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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:00 a.m. on monday, january 5 2015. where did our lives go? boom. >> hopefully plenty left. >> glad you are back eric. >> great vacation. >> relaxed? >> all right, get over it, time to get back to work. thanks for joining us. how does it look? >> it will warm up. 60's in the offing and possibly 70's before the cooling trend sets in. this morning, here is a look at live doppler hd, no need for the umbrella, put it away we have a very dry forecast coming up. you can see haze out there this morning, it is a "spare the air" day so no burning of wood and the ban continues.
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next 12 hours cool conditions, and cold inland. i had frost on my car at 32 to 46 through 7:00. by 12:00 we are 56 to 62 and low 60's through 4:00 and low-to-mid 50's so pretty mild evening on tap. in store. whatever. >> in our future. what is going on with the roads, sue? >> it will be busy. people are back to work. we are looking good, though, at the san mateo bridge the tail lights are headed in the westbound direction toward the high-rise. it is moving nicely all the way over to san mateo side of things. elsewhere, a look at the bay bridge pretty good, we hope it will stay. we will keep our eye on it. we have one issue out there, this evening and it is not an issue, the warriors and the thunder with tip-off at 7:30, so
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expect delays. we will take a quick look at mass transit all running on time. >> steph ought to be interesting and a lot of points scored. >> it is basketball. i don't have anything to add. from san francisco, the police chief will let residents sound off about a fatal shooting involving an officer. the officer was forced to decide whether the gun the man was carrying was real or a replica. amy? it turns out it was an air soft or bb gun. police shot him to death. they say that the officers found the man early in the day. he was asking police what kind of weapons they carried. they thought it was curious. but nothing came of it. hear he was discovered in the parking lot the miss police station. he refused to leave and blocked
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the drive so sergeants went to talk to him and the system escalated. >> they exited the car went to approach him to say you can not be here and he went to his band and grew the weapon. two sergeants fired. the suspect was hit three times. >> he is described as a white man in his 30's and they have not released his name. he died at the hospital. he never fired at the officers. there will be a townhall meeting to answer questions and discuss the shooting with residents. now to brooklyn, 10,000 mourners, mostly police officers, paid a final respect of tribute to a fellow officer shot along with his partner two weeks ago to death. wenjian liu was remembered as a devoted family man and dedicated public servant.
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he and rafael ramos were shot and killed execution-style by a man would shot himself. the funeral self was marked by officers turning their backs on the new york city mayor de de blasio feeling he contributes to the violence sympathizing with protest groups. the san jose man who is not to have set ten car fires is in court today. according to our media pan the san jose mercury news, the suspect is 37-year-old and has been charged with three counts of arson connected to a series of car fires set along the san jose campbell border in late december. he is held on 500,000 bail. the report is that he was arrested in 2012 on suspicion of possession of materials used to start fires. sentencing is scheduled today for a man who pleaded no con toest to felony animal cruelty charges. animal control seized dozens of
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horses from the property of the man in november. last month he agreed to serve 90 days in globoses five years probation. under the plea, he cannot own or care for any animals for a minimum of 10 years. a new video of a hit-and-run collision that left a man with several broken beams including vertebrae that happened in oakland on new year's day at the crosswalk at fruitvale avenue and east 18th. you can see the man walking across the street when a car comes up quickly and hits him. the video continues to show the man being tossed into the air, hitting a packed car and landing next to the curb. the driver barely slowed down before turning a corner and speeding off. the search resumes for more victims in the crash of airasia 8501 with crews pulling three more bodies in the sea off the coast of indonesia yesterday. divers tried to reach a large
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object on the ocean floor believed the fuselage. the stilt and mud left them with zero visibility and they have recovered 34 of the 162 people aboard the flight that went down on the way to singapore on december 28. five ships with instruments designed to detect the black boxes have now join the the seven. >> a health care worker exposed to ebola virus is in the hospital. the worker was in sierra leone and the unidentified person has in symptoms but is held in isolation at a nebraska hospital for observation. three ebola patients have been treated at the hospital, two recovered, one died. san francisco health network clinics will give away three vitamin -- free vitamins to women this week. clients of the san francisco health network and get a three-month supply of multivitamins with 100 percent of the daily requirements of
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folic acid. officials say that this is necessary for proper cell division and growth and could reduce certain birth defects in pregnancy. time for a check on the weather forecast. it will be warmer than normal. >> absolutely. temperatures usually in the upper 50's to nearly 60 and a lot of us are in the low-to-mid 60's with a breeze this morning and a few areas in fairly, novato and sfo at six to seven miles more hour but generally blowing out to shore which is a little bit of haze and fog developing inland in the north bay around santa rosa and 33 is the cool spot and 30 in p and 38 in napa and everyone in the low-to-mid 40's. we have a lot of low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore until you get to san francisco at 48 and alameda at 47 and mid-to-upper 30's san jose, lafayette and san ramon. this is how it looks from the
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east bay hills camera and everyone is going to have poor air quality at some point today. the wood help burning ban continues and nice look at the golden gate bridge and no fog but a northeast wind at 18 miles per hour so watch out for a little bit of a cross wind. 57 to 61 at coast high clouds and sunshine and 60 to 66 inland and 61 to 67 around the bay the enjoy. sue? >> we will look at the east shore freeway from albany and berkeley to emeryville and you make your way to the maze it is busy but speeds are at the limit. to san rafael, the tail lights headed beyond north gate man and the specific center to central san rafael where traffic is moving nicely. now, a look at the drive times out there getting thick from tracy to dublin at over 35 minutes and 14 minutes from antioch to concord highway 4, westbound and 101 and the drive from the city is 20 minutes.
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now, a quick look at the drive from the value stream we saw that speeds of 37 miles per hour approaching the ultimate pass and an accident on the shoulder the central expressway at lafayette in the south by. thanks it and 5:09. guess what, more and more music lovers are going old school. >> i knew that. >> new year's is blasting half the nation with freezing weather. if he builds it will they come? the plan to bring a new nfl i'm to southern california.
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the kind i have with you. me too. the new year is blasting much of the country with film it winter weather with temperatures from sub-zero to the teens and 20 across the northern tier of the united states from the northern and central planes to the interior northeast. quite a contrast from what we have. we here is the latest. good morning, nature is unleashing its fury cross many parts of the country this morning and there is more to come. fast moving tornadoes blankets of snow, severe weather is causing problems in many areas of the country after a weekend of extreme conditions. in the south thunderstorms knocked down trees blocking
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roads and cutting off power. storms in mississippi and alabama as well as georgia. the sounds of chainsaws ringing through suburban atlanta start emed the homeowners. this church was damaged during a service on sunday. >> deeps were flying off. >> in the north in albany, new york along interstate 90, a dozen cars slid off the road. >> everyone was crashing into each other. no one has control of their cars. they cannot step. they cannot slow down. >> ice was responsible for a car accident that killed three people in texas panhandle. in the midwest 2" fell in wisconsin. >> when you shovel your snow be careful you are not looking at the sky after the first scoop. winter weather warnings are stretching from washington dc to ohio, a large area of
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accumulation is expected from the northern plains to the east coast. dangerous wind chill and arctic air brings sub-zero temperatures to the northeast her this week. one fund -- fun fact 114-degree difference from the cold spot in minnesota to the hotspot in tampa florida. eric? this morning firefighters in australia are trying to get a handle on a massive wildfire that has destroyed more than two dozen homes and sent nearly 30 people to the hospital. authorities say firefighters have taken advantage of milder conditions in recent days in an attempt to contain the fire which has charred 31,000 acres northwest of the south australian capital with residents evacuated and 700 firefighters are working to contain the fire. the sports world is mourning the death of stuart scott espn
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anchor who brought the world the trademark phrase dying yesterday after seven-year battle with cancer. he was only 49. he continued on show while undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation. he was friends with tons of athletes and celebrities. president obama issued a statement saying he would miss him. moments of silence were held around the country before sporting events yesterday. robin roberts was a close personal friend of stuart scott and will have more on the life and legacy on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> he was as cool as the other sides of the pillow. that is another one of his phrases. big sports news breaking overnight, the nfl could finally be coming back to los angeles if the owner of the rams has his way. the "los angeles times" is reporting that the owner will build an 80,000 seat stadium
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a site he bought 40 years ago near a race track next door which gives him the space he needs. it is in secret the rams are not happy with the current stadium in st. louis which was built in 1992 to pleasure a february team to town. the programs played in los angeles from 1946 to 1994. >> the giants world series trophy tour begins on wednesday in sacramento. giants c.e.o. showed off the trophy after they returned from kansas city in october with all three world series trophies we won from 2010 and 2012 an will be displayed if two two hours. it will stop in oregon and reno. the labor department is releasing a by report this week with an early estimate show job
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growth in 2014 the best in 15 years. here is the money report. growing optimism about job growth. >> the next job report is due on friday and is expected to show 230,000 jobs everyone added making last year the strongest if job growth since 1999. experts are predishing continued growth this year. >> more and more music lovers are going old skill vinyl record sales have double since last year at 9.2 million album the highest numbers recorded since being tracked in 1991. for the third week in a row "the hobbit," was tops bringing in $22 million and "into the woods," second and then "unbroken," was third. now you know how they say
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movie theaters do better when the weather is frightful but that is not the case here this week. >> not here but the rest of the company, definitely. we are on the opposite side of that you see an arctic out break hit the eastern two-thirds, we are warmer because the high pressure that sends it to the eastern to thirds girlfriends us the offshore flow and the warming weather it creates. 1.5 mile visibility at santa rosa. everyone else is six or greater. a little haze. not too bad. if san jose 880 and 101, a few clouds, otherwise, it is pretty easygoing as far as the weather. we have in wet weather to talk about and limited fog and light wind. as far as the east bay hills camera not so hazy as the last couple of mornings but we will have a better view of the haze and how thick it will be today and how poor our air quality is in the afternoon. more remain a again today and we will keep it going through
5:19 am
tomorrow wednesday, with record highs possible. great for our gas bills but bad for the air as poor air quality is likely those days. continued period is trending dry with cleaner air. here is a look at the high tomorrow, anywhere from 60 at antioch and half moon bay and 61 in richmond and vallejo and fairfield and fremont and 67 in san jose and morgan hill and 66 today in santa rosa and oakland topping out at 63 and same in san mateo and concord tops out at 62 degrees. tonight you are a cool spot at 36 along with palo alto and a lot of mid-30's to low 40's inland, and mid-30's in palo alto and oakland and san francisco we could have mid-to-upper 40's. here is the set up and this is how it will stay, high pressure is clockwise flow and pulling the cold air and throwing it into the eastern two-thirds of
5:20 am
the country, and an offshore wind and a blocking pattern and the storm track stays to the north and we are close enough we will have high clouds and sunshine the next couple of days and the dimming of sunshine will do nothing to stop the offshore wind from pushing mid-60's to 70s tomorrow and wednesday and the next front is close but it falls apart on thursday and because of that we will see cooling but we will remain dry and we will have a slow cooling trend with cleaner air through the weekend. good morning everyone, it is quiet. the first day back at work for a while and we are in san jose at 280 at the 17/880 overcrossing snaking in the northbound direction to cupertino and everyone is moving fine and golden gate bridge is great with full closure this weekend, and the golden gate buses are allow on the span and the ferries will expand service if
5:21 am
the closing this week and the richmond san rafael bridge is the alternate. from the central valley getting slower crawling crawl, up from 205 and it pick up into livermore with no delays and out of antioch looking good this morning with speeds of 50 or more as you make your way into concord. 15 things to know use start your day. >> a major city where wearing a hoodie could be illegal. >> looking for love in the new year you my have already missed your chance. >> keep on track of weather and traffic through the commercial break. we are showing you the bay bridge toll plaza on a monday morning and back to work after the holiday monday morning. hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my favorite song and it all starts with you. whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness...
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things to know. the san francisco police shot and killed a man accused of pulling what officers thought was a weapon in the mission station parking lot. it turned out to be a bb gun. the police chief suhr will hold a townhall meeting to discuss the incident. >> southern california police confirm remains found in a dump step are a newborn baby kidnap granddaughter her home in long bench. the three week old girl was discovered missing on saturday night from the home where her mom, dad and uncle were shot. the search is on for the gunman. the shooting was not random. >> construction resumes on the central subway in union square. construction equipment was hoofed in over the weekend to replace the temporary holiday plaza that had gone up on stockton between fury and ellis street. a wake is held today for former three term new york governor mario cuomo. he died thursday at age 82 hours after his son governor andrew cuomo was inaugurated if a
5:25 am
second term. the funeral is set for tomorrow morning. five, this morning, governor brown will be sworn in for the 4th and final term. he will deliver his inaugural address and later deliver the state of state address to the legislature. the swearing in ceremony begins at 10:00 this morning and our reporter will be there. our wood-burning ban continues and it is another "spare the air" day. so for we have not exceeded unhealthy standards which is great news so keep up the good work. as far as our visibility we are watching the nog and the fog develop in the north bay. i will let you know if that will get thicker with record highs on the way. seven, back after the holidays things are quiet, and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with a few cashes stacked up at the cash-paying lanes and we will keep our eye on it as the morning progresses.
5:26 am
wearing a popular winter clothing item could earn people in oklahoma a fine: it could be illegal for folks in oklahoma to wear clothing that covers their face including hooded sweatshirts. the fine for the fashion crime? $500. however, this are exceptions. it would not apply to dressing up for hole week or parades. religious beliefs are exempted. >> people looking for love in the new year to change from "single," to "in a relationship." the first sunday of the year was the most popular sign for online dating. according to 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. was the peak time to log on and check out potential partners. if you miss the window this is still time, those who date on-line in january will be 15 percent more likely to meet someone compared to all other
5:27 am
months of the year. you probably wonder, why? >> i am. >> there is no second answer but speakers think it is because people are feeling lonely from the holidays and they are looking for companionship. >> speaking of love the latest star of "the bachelor," will begin his journey for his dream girl. he is handing out red roses on "good morning america" and tonight the 32-year-old iowa farmer will meet 30 amazing women, and one could be his wife. the 6 to the foot 1" blew -- blue eyed hunk believes he can find love again. he was eliminated in the final round last season and says he is ready to find his soul mate. you can join chris on his journey to find love starting at 8:00 right here. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> including help if homeowners hit hard by stormy weather and
5:28 am
where you can push for financial relief. >> you can keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial break with abc7 news now and a shot of san francisco with the holiday lights still on the skyscrapers discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning, january 5, thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas with sue hall here for leyla gulen. and meteorologist mike nicco will tell us about the "spare the air" day. >> 'tis the season. we will have 11 and 12 before we get cleaner air air to move in here. >> fog in the central valley and north bay, santa rosa at three miles.
5:31 am
the wind as you can see is blowing from the central valley to the coast. anything that develops will move into the neighborhoods. we are off to a milder start with a few areas of frost and 36 to 44 and the day planner the next 12 hours we are in the mid-50's to 60 by noon and high clouds and sunshine dominate our hazy conditions. we will top out in the low-to-mid 60's by 4:00 and fall back milder during the evening into the low 50's. warm. sue, we had calm track. how about now? >> it is quiet. we will see, first day back at work for a lot of folks getting busy on the east shore freeway at 80 from the albany area through berkeley into emeryville and headlights are headed to the macarthur maze and the bay bridge and to walnut creek we go, southbound 680, the tail lights headed to 24 and everyone is at the limit right now.
5:32 am
>> right now. >> right now. that is the key. happening today, disaster assistance is on the way for residents and businesses impacted by the strong storms and flooding last month. matt keller is at the disaster outreach center in south san francisco with the details. matt? yes, at 9:00 this morning the office in south san francisco will open up to residents and owners of businesses who were affected by the massive rainstorm. if you need a reminder of what it was like, check out the video, a good reminder of the intensive the record-breaking storms, several inches of rain fell in the bay area december 11 and telephone understanding. businesses and residents can apply for disaster assistance for san mateo alameda, san francisco, santa clara, and santa cruz counties. homeowners can get $200,000 in
5:33 am
loans for repairs and $40,000 to replace or repair personal prosecute. businesses and nonprofit organizations can get up to $2 million in loans. this disaster loan outreach center in south san francisco is open for 10 days starting today. workers can help you with the application process. for more information on what to do go to for more information. san francisco police chief suhr will discuss a fail shooting in the parking lot of the miss politician station. the shooting happened last week at 5:30 in a parking lot the officers asked the 32-year-old man to leave the lot but he refused. the chief suhr says the man reached for his waistband and drew the weapon. it turned out to be a bb gun.
5:34 am
the suspect approach the officers earlier today and asked about which weapons they used. amy hollyfield will have more on the story at the top of the hour. vallejo police are sending if this man who forced an officer to open fire. 21-year-old hawthorne is considered armed and dangerous. he arrived at 7:30 on saturday night for a call of two men fighting. the officers were told that hawthorne went to get a gun and jumped off a two her -- two-story walkway. he ran off, stole a car and tried to run over the officer before crashing. the officer opened fire at the car which was found abandoned. he is then to live in the area. >> more violence directed against police in florida. the sheriff deputies in orlando are looking for the person who fired shots at them overnight. a large perimeter has been set
5:35 am
up and a sheriff helicopter is flying overhead sending for the person. no one was hurt. jury selection will begin in half an hour in the trial of boston marathon bombing dzhokhar tsarnaev. three people were killed. 260 were hurt in the 2014 attack. tee and his brother, who is dead are accused of killing an m.i.t. university police officer with the evidence including tsarnaev confession and a video of him pacing a backpack near an eight-year-old boy who was killed. he could face the death penalty if convicted. police if new york are questioning the son of a hedge fund founder in the shooting death of his father and was taken into custody and considered a "person of interest" in the shooting death of 70-year-old thomas gilbert who was shot in the hold in his manhattan apartment yesterday. the older gilbert founded capital partners in 2011 with
5:36 am
has $200 million in as societies and focuses on the son has not been arrested and as of now is not facing any charges. in southern california, police have confirmed the body of an infant found in a dumpster in imperial beach is a three-week old kidnapped girl. she was taken from her home in long beach on saturday after her parents and uncle were shot. police say they are looking for an adult male but they have not said his connection. detectives say it was not a random act. the father has been released from the hospital. the mother and uncle remain in critical condition. we have been warning the golden gate bridge is closed to cars this weekend for the installation of a movable median barrier. zipper trucks have arrived and they got there this weekend and are there to move the barrier when it is necessary when installed. they are part of $30 million
5:37 am
protect to prevent head-on collisions. the span will be closed from 12:00 saturday morning until 4:00 a.m. monday morning for installation. ground breaking is under way for the high-speed rail system, 1,200 gusts are expected for the ground breaking as the future site of the new fresno rail station which will be the first construction segment. the multi-billion dollar project is did you to run 220 miles per hour bullet train from los angeles basin to the san francisco bay area starting in 2020. we are starting the week with "spare the air" alert and it will change for us. mike? >> hope so. hope we get the clear clean air in here. the transition is drying. the winds are light this morning. in most of our reporting stations. as you look from sutro tower not
5:38 am
so hazy as it was yesterday. the air is cleaner than 24 hours ago. still, the bay area air quality management district movies all the areas, all five districts or four of the five districts should have poor air quality. near freezing in danville and pleasant hill at 33 degrees. there will be frost in the outlying subdivisions. 56 on mt. diablo so you have an idea of where the warm air is on the cold air and that is inversion that will reverse and the warm air will come down during the afternoon hours. 39 in calistoga and 37 in foster city and 38 in cupertino and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's until san francisco and half moon bay at 50. in walnut creek we look southbound along 680, 60 to 66 inland and 57 to 61 along the coast and 61 to 67 around the bay and the temperatures are near record but we should be
5:39 am
closer to setting them tuesday and wednesday before cooling on thursday. good morning, everyone, back to work for a lot of folks and we will check at the richmond-san rafael bridge not too busy a few headlights headed in the western direction and no problems on the span. the san mateo bridge is busy with the tail lights to the high-rise and to foster city and 14 minutes from the hayward side and the san mateo side of things which is a good drive. to the san jose area we go northbound san jose an accident at 87 and 280 that is cleared to the right hand shoulder and you could find a few residual delays and warriors and oklahoma tonight with tip-off at 7 pock -- at 7:30 so expect new delays. >> a new leader takes over at oakland city hall and the priorities libby schaaf has all
5:40 am
ahead. >> this is sfo and we will tell you if there are delays coming up at 6:00. stay ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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dublin/pleasanton and covering all the bay area this is news much. >> hope the holidays were good for you looking live at the bay bridge and we will find out if there are trouble spots. >> president obama is back in washington after a two week hawaii vacation. >> but he is preparing the state of the union address to be delivered in 15 days. that preparation will be supplemented with trips to michigan arizona and tennessee showcasing how his economic policies are fueling the economic recovery. congress reconvenes on tuesday with republicans in charge of both the house of representatives and senate. dozens of new lawmakers, 58 inç all, will be sworn in today on capitol hill bringing new trends to congress when the congress convenes tomorrow there will be more women than ever with 104 and a total of 96 racial minorities will serve in congress but lawmakers remain
5:44 am
overwhelmingly white and male in the republican-controlled house of representatives and senate. happening today a new era for the any of oakland with the swearing in of mayor elect libby schaaf would grew up in oakland hills. she says she knows oakland has problems like a rising crime rate. she said she wants to increase police staffing, put more officers on the street and make it clear to protesters violence is not an option. >> we have to give our police the modern tools to be effective and for me that starts with community-based policing. i'm very clear about unacceptable behavior. breaking the windows and vandalizing small businesses in oakland is not part of that political protest. she says she wants to keep rents and housing prices at least semi affordable and repair the aging roads. she added she believes oakland is ready to have the future it
5:45 am
deserves. governor brown is set to begin the 4th term leading california and will take the oath of office and deliver the inaugural address and deliver the state of the stay address to the legislature in can he will lay owe the vision for the next four years. he is expected to fight to keep the state budget balanced and pay down billions in debt california accrued during the recession, and the swearing in ceremony begins at 7:00 this morning and we will be there. our the first bill state lawmakers will consider when the legislature reconvenes this morning is requiring children to rise in rear-facing car seats until they are two careers old. >> that is a year longer than what is required by law. the bill came from a study that finds children under two are 75 percent less likely to die or be severely injured in a vehicle accident if they are riding in rear-facing car seats. rather than turning them around to face the front they do not
5:46 am
get a view but they get more same. >> these are the nights where you love to start a fire but don't, it is "spare the air" day. >> trying to get rid of firewood to put in a shed where the firewood is but it is still sitting this. i will show you what is going on it would be nice to watch the bowl games with a four but you have to think of the greater good. i appreciate that. so far the bay area air quality management says of the eight, and we have had ten they put at the stats for the first eight we have not exceeded air quality standards, so it is working. here is a look at where the storm track is and where our rain is, portland, seattle vancouver, and it turns to snow as you head we toward the grand tetons and the rockies. here is sutro tower you can see it is not so hazy as yesterday still, "spare the air" day but our air quality is better this time than 24 hours ago. more warming today.
5:47 am
most of us in the 60's. record highs are possible on tuesday and wednesday and that means more "spare the air" days and the extended period is trending dry which is very unfortunate and scan may end up being dry our next best chance of wet weather is possibly the 17th, telephone degrees from now. high clouds and sun, low-to-mid 60's and we may hit 67 in san jose. morgan hill is 69. 68 in santa cruz. those are the warmest spots along with cloverdale at 68. tonight, we will see the morning lows start to come up. we will be in the mid-to-upper 30's in many areas and a few low 40's around san rafael and in the mid-30's around palo alto but a lot of low-to-mid 40's ask we could see a little bit of forecast but it is looking unlikely in the san ramon valley the next couple of nights. our two areas of high pressure are getting squeezed a little bit but the only thing that is
5:48 am
going to do is bring more high clouds and no rain. thursday at 7:00, we talked about this being the day if -- for wet weather pretty much just clouds. all the moisture is gone and by saturday we only have clouds and sunshine and cooler conditions. we will look at the cooling trend after we get the warming friend. mid-60's to 70 tomorrow. and wednesday. transitioning to cooler weather on thursday into friday but more likely normal temperatures saturday and sunday. have a good one. >> metering lights are on this morning at 5:38 and the commute is on for the bay bridge backing out toward the overcrossing and i am seeing slow traffic now forming as you get out and get going the first monday after the holidays and san rafael, city council, 101, the tail lights are headed to the lincoln and
5:49 am
central san rafael and getting busy and moving at the limit and slowing from novato south 101. in san jose we have an accident in the clearing stains north 87 at 280 junction and helpfully out of the lanes and out of the central valley we are getting real slow at 30 miles per hour up and over the altamont pass and into livermore speeds of 35 miles per hour and all mass transit is on time and it is a great way to go. here for leyla gulen and it is 5:49. the electronics world is taking las vegas by storm. 150,000 people are expected to attend the annual consumer electronics show. analysts expect to see 3-d printers taking center stage with 30 exhibiters showing off their advancements. companies will let visitors get hands on with virtual repeat headsets and system straight how they useful for politicians beyond video games. >> we will go
5:50 am
hottest gadgets unveiled this week in las vegas. >> also new, the choking deaths attributed to a popular food item you could have in your home. >> life-changing apps that can help you conquer your to-do list, how to find a stylist and dog walker and more. >> how about a rooftop view of the bay bridge and the tower. it is 5:50 for the correct time mmm ring ring! ring ring!
5:51 am
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>> starting today there will be a free schultz from the lenadro bart station and the downtown garage from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. so only those three hours on weekdays leaving the bart station every 15 minutes. a note for parents who are dealing with sleepy children: a study finds that gadgets could be to plain. the study suggests that the kids would slope with a tablet or smartphone in their room get 20 minutes less sleep each night and are less well rested in the morning. the findings show that having a so-called small screen in reach was worse than a television set as far as sleep deprivation among middle schoolers. there is an app for almost anything these days from scheduling hair cuts to walking your doc. >> is it possible to uber your
5:54 am
life? >> there are ways to conquer the to-do list at your fingertips from house keepers to many men to at home manicures and doctors who will perform a house call in two hours. sarah booked a dog walker with only three hours' notice. >> yeah, dog walk is booked. exciteed. >> and even tracked them on the walk. >> a little poop shows me where he did his business. >> so cool. she got pictures sent of the dog and there are new apps offering services own demand across the country. they raised $1.783 billion in 2014 for uber. >> all about simplifying. >> we help so.
5:55 am
>> an app for weather is right here. >> i have the personality of an app? thank you. appreciate that. for january in san francisco, we will show other cities as we head throughout the week but we warm from 57 to 60. we have been as warm as 79 and as cold as 30. rainfall is 4.5" and the most is 14.5". it is a full moon the temperatures are 70's around san diego and palm springs and 67 if las vegas and 68 in monterey and 60 through the central valley and 53 in lake tahoe and the agency high is 43 and we will be well above average at night there will be a difficulty making the snow. mother nature is not providing any. make me sad and the kids sad. maybe bit end of the month. before 6:00 now and it is getting busier with the freeways
5:56 am
moving into the macarthur maze and traveling is just below the limit as we get busy into san francisco, though from the golden gate bridge and waldo grade you are looking good. a couple of problems to tell you about in san jose at the junction of 87, northbound 87 at 280 a crash moved to right shoulder and over by hayward south 880 reports of an accident as you approach 92 and a new accident to tell you about, three or four cars, sunol south 680 cleared to the shoulder and traffic is coming to a standstill. kristen and risk? facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has launch add book club on facebook. >> he plans to read a book every two weeks with an emphasis on learning about different beliefs and cultures and technologies. he is inviting friends and other facebook users to join in the challenge. you can visit facebook page entitled "a year of books," to see what zuckerberg is reading. the first pick is "the end of
5:57 am
power," and it feels like it is set up perfectly for posting your thoughts and discussing backs. >> does we mention he is the c.e.o. and founder of facebook? >> is that relevant? >> conquering yosemite's heights in what has never been dove before. >> the technology of the future unveiled in las vegas. folks are headed back to work from the holiday vacations and we will be right
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a man with what looked to be a weapon is dead after an involve-involved shooting in san francisco. we are at the district police
6:00 am
station where it happened. >> homeowners backed by the wild storms can get help starting today to fix the damage. we will tell you where and why you want to act fast. >> exciting is building in las vegas heads of the consumer electronics show and we will take a look at the revolutionary products that could change your life. this is buzz about a t set that you have to see to believe. >> don't you wish you got it for christmas. >> darn tootin'. sue is here for leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco, the app himself is over there with a look at the forecast. >> i would rather have a new car than a new tv station at $20,000 or $30,000. >> it goes in any room in the house, you roll it up and carry it with you. >> now, outside, we have visibility


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