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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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know better sleep with sleep number. >> abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> and that news is out of pacifica. the crews crews are rescuing someone at the bottom of a cliff. >> we go live with the latest on this. you can see the firefighters and the police just rigged a man up from the side of the cliff. they just completed this rescue. they are making sure he gets some medical attention because we are not sure how this person got down the edge of the cliff. i did speak to the woman who called 9-1-1. she told me around 9:00 tonight she was out on a walk. she heard a man scream help. she coobt see anything.
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she coobt see anything. police and firefighters did arrive and they were able to locate the man on the side of the cliff. again, we don't know how he got down there, but you can see they were able to rig him up. we are not sure what his condition is at this time. but that is what has happened here tonight. reporting live in pacifica, abc7 news. >> thank you for the breaking news. >> and now the search for a smooth criminal. >> very smooth. a local plastic surgeon says this man underwent thousands of dollars in cosmetic procedures and skipped out on the bill. >> and now doctors want to know if this botox bandit has struck before. cornell bernard is live in the newsroom with the story. cornell? >> ama, it is the last thing a plastic surgeon expected. wrinkles were not the only thing that vanished after the procedure. the patient did too. look at this patient. he is about to get the works when it comes to cosmetic
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procedures, but he has no intention of paying for it. >> there was a botox and anti-wrinkle treatment. there was a laser resurfacing. >> he says the man is about 40 years old and six feet tall with dark hair. he knew exactly what he wanted done and he said he would pay with cash. >> the cost of his services was about $5,000 $6,000. >> the patient said his name was paul harlan, but he wouldn't provide anymore information. when the procedures were done, the man appeared distracted and on his cell phone. >> in the process of checking out, instead of checking out and providing payment he ended up pretending to be talking on his phone. and then he continued to walk out the door and said a quick i'll be right back. >> but he never returned. this may thought have been the first free treatment for the botox bandit. the makers of botox sent this e-mail. it was after a similar situation last april. >> this e-mail warrant of a
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man matching the same description who had the same procedures done by another doctor and then ran. they say this botox bandit may have swelling and bruising on his face for a few days. >> police should be looking out for somebody who looks well rested. >> they should be looking for the best looking face in san francisco. >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. and breaking news divers have found the missing tail of flight 8501. they found it in the java sea during a morning search and were able to get photographs it. they are interested because the tail is where the cockpit voice and flight data recorders are kept. this is the first confirmed sighting of the significant wreckage of the flight. there were 162 people on board. so far 40 bodies have been recovered. firefighters in vallejo discovered a pot grow while finding flames in an auto
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repair shop. you can see dozens of plants. no one was in the building when they got there. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. sphie tens of thousands of people are -- tens of thousands of people are looking for a new doctor because of a contract dispute. notices have gone out to customers warning that as of january 1st blue shield has canceled coverage for all hospitals and medical providers affiliated with sutter. the cancellation affects 140,000 hmo members. they will be assigned a new primary care physician. patients can use providers in will june 30th. after that sutter is an out of network provider. >> a man arrested for child pornography faces new charges of impersonating a santa cruz police officer on facebook. investigators say christopher wanted revenge for an earlier arrest. he apparently created a fake facebook page for the officer and distributed inappropriate pictures in the officer's i'm
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that. in millbrae, police are trying to track down a man wearing a burlap sack on his head who assaulted a jogger. the victim was running in valencia avenue when the man ran up behind her and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down and then ran off. two sisters accused of swad lig infants two tightly at a livermore daycare will not go to jail. they were sentenced to five years probation plus they have to attend a year long child abuse awareness course and cannot work in child care ever again. prosecutors said in 2013 they tied up seven babies in swad lig blankets for a long period of time. tonight a marin county judge decided a doctor will not stand trial after shooting a man who followed him home after a road rage insurance department last sum #er -- last summer. >> after an incredibly tense
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six months the judge's decision to discharge the case was overwhelming for the 72-year-old doctor. >> doctor, you can finally talk to us. i wonder how you feel. >> i am so proud to be an american. i am proud to live if america. >> his lawyer told me the case came down to self-defense. >> you know what our law says. when you are at your home, you don't have to retreat. it is more of a don't retreat case than a stand your ground case. >> last summer dr. simon was headed home with his wife in his red smart car when he cutoff a retired mortgage broker in a silver mercedes. he followed simon home. the cars were captured on a nearby school surveillance camera. he knows his mercedes -- he nosed it into the garage and he clipped the emblem off as he pulled out. simon's lawyer says he fired a warning shot, but he said, quote, i'm gonna get you and simon shot him twice in the
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stomach. >> why follow dr. simon home? >> no comment. >> he says when you got out of the car i am going to get you. did you say that? >> i have no comment. >> the case is over at least for now and simon thanks the i team forgiving him a fair shot. >> i would like to say how thankful i am for free press in america. the founding fathers provided -- i'm sorry. >> congratulations doctor. >> thank you sir. >> the d.a. could refile the case but he tells me he will take a day or two to decide. for the i team, dan noyes abc7 news. >> a festive ceremony for a new mayor in san jose. the evening began with a performance by an aztec dance troop.
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the councilmembers were sworn in and it was ceremonial. he says the city's biggest challenge is rebuilding the police department. >> we need to be able to do things that will improve compensation and create incentives for officers to stay on board and to come to san jose. >> he also said san jose needs to use the ingenuity to end homelessness while outside a small group of protesters demanded better treatment to the homeless population. many of whom were recently evicted from the homelessen encampment known as the jungle. now to the east bay where oakland's new mayor is getting a firsthand look at what it takes to be a member of the police force. she has been learning the ins and outs of the department since 6:00 this morning. she went on a ride along and will continue meeting with police until midnight tonight. >> redwood city held a community meeting for residents of the lamar and rc mobile home parks. two places impacted by the powerful storms. the homes were flooded and people are now dealing with
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mold and expensive repairs. now, how to uh plew i for assistance was provided. >> two cliff hangars, one of them a bay area man are very close to making history. they are up there right now clinging to an american landmark . scaling a wall of rock with just their hands, feet and as t.j. holmes explains, nerves of steel. >> imagine climbing up this nothing pulling you up just your hands and feet. ropes are only there to catch you if you fall. a half file swath of rock and razor sharp edges 3 sthowz feet above -- 3,000 feet above yosemite national park. that's what they are doing, 11 days into their attempt to free climb the single largest piece of granite in the world. >> it is easy to get frustrated because you will feel fine and then your foot will unexpectedly pop off.
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>> when it is too dangerous, they rest. >> there is a crazy arctic windstorm happening today. >> it is getting pretty rowdy. >> resting their fingers too. letting the skin grow back. their only shelter the seven-foot nylon tin from a single point. >> i thought i would give uh tour of the camp set up. >> relaxing, coffee mug ipad and breakfast. five years of careful planning, practicing and mapping the course. back home in colorado, come me -- tommy's wife waiting for updates with their son climbing just like daddy. >> i am proud of the guys. it has been a long journey and it will be really exciting if they can finish it and we can see this thing through. >> climbing toward history inch by inch. abc news, new york. >> that's incredible. >> it really is. well they say imitation is the sincerest form of
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flattery, but one team is not buying that. why he is crying foul over a new oakland a's t-shirt. >> and from selfie drones to gadget cell phones. >> and southwest sasquach? >> record warmth in the monterey bay. when the air quality will
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>> this is abc7 news. >> tonight a teenager is accusing the oakland a's of ripping him off. is it a case of copying or is
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it a coincidence? they say they copied the t-shirt logo and wants the team to stop using it. alyssa harrington has the story. >> these are the t-shirts. they both say stoaked. a direct reference. he started putting the word on shirts hoodies and the hats. he noticed the a's merchandise a few weeks ago. >> i was shocked and angry. >> he talked to us on skype where he is finishing his junior year on-line. he is accusing the mlb and the a's of ripping him on. ripping him off. >> my brand is about promoting and up lifting oakland. they used it for baseball. >> he gives it an oakland twist by highlighting the letters "oak." he says it is clear they stole his ideas because the t-shirts
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do the same thing. could it be one huge coincidence? they say no. a google search would have pulled up the brand's website and social media accounts. they say the a's simply did not do their homework. >> here is an opportunity for them to be able to celebrate oakland together with somebody and share the momentum and the benefits. >> he has talked to lawyers about his options but he admits he did not trademark stoaked. >> i want an apology and i want proceeds from the sales. >> i reached out to the a's, but so far no one has returned my calls or e-mails. abc7 news. some customers of j.crew claim that what you pay for is not what you always get. there is a growing number of on-line complaints about j.crew ballet flats with customers saying they are cutting back the quality and not the price. the shoes go for about $125.
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they were discounted last year, but they are back. many customers say the resser is recollected -- resurrected version does not fit well. j.crew has not responded to these complaints. >> it is a watch that can fly and better p i can tour quality. it is all taking place in the heart of sin city. what is hot at this year's consumer electronics show. >> the future on display in las vegas. big again this year, wearable. smart watches glasses and even a belt that tightens and loosens. there are body cameras and this one is called the snap cam can live stream. and there is a watch that claims to turn into a flying camera that tags along taking video of your adventures. >> set your camera free. >> these are wireless earphones that track your heart rate. this is a ring remote control and for babies there is a
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pacifier that takes temperatures and a smart sock that allows you to track vital signs with a phone or tablet. >> you can monitor the heart rate and the oxygen saturation of your baby. >> there are quantam dots that increase color saturation and there is a new tv service for people who want to dump cable from the dish which is called sling tv. apple's car play and android's auto can change your vehicle's display to mimic your phone and for the home, robotic vacuums and smart appliances and even light bulbs that are connected to monitoring system. >> it is a glimpse into the future and a snap shot of where the industry is. >> you will need a few days to take it all in. more than 3500 exhibiters covering two million square feet of convention space. abc news, los angeles. jenga is a game that tests the steadiness of your hands.
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when alcohol is involved all bets are off. one man proved impervious of the effects. >> you totally got it. >> no way. >> this this weekend a jenga player showed off some skill. he made a near impossible play with one swing of a kitchen knife. it has had tens of thousands of views in a few days. >> a couple of jenga-related videos lately. we have bad news for big footen enthusiasts. larry is so disappointed. a photo taken in arizona does not show the mist cal beast. mystical beast. he posted this foe owe on his -- photo on his facebook page. it says we may have spotted a family of sasquaches. they decided to clear the air and said it was a lighthearted blank or six bushes. at least they have a sense of humor. they say the big foot myth is
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popular because people want to believe there is more to this world than what we know. >> it is exciting to think that there is an animal that is huge and maybe has been out there for hundreds of years without being able to actually get a full glimpse. >> there have been several big foot sightings. no concrete evidence was ever presented. >> the pandas are real and one thing they love is bamboo. two things they love, bamboo and snow. the giant panda took advantage of the snow at the smithsonian national zoo. it was the first time the cub experienced the winter weather. it is pretty darn cute. she was allowed to spend the morning playing in her outdoor enclosure and as you can see had a fabulous time. >> speaking of animals in the cold, this little piggy may want to stay indoors until spring. this pig let is having a little trouble handling the ice near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. you can see him slipping and sliding.
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the brave pig let eventually made it inside and curled up next to a space heater. let's not let that piggy get too warm. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> meteorologist sandhya paw -- paw sell is here with our weather. >> as we look at live doppler 7hd, that piggy was cute you can see clear skies across the bay area. that will change as we head toward tomorrow morning. the high temperatures today at record levels in santa cruz. it was a tie. close to 80 degrees. 67 in oakland and 64 in san francisco and 63 around santa rosa and livermore and san jose and half moon bay was warm at 72 today. and here is what we had to deal with as a result of the warmth. the hayes from our east bay hills camera is giving you a nice sunset. obviously the air quality is not so great. as we head toward tomorrow the air quality is not going to get better. it is going to get worse. from our kgo roof camera you are looking at a live picture
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of coit tower. this is today. wednesday most areas will have poor air quality. thursday and friday still bad air, and then by saturday we will start to see some improvement in the air quality. there is definitely improvement coming. hang in there especially if you have respiratory issues. 39 degrees right now in napa. mid50s in san francisco as moderating affects of the water is kicking in. as we look from our sfo camera, no fog there. warming peaks tomorrow. more records are likely, and it is a dry outlook as we head to next week. here is the pacific satellite picture and it is a big ridge of high pressure with the sinking air under the ridge providing us with the stagnant conditions. hazy skies and a dry pattern continues as the storm track is getting diverted well up into canada. we are not expecting rain soon, but there is hope that things will be changing as we head toward next weekend.
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mid30s for our coldest north bay valleys santa rosa napa and down to the upper 30s around fairfield, concord livermore and 40s around the bay and the cost -- coast. you will notice a patch of fog tomorrow morning. for the commute uh lout more time -- allow more time. record temperatures are possible in the south bay and monterey bay for another day as we expect 70s again. expect the unseasonably warm weather to continue on wednesday. 72 degrees tomorrow and 70 in morgan hill and 71 los gatos. santa cruz 70 degrees. 69 in san jose. 67 on the peninsula in redwood city and menlo park and 71 in half moon bay. you will need the shades and the sunscreen. mid60s and in the north bay, 68 at bodega bay. it is just about upper 60s santa rosa and napa.
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63 if san rafael. you will get the cold air drainage. 68 in oakland and free mobt and inland -- fremont and inland spots. 66 livermore and san ramon. spare the air alert for your wednesday it will be a little cooler and more cloud cover. thursday and friday especially, but no rain there. the weekend cooling continues on saturday with the improvement in the air quality and then the temperatures hold right about where they should be until early next week. mark your calendars. extended computer models are bringing a wet pattern . >> what is the day? >> larry is here with more on sports. >> i was i did dismayed on the big foot hoax. >> the lanky kids from livermore grew up and was a
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good evening. randy johnson grew up in livermore, pretty much always the biggest kid if his class. and now he is in a new class, the tallest member of the baseball hall of fame. johnson is one of four new inductees. at 6 foot 10 he threw frightening heat. he won 303 games on his way to five cy young awards and received 97% of the vote. the manic named -- the man nicknamed "the big unit." he spent one year as a giant and that was 2009 and won his 300th career game as a giant. world series champion. this was a day he never imagined as a kid.
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>> i never joined a fraternity in college and now i am among amongst one of the coolest in the world. i am very humbled. >> johnson's new passion in life is photograph -- photography. he spends a lot of time back stage at concerts. he can go eye to eye with the giraffe when's he photographs them. he will be photographed with pedro martinez and john smoltz who also went in on the first ballot. this is the first time in 60 years four members were voted into the hall with astros infielder craig biggio going in. barry bonds pick had up a few more -- picked up a few more votes this year than he did a year ago, but he is a long way from reaching the ball. he is the homerun wing and seven-time mvp, but he is one of the prime faces in the steroid era and because of that received less than 37% of the vote. his supporters say he had a hall of fame career before he
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. . the past 24 hours is dram -- dramatic with the game winner last night. he did it again tonight. the sharks in minnesota. a scary moment as galloway got hit in the head with the puck and had to leave the game. al -- alex stalock would love to have this one back. he says thank you very much. 1 h -- 1-0 wild. after the faceoff a rocket
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past kemper. we are tied at two. he makes it 3-2 sharks. in that extra period grip it and rip it. that's your game winner. sharks are winners 4-3. colin kaepernick knows he needs help and he is doing something about it. the kaeps struggled with accuracy. a workout with the former rams and super bowl mvp he will help with film study and seven on seven. it is a good sign. abc sports is brought to you by ebay.
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>> have a great night everyone. see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- matt leblanc. from marvel's "agent carter," hayley atwell. and chef jamie oliver. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i


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