let's head back inside. >> looking good. and time for the "morning stir." and this morning, truth and dating. millions of people go online looking for love. this isn't a shock for a lot of you, what you see is not always what you end up getting. a new dating site is saying that getting real is the only way to find real love. reena ninan has the story. >> i thought in your profile it said you liked to drink red wine. >> reporter: first impressions matter. but what if they're not accurate? that's what 30-year-old david wheeler discovered after looking for dates on five websites. >> i met a girl that posted a picture when she was probably 18 and she was 30. >> reporter: dating sites don't advise users to exaggerate the truth, it's human nature.
8:17 am
>> you have so many options. you want to shrink the options and focus on the people right for you. >> reporter: so in search of the truth, david launched settle for love. a free online dating site that encourages singles to get real. instead of just the good side admitting flaws too. >> i started posting a picture balding. i don't want girls to think i'm ugly or looking different in person. >> reporter: some believe that online honesty will pay off. >> people are afraid because they don't want to be judged, they don't want to be rejected. this website encourages vulnerable and openness. >> reporter: screwing the rules author laurel house says that is speeds up the dating dance. >> instead of waiting three, four five dates, why don't you show them right now? >> i'm overweight unemployed i can be clingy and very annoying. but i'm wicked smart and creative and loyal. i like to think i'm funny. >> people think this is about
8:18 am
settling a bunch of losers it's about representing who you are. >> reporter: david wheeler is searching for a business partner to grow the website while searching for a life partner. >> i feel like i'll be married some time soon. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> he likes cats. being honest. >> and he can't find a date. >> and joining us now, donna barnes. we were watching this. it flies in the face of what you would normally thip. and i don't know i'm all about honesty, but too much at first can be a bit of a turnoff. >> absolutely. i agree that you have to be honest so you can find someone who's right for you. but i think in the beginning less is more. >> agreed. >> too much information is a turnoff. you have to have an affinity before you're like oh that's cute. >> adorable. >> yeah. >> and they tell you all the side effects, never want to do
8:19 am
that. >> exactly. >> how do you -- how does one become selectively honest? i'm a really nice guy, but i have chronic halitosis how does that work? >> talk with your dentist and fix that. >> dating advice and dentist advice. >> fresh breath is a big part of dating. don't want to kiss somebody with bad breath. go for things that you know have been holding you back. when i get a new client, why do you think things aren't working? they usually know. if it's something that's a real personality thing, and you're just love this about me or leave me it's a really great thing to put that out there. only someone who's going, that doesn't bother me would be interested. >> that's a representative self and we're going to find out who is the real you. >> when people write their profiles, they write what they aspire to be. okay describe myself. what's the best part of me?
8:20 am
and i think you should put forward the best part of you. but honestly. >> not false honesty, but don't air your dirty laundry. >> i disagree, put it out there. an open book is not sexy. >> an open book is not sexy. >> that's a motto. >> a long way -- >> absolutely. >> thank you. we could all work that out. >> my twitter profile says i'm 6'2". and the heat index, so many of us are looking to lose the traeks pounds extra pounds. the popular dash diet has a new profile in the dash diet. >> younger you. shed years and pounds in just weeks. i'm not good at math. >> i don't do math. no one ask me to do that. ment dash site says you can feel younger by eating the right foods and lose weight in the process. take a look.
8:21 am
with the new year just around the corner it's the resolution that many are adding to 2015. taming those tum yis. >> people are going to look to get fit, to improve their health status and maybe lose a few pounds they have gained over the holidays. >> reporter: christine weighed 274 pounds at her heaviest. >> i was very conscious about how overweight i was and the impact it was having on my blood pressure. >> reporter: she lost 40 pounds and still didn't feel healthy. her doctor recommended the dash diet. dietary approaches to stop hyper tension was initially conceived to lower blood pressure but proved to help with weight loss too. >> the key foods are the fruits and vegetables along with low-fat and non-fat dairy and nuts. avoiding the processed foods. >> reporter: the guru saws it's about focus on what you're eating, not how much.
8:22 am
>> you don't have to worry about counting calories. this is more natural, and you naturally eat the right amount. >> reporter: the new book, the dash diet you thinkernger you claims to turn your clock back 20 years. >> and by slengtening the vegetables it makes you younger from the inside out. >> reporter: ambrose was sprinting towards success. >> i didn't feel deprived. every other diet i felt i was sacrificing to follow the diet. >> reporter: but some say it's not a dash to the finish. >> it's not a one size fits all situation. it's important to consult with a registered dietitian or physician. somebody who understands how to shape that plan to suit your particular health needs. >> reporter: since 2009 ambrose has lost a total of 90 pounds. >> i just felt healthier. i wanted to move more. i have no longer hyper tensive.
8:23 am
>> reporter: this is win-win, healthy for the heart and the waistline. >> thank you so much. and next up on the heat index, looking your best on new year's eve. bobby brown is sharing her secrets for looking red carpet ready. quick tips to make you look like a million bucks for next to nothing. mara schiavocampo has that next. >> we're all exhausted from the holidays and had have to get through new year's eve. we have you covered. we went to one of the world's biggest beauty experts for tip on how to look fab in a flash. she's bobbi brown, the queen of cosmetics. and now the secret hacks to looking good on the biggest night of the year. new year's eve. getting ready, does it have to take a really long time? >> i think makeup and any beauty thing should be really quick. if you're prepared and just know what you're doing.
8:24 am
>> reporter: first up no time to get your brows shaped ? no fear grab eye shadow roughly the same color as your hair. >> i'm going to fill in the brows. look at the difference. >> reporter: it's dramatic. >> it's instant, polished it's great. and a dark shadow in a mahogany color with a slanted eyebrow brush. >> reporter: next up lip gloss, not on your lips. a quick fix for your eyes. >> put a little bit on her eyelid for a nice eye gloss. we do this in fashion week on the run waist. do it on a clear lid, it might not keep the shadow on. >> reporter: and tip number three, a multi-tasking lip pencil. >> you can do it on the cheek, and put too much on blend it in. how pretty. >> reporter: now it's time for me to hit the chair and get two final tips. one, shimmer. a fast fix for dull skin. >> it's so pretty just a little
8:25 am
bit of shine. it's what the girls wear on the recarpet. you can do a little bit on the inner corner of the eye. that gives a little bit of openness a little sparkle. look how pretty that is? >> reporter: i love that. >> a little bit. >> reporter: lastly a game-changer. don't have time to get to the salon between hair color appointments? just use some shadow. on your hair. >> you can use a big brush, fill in any grays that are sticking out. you go right over. you can do a damp dry. >> reporter: you can put makeup on your hair. >> yes. and it stays. >> reporter: that's fantastic. short cuts for saving time and looking sleek. now these tips don't just save time they also save you space. by using multi-tasking makeup, less to carry with you. that's important because those new year's eve clutches are this big. you can barely get your phone in them. >> one piece of gum.
8:26 am
>> huge problem. huge problem. man purse is too small -- anyway. what's coming up on the show? the book. right? >> yes, it's out today in stores. you can buy it. yeah. >> look forward to that. >> coming up.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is in michigan this morning. his private plane or a private plane arrived late yesterday afternoon in detroit. his father, jack, and his wife, sara arrived on another private jet. this from the michigan daily shows him arriving at a hotel in detroit with his son in his arms. the university of michigan is expected to make a major football announcement at 9:00 a.m. our time today. we'll be streaming it live on our website. that's just in about a half hour. right now your morning commute, mostly light around the bay. >> yes, it most certainly is. both figuratively and literally on the san mateo bridge. watch out for gusty conditions on the bay bridge. walnut creek, 680 looking clear as you head towards highway 24.
8:28 am
if you're traveling in the northbound direction, a little farther north from that shot we do have a couch in lanes on concord avenue and 680. be careful, already one car has hit it. >> we'll check out the forecast a c ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and
8:29 am
creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. we're back have you noticed, the winds are here. already getting gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour. we could top out 45 to 60, especially this afternoon through the evening hours.
8:30 am
now, we're going to have cool temperatures tonight. 30s and 40s. some frost possible, but more likely it's going to happen the ♪ the players gonna play, play, play ♪ ♪ shake it off ♪ great crowd out in times square. everyone buzzing ready to ring in the new year. there are going to be a few more people out there tomorrow night when ryan seacrest hosts. >> as in millions. >> yes. >> and we have been partnering with pinterest, the number one place to discover what's hot and trending. and the expert is going to reveal her great diy to help you celebrate in style. and speaking of trending the true trending experts, teens and tweens. you don't believe what's going to be hot. you won't believe some of the items that's going to be huge. >> out of the mouths of tweens.
8:31 am
>> at my house. and we are gearing up for the party tomorrow night. with us this morning, the man of the evening ryan seacrest. >> good morning. >> the ultimate mc. hosting dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. it's right here on abc. and you have more artists than ever before 38 performances? >> 38 performances. this is the biggest show that i've ever done in my life. tomorrow night. we're going to do five and a half hours of live broadcasting and goes well into the middle of the night with the west coast party. but 38 performances. literally, when you see the open of the show the open take's about five minutes. >> really? >> all the names taylor swift. >> exactly. taylor will be there. taylor has had, as everybody knows, an incredible year. she's a huge country/pop artist and decided to make a totally pop album and it became the biggest album of the year. she'll be performing live outside too. >> some of my fellow anchors are
8:32 am
making fun of me for working out to that frequently. >> you do? >> blank space, i have to put my windows up at an interaction, i'm singing out loud. when it's green, i put them back down. >> you have the artists. and that's year you had somebody huge playing from the barclay's center in brooklyn. elton john. this year it's billy joel. >> this year it's elton john. we will go live to barclay's where he is standing by live. and fergie will be out. >> he's she will be in l.a. >> she has a list, iggy azalea. one direction, four or five songs in the show. so if you have kids that like one direction, we'll tweet you exactly what time they'll be on tloougt throughout the evening.
8:33 am
>> use the twitter. jenny's with you, but she's married, will she be tamed? >> she'll never be tamed. she and her husband, they met doing the show. yeah i'm hoping for the same thing someday too. >> is it a new kid on the block? >> despite what you may think, not with a new kid on the block. >> as we close out the year, what were the biggest pop culture stories of the year? >> i really think that the taylor story was one of the biggest stories. and i remember she took me into a dressing room at the music festival in las vegas and played one of the tracks. and i just looked at her, this is going to be a number one hit. what's been interesting about her number ones they have been number one for weeks. "shake it off," weeks a the number one. she was big. >> and can't get the hook out of my head. cannot. >> who was the breakout star of the past year and who will be the breakout star in 2015? >> you know who had a great year
8:34 am
and a bigger year in 2015 nick jonas. came out with a track called "jealous." that the rest of the album is good. you're going to hear about nick. and prince royce, big internationally. he's got a mainstream pop album this i think will be big in the states. >> you're a ton of talents, a production company. this amazing device in front of you. >> i'm getting mine today. >> i'll give it to you now. this is your type 02. >> yay. >> this is a lifesaver for me. >> coming up in -- >> yes, we have -- this -- we're launching this. and also the key pad for the tablet as well. >> and you -- when i text this is the most amazing product ever. and i'm not -- i can sell this. >> amy has shares in the company. >> i had to switch phones, i was like oh no. >> oh, well, this is for you.
8:35 am
>> more "american idol" coming up. which season? >> we go from new year's to idol premier, and then the golden globes for e. . >> with dick clark's new year's rockin' eve on abc. make sure that ryan webefore he take office, he is going to donate a very lovely coat for a worthy cause. we have collected nearly 120,000 coats so far. and ryan is adding one more in partnership. >> there you go. >> all right. and you can help by going to any burlington store to donate a coat. go to on yahoo!. >> happy new year guys. >> happy new year. >> thanks for having me. >> you can put that tie upstairs. >> what are you going to do with a tie? >> i'm glad you asked. >> she's going to put it on
8:36 am
ebay. >> it won't sell. >> we will be watching tomorrow night. >> thank you. and now the top trends of 2015. abbie boudreau got a peek at the crystal ball of an expert trend setter to find out what will be sweeping the nation in the coming year. >> reporter: no one knows what's hot and what's not -- >> facebook. >> my parents -- >> reporter: more than tweens and teens. they'll be ringing in both the old. do you guys even know -- and the new. don't get your nose. okay. that is a look i like. i met with trend expert jane buckingham at popular in beverly hills to find out what's trending for 2015. starting with the statement tee for girls. and the statement slouchy beanie for boys. he looks great. >> he is indeed invincible. it's efrs from the hashtags to positive statements about how
8:37 am
they're feeling, who they want to be. >> reporter: other teen trends the head chain, over the knee socks and doc martins. >> these are new and i love them. >> some say they never left it's not the basic black. they're in fun colors. >> reporter: even henna-inspired bling jewelry for your hands. and head to toe, candy everywhere. >> they want to eat it but wearing it this year. >> reporter: sugar overload. and while this snuggie once reigned supreme, teens in 2015 prefer the onesie. >> the kids really love them. >> reporter: is that a good look? >> i think what they're saying is i don't care if it's a good look. i'm a teenager and i can do what i want. >> reporter: and to deal with the stress of being a teen. >> if you can believe it they're meditating. it helps them improve their scores in s.a.t.s. >> reporter: but maybe the most fun, the silent disco.
8:38 am
you have the headphones on you're hearing the same music, but it's totally silent. you can go into the wee hours of the morning. >> reporter: and you don't have to be a teen to love it. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau abc news los angeles. >> that sounds like if you're the parent much tweens that sounds like a lifesaver. >> all for that. >> i'm going to do that tonight. now to ginger with the final check on the weather. >> good morning, everybody. i just met my new friend, joshua from maryland. are you cold? >> yes, very. >> guess what? it's going get colder if you're sticking around for new year's eve. talk about that. you can see the windchill advisories and warnings from the texas panhandle north of amarillo up to wisconsin, the u.p. of michigan and back to montana. those windchill warnings from idaho into wyoming. and there are the numbers, josh. new york city dropping into the
8:39 am
20sed in overnight. so early morning for new year's eve and day, feels cooler. and philadelphia also in the 20s. maryland, where you're from? it's going to get cold too. winter >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco hold on to the hats and steering wheel. arctic temperatures are here. it will feel five degrees >> all that weather brought to you by ashley furniture. i'm going to go like this. i am just tearing up. all right, it's a time to think about finances. i have said this high school should teach you thousand budget. now it's happening. all because of a game. how many of you guys paid a late bill during this simulation? >> reporter: this classroom full
8:40 am
of kids is not learning biology. they're learning how to budget. >> have you charged any fees throughout? >> reporter: it's something a lot of teens don't know how to do. rich roughly 20% of 15-year-olds have zero understanding of finances. but h and r block has the budget challenge. teaching to students. >> if students aren't learning this in the schools. we're graduating them into the university of hard knocks. >> reporter: it simulates real life. each student gets a regular paycheck pay bills, manage expenses invest in retirement. >> this is the best opportunity kids can get. gives you real world experiences. you actually get to do it. >> reporter: and there are incentives too. $3 million is up for grabs in classroom grants and scholarships.
8:41 am
nick is a junior and one of four boys. he with just won a $20,000 scholarship that will change his life. >> i didn't have plans where i was going to college. i could go from -- i mean, maybe a smaller school to a big school and do what i want to do in life. that's really great for me. >> reporter: the lesson here? always pay yourself first. by saving. >> it's really important to stress to teens that they need to make saving and investing for their future selves automatic. >> reporter: you can do a count any time of year and five four -- in times square just works. anyway counting down the new year's. stay with us. ♪ the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen.
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♪ bang bang ♪ it's day two of the "gma" pinterest perfect party series you ring in the new year in style with the help of pinterest. it's about decking out your home today. here is the blogger and diy expert jenny. welcome, happy new year. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> step number one, photo booth. a big time photo booth can be expensive. but you have an inexpensive way to do it. >> instead of renting one, make
8:45 am
a super inexpensive one like this one. it's easy to make. get the fringe from a party store or online. and tape to the wall or a foam board. and create the chevron background. >> looks like this takes a long time. but it's actually not -- >> no once it's hung cut it and you're good to go. >> you have an idea how to spice up the pictures with -- >> resolution board. >> this is yours. >> yep. so easy to make with white board, contact paper. cut it out and write on your resolution. >> that's the guest resolution. >> everyone needs more cupcakes. >> i'm a new dad, get more sleep. so much more boring than yours. >> got to have some cupcakes too. >> can we do both? you have another way to spice it up. i'll hold the resolution. this is the -- >> it was about the imojis. if you get a text from me
8:46 am
there's one involved. and create the photo props. use glitter paper. and then glue on a dowel on the back and then you have fun photo props to use in front of your backdrop backdrop. >> i would hold one up but i'm holding the cupcake resolution i'm not going to let go. >> this is my favorite. >> i like it. and something else to deck the house out with. >> yes, if you want to decorate from floor to ceiling create these fun poofs. and they're so easy. use tissue paper stack a bunch together do an accordion fold cinch the middle, and start pulling them apart to make it fun. >> everything you said i don't know how to do. >> you got it. >> not very crafty. >> and then hang them from the ceiling. >> pretty impressive. how many would you put? >> i feel like you can cover the entire room. balloons fringe this. it could be a great party.
8:47 am
>> this is a great noise maker. >> yes. i'm balloon obsessed. they're so fun and easy to make. all you need is a balloon, a funnel and then fill it up with the confetti. and then helium and you create this amazing confetti balloon bouquet. >> that's clever. do we get a chance to pop them. >> at midnight the countdown. you have to pop them. >> okay i'm a little scared. >> three, two one. >> nice very well done. and by the way, if you're impressed, which i am you can visit our pinterest page at and tomorrow back with delicious dishes and drinks to serve at your countdown to the new year. thank you very much. >> thank you very having me. >> we'll get rid of that. >> part of the party. and the former chef for the british royal family shows us so much prince william and
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
. and now to a woman who gave i can cuisine the royal treatment. lara spoke to the woman who used to serve the young princes and got a sampling of what she cooked for them. >> this is a woman who literally made meals fit for a king a future king, that is. carolyn rob is the former personal chef for prince william and harry. it is a real pleasure. i'm a huge fan of the royals. and a lot of people wonder what is it like inside that world. you started with them when prince william was just a little boy. >> that's right. he was just 7, and prince harry was 4. the most fantastic job. it was a dream come true for me. >> were they just like us at meal time? >> yes. simple food. princess diana was keen that her boys have healthy diets.
8:51 am
but they had treats too. and i had a lot of fun in the kitsch kitchen with the boys. >> how relaxed was she? >> just wonderful. really the perfect mother. and within the home it was like being with any family. obviously a very special family. >> all right. so one of the things that you love to make was a cake that you ate as a little girl. >> that's right. >> the cake that prince william loved so much it became his groom's cake. can you share with us how to put this together? >> yes. really simple. melted butter and sugar and golden syrup. and add cocoa powder and chocolate. this is great to make with or more children. i made it with my mother when i was small. >> and add that -- >> add the pistachios. >> can i add them? >> yes brilliant. and the figs. >> right in? >> right in. don't have to add these ingredients for a child.
8:52 am
but this is special. >> yeah very rich. >> it is rich. and then we add some crushed biscuits. >> right into the sauce pan? >> yep. right into there. once this is mixed, we mix that and pour into a mold. this goes into the refrigerateor to chill. two hours later, that's what it looks like. >> a cake fit for a royal. and you eyes it on top. >> yes. and i can demonstrate for you. >> this is just melted chocolate. >> and it is. >> and hardens. that's fantastic. this is william's groom's cake. and another recipe was inspired by prince charles and his love of fish. would you share with us? >> some wonderful time in scotland. a place i love to go. >> how do you prepare the salmon salmon? >> that's simple, marinated with orange lemon zest olive oil, leave it for a couple of hours
8:53 am
and then in a hot pan. >> thank you for sharing the recipes, and the eaten mess. we're putting the recipe for that -- it's on on yahoo!. and you have a book coming out, the royal touch? >> yes, some of my recipes and my parents' recipes. >> thank you for sharing your life inside the palace. >> and thanks to lara for the breakthrough treatments discovered at st. jude children's research hospital are used in hospitals across america. st. jude helps save kids close to you. real close to you. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
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8:56 am
tomorrow on "gma," the final installment of our pinterest perfect party series dishes and drinks to serve at your new year's bash. see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. a quick check of the cold forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. mike. >> the winds are bringing it now. gusts up to 25 at sfo, 25 at fairfield, 16 at half moon bay and 12 to 14 around the bay. they'll only get faster throughout the afternoon hours, sustained at 20 to 40. this will continue through noon tomorrow. it's going to keep our temperatures in the 30s and 40s, but it will make them feel like the 20s and 30s tonight. we're more likely to have frost as we u year thursday morning. >> holiday light conditions just about everywhere. that's a look at the san mateo bridge where you can see traffic running across the water there. here's a look at walnut creek. also pretty empty as folks head
9:00 am
to work today. kristen. >> thanks a lot. have a great day. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, country superstar blake shelton. and from from "hunger games" josh hutcherson. plus kelly and michael are put to the test when hay tackle the tough mudder. you could win a beach vacation but you have to tune in to win. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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