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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, san francisco's police chief is working to calm potential tension between the police and a community after officers shot a man to death at the mission police station a man carrying an air soft or bb gun. our reporter, amy hollyfield is at station. amy? kristen police have not released his name. he was a white man in his 30's and that he approached police earlier in the day asking
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officers if they had ever been involved in an officer-involved shooting. this shooting certainly has some people in the neighborhood on edge. >> the man who runs the community thrift shop across the street from the police station in the mission cannot believe there was an officer involved shooting in the station's parking lot last night. >> i expect to be safe here because we are across from the police station and also i see how many tourists and families are walking down the street each day and i was shocked to see an area like this something like that would happen. >> the man who lives next door to the police station says it is not so quiet living here as you would think. >> some people say it is safer but sometimes, it is frightening too over the years, and i have been here 20 years there are events that have happened that have been scary. >> police say a man trespassed into the parking lot and refused to leave. >> they exited the car approached him to say, wait, can
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you not be here and he went to the waistband where there was a bust of a gun and drew a weapon. two sergeants fired. >> man died at the hospital. the gun he had was a bb gun and never fired. >> they say the officers encountered him early in the day. at that time he asked what kind of weapons do the police carry? they found that strange. >> the next door neighbor wonders if police reacting too quickly in shooting the man but sympathize with how the police feeling. >> they are tense with everything. it is not a good thing to walk in there with something that looks like a gun. >> the shooting happened on the same day that eight san francisco police officers remain in new york attending the funeral of an officer there. the chief here in san francisco says he plans to address the neighborhood's concerns and questions at a townhall meeting and they are still working to confirm where and when that will
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be but we will get the details as soon as they are available. 76-year-old california governor jerry brown is making history today being sworn in for the 4th time. there was a standing oh vase as he walked into the chamber in sack momento to give the state of the we state address and we joined with more greater risk. >> because of term limits for the last time jerry brown took the oath as governor of the golden state. >> i, jerry brown do solemnly swear. >> if he completes the term he is in unprecedented territory being in the governor's office for 16 years 40 years apart, two different centuries and acts like he has seen this before it is held in the chamber rather than an expensive sacramento
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venue and telescope this into the state of the state address and at 76 he has no plans to run no president again. he is touting some of the accomplishments, like paying down the different left behind by previous recessions. >> we will make the last pavement $15 billion of borrowing made to cover weather deficits dating back to 2002. >> brown talked today about the administration's progress in the fight to build a high-speed rail system despite opposition from the legislature and some in washington and his efforts to end the cozy relationship between the public utilities commission and the utilities they regulate like pg&e. the inaugural party is held later tonight and will be financed by private donations the cost is approximately $75,000 give or take and it will be smaller than some of his inaugural parties when he was the mayor of oakland. >> ladies? >> thanks. a new era today in oakland with the swearing in of mayor old
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elect libby schaaf a brown protege. she said she knows oakland faces tougher challenges like a rising crime rate but wants to boost police staffing and get protesters to demonstrate peacefully without resorting to violence or vandalism and wants to keep rent and housing prices affordable and repair aging roads. >> government help is on the way if people in the bay area hit by the devastating rainstorms in december. the small business administration is opening a temporary office. our reporter joins us from south san francisco with the story. matt? the disaster outreach center has been open for to hours or so and it is filled with people who are just trying to get back on their feet. the pictures do not tell the whole story about what happened in the area of south san francisco on december 11 and 12. for the people who live there the rain washed away a portion of their lives. my daughter, myself, and my son
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live downstairs and my father upstairs. everything we had is gone. >> this is video from december 11 several inches of rain flooded the roads and homes in south san francisco. the fire department says that at last count, 47 homes were flooded. >> this is my house. >> including the one rented by kathy. >> do you have insurance? >> no, i rent. i had an alarm. i didn't think this would happen to me. many people are in the same bet, so this morning the small business administration opened up the disaster loan outreach center in south san francisco. people and businesses impacted by last month moves flooding, and in san mateo alameda, san francisco, santa clara and santa cruz counties you can come and apply for low interest loans to rebuild and repair. it is a tough time. holidays and the weather is cold and you don't have a home to live in and you are just displaced and it is hard. we are thing this is very critical for they will and
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helpfully, many of the residents will get the help they are seeking. >> there is a lot of help offered at the small office space. many agencies are giving advise on repair work, income tax issues and insurance claims. but after a that will disaster like -- a natural disaster you are trying to rebuild lives, too. >> it is devastating. i cry when i go back there but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. >> the center is open through january 15. if more information go to tragic news for the united states ski team. two prospects hoping to make the united states team were killed in an avalanche in europe. the 19 year old from hurt it and 20-year-old from new hampshire were part of a group would left a slope and set off the avalanche in the alps. the other four escaped the area was under an avalanche alert
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after days of heavy snow and mild temperatures. jury selection is underway this morning in the case against boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. authorities summoned more than a thousand potential jurors. three died. two -- 260 were wounded. the jurors are ask if they would be willing to impose the death penalty. the trial is expected to last three or four months. >> the first legal same-sex marriage will take place in florida in miami dade county. a judge police today a stay that florida same-sex marriage ban violated equal protection under the constitution. same-sex marriages are expected to begin across the state after midnight tomorrow when a separate ruling by a federal judge takes affect, covering all 67 florida counties. florida will be the 36th united states state where same-sex marriages are legal
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statewide. >> wells fargo is offering $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a bank robbery suspect. union city police released this surveillance picture. the man in the yellow baseball hat is accused of robbing wells fargo on december 22 handing the teller a note demanding cash and lifted his shirt to show what appeared to be a gun. the teller noticed he had a tattoo of a star near the right ear. miss say he drove away in a dark colored four-door cezanne -- sedan. >> meteorologist mike nicco joins us now. good morning from the to which the broadcast center. we have a breeze out here. however it is blowing offshore. that is why you are see the haze developing the high pressure and putting a cap on us and you could not see where i am standing if you were in the east bay hills. it is our 10th "spare the air" day with the wood burning ban continuing through mid might and you can see the winds on live doppler hd blowing offshore and
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because of that, we are beginning do have another "spare the air" possibly tomorrow and again on wednesday. keep the wood where it is and you will have to find different ways to stay warm the next couple of nights. thank you. just ahead, twitter will unveil a new feature that has people ditching facebook. and spacex wants to change space exploration. >> the land to bring the nfl back to southern california.
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>> the honors and tributes pour 24 from sports world and ronald reagan for stuart scott. >> thank you for your bravery and thank you for being you. yes, as cool as the other side of the pillow. >> robin roberts offered heartfelt goodbye this morning. he died yesterday after seven year battle with cancer. he continued on sports center while undergoing surgery chemo and radiation. last july he opened up about cancer at the awards. >> when you diet does not mean you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.
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>> moments of silence honoring scott took place throughout the day yesterday. part of espn tribute was leaving his set empty. an nfl team could return to los angeles. the "los angeles times" is reporting that the slice rams own -- the st. louis rams owner plans to build a stadium after buying a 60 acre site joining forces with the company that owns the racetrack next door giving him the space he needs. the rams are not happy with the stadium in st. louis. they played in los angeles from 1946 to 1994. >> move over youtube a possibly site will offer competition. twitter will release a video service allowing users to upload and tweet original clips up to ten minutes long. the san francisco-based company says there is no size limit on votes because they want users to share favorite moments in the highest possible quality.
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twitter plans to release the service in the next few months and we look forward to sharing some of our news votes. >> absolutely. >> it is an interesting day. meteorologist mike nicco will slain what the sky means. >> a man goes to extraordinary lengths to show us his love for trader joes and how he is bridge the popular store's food to his own neighborhood. >> and why brad pitt broke down during a song in the middle of an awards
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covering fremont, palo alto,
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north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> two experienced rock climbers including one from the bay area are trying to accomplish a climbing feat on yosemite el capitan that has never been done before. >> they are trying to scale el capitan cliff that is smooth as glass without the help of ropes. they will have ropes if they lose their footing. these are photos from the instagram. they hope to finish the climb bit end of the week. if they are successful they will become the first climbers ever to scale the wall without ropes. >> a lot of things to hang on to with your fingers...hopefully the weather will be good. >> it is mild here. could there be some changes in store? we will check with our meteorologist mike nicco and checking it out, outside. >> it is breezy and brisk today
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so when the temperatures hit the 60 it will not feel like it but that is part of the warming trend the winds are blowing some of the warmer air in. as far as what will happen, we were hoping for changes in the form of a chance of rain on thursday but that seemed to fizzle over the weekend and now it looks like we will wait until the 17th for any reasonable chance of rain. we will look at visibility and you can see it is less than perfect because of the haze hanging in the air. you can see where our rain and snow is up around oregon and washington and unfortunately that is where it will stay. we are just getting high clouds blowing off the system and then over the high pressure that is dominating our forecast right now. in fact from walnut creek camera looking south you can barely see a couple of miles down 680 before the wall of haze cuts off the visibility and as far as what will happen, we are going to continue to see temperatures running in the 30's and 50's at night and up to the low 50's like we have during the
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lunch hour to 61 at half moon bay and hanks to the offshore wind. it is hazy in the south bay. poor air quality. more warming. record highs are possible tomorrow wednesday and the extended period is trending dryer and cooler and cleaner. we get warmer, believe it or not january in san francisco, and up to 60 degrees and we do need the rain. it is not looking like we will get any rain it is looking like december telephone 12 and january 2013 all over. the high clouds and sunshine, and limited fog tonight and mid-40's around oakland and san francisco and half moon bay. here is a look at areas of high pressure that are deflecting the inform track to the north and help unleash two arctic air masses into the eastern two-thirds of country and we are warmer-than-average and setting reports. always works that way this time of the year.
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the front was coming our way for thursday the now it is a cowled maker. you see green. then it falls apart. friday night we are looking at clouds. there coe be a few springers. drizzle is possible on saturday and partly sunny on saturday afternoon. that is as good as it gets. the seven-day forecast shows pushing mid-60's to nearly 70 tomorrow and wednesday with possible "spare the air" days again. on thursday, that is the transition and by saturday and sunday back to average. keep your fingers crossed we will have clean air by then. we have been doing a good job with the "spare the air" days with nothing exceeding the threshold of unhealthy air limits. back to you. keep it up. spacex will test new ground breaking technology that could set a new standard for space exploration. the company will launch and attempt to land one of the falcon rockets on a drop --
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drone mission. no rocket has been recovered for use a second time. if successful it could cut the cost of space travel by millions. the company compared landing the craft with trying to balance a rubber broomstick on your hand in the middle of a rainstorm. a man takes his love for california-based trader gentleman's to a new level. >> i own pirate joes. >> canadian mike hallet decided to open pirate joe's filled with 1,200 second-hand trader joe's products. after visit the grocery store he was hooked. >> i own it. i get to do what i want. including selling to someone who is happy buy used groceries. buy secondhand groceries. >> he visited 15 stores in seattle and buys carts full and drives them back to vancouver. he claims he has the right as an individual to re-sell anything he legally occupies but he
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understands how silly the story is and high just wants trade we joe's to open a location in vancouver. there you go. >> a california film festival has a sing along from brad pitt over the weekend. ♪ equal -- yellow ♪ ♪ yellow ♪ >> he was trying to help the crowd at the international film festival pronounceed an ator's name who received an honor for the perform as as dr. martin luther king in "selma." >> he is an executive producer and the actor said "i have broken through when brad pitt says your name." >> some people refuse to embrace the 21st century and cannot ditch their flip
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! >> bay area tech giant has new competition and we will tell you of the new challenge that netflix announced at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. >> an ancient grain is new
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again. why oatmeal could retake the crown as the king of super foods. >> it never went away. >> success does not mean owning a smartphone, right? >> dallas cowboys owner jerry journeys is worth $3 billion and still use as anyone phone. >> vogue editor uses one as well. but this surprised me andrew luck, stanford graduate, uses a flip. >> and the modern mayor of new york city mayor de blasio enjoys the order school phone. >> jerry jones likes it because he cannot accidentally call anyone. >> it is so embarrassing. i have done that. a beautiful shot from southern ca
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yo! yo! oh! oh! hello, and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. some of you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine and i'm also lucky enough to be here hosting millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant is a philosophy professor who lives by nietzche's words, "no victor believes in chance." today, he's not relying on luck, but his intelligence and skill and knows he will win it all. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome james rowe. [cheers and applause] james, how are you, my friend? >> i am doing wonderful. magnificent. >> come on in here. >> magnificent.


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