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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking right now, sole survivor. a 7-year-old girl walked away from the plane crash that killed her entire family. wandering through the woods in the dark. to find help on a stranger's doorstep. >> she did good for a 7-year-old girl, i'll tell you that. >> how did this happen? team coverage of the key west holiday vacation that ended in tragedy. >> new this morning, severe storms. snow and freezing rain causing a travel mess for millions. massive pileups leaving drivers stranded for hours. burnt out shells of cars and overturned trucks. winter warnings and watches and the polar plunge in store for next week. caught on tape, the dramatic 911 call made by a georgia
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police chief. calling to say he shot his wife in their bed. >> what's your name sir? >> oh my god. how the hell did this happen? >> the latest on this bizarre case. and sing us a song. ♪ it's 9:00 on a saturday ♪ kevin spacey upstaging the piano man? the star-studded tribute to billy joel. hey, good morning, paula is off. we are very pleased, however to have 20/20 anchor elizabeth vargas in this morning. great to see you. >> great to see you. so nice to be with you, happy new year. especially with this incredible story breaking overnight. how a young 7-year-old girl became the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her entire family.
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>> they were flying home from their new year's eve celebration in florida when something went very, very wrong on their private plane. one of the engines failed. and minutes later, the crash in the woods in the kentucky. we have team coverage. and start with gloria riviera. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan, elizabeth. authorities say this plane went down just 7 miles from a local airport after the pilot made that severe distress call. sadly it would end in tragedy for everyone on board but one. a very special, very brave little girl. overnight investigators still searching for answers as to what took down this family's plane flying from key west to mount vernon airport in illinois. just outside memphis, tennessee, air traffic control lost contact with the plane after receiving a distress call that one of its engines had failed. minutes later, the piper pa-34 crashing into a remote wooded area in kentucky. the only survivor on board, a 7-year-old girl able to escape on foot, walking a quarter of a
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mime through hilly terrain and dense woods to a nearby home. >> a 7-year-old has just come out of the woods alone. scratched up and i think she was involved in a plane crash. >> reporter: larry wilkins tells abc news that when the young girl knocked on his door she seemed disoriented and had a bloody nose. >> about 20 minutes after 6:00, heard a knock on the door or the dogs heard a knock on the door. and opened the door, and there's a little girl, about 7 years old. bloody, has a bloody nose, legs and arms were bleeding. crying. and she told me that her parents were dead. and she had been in a plane crash. and the plane was upside down. >> reporter: she was transported to a nearby hospital miraculously with only minor injuries. >> i'm going to need an ems down here. this little girl is critical. >> reporter: officials confirms overnight, her family on board that small plane, her mother, father, older sister and 14-year-old cousin all dead by
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the time authorities discovered the plane's wreckage. this morning mourners have begun flooding the victim's facebook page with condolences. kentucky police call this little girl's trek to safety nothing short of amazing. her walk on the cold, wet night after such trauma, this was not a heavily populated area. just one home in a dense, wooded area, but she made it. >> amazing she found her way to the house. perhaps there was a light on. extraordinary story. great to hear from them as well. thank you. >> and now turn to colonel steve ganyard, our aviation expert to get some insight what happened to that flight. according to what the little girl told a neighbor, the plane was flying upside down, what does that tell you was going on, especially after the pilot radioed he was having engine trouble? >> we don't know what happened to the airplane after it impacted into the woods. perhaps it flipped upside down when it impacted. you know you look at the
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terrain. it's rough terrain, it's night time. losing an engine in a heavily-loaded airplane, that's a tough situation for any pilot to be in. >> it's a piper pa-34, i believe, is what it's called, it has two engines, aren't they designed to fly with just one engine? couldn't it fly even after one engine failed ? >> it's called a seneca, yes, it should be able to. it's designed to fly just fine on one engine. but, again, it's so heavily loaded. it's night time. if you lose an engine, there's a lot of pilot proficiency needed. we don't know what else was going on. >> what's the safety record of this plane? >> it's good. it's a good airplane in production for a long time. but, again, very tough situation. we don't know what else was going on. this pilot had his hands full when he lost that engine. >> was there an airport nearby to try to land safely? >> it sounded like he was trying to make his way towards an airport where he could have put the airplane down. we don't know the circumstances and how close he was to the airport. >> but, again, in heavily terrained area.
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one interesting thing we do know the 7-year-old girl was the only survivor. the seat configuration is 2-2-2. was she sitting in the back and it could have contributed to her survival? >> she could have been. so if the plane went in nose-first and she was at the very back. she would have been prevented -- most of the plane would have cushioned her in the front of the airplane. that could be where she was. it's a miracle she survived something this terrible and tragic. >> a miracle indeed. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> we also want to bring in abc's senior medical contributor, dr. jen ashton. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have heard of stories where the survivor is a child. is there any medical explanation for that? >> it does seem so anecdotally, but there's no medical reason or scientific reasoning for that. we know that kids are incredibly resilient. but factors associated with a survival in a plane crash, again, where you're seated.
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and again with any high-speed trauma, restrained or unrestrained. whether you have a seat belt on or not. >> how do you explain she was able to get out and through the woods to find a stranger. >> this is the fight or flight response. the adrenaline, stress hormone. clearly there's an element of emotional shock as well as physical shock. but if she's able to survive the initial impact without a head injury, then she's talking about a five to 15 minute walk through the dark in very scary situation. it's incredible. >> given the fact that nobody else survived, what kind of injuries do you think we're dealing with for this little girl this morning? >> there's a principle in emergency medicine with a motor vehicle accident. there are fatalities at the scene, it gives us an indication of the degree of trauma. clearly this is no different. when there are no survivors, it tells us the impact, the velocity was significant. we worry about deceleration injuries, the internal blood vessels are torn. obviously you also worry about
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head trauma fractures. and the psychological trauma. this little girl lost her entire family. >> i was going to ask about that. we were talking about physical injuries, but what do you do about the psychological trauma? >> the medical is the easy part, the counselling, the emotional part. that's going to take months if not years. that's where the attention is probably focused today. >> great to have your insight. we appreciate it. >> she sounded like she was in shock. and was aware of the fact that her parents were both dead. >> incredible story. >> thank you. and moving on to the other plane crash in the headlines this week, search teams reporting they have located two large objects at the bottom of the java sea. there is speculation it could be chunks from the fuselage where most of the bodies are believed to be. muhammad lila with more now from surabaya, indonesia. >> reporter: good morning. the two parts of the plane that have been found are submerged under a hundred feet of water.
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investigators are now racing to get to them. overnight, a big breakthrough. a week after airasia flight 8501 went down, investigators used sonar to locate two large pieces of the plane. one of them a full 30 feet wide. but getting to the wreckage isn't easy. they're on the ocean floor 100 feet under water. they are trying to lower remote control vehicles to take pictures, but waves are hampering the search. a search joined officially by a second american ship, the uss fort worth. that pounding wind just a small taste of what the crew will be facing at sea. >> the uss fort worth is ready to assist the indonesian government in any way in the recovery efforts. >> reporter: the ship's equipped with sensors, sonars and tracking devices. and they've already been training search and rescue drills on deck. the ship's bridge looks like something out of "star trek."
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we got a first-hand look at the futuristic technology on board its sister ship the uss freedom. >> we would have submarine sonar capability, which we would use to go ahead and find anything that's below the water. >> reporter: indonesia's transportation ministry has suspended the flights from surabaya to singapore. that's because the airline didn't have the right permit to fly that route on the day the plane crashed. dan. >> back home now. move on to the storms socking a large part of the country with dangerous snow and ice making driving very treacherous. it's moving east with an arctic blast behind it. and rob marciano is tracking it all. good morning. >> good morning. look at the satellite, just a mess. this storm encompasses half of the country from new mexico to the northeast. and winter weather advisories that stretch over couple dozen states at this hour. winter weather advisory for parts of new mexico. snow there. freezing rain, snow across western texas. some of that, it piles up. a mixture of snow and sleet from
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chicago to detroit. a pocket of freezing rain expected across the valleys of pennsylvania. and a winter weather storm warning for the interior northeast. especially new england. all this as people are trying to wrap up holiday travel. this morning millions of americans returning home are bracing for more treacherous winter weather. the snow and freezing rain spreading mayhem. over 20 states with winter weather advisories in effect. a snow squall created hazardous driving conditions that led to a 35-car pileup on new hampshire's interstate 93. one car catching fire. >> going 45 miles an hour, all of a sudden it's black ice. >> reporter: frigid temperatures and black ice caused drivers in western texas to spin out of control and trucks to jackknife. officials urging residents to avoid driving. >> oh, my goodness. >> last night it looked like snow. and then this morning it's ice. >> reporter: and winter weather not only providing delays to
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travelers on the ground, but passengers in the skies are having a tough time as well. flights delayed while planes are de-iced. now the winter weather is on the move, bringing unsettled weather to the east. and there is a warm side to this system. severe weather across the south. severe weather warnings in northern louisiana and flooding that required rescues in polk county, arkansas. and heavy rain across the southeast. and the mixture just to the north of this area. and the snow turns to rain across the northeast. temperatures tomorrow in the 60s. and drastically colder on monday and tuesday. wild swings in temperatures. that's through the next several days. we'll talk about the cold snap later in the program. >> 60s? that sounds schizophrenic weather-wise. thanks so much. we turn now to president obama retaliating against north korea for the damaging cyber attack on sony. imposing new sanctions. this is the first time that the government has taken a move like this in response to a direct cyber attack on a u.s. company.
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and the white house says there is more to come. abc's jim avila is with the president in honolulu. jim. >> reporter: good morning. the hawaii vacation ends today, but not before president obama strikes back at north korea. this morning president obama stands strongly behind the fbi assessment that north korea hacked sony, and not former movie company employees as reported by some on the internet. so strongly that for the first time in history, the obama administration ordered targeted sanctions against a country accused of launching a cyber attack against a u.s. company, sony pictures. the president signing an executive order sanctioning kim jong-un, his political friends in the north korean intelligence and defense agencies the workers party and three government-backed military companies. president obama promised a response, and while not ruling out covert actions, this was the first public step. >> i don't think it was an act
7:14 am
of war. i think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly very expensive. we take it seriously. >> reporter: the internet in north korea was down for ten hours yesterday, the u.s. won't say if it was behind the outage or confirm if it was a cyber attack. president obama and the family wrap up the golf and beach vacation tonight heading back to d.c. with so far no global crisis interrupting the schedule. >> jim in hawaii. nice duty. >> not bad. not bad this time of year. and now to ron claiborne for the rest of the headlines. hey, ron. >> hey, welcome elizabeth, dan. sara, hi. >> oh, you. >> oh, you. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the new york city police department on high alert this morning after receiving nearly a hundred threats in the two weeks since the ambush murders of two police officers in brooklyn. the recent threats led to 21 arrests. and this morning the police commissioner, meanwhile, is urging officers not to make political statements during
7:15 am
tomorrow's funeral for one of the slain officers, liu. they turned their backs when mayor bill de blasio spoke last saturday for officer rafael ramos. and new concerns for american personnel in israel. jewish settlers threw rocks at a convoy of diplomatic officials who were looking at alleged destruction to palestinian property in the west bank. the settlers are speaking out against what they call foreign interference. but this was the first physical attack. and dying of liver failure days before his trial was to begin. he was accused of plotting the 1998 embassy bombings in africa. he was captured in 2013 in a raid on his house by libyan co man mmandos. and a house explosion in illinois, one killed, one injured when the house burst into flames. this was friday afternoon.
7:16 am
one person saw a person working on a propane tank before the explosion. no word on what caused the deadly blast. caught on camera. a canadian tourist got more than he bargained for. it was a high-flying zip line ride in vegas. the slide, slotzilla. >> what? >> it malfunctioned leaving this guy dangling 70 feet above the street. fire fighters used a ladder and basket to lower the guy to safety. he was lowered to safety and given a refund for slotzilla, but refused for some reason a free meal. maybe he was suspicious. >> confirms my suspicion that you cannot participate in something with the suffix zilla and in vegas. and finally, behinds the scenes inside the white house this past year. the president taking part in america's newest pasttime, the selfie. >> come on, we'll figure it out. >> up a little bit. >> start. >> the commander in chief and alleged photograph enthusiast, turning the tables. taking his own snap shots.
7:17 am
and having fun with actor zach galifianakis. >> i'm going to touch this. >> don't touch this. thanks for letting me shoot my show here all these years. you have been shooting these shows here in the diplomatic room? who gave you permission to do that? >> bush. >> seriously? >> that's right. bush gave him the permission. the current president also showing off his jogging routine and apparently likes to announce, quote, potus on board when he gets on to air force one. similar to sara announcing pop on board. >> pop on set is what i say when i arrive. >> i like the shot of the president and vice president joe biden jogging in their suits and ties. really? really, guys? break out the sweat suits. yeah. thanks, ron. >> thanks, ron. come on down, those are the three words that audience members on the price is right dream of hearing. once in the show's white hot
7:18 am
spotlight, nobody knows what's happening next. case in point, a recent incident that has a lot of people talking this morning. and sara is here to tell us exactly what happened. >> i have no idea why they assigned this to me. maybe you know that moment when you get your shot, and the money's on the line. and things don't go quite as you had hoped. take a look. on price is right, you either guess the right price -- >> 900. >> $2125. >> 700. >> reporter: or maybe not. >> iphone 6. >> 7,500. >> reporter: 7500? really? for an iphone? she's not alone. the next bidder pulling the classic price is right move. >> 7501. >> i hope the people at apple are watching this. actual retail price, $1069. >> reporter: they lost out on the phone, and perhaps a little pride. australia's millionaire, proving too hot for this contestant.
7:19 am
>> which of these is not a piece of jewelry commonly worn to symbolize a relationship between two people. engagement ring, anniversary ring, wedding ring, burger ring. >> i'm going to go with b on that one, eddie. the anniversary ring. >> reporter: failing to spot the glaringly obvious answer. >> which is not a piece of jewelry. not a piece of -- >> oh, burger ring oh my god. >> reporter: even admitting her humiliation. >> that is the most embarrassing thing to happen to me. >> reporter: over on the wheel of fortune, the wheel stops on the million dollar spot for the freshman. >> c. >> all he needs to do is read the answer. >> mythological hero achileez. >> reporter: achileez? >> i'll solve.
7:20 am
mythlogical hero achilleskilchillesachilles. >> reporter: with the stakes and pressure so high anything can happen. >> 7500. >> that's just amazing. >> achileez? >> i feel for him. i totally feel for him. >> he's nervous. >> once read facade in college. embarrassment, i have not gotten over it. >> there you go. there you go. >> you come on the air saturdays and sundays. >> and i still say those things. >> i think those apple guys maybe need to -- >> can you believe that guy -- why didn't the audience say, no, no. you're going the wrong way. >> she was so heavily advertised. just everywhere. anyway. >> the mysteries of price is right on a saturday morning. let's get it over to rob marciano with the mysteries of the weather. what's going on? >> there are rules like in blackjack. rules you have to go by. if somebody bets big money, you have to go one dollar over. that's the way it goes in the price is right. you have to roll the dice there. listen, the snow across amarillo, texas.
7:21 am
it was snowing this morning. and took this shot and sent it in. and we have winter weather advisories in effect. but it's a warm sector. new orleans, 76 degrees. some storms are strong to severe. isolated tornados as well. from new orleans back to biloxi and montgomery. look at tampa and miami. it's in the lower 80s. pumping up the heat. with that heat, comes moisture. severe storms and heavy rain, potentially. and we have seen some flooding rescues across parts of central arkansas. 2 to 3 inches of rain. that's across the south. maybe 1 to 2 inches of rain with this system across the northeast. today, as we mentioned earlier, start with snow and freezing rain at times. but tomorrow most of the northeast is in the form of rain. and wild as far as the temperatures that will be in the 60s tomorrow. but then dropping down into the single numbers it looks like by tuesday morning for the u.p. of michigan. in the teens in chicago. and 20s in new york, and colder as we get towards the middle to end part of the week. be prepared for that. chilly across the southwest today.
7:22 am
moderate temperatures around 60 degrees in los angeles. that's down jacket kind of weather for so-cal. >> exactly. we're talking dance moves. >> yes, we are. he does apparently something called -- the dougie. the dougie. would you care to demonstrate for us? >> no. that's one way to kill your career instantly. is to demonstrate dance moves on live television. >> he saves that for commercials.
7:23 am
>> maybe the next half an hour. >> all right. coming up on "gma," the police chief who called 911 to say he actually shot his wife in their bed. will his call for help shed light on how it all happened? plus something of a personal story. how i shared a tale about how i became quote, unquote, 10% happier, and the people who say it helped them too. >> a lot of them. and dynamite, what happened when actor kevin spacey and billy joel teamed up on the rocker's classic "piano man," later. >> i didn't know he could do this. >> i didn't either. .
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goodness first. i want that number. >> you said no matter what you do or say, i'm not to give you the number. >> i was lying. >> you told me not to. >> i want the number. >> no! get out! >> oh, those crazy, lovable characters in "seinfeld," bringing dysfunction to new heights in this episode when jerry begged kramer to give him a number he hold him to rip up. don't you love that show? "good morning america," love that show. >> it's a classic. >> actually med school students are studying "seinfeld" episodes and reading the scripts. they're calling it psy-feld. >> what not to do. >> there's more than just laughing and humor. also coming up speaking of
7:31 am
psychological issues i have a personal story to share with you. a few months ago, i made an embarrassing admission on "gma." what happened next, the surprise and moved me, and this morning, hoping it may give you the inspiration for a game-changing new year's resolution. we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >> great resolution, everyone. >> thank you. start with a very different story. the new developments in the rather strange case of a police chief in georgia who says he accidently shot his wife while she was sleeping in their bed on new year's morning. >> the 911 call made by the small town's top cop was just released. and it may hold clues as to what happened. linzie janis has the latest on this very strange story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the police chief's wife is in critical condition at an atlanta hospital after what appears to be a tragic accident. but one many are saying should not have happened to a police officer with extensive firearms training. >> oh, my god. >> what's your name? sir? >> how the hell did this happen? >> reporter: this is the voice
7:32 am
of peachtree police chief william mccollum speaking to a 911 dispatcher moments after he said he accidently shot his wife. >> i'm the chief of police. >> you're the chief of police? >> yes. unfortunately, yes. >> who shot her? >> me. >> how did you shoot her? >> the gun was in the bed, went to put it to the side and it went off. >> reporter: the police chief saying they were in bed when the department-issued glock went off. >> were you asleep when it happened. >> yup. >> reporter: in the background, margaret, shot in the back, moaning in pain. >> is that her crying? >> yes, she's having trouble breathing now. >> reporter: as they wait for help, the chief getting increasingly worried. >> are you all right, dear? i know you're not all right. i mean, are you still breathing? stay alert for me. >> is there anybody else there with you guys? >> no, hurry, hurry. >> reporter: margaret was air
7:33 am
lifted to an atlanta hospital where she remains in critical condition. and this morning the georgia bureau of investigation looking into the shooting. >> what does the forensics and the relationship tell you? does his story even hold up? how close was the shot? what was the angle of the shot? was he standing? was he next to her in bed? >> reporter: many also wondering how this could happen to a police chief with more than two decades experience. and a former certified firearms instructor. >> it's baffling to me, anybody, law enforcement or otherwise, would have a gun in bed. >> reporter: well chief mccollum has been placed on dmins administrative leave during the investigation. and no charges have been brought at this time. we have tried to reach out to him, but he's unavailable. we understand he's with his wife at the hospital. >> a good point, who goes to bed with a loaded gun? >> especially a firearms instructor. >> yep. >> okay. more to come on that. >> more to come.
7:34 am
watch this case. >> thank you. and ron claiborne with another look at the top stories. including the plane crash with the little girl as the sole survivor. >> incredible story of survival. the deadly plane crash in kentucky. four members of the same family were killed when the plane crashed. but a 7-year-old girl somehow managed to survive and walked to a nearby home to report what happened. and new clues in the flight of airasia flight 8501. locating two large pieces of the plane 100 feet under water. now trying to take pictures of that wreckage. and donna douglas, who played tomboy elly may clampett on the hit 1960s sitcom "the beverly hillbillies," has died. she died at her home in baton rouge, louisiana. she was 81 years of age. and talk about a lucky link, this bobcat made its way into a grill of a car in scottsdale, arizona. they actually do that. the driver, not the tiger, says -- exactly. keeping warm. he thought the large cat had
7:35 am
died when he hit it driving 50 miles an hour. that's what he thought happened. animal control got the stuck bob cat out. turns out the little lynx didn't lose any of its nine lives in the whole ordeal. it survived. >> when i lived in arizona, we also had snakes that would crawl up into the engine. >> did it ever happen to you? >> a snake? no. i would have died right there on the spot. >> you ever have an armadillo in the carburetor? >> i did. >> another big, famous arizona problem. >> speaking of the western half of the country what's going on weather-wise? >> it's chilly, critters looking for a warm place like an engine block. boston would be included in that too. not so many armadillos there. temperatures there in the 20s and up into the 30s. feeling like winter. but seesawing before too long. and you'll get a little bit of snow. at least a wintry mix through boston. here is the storm that's going to plague millions today. severe weather across parts of
7:36 am
the south, going to pop up some moisture for sure. and wintry mix from chicago, detroit, back to the northeast, upstate new york, new england. heavy snow today and tonight. but then this warm front comes through and turns that snow over to freezing rain, sleet and eventually all rain through tomorrow. some could be heavy at times. and that rain will be clearing through late tomorrow. so a huge warm surge of air through here. but look at the seesaw temperatures. boston from 34 to 58 tomorrow. new york, 41 today to 61 tomorrow. and similar numbers. and then drop it down, the bottom floors out on monday and tuesday, below freezing. some of the coldest air of the season for the northeast through midweek. still chilly in so-cal in the desert southwest. frost and freeze advisories there. 33 degrees for a morning temperature in los angeles. 39 degrees in palm springs.
7:37 am
>> this weather report brought to you by quickbooks. another way for you to get a plug in for your book? >> i'll do it anywhere. >> shameless. >> available on fine bookstores everywhere. quickbooks, whatever. anyway, coming up on "gma," speaking of that how my own journey to become quote, unquote, 10% happier impacted people in ways i never could have imagined. and why 2015 is shaping up to be a big one for sylvester stallone. details ahead in "pop news." stallone. details ahead in "pop news." ve you♪ ♪[music continues]♪ ♪
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well, it's a new year, and for many of us, that means setting resolutions. i have several i'm setting. >> at this very moment. >> at this very moment. >> if you are looking for potentially game-changing one, i have a suggestion for you and
7:42 am
for you. this is something i discovered after a series of embarrassing mishaps in my own life. and as it turns out, publicly admitting those mistakes was one of the best things i have ever done. here's how. >> dan, this is a gripping book. >> reporter: ten months ago i took a big risk. i decided to tell a very personal and very embarrassing story about how when i was a young reporter, i went to war zones. just seconds ago this command post took sniper fire. when i came home i got depressed and blindly, recklessly self-medicated with recreational drugs including cocaine and ectasy. producing this panic attack on live television in 2004. may lower their cancer. but too early to describe. that freakout ultimately led to me finding meditation. which i thought was ridiculous, but i later learned is a scientifically validated form of exercise for your brain. as i made the rounds promoting
7:43 am
my book with the somewhat tongue in cheek title "10% happier" on the view and the colbert report. >> were you like a club kid? did you have a pacifier? >> reporter: i may have looked calm, but i was worried that my personal revelations could ruin my career. but pretty soon i started to hear from people. thousands of people. who identified with my story and were inspired to start meditating too. >> if we just -- >> reporter: like chris, the creator of the hit kids tv show "doc mcstuffin" who said it helped her handle criticism. >> it allows me to make a moment when negative responses come in and not take it so personally. >> reporter: and najami alice, a recent graduate from nursing college. >> i felt i was miserable. thinking about why am i not getting this job yet? >> reporter: she was consumed by anxiety about her future. >> i wanted to fast forward into
7:44 am
having my job. and i feel like with meditation, it showed me i have the play button now. this is the time to start living. >> i was desperate. i was a desperate time for me. >> reporter: and then chris, a father of two and a recovering addict. last summer he couldn't see a future at all. >> i got to the point where the inner dialogue was telling me how awful i am, how stupid i am. and was telling know act out. >> reporter: he says meditation has helped him get to an infinitely better place. >> i'm here. i could have killed myself and missed out on so much. i am so grateful. >> reporter: so think about it, if meditation can work for a recovering addict, a young professional, a tv executive and a fidgety and skeptical newsman, maybe it can work for you too. all right. anybody here on the set meditating? >> i do try to do it. i have been talking to you about it and to george stephanopoulos who's really, really into it. about how to better my practice. but you -- you soothe me by saying it's not -- i'm making it harder than it seems to be. >> no failing at meditation.
7:45 am
anybody can do it. if you want to learn, it's depletely free simple secular. you don't have to join a group. don't have to wear outfits or anything like that. you can go to my website, and click the getting started tab. and i want to say in the name of full disclosure, ron claiborne wrote a book called "11% happier." >> it's like the price is right. >> if you're only going to buy one book, do the math. >> 10% or 11%. >> you do the math. all right, coming up on "gma," "pop news" and kevin spacey gets a little help from the piano man. some incredible moments straight ahead. >> i love 11%. >> that's very funny. >> that's very funny.
7:46 am
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so, i want to tell you in the commercial we were explaining to elizabeth, we are on our best behavior today. because she's here. now that it's time for "pop news," that's out the window. >> go out the window. >> come on. >> is there anything kevin spacey can't do? apparently not. now he's playing the harmonica and singing "piano man" with billy joel. take a look. ♪ and as if that wasn't cool enough. then tony bennett, josh groban, leann rimes and a slew of others joined in. it was part of a special event honoring bill joy joel. ♪ the regular crowd shuffles in ♪ sing it, kevin? isn't it? billy, we're on a first-name basis. is the recipient of the library of congress gershwin prize for popular song. this event took place in november but just aired last night on pbs. >> billy joel does not look
7:50 am
present, by the way. >> don't you want to be singing your song? >> everybody sings that song. >> that song -- >> probably tired of it. >> yeah. >> i'm so over this. enough already. >> i'm playing this yet again yeah, no. >> when kevin spacey offers to play the harmonica, that's adorable. >> he's going to do bar mitzvahs now. he's got a whole new career. anyway. >> a big booking there. 2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for sylvester stallone. reprising his best-known roles, you know them. rambo and rocky balboa. the 68-year-old star -- >> really? >> that age is amazing too. >> rocky xiv? >> close. he's playing rocky for the seventh time in "creed," he'll hit the steps in philadelphia once more. >> is he going to box? >> probably a little, not without a couple punches. he's training -- >> they need to bring back mr. t. and dolph lundgren. >> so awesome.
7:51 am
>> paul weather -- taking it deep -- >> any rambo fans here? rambo 5, which i confirmed on twitter. also hinting at the title, "last blood." his resurrection of the action hero is a welcome surprise for fans who have been holding out hope far nice hurrah. >> he's a nice man. glad to see it's a big year for him. >> i want to see rocky. >> the eye of the tiger. and "seinfeld" might have been a show about nothing. but rutgers students are learning a whole lot more than that by studying the sitcom and using it to identify specific psychiatric disorders. what are the diagnose? for jerry seinfeld, the associate professor says he's obsessive compulsive. saw that coming. george is ego centric. elaine, no meaningful relationships, and kramer, the schizoid personality disorder. >> those sound right. >> that's spot on. >> pretty spot on. >> thank you. "pop news," we'll be right back. as two and a half days
7:52 am
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♪ big debate on the set this morning, is it scizoic? or schoid? sara haines says it's scizoic. but also pronounces it achileez. >> oh, come on. z. >> oh, come on. good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. parents in oakland will hold a black lives matter event for children later this morning. organized by the group colorful mamas of the 99%, for kids to hear stories and talk with one another about racial injustice and what they can do to help
7:57 am
kretd change. the event gets under way at 10:30 today in oakland. san francisco police released the names of the three police officers and a sergeant involved in the fateal shooting. they have been identified as sergeant swra son soir officer roger morse officer naitthan chu. alex nie it to was shot and killed by police investigating reports of a man with a gun. officers say they fired when he appeared to draw a weapon, but it turned out to be a taser. the autopsy reported he was shot as many as 15 times. a quick check of the weather now with lisa argen. >> beginning to see temperatures warming up but it is freezing
7:58 am
out there. our freeze warning is about to expire in another hour. you can see the sun. 33 in san jose and below freezing for morgan hill. a degree warmer than this time yesterday. we will be looking at a hazy afternoon today. a spare the air day in the hoe to mid-50s. up next a 7 queer year girl survives a small plane crash in kentucky. the crash that left four people dead. will
7:59 am
[male announcer] in norther ireland we live live in what we call the now. well, there's no better place to be. in the now ancient rock formations are for dancing all over. and there's always magic in the air. so, grab hold of the now. and never let it slip through your
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fingers . ♪ jump into the now. jump into ireland. visit to find out more. it is saturday, january 3. thank you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. all right. so many of us woke up to frost this morning. how cold are the temperatures? let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. it is all about the freezing cold this morning where you probably had to scrape or give yourself some extra time out there. 28 in napa. 30 in the san ramone valley. numbers are just about as cold as they were yesterday morning except at the coast. we're looking at


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