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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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record highs are possible in parts of the santa clara valley and monterey bay as we will see high temperatures in the low 70s in some spots. before we get to that, we will have chilly conditions in inland areas overnight. lows dropping into the mid 30s in north bay valleys and upper 30s in the inland east bay, then 40s around the bay. tomorrow's high, up to about 72 in gilroy tomorrow. that would be a record. mid to upper 70s in the peninsula, and on the coast. downtown san francisco in the 60s tomorrow. 62 in napa. 66 in santa rosa. over in the east bay, mid 60s from oakland to union city. the inland east bay will be relatively mild but cooler than some other locations, with only low to mid 60s up to about 64 in walnut creek and pleasanton. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. another spare the air day tomorrow. warmest day of the week will probably be wednesday. we will see highs in the upper
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60s to around 70. then temperatures start to moderate a bit towards the end of the week. there's a slight chance of some sprinkles or showers friday and saturday, then a cooler pattern settles in on sunday and monday, but again, no significant rain in sight yet. you can call this basically a dry pattern. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. up next, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg taking a page from oprah. the new success for the silicon valley ceo. new after 4:30 the price of oil falls again. drivers are happy so who is not celebrating the new lows? at 4:21, another live look at the afternoon commute. this is interstate 680 in walnut creek. as usual, the oncoming traffic is the heavier side. that is going northbound up towards concord and smooth sailing on the right-hand side headed back to danville.
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before but an nfl team could finally be returning to los angeles. the l.a. times is reporting that the st. louis rams owner plans to build an 80,000 seat stadium right next to the forum. he bought the 60-acre site a year ago and joined forces with the group that owns the former hollywood racetrack next door. that will give him space he needs. there's no secret the rams are unhappy with their current situation. the rams played in l.a. from 1946 to 1984. what's unclear is how this might impact a possible raiders move back to l.a. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is turning a page from queen of talk oprah winfrey. his brand new reading club is already a big hit. as part of his new year's resolution zuckerberg pledged to read a book every two weeks the entire year. the books will emphasize learning about different beliefs, cultures and technologies. so far more than 22,000 people have liked his a year of books page on facebook.
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zuckerberg says amazon has already sold out all paperback copies of his first pick, the end of power. abc's romance reality show "the bachelor" returns tonight. >> i didn't get my time so i will give you this rose and i just want to have my time. >> okay. a farmer from iowa will get his chance to find love when he gets to pick from 30 single women. he says some women went to great lengths to get noticed. the small town boy hopes to move back to iowa with the woman of his dreams. he appeared this morning on "good morning america." >> i did the show for the sole reason to find my soulmate. you know, along with that and along with this journey you know, obviously there would be some drama i would have to deal with but i think it was worth it. >> you can catch the premiere of the new season of "the bachelor" tonight at 8:00 on abc 7 and
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then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. this is big news. three new flavors are joining the girl scout cookie lineup this year including two gluten-free cookies. >> we will start with toffey-tastic, a buttery cookie with toffey bits and the trios a cookie with real peanut butter, chocolate chips and whole grain nuts and the third cookie, this would be mine is rah-rah raisin, an oatmeal raisin cookie with greek yogurt flavored chunks. sounds somewhat healthy. no? >> i don't know. at least it has greek yogurt. these join favorites like thin mints. >> raisins are good for you. >> it balances it out. >> sure. when we continue on abc 7 news at 4:00 new details on that 7-year-old girl who walked away from a plane crash in the nation's heartland. how she may be able to help investigators figure out what went wrong. and a heinous crime in southern california.
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what we are learning about the investigation into the death of a 3 week old infant. plus the legacy of espn's stuart scott and the remembrances that colleagues including yours truly are sharing about
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headlines. governor jerry brown was sworn in today as the first california governor to serve a fourth term. the 76-year-old democrat laid out his plans for the next four years, including education, pension reform and high speed rail. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted in closing, governor brown said the challenge is to build for the future, not steal from it. sources now tell abc 7 news reporter vic lee that last night's deadly police shooting outside of the mission police station was a so-called suicide by cop. they say the man police shot and killed left notes for his father, other close friends and one was addressed to officers. sources say the man suffered from financial problems and failed relationships. the chief will hold a town hall meeting this week to discuss the shooting. stocks stumbled today with the dow jones industrial average sinking 331 points. that's almost 2%. the close, about 25 points higher than the low the index hit today, about an hour before
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the market closed. the culprit for all this uncertainty is a big drop in oil prices. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana joins us live from san francisco with that. >> reporter: if you have recently filled up at the pump you have been noticing that gas prices have been slowly dropping off over the last few months but what's been plummeting are those oil prices. this is the price that west texas intermediate dropped to at one point today, $49.77. it hasn't been this low since april 2009. prices at the pumps have tumbled well below $3 a gallon in lots of spots across the bay area. at this arco in richmond it's going for $2.35 a gallon. drivers are celebrating but still guarded. >> i drive a lot so it's good to save some money. that's why i bought the small car to save some gas. >> this is something that will go back up and all the people that go and buy trucks because
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the gas is cheap are going to regret it. >> reporter: not since 2009 has the price of some types of crude oil dropped to below $50 a barrel. even academics like dan canon are scratching their heads because of the slump. he says this is all because of a price war that's being waged by saudi arabia and prices could drop even more. >> frac'ing in north dakota and canada, whose costs are a lot higher saudi arabia is saying we can push back against those. >> reporter: with so many hybrids and electric cars on the road, oil demand has dropped in recent years but the slumping prices have affected hybrid and electric car sales. some drivers we talked to are waiting to see if more horse power is an option. >> i wanted to get something bigger like a v-12 i would buy it, because the gas but if you do buy that and then what happens in six months if we go back up to $4 and you are trying to get back into an economy car. >> reporter: the big question, how long will the prices last. the answer to that question will
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affect what we drive, our economy and even the stability of countries like venezuela and russia but that's another story. sergio quintana abc 7 news. wells fargo is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a bank robbery suspect. union city police released this surveillance photo. the man in the yellow baseball cap is accused of robbing a wells fargo on courthouse drive on december 22nd. police say he handed the teller a note demanded cash, then lifted his shirt to show what appeared to be a gun. the teller noticed the man had a tattoo of a star near his right ear. police say he drove off in a dark colored four-door sedan with tinted rear windows. federal investigators are hoping a young plane crash survivor will help them determine exactly what caused the crash that killed four other family members. officials from the national transportation safety board are now combing through the wreckage of friday's disaster in rugged terrain 30 miles east of paduca
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kentucky. 7-year-old sailor walked away from the crash that killed her parents, a sister and a cousin. she suffered cuts and a broken arm but managed to walk nearly a mile in near freezing temperatures to get help. officials plan to interview her later this week. in southern california, authorities are searching for a killer now after a 3 week old baby abducted from her long beach home was found dead. the remains of eliza de la cruz were found today in a trash bin behind a strip mall. the baby disappeared saturday after a shooting at her home. the baby's parents and uncle were wounded but survived. detectives do not believe the shooting and kidnapping were random. in ventura county an investigation is under way after a woman called 911 and reported her husband was trying to set her on fire. crews found a woman outside a home with burn injuries when they arrived and a small fire burning in the bathroom. deputies told firefighters the woman had gasoline on her clothes. she was rushed to the hospital.
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her condition wasn't released. no arrests have been made. funeral services will be held tomorrow for former new york governor mario cuomo who died last thursday of heart failure. bill and hillary clinton are among those expected to attend the service. the funeral mass will be open to the public. he served three terms as new york's governor. his death came hours after his son andrew was sworn in for his second term as new york's governor. mario cuomo was 82 years old. the honors and tributes continue today from the sports world and beyond for late espn anchor stuart scott. >> thank you for your bravery and stellar example. thank you for being you. yes, as cool as the other side of the pillow. >> robin roberts there offering her heart-felt good-bye to stuart scott on "good mornging america" today. he died after a seven-year battle with cancer. he continued to do "sports
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center" while undergoing surgery, chemoand radiation. he opened up against his battle with cancer at the espy awards. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live and in the manner in which you live. >> moments of silence honoring stuart scott took place before sporting events throughout the day yesterday and part of espn's tribute was leaving a chair on its set empty for stuart. stuart and i worked together at espn in the mid to late '90s. our kids played together birthday parties on the swings at the park together so this is a huge loss personally. what a lot of people don't know is that it wasn't always cool being stuart scott especially for stuart scott. he faced a lot of resistance in the early days because you know what, nobody was doing highlights while singing a rap lyric or making tupac references or talking about biggy smalls. it wasn't universally loved and
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a few of us tried to suggest you know, maybe you ought to tone it down a little bit and you know what ama? we were all absolutely wrong. stuart developed a style that resonated with young viewers, especially young black kids, and from the moment he uttered the first boo-ya he exploded from just another sportscaster on the set and he became a pop culture celebrity. i knew when my 8-year-old nephew was running around the house yelling boo-ya, boo-ya, stuart scott was on to something big. he was a pioneer with a style that will always be unique. i saw him at the super bowl in new orleans almost two years ago. we talked about his cancer. he actually felt great at the time. his attitude was truly amazing. he vowed that cancer would never get him, would just be another obstacle, would never define him. i was stunned when i heard the news yesterday morning. i knew the cancer had come back and we had heard from some friends that it had gotten bad but i was convinced, his
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conviction was so strong i was convinced he would beat it every time. 49 is way too young to lose a man of his stature and stuart may be gone, his legacy will live on with all of us forever. >> we are sorry for his loss and your loss. >> it's really sad. it's very sad. if you are feeling the flu coming along, you are not alone. coming up on abc 7 news, the new surge in cases just reported by the cdc. plus the new way doctors are treating the sick without any trip to the hospital. i'm michael finney. today's 7 on your side q & a is just ahead so i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. contact me right now at or on twitter @mfinney. i will answer your questions live a little later. i'm spencer christian from the east bay hills camera. looks like we have a beautiful sunset coming our way. we also have a near record january warmup coming our way. i will have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. at 4:38 another live look
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at the afternoon commute. this is 101 in san rafael. the oncoming traffic is northbound heading out of san rafael. little bit heavy at this hour. southbound, going back to the golden gate and into san francisco is moving rather smoothly.
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the centers for disease control announced today the nation's flu epidemic is getting worse. that includes california. patients are showing up to
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emergency rooms across the country but as abc's ted rowlands shows us the surge in cases is giving doctors a new way to see the sick. >> reporter: according to the latest numbers from the cdc, the flu, which has been making millions of americans miserable for weeks, is getting worse. >> horrible. >> reporter: 29 states up from 22 last week, are now experiencing high levels of flu activity and this year's strain is more dangerous than it's been in years. >> the strain that's out there this year called h3n2 in the past has been linked to bad flu years, more hospitalizations and more deaths. >> reporter: 29 children have died from the flu across the country. 68% of the tested flu virus samples have been resistant to this year's flu vaccine. the outbreak is creating long emergency room wait times across the country. some doctors are treating patients by web cam. >> i can tell they are not in
4:43 pm
any acute distress, i can tell if they're breathing well. basically treat them based on what they tell us which is very similar to what i do in practice. >> reporter: even though this year's flu vaccine is only effective about 30% of the time health professionals do say if you haven't got a flu shot yet, you should still get one. ted rowlands, abc news, los angeles. time to check on the weather with spencer christian. >> it's been really nice. i was expecting after we had a few days of freeze well, relatively cold weather for us, not really freezing but it's mild. >> it is. it's getting milder. of course, we had some freezing temperatures during the overnight hours for three or four mornings last week but today a little milder and tomorrow milder still. live doppler 7 hd, mainly clear skies, a few thin high clouds hanging around. january almanac looks like this. average high temperature january 1st, 57 degrees. the average high temperature on the 31st 60 degrees. so expect gradual warming as we
4:44 pm
head towards the end of the month. highest january reading ever in san francisco is 79 degrees. we had a full moon last night. average rainfall for the month 4 1/2 inches. we don't even have an inch measured so far this month. we are hoping. national weather picture for tomorrow, cold in the upper midwest with highs in the single digits in fargo and minneapolis. generally dry across the 48 contiguous states and across the state of california tomorrow, it will be sunny and dry. mild down south with highs of 79 in los angeles 77 in palm springs. here in the bay area, a pretty wide range of high temperatures tomorrow from mid 60s right around the bay, it's relatively mild, to near record warmth in the south bay. morgan hill a high of 70 tomorrow. we expect 72 at gilroy tomorrow which would be a record for tomorrow's date. so we won't have near record warmth across the board, but in parts of the santa clara valley may see a couple records tomorrow. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, more from the consumer electronics show in las vegas. how selfies may soon be
4:45 pm
protecting your sensitive information. and who knew a simple hug could cause so much controversy. the response today from new jersey's chris christie after embracing cowboys owner jerry jones. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. is a bill collector allowed to call one of your relatives in an effort to get you to pay up? i will answer that and other consumer questions
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the annual consumer electronics show kicked off in las vegas today. more than 3500 companies will showcase their latest innovations in technology and the latest must-have apps. this one is called one you. it uses facial recognition software the allow a selfie to replace your passwords. the app uses likeness verification to identify users like pupil dilation and muscle movement. it's free and available on most operating systems and can be downloaded from the apple store or google play. 7 on your side's michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail.
4:49 pm
our first asks is it ever legal to have a bicycle rack that blocks your back license plate? >> yeah. actually, it is. if you have a bicycle rack or anything, your license plate is supposed to be readable. you are not even allowed to put a piece of glass over it because a lot of people actually use that as a way to try to mess it up so you can't read the number. it's got to be just the plate you've got to be able to see it head-on and if the dmv only sent you one plate for some reason it has to go in the back of the car, not on the front of the car. these rules are very specific. if you are seeing this i'm surprised the guy hasn't been pulled over. officers really dislike this. >> sam e-mails my mail arrives after 8:00 p.m. this has been going on for the last two months. do i have to just live with this? >> kind of. but not really. here's the deal. the postal service doesn't guarantee nor will they guarantee that you are going to get your mail during business hours. you have to get it six days a week, they have to do that for you, but they don't have to get it there by 5:00 or 6:00.
4:50 pm
now that i have said that, this is very odd. normally you will see them late like this when maybe a guy is ill and there are a couple people taking over his routes or they are getting o.t. what you ought to do is call your postmaster and ask them hey, what's the deal, is this permanent, is this going to end, what's going on. >> that's late. leslie asks can a debt collector call my aunt when they are trying to collect my debt? >> yes. but the rules around it are pretty intense. there's a lot of federal rules. first off, if they have your name and your phone number and could have contacted you, they are not allowed to call your relatives or the next door neighbor. when they make a call like that they are not allowed to say that they are with a company or that you have a debt. now, if they are specifically asked are they calling about a debt, they can answer yes and they can say which company they're from but only if they are asked. okay. now i told you all the rules. the bottom line is bad actors in
4:51 pm
this industry do this to embarrass you to get you to pay your bills. so they call around to your relatives, to your neighbors -- >> and shame you. >> do you know what happened to michael, what's the deal. then yeah. so it's an effort. totally illegal. totally illegal. >> thank you, michael. well, new jersey governor chris christie says being a dallas cowboys fan doesn't win him any football friends in the new york/new jersey area. >> no surprise there. however, that did not stop him from celebrating and hugging his buddy, cowboys owner jerry jones, as dallas won its first playoff game since 2009 against the lions yesterday. christie said he has been a cowboys fan since he was a kid. he's not ashamed of it. the governor's brother responded to the many critics on facebook and twitter, telling all the non-cowboy fans to quote, get a life. a 16-year-old cancer patient has inspired more than half a million dog owners to post pictures on facebook. >> anthony lyons loves getting visits from dogs in the hospital
4:52 pm
so a family friend decided to create a page just to make him smile. >> did the nation's dog owners come through. molly from sacramento wrote i hope you love to smile as much as i do. >> let's see, willie from north carolina their owners says they don't normally like each other very much but they pretended long enough to take a couple pictures just for you. >> sweet. ginger from long island loves to play xbox online. she sends hugs and kisses to anthony. sweet. up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, san francisco has a message for users of e- e-cigarettes and how it's planning on stopping them from lighting up. i'm cheryl jennings in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up [ inaudible ] finally get the taps turned on after toughing it out for six days. why it took so long to fix the problem. plus the new wedding mantra in sickness and in health but not in death. that's next. my mom does an amazing job in helping brides dress up for their big day.
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today, san francisco became the first city in the nation to formally kick off a new public awareness campaign against e-cigarettes. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live with who this new campaign is targeting. >> reporter: well the campaign is called curb it to tell people where they can use e-cigarettes at the curb, and to try to discourage teenagers from starting. it's called vaping, inhaling and exhaling vapors from liquid nicotine through a battery powered device. the electronic cigarettes have the san francisco health department very concerned. >> it contains heavy metals like cigarettes do it contains carcinogens and most importantly it contains nicotine. >> reporter: the health department is posting hundreds of billboards like these on muni buses and b.a.r.t. trains in an effort to educate the public. the former smoker seana anderson
4:57 pm
visiting tasty vapor in oakland says e-cigarettes helped wean her off her camels. avery hastings used vaping as harm reduction. >> cigarettes are toxic waste dumps you put in your body where stuff like this is just a little bit less of a toxic waste dump. for me i don't care. >> reporter: last year san francisco supervisors passed an ordinance regulating e-cigarettes the same as traditional smokes. eric maher is especially concerned about the thousands of teenagers lured by the candy-like flavors. >> the e-cigarette companies and big tobacco are really trying to use this new frontier of vaporizers and e-cigarettes to hook a new generation. it's the local government's role to protect the public health. >> it should be regulated but it should be regulated fairly. >> reporter: the owner of tasty vapor is also a member of the smoke-free alternatives trade association. >> you cannot penalize the large
4:58 pm
number of adults who have been resigned to smoking out of fear of a couple of kids picking this up. >> reporter: san francisco is also limiting the number of stores in the city that can sell e-cigarettes and is working with the school district to raise awareness. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. shoveling dirt, hitting pipes, tightening seals. the effort to restore hot water in the middle of this cold snap. >> i'm going to jump in the shower. coming up why it took six days to finally turn on the heat. plus san francisco police kill a man holding a pellet gun. the crucial role some letters are playing in this investigation. and -- >> oakland's 50th mayor.
4:59 pm
>> will the new mayor of oakland finally crack down on violent protests in the city? i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a winter warmup could put us in record territory. your temperatures coming up. three dozen families finally have hot water and heat after toughing it out for six days when a fallen tree ruptured a gas line. it has been such a hassle for them. good evening. i'm dan ashley. why did it take so long, especially during a bitter cold spell? >> thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. here is how it began. the tree came down last tuesday december 30th. repair crews first claimed they were ready for the city to inspect them last friday so why did it take until today for the hot water to actually be restored? abc 7 news reporter david louie has this developing news now from just off 280 west of downtown san jose. >> reporter: well the hot water
5:00 pm
is just starting to get warm now. the residents here are very very happy about that. we know at this point that neither pg & e or the city of san jose bear any responsibility for why it took six days but it does appear that it took much longer than expected to cut up a tall eucalyptus tree that fell on this property and to get that ruptured gas line repaired. go into any of the 36 apartments here and there's nothing but cold water coming from the tap. the residents have gone without heat as well for six days. >> you can't take a shower. if you have relatives, you have to go relatives to take a shower. >> reporter: the gas line searching this section of the apartments was ruptured last tuesday when this tall eucalyptus tree, shown here on google earth, fell. the section of the pipe that was damaged was on the property owner's side so pg & e and the city point out it was the landlord's responsibility. >> all the neighborhood they have been coming out here to check it and they asked you going to finish the job as soon


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