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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 30, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. signs and street life no match for the winds in the embarcadero if san francisco. folks are bracing for windy days and birtherly cold night as the big chill arrives in the bay area. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. having been on the ferry it was bumpy. the wind is making its mark. shear a look from the emeryville camera looking at the bay the you can see the traffic and the camera is shing because of the wind blowing them about. >> in sonoma sky seven found this tree topple by the wind.
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how much will this make our temperatures dip? meteorologist mike nicco is here with the answer. good question they go hand in hand our first arctic front of the station came through this morning. now the cold air and the heavy air and the dry air is sinking behind it at a rate of 28 miles per hour in napa the fastest wind. that is not a gust. that is a sustained wind with gusts up to 35 miles per hour and it will only be faster, we have 20 to 40 miles per hour wind now through noon tomorrow with gusts up to 60 that could topple trees. this is how it looks white caps on the bay and blustery conditions. when the winds come we have the new year with freezing temperatures, thursday at midnight through 9:00 a.m., the exception is the bayshore line and the peninsula and the north bay shoreline toward sausalito. everyone else get ready. pets. plants. it will be freezing cold. thank you you cover the
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pets and plans and people and businesses are taking steps to recollect themselves and their rots and crews are preparing for the inevitable. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at pg&e headquarters in san francisco. amy? >> inevitable is right. it is really blowing. pg&e says it is ready. they say it is not a matter of "if," but where. power lines and trees will come down. >> praise is still swimming at marina although her human is uncomfortable. >> a little cold. i have my layers on. my wife made mittens and several layers under i can bundle up. >> some welcome the wind. >> i like the wind. that is what san francisco and the bay area is all aput. i'm out here wall. but it is cold. >> some are not too worried.
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>> the rains, a month ago they lost the power. the streetlights. had was a lot of flooding. >> pg&e officials say this wind is inbound. it should have your attention. >> it is on our radar. we have a plan. we are implementing the plan. today we have moved from crews and resources from the southern part of our service area up to the bay area in the northern region where we anticipate the wind will have more impact on outages. >> the utility opens the emergency operation center to dole with power outages and have crews trimming trees. they hope you have prepared, as well. >> there are a number of hazards including downed power line. anchor your furniture and other lightweight items in the yard. >> pg&e says if you see a downed power line treat it as if it is line. do not go near it. call for help.
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another safety tip: if you lose power use flashlights rather than candles so you do not have the risk of a fire in the house. thank you, amy hollyfield. >> you can keep tabs hour by hour with the abc weather app free to download from apple app and google play and more information is at former san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh held the first news conference as the new head coach at the university of michigan. >> michigan football welcomed the coach through social media on twitter and the tweet says "it's official welcome home coach." our reporter, matt keller, has more. >> it look strange to see jim harbaugh not wearing red. he is all about the university of michigan feeling they landed the best coaches in football. >> please join me in welcoming
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jim to his first press conference as the family head coach of the university of michigan jim harbaugh. >> jim hard -- harbaugh's homecoming is official, the 20th head coach of the winningest college program in history. he flames his raspy voice on the show we are on the side lines and says it is a dream come true. >> to come back as football coach as the university of michigan...i have to say i have thought about that, dreamed about it since i was a young had at nine or ten. >> he was a star quaterback in the 80's if michigan coming in third in the heisman trophy race during the senior season. his dad, jack was assistant coach during the 70's for the womanç reasons. he was contacted by the
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university in the last couple of weeks and accepted the job yesterday. >> something that i have dreamed about. i felt it was time to live. susan and i felt like i made with my heart for myself and my family. >> there was a last question from the crud: who has it better than us? >> oh, buddy! >> the interim athletic director says the deal is worth more than $35 million with $2 million signing bonus and the possibility of several million more in incentives. the pay is the same he was making with the 49ers. a michigan blogger said jim harbaugh toll the university he didn't want to be the highest paid coach in football but was worried about the pay for his assistants. thank you matt. stanford is playing tonight at levi stadium and the new home of the san francisco 49ers where we are joined with a look at
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reaction from fans over the sudden changes. it is hard to believe a couple of days ago, jim harbaugh was here inside levee stall -- levi stadium. it changed fast. the organization and harbaugh are wasting no time moving forward. he now is the coach of the university of michigan and now the 49ers are searching for their new head coach. many fans knew it was coming. some say they are thankful for the success he had with the team over the past few years including taking the 49ers to the super bowl. some say they will still clear for him at michigan. before the 49ers harbaugh coached at stanford where he had a last success. as you mentioned tonight stanford played maryland at levi stadium for the foster farms bowl. we found some maryland fans a school new to the big ten and they say harbaugh is a good fit for michigan. >> it will be huge.
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maryland -- michigan was 6-6 a bad season so to have harbaugh there, that should town the program around. >> it will help the school. he is a good coach. he is a very good coach. >> 49ers fans adjust to the recent shakeup, michigan has made it no secret that they have wanted harbaugh for some time and now that it is official, fans and alumni are excited. the school football program tweeted a picture of harbaugh in his old jersey back when he was a quaterback and the message "welcome home coach," and a fan said he is wearing his khakis in honor of harbaugh day. that is his signature look. you probably remember the detroit paper that printed the wrong harbaugh on the cover yesterday by accident? today they got it right. we have also seen merchandise on sale in honor of harbaugh in
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michigan and things this say "ann arbaugh," rather than ann arbor. >> stanford takes on maryland in the foster farms bowl at levi stadium with kickoff at 7:00 on espn tonight. it is leading up to the national championship game on espn january 12. new this morning the south bay, fire investigators are trying to figure if a string of overnight fires are related to others set last week. three parked cars burst into flames with two in san jose and one campbell. the fires broke out around the same time starting shortly after 10:00 last night. investigators are trying to figure out if the fires are connected to three other car fires that break out in san jose last week. police say arson is suspected in the cases. >> officials are investigating a
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suspicious fire at an elementary school in south san jose breaking out after 10:00. one of the portable buildings was in flames but was quickly put out. school officials will assess the damage. students are out on break. firefighters in san francisco are investigating the cause of a fire in the south of market area started on the 3rd floor of a multistory building at 6th just after 8:00 this morning. firefighters quickly put it out there were temporary evacuations but people are in their homes and no one was hurt. emeryville police want to hear from anyone who may have seen a man shot at a gas station near interstate 80. several people called 9-1-1 to report the shooting at the union 76 on powell at 7:00 last night. the person would shot and left the scene before officers arrived. the 26-year-old victim is expected to survive. they are trying to figure out
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motive behind the shooting. >> police broke out what is an identity theft ring after falling you will on a stolen call. police rounded up three people early this morning. they found jason brown standing near a stolen car in a he tell parking lot and minutes player, two other suspects came from a room and led police to computers, stolen credit cards and narcotics. they had stolen mail from around the bay area. if you details in a double shooting in berkeley that left one man dead and sent a woman to the hospital. the couple were shot during the marijuana robbery in a parking lot. it happened before 10:00 last night. the man died at scene. the woman's condition is not known. the scene of the crime is now re-opened. police say the shooter left the scene in a car with others inside the vehicle. no arrests have been made. more trouble for airasia an
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official says a jet with 159 passengers on board overshot a runway in manila trying to land in wind. eastbound arab says no one was hurt and they activated an emergency slide to get everyone off safely. the search for the airasia jet which disappeared on sunday has turned into a recovery mission. authorities found six bodies in the java sea. three have been recovered. they have confirmed debris found floating in search area is in the plane. >> going green with your old iphone and how to recycle the device and put it to good use. >> a plan backfires for a burglar an attempt to get cash put him in
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>> former president george h w. bush has been released from houston hospital the he was under observation for shortness of both since last week. a spokesman said that he is well enough and now is resting at home. youtube video is lighting up the interpret after an attempt to blow up an a.t.m. blew up in his face. the australian masked man was knocked backward by an explosion that he set himself. did you know he did not expect that. he was trying to get money according to the investigators. the force of the explosion was so strong it knocked off his flip-flops and that caused him to run away barefoot. he got away without cash.
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meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with a very chilly and windy new area's forecast. plus making more of your old iphone. before toss it consider repumping it. we have three tricks to turn have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial...
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the con getty is flying in times square. if you year's eve is right around the corner. the cast of aladdin did a test run.
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there will be a ton of confetti in times square. >> the ball is on post, ready to drop 120' tomorrow night to ring in 2015. it is covered in crystals and 32,000 lights that containing -- change color. it is a tradition to drop the ball since 1907. >> for ideas on celebrating in the bay area go to with a list of evens take place in the bay area and how to get to them safely. it is so cold outside. mike? ought winds are cutting through and we don't say it often but you need wear layers to keep the wind from penetrating. >> now speaking of cold a lost times we get an arctic cold front it backs toward us and moves from east to west and that
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is what we are seeing from heavenly, the snow that is still blowing sideways but it is letting up. the seven-day forecast shows dry snow and it is tapering and not much more than an inch is possible but the temperature started out this morning at 4:30 when we came on the air at 22 and it is 18. that is arctic cold. even though we have the sunshine the temperatures are dropping and will be below freezing for 48 hours. you can see a few spotty white specifics. this is the google earth. this is the radar. a difference with radar more gray where the snow is. you can see nothing is beginning on other than the left over snow showers to the north. and check out the tree behind me in san rafael with gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. down in the south by, here is a look from san jose camera the winds are not so stiff but you
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are going to pick them up the next couple of hours with temperatures in the low 40's to 50's and we will not get much warmer. if you are out and about it will family about ten degrees cooler. we do not do wind chill until we are down to 40 but there is going to be a wind chill today and tonight and tomorrow. not a great day to be at the golden gate bridge because of the wind, not because of the clarity. look how beautiful it is. this is the easiest bridge to get over because the winds are running parallel. everyone else is going to run perpendicular. chilly winds freezing nights starting tonight law thursday and warmer and not is dry to weekend. you may be able to turn the humidifier off or not have chapped lips. the front is coming right down and fill pick up moisture, still, with snow possible in the high desert and the higher elevations around san diego and lossance tonight through tomorrow morning so the grapevine well watch that for you tomorrow. cold or windy and then the cold
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cops in, the winds are 35 to 45-miles-per-hour gusts and they will taper by tomorrow morning and we are waking up to 25 to thrive-miles-per-hour gusts with temperatures in the 30's and 40's and it will feel like the 20's and 30's and tomorrow we are down to 15 to 25 and it will feel cool. today there you go, highs in the upper 40's or low 50's and they will show the lows a lot so far this wintery because they have been a nonfactor. you can see what is going to happen during the game at levi stadium foster farm football mid-40's to upper 30's and it will feel ten degrees cooler than that and 30's and 40's and this is not the cold of the night. you wake up tomorrow morning and dress for 20's and 30's and at midnight thursday temperatures are going to be in the 30's everywhere but it will not be so windy and we will wake up thursday morning and you will wake up and it will be frosty unless the sun is up and forecast will be back on friday,
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and back to 50's and 60's this weekend, the cold of the days are ending the year and the beginning of the new year 2015. >> we are so spoiled. thank you mike. >> new this morning experts are helping us make the most of our iphone. it could be tempting to use the new one this are plenty of ways to puts the old one to good use all about re-purposing. here is an idea: it can be a primary navigation device by downloading the app that puts routes on the phone and projects the directions on the windshield. >> it can be your home control with a wi-fi connection you can access temperature control lighting and your home music system. >> and re-purpose the iphone by using it as a flash drive without using the storage on your new phone. >> or give it to your kid and only load educational aspects. >> a man brings "frozen" to life
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in wisconsin.
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>> a wisconsin man used a popular disney film to dream up a surprise for his grandson but
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he had to bait weeks for frozen weather. he designed a 4' tall copy of olaf from "frozen," and a storm delivered enough snow to built the masterpiece. >> it looks amazing. he is ready to try designing more cartoon snow characters. all he needs now is for elsa to come by and wave and make the lovely olaf come to life. >> and you can sing for us. ♪ do you want to build a snowman, snowman ♪ >> all the sogs are great. >> that does it for us. thanks for joining us.
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