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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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out computed are excited. i think this oakland reside time >> oakland's new mayor starts tomorrow and has plans to clean up the city. tomorrow marks a new day in oakland. the job holds many challenges namely reducing crime. cornell bernard both with the mayor-elect who says she is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work. reporter: libby says she cannot wait to get to work. she earned the nickname the girl scout barracuda from her
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colleagues at city hal. she is not big on nicknames bust just wants to get things done for oakland. >> the pastor at bb memorial church has the new mayor in the front pew. he believes the city is in good hands. >> i'm confident in the ability, skill set, to not only bring our city forward but to unify us. >> she likes the endorsement but knows she has big job ahead. >> when i set my mind on a goal for oakland i am very serious about it. >> her first priority? reducing a a rising crime rate. she wants to increase staffing by putting more cops on the street. >> we have to give police the modern tools and that starts with community-based policing. >> that means officers forming relationships with people some communities to prevent violence before it happens. >> clearly crime is an issue in oakland.
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>> dana olson owns a store on piedmont avenue. >> working with people to help build the communities so people can feel safe here and want to participate in the city. >> the mayor support the marches but not the vandalism and looting. >> i'm very clear about unacceptable behavior, and breaking the windows and vandalizing small businesses in oakland is not part of that political protest. >> she also wants to repair aging rods and keep housing prices affordable. >> i believe oakland is ready to have the future it deserves. >> more than 300 young people gathered at city college of san francisco today for a black lives matter. community building symposium. the goal is to get youth involved in demonstrations and push san francisco city officials to pass local
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initialtives to re-invest in their community. a panel of residents and community leaders also encouraged participants to get involved in collective action against police brutality and what they call systemic disenfran choicesment of communities of color in san francisco. >> new details as vallejo police search for a man they say tried to run down an officer in a stolen car. last night police were called to a fight at motel 6. when officers arrived, police say one of the men who had a gun, jumped from the balcony nearly landing on an officer. the man ran to a car dealership, stole a car and tried to run down an officer who opened fire. the car was later found abandoned. it's unclear if the suspect was hit guy gunfire. no officers were injured. for the sticked time in as many weeks thousands of police officers from across the country
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gathered in new york city to say goodbye to one of their own, officer wenjiian's funeral took place today. he and his partner were shot in their patrol car. luz's wife of just two moanings spoke at his funeral saying he was her soul mate. >> the caring son, loving husband, and a loyal friend. we love you. i love you. forever love you. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio thanked liu for his service. some officers outside turned their backs as he spoke. police unions accused de blasio of taking sides supporting those who have protested police in recent weeks. >> the sports world is mourning the death of long-time espn anchor stuart scott. he died today at age 49. he had been fighting cancer since 2007. the reach and impact of his passing is being felt at games across the nation.
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>> please join us for a moment of silence in memory of stuart scott. >> he was honored during a moment of silence at today's bengals-colts playoff game in indianapolis. the worked for espn for two decades, becoming one of the network's most recognize able anchors. here's a look back at his life and career. >> what is go. >> a popular host at espn, stuart scott was a charismatic personality, and his popularity soared because of stylish catch phrases and an ebullient on-air persona in 2007 he began a long public battle with cancer. in 2014 he was honored for his fight at the espy awards and talked about refusing to let the disease defeat him. >> when you die it does not mean you lose to cancer. you beat cancer. by how you live, why you live, and in the manner which you live.
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[applause] >> chemotherapy and radiation treatments have kept scott a. from his two, at espn on and off throughout the years. his spirit and fight never waiverred, though, even tweeting in november that despite reports he was moved to hospice care, they were wrong. rum your about me in hoss business, not true. air ball, swing and a miss. i continue treatment for cancer i missed some work, but hospice? no. fighting? yes. his two daughter have inspired him. >> taylor and sydney, i love you guys more than i will ever be able to express. you two are my heartbeat. i am standing on this stage, here tonight, because of you. my littlest angel is here my 14 year. give dad a hug because i need one. have a great rest of your life. >> president obama released a statement on stuart scott's death saying quote, 20 years
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ago stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our favorite teams and the day's best plays. over the years he entertained us and in the end inspired us with courage and love. >> happening now, an intense police search in southern california for a gunman wanted for shooting three people and kidnapping a baby. eliza de la cruz is three weeks old. investigators believe the man shot the baby's parents and uncle. her father's brother, and left with the child last night in long beach. two of the shooting victims are in the hospital in critical condition. a third has been released. new video of a hit-and-run collision on new year's day that left a man with several broken bones, including fractured vertebrae. it happened in a crosswalk at fruitvale avenue and east 18th 18th street in oakland. this is surveillance video from a nearby market. you see the man walking across the street when a car come ups quickly and hits him. we're not going to show you the actual impact but the video continues to show the man being
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thrown into the air hitting a parked car and landing next to the curb. the driver bare slows down. >> this crossing is dangerous. when it gets dark, people are not looking out for other pedestrians walking across. >> oakland police want anyone with information to give them a call. people in a san bruno neighborhood are recovering from a water main break. it happened near georgia and huntington of news this morning. san bruno police arrived to find a massive amount of water gushing from the main. a a man who lives nearby woke up to find the aftermath you see here muddy mess and crews working to repair the damage. he says this happens too often and it's a mess and even worse now because the state is in a drought. >> easily the water reached at least almost halfway through the rim. so that's pretty high. good amount of water. with our in crisis with water too that's wasted water, too.
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>> no word at this point how much water was actually lost and how many homes were affected. making space exploration child's play. an unusual source of inspiration. a fashion crime. the item of one clothing that one state wants to ban. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. temperatures back to average in most spots but now i'm tracking the potential for record-breaking warmth. i'll show you when that arrives in the forecast
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francisco's union square is about to become part of christmas past. it was put up this year during a holiday break in construction of the central subway project. the temporary holiday plaza spanned two blocks of stockton street. tonight equipment is already back at the site. there's growing support to make it permanent. the parklets between geary and ellis street but for now will remain a construction zone nell next jeer. a children's toy is inspiring nasa scientists work only a heat shield for missions to mars. they're considering using a blowup heat shield which resembles stacking ringses that infants play with for future missions the red planet. the rings are filled with nitrogen and covered with a thermal blanket. the shield could help the spacecraft reach the plains of mars and other areas that would be inas accessible. nasa plans to launch the experiment into over. next year. the state of oklahoma may
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soon ban wearing hoodies. a republican state senator introduced a bill that would ban people from hiding their identity in public and that includes having a hoodie over their head. violators would face $500 fine. oklahoma already bans wearing such clothing while committing a crime. trying to add a little more book to facebook. his latest project is already proving to be a huge boost for book sales. how you get involved ahead. >> taking a live look outside. gorgeous sunset right now and we are in for some record-setting warmth this week. details coming up in the accuweather forecast. and here's a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> coming up. what saved that seven-year-old girl who survived that plane crash, and what is next former? plus tornadoes and snow this weekend and the life-threatening cold on the way
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facebook's famous crowe wants you to read more books. mark suckberberg says he plans to read a book every two weeks this year, and to get others involved the launched a book club on facebook. users can visit the facebook page entitle a year of books to to see what he is reading. the first book is "the end of power." the paperback version sold out on amazon after the announcement. let's gate check of the forecast withabc7 meteorologist drew drew. music to my ears, warmth is coming. >> i thought about you when i put this together. a potential for record warmth. the best chance for records would be wednesday. live doppler 7hd showing you all is quiet. no precipitation. this is how it looked this afternoon from the east bay hills camera, showing you that
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haze was thick before the surface, prompting the "spare the air" in effect today, and the high clouds streaming in and out of the bay area through the early evening hours. a live look outside showing you our beautiful city of downtown san francisco and quiet conditions through the rest of our sunday night. we have a "spare the air" in effect once again for monday. poor air quality across the region specifically in the north bay coast, central bay, inland east bay and santa clara valleys. so for a fourth day in a row no wood burning is allowed. our emeryville camera, a great sunset we had. the sun setting at 3:03:00 p.m. what was a very quiet but seasonal day across the bay area. so the forecast calls for clouds early on. will turn to clear skies overtight tonight that allows for a sunday monday. we're tracking record warmth on the way likely going to happen on wednesday. unfortunately the next seven days look complete my dry across the area. no significant storms on the
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horizon. current temperatures right now, 55 in downtown san francisco, 50 in oakland, 45 in hayward 51 san jose, same in napa, and antioch, 51. satellite and radar we're tracking a very stagnant pattern. we have a traffic jam. this high pressure is strong and not allowing storms to enter california. the storms getting deflected well to the north. snow and rain showers in portions of washington and oregon and this high pressure keeps us dry but also starts to warm us up the next couple of days. so look at temperatures. tomorrow morning generally starting notice 30s and low 40s. by the afternoon monday, 3:00, most locations getting into the throw mid-60s temperatures go even warmer on tuesday. tuesday afternoon, look at this. a lot of 70s on the board. santa rosa to half moon bay, san jose low 70s. san francisco ten degrees above normal with the temperature in the upper 7s so shy say upper
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60s on tuesday. even warmer air yet on wednesday. so a mild pattern the next couple of days. overnight lows, clear skies overhead tonight. 40 in richmond. 42 in san francisco. dropping to 39 in oakland. 38 in san jose, and falling to 36 in fairfield. tomorrow begins the warming trend. everyone into the 60s. 63 the high in oakland. 62 the high in san francisco getting up to 66 in santa rosa, 67 warm degrees in san jose and santa cruz high of 68. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. "spare the air" is in effect for your monday. it's tuesday we start to see some 70s on the board. wednesday, that's when the records are in jeopardy and some may be shattered by wednesday afternoon. we thought we may have a chance, thursday into friday, for rain, and looks like our models have backed off on that. >> thank you for the good news on the heat. >> i know you appreciate it. >> i do. now let's ask shu if he keeps me in mine when hi is put his
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sportscast together. >> it's heating up in the bay area and the nfl playoffs are heating up and, no, i did not include you in my -- >> andrew luck was nailed as the colts dismantle the bengals. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train.
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>> aim if i was starting an nfl franchise andrew luck would be my quarterback. he has won two division titles. he just dismantled the bengals leading the colts to the first back-to-back seasons with playoff wins since 2003. indy struck first. opening drive of the game. pushes into the end zone. 7 or colts. cinci answers. jeremy hill finishes the 74-yard drive, which means he gets to break out into a little touchdown dance. we're tied at 7:00. colts wide receiver t.y. hilton-didn't find the end zone
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but a monster game. indy led 13-20 on the break. third quarter under pressure, steps up, trips as he throws right on theman to moncrief. 20-10 colts. bengals postseason woes continue. first team in nfl history to lose four straight opening round playoff games 26-10 your final. luck 31-44, 376 yards one touchdown, andy at that time 18-35, 155 yards and no tds. >> i think our guys love it, going out there and making plays and making them fast. so i thought our o-line handled that very very well. and it was good to get those nice, long drives in there. >> disappointing finish, and i thought the -- we fought back in the football game and just got behind the -- never got the
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field position flipped in the third quarter. i don't know anything different. this group, they fought their tail off, we came up short. >> here's what the divisional round looks like in the afc. next weekend ravens take on the patriots and manning bill face the colts next week at mile high stadium. in the nfc, cowboys back in the postseason for their first since 2009 with the lions last visit, 2011. tony romo has one playoff victory in four tries matthew stafford is 0-1, both franchises desperate for playoff victory. lion score the game's first two tds. matthew stafford to golden tate. makes a nice grab. sprints 51 for the touchdown. detroit led 17-7 at the half. cowboys kick up their spurs in the second. murray had 75 yards on this score. controversy in the fourth. dallas called for pass interference. refs announce the call change
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the mind, pick up the flag, fourth down instead of first. detroit punts and romo throws a td pass. dallas with the first lead of the game. lions need a touchdown. 2:11 left. stafford fum els. record by lawrence but he fumbles. licenses get it back, first down. now a minute left. fourth and three. detroit needs a first down to extend the game. lawrence with revenge. gets the sack, forces another fumble. game over. jerry jones and the cowboys advance to the divisional round 24-20 your final. romo threw for 293 yards and two tds. stafford, 23 yards and a touchdown. and a pick. and the loss. so the panthers head to seattle to play the seahawks and the cowboys face green bay in the frozen tundra of lambeau field. and remember, ohio state and oregon will play for the college national championship on january 12th at 5:30 p.m. on espn and the watch espn app. switch gears.
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pac-12 men's hoops. cal hosting washington state. clay thompson in the house. supporting his boys. the rejection. becoming the first play in cal history with a thousand points and 200 blocks. nothing to do here. lacy cougars lose. railey helped stop the streak. he had 17, and wsu wins 69-66 that final, more from the nfl locker rooms also 6:00 right here on abc7. i can watch andrew luck play football all day. just phenomenal young player and of all the young quarterbacks in the league, he's going to be the best. >> thank you, shu. >> a name bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life
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>> coming up at 6:00, it's a big week for tech geeks. ces starts tomorrow so we'll look at what we can expect from
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one of the world's most innovative and influential text trade shows, and nasa is launching a antenna into space. it will help farmers round up information here in california. join us at 6:00. meanwhile here at 5:00 ohio state football is a big deal in the buckeye state. so big one city will change the name. toto lead dough free press reports the ohio city of oregon bill change its name just for a day when ohio state faces oregon in the national championship game. of course the one shu mentioned. on that day oregon, ohio, will be called buckeye town. probably a good idea. that could get very confusing. were called oregon when they win the national championship. >> ooh prediction. >> i think it should be the opposite way. ohio state. big ten family. >> anything to contradict shu. that's going to do it for us here at 5:00.
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for shu and drew i'm katie marzullo see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." sole survivor. new details about how this little girl walked away from the plane crash that killed her entire family. what saved her. our reporter over the scene tonight and what is next frm the brave 7-year-old. wicked weather. tornadoes across the south. a fierce blast of winter in the north. and life threatening cold on the way. up in the air. a violent fall from a zip line ride. what happens when the thrill turns to terror. the one thing you need to know. before you buckle up. and remembering sports caster stuart scott. the man and the voice who elevated the game. >> booyah! >> the tributes pouring in tonight.


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