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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> it is saturday, january 3rd thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. let's start off with a quick first look at the weather. lisa it sure is cold out there. >> it certainly is chris. good morning to you. we have a freeze warning in the east bay valleys and the santa cruz mountains until 9:00. if you look outside from emeryville, all is clear. we are looking at the temperatures dropping into the low 30s for san jose, morgan hill 467894 the warm spot san francisco. oakland good morning, 33. 37 half moon bay from our sutro tower camera. no fog to speak of, and with the clear sky, no wind, and dewpoints in the upper 20s, these temperatures will continue to drop. 30 napa.
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probable will upper 30s here. and 33 concord and livermore. so it is not quite as cold as yesterday morning, and i think we will be warmer tomorrow. with 20s and 30s this morning, we could have the freeze damage for the sensitive plants. once we do warm up -- we is a spare-the-air day today. we will talk more about the warmup and if there's any rage seven-day outlook coming up. chris. >> thank you. some people head out into the cold weather to enjoy fun winter activities but for others the frigid air causes problems and can really be dangerous. katie marzullo has more from walnut creek now on how people are coping. >> when you are young -- >> i'm pretty cold. >> fun wins out over weather. >> i think once a year. >> i am going to buy warm clothes and spend time with my friends. >> the ice skating rink, and
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people embrace the cold whether rather than avoid it. firefighters can't avoid it. >> we get a lot of burst pipes in their homes a lot of chimney fires. >> the harder calls. >> cold homeless folks we try to take care of as best we can. >> people like timothy beil who splits his time between a shelter and an encampment. >> we have blankets, we are wet and makes it colder. we sleep with all of our clothes and jackets on. >> timothy is trying to help people who are less fortunate than he is. >> i've been running back and forth between the shelter and the homeless camp, bringing them food and supplies and washing their laundry in the shelter. >> on this night his friend bought him den bier that doesn't change the fact he has a cold night ahead. >> it hasn't been good. >> homeless shelters i talked
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with this week say they are trying accommodate as many people as they can. it is a spare-the-air day so no woodburning and firefighters remind you if you are using a space heater in your house, make sure there is nothing near it that could possibly catch on fire. in walnut creek abc7 news. >> copy tabs on the dig chill with the abc7 news weather app. it's free to download from apple's app store or google play. you can also get information on >> in kentucky state police say a seven-year-old girl survived a small plane crashed that killed four people. it happened in the rural area of the state east of paducah. the child was able to walk to a nearby house to ask for help and is expected to be okay. the small piper reported engine trouble and lost contact with air-traffic control. victims have been identified as
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49-year-old marty gutzler, 45-year-old kimberly gutzler their daughter 9-year-old piper and their cousin, 14-year-old sierra wilder. all four were from nashville illinois. the name of the 7-year-old passenger is being be held at the request of family. >> people living in california illegally may now apply for a state driver's license. a huge crowd was at the dmv in san jose yesterday. so many people were there to turn in an application, even after the doors were closed for the day it took hours to process everyone left. they believe the program is sad for california because they say the new law compromises public safety and rewards those here illegally. but the dmv said the program is designed to help safety on the road. >> same licensing standards, we know folks are already driving but we need them to be licensed drivers. >> the dmv expects nearly
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1.4 million people to seek a license under this program in the next three years. once undocumented immigrants have their license, new drivers will need to satisfy another state law, getting auto ash innocence. agents say never have never purchased car insurance so they are setting bilingual outreach program. a man is recovering after he lost several finishingners a freak accident on new year's day. police say around is it 11:30 in the morning the man lit an illegal fireworks on cedar boulevard. the fireworks exploded in his hands them say it was probably an m-80 or m-1,000. he went to the hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. we know now the identity of the man for allegedly setting a spring of car fires in the south bay. acod are to go the media partner, the suspect is 37-year-old jason troy
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gilliland. he set as many as ten vehicles on fire along the san jose-campbell border since december 22nd. no one wags of hurt. he's now being held on half a million dollars bail for the arsons. pal amounts police are looking for a violent man targeting women wearing gold necklaces. police say a man ran up to a woman walk on milky way near west meadow drive before 6:00 thursday night. they say he ripped off the woman's gold chain and pushed her to the ground. she suffered from bumps and bruises. police tell us the suspect was able to get away. he's described as 5'8" with a muss cuelar built. >> a missioning man, -- the authorities said they hadn't seen him in several days. he lives near the san leandro hospital.
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he doesn't have a car. he typically walks everywhere he goes. if you have seen him, you are asked to call san leandro police. rent price necessary the bay area are skyrocketing and there's no sign of it slowing down. in 2014 the average monthly rent in san jose jumped 12% to more than $1800. and san francisco was right there, as well. rents rose 11% to nearly $1,600 average. in reality that won't get you much more than a small studio. sergio quintana has details from san francisco. >> it's one. san francisco's newest apartment communities. >> i know the apartment is about $3,500 a month. >> she moved here from rio de janeiro. she said she wouldn't be able to live here if her company wasn't able to pay for half of it for her six month assignment. >> i knew i was moving to one of
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the most expensive city in the u.s. but the tech thing is here so people can afford it. >> they said rent jumped last year because of the tech boom. they are expected to jump this year. for people just getting here many learned compromise may be testified. >> i said how about getting a roommate. and he this are like, a roommate? i'm 35, 40 years old. i haven't had a roommate since college. well, this is san francisco. >> the real estate consultant said rents now are the highest she's ever seen. she's able to place clients but it's not easy and always pricey. >> what's your biggest concern for the coming year? >> rentals being available. the rents, i suspect they are going to go up. >> for people who already live here, many are hoping to hang on to what they have got. >> i paid about $1700 a month for a junior one bedroom. if i moved in and out i think the rent would go up 400 bucks. >> there are a few new complexes
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out of construction but it's not clear how they will affect the market. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> 5:09 is the time. doctors are calling it the worst flu season in years. virus is spreading so fast across the country, some doctors are telling their patients to stay home. a physician's assistant in arizona is now treating sick people using a webcam. 15 children have died from the flu across the country. and part of the problem doctors say the flu vaccine is a bad match for this year's strain of flu. lisa, these winter weather conditions that doesn't help either if you are feeling under the weather. >> that's right. temperatures hovering right around freezing right now. from the exploratorium camera it's clear. this is one of the warmer locations right now 40sfo, 43 downtown. how about 43 in san jose, livermore and concord? with lower temperatures to come before we have a modest warmup.
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i'll explain and have a look whether or not we are going to see rain in the new year coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, the big winter tourist attraction in the bay area. it's puff season for elephant seals. we will show you that. and are you looking for love in the new year? why popular dating sites say that time of the year is this guess what goes really well with eggs? pillsbury grands biscuits. make breakfast even better. grands biscuits. make breakfast pop. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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this is an allen family production. and here's why we love chex. one, we love choices like chocolate, vanilla and honey nut. two, we don't love artificial colors or flavors. does anybody? and's gluten free. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. have you tried gluten free chex oatmeal and new chex granola mix? two more delicious reasons to love chex. >> recent storms have made the holidays a joy for both skiers and resort owners. but although skiers accept that coming down the mountain hasition dangers we explain a little known danger on the way up. >> this may be a skier's worst
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nightmare. slipping out and then falling from a moving ski lift, 45 feet up. this was a 17-year-old skier two years ago in new mexico. a five-year-old in new york sent to the hospital tuesday after falling 18 feet. and in upstate new york last weekend, a 44-year-old brooklyn mother fell 25 feet and died. there are roughly 3500 ski lifts in the united states but deaths are extremely rare. the u.s. ski industry said 15 people have been killed falling from ski lifts in the last four decades. they say the lifts are exceptionally safe and secure. mike is the safety manager at colorado's copper mountain ski resort. >> you don't want to wiggle around. get dorn and put the comfort bar down and sit still. >> the one in new mexico turns out he lost his balance trying to flow a snowball at a present.
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he was okay. >> if you think you are going to drop thing like a pole or glove, best to let it drop and let somebody come around and pick it up for you. >> knowing the risk and taking safety seriously is the only way to make sure that going up is as much fun as going down. abc news copper mountain, colorado. wednesday on new year's eve, more than 30 people were stranded on a central:00 ski lift. it happened at a resort either of merced. personnel had to evacuate the lift one person at a time. park service officials are urging the public not to collect any remaining shellfish is he otherwiser bay company's seashore. they said the last water has been removed. the 100-year-old family-owned farm closed wednesday after a
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long legal battle with the u.s. interior department over the loss of its lease. one of the bay area's great natural events is happening right now. it's puff earthing season for elephant seals. they are beaching at a state park in point reyes national seashore. abc7 news reporter wayne friedman shows you the wild event. >> they came by bus curious humans migrating to marin county, all for closeup views of big guys like this who arrive by sea. >> sleeping, soaking up the sun actually, dreaming away. that's what elephant seals do this time of year. best to not wake one. >> they show up twice a year and right now it's the mating season >> elephant seal interpreter. >> he may prefer to stay away from the prey. maybe he will go up there and
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breathe meekly when the other males are occupied and come back and spend most of the season down here. >> the foray if you can call it that is down the coast where other males some 16 feet long, and way 8,000 pounds carve out their territory and defend against intruders except females. but that said the males are kind of quiet this year. >> before they start they rear up and make a trumpeting noise. they are big and it might sound like a harley. >> hence the caution. if you pay close attention you would see a lot actually did happen. a new arrival. >> one just had a baby ten months ago. >> here's the photo. >> another healthy addition to what experts tell us is a thriving population. a few other people saw it, too. >> wow. >> within miles of a city.
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from the point reyes national seashore in marin county wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> is your new year's resolution to find love? you better hurry up. and plentyoffish forecast the most popular time for online dating is tomorrow from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. that's when most people sign on and check out potential partners. scientists say it's because people reflect what's missing in their lives and quickly try to change it. many of us become passionate about certain products on the products and it can be upsetting if the manufacture stops making it. but michael finney said there can be a provision. >> the lipstick you can't live without, the perfect shade of eye shadow. your signature perfume accident. when your favorite beauty
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product gets discontinued saying good-bye is not a good option. >> women guess so attached to their beauty products. you feel like you are losing a limb. >> some refuse to let the shelfing of her go-to cosmetics keep them off of her shelf. >> when you love what you love, you want it. >> i found a lip gloss i love so much from channell. so i then purchased 27 of that. >> they are keeping the secondary retail marked alive and well thanks to websites like it rediscovers discontinued products. >> if you haven't been discontinued, start by doing an online search. if your product has been gone for a while. there may be one seller that helps to make a product as close to the color as possible. >> and everything old can be made new again.
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some companies specialize in making must halves. >> some have resurrected 10,000 shades of discontinued makeup dating back to the 1930s. even attracting a-list celebrities. >> one of our most famous clients is angelina jolie. we've had the opportunity to blend for her and her makeup artist a beautiful shade, a perfectly color. >> beauty's best kept secret yet. you can also use the internet to find other discontinued products. maybe a favorite china. i posted a websites that are for finding products no longer made. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side." >> 5:19 is the time. are you ready for the first meteor shower of 2015? tonight is the best night to see it. that's when the meteor display
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is supposed to reach it's peek. it could be as many as 8 to meteors per hour. the best viewing hours are midnight to dawn. but will the weather stay clear so we can actually see it? let's bring in meteorologist lisa argen. what do you think? >> we will see a little fog tonight. some of the inland valleys will be clear. but actually right now the skies are clear and with we have the strong radiational cooling. check out live lopler 7hd. we aren't looking at precip out there. in fact nothing in the way of fog. so we are high and dry. boy, we are feeling that for sure. but it's not going to be as cold as it was making up yesterday morning. so that's a little bit of a bonus. but we do have air quality issues to pass along. emeryville right now, good morning. look at the numbers. everyone in the 30s except right at the coast. you are a couple degrees warmer here. half moon bay at 43. san francisco 43 for you.
5:21 am
it's 36 in san carlos and 32 in morgan hill. and 33 in san jose. dewpoints are in the upper 20s. so that means temperatures will drop another couple of degrees potentially around the bay. right now we are freezing in novato and fairfield at 32. 30 degrees in napa, santa rosa and 33 concord and livermore. so looking at numbers to go another 2 degrees colder or so for some upper 20s in livermore, and then we will begin to recover underneath a clear sky. so the freeze warning through 9:00 this morning with temperatures from the upper 20s to low 30s. and hopefully you have covered or brought in some of the sensitive plants and, of course, the pets as well. the north to east bay valleys and the santa cruz mount take place. so we are looking at numbers just a tad warmer in the inland valleys but it's colder. 3 degrees colder hayward and san carls with warming around the airport. but put it all together, a sunny
5:22 am
afternoon. temperatures aren't going to warm up much. we have a spare-the-air day today. north bay, the coast, and central bay have poor air quality. snow woodburning throughout the day today. you can already see it. you saw yesterday the haze in the atmosphere. look for the warmer temperatures to build in by monday and tuesday with plenty of 60s around the bay. ridge begins to slide to the east. not totally break down. we were looking at a system that perhaps could bring us some rain, but unfortunately looking at dry conditions. the best chance of showers coming in to the north bay on thursday. so here it is. double barrel high pressure with the strong ridge lasting into monday and tuesday. in fact, the closer it gets, it builds and allows for some fog and warmer temperatures to sit overhead, also creating the stagnate conditions. we will look for the slowly moderating temperatures throughout the morning hours tomorrow and into monday with
5:23 am
some fog and as a result afternoon temperatures will warm up. not today, though. 53 concord, 55 fremont. 57 san jose. 58 santa cruz with low 50s up in the north bay. overnight lows tonight, check it out. upper 30s to low 40s. a little bit of cloud cover and fog. we are warmer as we wake up into your sunday morning. then by the afternoon some sunshine. a few more clouds. that's going to help, as well keeping the temperatures up. here comes a warmer weather relatively speaking. monday and tuesday. then still dry on wednesday. a great chance of showers on thursday. back to partly cloudy friday. you see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with our weather app. we have more information at abc7 looks like we will get rain by the end of the week, but not likely. >> definitely we are starting the year off on a chilly note lisa. >> that's for sure. but we will work that out. >> thank you. coming up next remembering the
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his character tries to win the heart of the woman from the clutches of king richard but with a lot of humor. >> we don't want the prince to be the normal prince or the princess to be the normal princess or the knight. >> "galavant" will feature guest appearances. you can catch "galavant" when it premieres tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc7. directors of the steve jobs biopic are looking for a few actors. the film is set in 1984. between 1984 and 1988 and will portray some of the times leading up to the launch of key apple products. directors need a few extras. ladies willing to have curly or wavy air pumped up with an aqua net and men who grow fierce sigh burns and sharon shall hair. pay is minimum wage.
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actors must be 18 to 40 years old. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. two large pieces of the jet plane are located from air asia flight 8501. the latest on that. also for the first time ever, the golden gate bridge is going to close for an entire weekend. how it will be a nature valley crunchy granola bars give you energy from 1/3 of your daily whole grains. so 1/3 of this commercial is dedicated to what you could do with all that energy.
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>> thanks for joining us. we are are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the forecast. meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler hd for us. not a drop in the sky right now. >> and it's freezing cold out there, chris works windchill of 25 degrees in napa and fog in the north bay. a freeze warning is in eif he can. it has been over the north and east bay valleys and santa cruz mountains. temperatures continue to drop from the low 30s into the
5:31 am
upper 20s throughout the next couple of hours. right now it's freezing in fairfield. 30 in napa. santa rosa the warmer location. san francisco, the coast low 40s. but elsewhere look at everybody else, low 30s the san ramon valley and freezing in los gatos. but we are still a couple degrees warmer than we were yesterday morning. we will look for the overnight close to moderate in the days ahead. but by this afternoon with the sunshine, we are still looking at poor air quality. a spare-the-air day, especially the north bay and coast and coastal valleys. we will talk more in detail about that coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you were. 5:31 is our time. new this morning vice president joe biden is making a renewed push for the affordable care act. in his weekly address the vice president said many americans are beginning to realize what millions already know, that the affordable act is working. he goes on to say that everyone in america has a right to adequate health insurance and that the affordable care act
5:32 am
grants them that right. >> provides security. if you have a bad strain in your ankle or back and you don't have money to get treatment you can get treatment and wait and instead of putting it you have off and ending up with a chronic condition. it provides with freedom or opportunity so you can switch jobs or move to another city without the fear you will lose out on the health insurance with a company you don't have it with. >> vice president biden delivered the weekly address in place of president obama who is wrapping up a two-week vacation in hawaii. there is a recovery effort from the crash of air asia flight 8501. meanwhile indonesian officials said they found two large objects on the ocean floor and at least 30 objects have been recovered. the u.s. navy has released photos showing indonesian authorities retrieving victims recovered by the uss sampson. the black boxes however, are still missing.
5:33 am
here's abc reporter with new clues about what might have happened. >> recovery teams making the most progress yesterday. 30 bodies pulled from the water still strapped in their seats and three sitting in one row. this is apparently a window panel and this is a piece of luggage. all hoping to find out what happened to the doomed flight 8501. >> the absence of life jackets indicate there was no warning. it was a catastrophic accident of some sort. but if they hit the water at 500 miles an hour we would not find intact bodies. >> they believe the missing bodies are somewhere on the ocean floor. the waves and wind have drifted all this and they will be able to backtrack to find the main wreckage. >> this is all you see from up above. miles and miles of endless
5:34 am
weather. the bouncing waves and make every task more difficult. this helicopter aborting several attempts before bringing just one body bag back to shore. there are ships scouring the area and among them the uss navy ship. the commanding officer showing us their high-tech search tools. >> we rely on radar sonar helicopters. >> even with that technology, the race against type could come down to something as simple as the human eye. abc news indonesia. happening today mourners will gather in new york city to honor an nypd officer killed with his partner in an ambush shooting last month. the officer will be remembered at a weak today in brooklyn. his funeral and burial is scheduled for tomorrow. new york city mayor is expected to attend and officers are
5:35 am
asking other officers not to turn their back on the mayor like they did last week. liu and ramos were shot december 20th as they sat in their patrol car. jury selection is expected so begin monday for the boston marathon bombing suspect. he has pled not guilty to the 30 charges related to the explosion that killed three people and wounded 260 others. yesterday a judge denied the defense wherefore a postponement. they want the trial moved out of massachusetts. back here in the bay area, get ready for a traffic mess. it will be a different story next weekend when the golden gate bridge shuts down to install a new median barrier. we have more on the changes you will see when it reopens. >> first of all, northbound traffic can rejoice. other than losing six inches of width off of the lane next to the barrier everything remains
5:36 am
the same. it isn't the same story for drivers heading south. starting monday morning, january 12th the speed limit will drop from 55 to 45. >> i any that's good because at the moment people go 60 over the bridge very easily and nobody bothers them. >> but others worry the slower speed limit will increase their commute. >> i don't see the reason that they should do that. i don't think it's necessary. >> the new speed limit isn't the only change. this animation shows the southbound approach to the golden gate bridge will switch from a left to right merge to a right to left merge. no one we spoke to knew it was coming. >> it will take a little bit of getting used to. to be honest, i didn't know about it. >> i mean, i'm aware of what it is now, and i will change rhythm again, i guess. >> her friend was hit head on
5:37 am
crossing the bridge. >> she had multiple fractures her kid was involved in it. she was a physician. it changed her life forever. >> she said the changes are justified. >> we have to do these measures that are uncomfortable in some ways but in the long run they are hoping to stay healthy and alive. >> 36 people have died on the span since 1971. 166 those fatalities from head-on crashes. the bridge district said the new movable concrete barrier will reduce the potential for additional head-on collisions. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. drivers will not have access starting at 12:01:00 a.m. january 10th through 4:00 a.m. january 12th. golden gate transit bus less continue to run routes across the bridge. you can also walk or bike on the east sidewalk. however, the west sidewalk will be closed. emergency vehicles will still be allowed to cross. you can find additional
5:38 am
information about the closer on our website, happening today parents in oakland will hold a black lives matter event for children. it's organized by the group colorful mammas of the 95%. it's creating a space for children to hear stories and talk about racial injustice and what they can to to create change. it will feature story telling and playing and a march. san francisco police released the names of the three police officers and police sergeant involved in the fatal shooting in the vern he will heights neighborhood last year. according to the sfpd the four members of the department involved in the shoot be have been identified. a 28-year-old man was shot and
5:39 am
killed by police investigating reports of a man with a gun. officers fired when he appeared to draw a weapon. it turned out to be a taser. the person bass shot as many as 15 times. still ahead on the at day morning news. a vandalism, and what people are now asking the vandals. first a live look outside. a beautiful scene to wake up to as we begin the new year. lisa argen will have your complete accuweather mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of.
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>> 5:42 on your saturday morning. you think it's cold in the bay area now. at this resort temperatures are in the upper teens. yesterday there was plenty of sun and snow. check this out. kirkwood sent us this video showing skiers enjoying the conditions. the kirkwood area gets the most snow in california and it's the only resort in the state that's 100% open right now. looks can be deceiving. it looks so nice with the sun, but it's so cold. >> it is. just about 13 in parts of the sierra nevada. colder there. their base is still high and that's why they get so much snow. right now looking at sfo, no delays. how about 40 degrees for you? that's two degrees warmer than this time yesterday. but that's no comfort for folks in the north and east bay valleys. under a freeze warning. we will talk about your upper 20s, low 30s. then we warm up and maybe some rain in the forecast. we will let you know coming up. >> also next, a sight you don't
5:43 am
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uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. >> welcome back. good saturday morning to you. taking a live look from the emeryville camera. for now no major accidents to report. lisa will have a check weather-wise coming up in a few minutes. an iconic tree in napa has been vandalized. this is a eucalyptus tree. this lax like a moose head. but now someone has cutoff the moose head. abc7 news reporter lilian kim has the story. >> the napa tree moose has a large following in napa. it even has its own facebook page. over the years the growth on the side of the eucalyptus tree has taken on rainbow colors in honor
5:46 am
of same-sex marriage and often the colors of the napa high school. but now that it's gone people the napa has been in mourning. >> i don't think i have seen any other town that has something as unique as a moose head on a eucalyptus tree. it's really sad that someone took it. >> the moose disappeared new year's eve. one neighbor said it was around 11:00 p.m. when a husband alerted her to the sound of voices and chainsaw. >> i went to the back door and i said okay, it does sound like a chainsaw but i never put it together that the moose was chopped off. >> the moose's days on the road were already numbered. it was scheduled to be remove in the spring to make way of a sidewalk in a new housing subdivision but it was supposed to live on where it was going to be mounted on a bar wall for ultimategy. they still have hope that will happen. >> would like whoever took the moose, no questions asked. if you want to bring it down to city hall or the downtown joe's
5:47 am
and turn it in, we will make sure it's handled properly. >> her husband always wanted to paint the moose, but now will never get the chance. she came to the tree to create her own version. she said she will miss the original. >> i hope no one is just hanging it up on hair wall at home and not tell anybody because i feel it should be in a museum. it's iconic, it really is. >> an iconic piece of napa that residents hope will turn up and be part of the community once again. abc7 news. >> what a bumper to see lisa. it's been an icon for so many years. >> right. this morning in napa temperatures are dropping into the upper 20s. the windchill 25 right now. not quite as cold as it was yesterday. the dewpoints are slightly higher but it's cold enough. a freeze warning in areas. a frost frysry east bay shoreline and 7:25 sunrise, setting at 5:303. we will have the freezing
5:48 am
temperatures through 7:00. and by 8:00 things begin to moderate a bit. live doppler 7hd not showing anything in the way of cloud cover. and a look outside. emeryville this morning boy, it is cold everywhere with temperatures in the low 30s. freezing in morgan hill. 33 san jose. it's 33 in oakland with 43 san francisco, 40 at the airport. and 39 half moon bay. it look from our sutro tower camera. clear sky, light wind. a maximal radiational cooling allowing for temperatures to drop below freezing. for the north bay valleys, santa rosa napa fairfield 33, concord and livermore. with still lower temperatures to come. we are looking at 20s 30s, 40s by the bay. here is where we are concerned with the freezing conditions. so, of course, sensitive plants, animals, all affected with the freezing cold weather. we will look for a sunny
5:49 am
afternoon, but not without this, the spare the air day. the poor air quality for you in the north bay, the coast the central bay. hazy condition and we will look for medium air quality the rest of the day. no woodburning is advised throughout the day today. hopefully we can get the atmosphere with little more mixing, some slight warming and getting rain in here would be great. but we are looking at only a slight chance of that. below freezing temperatures inland with warmer temperatures headed here by the beginning of the work week, monday and tuesday. earlier it looked like the ridge would break down and bring in rain, but unfortunately only a chance of that in the north bay by thursday. we are looking overall on the dry side. still early. we will still fine-tune this for you, but right now we are looking at double-barrel high pressure bringing in the clear and warmer conditions, and as the high builds in into next week. right now the high is compressing the atmosphere
5:50 am
pushing the particulates down to the surface and creating the pollutants and the spare the air day. we will look for dry conditions in the sierra nevada. the good news with this look where we were last year. we need way more, but it is much better. the sierra nevada snowpack lagging behind in terms of the rain-to-snow equivalent whereas in the bay area we are still 150% to 200% of normal for the rainy season. it's good but we need more. it's been really dry the last couple weeks. 52 yosemite and 48. pretty good recovery in the sierra nevada today. we will look for high temperatures in the mid-50s. 63 san rafael with warmer numbers in the south bay and the coast, 57. 58 santa cruz. tonight we will be warmer in the low 40 #* 40s the mid-40s in the city. and over in oakland. but look at that. 40 in san jose. 39 in vallejo.
5:51 am
accuweather seven-day forecast slowly warming temperatures and sunshine tomorrow. warmest day should be the middle of the week. and then look for increasing clouds maybe a few drifts and drizzle thursday. that's about it. that's about all we can handle. >> and withed to being a spare-the-air day, probably best to get your exercise in early in the morning, right lisa? >> great idea. >> lisa, thank you. turning to sports. tonight the san jose sharks host the st. louis blues. the puck drops at 7:30. last night the warriors tinted their sixth game homestand against the toronto raptors in a battle of conference leaders. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights of this morning's sports report. good morning everybody. the warriors have the best record in the west. surprising toronto raptors came in leading the east. they would meet last night at the oracle arena. this game was filled with big runs. warriors a 25-5. only lost one game at home this
5:52 am
season. and the pace fast and furious. first quarter the steal. seth curry, and defenders closing in. reverses up and in. he tips it in. toronto up 2. seth with one of his 12 assists. sweet dish. no look to green. third, seth, splash. warriors back up 21. thompson finishes with 20. warriors have five in double figures. seth with authority dunking over kyle lowry. maurice speights at 26. and green had his first career triple-double. 16 points, 1 assists, 11 rebounds. feeding seth there for the jumper. the warriors win their 11th straight at oracle. 126-105. college hoops, cal opening play against number 21 washington. the bears are coming up.
5:53 am
another slow start in this one. the first shot. ninth was the dunk. down 5 at the break. jordan matthews on fire. finished with a game high 31. cal winner 81-75. stanford in their conference opener, as well against washington state. this game tipped off at 11:00 a.m. anthony brown got the wake-up call that a lost guys missed. coast-to-coast, 13 points, 11 boards. that's what brown does for you. and then he explodes. the step back and jumper to beat the shot clock. he would finish with 18 points. stanford wins 71-56. they play in bowl games seemingly more ever but the finish to the armed forces bowl made history because it was sane. houston came back from a 25 point deficit against pittsburgh. fourth quarter, the cougars gown 34-14. greg ward would hit green over the middle. panthers up 34-20. houston on-side kick and it
5:54 am
works. they recover. go right back on offense. facing fourth and 13. he hits him in stride. 29 yards. houston down by only 7. the second on-side kick. the ball loose, they recovered again! 1:06 left. green again. this time 25 yards. somebody cover him! cougars down one, go for the win, and ward looking, looking throwing, catching and good night, game over drive home safely! the cougars score 22 unanswered in the last 3:41. the largest bowl forth quarter come back in bowl history. that's a wrap-up. have a great weekend everybody! i'm larry beil. >> 5:54, the time. up next, they say a cat has nine lives and a bobcat in arizona uses up one of them. how it ended up in the grill of a man's
5:55 am
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>> knew this morning, an unusual discovery in scottsdale, arizona after a bobcat was found inside the grill of a car. aj michael said he was driving about 45 to 50 miles an hour when he hit a large cat. he said he thought the cat died. michael said when he stopped to check the vehicle for damage, though, that's when he saw the bobcat stuck in the car's grill. >> you have a wild animal a lync, and you have the fact that it had basically not used up any of it's nine lives, which is a miracle. i felt very badly that it had been hit, and i thought i had killed it. but it is definitely a new year's miracle. >> police and animal control were called out to the scene to get the cat out. they said the animal appeared to be in good health. next on the abc7 news at 6:00.
5:58 am
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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. it's saturday, january 3rd. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, we need the rain. it doesn't look like we are going to get any this week? >> there's just a slight chance chris. right now we are concerned with the freezing cold temperatures. live doppler 7hd showing the clear sky and a freeze warning that went into effect overnight. it's still with us through 9:00. northeast bay valleys, the santa cruz mountains anticipating temperatures to go lower than they are right now.


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