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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> happening now in tsarnaev fran. an investigation at famous house in the city. >> suspicious fire at the iconic mrs. doubtfire house. good evening. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. let's take you there live now at abc 7 news reporter lillian. >> lillian what are investigators telling you? >>reporter: san francisco police say mrs. doubtfire house was the target of an arson attack. see the burn mark on the garage door. arsonist5.n used gasoline to start the fire. it happened around 8:00 p.m. burn mark visible not only on the garage door but on the front door as well. the owner of the house which was featured in the 1993 movie mrs. doubtfire spoke to investigators outside. he's a doctor who police say has had ongoing issue with former client. they suspect the
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client is responsible for the attack on the home this evening. sf pd says the homeowner put out the fire after smelling smoke. 5 months ago when hundreds of people converge on the property at steiner and broadway to drop-off flowers after news of robin williams death was made public. for days mourning fans came to the spot to grieve and pay tribute to the actor who played mrs. doubtfire. we spoke to tourist from independent app pwloys drove by the house night check it out. he was surprised to see all the police cars. >> i think it's sad that kind of a monument like that is involved in something like. that people did come. people come to see it. kids come to see it. that's why we are here see it. that's why we are here. >>reporter: pl last we heard police!supplies police not made an arrest. they say it's an issue of guest the suspect name and tracking him down. live in san francisco lillian, abc 7 news. >> thank you lillian. we have breaking news in new york city right now there's a man hunt under way for a gun man who shot 2 police officers.
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started when the plain clothes officer cop fronted him. witness reported hearing 4 shots. one officer was hit in the arm the other in the back. both are expected to survive. new york police officers have been on high alert since 2 officers were killed in an ambush last month. >> in san francisco transgender woman recovering from a brutal stabbing attack over the weekend. it began when man started shouting slur at the woman and her partner but police say they will not investigate it as a hate crime. cornell is live on vanness avenue tonight to explain why. cornell? >> the da may have the last word when it comes to charges in this case. 2 victims got off muni bus at golden gate and vanness avenue to get away from man screaming insults at them once on the sidewalk he was right behind with a knife. >> i was convinced i was going to die. >> is a map that is still in shock after brutal attack on
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muni. she and her partner ray were riding the number 49 bus on van ness avenue saturday when they were harassed by a male passenger shouting slurs. >> he started calling us faing got and started on this tirade about us being transgender women and defrauding people by pretending to be female. >> i just saw the blade of the knife. >>reporter: man pulled the knife and followed the 2 off the bus stabbing samantha twice in the chest. >> she showed us the wound which were which required 10 stitches. >> my only thought was get away from the person. tray your best not to die. >>reporter: police arrested 54-year-old jones. this police photo from 2007 when jones was wanted for stabbing in akron ohio exploratorium police say it won't pursue hate crime charges because it doesn't meet the criteria. they don't know why. >> would i hate to think they are down playing this as hate crime because we are transgender and they don't understand that. >>reporter: couple plans to
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make an appeal to the da office which has yet to review the case. in san francisco case. in san francisco, cornell, abc 7 news. >> 7 news has learned new information about a police shooting in san francisco last night that seems to support claims that the victim wanted to be killed by officers. this is a letter apparently written by 32-year-old matthew half in explaining what he was planning to do. vick lee was the if is to report on the contents of the letter earlier today. it begins with dear officers you did nothing wrong. hauff tells the officers please don't blame yourself. man also wrote to his father and friends about financial troubles and failed relationships exploratorium police shot and killed him last tonight when he nrshd a gun at officers outside the pigs district station. weapon turned out to be an air soft pellet gun. >> new at 11:00. dilemma about how to best get rid of candlestick park heating up in the bay view. city is looking at whether to allow the develop tore tear it down piece by
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piece or implode the thing in one big blast. but as lil i don't know explains, residents believe there is really only one good option. >> candlestick park will either be 10 down mechanically piece by piece or with explosives. same way kingdome in seattle was destroyed 15 years ago. implosion said to be much faster and cheaper option. take down only takes a day versus a couple months. >> whom of you want demolition. >>reporter: at community meeting bay view residents spoke out. overwhelming majority voiced opposition to a possible implosion so close to their homes. they worry about the health effects from all the dust. >> we are talking about this essentially the concrete. concrete dust that we know raise rates of asthma. heart disease. capser. >>reporter: representative with the developer that is asking forth implosion permit says the process is safe. open space vouping the stadium and west east wind make ate good
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candidate. >> demolition or implosion option do in the lead to any risk to health otherwise we would not pursue them. >>reporter: but residents aren't buying it. >> i think it's a black matter. black lives matter situation. i think that environmental justice is something they don't consider and poor black neighborhood. >>reporter: number of city department giving input on the issue bit ultimately will be up to the department of building inspection to issue the permits whether it will be for an implosion or demolition won't be decided for another month. at candlestick park abc 7 news. >> good news for residents at the men clare apartment in san jose. got the hot water back. took 6 day to repair gasoline at the apartment complex near san jose city college. eucalyptus tree fellas tuesday breaking the line. residents say they were kept in the dark about the repairs didn't know what was going on. city administrators told us they were not infor of the work until friday so they had to
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hurry paperwork and an inspection today once it was finished. residents were frustrated but relieved when hot water started flowing again hot water started flowing again. >> water coming out freezing. boiling like like in a pot just to get a bath. never know how much you miss something like hot water until you don't have it. >> you sure don't. first showers in nearly a we can came at 7 this evening with hot water. >> jerry brown made history today starting fourth term as california governor. brown is the only governor in state history to be elected 4 times. also be the last unless voters undue term limits now imbedded in california constitution. governor brown focus is challenging the state on set challenging the state on setting even higher variability setting even higher variabilityal goals. >> it's absolutely necessary if we are to have any chance of stopping potentially catastrophic changes to our climate system. >>reporter: governor brown proposed that the state
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increase renubble electricity source from his one-third to 50% in the next 15 years. he's also asking california to the reduce vehicle pa treat -- petroleum use and double the use of existing buildings. >> oakland new mayor took her oath of office at the paramount theatre this afternoon. outside more than 100 demonstrators demanded an end to police brutality. mayor shaft grew up in the oakland hills and knows the city faces tough challenges. she wants to help the rising crime rate by boosting the city police staffing. mayor shaft said she embraces the demonstration but will not tolerate the acts of vandalism oakland has experienced. >> caught on tape. marin couldn't doctor saying he fared for his life and had to shoot the man who followed him home after road rain incident. victim survived the injuries. judge heard the 911 recording today and so did dan who is in court as well.
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>>reporter: july 17 of last year. dr. james simon called for help. recording i object introduced at today preliminary hearing by marin county district attorney ed bar give us the clearest picture so far. what happened that morning. how 69-year-old bill austin had 2 bullet in his left abdomen. he told an officer who rode in the ambulance with him that dr. the ambulance with him that dr. simon in the red smart car cut him off where paradise drive merge noose one lane and time open hit his brake. that upset the doctor who followed simon home. >> fired warning shot and if. >>reporter: after that warning shot simon hit austin twice with nickel plated ruger revolver and told the dispatcher had he no other choice. >> what am i the do. >> take a deep breath for me.
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>> walk up to my car with the gun drawn looking for a shooter gun drawn looking for a shooter. >>reporter: michael lap was the first prosecution witness today. he's the mayor of this town and owner of ice cream chain and reserve police officers the first on the scene and recounted what simon told him. >> how aim to protect my wife? i feared for my life what was i supposed to do? >>reporter: dr. simon lawyer tells me the da already helped this case. he will argue when the hearing continues tomorrow that simon feared for his life and fired in self-defense. i'll tell you if the case guess to trial. this is abc 7 news. >> wealthy association night new york city accused tonight of deadly act of violence. man who seemed to have everybody now faces charges of killing his multi-million air father. >> clothing ad band. image deemed harmful and irresponsible. >> another reason to keep your wallet at home. soon you have
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>> son of wealthy hedge fund founder charged with his father's murder. >> 30-year-old thomas gilbert junior accused of shooting gilbert senior making it look like a suicide. >> but why. >> daiv we tell what you may have led to the father violent death. >>reporter: power house in the
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world of finance thomas gilbert senior managed millions of dollars. but miss claim it was a dispute over his 30-year-old son's allowance that may have led to his demise. police say the 70-year-old investor was killed by a single shot to the head and that his son thomas gilbert junior pulled the trigger. police were called to the manhattan apartment sunday afternoon after victim's wife called 911. telling reresponsibleing officers she had left the apartment to get a sandwich for her son. >> she had a bad feeling. and decided to return. she found senior on the floor with a bullet hole in his head. >>reporter: police say the son left murder weapon next to the body. staged suicide. they say they later found him barricaded here inside his manhattan apartment. detectives say his father recently discussed no longer paying his rent and planned to reduce his weekly announce from 400 to 300 dollars a week. his son a princeton graduate regarded as socialite with
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previous run-in with the law including arrest for violenting order of protection an another on drug charges. according to door man here gilbert junior hid his 58's a hoodie ease left the building on sunday and later alledgedly refused to speak to detectives asking for an attorney. lip situation davis, abc news new york. >> controversial clothing company at it again with the united kingdom banning the ad for underwear. look for yourself. uk advertise yourself. uk advertising official say the model is just too thin l. im ages irresponsible and harmful. they say it's common practice to use slim model in the underwear industry. >> this summer all you will need is your phone to catch a bus in san francisco. muni introduce a pilot program for apple android dwlawrs allow to you pay anywhere tchbility also means you won't need exact change or have to find a vending machine to add money. app will allow you to play with
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pay pal credit card. >> we will do everything with an app. >> let's talk about the weather >> let's talk about the weather. cool out the still but not so bad. >> that's right. sandhya is here with the latest. >> hi. as we look at live doppler 7hd we talk about the chill tomorrow morning and then the warm-up that could possibly put news record level tomorrow afternoon. we see few high cloud and we have some fog out there visibility down to 4 miles cop cord rate now. 3 miles santa rosa so tomorrow morning during the commute you will need to allow the extra time. from our exploratorium camera out across the basement air quality will suffer so spare the air alert posted for tomorrow. inland east bay santa clara valley lacking at poorest air quality with moderate elsewhere. look at the temperatures right now. they are actually running a little bit higher compared to 24 hours ago. thanks to the high cloud coverment 39 in fairfield. santa rosa. some of our coldest spots. 40 in napa. currently 42 degree ins
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livermore. the numbers will fall by morning so you need a jack it or sweater when you head out the door. visibility terrific across the bay. sunny warm the next 2 days. record high possible and we have a chance of sprinkles by the end of the week but up fortunately just lacking like sprinkles and not much more. here's y.high pressure strong ridge is in charge and with the very strong ridge stormtrack gets diverted well up into canada. stay that way for a few days before we see changes. stagnant condition will continue. air quult begin to im paragraph by friday until then we are lacking at that poor air quality. watch out for some patchy fog tomorrow morning during the commute and fog disappear quickly. record high possible around the santa clara valley monterey bay where we expect the mildest readings up in the 70's tomorrow afternoon. certainly higher than where you should be this time of year. tomorrow morning mid 30's for our coldest location. fairfield napa santa rose 37
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degrees in livermore. 41 in san jose. concord down to 36 so you still feel the chill out there and you will need to bound el up make sure the kid have the jacket or sweater mid 40's oakland san m te'o 48 degree ins san francisco. high pressure for your tuesday gilroy 72 previous record is 70 for the difficult so if it does come up to 72 it will shatter previous record. 70 in morgan hill. 74 santa cruz. really thinks beach weather for you. 68 santa clara. 67 milpitas. 69 san jose. on the peninsula upper 60's redd with city palo alto 65 in pacifica. sun shining north bay. san grab just about anywhere you go but a bit on the hazy side. 64 in the sun set district. downtown san francisco north bay see the temperatures all in the low to mid 60's. 62 nap a.66 santa rosa. east bay community numbers above normal. oakland 66. newark 66. inland spots hazy sunshine mid 60's pleasanton livermore
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accu-weather 7 day forecast we see the winter warmth on wednesday. putting us at record level if we do see the 70's showing up there and then cooler weather with better air quality sprinkle possibility i know doesn't look very good. friday into saturday. sprinkle now we count those. >> need more than that thanks. >> all right. good game tonight. warriors are hot. >> they are awesome. larry has highlights. >> one of the gyms that make you dream a little bit. warriors make a statement loud and clear loud as thunder. curry look at the mov
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>> this is to be an epic shoot out between warriors and thunder. they showed up at
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gunfight holding a butter knife gunfight holding a butter knife. they got destroyed this was a possible play off preview was a possible play off preview. fans ready at oracle. so was curry showing off the handle right here between the leg blows by west brook for the lay up. high off the window. green the with tom son. blow out alert. blow out alert. no boeing news problem. green rejecting west brack starting the break that ends with a jumper. he had game high 23 points. an it was kind of like a holiday all night long. justin holiday. knocking it down. 12 points. warriors by 22. but hers the play of the night. thompson down the milt and this is with authority. kevin please smile for my poster. everything working. andre bank in a 3. plus the foul. warriors crush the thunder. 117 to 91. women
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hoop 15 rank stanford hosting utah. 18 and o all time against the youth. greenfield. bounce pass to mccall for the easy bucket. cardinal guess to 54-44 we know now 10 and 4. and cal in action had coach licensed situation looking for the win against colonel republican and democrat o. boyd with cal up friend. look at the mav on the wing here. the sweet cross-over and knifing in. boy with 19. cal now 10 and 3. 75-59 victory. in the middle of the game. a little pick me up. if serena williams you
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tonight scoring game winning goal with 4 seconds left in winnipeg but painful. if shark with worst loss of the season. accidentally blasted that the face of hurdle on the bench. suffered a wicked gash over the lip. moments later harrison in the slot. shots and scores and tied at two 4.5 seconds left. edward we are not going to over time. rooster is the game winner. sharks win it 3-2. serena williams kind of jet lagged. playing down under in australia. lost the first set 6 love so they asked if it's legal to order espresso court side during the match. it is legal. she gets her espresso and wakes up in a hurry. special delivery serena goes on to beat slav yeah and that would be the pir kill of caffeine. i'm a little feeling a little peaked, dan. l.
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>> thank you. that's good. water but it's great. 7 sports brought to you by ebay. >> it's miracle water. >> right right. >> spiked. >> very good. thanks larry. >> abc 7 news continues now on line twitter face back and all the mobile devices and our 7 news app. >> next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning but stick around back in a moment
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>> good night see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- anne hathaway. the bachelor, chris soules. and music from heart. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and back once again, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi everyone. thank you very much. that's very nice. i'm jimmy i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you all for coming. we are back from --


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