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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 5, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now" -- sole survivor. how one brave little girl walked away from the plane crash that killed her entire family. what we're learning about that barefoot trek through the darkness to find help. >> an 8-year-old little girl. i can't imagine her going through what this little one went through. >> the next chapter she now faces. >> new clues in the hunt for the wreckage of the airasia flight. the new theory about what might have triggered the crash. the weather conditions improving in this race against time. and caught on camera. a woman hopping off of what should be the ride of her life ends up dropping 30 feet down. new questions about the high flying fun of ziplines. it's monday, january 5th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's monday morning. hey there, folks. it's 2015. >> it sure is. >> happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. you look like a sparkling new t.j. you look good. >> it's just five days in. >> you sleeping? >> no. i just had a good start to the new year. time away from you has done me well. >> every time. >> it's really good to be back with you. a few days last week i wasn't here with you. and you carried on. >> i carried on and you told me how much you missed me. >> that's difficult for me to do sometimes. i miss you when i don't see you. good to be back. >> we have an amazing story about a 7-year-old girl who survived this incredible plane crash. >> tragic as this is, it is amazing.
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tragic for this little lady. investigators calling sailor gutzler a remarkable young lady after what she's gone through. they hope she might be able to help provide some valuable clues as to what happened in this plane crash. abc's gio benitez at the scene of the crash. >> reporter: images from above as ntsb investigators comb through the plane's wreckage. a little second grader surviving, courageously trekking three-quarters of a mile through the woods at night. sailor gutzler trying but failing to light a stick that would guide her way, hoping to get help for her parents and 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin, all killed in the crash. >> she obviously wanted us to find her family. she told us she feared they were dead but hopeful they were only sleeping. >> reporter: the plane took off from key west florida friday night. dad, the pilot, taking the family home to illinois. just before 6:00 he reported engine problems, losing contact with air traffic
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controllers. the plane crashing down, landing upside down. sailor suffering a broken wrist, using her uninjured arm to climb out. emerging from the plane into complete darkness. 38 degrees and misting. wearing shorts, a t-shirt and one sock. from the air we see her journey. flying over this area, you can see lots of hills, creeks. we're told she had to work her way through a 12-foot creek bed. ending up at this house. larry wilkins answering the door. >> she thought her arm was broke and her left foot was hurting pretty bad. >> reporter: her survival against all odds. >> the seating in this aircraft is two, two, two and one. if she was in the very back, the impact cushioned the blow and could have allowed her to survive. >> reporter: what a nation calls a miracle, bringing a lieutenant who has seen it all to tears. >> to see this little girl walk
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out of there and survive that crash -- just absolutely amazing. yeah very much so. i have an 8-year-old little girl. i can't imagine her going through what this little one went through. >> reporter: i think a lot of parents in america are thinking that. >> absolutely. hug your daughters and sons. >> reporter: right now that big question, what exactly brought down that plane? investigators will examine that wreckage and try to find out. it could take days. gio benitez, abc news, kuttawa, kentucky. >> the family is being mourned in their small town not far from st. louis. the pilot, marty gutzler, was well known to be an experienced pilot. their pastor telling abc news that may be what saved 7-year-old sailor. >> her father gave her the survival skills and taught them what to do if the plane went down, from what i'm gathering. >> the extended family set up a fund for sailor for those wishing to donate. overseas to the other major
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plane crash. the improving weather conditions off the coast of indonesia. the search for wreckage from flight 8501 is taking on new urgency. abc's muhammad lila has details from indonesia. >> reporter: investigators have found what they say is the biggest part of the plane yet, 32 feet long, along with four more bodies. and a controversial new theory saying weather likely triggered the crash and that icing could have broken the engine on the plane because of cooling. >> when you talk about icing, certainly engines on an airbus do not ice up. and secondly, you don't have an icing situation that would be a hazard to a plane like this. >> reporter: it's now over a week since the plane with 162 people on board literally fell from the sky. but the facts so far don't provide many clues for why it happened. what we do know a week after the plane disappeared from radar
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with two american ships assisting in the search, just five large parts of the plane have been found with more than 120 bodies likely at the bottom of the ocean. >> investigators are focusing heavily on that area where they found those big pieces of debris. there's so much mud down there that they could hardly see a thing. muhammad lila, abc news, in surabaya, indonesia. millions of americans spent the weekend battling wicked weather. tornado watches went up across the south. at least four confirmed tornadoes in mississippi. one toppling an r.v. winds were so strong in georgia they knocked the steeple off a church. plenty to clean up including scattered trees and downed power lines. snow and ice made for treacherous driving. three people died in the texas panhandle after four inches of snow fell near albany new york. several were injured on interstate 90 in a 12-car
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pile-up. in kansas city, missouri, snow, ice and rain turned dangerous after dark. tow trucks worked overtime. in omaha, highway signs warned drivers to slow down as plows worked to clear the streets. >> some of that is cold. you ain't seen nothing yet. serious cold on the way. >> accuweather meteorologist justin povick joins us with this morning's polar plunge. hi, justin. >> thanks. what a cold start to our early week. look at the high temperatures monday. when you combine the effects of the wind and cloud cover, it feels like it's only around zero in pittsburgh. below that north and east of syracuse into northern maine, vermont and new hampshire and great lakes. feeling like minus 5 to minus 10. oh, yeah, it's going to be colder here heading into midweek. first light snows. these will be cutting a path through the northern and central plains into the midwest from billings to
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indianapolis, chicago and eventually into cleveland and even columbus. mid to late week, the brutal arctic air mass working its way into the northeast. reena and t.j., back to you. >> thanks, justin. bitter cold is causing complications for the flu. the cdc says this year's flu has reached epidemic levels with 22 states seeing high flu activity. complicating matters, this year's flu vaccine is only 33% effective. at least 15 children have died so far. flu season peaks between december and february and can last as late as may. another patient suspected of being infected with ebola while working in west africa has been rushed to the u.s. for treatment. the patient landed in omaha, nebraska, yesterday and is being held in a biocontainment unit. the patient is not at this point showing symptoms and so is not contagious. north korea slamming the u.s. for imposing sanctions against government officials for a cyberattack on sony. the statement was read on state tv denying any role in the breach. this comes days after video of kim jong-un visiting an
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orphanage on new year's day. he looked around and watched as the children performed. and speaking of sony cyber-attacks, the electronic giant is offering a bit of relief to playstation plus subscribers after the christmas outages. the so-called lizard squad attacks which jammed the server. sony is offering subscribers a five-day extension on their membership and a 10% discount on the playstation store. eight nfl teams remain with their hopes intact after the first set of playoff games. wild card weekend. sunday's bengals/colts game close until this happened. quarterback andrew luck escaped a little danger there. some kind of way there he found dante moncrief there. the defense clamped down there. offense tacked on two more touchdowns. 26-10, colts win and the bengals get going already. they're gone. this happens every year to them it seems.
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the colts will take on denver. the cowboys were down 20-7 against detroit. demarco murray started the comeback. one yard today -- t.d. run you see there. tony romo then goes to work. hits terrence williams. this caps the comeback. dallas rallies. we thought this would be another disaster for the cowboys in the playoffs. not to be the case. they win 24-10. the cowboys first postseason game on the frozen tundra since the ice bowl in 1967. both of those games were played just hours after we got the word that espn longtime anchor stuart scott had died. moments of silence were held before the games at both nfl stadiums and other several pro and college events. stuart scott fought a long battle with cancer during which he maintained a rigorous workout routine. he attended the university of north carolina. he wasn't afraid to bring his life experiences to that news desk. >> unc is like nobody duke has
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faced and this rivalry is like no other in college hoops. why is it so intense? one of the biggest reasons? carolina players have always dated a lot of duke coeds and vice versa. trust me. >> he was a tar heel. that's why he's saying that, right? >> but he brought that. you didn't get to see that. for a lot of us young guys, frankly, young black men in journalism, this was a guy we all looked up to. there weren't a lot of us doing it at his level. to see him do it and speak in a language we all talk like this quite frankly around and we are having drinks and whatnot. to see him bring that to "sportscenter." to see him be the guy out front, it was a big deal. got to spend time with him. >> when he went to chemo treatments he'd go to mixed martial arts sessions. >> no idea how he did what he did. he was hurting for a long time and a lot of us didn't realize how much he was hurting.
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>> 49 years old. >> a young man. two daughters. just what a life. what a life. you saw an example there of how he handled newscasts, sportscasts. we're going to do our best stuart scott. we can't do what he did. this is something he would have had a good time with. yesterday's florida panthers hockey game. >> in the third period, caps goalie holtby lost a puck in his uniform and couldn't find it. he looked in his pads, down his pants, in his glove. no puck. >> they were about to do the face-off again. the puck finally pops out. it came out of his left leg. the fans gave a big cheer. play continued. this went on for quite some time. you can't play on. they wear a lot of equipment. who knows what he has under there. a cell phone, a beer in there or something. >> and they found it in the end. coming up, fun turns quickly to terror. the plunge from a zipline ride over the weekend caught on
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ziplining is growing in popularity. the user is suspended on a pulley that runs on an inclined cable. >> have you done this yet? >> no. >> want to? >> i don't like heights. bungee jumping, ziplining, no. >> we're on the same page. once this is done strictly outdoors. now you can do it at indoor recreation outlets. it can be a bit dangerous as we learn from clayton sandell. >> before launching from this zipline on new year's eve, tabitha baker said she was worried something wasn't quite right. and then this. she ended up with serious
3:17 am
injuries. it's not clear why she fell but the zipline operators say there was nothing wrong with her harness. >> one -- >> reporter: ziplines are popping up across the country both outdoor and inside shopping malls like this one in orlando where 52-year-old robert belvoir fell to his death on christmas eve. his family is reportedly suing the owners who have expressed deepest condolences and say they are cooperating with all investigations. >> reporter: in las vegas, a stuck zipline friday 80 feet up left a tourist dangling. >> i don't know if he was praying or what, but i would have been. >> reporter: there is no federal safety oversight. standards vary from state to state. the industry is mostly self-regulated and inspections are often conducted by insurance companies. the zipline industry estimates there are more than 500 million rides every year, less than 1% resulting in an accident.
3:18 am
thomas smith runs palisade climb adventure in new york. his advice? make sure your harness feels tight, and before you take off take your feet off the ground putting weight on the harness to make sure it holds. >> make sure the harness is tight at all times. you'll have a good time. you'll have a safe time. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> all right. well, coming up, another reason why you should watch what you post online. those having a wonderful time photos can be dangerous. your friends are looking at them, but so are thieves. ahead in our next half hour, do today's young adults really not know who this guy is? you recognize that guy? are these people just messing with us? everybody knows who that is right? >> of course we do. >> you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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those mobile apps for social networks let you share snippets of your life while it's happening. >> experts warn it might not be a good idea because you never know who is reading your posts. abc's nick watt with the story. >> reporter: were you at the sugar bowl new year's day? did you post about it on social media? if so, allstate has an alarming message for you. just watch the commercials they aired during the game. >> i'm a social media nerd. i'm also a burglar. when the people who live here posted on line during the game, i did what any self-respecting nerd burglar would do. >> reporter: that couple from illinois are real. fanned by allstate researchers for oversharing on social media. the insurer built a mock-up of their home, filled it with replicas of their possessions. >> scootch to my website and thank these people for oversharing by paying me for their stuff. >> reporter: apparently burglars are using google street view and
3:21 am
social media to find their targets. >> it's growing because the general population aren't paying attention to it. they're not managing their risk side of that. >> reporter: this indiana home burglarized just minutes after the owners left for a concert. >> i posted on my facebook page who they were, where we were going. >> reporter: resist temptation to post snaps and updates while away. turn off some location services on your phone so tweets and photos don't reveal where you are. and make sure your social media friends really are your friends. clearly allstate's oversharing message hit a nerve. their site got up to 8,000 hits a second during the game. >> buy matt and shannon's stuff now. >> nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> so it worked. media strategy. >> get them to -- >> people walk out of the house. they want to tell everybody where they were. >> that's good advice about the location service. >> i don't understand that yet. >> i'll teach you during the break.
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not 4, not 6, but 12 full hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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in "the mix." we'll explain the eggs in just a moment. and this one here. i want to show you video first at disney world. you should not ever challenge a macho man to a strength contest if you will. a visitor challenged the -- what was his name? gaston to a push-up contest. watch how this goes. >> struggling. i think he needs a hand. >> gaston showing off now. >> this is what usually happens. this was fun video. >> i love it. >> he did pretty well. better than i would have fared.
3:26 am
>> he's doing pretty well there. >> don't compete with gaston. also in china, there's a city there known for ice. and their natural snow. and it's kind of called the ice city in china because they have this ice festival which starts today. large scale mazes, giant slides. little towns you see all lit up. even little locomotives, trains 'and all of it is completely carved out of ice from natural ice and snow up in the northeastern part of china. >> queen elsa made that? >> elsa and anna together. >> and finally with the eggs. there's a guy from colorado going over to china to compete and he's trying to set a world record in egg balancing. who knew there was a record in this? he has to do 12 of these within 75 seconds. stand all these eggs up. i was in the meeting this
3:27 am
morning and said the average person can't do it. >> yep -- >> reena says this is possible. >> i googled it. a little salt in the bottom and then you just let it go. >> 45 seconds. go right ahead. take your time. the guy over there has to do a dozen of these in 75 seconds. that's the record. >> you had 60 seconds to get one. take your time. >> i just have to concentrate. >> is there some trick? >> we've got a dozen. >> okay. we've got ten actually. >> you have to get a lot of roughage in the bottom. >> it's going well so far. >> and then just balance it like that. see? >> you see one cracked egg here. in the commercial break we had a little accident, didn't we? >> this is going to be it. >> seven seconds. >> one, two, three. t we? >> this is going to be it.
3:28 am
>> seven seconds.
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this morning on "world news now" -- wild weather. ice and snow causing travel woes for much of the midwest as tens of millions brace for deep freeze. what you need to know as you head back to work this week. and final salute. a sea of blue as thousands gather laying to rest the second of two nypd officers killed in that ambush. his widow's touching tribute as many continue to symbolically turn away from the mayor. and breaking overnight, a hedge fund founder shot dead in his new york apartment. what neighbors heard as the millionaire's son is now being questioned by police. saying good-bye. broadcasting legend stuart scott remembered this morning by those who knew him best. celebrating his signature style that made sports and life so much fun. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good monday morning to you, everybody, on this first full week of 2015. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. we start with a weekend of weather extremes. across the south severe storms toppling trees and downing power lines. >> meanwhile, from texas to new england, snow and ice causing havoc on the roads. the brutal cold forecast in just a moment. we begin with abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: the sound of chainsaws ringing through a suburban atlanta neighborhood startling homeowners. >> i came out and looked around. pretty frightening what i saw. i could see what was going on. >> reporter: thunderstorms bringing heavy rain and severe wind gusts knocking down trees, severing power lines and blocking roads. a tornado in georgia. another confirmed in mississippi.
3:32 am
a nightmare for motorists. slick roads. this was the scene in albany, new york, along interstate 87. nearly a dozen cars slid off the roadway. >> everyone crashing into each other. >> reporter: icy roads were also responsible for a car accident along the texas panhandle that killed three people. the midwest also got hit. two inches of snow fell in milwaukee. residents breaking out the snowblower and shoveling the way. >> very misleading when you shovel your snow, be careful you aren't looking up at the sky after the first scoop. >> reporter: the wild weather doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon. the midwest could see temperatures fall below zero with single digits along the east coast. tom llamas, abc news, new york. this week the most severe blast of winter we've seen will blow across the country. >> accuweather's justin povick takes a look. >> thank you. over the northeast, the cold returns for the first full week
3:33 am
of 2015. lake effect snow showers, snow flurries. outside of the lakes, it's very, very light. a gusty breeze from time to time. travel will not be impacted in a major way. off the great lakes, heavier lake effect squalls or bursts. watertown, rochester, buffalo could have more substantial accumulation. back to you. >> thanks, justin. to the 7-year-old girl, the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her parents and only sister. sailor dw guntzler recovering. officials say it's remarkable that the second grader was able to walk about a mile from the kentucky crash site in near freezing temperatures to find help. gio benitez spoke to a state trooper. >> to see this little girl walk out of there and survive that crash -- >> just absolutely amazing. very much so. i have an 8-year-old little girl. i can't imagine her going
3:34 am
through what this little one went through. >> reporter: i think a lot of parents in america are thinking that. >> absolutely. hug your daughters and sons. >> that officer says little sailor hoped her family was sleeping. incredibly she suffered only a broken bone in her wrist. investigators say they hope to talk to her about possible clues about what brought the plane down. nearly two years after the boston marathon bombing, a trial begins today for one of the brothers accused in the attack. lawyers will start whittling down the list of more than 1,200 jurors in a high-profile case. a task that could take weeks. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is reportedly being held at an army base in near isolation. preparing to face a city united in seeking justice.
3:35 am
>> it will bring up a lot of what happened, obviously, two years ago and a lot of emotions. >> reporter: just 19 at the time, tsarnaev is accused of carrying out the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, along with his brother. killing three and injuring 260. >> we have movement in the boat. >> reporter: days later, tsarnaev was found wounded and hiding in a boat. his brother tamerlan killed after what officials say was a prolonged shootout with police. he now faces the death penalty, extremely rare for a federal case. this one of the largest ever. the initial jury pool 1200 people. only those willing to impose the death penalty can be chosen. >> tried to destroy people and their spirits. all this has done is make me want to change the world. >> reporter: an emotional time for survivors and a city. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. here in new york, the police department has given a final salute to the second of the
3:36 am
officers killed in his patrol car just over two weeks ago. officers attended the funeral of wenjian liu. >> he is my soulmate. a carrying son, loving husband and loyal friend. you are an amazing man. we loved you. i loved you forever. love you. >> meanwhile many of the officers attending the funeral turned their backs to the screen when new york mayor bill de blasio began eulogizing the officer. they'd been urged not to do so by the police commissioner. police union leaders say some of de blasio's comments have contributed to anti-police sentiment. meantime in new york, police are also investigating the death of a 70-year-old hedge fund founder. he was killed by a gunshot in his apartment.
3:37 am
his wife was escorted from their building with her identity partially obscured. a neighbor heard the incident take place. >> something just kaboom -- like something dropped on the floor. >> gilbert's son now in custody and is being questioned as a person of interest in his father's death. hundreds of passengers have finally arrived in san francisco after a travel nightmare. the nightmare -- they spent 28 hours on the same plane. that included 12 hours on the tarmac in abu dhabi because of highly unusual fog. chaotic conditions with people fighting with each other and with the crew. the airline has apologized but said the events were beyond its control. if you're looking for love
3:38 am
in the new year, your best window of opportunity just passed. according to match -- >> aw. >> what do you mean? you're married? >> sorry. i was just scanning through the story. >> from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. was the most popular time all year for online dating. but there's still hope. those who decide to start dating online over the month of january will be 15% more likely to meet someone new compared to all the other months of the year. >> i said oh, that's interesting. it makes sense. this is the time. this is the time to get in there, get active. >> the hangovers are over. people are realizing they don't -- >> they're still alone. >> the person they wanted on new year's eve. they didn't have all their wits about them. maybe it's time to find that special someone. >> this is the second most popular way. online dating. i thought it would be number one but they say through friends of a friend is most popular. who knew? i don't have a profile. i don't use my real name.
3:39 am
no. just joking, folks. a vertigo alert here. a job for someone with no fear of heights. you see this? kevin schmidt has no fears of height. kevin schmidt, no fear of heights apparently. he changes the aircraft warning light bulb in south dakota. he's 1500 feet up and doesn't have a net. >> the view there from the top, it looks an awful lot like what you'd see out of the window of an airplane. acres of farmland. kevin doesn't seem to mind. after he replaces that, he stops a moment to take a selfie. >> that's a heck of a selfie. i'm surprised he doesn't have any kind of a safety net. >> maybe not the best idea. it's a better selfie than i have. coming up here, we're going to be remembering a legend we've lost. espn's stuart scott inspired the world of sports and changed all of broadcasting. >> we'll take a look back at his
3:40 am
style, his wit, his courageous fight against cancer and what inspired him most to live life to the fullest. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. t. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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♪ incredibly sad news we incredibly sad news we got from our sister network espn. stuart scott has passed away from cancer at age 49. he covered all the major sporting events and interviewed presidents. robin roberts has more on this remarkable man. >> boo-yah! >> derek jeter at first, boo-yah! >> reporter: more than being at the right
3:44 am
place at the right time, he was a new voice for a new time. >> boo-yah. that's it. in a word, that's what he brought to "sportscenter." >> reporter: from his personality to his passion, stuart connected with the audience and broadened it at the same time, creating his own place in pop culture. >> hey, welcome to "sportscenter." i'm stuart scott. boo-yah! >> watching him as a black man, hearing things that i talk about with my other friends and feeling like, okay, i'm part of the conversation now. >> he sat down with two presidents. barack obama and bill clinton. and conducted one-on-one interviews with some of the biggest names in sports, including tiger woods and michael jordan. stuart's path through work and life changed in november 2007. doctors discovered a tumor. he underwent two surgeries and months of chemotherapy and
3:45 am
believed he'd beaten it. four years later in 2011, the cancer returned. stuart faced it again. and again it returned in january 2013. >> when you say you think it's something that you're never going to kick. you don't want to know the prognosis? it doesn't really matter to you? >> i don't want to know how many years you think i may have left, how many years. how many months i may have left. let's say it's stage four. it's just going to make me scared. more scared. i don't need that. >> in the midst of continued chemotherapy treatments and medications, stuart took to the gym. >> feels good to be winded. >> yes. >> having trouble breathing. >> yes. >> chest hurts. i'm alive. >> reporter: home for stuart held the most important purpose in his life. being a father. >> he would always talk about them because they are his heart. so much pride. >> instead of sending you home tomorrow, i get to go home with
3:46 am
you tomorrow. >> on july 16th, 2014, after 21 years on the air, stuart was in a different role. not anchor, but inspiration. >> it is my profound honor to present the 2014 jimmy v. perseverance award to stuart scott. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live. [ cheering and applause ] >> they played that speech yesterday a lot on espn. a tough morning. you knew he'd been sick. just didn't expect the news. >> he said he didn't want to know. and just what a courageous battle, courageous fight with
3:47 am
cancer and his just -- the honesty he brought to every broadcast. he was really himself. >> one of his co-anchors said it was difficult. he turned it on when it was time for the show. in commercial breaks, he was trying to get a nap in. he was hurting and a lot of us didn't realize it. this was a guy, news journalism is one thing. it's the stuff we do here. people think he's in his own category. he inspired a lot of young cats like me who are in broadcasting and wanted to be like this guy. he could be himself on tv. and that's something that sometimes we're not encouraged to do. so he was somebody certainly to look up to for a long time. rest in peace, stuart scott. we'll be right back on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
tt2wút3nú&4 bt@q&ap tt2wút3nú&4 "a@q6m4 tt2wút3nú&4 bm@q=f8 tt4wút3nú&4
3:49 am
" dztq =p tt4wút3nú&4 " entq p90 tt4wút3nú&4 " gzt& i>h tt4wút3nú&4 " hnt& y0$ tt4wút3nú&4 " iztq 3yé tt4wút3nú&4 " jntq !)< tt4wút3nú&4 " lzt& 9d@ ♪ skinny ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ topping your monday "skinny," a new year and a new address for a reality star. >> "real housewives of new jersey's" teresa giudice trades her mansion for the danbury federal correctional institution. she'll be serving a 15-month sentence for fraud. the prison has hosted other celebs including lauryn hill. >> she can take piano lessons, or knitting classes or yoga. but she may have trouble avoiding bad carbs. >> you can do all that in
3:50 am
prison? >> yeah, i think -- >> knit? >> yeah, and book. you can also read. >> prisons are stepping up. last night the new season of "downton abbey" premiered. but tonight is the whole new season of "the bachelor." >> chris soules, the 33-year-old with the perfect hair and chiseled jaw. don't they all have perfect hair and a chiseled jaw? yeah. he's also a farmer from iowa. he's on a mission. there are 30 women to start, five more than most seasons and chris is shy, but not about kissing. >> we're going to be jealous girls. >> so frustrating right now. >> i'm not a hook-up girl. i'm a virgin. >> chris can't take a virgin to the fantasy sweet. >> oh, my god.
3:51 am
>> honestly, like what is this? >> i'm about to freak out. >> if you don't think i'm intelligent enough. >> this is exactly why i've missed it for so long. >> what in the world? >> yes, what in the world. i can't wait to see it tonight. a little tate of what you'll see. "the bachelor" debuts at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> a lot of tasting going on there. >> spicy! kim kardashian is one of those celebrities who is famous -- well, she's famous because she's famous. you know her anywhere but not on the cover of the upcoming issue of "love" magazine. nearly unrecognizable. the obvious changes are the fur wrap and a crop top from prada. i can't make her out. >> you can see she's bleached her eyebrows. fans noticed and commented on them a few months ago. the photo makes her look really tall, really, really tall. she's only 5'3" but looks like a basketball player for the nba. >> i can't make her out there. she always does something interesting. coming up, yesterday he was a huge star in pop music.
3:52 am
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for a healthier smile. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. ♪ ♪ this story might make some viewers feel really, really old. fame is fleeting. today's pop star may be tomorrow's footnote. >> yesterday's pop superstar even a knighthood doesn't ensure you're a household name. abc's nick watt has an example. ♪ >> reporter: it's a lovely song. kanye west on vocals. sir paul mccartney tickling the ivories.
3:56 am
but kanye fans are confused. who is paul mccartney? this is why i love kanye -- for shining a light on unknown artists. i still don't know who paul mcarthur is. are these kids joking? >> do you know who paul mccartney is? >> i don't. >> reporter: do you know who paul mccartney is? >> no, but i might have heard of her. >> no, but i've heard that name. >> reporter: the best selling band in history. and don't get me started on his achievements with wings. maybe they'll recognize the music if not the man. ♪ she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> not really. ♪ i wanna hold your hand ♪ no? >> no. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: this was number one for seven weeks. sold 12 million copies? >> i'm afraid i'm of an older generation that doesn't quite understand this. what about the beatles?
3:57 am
>> i like the music and the way they dress. >> that was 51 years ago. 51 years from now, kanye may well be forgotten or vaguely remembered as the guy that married that woman from that thing they used to call reality tv. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> they could probably name a lot of artists today and i wouldn't have any clue who they were talking about and they'd laugh at me. >> kanye has, quote, launched this paul mccartney dude's career. >> in a twisted way, maybe he's introducing paul mccartney to a whole new generation of fans. >> could be. >> my other favorite one. why do people listen to -- >> it was a joke. these kids know who we're talking about. >> it rings a bell at least. >> good thing it wasn't ringo starr he did a duet with. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. iacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- extreme weather. a brutal blast of cold air moving across the country. people are waking up to wind chills at minus 30. the cleanup under way after tornados in the south. sole survivor. a 7-year-old walking away from a deadly plane crash. we're learning about who she is and her nearly mile-long trek to find help. remembering stuart scott. dead after a long battle with cancer. his moving speech and espn's touching tribute overnight. confused fans learning about a legend for the first time. do some fans think paul mccartney is a newcomer?


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