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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:00
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a.m. i am kristen sze. leyla gulen is off but sue is here with the traffic and mike has another "spare the air" day and another warm day. anear record highs. we have fog. live doppler hd showing quarter mile visibility in santa rosa so be careful. and three in concord. as we look down from sutro tower you can see the next 12 hours 33 to 50 so the microclimate is this morning and we will be hazy 58 to 64 at noon and 60 to 64 at 4:00 and 52 to 58 and mild at 7:00. i will tell you how many more "spare the air" days before cooler and cleaner air arrives. sue the trouble parted before we hit the air? we have boater news. police activity in san francisco has been cleared south 280 at 101. the road remains closed. this is just for a few more minutes until police get the area cleared. better news with matt keller on
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the scene in a few minutes. elsewhere, we have overturned truck, a box truck highway 29, both directions and one lane has re-opened with traffic control in affect. the situation in san francisco is improving the commute at 280 and 101 should be better soon but only after plenty of drama. matt keller is at the scene with how it went down. >> matt? matt? he was taken into custody. c.h.p. says this man was taken interest custody but they still have 280 southbound shut down. this is the entrance at pennsylvania avenue and you can see it is blocked off by caltran and c.h.p. say the man is being taken to san francisco general hospital starting after 11 o'clock laugh night when a person was running traffic. he was spotted at 280 and 101
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split elevated three stories high. you can understand the concerns. police to the his safety was in jeopardy and called him a troubled individual. the freeway has been closed for 5 1/2 hours but it will open up in the next 20 minutes to 30 minutes. developing news this morning in san francisco where police are sending for an arsonist would tried to torch the most iconic most the "immigration "the mrs. doubtfire house," a possible former patient of the doctor who currently owns the home. the doctor specializes in facial surgery. he smelled smoke at 8:00 and he saw the fire through his garage and front doors he put them out. our reporter, amy hollyfield will have a report from the scene at the bottom of the hour.
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>> a pair of transgender women cannot understand where a stabbing is not treated as a hate frame. a woman and her partner were riding number 49 because on saturday and were harassed by a man shouting slurs and followed them after the bus and attacked stabbing her twice in the attempt. >> he called us fagots and started on a raid and pretenning to be female. >> my thought was to get away from the person and try not to die. >> i hate to thing they are down playing this because we are transgender. >> police will not pursue hate claim charges because it does not meet criteria. >> a 54-year-old hand arrested. this photograph is from 2007 when he was wanted for a standing in ohio. >> help is on way for a mobile
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home resident in redwood city impacted by the storms last in. the city will hold a community meeting for residents of the mobile home parks providing information on residents applying for assistance to help with repairs socialed with the december 11 storm. the meeting is at 7:00 at fairoaks community center in redwood city. a victory for conservation is celebrated in napa a breach as part of the national wildlife refuge reintroducing tidal water to the site after a three year construction project to return the refuge to the natural wetland. >> lot where a 13-year-old was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy will be turned into the park. the land where andy lopez has been shot has been acquire by the county. it was in planning for two
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decades but there was a renewed push after the death. he died on the rot -- on the property after being shot by erick gelhaus who mistook his bb gun for an assault rifle. >> a man accused of neglecting dozens of horses has been sentenced to 90 days in jail but will be out by the end of the week of the 38 horses were seized from the man in november after complaints by neighbors. several horses were starving. the jail temple ends because of the jail time serves and includes five years probation and counseling and he cannot care for animals for 10 years. residents have taken in the horses. >> police urge fine dining establishments in the bay area to guard against thieves targeting high-priced wine. they got a door to the wine room in the french laundry over the holidays and made off with 76 bottles of wine worth about
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$300,000. the owner is asking for help in fining the thieves, the latest in a series of burglaries. last year burglars targeted high end wine from a san francisco dealer and from the plumed horse in saratoga. the weather is interesting with the introduction of the fog. >> especially in santa rosa. it is not freezing up there or we would be talking about black ice. santa rosa avenue and bennett valley road and montgomery road all could be filled with fog creating half mile visibility with a testimony -- temperature at 36. this is the coolest spot in the north bay. petaluma is 38. 50 at bodega bay and 51 in mill vietnam and flea --
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rafael. 52 at half moon bay. lafayette is cool at 39. san ramon is at 40. in san rafael, 101 and 880, maybe haze but not much fog. a "spare the air" day with no wood burning. mostly sunny and more sunshine than yesterday with record highs from the low 60's to 70 in a few areas. this is how it looks to the south 101 and 880 clear start the next these days nearly record highs tomorrow and cooling but "spare the air" on thursday and more cooling and cleaner air by friday. thanks. we have better news in san francisco with police activity at the junction between south 280 and 101 activity has cleared and the lanes remain closed for the time being they are still
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diverting traffic off so avoid the area for the time being and we will report back as soon as the lanes are open. in the napa lake county lane one way traffic control because of overturned box truck here and otherwise we just have road work in the lanes until 6:30 this morning north 680 and we will look at 80 through berkeley and emeryville and macarthur maze has headlights headed this the westbound direction. no major delays although it is busy. it is now 5: girl scouts are expanding their line of cookies. >> rains are causing problems in a town in washington state. hundreds are evacuated. we have another "spare the air" day. but it is fairly calm.
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it is so good all the time. covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning everyone, at 5:12 from our camera in the east bay hills. the maybe babe and eastern span of the smooth bay and traffic back and for the with a look at the forecast and what is going on, on the roads, in a couple of minutes. >> republicans have waited eight years for this day.
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in a few hours they will control both houses of congress. g.o.p. leaders are facing the first challenge: a small grope of vocal minority republicans want a new house speaker. in the senate they will introduce legislation to begin construction of the keystone xl pipeline. president obama has criticized the pipeline's potential benefits and will veto any legislation. >> the olympic committee will announce their candidate for the summer games by thursday and san francisco could get the gold medal. it is one of four finalists along with boston, washington, dc and los angeles. atlanta in 1996 was the last american city to host the summer games. local bidders are confident but there is tough opposition from the coalition that wants voters to demand no must be money be spent on the olympics if the city gets the games.
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>> safeway has to pay $10 million for illegally dumping medicine over the years after allegations that the chain and stores improperly handled pharmacy and hazardous waste from spills and customer runs. the money goes to 41 counties and cities in the state. safeway did not admit wrongdoing but stepped up employee training to identify waste. stocks are sliding along with the price of oil. that is good for the wallet but what about the 401(k). >> good morning topping america's money, oil pulled stocks down losing 330 points after crude briefly fell below $50 yesterday. and low oil and gasoline prices are good for the economy for now, some companies go bust and lay off workers. >> stocks fell overnight atop wall street firm fired a worker for stealing information from
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350,000 clients. morgan stanley said there is no evidence that the clients lost any money or did the information include pass words or social security numbers. >> girl scouts introduce three cookies and two are gluten free including the butter coffee and whole grate oats and an raisin cookie. watch out for landslides, that is what people are told in a a town in washington state after 7" of rain fell in 24 hours. up to 300 people were forced to evacuate because of the landslides and residents are dealing with plodding and -- with flooding and forecasters say the danger will continue for several days. >> extreme winter weather is invading the country this week with a cold blast of arctic air dousing the nation with snow and
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bitter cold. in wisconsin two people are dead from exposure and 30 school districts told students to stay home. snow is blamed for several pileups and authorities in multiple states are warning against travel because of whiteout conditions. forecasters say relief from the wild weather is not in sight with well below normal for the rest of the week. >> you proceed up in the midwest to happens each year with people hoping for a snow day and parents say, gosh, i hope we don't get a snow day the. >> child care is a problem for the parents. >> grow up in don't deem with that. >> after having the kids home for two weeks you are like go back to school. >> first time i have eastbound a weather closure in california if
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a long-term. >> that is equal to a hurricane which is why though closed the school. probably a good idea. >> bet safe than story. >> sorry to cause problems but we had a forecast a week in advance and hopefully we can do the same and get preparations for the next big storm. if we get one. we need more rain. the temperatures show the polar plunge down to atlanta is 31 degrees and minus one and minus three in fargo and minneapolis. that is not even what it families, 17 below in fargo and 18 below in green bay and 15 below in chicago and 25 if you are in atlanta. the winds blowing offshore on live doppler hd as our storm track is well to the north again. sfo, no clouds, haze but probably no delays this morning just like yesterday morning. >> poor air quality near record
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warmth more fog tonight but the lows are a little bit warmer and cooler and cleaner and sprinkles on friday into saturday. 72 in gilroy where the record highs are possible, and gilroy is at -- morgan hill is 70 and 74 in santa cruz, upper 60's for the rest of the south bay from 6 a in millbrae and 67 today at half moon bay and 65 in daly city and 64 downtown and south san francisco and 62 in bodega bay, with san rafael to the north and napa along the east bay shore 62 at hercules to 68 in fremont and oakland topping out at 66 and same if castro valley and 54 today in pleasanton top and walnut creek and livermore at 65 degrees. low 40's inland and valleys around the bay will be in the mid-to-upper 40's elsewhere.
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here is what is happening, high pressure is well in control pushing the next big storm to the north and that will grab the second polar plunge of other that will go into the eastern two-thirds of the country will we stay stagnant one more day. here is our seven-day forecast, tomorrow is a "spare the air" day with temperatures pushing record levels again and the winds shift on thursday and we will notice the cleaner and cooler air on friday and through the weekend. we are waiting word for the lanes to be re-opened in san francisco south 280 at 101 but are still closed. a sig-alert is in effect because of early police activity. cars are diverted off toward 101. we will update that when we have the update. good news in napa and lake county highway 29 both directions are re-opened. both lanes were blocked for a time.
5:20 am
bay bridge toll plaza is smooth sailing into san francisco with no delays or metering lights and no problems on the city side. this is the richmond-san rafael bridge and it is light traffic. hardly anyone coming to marin county from the east bay. it will change when the commute kicks into gear. it is now 5:20. seven things to know as you start your day. >> the breakfast food that is a key to long and healthy life. >> a selfie that could win an 18-course gourmet meal. >> you can keep on top of weather and traffic with abc7 news now.
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here are seven things to know today: we have lane
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closings in san francisco south 1280 at 101 a sig-alert in effect with traffic diverted off at caesar chavez. police activity is gone. we expect lanes to re-open shortly. >> >> a "spare the air" day looking to san pablo where the worst air quality is right now. also, record warmth is possible today and deeper into the seven-day forecast with the details ahead. >> these an arsonist tried to burn down the san francisco homemade famous by the movie "mrs. doubtfire." police are looking for the suspect believed a former client of the doctor who owned the house. the fire left damage to the garage and front door. >> ground breaking for the california high-speed rail the first part of the $68 billion project stretching from fresno and when finished it will take people from san francisco to los angeles in less than three hours. former morning governor mario cuomo will be buried.
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the 82-year-old died on thursday hours before his son was inaugurated for a second term. bill clinton and hillary clinton and nancy pelosi and other high profile democrats are expected to attend. spacex scrubbed the rocket launch at the last minute this morning which was supposed to take supplies to the international space station and land back on the on a floating barge rather than burning up. another launch attempt could take place on friday. seven, cameron diaz could be the first celebrity bride of 2015, the 42 year old actress married a rocker last night in an intimate ceremony at her home in los angeles. the couple has been dating for less than a year and pulled off the top secret wedding by saying they were having a re-golden globe part and fooled them all. you new there was something about that relationship. the marin hue main society
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-- humane society is ready to open a new cat adoption center at the end of the month on sir francis drake boulevard. the adoption center will house a dozen cats and kitten and rabbits and birds on occasion. the steaming hot bowl of oatmeal each day could be the key to a long life. harvard researchers found they reduce the risk dying from heart stacey after following 100,000 people for more than 14 years. those who ate the most grains were protected from many illnesses. kids -- tips for jesus left $2,000 tip if servers and the restaurant says the person with left the tip comes in all time and is amazing to the staff. the tip will be shared with the whole staff. nice. >> nice.
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very nice. the california lottery has a unique new promotion and you do not is to have the winning numbers. this is our chance. take a picture showing a scratch off ticket and sanity in with a clever description of who you would like to have dinner with and why. the dropped prize? a $4,000 dining experience at a top restaurant, the french laundry, in napa valley and two night stay at the napa vietnam lodge -- napa valley lodge announced in time for valentine's day with a link and more details on the wine list could be smaller there but thed if will be great. >> it is probably the closest we will get to winning a lottery ticket. we have another full 90 minutes of news when we run. >> a new era for san jose the first issue the new mayor is looking to tackle when he takes
5:27 am
office. a look at the embarcadero and the downtown buildings for longer with the holiday stay
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:29. thank you for starting your day with us. >> i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas and leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco with temperature reports could fall? could fall today and tomorrow usually happened if hand with "spare the air" days. we have fog. we have been tracking it with live doppler hd half mile at santa rosa and 3-5 inland east bay neighborhood the tule fog is
5:30 am
not so thick hazy but not bad southbound 101. we are from the low 30's to 50 at 7:00 and warmer than average by noon and low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon. enjoy the evening, it will be quiet but grab a lighter coat. we are in the low-to-mid 50's. >> sue much better situation now at 280 and 101? >> clear. all lanes re-opened south 280 at 101. the police activity is gone. traffic will slow through the area nicely with no major problems. that is great news. take a look at the drive from the central valley and you can see slowing over the altamont pass which is typical and picking up through livermore. the commute at 280 and 101 is better now but after listenty of -- plenty of drama.
5:31 am
here is how it wrapped up. matt? the drama has ended with cons being picked up at caesar chavez at pennsylvania avenue. people are getting on southbound 280. we have fresh video from 20 minutes ago with san francisco fire department ambulance driving northbound on the southbound side of 280 followed by c.h.p. car. the man was taken into custody 25 minutes earlier. he is being taken to san francisco general hospital. police got the call of a man running in traffic on southbound 280 last might and they closed the freeway half an hour late and it was closed until 5:20 this morning. negotiators talked with the man as he was on the elevated portion of southbound 280 at 101 split. relief this morning as we watch more vehicles get on to southbound 280. the commute if those people should be smoother.
5:32 am
it is 5:31. case it a prank or more serious? police hope to answer that question as they search no a person who set a fire at a home known to fans of the move "mrs. doubtfire." amy hollyfield? yes, the home is guardedbly police with damage to the garage door that you can see. you can see where someone set it on fire. police say an arsonist poured gasoline on the home and started a fire at 8:00 last night. the homeowner put out the fire. no one was hurt. the homeowner is a doctor and police say he has had an ongoing issue with a patient and that could be the person who set the fire. patient confronted the doctor after his office earlier in the day. tourists stop by this home, the beloveed "mrs. doubtfire," and a
5:33 am
visitor was stunned to see the police cars. >> it is sad a monument like this is involved. people come to see it. kids see it. that is why we are here. here is what the home looked like in august after robin weapons dieds fans came to the home to mourn his death and leave flowers for the man who played "mrs. doubtfire." the owner was tolerant of the outpouring of love that landed right here on his doorstep and the latest incident has nothing to do with the movie and is personal and happening to a popular, well none home. police have not made an arrest in the arson case. a major milestone for california highway speed rail today with ground breaking for the first bullet train, when built the high-speed rail is
5:34 am
expected to take travelers between san francisco and los angeles at 200-plus miles an hour and would take less than three hours and ground breaking today takes place in fresno the first 29-mile leg to be build. the governor is there and considered the train a major part of his legacy but critics say it could be a huge boondoggle with the funding and needed land still unsecured. >> what would be history making launch by a private again to the international space station was scrubbed. the spacex mission was aborted before launch from cape canavaral. no word why. the falcon rocket was going to carry cargo to the us but rather than disintegrating when it re-entering it will land floating barge in the atlantic that could transform space travel by sharply lowering the
5:35 am
cost. spacex will try again on friday. it is 5:35 and the mayor liccardo of san jose and four city council members will be sworn in today. liccardo and the others were sworn to last night to ensure continuity of service. so many want to attend the ceremony it is moved to the larger center for performing arts. liccardo will give the address after the swearing in and is expected to address the lack of trust the labor unions and police have in him. >> police in new york city are looking for two suspects after two officers were shot. it happened last night in the bronx. the plainclothed officers were spending to a robbery call as a store and they pulled over a car they were shot. both officers are expected to survive. police say shooter got away and may have suffered a gunshot wound coming as the nypd grapple with the loss of two officers
5:36 am
ambushed and killed as they sat to their squad car. >> more than 100 protesters in berkeley who shut down interstate 80 are due in court and demanding all chances be dropped in connection with the december 8 demonstration when they took to the streets to profit the recent killings of unarmed blackmen by police. thousands of protesters flooded interstate and parts of university avenue blocking traffic for hours. >> a union pacific rail yard in sacramento town was evacuated after a derailment. firefighters determined there was no spill of hazardous material and one of the trucks carried an organic solvent that makes folk installation. the train was carrying 68 cars and the cause of the derailment is under investigation. bayview residents have made it clear they do not want candlestick park imploded.
5:37 am
they prefer heavy equipment to demolish it. a meeting took on the question of what to do? the choices everyone using explosives. it is quick but leaves layers of dust over the neighborhood. or demolition can takes much longer but raises less dust. this morning interesting to add fog to the mix of weather situations including "spare the air" day and warm temperatures. a lot is going on. >> starting with the fog around santa rosa live doppler hd showing river road, east side road 101 guerneville all possible areas impacted by half mile visibility and the fog is creating. in the east bay this gives you an idea of what is above the cold air at 62 in mount diabolo and when we turn the atmosphere over the warm air is coming down to replace the mid-to-upper 30's
5:38 am
with 39 at antioch and 38 at brentwood. 38 at cupertino and 39 in foster city and low-to-mid 40's away the bay shore and redwood city at 45 and newark at 41 and milpitas at 51 and same in richmond district in san francisco. in walnut creek an area that could have the poor air quality moving failure today it will be mostly sunny with record highs and low 60's to mid-70's inland and low 60 to 67 at the coast and low 60's to 70 away the bay and moving forward another "spare the air" and record high day tomorrow and cooler and cleaner air on thursday and on friday. >> back to san francisco all lanes are open and thing is alert has been lifted southbound 280 at 101 with traffic flowing and early police activity is wrapped up. the drive from antioch is showing fog that could impair
5:39 am
the visibility from then it looks good into conquer. -- into concord. no delays on 24 westbound through the tunnel and everyone is at the limit. golden gate bridge: prepare for the closing this weekend. it will be closed going friday at midnight through the weekend. the buses will be allowed to use the span and the ferry is adding extra service to get you around and into san francisco from marin. thank you, sue at 5:39. a new year brings a new battle against ondemand ride help sharing and the laws that uber and lyft are violating. >> a preliminary hearing for a bay area doctor who shot another driver and the key evidence that the defense says proves he had no choice but to open fire. you are looking at san
5:40 am
francisco international airport wondering if the fog will envelop the airport and cause delays. that is a possibility. we have weather and traffic through the entire commercial break. you will not miss a ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around
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bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:42. the view from our rooftop camera and san francisco. what is missing? the holiday lights have been taken down. it is january. we are starting the new year. san francisco tax drivers are pushing for more regulation for car-sharing services live uber and lyft happening today, the san francisco taxi workers alliance will gather at city hall at noon to call for a crackdown on violations by ride sharing services. more oversight over ride sharing companies will protect public safety prevent insurance fraud and force the companies to pay their fair share to city revenues. a second day of arguments is held to decide whether a doctor should stand trial for shooting a man in his garage. we are covering this story. doctor simon shot a man device
5:44 am
in the abdomen in july. the doctor said he was followed home and he admits because simon cut him off in traffic and the prosecution had the 9-1-1 call played in court by simon. >> i had to shoot him. i am sorry. >> i fired a warning shot. i fired a warning and garage door fell on him. >> take a deep breath. >> 9 attorney says the call helps his case because the doctor feared for his life. if convicted the maximum sentence is 20 years. >> day two of jury selection in the time of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. they need 12 jurors and six alternates. the prosecution says dzhokhar tsarnaev and his late brother
5:45 am
planned bombs that exploded near the finish line in boston in 2013 killing three and injured 260. dzhokhar tsarnaev facing 30 charges including the shooting debt of an m.i.t. police officer. rebound and vice president bid were will meet with mexican president. they are expected to discuss cuba and immigration. president obama wants the mexican government to help spread the word of qualifies for the president's plan to defer deportation for imdramatics in the united states illegally. the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time and today, randy johnson is expected to get the call to cooperstown. he ended the career with the giants in 2009, won 303 games
5:46 am
and led in strikeouts nine times for the league. he is 6' 10" and could be one of four elected to the hall of fame the biggest class since 1955 when a bay area native was inducked, gentleman demaggio. >> where did johnson spend most of his career? >> diamondbacks, arizona. >> and see amount. -- and seattle and then to arizona. >> 6' 10he threw something like 989 miles per hour. no map or bird was safe from him. >> he hit a bird with the fast ball. >> whether you are planning baseball practice or football
5:47 am
practice custody a good day to get out in the afternoon. >> but it is a "spare the air" day so want out if you have asthma. maybe you can get they outside and the kids can do the yard work. the storm is into can ask and diving into the eastern part of montana and it is going down to the midwest picking up moisture and headed to the mid-atlantic dumping snow in washington, dc and headed up to philadelphia and new york and baltimore. be careful. i am sure there will be delays. from the east bay hills there is film developing over san francisco. that is part of the pollution. that is creating the "spare the air" day. near record warmth with more fog tonight and the lows starting to follow our highs and they are climbing up the scale a little and it will be cooler, cleaner and sprinkles are possible. that is it. friday into saturday.
5:48 am
best chance of a record high is gilroy at 72 and morgan hill is 70 and santa cruz is 74 degrees and 70 in los gatos and everyone else in the upper 60s and 65 at millbrae. 67 at half moon bay today. headed to ocean beach about 64 and same downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 63 and cool spot is 612 togethers at bodega bay bridge to 66 in santa rosa and 62 in san rafael and napa and the east bay shore 62 at hercules and 66 in oakland. 68 in fremont. the cooler weather is low-to-mid 60's 63 in san ramon. tonight, upper 30 to low 40's. mid-to-upper 40's away oakland and research -- richmond francisco. the high pressure is locked in.
5:49 am
it is not budging. it will keep us stagnant. because it is stagnant, the south and east bay tomorrow, possible "spare the air" days for all of us. again. the seven-day forecast shows another chance of record high temperatures tomorrow and the wind shifts late on thursday too late to get rid of "spare the air" and the warm temperatures and that will start on friday and through the weekend we should be close to average. good morning, everyone, we are going to the bayshore freeway on the peninsula with a car in the center divide south 101 with rubber news conferenceers slowing so caution there. meter lights are on, bay bridge 5:39 beyond the toll plaza lane three reports of a fender bender blocking the happy and hopefully the crews get it cleared. solid stream of headlights westbound 80 into berkeley and
5:50 am
emeryville to the bay bridge toll plaza you are moving but you are getting slammed. mass transit is a great way to go and everyone is on time and good. new at 6:00 sony c.e.o. speaking out publicly after the company's devastate hack attack and what he is calling the silver lining. >> can a bracelet help you your bad habits? >> mom may have been right. of course she was right. how to warad -- ward off a cold: stay warm. it is a "spare the air" day so watch out for pollution. ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪
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good news for apartments in san jose: hot water is back on. it took six days to repair a gas line at the apartment complex. a tree fell on tuesday breaking the line. residents say they were kept in the dark about repairs and the city say they were not informed of the work until friday so they could not inspect it until yesterday. residents were frustrated. but the hot water was flowing last night at 7:00. >> did mom tell you to bun tell -- bundle up to avoid a code? it turns out she was right. >> she is always right. according to scientists, colds
5:54 am
are thriving in a cold nose. when the temperature in your nose falls by five degrees or more your immune system has a harder time fighting the cause of the common cold. as the body temperature drops, so does your ability to fight off the virus. >> there is something to dressing in layers. and putting all the blankets on. >> or listening to your mother. >> cold is not the issue today. >> we have "spare the air" day and poor air quality and record high temperatures and i will show you what is going on in a january in oakland. we go from 57 for average high and 44 for a low to 60 and 46 warming up when most of the country is cooling. our extremes are 37 and 78 and 4" of rainfall to 12.5". temperatures today are running
5:55 am
anywhere from five to 11 degrees warmer than average with a lot of low-to-mid upper 60's and record high today is 57 in lake tahoe and mid-to-upper 60 through the central valley to 72 in monterey and 81 in los angeles and well above average temperatures to lake tahoe the nbc seven days. >> like last year. >> at the bayshore freeway on the peninsula, we have a solo spinout with a tow truck on the way. otherwise, we are backed up, bay bridge lights are on where a fender bender in lane three complicating things west of the toll plaza. extra time this morning. san mateo bridge is busy but still, looking good with tail lights headed to the san mateo side and traffic is at 15 minutes from one side of the span to the or side. the drive time headed out is 580
5:56 am
westbound and 101 southbound. it is 5:55 a community college student has a cool idea and it is attracting the attention of tool manufacturers. >> stanley invented a m wrench that keeps parts from falling into tight places. he says a fastener fell on him and he said has anyone seen a magnetic wrench? he patented the mat wrench system. he graduated from high school in 80's and upgraded his schools at the community check that he enrolled in. >> so many are working to make good on new year's resolution and now jewelry can help. >> a bracelet zaps you into
5:57 am
breaking bad habits which has one primary job to send a shock to your body when you fine yourself doing something wrong. the inventor says the first time is always the worst time. >> ha! >> it feels like if you touched a door nobody after rubbing your socks, a power in using pain to help you break your bad habits >> the device is designed to give you a shock when you give in to temptation but others can remotely send you a jolt to keep you in line if they catch you misbehaving. you program it to shock you if do not stick to your healthy map. >> debunking car don't work. the secret to happy ever after is saying "i do," what a
5:58 am
study proves about the walk down the aisle. the bay bridge toll plaza was predicted to be busy. yes, it is, you can see the stacked up traffic with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news pillsbury crescents--awesome. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: week night crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> san francisco police are investigate an an arson at a homemade famous by "mrs. doubtfire." >> the long awaited ground breaking for the california planned bullet train and why it took so long. day one of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. we have amazing products and how a washing machine that


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