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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  January 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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and never let it slip through your fingers . ♪ jump into the now. jump into ireland. visit to find out more. it is saturday, january 3. thank you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. all right. so many of us woke up to frost this morning. how cold are the temperatures? let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. it is all about the freezing cold this morning where you probably had to scrape or give yourself some extra time out there. 28 in napa. 30 in the san ramone valley. numbers are just about as cold as they were yesterday morning except at the coast. we're looking at upper 30s so
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numbers drop considerably in the last hour here so overall it's five degrees cooler in hayward. a couple degrees of warming from novato and santa rosa. this all translates into this, a he very hazy afternoon in store. that's why we have a spare the air day today. a chilly afternoon with low to mid-50s for most on the coast or in the south bay upper 50s. we're getting to are more mixing, a warmer atmosphere, but what about the rain? we'll talk about all those outlooks in a few minutes. chris? lisa, thank you. some people head out in the cold weather to enjoy fun winter activities. for others the frigid air causes problems and can really be dangerous. katie marzullo has more. >> reporter: when you're young -- >> i'm pretty cold. >> reporter: fun wins out over weather. >> it's once a year.
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>> i have time to spend with my friends. >> reporter: the ice skating rink is filled with people who have chosen to embrace the cold weather rather than avoid it. firefighters can't avoid it. >> we got a lot of burst pipes people who don't wrap their pipes. >> reporter: and then the harder calls. >> people who are cold homeless folks we try to take care of as best we can. >> reporter: timothy beil splits his time between a shelter and encamp ment. >> we have blan can kets that are wet so it makes it colder. we sleep with all our clothes and jackets on. >> reporter: timothy works a little and is trying to help people even less fortunate than he is. >> what i've been doing running back and forth washing their laundry in the shelterer. >> reporter: on this night his friend bought him dinner.
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>> it hasn't been good. >> reporter: the homeless shelleders say they are trying to accommodate as many as they can. firefighters remind you to make sure there's nothing near a space heat they're could catch on fire. katie marzulho , abc 7 news. keep tabs on the big show with the weather app. you can get more information online at how a young girl became the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her entire family. they were flying home from a new year's eve celebration in florida when something on their private plane went terribly wrong. abc news report er gloria ry verivera has the latest. >> reporter: overnight investigators still searching for answers as to what took down this family's plane flying from
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key west to mt. vernon illinois. just outside memphis tennessee, air traffic control lost contact with the plane after receiving a distress call that one of its engines had failed. minutes later it crashed into a remote wooded area. the only survivor onboard, a 7-year-old girl able to escape on foot walking to a nearby home. >> she was involved in a plane crash. >> reporter: when the young girl knocked on the door, she seemed disor disoriented and had a bloody nose. >> at 6:20 i heard a knock on the door, or the dogs heard a knock on the door and opened the door and a little girl about 7 years old bloody, legs and arms were bleeding crying. and she told me her parents were
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dead he and she had been in a plane crash and the plane was upside-down. >> reporter: she was transported to a nearby hospital miraculous with only minor injuries. >> we need ems down here. a little girl -- >> reporter: officials confirming her mother, father, older sister, and 14-year-old cousin all dead by the time authorities discovered the plane's wreckage. mourners have flooded the facebook page with condolences. people living in california illegally may apply for a driver's license. so people are waiting to turn in applications. it took who hours to process everyone left. they believe it's bad for the golden state saying it rewards
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those here illegally. they say it's designed to booth those on the road. >> the same licensing standards. we know that folks are already driving but we need them to be licensed drivers. >> the dmv expects 1.4 million people to seek a license under this program in the next ten years. new drivers will need to get auto insurance. many of these drivers have never purchased car insurance so they're setting up outreach programs. a man in newark lost several fingers in a freak accident. the fire work exploded in his hand. police say it was probably an m-80 or m-1000.
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he went to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. thankfully no one else was hurt. we know the identity of the man arrested for allegedly setting a string of car fires in the south bay. according to our media partner the san jose mercury news it is jason troy gilliland. they say he set as many as ten vehicles on fire along the san jose/campbell border. no one was ever hurt. he's now being held on half a million dollars bail for the arson. police are looking for a violent thief targeting women wearing gold necklaces. they say he ran up to a woman near west meadow drive just can after 6:00 thursday night. they say he ripped off the woman's gold chain and then pushed her to the ground. she suffered bumps and bruises. the suspect was able to get away, described as 5'8" with a muscular build. rent prices in the bay area are skyrocketing and no sign of it slowing down . in 2014 the average monthly rent
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in san jose jumped 12% to more than $1,800. and san francisco is right there as well. rents rose 11% to an average of nearly $1600. in reality that won't get you much more than a small studio. sergio quintana has details. >> reporter: one of san francisco's newest apartment communities. >> i know the apartment is about $3,500 a month. >> reporter: she says she wouldn't be able to live in her one bedroom apartment. >> it is really expensive and i knew that coming in that i would be moving to one of the most expensive cities in the u.s. >> reporter: rents jumped last year because of the ongoing tech boom and they're expected to jump again this year. many learned compromise may be necessary. >> what about getting a roommate
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he? a roommate? i'm 35, 40 years old. i haven't had a roommate since college. well, this is san francisco. >> reporter: a real estate consultant says rents are the highest she's ever seen. what's your biggest concern for the coming year. >> rentals being available. i suspect they're going to go up even more. >> i pay about $1,700 a month for a junior one bedroom. if i moved in and out, the rent would go up about $400. >> it's not yet clear how they'll affect the market. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. doctors are calling this the worst flu season in years. the virus is spreading so fast across the country some doctors are telling patients to stay at home.
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a physician's assistant is treating six people using a webcam. 15 kids have died from the flu. doctors say it's a bad match for this year's flu. it is cold out there, lisa. napa has the coldest temperature and look at the haze out there. we have a spare the air day today. as temperatures begin to rise the haze will become more widespread in the north and central. do we have rain in the seven-day outlook? i'll define that when we return. >> thanks a ott lot, also next, the big winter tourist attraction. the best places to see the sights. are you looking for love in the new year? the best time of the year is
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...guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the recent storms have made the holiday ski season a joy for both skiers and resort owners. although skiers accept that coming down the mountain has its
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dangers, a little known danger on the way up. >> reporter: this may be a skier's worst nightmare slipping out and falling from a moving ski lift 45 feet up. this was a 17-year-old skier in new mexico. a 5-year-old in new york sent to the hospital tuesday. a 44 year-year-old brooklyn mother fell 25 feet and died. there are roughly 3,500 ski lifts in the united states, but deaths are extremely rare. the u.s. ski industry says 15 people have been killed falling from ski lifts and that they're safe and secure. the safety manager at copper mountain ski resort. that teen this in new mexico
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lost his balance trying to slow a snowball at a friend. he was okay . >> you think you're going to drop a pole or a glove, let it drop. >> reporter: safety experts say knowing the risks is the only way to make sure going up is as much fun as coming down. clayton san dell abc 7 news. and just this past wednesday on new year's eve more than 40 people were stranded on a seven central california ski lift. it happened at the mountain resort east of merced. they had to evacuate the lifts one person at a time. drake bay oyster can company is now closed. officials say the last oysters have been removed from the water and the collection of ois ers
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and clams is now done . the 100-year-old family farm closed after a long legal battle over the lots of its lease. it will host a good-bye pot luck at the green barn at point ray station. one of the great natural events happening right now is pup birthing season for elephant seals. they are beaching in point reyes national sea shore. wayne freedman shows you the wild event. >> reporter: they came by bus. all for close-up views of big guys like this who arrived by sea. >> we thought he was dead at first. >> reporter: no sleeping.
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dreaming away. that is what elephant seals do this time of year. best to not wake one. >> they show up twice a year and right now is the mating season. >> reporter: devin o'rourke, elephant seal interpreter. >> he may prefer to stay away from the fray. maybe he'll go up there and try to breed sneakily when the other males are preoccupied and spend most of the time down here. >> reporter: the fray is just down the coast where other males, some of which are 16 feet long and weigh 8,000 pounds defend against all intruders except females, of course. that said, the males were kind of quiet. later on this year we're told it picks up. >> first, before they start to fight each other, they would probably rear up and make a trumpeting noise. if they were really big it might sound like a harley. >> reporter: thus the caution tape. you could have seen quite a lot actually did happen.
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a new arrival. here is the photo another healthy addition to a thriving population. >> it's like nature geographic. >> reporter: wayne freedman abc 7 news. is your new year's res lags to find love. forecast the most pom lar time for online dating will be tomorrow from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. that's when most people sign up, logon and check out potential partners. psychologists believe people reflect on what's missing in their lives at christmas and look to change it. are you ready for the first meteor shower of 2015? tonight is the best night to see it. that's when the meteor shower
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display is supposed to reach its peak. that could be as much as 80 meters an our. the best viewing hours from midnight to dawn. will the weather stay clear? lisa argen. >> we wanted warmer temperatures, didn't we, at the price of some cloud cover. unfortunately it may inhibit some of the viewing. just how clear it is and that played a role in our freezing temperatures. maximum radiational cooling allowed for numbers to bottom out in the upper 20s this morning. hopefully we'll be tracking rain by about thursday. not everyone will see it. where we do see it not much at all. cold in the north bay but here is a look at numbers that are
8:20 am
warm er warmer. look at 36 a warm-up from the low 30s earlier this morning. half moon bay 37 degrees and look at the cloud cover here right now. 28 in napa. fair field still freezing in livermore. so with some cloud cover a bit of wind. we should be maybe three to five degrees warmer than we see the readings now. take a look at the haze from our east bay hills camera. looking at sunshine. we will be looking at dry conditions into most of next week.
8:21 am
explore tore exploratorium cameras. no wood burning throughout the day today. the cullprit is double barrel high pressure that pushes down on the stagnant atmosphere and that makes for poor air quality all the way around. it will move to the coast but we will get a wind shift, a westerly breeze that should bring some fog our way. we really won't get rid of the stagnant air. despite the sunshine and milder temperatures, it will remain hazy. look, we have a storm front that wants to get close. it may graze the north bay by the end of the week. if it does, marin county parts of the east bay.
8:22 am
that's about all we can muster. we will be cool. 52 fair field and valleyjovallejo. upper 50s for a slightly warm erer afternoon for you in san jose. so a spare the air day today and tonight we shouldn't be as cold . 37, chilly with mid and upper 30s up to santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, will slowly thaw out for a hazy afternoon and slightly warmer with filtered sunshine tomorrow. mid-60s. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd. it's free. we have more information on we could see a little bit of rain, you know, we'll get excited about it if it holds together by the time we get to the middle of the week.
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>> if you have some outdoor plans plans. >> mr. runner. >> i do that after i get off work. coming up up next,er remember the '80s. how all that big hair can lett2wút3nú&4 bt@q&ap tt2wút3nú&4 "a@q6m4 tt2wút3nú&4 bm@q=f8 tt4wút3nú&4 " dztq =p tt4wút3nú&4 " entq p90 tt4wút3nú&4 " gzt& i>h tt4wút3nú&4 " hnt& y0$ tt4wút3nú&4 " iztq 3yé tt4wút3nú&4 " jntq !)< tt4wút3nú&4 " lzt& 9d@
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aqua net. filming is in san francisco and cupertino. pay is minimum wage and actors must be 18 to 40 years old. much more ahead on the saturday morning news. four large pieces of a jet plane are located from air asia flight 8501, the latest on the search and the job at sea. also for the first time ever the golden gate bridge is going [male announcer] it's in the nows that life is is lived. don't let them pass you by.
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good morning and thanks for joining us. 8:30 on the dot. let's start off with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. our freezing temperatures walnut kek, 27 degrees as well as pleasanton and temperatures coming up slow hi. we do have fog it from santa rosa to napa this morning. you're at 28. hovering above freezing. 37 on the coast. we will be looking at temperatures coming up. slightly warmer in some spots. it is just cold out there. some of this fog is inhibiting the haze. it is out there.
8:31 am
we will look for upper 50s san jose along the coast. warmer temperatures, a little more fog. but what about our rain outlook? i'll have that for you when we return. joe biden is making a renewed push. americans are beginning to realize what millions already know, that the affordable care act is working. he goes on to say everyone has a right to adequate health insurance and the new law grants them that right. >> if you have a bad strain your ankle or your back, you can now get the treatment rather than wait, put it off and end up with a chronic condition. and it provides freedom and choice and opportunity so you can switch jobs or move to another city without the fear that lose out on a company that you now have it with. >> vice president biden in place
8:32 am
of president obama who is wrapping up a two-week family vacation. the latest on the certificatesearch teams. indonesian officials say they're confident wreckage of air asia flight 8501 has been found. the latest now from indonesia. >> reporter: never night a big break system through a week after air asia flight 8501 went down. investigators used sonar, one of them a full 30 feet wide but getting to that wreckage isn't is easy. on the ocean floor 100 feet under water. search teams are trying to lower remote control underwater vehicles to take pictures of the wreckage. a search that's joined by a second ship. that pounding wind you hear a small taste of what the crew
8:33 am
will be facing at sea. >> the "uss ft. worth" is ready to assist in any way in the recovery efforts. >> reporter: the ship's equipped with sensors and so nars andnar and tracks devices and have been doing search and rescue drills. the bridge looks like something out of ""star trek"." we got a firsthand look onboard its sister ship "the uss freedom . freedom." we would have submarine capability. go a hedhead and find anything below the water. 8:33 is the time. in new york city an nypd officer killed with his partner in an ambush shooting last month the officer will be are remembered at a wake today in brooklyn. new york city mayor bill de
8:34 am
blasio is expected to attend. they are asking officers not to turn their backs on the mayor. l liu and ramos were shot as they sat in their police car. get ready for a huge traffic mess. the golden gate bridge. a live look this morning. a different story when the bridge shuts down to install the new median barrier. more on the changes you'll see when it reopens. >> reporter: other than losing six inches off the widthth, everything remains the same. starting monday morning the speed limit had will drop from 55 to 45 miles per hour. >> i think that's good because people go 60 and nobody bothers
8:35 am
them. >> reporter: others worry the slower speed limit will impact their commute. >> i don't see the reason that they should could do that. i don't think it's necessary. >> reporter: the new speed limit isn't the only change. as this animation shows the southbound approach will switch from a left-to-right merge to a right-to-left merge. no one we spoke to knew this was coming. >> it's going to take a little bit of getting use to. >> i final lip got in the rhythm am, so i'll change rhythm again, i guess. >> reporter: mary's friend was hit head-on crossing the bridge. >> multiple fractures, her kid was involved in it. she was a physician. it changed her life forever. >> reporter: she says the changes are justified.
8:36 am
>> we have to do these measures that are uncomfortable but in the long run they're helping us stay healthy and alive. >> reporter: 36 people have died on the span since 1971. 16 from head-on crashes. the new movable concrete barrier will reduce additional head-on collisions. in san francisco tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> drivers will have access. golden gate transit buses will continue to run routes across the bridge. you can walk or bike on the east sidewalk. however, the west will be closed. emergency vehicles will be april loud to cross. more information on our website. the group colorful mamas of the 99%, creating a space for children to hear stories and
8:37 am
talk about racial injustice and learn what they can do to help create change. it will feature story time and a children's march with costumes. it gets under way at 10:30 in east shore park in oakland. police have released the name. according to the department the four members involved in the shooting have been identified as sergeant jason sawyer, officer roger morse richard schiff and nathan chew. nieto was shot and killed by police investigating reports of a man with a gun. office ers say they fired when he pulled out what was a taser. he was shot as many as 15 times. still ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news, a popular napa tree vandalized. this natural figure removed.
8:38 am
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temperatures right now are in the upper teens, yesterday there was plenty of sun and snow. kirkwood sent us this video showing skiers. time is 8:41. let's bring in lisa argen. everyone needs to make sure they layer up. >> it feels like ten. they're doing well with the snow. can mother nature help out at all this week? i'll have that for you and a look at when we warm up. also ahead a sight you don't see too often steph curry
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an iconic tree in napa has been vandalized. it looks like a moose head. but now someone has cut off the moose head. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim has the story. >> reporter: the napa tree moose has a large following in napa even its own facebook page. over the years this growth on the side of a tree has taken on rainbow colors in honor of same sex marriage. orange and black during the
8:45 am
latest world series run and most often the colors of the local high school. now that it is gone the people of napa have been in mourning. >> i don't think i've ever seen any other town that has something as unique as a moose head on a eucalyptus tree. it's really sad that someone took it. >> reporter: the moose disappeared new year's eve. one neighbor says it was around 11:00 p.m. when she was alerted to the sound of voices. >> it did sound like a chainsaw and i never put it together that the moose was chopped off. >> reporter: the moose's days were already numbered. the large eucalyptus was scheduled to be removed to make way for a sidewalk and a new housing subdivision but the moose was supposed to live on at downtown joe's where it was going to be mounted on the wall for all to enjoy. counsel sillman peter mott still has hopes that will happen. >> i would like to tell whoever took the moose, no questions asked, if you want to bring it down to city hall or to downtown
8:46 am
joe's and turn it in, we'll make sure it's handled properly . >> reporter: ali huffman always wanted to paint the moose but will not get the chance. she says she'll miss the original. >> i hope no one has it hanging up on their wall at home and not tell anybody. it's iconic. >> reporter: an iconic piece of in anapa residents hope will turn up and be part of the community again. in napa, lillian kim, abc 7 news. the case of the missing moose. i hope it gets l solved. weatherwise, lisa people probably need scrapers this morning. >> oh for sure. our freeze warning just about to expire but still numbers are climbing out of the upper 20s in our north bay valley that would be in anapa. from santa rosa to napa with less than a quarter mild visibility santa rosa and after we get over these freezing temperatures, we're going to be above normal in terms of high
8:47 am
temperatures by the time we get to the monday/tuesday time frame. we show how clear it is. we have that strong radiational cooling with the clear sky the light winds. now take a look at all the haze we have at sfo. it really is clear to see why we have a spare the air day in effect with the haze and the pollutants out there. 36 san carlos. san jose 33 for you. still plenty of readings hovering around freezeinging. 41 half moon bay. the numbers coming up where we are closer to the bay. emeryville looking hazy with 28 still in napa. 29 by the delta, freezing in livermore. concord 33. the final look from our east bay hills camera hazy with the freezing temperatures. we will still look for a slow recovery to the 9:00 hour and then after about 10:00 we'll see
8:48 am
numbers more widespread in the 40s but the warmest weather comes our way monday and tuesday as a ridge of high pressure sits overhead and then it fades away. will it bring any rain. there's a slight chance but not for everyone and if we see anything at all it will be trace amounts. here is a look from hazy roof camera perspective and you can see very little wind out there. poor quality poor in the north bay and medium air quality for inland east bay, the santa clara valley and the south central bay so no wood burning today as a spare the air day really puts a lid on the atmosphere. those pollutants pressed closest to the ground and that's due to the high pressure to the west and east of us. but as it gets closer that wind shift will help mix things up just a little bit so the stagnant conditions today a little more fog tomorrow and our outlook for rain, this goes out for the next five days and, boy, it looks like we want to get some rain here. we're trying. but this ridge doesn't want to
8:49 am
budge. so right now just picking up a couple hundredths over into the east bay by thursday, see even if that verifies. snowfall, no no new snow. temperatures in the teens right now but by the afternoon say 3:00, 48 in the northern sierra. 57 on the coast. some of the milder numbers on the coast and the south bay, even langos angeles on the cool side with 62 degrees. highs today around the bay just in the low 50s for fairfield he and vallejo. we'll warm it up a little bit as you head down to the santa clara valley with the upper 50s there. 55 in san mateo. overnight lows tonight, well it's better. we'll see some upper therts santa rosa and napa. and then mid-40s san francisco. so we're out of the frosty numbers by tomorrow morning filtered sun and the warmest days monday tuesday, wednesday still sunny and maybe a few sprinkles by thursday partly cloudy and cooler thursday and
8:50 am
friday. not too exciting in terms of the rainfall department. >> temperatures aren't too bad. i woke up, walked out, i was freezing i was shaking. oh, man. i wish i could go back to sleep but i have to go to work. lisa, thank you so much. turning to sports now, tonight the san jose sharks host the st. louis blues at s.a.p. center. the puck drops at 7:30. last night the warriors continued their six-game home stand against the toronto raptors in a battle of conference leaders. here is sports director larry beil with the highlights if this morning's sports report. good morning, everybody. the warriors have the best record in the west. the surprising toronto raptors came in leading the east. they would meet at oracle arena. this game was filled with big runs. warriors at 25-5 only lost one game at home this season and the pace was fast and furious. the first quarter klay thompson with the steal. outwill
8:51 am
outlet to steph curry. williams vasquez, lowery tips it in. toronto up two. tied at 59 here. steph with one of his assists no look to draymond green. third quarter, steph klay splash. warriors back up 21. thompson finishes with 20. warriors had five men in double figures. steph with authority dunking over kyle lowery. maurice speights had 26. mo buckets there. and green had his first career triple-double. feeding steph there for the jumper as the warriors win their 11th straight at oracle, 126-105. college hoops, cal opening pac-12 play against washington. the bears were coming off a loss to bakersfield and another slow start in this one. tyrone wallace missed his first eight shots. his ninth was that dunk. cal down at the break. jordan matthews on fire.
8:52 am
finished with a game high 31. cal a winner 81-75. stanford in their conference opener as well hosting washington state. this game tipped off at 11:00 a.m. anthony brown got the wake-up call that a lot missed, coast to coast. that's what brown does for you. renynolds just one point at halftime. then explodes. the step-back three and a jumper to beat the shot clock here. randall would finish with 18. stanford wins. they have been playing bowl games seemingly forever but the finish to the armed forces bowl made history because it was insane. houston came back from a 25-point deficit against pittsburgh. the fourth quarter the cougars are down 34-14. greg ward is going to hit green over the middle. panthers still up. houston onside kick and it works. they recover. go right back on offense. then facing fourth and 13, ward to ayers and hits in stride, 29
8:53 am
yards. houston is down by only seven. gets sneaky on the second onside kick. the ball is loose. they recovered again. 106 left. ward and greenbury again. this time 25 yards. somebody might want to cover him. cougars down one go for the win. ward looking looking pointing throwing catching. it's greenbury, good night, game over. drive home safely. the cougars score 22 unanswered in the last 3:41. the largest comeback in bowl history, 35-44 the final score. and that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. 8:53 the time. up next they say a cat has nine loves. a bobcat used up one of them. how it ended up in the grill of
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8:57 am
i he felt very badly that it had been hit. i thought i killed it. it is a new year's miracle. >> wow. police and animal control were called out. the animal appeared to be in good health. a very lucky cat indeed, lisa. >> remarkable for sure. it is so cold out there, still in the 20s. we're recovering slowly. low to mid-40s in half moon bay. still foggy and cold. this afternoon will be hazy. north bay central bay, along the coast, 57 half moon bay. 55 in fremont. the akuccuweather seven-day forecast will get warmer tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon with more clouds and monday and tuesday above average. warmer but very dry. >> thank you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." today we're going island hopping from the florida keys... >> if she comes to you just let her bite you. don't drop her. [laughs] >> to the pacific northwest... to see a bear, you gotta act like a bear. >> all the way to fiji. >> someone is sneaking on the side. >> he's like a little cartoon character. >> and later, one of my spiciest bloopers ever. whew. sue, this is like acid. so stayed tu


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