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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 on new year's day. thank you for watching hopefully your first newscast of the new year. i am kristen sze. mike happy new year. >> thanks for staying us if you stayed up. >> watching the midnight in new york at 9:00, it is great and it was so cold in new york and so cold here so it feels the same. >> we will talk about that. >> live doppler hd shows fog developing in the central valley. that is where it will stay. we will talk about wind. they are still up enough that many places are not reaching their full potential as far as cooling. you have to get into the sheltered areas where it is
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coolest. in emeryville, you can see how calm it is. notice the traffic is coming from the city back out to the suburbs. that was the case this morning when i came in. for the next 24 hours, we are still in the 30's and 40's and we will be sunny at noon and upper 40's to mid-50's and low-to-mid 50's and not so breezy but just as bright. if you are headed out, it will be another cool one with low-to-mid 40's so be ready. the breezes of yesterday, they keep getting slower. >> what is funny we work new year's day and we wonder where the cars are coming from. >> you are talking about the cars in the wrong direction headed to the bay bridge toll plaza to get into san francisco not very busy as you can see from the picture. a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza that is our only and all is elsewhere in the bay
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area. we have news. we will start in san francisco. police are investigating after a man was shot in a disturbance in front of a 7-eleven store. in san jose, police are investigating the first shootings of 2015. after midnight two men were shot outside a nightclub where new year's celebrations were taking place. our reporter is at the scene. it happened just after the new year got started. police got the call at 12:30 to come to the reign nightclub and police are not here now. they wrapped up the investigation at the sketch. they are trying to figure out what happened and why. they got the call about a gunshot being fired and find two men had been shot. both men were taken to the hospital. at this point police say they do not know why the shootings happened. they are still trying to figure that out and will get us updates
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later this morning as they become available. they have detained several people so they can talk to them and try to figure out the circumstances surrounding the shooting. still a lost details to be revealed in san jose. we do know that two men were shot 30 minutes after the new year got started right here outside the nightclub. reporting live in san jose for abc7 news. of course, we also had a situation in san francisco where police are investigating after a man was shot in the foot and this was a disturbance in front of the 7-eleven store that happened at 10:30 on market street at 3rd street the gunman is in instead. police have not said what triggered the shooting or who was the victim. >> clean up is continuing on the san francisco embarcadero after the bay area's biggest and most visually spectacular celebration to bring in 2015.
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>> the spectacular annual fireworks show along the water front did not -- hit the point as the fireworks exploded over the bay. you could see the lights and colors for miles away. there was another story after the show was over. look at this people could look forward to at least an hour trying to get on the bay bridge to go home with so many people and so many cars. there was a so perking side to the festivities in the bay area. protesters in san francisco and oakland demonstrated against police shooting of unarmed blackmen. 50 demonstrators assembled signs and banners for a walk down the embarcardero in san francisco. they urged others to yell hands up don't shoot at midnight. a protesters wanted to make one thing clear. >> it is absolutely wrong for the authorities and the police to try to imply that these protests are somehow responsible
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for violence or what have you. all of this was started by police violence. >> there were no reports of violence from the protest. two protesters were arrested, though, for public drunkenness. in oakland at least 29 protesters were arrested when their rally against police brutality turned violent. we were over the crowd at 14th and broadway in oakland. an estimated 130 protesters blocked cars in the street. a firecracker was thrown at an officer. graffiti was painted on businesses and a trash can was lobbed against a police car. one arrest was if assault with a a deadly weapon. several buses were re-routed. another demonstration is set this afternoon at fruitvale bart station. >> police across america took extra steps to ensure their own safety after threats against officers on new year's appeared on social media including twitter # killabignight.
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the words follow the ambush murders of two new york city police officers while they sat inside their patrol car in brooklyn on december 20th. >> back here, san jose police are working this pairs to protect themselves. two officers will ride in each patrol car rather than the usual one from new until this morning. >> we want to ensure that we have the additional set of eyes we have an additional officer in the vehicle and the officers are safe. >> i am nervous for our officers. i recognize it has never been an easy job. it is often dangerous. this doesn't help. however, our chief is doing the right thing. >> police admit that by having two officers per car rather than one it will take them longer to get to some calls but they say the benefit is that pairing up will mean fewer officers have to call for backup. >> in san jose christmas in the park offered a fitting end to 20 fern.
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a free outdoor showing of disney "frozen," was packed with families who came out despate the type of frigid weather that elsa would love. we were there. >> sad to see 2014 end? "frozen" fans say "let it go." >> hundreds relative iraned the family friendly free entertainment. >> i researched and researched and researched things to do with the kids because we had no one to watch them. this was by far the best option. we are really, really grateful they offered this. >> the chill just added to the frozen experience for the night. >> we have mittens boots, layers. we are perfect. >> others were not so prepared. >> bad news mommy wanted her hat and gloves and i am in trouble. >> she loves the cold just like her idol. >> we got a lot of compliments
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and thanks for doing something like this. >> four three two one. >> much of 2015 remain as mystery you can get elsa and anna will cap by separate audiences. >> is this a good day to start of 2015? >> very good way. >> families at christmas in the park have a warm welcome to 2015 despite the cold. in san jose for abc7 news. this is the weather video everyone is talking about at the rose bowl yesterday afternoon gusts up to 60 miles per hour picked up tents and tossed them around in the area. mike is glued to the tube watching this. four people suffered minor injuries. look at that: wild scene slowing down the setup this afternoon for the florida state and oregon game. >> a freeze warning is keeping
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down the number of campers on the rose bowl with temperatures as low as 29 degrees expected. the fire department was out warning people to keep a lid on their warming fires and make sure that kids are bundled up. >> we have three layers on them. stockings. leggings. two pairs of socks. >> as soon as the count down to the new year was over many ran into their rvs or hotel room to beat the cold after, of course, saving their seats. >> bay area special olympian will be at the rose parade 31-year-old stehpanie will ride on the special olympics float. she has been competing in the special olympics for 25 years and she has medals in every sport offered in the game. we win her luck today. >> you can watch the rose parade this morning at 8:00 right here on abc7.
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i don't know who will be colder us or them? >> probably them. they will be in the low-to-mid 50's but they will have the wind which we will not have this afternoon. good morning everyone, i give you an update on the freeze warning, it is still out for all of the areas but for the san francisco shoreline and the coast and san francisco so we could have isolated spots still in the mid-20's the next couple of hours to the low 30's so keep the laboratories covered and keep the pets in for a couple more hours. forecast is possible and we will get down to 32 along the bayshore line so sensitive plants may not like that. keep them covered until 9:00. this is how it looks from the camera notice the palm trees are not dancing as they did yesterday although the lights on the bay bridge are bringing us a treat this morning. as we head into the afternoon, total sunshine again today and the air will be dry and calmer than yesterday. that will set allow us to get closer to average, 50 to 54 is as cool as we get.
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june to 56 inland and 53 to 56 around the bay. moving forwards look at mount tamalpais, remember how bouncing it was yesterday with the low to 40's, now they are only 10 to 15. each day on friday and saturday and sunday could be a "spare the air" day with the mid-60's by the weekend. now a check of traffic. >> you know there is not too much most of the folks have again home and we do have a couple of issues to talk about 580 has been a by decision spot this morning with an early accident, a fatal accident on the on-ramp from mcarthur to eastbound 580 which now is cleared and the ramp re-opened and there is a new accident eastbound 580 at follow links where a car came off the freeway too quickly and is wedged between the trees on the right shoulder of ramp so that is still there and c.h.p. is on the scene. be careful if your travels take you that way. >> still ahead on the only news, new year's eve celebration towns
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deadly in china, the investigation into what led up to a stampede. >> hundreds of new laws are in effect with the new year including big ones in the bay area. >> we have more weather and traffic all morning and we are looking from the camera and downtown san francisco. the exploritorium is open today if you are looking for something fun and educational that could be the ticket on this new female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up
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>> covering novato oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happy new year at 5:15, a gorgeous picture from las vegas, an estimated 350,000 people jammed the streets there to see the fireworks show. quite impressive. it seems like they are going off from every single hotel. sparklers burst from the top of every hotel roof in las vegas coordinated so the same type of fireworks exploded at the same time making for a very uniform gorgeous look. there were fears there was snow wiping out the fireworks. that did not happen. the tragedy in shanghai china, where the government called off the new year's day events while officials launch an investigation into the deadly new year's eve stampede with the
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death toll at 36. at least 47 more are injured after people on the steps trampled others on the famous riverfront the bund. people may have been trying to grab fake united states $100 bills thrown great above but others say that is not the case. families of the missing are looking for loved ones in hospitals. officials say most of the dead are young people. at least 25 were women. now to the air asia crash searchers are racing against time as they try to recover victims and the black boxes from flight 8501. strong currents have moved the wreck an 30 miles in one day. so far teams have recovered the bodies of seven of the 162 on board. the airasia crashed during the severe storm on sunday. more than 900 new state laws are in effect with the new year
5:17 am
including audrey's law named for the teenager in saratoga who was sexually assaulted while she was unconscious. she committed suicide later and her attackers only received 30 to 45 days in jail. >> starting today teens convicted of sex acts on someone would cannot give concept face tougher penalties. another law applying to college students requires both parties to say "i don't," to activity. undocumented immigrants can apply for driver's licenses. offices closed today of course but will process the new applications tomorrow. here is a look back at the biggest stories of 2014 on some made us clear and others made us question but they all made last year a year to remember.
5:18 am
>> what are your biggest memories from 2014? >> the earthquake and robin williams. >> those are big ones. >> on a local scale. other things nationally and internationally but that hit harder to home. >> those were the challenging ones and the giants world series win. >> figured that was yours. >> a lot of good moments and challenging growth moments for 2014 but now we welcome a new year. new year's resolutions? >> always. always be a better person, lose a little wheat.
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>> that is all us. >> hopefully you had a chance to have a good time with friends but now we are bundling up. >> it is so cold. >> if you are just going to bed it is cool. you notice that. go ahead. keep the tv on. small asleep, let our voices soothe you. >> we soothing. >> this is one morning where it is okay to fall asleep watching us, but not on the other morningings. >> we are look at live doppler hd and you can see how dry it is. because of that, we are starting off with cool conditions out there. i will show you those in a minute but, first, the calendar year. we have a rain year from july 1 to july 30 of the following year. this is the calendar year from january 1 to december 31. we did good, 25.55" and that is before our average of 23.65" so hopefully we see a turn in the right direction.
5:20 am
is the drought over? obviously, no. but it was nice to have all the rain we had and now we just need a little bit more. but in san jose and 101 and 880 a few cars and that is clear conditions. now, a look at one other area to the south where the temperatures are running 33 and we focus on there, 33 in money tape view and 33 in los gatos and the mid-30's around napa and novato and the breeze still is just strong enough to keep you above freezing and we are freezing in antioch and fairfield at 30 and santa resolution at 28 and oakland, san francisco 43 right now and check this out a beautiful picture, we will not see it much longer with the lights on the embarcadero center will be going around fairly soon. we will have a deep blue sky beautiful, beautiful blue sky the clear of the sky we will have moving forward if you like to get out there and take pictures of the bay area there are many points that are suitable to that, today is a good day to do that. it will be freezing inland in
5:21 am
the values the next couple of nices and a warm weekend but poor air quality is a possibility with a "spare the air" friday, saturday and sunday. the low brought the winds to pasadena but it is pulling away. it is chilly. it will be calmer for the game. we are under a dome of high pressure. it will still be breezy today. not quite like it was yesterday. low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods of the tonight check out the temperatures 20's out there especially in the north bay including cloverdale and santa rosa and napa is freezing cold and concord and san ramon valley and mid-to-upper 30's until you get to oakland and san mateo and half moon bay is the same as this morning, low-to-mid 40's. the seven-day forecast happy new year, and say hello to thermometer, and look at the temperatures hitting the low-to-mid 60's and we will have the possibility of "spare the air" day but a warm and dry
5:22 am
start. our next chance of rain is outside the seven-day forecast and it will roll in on thursday. >> thanks for the heads up and now traffic in the bay area not too much to speak of right now, you can see this is westbound 80 with an off-ramp accident. be aware if you are taking westbound 80 this is an accident right here. otherwise, in the bay area, it is quiet as folks head home after their celebrations. it is now 5:22. many have made resolutions to get in shape if the new year and we just talked about that. "consumer reports" pans with "7 on your side" to test out home exercise equipment. >> first, the golden gate bridge and we will wait-and-see how many seconds or minutes before a car comes into san francisco. folks are taking the day off so all is quiet and calm here. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, it is 5 many people have made resolutions to get in shape for new year. "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to test out home exercise equipment. here is michael finney with the days. good morning, everyone. you want to exercise but you cannot find the time. that is the common reason people skip workouts so "consumer reports" tested equipment to work at home. >> what you want to walk run stride or glide, "consumer reports" show how to find at-home machines that will rival what you have at the gym. >> we ever value -- evaluate
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equipment that can keep up with you. >> results show how easy the machines are to use. this recommended $3,700 treadmill has a screen that looks like a tab. the buttons on this top performer $2,300 are easy-to-read and push while you are on the move. for a lot less consider this $1500norzic track it offered excellent exercise range and it folds up so it will save space, too. "consumer reports" says ergonomics are key. >> you need to see how easy it is to pedal. >> do you not be too hard or too easy. >> when i try to peddle quickly it is instant. on this machine, when i try to pedal fast, it is hard to get it
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started. when i try to stop, it is almost impossible to stop. >> a good machine like offers 29 different pre-set workouts and is a "consumer reports" best buy at $800. >> whatever exercise equipment you buy, "consumer reports" says it is a good idea to bring your sneakers to the store to try it out and make sure the machine is comfortable for your body. the abc7 news morning news continues with the top stories: 2015 arrived with spectacular fireworks above san francisco with sights and sounds from the show. >> police keeping the peace on new year's eve. from new york, police monitored the profits and the celebrations 2015 started with a burst ofko violence in san jose.
5:28 am
i will have a report coming up next. in 2015 starting off on a quiet note look at live doppler hd showing a lack of moisture this morning and so does our forecast and that could mean a return of "spare the air". i will tell you when coming the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:30 on thursday, january 1 2015. you are starting the your right because you are tuning in to abc7 news. i am kristen sze. >> mice to -- nice to see you. >> did you go to sleep early or stay up? >> 9:00. watching a movie.
5:31 am
>> that marked the east coast new years. >> here, there it felt the same: frigid. like it should on new years. >> absolutely. "frozen." ♪ let it go ♪ >> we are letting >> a we are hitting the re-set button. this is fog developing to the central valley. a reason why it is not so cold this morning we are dealing with winds that are still breezy at times at 13 miles per hour and they are getting calmer as we head through the morning. an update on what is going on the freeze warning but for the san francisco bay shoreline and the cost and mid-20's which is a stopping of the grow season if you do not take care of the laboratories and crops advisory for the bay shore as temperatures could get to the 32-degree mark. from the east bay hills we will use that as a backdrop to talk
5:32 am
about the day planner, 30's and 40's through 7:00 and then mid-50's by noon and low-to-mid 50's through an afternoon full of blue skies sunshine and lighter wind. dress warmly this evening, we are back in the low 40's before you know it. >> thanks mike. leyla gulen is taking the day off with a quick traffic check. can you see this is the san mateo bridge a picture of folks headed eastbound and between going home after their new year's eve celebration. hopefully, everyone is fine and certainly no accidents in this spot. >> 2015 begins with a search for a gunman in san jose, two men are treated for injuries this morning as they were shot after midnight outside a nightclub where people were ringing in the new year. amy hollyfield? >> we are at the reign nightclub where gunshots rang out as 2015 was getting started. police got the call to come here
5:33 am
at 12:30 this morning. we are 59 south capitol expressway in san jose. the police arrived and found two men had been shot and they were both taken to the hospital. police say they have not made any arrests. they took a lot of people in for questioning to try to figure out what happened and why. they are still investigating the circumstances of the shooting. we know that two men were shot and taken to the hospital at 20 continue was getting -- as was getting started. >> we have developing news from sonoma county, a pickup truck left the road and slammed into the side of a house on warm springs road. when the firefighters got there the driver had run away. no one was inside the house and the truck took out a power line and caused a water and gas like because of broken pipes. firefighters took care of the water and pg&e crews got to the
5:34 am
gas. police have notified local hospitals to look out for anyone would looks like they may have been in a traffic accident. along the embarcadero clean up is underway from the big fireworks show. >> on the stroke of midnight thousands of people welcomed in 2015 along this side of the bay for a full 15 minutes, fireworks exploded in a display that could seen for miles but the smile was off -- smell -- smile was off the road because after the show there was a wait time of an more to get on the bay bridge because there were so many cars and so many people. beside fireworks bringing in 2015, there was tragedy. 35 people, possibly 36 killed in shanghai in a stampede during new year's sell operations at a huge fire in the philippines slum may have been sparked by
5:35 am
children's firecrackers. elizabeth hur is making the new year from new york. >> party and protesters from california to new york as 2015 kickoff across the country with police on high alert. the f.b.i. warning officers to be vigilant after the assassination of two north carolina officers citing copycat threats. >> any threat against me and my officers is dealt with quickly. >> in new york city authorities monitoring 70 threats against police but the protests for the most part remaining peaceful. >> police calling times square the safest place in new york city protected by thousands of the officers with the celebration kicking off in sydney harbor with seven tons of fireworks in the sky. in south korea, the traditional
5:36 am
ringing of the bell struck 108 times, a representation of our sins and desires. all ringing in the new year but the most unique and memorable way to do so ask the american astronauts. >> we figure we will be over midnight somewhere over the earth 16 times throughout this day. >> welcoming 2015 with all of us from above as protesters vow to continue their fight for justice in the new year. >> many of us will make a new year's resolution to exercise more and for us that could be buying a gym membership but not everyone who signs up actually uses them. can you believe that? some economist believe the fitness changes build the business models around no show members, some members have more
5:37 am
members than the facilities can accommodate. the slackers would never visit the gym keep the fees down for the folks who do. the behavior economists call this "precommitting, people will likely go because they have invested money in their membership. >> repair work conditions -- continues south of market after a sinkhole opened up on 4th street between market and mission. the question is: what caused the sinkhole? our reporter has that story. when you notice the sinkhole developing on friday night, below ground is where the tunnels have been dug for the $1.6 billion central subway project. the tunnels are complete but crews are now building what is called a cross passage for passengers to get from one side to the other in an emergency. >> this cross passage the technique used was ground free
5:38 am
and the ground was frozen properly. >> "ground freezing," uses pipes to fries the earth making it stable enough for underground construction. some highway muddy water and sand seeped into the site causing the street to sink. the point man on the project for the transportation agency has this to say. >> why was water leaking? >> we are investigating. it is premature to say that the ground thawed and allowed the water to infiltrate. what we suspect is that the water found its way through a fissuer. it is not uncommon to get into an underground construction site below sea level but agencies that this was not normal. critics of the roth believe that
5:39 am
buildings will now need constant monitoring. a manager at a hardware said crews have come to his basement a couple of times. >> they checked and double checked the foundation wall in relation to the street. >> the 1.7 mile subway route will now be inspected. >> we still have to investigate to determine what happened. right now we are focused on repairing the utility and road. >> the repair work is expected to be done by friday. >> the drakes bay oyster company at point reyes has sold its last oyster. the 100-year-old family owned farm will close after a long legal battle brought on by marin interest groups. the national park service owned the land. the federal government put a ban on oyster farming there. the lease ran out two years ago. in june the supreme court
5:40 am
refused to reveal an appeal did keep it open. they agreed to end all operations by yesterday. it will host a good by potluck for the public on saturday at point reyes station. >> a bay area decades old tribute to civil rights era ends this month. the freedom train commemorates martin luther king's march from selma to montgomery alabama and the rise has been taken into san francisco to commemorate the civil rights movement but officials say january 19 the ride will be the very last ride because of dwindling community interest. >> if you want to see the most exciting surf contests in the country in person, you are out of luck. the half moon bay review reports there is not a day of festival on the beach as the surf contest next time. organizers canceled for liability reasons. some area bars and restaurants will offer live coverage of the
5:41 am
event. the window opens today through march 31 for the contest. >> a look at air fares in 2015. should you wait to buy your next ticket or jump on it now? >> what is year for sports so much so we thought we would look become at the top seven moments. >> as we head to break check out the bay bridge toll plaza in the picture not very many cars heading into san francisco waiting to pay for their toll right now with weather and traffic during the entire commercial break with abc7 news
5:42 am
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covering benicia, san ramon san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. happy 2015. it is now 5:44, a few hours ago the space needle in seattle looked like it would take off to celebrate the new year. an estimated 400,000 people watched the fireworks show here from surrounding neighborhoods in below freezing temperatures. the eight minute show was courtesy of several thousand shots installed this week on the space needle fireworks crews. >> today is the day many college football fans have been waiting for with the start of the first college football playoffs later today. last night boise state and arizona battled in the fiesta
5:45 am
bowl. broncos turned the clock back to 2007 running the statute of liberty, 16 yours to the end zone and boise state was up 21-10, and the wild chats -- cats clawed their way because but the clock runs out and the broncos hung on for a 38-30 victory. >> all eyes are on college football today with the buffalo wild wings bowl is here at 10:00 a.m. on on the watch abc app and then college football semi finals, the rose bowl at 2:00 p.m. and the sugar bowl at 5:30. you can see both of those games on espn all leading up to the first ever national championship game on monday, january 12 at 5:30. again, on espn and watch espn app. >> 2015 is quit a year for bay
5:46 am
area sports fans. here is our news anchor with the seven most memorable moments of 2014. >> what a year in bay area sports sanford women ending the uconn winning street. 2014 was eventful for bay area sports. here are our most memorable seven moments. >> a different era. 33. there you go. the bench spreads curry has a clear field ahead. curry is trying to make it find yards. touchdown. raiders. that was down the left field.
5:47 am
he got it. are you kidding me? wow! >> kaepernick, looking up. this game is over. knocked in the air. intercepted by smith. >> it is going in. the giants win the >> i thought we accomplished great things. tremendous football. so many people worked so hard get us where the football team is. it has been a signature year in my life. >> wow!
5:48 am
>> i can watch that again and again but it makes me sad too pablo is in longer with us. >> harbaugh is gone on football side and pan low -- baseball. >> some goodbyes we did not want to say. >> hopefully someone will step up. it will be interesting and exciting to watch. >> full of hope for the new year and full of cold feelings brrr, getting into the car this morning. temperatures are running in the 20's and 30's in the inland valleys. live doppler hd shows you can see the clouds are going to stay out over the ocean as an offshore breeze is going to develop today. we will take a quick look back at san francisco 17 of the 31 days were wet with totals on there so you could see the bigger days with a .25" and our
5:49 am
wettest 48-hour period in 20 areas, but we were still a good 7.25" above average. walnut creek is usually packed with traffic. it is going the wrong way. we do see more traffic. this is coming northbound headed southbound where we untilally see tons of brake lights and that is a reason why leyla gulen is not here. we will show you what is going on 31 at petaluma and 29 in guerneville and 28 in santa rosa and everyone else is above freezing and we are above freezing for most of our inland valleys and it is breezy at 37 in lafayette, and same in new, 34 in cupertino and 33 in san jose and we have mid-to-upper 40's in san francisco and half moon bay and beautiful picture and i could look at this all morning, postcards from the exploritorium. we will turn this dark sky into a deep blue sky this afternoon with a slight warming trend and freezing inland valleys tonight and we are going to see a warming trend through the
5:50 am
weekend and possible a "spare the air" but low-to-mid 50's everywhere and cooler than agency. a good chance of breezy temperatures inland and maybe a patch of frost or two around palo alto and stanford in that area and we will still have 40's around san francisco and half moon bay. here is what is going on the low that brought the wind to pasadena and caused problems on the tents for the game. high pressure is settling over us and a warming trend if the new year but as we look at our san rafael camera this is an area that could possibly have poor air quality tomorrow. it could be the beginning of many "spare the air" days as we look at the seven day forecast, we are going to remain well above average all the way through starting on saturday wednesday. new we have the possibility of wet weather next thursday. that would stop the "spare the air" and the temperatures in the 60's. have a did start to the new area. we will, mike, thanks so much. not a great start in traffic in the east bay.
5:51 am
we will take a look at the map, eastbound 580, golf links road a car came off the freeway just too quickly and wound up wedged between the trees on the right shoulder of the ramp and c.h.p. is on the scene so be careful if you are driving past your area they are waiting for a tow truck. elsewhere, you are looking pretty if. >> airplanes go up-and-down but so do the air fares. will they go up or down for the fathers for the new year? it is said the fares control in 2015 and will be lower because fuel prices are declining. on average the lowest fees are offer on tuesday, got that, tuesday. you buy airline ticket debts on tuesday and by booking an average of 57 days ahead of time. prices shift our by hour so keep checking. >> otters at the aquarium at the bay in san francisco got an icy street but not for eating.
5:52 am
yesterday, the aquarium filled the attory home with 70's pounds of snow and the three river otters love to roll and slide in the snow. third skin acts like a warm snow suit so they kept on playing. >> there is no off button on a river otter. we designed this so there are a lot of things for them to do, surfaces to jump on, tunnels to crawl in and water to play in. >> they are playful. north american river otters were almost killed into extinction for the fur that capitals them warm. fortunately, conservation efforts are letsing them make a real come back in california especially in the marshes and the delta area. still ahead on the we morning news, a cool tradition and why people will be ice skating in bathing suiteds and beach wear later today. >> stay in the know with abc7
5:53 am
news looking at san mateo bridge where you can see the tail lights are just about equal with the headlights. not the usual commute with folks headed west today and just as many headed eastbound getting home after their sell -- celebration female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for better brands at better prices to help you maxx
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what matters most to you... anytime. maxx life. shop happening today if it is new year's the polar bear skate in union square in san francisco. this is how it looked last year i think skaters are urged to come in favorite suits and beach
5:56 am
clothing. a little colder today but i am sure folks will do it. the fun starts at 2:00 and hopefully, mike, it will be somewhat bearable because right now with the temperatures... >> it was warmer last year, ten degrees warmer than it will be today but when you are out of the sunshine you are fine. we have bikers going up san bruno and swimmers swimming to alcatraz. a lot is going on as we reset the calendar. we have a hold over from last night and that is a freeze warning for everywhere but the san francisco bay shore and the coast so keep everything protected until 9:00 we have a frost advisory for the bay shore from richmond to south san francisco but not including san francisco or the coast. some areas could get 32 degrees and we have very sensitive plants in that area because we do not expect to get that cold. it is calm are right new. it will be that way this afternoon. the new year begins dry and
5:57 am
sunny with low-to-mid 50's. as we move forward in the forecast we will continue a warming trip. here is the next three days. we will be in the 50's tomorrow. we will crack the 60's open saturday. and more so on sunday but watch out friday, saturday, sunday all could be winter "spare the air" days so no bumping of wood inside or outside and we will bring an update on that tomorrow morning at this time. >> right now we will worry about the cold. traffic rise not too much, we will say goodbye, happy new year and stay tuned. ed new
5:58 am
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