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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 6, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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>> have a great night, everyone. see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- matt leblanc. from marvel's "agent carter," hayley atwell. and chef jamie oliver. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.
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thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] well, i'm glad you're here. it would be embarrassing if no one was here honestly. it's tuesday. i hope you're getting back in the swing of things. when you come back to work after new year's, the co-worker who decides to replace his chair with a yoga ball. that won't get old anytime soon. here's something i noticed. the supermarkets and drug stores used to give out paper bags. now to encourage us to start bringing in our own bags which i never, ever remember to do, they make us pay for them. i understand. to make bags you need trees and we need trees so dogs have something to pee an. yet as soon as your debit card goes through, the machine starts pumping out a receipt that just -- it sometimes like half the length of a football field.
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it keeps coming and coming to the point you almost need a second bag just to carry the receipt home. and the reason they're so long is because they have coupons on them, which is helpful. i just bought my stuff. now i get the coupon. thank you. you think i'm going to hang on to this eight-foot long strip of fax paper so two weeks later i can save 19 cents on lunchables? i'm not. so over the break -- [ applause ] thank you. oifr the break, one of our writers went to cvs to buy a razor, which is nut enough. there was nothing else. he didn't need anything else. the receipt he got was so long he put it next to his pet for scale. his receipt was longer than his dog. we either need shorter receipts or longer dogs. i'm not sure which. i sent guillermo out to buy a snickers bar. one snickers bar at a bunch of
11:38 pm
different stores in the area and bring that in. these are the receipts he came back with. and we're going to start -- we'll start with the shortest one which came from our local liquor store right don the block. >> yes. >> jimmy: that's the size the receipt should be. we don't even need that part to be honest. now smart and final didn't have snickers bar there. so what did you get? >> i got a hershey's. >> jimmy: no, that's a gummy bear it says. hershey's at a staples. they didn't have snickers at staples? >> no. >> jimmy: this is office depot. they didn't have snickers either. there's a real snickers shortage. you get a granola bar? >> granola bar. >> jimmy: still one item, one item. walgreens had a snickers bar. this is their receipt. ralph's snickers, this is their receipt. rite aid snickers.
11:39 pm
this is their receipt. and our winner, cvs, one snickers bar -- [ applause ] all of that. coupons for more candy, body wash, advil, shampoo, duracell, tampons. they looked at you and said, yeah, this guy needs some tampons. >> no way. >> jimmy: this is crazy and it has to stop. i've decided that i'm going to start fighting to get shorter receipts. this will be my legacy. when i'm remembered after my death i want people to remember that's the guy who gave us tiny little receipts. next time you are at the store. i can't do this alone. next time you're at a store and get a receipt that's unacceptable long, take a picture and send it to me on twitter. together we'll use these photographs to publicly shame the companies that pump them out. or i'll use them to shame you
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for the embarrassing things you bought at the store. either way, i win. who is returning things to the supermarket? we don't need any of this stuff. i'm hoping this wins me a nobel prize or a choice award. that will work. by the way, what happened to -- what happened to all the snickers and stuff. >> in my dressing room. >> jimmy: okay. this is what congress should be working on right there. we have a new and now republican-controlled congress starting today. the 114th congress. and they have one fan. convened today in our nation's capital. how is congress still a thing? i thought they got canceled after last season. their ratings were terrible. congress has an approval rating that's very, very low. their approval rating is 15% and you know you're in trouble when people like you less than they like jennifer lopez movies. 71 lawmakers in the new congress are freshmen. their parents helped them move
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in over the weekend. they went to the container store and said tearful good-byes. one of the republicans first orders of business will be to undue president obama's initiatives an climate change. a lot of republican members don't think we need to do anything about climate change because -- well, i think because most of them are old, and they don't care. the republican anti-obama message has been blunted. they are very anti-obama by the fact the economy is strong now. unment is down, gas prices are low, inflation is low, interesterate rates are low. the stock market is high. but the president is still black and there's always that. what, he's not? he's half white. right, guillermo? >> right. >> jimmy: thank you. this comes from yesterday's edition of "judge judy." i have to believe this is real. there was a woman on the show yesterday with a very guilty
11:42 pm
sounding name. >> valerie and her daughter claim crystal methven sold them the cat. >> jimmy: i guess we should be glad she's only selling the cat. the state ban on same-sex marriage officially ended yesterday. so at long last crockett will finally bible to make an honest man out of tubbs. it's hard to believe that a state that gave us gloria estfan is just now getting around to legalizing it. i assume florida will be filled with nothing but old people and gay people, just like an antique shop. here in california today, kind of under the radar. but we broke ground on the construction of a high-speed bullet train that will allow people to travel from l.a. to san francisco in less than three hours.
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[ applause ] for now, until it's built we'll have to settle for flying there in 90 minutes. the train is projected to cost $68 billion and start service in 2029, which means the train will cost $190 billion and start service in 3022. by 2029, california could catch up to japan in 1996. as i'm sure you're -- you might not be aware. an this program we don't just focus on what's in front of the news but what's behind it. many thanks to the local fox affiliate in st. louis and an unwinning police officer for proiding us with tonight's edition of "behind the news." >> anthony joins us with more on the story. anthony? >> good morning, john and randy. i just learned that about 35 people -- >> supposed to be working
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undercover. >> the state of colorado has an important new initiative to educate people about pot. first they legalized it. now they want to educate people about it, which isn't that what high school is for? why do you think they call it that? it's high school. colorado just wants a $5.7 million ad campaign that they say will take a neighborly approach to marijuana education. i think if you are making brownies you can go to your neighbors to borrow a cup of pot if you're out of it. the new campaign, it's friendly. instead of telling people not to smoke it, the ad is to use it appropriately. public space is not the place is the message. in the '50s, it was pot will turn you into a cannibal. now they're saying don't smoke in the park. they use public money to fund it. pot and education aren't a great mix. and to prove it, we sent a
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camera crew to venice beach, which is probably the marijuana mecca of l.a. to find out what pot smokers know and don't know. let's see how they did in tonight's "pot quiz." >> what is your name and where are you from? >> jesse from nevada city, california. been living down in guatemala just on a trip coming back from mexico. enjoying the good vibes in venice beach. >> name three supreme court justices. >> three supreme court justices. i'm sorry, i can't answer that question. >> name three ways to smoke weed? >> you have a bong, you have a pipe, gravity bong is one of my favorites. >> name two u.s. senators. >> i have no idea. >> name two flavors of doritos. >> salsa verde and cool ranch. >> what state is jerry brown the governor of? >> i have no idea.
11:46 pm
>> what band was jerry garcia the lead singer of? >> the grateful dead, man. >> name three supreme court justices. >> i don't even know one. >> name three xbox games? >> madden, call of duty and dead rising. >> what is a prime number? >> let's say 8. that seems pretty prime. >> what makes it a prime? >> like big truck guy, transformer. >> what month did we elect a president? >> that's a good question. the month? always like march? >> in what month do we celebrate pot? >> 4/20. >> what month is that? >> 5th march. >> everything is in march basically? >> yeah. >> what are obama's kids name.
11:47 pm
>> i don't know. i don't even pay any attention to that dude. >> what are two of the kid an south park's names? >> kenny and stan. >> who said give me liberty or give me death? >> my dad says that sometimes. >> who says dude, where's my car? >> i think it was ashton kutcher. >> what is the 13th amendment. >> i don't know. to the constitution? >> what is the first rule of fight club. >> that you don't talk about fight club. >> name two branches of the u.s. government? >> the federal reserve and the house of legislators. >> name two strains of weed. >> oj cush and blueberry yum yum. >> name three renaissance painters. >> renaissance painters? yeah, i don't have the answer to that question. >> name three ninja turtles. >> donatello, rafael and
11:48 pm
michelangelo. >> jimmy: pot quiz final. tonight on the show chef jamie oliver, from "marvel's agent carter" hayley atwell, and we'll be right back with matt leblanc. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility, there's no going back.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello there, you. tonight, she's the star of "marvel's agent carter" which premiered tonight. agent carter herself, hayley atwell, is here. then a food revolutionary who makes a heck of a bowl of spaghetti. this is his latest "comfort food: the ultimate weekend cookbook," chef jamie oliver is here. tomorrow night on the show, bill maher, nick kroll and music from the lone bellow. and on thursday joaquin phoenix, larry wilmore, and music from frankie ballard. and this is something fun. monday night on espn, the first-ever college football playoff national championship game. guillermo, cousin sal, and i will be there. and the reason we will be there is for this. signs like this one that say
11:54 pm
gary patterson wears a thong. this is about the coach of tcu and his undergarment of choice. gary patterson gives out apples on halloween. and one more. fatty patty sits to pee. how do they know that? i have no idea. these should not be about gary. monday during halftime, we'll pick the champion sign from the championship game. so if you're a ducks or buckeyes fan going to texas for the game, i cordially invite you to compete to become "lord of the poster board." as we're titling it. make a great sign. bring it to the game. add the #lotpb. hold it up so we can spot it and i will then bestow the winner with the first-ever golden sharpie award. again that's #lotpb. "lord of the poster board," will it be you? probably not, but why not give it a try. our first guest is a golden globe-winning and six-time emmy nominated actor with a very
11:55 pm
funny show that returns for a fourth season this sunday night on showtime. it is called "episodes." please welcome matt leblanc. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: life is good? >> life is good. >> jimmy: holidays are good? >> holidays were good. >> jimmy: did you do anything good? >> what did i do? >> jimmy: i guess they were fun. >> yeah, had family in town. >> jimmy: do you go out on new year's eve and really lives it up? >> no. >> jimmy: you do not? >> no, i fell asleep at 10:30. my 10-year-old daughter and my mother high on apple juice until
11:56 pm
1:00. >> jimmy: they stayed up? >> they partied all night. >> jimmy: your daughter is 10? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's a good age. she still likes you at that age? >> ish. yeah, it's finish. 10 is fun. she's starting to wear high heels and stuff now. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> she's -- kids are funny, man. >> jimmy: your mom is just there for the holidays or -- >> yeah, comes up for the holidays. >> jimmy: does your mother still bring you christmas presents? >> yeah. >> jimmy: she does? >> yeah. put something under the tree. can't show up to christmas empty handed. >> jimmy: it's a weird thing at a certain point you wonder like -- my mother still gets me an easter basket, by the way. when my teeth start coming out, there will be money under my pillow. that's how ridiculous she is. at a certain point it's weird. my mom got me some shirts. oh, all right. thanks, mom. >> socks and underwear in a stocking by the fireplace.
11:57 pm
great. >> jimmy: even though i'm supplying my own undergarments now. >> i don't roll with these kind. >> jimmy: what did you mother get you for christmas this year? >> what did she get me? oh, an electric fly swatter. >> jimmy: those are good. >> you hold the button and it zaps the crap out of them. >> jimmy: like a little bit of an explosion. >> i put it down. i don't like it. >> jimmy: another one you load salt into it and can fire it at the flies. >> ywow. 12 gauge is good, too. >> jimmy: i'll call your mother. maybe she'll put that in your stocking next year. when you were a kid, what was the best gift you ever got? >> i used to do this thing. my mother would get the promise presents and hide them in her closet thinking i'd never look there. one year she got me this, probably that long, an aircraft carrier, like -- and you had
11:58 pm
little planes and rubber band launchers and all this -- so i snuck in there, and it was wrapped with the christmas wrapping paper and peeled the tape off really carefully. opened it up. took it out of the box. assembled it. played with it for like an hour and then took it back apart. same paper, same tape, same everything and on christmas morning acted surprised. >> jimmy: that must be where you -- [ applause ] that's where you realized. >> funny, too. >> jimmy: you had acting in you. >> christmas morning i take it out. oh, this is great. just what i want. i put it together in two seconds. she goes, wow. you put that together awfully fast. yeah, the instructions are pretty easy. >> jimmy: i'm a genius mom. you've always told me that. at that age did you know you wanted to be an actor? >> no, i was -- i think i -- everyone in my family goes to work with some kind of tool in their hands. i was going to be a carpenter.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: a carpenter. >> i went to a tech voc high school and was a carpentry major. >> jimmy: we called it a votech and it was all the bad kids that went there. were you bad? >> i guess so. >> jimmy: in las vegas where i grew up, votech was one step toward juvenile hall. on your way to prison you stop and learn a trade. >> lock us in here. >> jimmy: you were in like the shop class there? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you enjoy that? >> yeah, it was okay. it was -- we had a pretty good budget, i guess, the public school budgets used to be great. all kinds of super machines. really -- it was good. >> jimmy: really? what did you build? >> my senior year, my project was, you know, kids are building like cuckoo clocks and like a shelf thing. i made a complete kitchen and installed it in a house. >> jimmy: for real?
12:00 am
>> yeah, yeah, we milled the wood. an island, cabinets. >> jimmy: whose house did this go in? >> i don't know. some lady. she was stoked. the teacher and i all assembled it and the money went back in the budget. he had a new car like a week later. >> jimmy: matt leblanc is here. the season premiere of "episodes" airs sunday at 10:30 p.m. on showtime.
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i'm afraid it's not good. >> no? >> larry killed himself last night. >> [ bleep ]. >> elaine told me this morning. evidently he hanged himselves in garage. >> oh, my god. >> heartbreaking. >> jimmy: that is matt leblanc in "episodes." season premiere on sunday on showtime. that's a very funny scene. >> model citizen. >> jimmy: you are playing matt leblanc. not really you but kind of you. >> yeah, hopefully much more interesting version of me. it's a show about makeing a show in hollywood and it's -- this english couple that have a hit show in the uk and their show gets bought by an american network so they want to revamp it and redo the show for an american audience and they are forced to hire me to play what was once the headmaster of an elite boys school. i play the coach of the hockey
12:06 am
team. >> jimmy: everything gets perverted in a very american television way. >> it's all about the funny. it's relatable. it's not too inside. >> jimmy: not at all. >> anyone can relate to the mean boss or weirdo at work. they just happen to be inside this insane asylum. >> jimmy: if there's anything we know about, it's bad television shows as americans and watching them make this bad television show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: if there's one thing we've studied, it's that. when you are playing yourself, do the writers pitch you stories about you, or do you tell them things they might want to -- >> it's kind of -- mostly it's they come up with stuff and it's hilarious. i love it. they are so smart. jeffrey clark and david kramer. no staff, just two guys write everything. >> jimmy: just two guys? i didn't realize that.
12:07 am
>> they wrote them all in advance. it's nice to see the whole season before we start instead of staying right ahead of the writers so you get each script kind of wet. >> jimmy: last season when they write episodes about you being overweight, do you gain weight for the role? have you gained weight and they say, maybe we can use that? >> yeah, they are like, wow, you're fat. it's -- let's write that in. no way of hiding that. >> jimmy: you must have a good relationship with them. >> they're great. i've known them for 20 years. >> jimmy: abuse is accepted? >> they're funny. in the beginning, i was like, that's a little risky. i don't know if i want to say that or show that about myself. it's come full circle. i'll pitch things and they're like, no, not doing that. you'd do that? yeah, yeah. no. god, go to church.
12:08 am
get out of here. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. the show is very funny. maybe start at the beginning. it's call "episodes." it airs sundays at 10:30 an showtime. we'll be right back with hayley atwell. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenolpm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol® theat devry university we to fican help...e. by maximizing qualifying transfer credits, so you can graduate sooner. all you need... is a good reason to finish now. get started at
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>> jimmy: jamie oliver is going to make meatballs for us. our next guest is a comic book heroine who prefers a trench coat to a cape. you know her from the "captain america" movies and now her very own tv show "marvel's agent carter" premiered earlier tonight here on abc. please say hello to hayley atwell. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm pretty good. >> jimmy: when you came out, i was worried there's a possibility that you might beat me senseless. >> i may have kicked you in the balls. i've done that to so many stuntmen. the first day of rehearsal, they all get it in the balls. >> jimmy: did you establish your dominance over the stuntmen?
12:14 am
>> i think i'm just really clumsy. i've had to apologize to a lot of members of the crew. i whacked a guy on the back with a lead pipe. i've thrown a chair at the assistant director. i'm not a diva. i'm not being difficult. >> jimmy: it's part of the thing. >> part of the persona. >> jimmy: the show is really good. and the action scenes -- sometimes when you see a female superhero you think, oh, come on, but you look like you're really giving it to them. >> i played rugby at school. i'm not afraid of a bit of aggression. >> jimmy: are you familiar with our united states? anything i can help you with? >> why i am familiar because i'm half american and my family from kansas city, missouri. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yes. >> jimmy: how about that? >> they are royals. i know what moonshine is. >> jimmy: okay. good, good. your mom's or dad's side? >> my dad. lovely daddy. >> jimmy: he's from kansas city? >> he's from kansas city, missouri. >> jimmy: what did he do there?
12:15 am
>> he's had an interesting life. one of his main interests is native american indian folklore. when i was 17, he took me to a sweat lodge. >> jimmy: do you know what is? >> jimmy: yes. you go there and sweat. >> you ask rocks if they want to be part of the ceremony. some are willing. some are like, no, i'm fine where i am. you have to ask them. do you want to come and hang out with us in a pit? and then if they say grrks the rocks say yes you have to have to sprinkle them. and you take them into this pit. and it creates this billowing smoke effect and it's really, really hot. >> jimmy: who is in this thing? >> 30 or 40 grown human beings. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. i was 17 at the time. by the way, everyone was naked
12:16 am
apart from me. i was 17. when we started the chants, the leader just said, if you want to pee, just pee. >> jimmy: what? >> i spent the whole time going, please don't pee on me. >> jimmy: people peed during this? >> it was so hot and sweaty in there. i don't know. they could have. >> jimmy: what a horrible hobby your father had. my dad just watched football. i guess i consider myself lucky. your dad is into this sort of thing. is he interested in movies and show business? >> he's come on set. i've got a fabulous picture of him wearing my peggy carter wig. i remember the first time i took him to a premiere. i had been cast in a woody allen film as the lead. we were on the red carpet. all of a sudden, my dad just
12:17 am
disappeared. he'd gone down the red carpet line talking to paparazzi. i was like, what are you doing? he ran up to woody allen and introduced himself. he started like this. then nice to meet you, woody. oh. oh, i see. he starts massaging him. and next thing you know, he's on woody allen's shoulders and woody allen is going oh, god, oh, god. he lost about a foot in height if you can imagine that. very scared. >> jimmy: one of the most uncomfortable men in the world and your father managed to make him more uncomfortable. >> my dad is one of the most comfortable men in the world. he's very happy -- >> jimmy: have you heard from woody since that day? >> no. >> jimmy: well, that's a big, thanks, dad, isn't it? >> yeah. >> jimmy: your television show" marvel's -- everything is marvel's when they are from marvel is getting very good reviews. your character is not a
12:18 am
superhero but a secret agent. >> yes. >> jimmy: set in what year? >> 1946. it's after the second world war and it's after the first captain america, the first "avenger" film. it's when that kind of finishes, this takes off and explores her life in new york working as a double agent and the adventures she goes an and psychological and emotional effects of grieving steve. >> jimmy: steve being captain america. we learned earlier there aren't maniers in s -- many in the audience. so steve is dead. >> supposedly. that's what peggy thinks. she's having to quietly move on. quite frustrated. quite bored of her job. and they put an a secret mission that changes her life. >> jimmy: it looks great. it does look like comic book, really. >> it's a very elgent time. the men and women looked extraordinary. >> jimmy: is that fun for you
12:19 am
dressing up like that? is that why you wanted to be an actor? >> yes. i mean, partly. >> jimmy: it's a pain in the ass is what you are telling me? >> it's a pain because you're wearing stockings, spanx, a mike pack and a harness underneath a very tight fitting skirt. i had to go and get my passport renewed. i went in my lunch break as peggy carter. it was like this cryptic mission to try to get me in there. i don't go it's legal that my passport picture is as peggy carter. >> jimmy: they had spanx in the '40s s? i had no idea. >> very secret. >> jimmy: you tweeted something and said you were going to do something on sunday. let me read the tweet. on tuesday on the show i'm going to attempt my own form of ventriloquism. it's my contribution to humanity. you are a ventriloquist?
12:20 am
>> something like that. was passed don to generations of the atwell family. i thought i would do it for you. i've done it on television in the uk. forgive me if you've seen this before and are bored by it. it entertains me. >> jimmy: how can you not be entertained by ventriloquism. >> you ready? >> jimmy: yes. >> i'm stuck inside and i can't get out! >> jimmy: that's it? >> that's it. >> jimmy: have you visited branson, missouri? >> no. >> jimmy: we might be able to get your name on a theater there. >> fantastic. >> jimmy: congratulations on the show. thank you for being here. hayley atwell. watch "marvel's agent carter" tuesday nights at 8:00 here on abc. we'll be right back with chef jamie oliver.
12:21 am
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>> jimmy: welcome, welcome, welcome back. this man standing beside me is one of the most influential chefs in the world. he invented apple pie. his new book is called "comfort food: the ultimate weekend cookbook." please welcome jamie oliver. hello, jamie.
12:26 am
>> thank you. >> jimmy: how many cookbooks have you written? >> that is my 15th. >> jimmy: i think i have 12 of them at my house. i have a lot of them. >> i need to work harder. where are the other three? >> jimmy: this is a good one. i went through it today. made me very hungry. how do you decide what is in? there's comfort foods from all over the world. >> yes. >> jimmy: how do you quantify what gets in there. >> comfort food is like a big edible hug. the food that makes life worth living. about memories, childhood, nan, mom, granddad. first time you tried something. for me about 60% of this book came from the heart. i want to keep it -- there's a big old world out there. i threw it out on to instagram. we had like 20,000, 30,000 comments on their favorite comfort food, what country they came from. i looked into the most popular ones and we started researching and cooking up dishes from asia, egypt, you name it. it's an international comfort
12:27 am
food book. >> jimmy: who wouldn't like to be comforted with food? it's one of the most comforting things there is. >> that's what it's all about. >> jimmy: what are we going to make today? >> british meatballs. >> jimmy: british meatballs. >> and, of course, when you make them, you can call them american meatballs. >> jimmy: we came to this land to get away from british meatballs. that is a big reason why -- >> and then you kicked us out and now we're back. so, guys, it's really about what makes the perfect meatball. >> jimmy: what does make the perfect meatball? >> two things -- >> jimmy: meat is one of them for sure. >> definitely. actually onions. two onions finely chopped. i've sweated it off for ten minutes with a good shake of worcester sauce and rosemary. once it's cooled down we're going to nix the meat. a pound of free range pork and lovely chuck steak. a pound of each go in.
12:28 am
would you mind or would you like me? give it a nice mix up. >> jimmy: with hands, i assume? as well when you use your hands, they're very clean. >> jimmy: purell right before this. they'll be a little hint of that in the meatballs. the hands are good -- >> it kind of gets the flavors. it really mixes up the meat so it sticks together. >> jimmy: what if i sneeze into it. will that help? >> it will probably give a little extra flavor. in the cooking it will kill all the bacteria. >> jimmy: this is bread crumbs? >> bread crumbs. >> jimmy: panko? >> just regular bread you can take your hands out. >> jimmy: what if i don't want to. >> you don't have to. here's some we made earlier. that's for drinking but --
12:29 am
>> jimmy: let me get that off there. >> if you take one of my balls and place it in my hand. get your finger. >> jimmy: congratulation. >> can you please stick your finger into my ball. then a surprise. a piece of cheddar. a little centimeter goes into the middle. when you pat this don, i want you to love the ball, nurture the ball. let it become a beautiful thing like it is in your own hand. >> jimmy: get that thing in the middle of the bal. >> as that cooks that will be a nice surprise in the middle. and we like that. this is what you do. comfort food is about not rushing. why we want fast food, quick dishes. sometimes for me on the weekend, take your time, love it, a couple of friends. >> jimmy: why play with each other's balls. >> it's what makes the world go
12:30 am
round. these go in the oven for about 15 minutes. and then we make a gravy. in the pan here we have a gravy. one onion. just kind of a handful of minced meat. minced beef. >> jimmy: not italian. in brooklyn we call a red sauce gravy. this is a real gravy. >> more american style. this is the kind of stuff i was seeing when cooking in west virginia. louisiana as well. a few gravy started like this. i like it. once the meat gets brown and onions go soft, little sort of british flavor thing going on. some nice red currant jam or black currant jam. a little vinegar. and beer. a choice here. an old english beer or american beer. >> jimmy: let's go with the english beer. you are english. you were in west virginia trying to get people to eat healthier. and this is what happened. you instead -- we turned you into a meatball eater.
12:31 am
>> anyone from west virginia, they've done amazing since the first season of "food revolution." >> jimmy: you were trying to get better food into the schools and now better water. >> tonight sacramento, the capital. last year i saw the governor and the speaker and bunch of representatives. we informed them that nearly half of californian kids don't have clean, safe water in schools. so for me as a foreigner, you know, it looks -- the water coming out, some of it looks worse than that. how can you talk about improving the food when you can't even get the water right. so they promised to fix it. they restructured the water bonds. we're going back a year later to see if they've done what they promised to do. it's weird a british kid would be doing it. >> jimmy: it is weird but thank you for doing it. >> i have a charity here. i work with california
12:32 am
endowment. we're proud of the work we do. [ applause ] it's really -- i know it's weird. i work in a lot of countries. we've got an opportunity to set an example in california. not just to the rest of america but the rest of the world as well. >> jimmy: you do a lot of good deeds. you're working with alice waters. a legendary chef. >> 40 years has been my hero. she's like yoda. and chef ann cooper is like another hero. like princess leah. i'm like, ides have to be luke skywalker. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we're fighting the rebellion which is the fast food industry and, you know, $4.5 billion of advertising -- >> jimmy: it's hard to compete with. >> the thing is, guys. 4.5 billion pounds worth of advertising every year to children. and that's what the parents of california and america have to deal with. so for me, and alice and ann
12:33 am
cooper, we believe that it's a child's human right to learn how to cook in school where food comes from, how it affects their bodies. at the end of the day, none of you are going to die young because you didn't do your geography homework. we need to arm children about food. you agree, don't you? >> jimmy: oh, yeah. feducation. i made that up. we're almost ot of time. >> in this gravy, we do flour, some jam, some mustard. >> jimmy: wow. something. >> we have a twang of vinegar. >> jimmy: are you sure this isn't a prank you're pulling? >> then take some of your clean water. don't worry. you're not going to eat it. if you remove that tray. the meatballs went in for 15 minutes. that gravy takes five minutes when you aren't talking about saving the world. put that in with your balls for another ten minutes and get something like that, which is a beautiful -- >> jimmy: they look nice.
12:34 am
>> -- beautiful selection. balls and gravy. >> jimmy: let me try one of these. oh, look who showed up all of a sudden. >> i love -- >> jimmy: wait until he puts some on the plate. that's beautiful. how beautifully presented. show that to everyone at home so they can look at that. there you go. that is nice. i'm going to try this right now. what do you got? >> it's good. >> jimmy: that is really dls delicious. who knew meat could be so good. jamie oliver. find out more about jamie's water initiative. go to that's his book. we'll be right back.
12:35 am
12:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jamie oliver is feeding our audience. this is his book. "comfort food." i want to thank jamie, matt leblanc, hayley atwell.
12:37 am
i want to apologize to matt damon. we did republican oun out of ti. "nightline" is next! good night! this is "nightline." >> a 30-year-old alleged lie demands more allowance from his wealthy hedge fund father. then the dad is found shot dead. what led to this wall street murder? tonight an ex-girlfriend of this suspected killer speaks. >> imagine using nothing but your hands and feet to scale this. if these extreme athletes reach the top, they'll make history on one of the hardest climbs in the world. we are with them halfway through their mission to complete the climb of the century. going downhill.


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