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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the streets as possible. you could be impacted in your home too. katie marzullo has that story. our max capacity is 55 but in this situation next steel weather we do try to accommodate more people. >> even if it is sleeping on a mat in san rafael there is normally a check in process, paperwork and a long-term plan to get someone on their feet but when it is freezing they try not to turn anyone away. >> say they are sleeping or camping outside, especially with health issues it is serious concern. we want them to take refuge here. >> the cold and dry weather brings another danger: air pollution from people burning wood. friday will be the first in what could be a series of "spare the air" days this first week of the new year. >> we have 1.4 million fireplaces. when they start burning the soot accumulates in the air and it leads to unhealthy levels.
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it makes protecting difficult. >> fines can run between $100 and $500 if you are burning wood. >> sometimes the lure of cold stone is too great. >> it is great. i like the coldness. >> this ice cream customer was born and raised in the north bay and goes to school in massachusetts. >> it is frigid and it freezes you to the bone but here it is not so bad. >> she could be tougher than some of us in california. in the central valley, fruit growers waters their citrus trees raising the temperature a degree or two above freezing so the crops are not damaged. plastic shelters help keep tropical fruit protected from the cold weather. freezing water has destroyed the late season bananas. you can watch the big chill with the weather app which is free to download from apple or google
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play with more information at >> police used a bean bag gun to subdue a man at an oakland bart station last night when police got a report of a man pointing a gun at passing vehicles. police spotted the man a chase began inside the bart station on 12th. the suspect was cornered and he refused to surrender police fired bean bag rounds. police recovered what turned out to be a bb gun. this affected bart service for an hour. yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the bay area's most controversial officer-involved shootings. a bart police officer shot and killed 22-year-old oscar grant on the lat follow of the fruitvale station on new year's day of 2009. yesterday, hundreds gathered to remember his life. the peaceful victim it comes when demonstrators protest police violence against men of color all across the country. oscar grant's family hoped the death could have been the last of its kind.
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>> a dialogue has to occur where we come together and talk about the divide the separation, of our people. >> former bart officer was tried and convicted of manslaughter in the death and sentenced to two careers in prison minus type served. police in south san francisco have recovered a gun suspected to be used shooting at two police officers. the suspect is accused of attempted murder and is in jail. he shot into the air and woke up neighbors near orange memorial park. the neighborhood was told to stay in their homes as police searched for him. when two officers found the suspect he shot at them. the officers fired back the he ran away. they were separate they were maybe one and then nothing and then a couple more and then boom, boom poop. i thought it was fireworks. my alley over here, they are always so nice and calm, what
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happened? >> police found gomez seven hours later and arrested him. the gun was found yesterday afternoon. former new york governor mario cuomo is remembers as a strong leader, a gifted speaker and a man of integrity. >> this nation is more a tal. of two cities than just a shining city on a hill. >> his 1984 speech at the democratic national convention in san francisco is regards by many as one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century the he died year at age of 82. his served three terms as governor and toyed with a presidential bid. his passion crossed party lines, both democratic and republican leaders are mourning his death. house minority leader pelosi commented on his passing saying this about the speech in san francisco "his language and leadership will echo through the ages as vital, just as urgent and as energizing as his address at the convention that day."
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>> the new mayor of the largest city of the bay area hit the ground running on the first day on the job sam liccardo took charge as the san jose mayor at 1:00 o'clock a.m. on new year's day when he load along with the police officers. here is more on the efforts to improve relations in the city and the criticism he is facing. the other night, sam liccardo toured the san jose largest cold weather shelter. >> he helped serve dinner to hundreds of homeless which surprised many here. >> whatever his intentions are, i hope they are for the right reason. >> everyone is trying to figure out the new mayor who succeeds termed out mayor chuck reed. the former city council member insists he wanted to improve relations with the police department and the city's labor unions. >> it is important for me to see and hear what is happening as we get rolling in the budget process. >> we don't see anything that he
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is willing to reach across the aisle or willing to collaborate. >> the representatives of the union, do not trust liccardo and question whether he will lure back employees and police officers who have left their positions claiming benefits and winds are too low. >> the same folks who were on popes me last election will continue to throw the rocks until we are able to demonstrate progress. >> voters tonight are excited about the city's future. >> i don't think the city needs too much change. safety is important. obviously. the city is going in the right direction. >> liccardo will officially be sworn in on tuesday. in san jose for abc 7. >> undocumented immigrants can apply for driver's licenses. dmv will process the new applications today. california now joins nine other states to grant undocumented immigrants access to licenses.
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the dmv hired 900 additional staffers and added saturday hours across the state to handle the expected crush of applications. our reporter will have a report at the top of the hour. >> today, it is graduation for the newest members of the san francisco police department. 45 graduates of the police academy will be sworn in as full time officers at the 6:00 p.m. ceremony at the scottish rite auditorium in a ceremony like this. graduates pasted a gradualing september to -- a grueling stent. >> enforcement and enforcement contributed to the second straight year of declining homicides. in 2014, 86 people were murdered down from 92 the professor year. according to our media partner, 66 of the victims were black and half of the suspects. the majority of victims were
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between the ages of 18 and 25 the same age group as most identified suspects. >> city of richmond has the lowest numbers of homicides in a year on record in 2014 with only 11. this is video from a homicide that happened in november. richmond was one of the most you have length cities in the nation. it had a record high 62 murders in 1990. police say it shows community facing can yield significant results. >> the fire station that was closed for two months because of mold is now back open. the firefighters moved back on new year's day with the heating and air conditioning and the water well-being fixed. the employees moved to a vacant brentwood station which now is closed. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco
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and the forecast. bring out the puffy jackets. >> get ready to scrape the frost. especially inland or in the santa clara valley. matt and i had to do that, this morning. live doppler hd showing a lack of wind out there. we have temperatures in the 30's in parts of san francisco and west postal is 39 and glenn park is 41 and 42 in the mission and downtown is 45 and through the ferry building it is 45 and 44 cross the golden gate bridge with 30 in palo alto and twine in santa clara and 32 in saratoga and check out tracy at 26 degrees and 29 in american canyon and petaluma so the stagnant air cools and also, it creates the opportunity for pollution build inwith fine matter in the north bay but all of us under the wood burning ban of a "spare the air" day. after starting in the 20's and 30's and 40's we will end up in the 50's with hazy sunshine and a light breeze and the ferry
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ride is calmer than most of the week. speaking of the ferry ride the golden gate bridge ferry is on extended holiday schedule. they are running but you may want to check the schedule. we have a solo card going through a guardrail and they are waiting for the tow truck. one of the right lanes could be blocked. warriors and toronto tonight at 7:30 for a heads up here with traffic fine through oakland. no problems. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no delays this morning but, of course, we will follow it for you and look at san mateo bridge, tail lights are headed westbound over the high-rise and everyone is looking good at 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. next, a damaged italian ferry is pulled to port after the deadly fire. why firefighters and a prosecutor will soon board the wrecked vessel. >> new laws for 2015 leading to
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a rise in prices and how it could cost you at the have market and on the roads. right now at the bay bridge toll plaza at the maybe babe it is running smoothly but crank up the heat we are keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break so you
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we have breaking news from the east bay. a police chase ins with a crash in oakland. alameda county sheriff deputies chase add white van from hayward to oakland. the driver tried to negotiate the 11th street off-ramp on i-980 but lost control and crashed. authorities detained the driver and the people inside. it is not clear why deputies started chasing that van. >> search crews have recovered the bodies of at least 30 airasia crash victims.
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five of the victims were found strapped if their seats. passenger plane crashed into the java sea on sunday with 162 people on board. the head of search-and-rescue agency said the search will continue as long as the weather allows. a key asset in the search is the uss sampson fitted with the most advanced so far -- sonar tracking systems. [ inaudible ] raw >> the airasia black boxes have not been recovered but crews have found an evacuation slide a life jacket, emergency door and luggage. >> the wreckage of a charred greek ferry reaches an italian port. firefighters and the prosecutor will board the wreckage to search for additional bodies from the place that killed 11 people. towing began yesterday afternoon
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and lasted 17 hours. italy says daring rescuers pulled 477 people from the top deck of the ship in strong winds. up to 100 people remain missing. >> former florida governor jeb bush is showing more sign he could run. he has resigned from all of the board memberships and continuation of a process that began in december when he said he will explore a white house bid. bush is seen as an early favorite of the republican establishment. daly city police will be out in full force looking if drivers who are not paying attention to bicyclists or pedestrians. the department has mapped out places where frequent bicycle and pedestrian collisions happen. extra officers will patrol the areas today and police will also look for pedestrians and bicyclists who fail to yield when drivers have the right-of-way. all traffic laws apply to bicyclists. >> bicyclists across the city call for improveing san
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francisco travel area. a study by the san francisco bicycle coalition identified 100 infrastructure problems, increasing the dangers of bicycling on city streets. several of the problems identified included potholes, gaps if bicycle lanes, and poor timing of traffic lights. three bicyclists died from car collisions last year. >> next time you head to the supermarket, you could notice a dozen of eggs cost more with mandating all eggs must come from chicken who have room to move and stretch. california import as third of the eggs so familiar others -- so termers must comply. >> i don't care about the chickens. i love my eggs. >> disappointing but we will buy. >> chickens should have more room of but the prices should not be raised. >> egg prices could go u dramatically at first and
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settling at 10 percent to 40 percent higher. >> gas prices could go back up because of new regulations that took affect with the new year. the new rules are part of new greenhouse gas emissions law making it more expensive to do business here and suppliers will likely hike the prices but it is not clear by how they will hike the prices. >> a gas station mishap is the latest viral video. a. with pulls to the pump and releases the gas cap is on other side. we all do that. she pulls around to the other side without turning the car around and cannot figure out why the gas cap is on the wrong side again. after circling the pump three times she goes inside to ask for help and after a 4th failed attempt she finally figures it out and turns the car around. with all these surveillance videos...we are all bound to make some...
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>> i feel for her. she must have had a brain fart. >> it may have only taken me two times rather than four. >> that was fun. >> it was cold there too. >> that is the thing. >> i got gas this morning i was worry about the gas freezing. >> i did it yesterday afternoon. i planned. >> smart. >> that is why i listen to the forecast. >> how many times ambassador -- around the pump kristen? >> i went straight to it. >> it is quiet this morning. we will talk about what happened in december and 2014. i will slow a lot of numbers at you. here is how much rain we received in december. he is how much we received in august of 2014. this is how much of the rain was
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contributed by december. 45 to 55 percent of our yearly total in 2014 fell during the 16-21-day period in december. while most of us ended up pretty close to average if the calendar year all of us fell in that one area. this is not good. we like did spread it out. as far as what is happening walnut creek is looking good this morning and this is one of the cooler spots, 29 right new in walnut creek. hazy sunshine, warming me begins today and it will be freezing one more night in our inland valley and it will be warmer all way through wednesday and the possibility of a "spare the air" day existing east day as the weather pattern is not going do change. today, mid-to-upper 50's with santa rosa, half moon bay and santa cruz at 57 and the warm spots include fairfield and antioch at 53 and tonight in 20, santa rosa napa, san ramon valley we will have freezing
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temperatures in part of the santa clara valley and palo alto is 35 and low 40's around richmond and oakland and san mateo and half moon bay and san francisco at 54 degrees. the high pressure shows it is not moving so it will continue with the clockwise flow and it is light offshore wind not allow ing us to fend off the pollution is we will have stagnant air and "spare the air" day. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's today and tomorrow, and 60's on sunday and low-to-mid 60's physical there is a chance of rain on thursday. sue? >> we will go outside right now and look at the roads, very light this friday, the second difficult of john. this is the richmond-san rafael toll plaza not a single car headed over to marin so that is what we predict for the morning. we saw the crews reconfiguring the lanes on the golden gate bridge sow have four headed into san francisco and two leaving marin and traffic is light off
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the waldo grade. we have one incident near milpitas southbound 880 before 237 we have debris in the lanes and cars are swerving to avoid it sods up we hope it does not turn into an accident and c.h.p. may need to do a traffic break to get the debris out of the lane. coming up, the first ever college football playoff semi final produced a sugar bowl stunner. we will tell you which teams are laying for the national championship. >> 2014 was not a great year at the box office for hollywood. >> there is the embarcardero and the bay bridge with beautiful start to to the day but it is freezing in many places. you can keep tab on weather and traffic through
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a look at sfo and we have cold temperatures. >> i will talk about the pac and the big ten with the ohio buckeyes beating the crimson stied of alabama 42-35 in the sugar bowl. cardale jones made his second start as quaterback but played like a seasoned player. make is picked off by steve miller and strike up the band, miller goes all the way, as do the buckeyes. >> so that means goodbye for alabama. buckeyes play the oregon ducks. this was never in doubt. heisman trophy winner led his team to victory over the defending champions at 59-20. at the rose bowl he threw for two touchdowns and ran for another and this is the first
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time a team scored 50 points in a rose bowl and the first time florida state lost in two careers. it will be ohio state versus oregon for the national championship on monday, john 12 at 5:30. a pack 12 and a big ten team you can catch it on espn and the watch espn app and las vegas odds makers make the ducks seven-point favorites. >> thanks for collecting we would be dating ourselves if we say pac 10 and iron click the big ten has 12 teams but they call themselves the big den. >> a lot of duck fans in the bay area. >> we do. >> ironically if the old bcs form that we would have had florida state against alabama in the championship games. >> i like it this way. >> meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. and the big 12 having ten teams. big ten had 12 teams.
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he state is on the third string quaterback. now, the precipitation for john, we are starting off very dry but we have qualify whats of being above, below, or average and hopefully the above average will squeeze a little bit further up to the north toward us and we will look at the temperatures, we are definitely going to be warmer-than-average with the highest category sitting on top of us. if you travel around the state, not so breezy but cool, low-to-mid 50's 58 in monterey low 60's around los angeles and san diego and palm springs and 42 above freezing, in lake tahoe. thanks. speaking of lake tahoe no chain restrictions at this hour and that is great news skiing is pretty good and this is a look at 80 through emeryville area and into berkeley and the bay bridge and macarthur maze all moving at the limit. no delays. we look at walnut creek, south 680, making the turn to highway 24, everyone is moving at the
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limit here and through the san ramon valley. now, day after new year's day we have most mass transit back on the regular schedule and the golden gate ferry is running an extended holiday schedule with no ace train from the central valley. the entertainment industry is hoping 20 continue will be a better year at the movies after fewer people hit the theaters last year. according to the "los angeles times" the box office hit $10.3 billion in 2014, down 5.2 percent from the record of 20 fern of $11 billion. there were a few bright spots for many of the studios "guardians," from disney was a surprise summer hit and of course this one "frozen," set records pulling in more than $400 million. >> it feels like you can build a snow man in the bay area.
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>> pg&e customers are paying more today for electricity and natural gas. >> i am elizabeth hur in new york and looking back on the life and legacy of former new york governor mario cuomo. >> as we head to break we leave you with abc7 news now looking at emeryville i-80 with traffic light. keeping on
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