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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  January 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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here at 5:00. for shu and drew i'm katie marzullo see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." sole survivor. new details about how this little girl walked away from the plane crash that killed her entire family. what saved her. our reporter over the scene tonight and what is next frm the brave 7-year-old. wicked weather. tornadoes across the south. a fierce blast of winter in the north. and life threatening cold on the way. up in the air. a violent fall from a zip line ride. what happens when the thrill turns to terror. the one thing you need to know. before you buckle up. and remembering sports caster stuart scott. the man and the voice who elevated the game. >> booyah! >> the tributes pouring in tonight.
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and good evening and thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with new details of a little girl's survival, walking away from a plane crash that took the lives of her entire family. here she is. 7-year-old sailor gutzler, showing the spunk that helped her climb out of the wreckage and find help. from the air today, that plane, just pieces scattered in the woods, under lying the miracle that her life was spared. gio benitez starts off off. >> reporter: tom, good evening to you. tonight, crews have brought out the plane piece by piece here as we learn more about the incredible survival story. tonight, images from above as ntsb investigators comb through the plane's wreckage. the little second grader, surviving, trekking three-quarters of a mile through the woods, at night. 7-year-old sailor gutzler, at one point trying but failing to light a stick that would guide the way. hoping that get help for her parents, 9-year-old sister and
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14-year-old cousin who were all killed in the crash. >> she obviously did want her to find her family. she did tell us she was fearful they were dead. but she was hopeful that we only sleeping. >> reporter: we now know that the plane took off from key west florida, friday night. dad and the family taking off for illinois. just before 6:00, he reported engine problems. loosing4,3v losing1í
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>> reporter: defying odds. >> the seating in the aircraft is two, two, two and one. if she was in the back of the airplane, the impact of the aircraft cushioned the blow. and could have allowed her to survival. >> reporter: what a nation calls a miracle. bringing a lieutenant to tears. to see this little girl walk out of there and survive that crash? >> just absolutely amazing. very much so. i have an 8-year-old little girl. i can't imagine her going through what this little girl went through. >> reporter: i think a lot of parents in america are thinking that. >> absolutely. hug your daughters and sons. >> reporter: right now, the big question, what exactly brought down that plane. investigators will try to determine that for days, tom. >> tonight, we are learning more about the little girl's future. we just heard the details how she survived the impossible. who is caring for the 7-year-old and who's next?
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here is gloria riviera. >> reporter: in this small town community, the loss of the gutzler family touches almost everyone. as they come together in support of a very brave little girl. >> i know there are absolutely no words to explain why this would have happened. keep sailor in your pramps as well. >> reporter: members of the church describe them as full of warmth. their home always open to family and friends now bereft. >> it's a community tragedy and one we have to battle through to overcome. >> reporter: sailor's father, marty, well known to be an experienced pilot, an instructor, the family offen flying together. >> taught them what to do if the plain went down.
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>> reporter: sailor joining a very small group of sole survivors. like austin hatch who lost his family in two different crashes. >> i think god has his hand on me and i think there is a plan for me. >> reporter: it's believed family members are now caring for her. and they will be key for her recovery. what is the little girl going through right now? >> i think she is in shock. the fact she is young, she will be able to recover. because if she is given the right support, she will be able to move ahead and have a life that is happy. >> reporter: experts say there is a lesson in the story. to teach your kids emergency planning. even kids arnlgd sailor's age or younger, and she is just 7, experts say they can learn how to save their own lives. >> the lessons paid off. thank you. bad weather appears to be a role in that crash. and there is more wild weather
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in america this weekend. tornadoes in mississippi and reported in georgia, overturning this rv and injuring two people. part of a storm that is moving east. and from texas to the northeast, winter storms with trouble on the roads. i-90 near albany, new york, a serious 12-car pile up. and rob, what do we look at in the post holiday week? >> now we have big time cold. the temperature will be over 100 degrees and a snow. take a look at the map. and a couple feet of snow over the northern rockies. and the alberta clipper will bring lighter amounts to chicago and detroit. behind this, cold air. and the first wave will bring windchills that are minus 30 and minus 40 and the colder temperatures mid weekend. and more people get a chunk of this, windchill, thursday morning, minus 10. >> thank you very much. to indonesia and a break this weekend. searchers seeing a piece of the air area jet liner in the bottom
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of the sea. and weather delayed them today in reaching the all-important black boxes. mohammed lila is there again for us tonight. >> reporter: today, investigators found what they say is the biggest part of the plane yet. 32 feet long. along with four more bodies. and a new report from indonesia meteorological agency offering a controversial new theory, saying weather likely triggered the crash and that icing could have broken the engine on the plane because of cooling. >> when you talk about icing, certainly engines on an airbus do not ice up. and secondly, you don't have an icing situation that would normally be a hazard to an airline like this. >> reporter: it's now over a week since the unthinkable happened. a plane with 162 people on board literally fell from the sky. but the facts so far don't provide many clues for why it happened. what we do know. a week after the plane disappeared from radar, with two american ships assisting in the search, just five large parts of the plane have been found.
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and more than 120 bodies likely at the bottom of the ocean. investigators are now focusing heavily on the area where they found the big pieces of debris. divers tried to go down but they had to give up. there is so much mud down there, they could hardly see a thing. tom? the nypd has said good-bye to an fallen officer for the second time in a week. some 25,000 officers from around the country, a sea of blue attending for officer wui. and as mayor deblasio was inside, the officers refused to put aside their anger on a solemn day. in boston tonight, the trial of of the man accused of the marathon bombings. set to begin after a judge denied a delay. almost two years from the worst terror attack. here is a preview.
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>> reporter: recently seen in a court appearance last month, accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. held in an army base in near isolation. preparing to face a city united in seeking justice. >> it will bring out a lot of emotions. >> reporter: just 19 at the time, tsarneav is accused of carrying out the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, along with his brother. killing three and injuring 260. days later, he was found wounded and hiding in a boat. his brother, killed. after what officials say was a prolonged shoot out with police. he now faces the death penalty. extremely rare for a federal case. this one, also one of the largest ever. the initial jury pool, 1200 people. only those willing to impose the death penalty can be chosen. >> they tried to destroy people and their spirits.
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and all it's done is make me want to change the world. >> reporter: emotional time for survivors and a city. abc news, new york. in washington, president obama is back from his holiday vacation, hopefully rested up because tuesday, republicans take charge in congress for the first time in eight years. abc news senior washington correspondent jeff zellany is at the white house tonight. what is the first issue they may tangle over? >> reporter: good evening. one of the first fights is actually an old fight over immigration. but with republicans in the senate, they feel they can roll past the president's action on immigration that kept nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. but they are going to try to squeeze the funding for most of the immigration funding programs. it ends in february. is only a month to do this. but the white house believes they on solid ground here. this is one glimpse of one of many confrontations to come in this new, divided government.
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tom? >> jeff at the white house for us. jeff, thank you. also tonight, we are remembering a member of our extended family. sportscaster stuart scott, an espn original whose broadcasts were as electric as what he covered. we're not alone. and in indianapolis tonight, a moment of silence. at the bengals/colts game, 60,000 players and fans pausing to remember. his good friend robin roberts now with the man who could call it like no one else. >> booyah! >> derek jeter in first, booyah! >> reporter: more than being in the right place at the right time, he was a new voice for a new time. >> booyah. that's it in a word. that is what he brought to "sportscenter." >> reporter: from his language to his look, his personality and passion, stuart connected with the audience, and broadened it
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at the same time. creating his own place in pop culture. >> welcome to "sportscenter." i'm stuart scott. booyah. >> watching him as a black man, hearing things that i talk about with my other friends and feeling like, i'm part of the conversation now. >> reporter: he sat down with two presidents, barack obama and bill clinton and conducted one on one interviews with some of the biggest names in sports, including tiger woods and michael jordan. stuart's path through work and life changed in november 2007. doctors discovered a tumor. he under went two surgeries and months of chemotherapy. and believe he had beaten it. four years later in 2011, the cancer returned. stuart faced it again, and again it turned in january 2013. you say it's something you are never going to kick. you don't want to know the prognosis. it doesn't matter to you? >> i don't want to know how many
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years you think i may have left. how many months you think i may have left. let's say it's stage four. that is going to make me scared. more scared. i don't need that. continued chemotherapy treatments, and medication regiments, stuart took to the gym. >> feels good to be winded. having trouble breathing. chest hurts. >> reporter: you're alive. >> i'm alive. >> reporter: home for stuart held the greatest purpose in his life. being a father. >> he would always talk about them. because they're his heart. so much pride. >> instead of sending you home tomorrow, i get to go home with you. >> reporter: july 16th, 2014, after 21 years on the air, stuart was in a different role. not anchor but inspiration. >> it's my profound honor to present the 2014 jimmy v. perseverance award to stuart scott.
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>> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer. by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live. [ applause ] >> he made sports even more fun to watch. we thank robin roberts for the tribute to her friend. and the tributes still coming in tonight. from lebron james, can't believe you are gone from us. and president obama says, i will miss stuart scott. over the years he entertained us and inspired us with courage and love. we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next -- when a thrill ride turns terrifying. what you nied to check out before you grab that zip line and take that leap. and taking a leap of their own. wait until you see what a pride of lions does to this drone.
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welcome back. a woman who fell from a zip line+o ride in alabama is recovering in the hospital tonight. she fell nearly 30 feet on a family trip over the holiday weekend. zip lines are more and more popular for adrenaline junkies and even children. how safe are they? here is clayton sandell. >> reporter: before launching herself on this alabama zip line on new year's eve, tabitha baker says she was worried something wasn't quite right. then this. she ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. it's not clear why she fell but the zip line operators say there was nothing wrong with her harness. zip lines are popping up across the country. both outdoor and inside shopping malls like this one in orlando. where 52-year-old robert belvoir fell to his death on christmas
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eve. his family is reportedly suing the owners and they have expressed deepest condolences and said, we are cooperating with all investigations. in las vegas, a stuck zip line left a tourist dangling friday 80 feet above the ground. >> i don't know if he was praying or what. i know i would have been. >> reporter: when it comes to zip line safety regulations, there is no federal oversight. standards vary from state to state. the industry is mostly self-regulated, and inspections are often conducted by insurance companies. the zip line industries estimates there for more than 500 million rides every year. thomas smith runs a place in new york. his advise, make sure your harness feels tight. and take your feet off the ground. putting weight on the harness to make sure it holds. >> and if you make it's height
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at all times, you will have a good time and it will be fine. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. still ahead on "world news tonight," the lottery ticket a woman thought was a big winner for 1,000 bucks until she took a second look. how much she really won. instant index is up next. . i had these very burning needle-like sensations. i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said, "let's try lyrica." lyrica has helped relieve my pain. it's known that diabetes damages nerves lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions, or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica.
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your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. back now with the instant index. and a big surprise for a hair stylist in l.a. the 26-year-old thought one of the tickets was a winner for 1,000 bucks. when she took a closer look, it was 1,000 bucks a week for the next 25 years for a total of 1.3 million. she is planning on opening her own hair salon. shots caught on a safari. one couple used a drone to get up close and personal. a pride of lions in zimbabwe. they lost control of the drone and the lions won. nice teeth. and in australia, check out
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who this mother kangaroo does do this drone when it gets to close to her little one. it was damaged beyond repair. and a mother in the u.s. is in her last night of freedom. the real housewives of new jersey teresa guidici is set to check in federal prison tomorrow to serve a 15 month sentence for fraud. after, it's her husband's turn to serve 41 months and he is facing potentially being deported back to italy. could paul mccartney be back to benny goodman? who is benny goodman? how about, who is paul mccartney? a reality check from the younger generation. you're welcome. see, when you don't understand credit... my pockets get lined with moola. but my pockets are in danger. those do-gooders at credit karma are helping millions make sense out of all that. don't go to go to my site:
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>> finally tonight, a somewhat painful rite of passage. as you get older, when the younger generation stops recognizing the big stars of your time. but what about those we consider timeless legends like sir paul mccartney. as abc's nick watt shois, even sir paul has a relentless march
5:57 pm
of time. ♪ hello murray how you doing ♪ >> reporter: it's a lovely song. kanye west on vocals. sir paul mccartney tickling the ivories. but kanye fans are confused. who is paul mccartney? this is why i love kanye, for shining light on unknown artists. i still don't know who paul mcarthur is. probably the greatest song writer of all time. are these kids joking? do you know who paul mccartney is? >> i don't. >> reporter: do you know who paul mccartney is? >> i might have heard of her. >> reporter: do you know who paul mccartney is? >> no, but i've heard that name. >> reporter: the beatles are the best-selling band in history. and don't get me started on mccartney's achievements with wings. maybe they'll recognize the music, if not the man. ♪ she loves you yeah yeah yeah ♪ >> not really. ♪ i want to hold your hand ♪ no? really? >> yeah. >> reporter: this was number one for seven weeks. sold 12 million copies. ♪ hold your hand ♪
5:58 pm
>> i'm from an older generation that doesn't understand this. what happened the beatles? >> i like their music. the way they dress. >> reporter: but all that was 51 years ago. 51 years from now, kanye may well be forgotten, or vaguely remembered as that guy who married that woman from a thing they used to call reality tv. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> very good point. gma first thing in the morning and david muir is here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas. have a great evening. good night.
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next at 6:00 the golden gate bridge will be closed for an extended period next weekend. how it will affect more just drivers. >> oak land's new mayor takes office tomorrow. we sit down with her to talk about her focus of her time in office. we gate taste of spring this week with warm weather on the way. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> breaking news is out of san francisco where police have shot one. the person has been taken to the hospital. we don't know their condition right now. it is an active scene right now near the mission police station on valencia str between 17th and 18th streets. police have shut down valencia and part of 18th. no word what led up to the shooting. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you the very latest
6:00 pm
as soon as we get it right here on abc7 news and follow us on twitter for breaking updates at abc7 bay area. good evening. i'm katie marzullo. other news now. in five days san francisco and the north bay will be mostly cut off from one another. the golden gate bridge will be shut down for 52 hour and could have a severe impact, and not just on drivers. lilian has more. reporter: these are the zipper trucks that will be used next weekend to install the moveable median barrier. they arrived this weekend ask there's permanent fix tours at the golden gate bridge to be used a few times a day to change lanes as needed. the new barrier will be made of concrete and will replace the plastic tubular pylons currently used to separate the northbound and southbound lanes. workers need a couple days for the installs so the span will be closed to vehicles from 12:01 a.m. saturday


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