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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a man pulled to safety on the side of a cliff in a story you will see only on 7 and what led rescuers to his side. >> protecting police and the community. a bill that looks to provide transparency on when and why officers pull the trigger. a new post for san francisco's former top cop. a new role as hand picked by the president. good morning on wednesday. 6:00. leyla gulen is back. i am kristen sze. leyla gulen is back and mike is here with the forecast. what is going on? >> good news and it is north and dry and the air is cleaner this morning. >> the exploritorium is choppy on water at 20 miles per hour wind speed and 33 to 50 at 7:00 and in the low-to-mid 60's the better part of today and mild this evening at mid-to-upper
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50's. how are the roads? glad to be back the happen new career. starting with the bay bridge toll plaza it is busy. we have metering lights turned on on and a continue minute drive from the maze to san francisco. the tail lights are thicker out of pleasant hill to highway 24. we do have protecting news this morning a fatal accident in pacifica that has one area one secret blocked off and matt keller is in pacifica with information at the scene. matt? we are talking about a cliff rescue, a man did not fall down the cliff but was trapped below because of the rising high tide. the video firefighters and police rescue the man last might and they pulled him in a rescue
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ballot and the woman who called 9-1-1 said she was on a walk in the neighbor at 9:00 last night and she stopped to watch the waves and she heard a man screaming for help. she got out the flashlight but could not see anything and called 9-1-1. police and fires arrived to find a man on the side of the cliff. they put him in the rescue basket and pulled him to safety. we spoke for police. he was treated by mel personal at the scene but did not know the extent of his injuries. more news from pacifica where police are investigating a fatal crash on skyline boulevard an officer found a car on fire there before 4:00 a.m. and one person is believed toen inside. skyline boulevard is closed between manor and king road. marin county judge decideed a doctor will not stand trial after shooting a plan who followed him home after a road
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rage incident dismissing the case against 72-year-old dr. simon. the case came down to self defense. in july he was headed to his home with his wife in his smart car and he cut off a 72-year-old retired mortgage broker in his red mercedes. the man followed simon home and the cars were captured on the surveillance video and he nosed the mercedes into the garage and the lawyer said the client pulled out a bun and fired a wanting shot before he threatened "i'm going to get you," he shot him twice in the stomach. the d.a. said he could refile but he could take a day to decide. >> and assembly man wants to create a third opinion -- a third-party panel to investigate degrees involving police. the d.a. and police work closely
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together on other cases and it is not a perfect situation. county prosecutors claim though treat police shootings as another crime but skeptics believe that is not the case. >> and dangers of we replica weapons a man committed suicide by cop when he pointed an air soft pus toll at officers on sunday night and the officers then shot him to death. children can change the replica weapons for educational toys the city of cloak and local groups are sonsorring the weapons exchange at 5:00 at the transit village. >> police in month are going after people they say took advantage of protests in order to loot businesses. st. louis county police released surveillance video from sell 24 when the prosecution said they would not indict officer wilson in the death of michael brown. two dozen people were seen
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stealing mud and food and cigarettes from the capacitation. police hope someone will come forward with information about the suspects. also new this morning president obama has picked san francisco's firm top cop for a new post and now working for the department of homeland security and will be assistant secretary serving with law enforcement agencies across the nation. she became the we first female police chief in 2004 and retired in 2009. she is the second base area cop to go on to work for the federal government in a high capacity in 2013 attorney general hold are appointed ron davis to lead community oriented police services and heave was the chief of east palo alto police. >> today, san francisco supervisors will hold a rare when meeting today and look at a labor dispute involving restaurant workers after the strike by a thousand food service workers across the four
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terminals and forces dozens of restaurants to close at the same time that a major storm stranded thousands of passengers would all needed it food. union leaders want better health care coverage and job security for the restaurant workers. mayor sam liccardo laid out his vision if the city. >> last night the even began with a performance by a troupe where four members sworn in and the audience was told that the city's biggest challenge is rebuilding the police department and we need to do things that will improve compensation and create incentives for officers it stay on board and come to san jose. >> liccardo said that san jose needs to use their ingenuity to end homelessness. >> he today out because of his height and now randy johnson
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stands tall among baseball's giants, the tallest member of the hall of fame. >> he was inducted in cooperstown and is called the "big unit," because of the imposing frame. he won 303 games and collected five cy young awards and finished the contrary with the giants in 2009 but the glory days came with seattle and arizona. johnson belonged to the ultimate all star. >> i never joined a practice turnty and now i am among the coolest in the world. johnson said the new passion is photograph friday. he spend as lot time back stage at concerts. >> he got some 98.5 percent of vote entering the hall of fame and i want you to raise your happened if you are the 1.5 percent that did not vote.
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>> nicco? >> they pride themselves the sport writers on no one having 100 percent. >> you are right. >> 55 in milpitas. it is warm there. and in los altos, 52. microclimates across the santa clara valley at 39 in cupertino and 40 in los gatos and microclimates including 60 at calistoga and 53 in san francisco. san pablo is 50 and 51 and lafayette at 40 and danville at 35 and here is a look at 280 and 17 in san jose looking clear. this is a backdrop to talk about low 60's to nearly 70 degrees with sunshine and 101 at 880 a backdrop for a they day forecast showing a cooling trend and
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cleaner air by the weekend. we will start off by talking about mass transit with bart and 48 trains that are running on time ace train one and three have for delays. a couple-minute delay is not too bad and muni has in through daly city into san francisco along 280 is seeing slowing and as you move up to king street it will take ten minutes. when you get up to the bay bridge on the lower deck and the upper deck, we are starting to see the slowing approaching treasure island leaving san francisco and that traffic coming from the east bay is stopped at the toll plaza and it eases up headed further into the city. >> a cliff side rescue thanks to facebook. the social media site save add man moves life when technology failed on the first try.
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comic bill cosby moves forward and is hoping to put allegations of sexual assault behind him. we have more weather and traffic for you all morning. this is a picture of the embarcadero and san francisco from our rooftop camera and we will keep weather and traffic through the entire commercial break is you do not miss a thing.
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covering cupertino, concord wipe country -- wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 6 looking at downtown san francisco from the camera and it is clear. another "spare the air" day. we have warm temperatures. we have some changes coming our way. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco coming up. new this morning we have our first look at the end joys sustain by a washington state comic when someone charged him on stage and beat him with a baseball bat. the hand was attack on monday night while introduce the next comic. the attacker want straight for his head crushing his skull with two blows. regulars at the comedy club say the man tried out a routine a too weeks before but bombed. >> it was offense
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every legal. >> man pushed the same routine so he was banned from the show. it is not clear if that is the motive for the attack. he hopes to be out of the hospital tomorrow and there is a benefit show on saturday to cover his medical bills. police tracked down the suspect and he is currently in jail without bail. today, bill cosby will take the stage in canada during allegations of sexual misconduct saying there are growing threats that people will protest or possibly not even attend the show in ontario tonight. this is a day after two women joined the lawsuit claiming they were called liars after speaking up about his conduct. in all, 23 women have now accused cosby of offenseive behavior from groping to rape and he has not been charged. sign at this times in texas will be busy today evaluating what is behind a rash of earthquakes in the past 24 hours. the trimers started yesterday and have continued into the morning in dallas and the surrounding suburbs.
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you can see the cracks this home. the nine mild earthquakes have been reported but there is in word of major damage or injuries c.h.p. says social media is to thank for saving an injured hiker in sacramento falling 150' in the blue ridge loop trail hitting his head. c.h.p. was tipped off by his son would was with his dead but could not explain to 9-1-1 operators where they were. the cell phone picked -- sounded 30 miles away and they found a picture post idea they everyone hiking and it shows the location as the blue ridge loop and rescuers when in and pulled them to safety. >> another use for facebook. >> while weather in washington state is making for incredible video. look at this footage from "usa today" showing the rivers running over their banks and the
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national weather service is telling people not to drive in the area but a few rivers knoll -- fell below flood stage overnight. >> 7-10" of rain is what they had with the last system. >> how is our snow melt going to look for us? >> there are plenty falls but it is not so much as there should be at 43 percent of where we should be and 17 percent of are we should be for the entire snow year. now a look outside, i will show you what is going on to the north, the storm track moved further north in canada at prince george's county and it dives down through the midwest and heads to the mid atlantic in the southeast. 11 below zero in marring go and 33 in dallas and the wind families like 21 in dallas and 24 below zero in green bay and 31 below zero in minneapolis so
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it is an arctic chill. from mount tamalpais you can see above the inversion this morning where the warm air is it is windy so it is it so hazy as yesterday. a "spare the air" day the 12th this winter season. we have exceeded standards once so you are doing a great job of heeding the "spare the air". wind shifts tomorrow bring cooler and cleaner air and a chance rain into friday. today record highs are possible at 72 at gilroy and we tied year at santa cruz and 78 degrees and you will be six degrees cooler but, city 72 today and 71 in los gatos and upper 60's for the let of the santa clara valley. san mateo is 66 and moot and half moon bay at 71 degrees. it is amazing. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60. when is half moon bay a warmer
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spot? 68 in bodega and mostly in the valleys mid-to-upper 60 and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore and low-to-mid 60's inland. tonight, frost free forecast and upper 30's throughout our inland areas to low 40's mid-to-upper 40's with the high pressure still parked over the continue of us and because of that our airing stat nature and places like walnut creek and san ramon valley and inland east bay could have poor air quality. our 13th and possible 7th consecutive day. the cooling is toll but the clean air does not make it to senators sunday monday and tuesday next week. leyla gulen? we have word of a car fire a big-rig fire southbound 880 at oak street. i will have more information in a few minutes but san jose shows along 280 headed away from
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highway 17 is building. the san mateo bridge is busy leaving hayward headed to foster city. the drive will take you 12 minutes. the golden gate bridge is shut down starting saturday at midnight through monday until 4:00 a.m. with installation of median. the pedestrian side can still be used and the ferry is going to extend ferry service through the evening hours. pop star justin bieber is going from singing to stripping down to his calvins. the newest underwear held for calvin klein sharing the news on social media along with his shirtless picture him in boxer briefs. looks like he has been working out. the ad will appear in the spring
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>> good morning at 6:22 a look outside from the east bay hills camera checking out the approach to the bay bridge crossing into san francisco it is looking clear. we have another "spare the air" day and we will talk about that in a second. >> and we will look at a review of "good morning america" at 7:00. good wednesday morning. next on "good morning america" we have the deep freeze stretching from washington state all the way to florida and a dangerous lung in temperatures and record snow creating treacherous conditions for the morning commute. ginger and our family is tracking it on "good morning america" next. >> a fire ripped through an apartment building in michigan forcing trapped residents to jump off the second and third floor balconies. look at this video: a child is being dropped from a second-floor window or balcony. the four-year-old is okay and an officer caught the child. the investigators say the fire
6:24 am
break out in a first-floor unit and spread. those that did not jump were rescued and neighbors who brought out ladders. >> a creative spin on helping the country is taking off in philadelphia. a pizza place is helping people pay it forward by the slice. rose's fresh pizza sells slices for a buck with the idea that customers will buy one or two are or someone who is hungry. rose's estimates that 8000 people have gotten fed over the last nine months. if that is not period of that it is taking off, it is leading to a chain to those receiving a slice can say "thank you," to those would make it possible. >> demonstrating the city of brotherly love. appropriate. >> unless you are a sports fan. >> mystery delivery could an big donation, a homeowner was puzzled when 14 cases of 24 cans
6:25 am
with for return address and in explanation turned up on her front porch which used to be a home for women. she said if known claims it, she will also pay forward and donate it. >> how about that. >> if you have played jinga it tests your steadyness so when alcohol is involved all bets are off. >> a man was not affected by the alcohol. a player made a near impossible move while drinking with friends and he took out a single bottom piece with one swing of a kitchen butter knife. there have been tens of thousands of views in the past two days since it has been posted. doing it without the alcohol is the best idea.
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>> it is 6:25 and the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> breaking news from paris where there has been a deadly shooting at the site of a newspaper and more on what authorities are calling a "terror attack." >> a man addicted to botox now on the run and police are hot on his trail. >> police are investigating a shooting that happened at a bart station last night and we will tell you what happened next. >> tracking fog cross the north bay and in the central veal today, the "spare the air" day and oakland and san jose have the wrist air quality but it is not is bad as this time yesterday. stay tuned. i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, a picture of berkeley on drive along i.r.s. 80 -- along i-80 with the drive in albany to the maze it will take you six minutes. we have a brand new crash
6:27 am
through the caldecott tunnel and a big-rig fire on 880 through deck and more on that to come when we continue. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. you are look looking at san francisco international airport where planes are coming in and hopefully not too many problems. a good day to my in bay area. thanks pore joining us. i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen with traffic and mike has the weather which has been unseasonably warm. >> it peaks today with another chance of records especially to the south. live doppler hd shows no need for the umbrella today. hopefully by friday next week we will get some wet weather. from sutro tower, the next 12 hours, 30's and 40's and 50's through 7:00 and most of us are in the 60's throughout mid-morning to mid-afternoon and back in the 50's. very calm. and mild. temperatures have been warm and traffic is heating up. >> it is. we are seeing citizens and the
6:31 am
first accident is going to be in oakland but first we have a look at walnut creek and that drive is looking busy as you head to highway 24 in the eastbound direction. that is where we have an accident involving a big rig. the embarcardero you saw traffic there and it is moved in but in the distance you can see the bay bridge the western span has traffic running smoothly interest san francisco. at 6:31 in the news, bart police are reviewing surveillance video hoping to catch a gunman who opened fire at a san lenadro bart station wounding a man. amy hollyfield is at the station. amy? we tell passengers and they are upset when they hear this otherwise they would not know. things are back did normal. you would never flow was a you have length attack in the parking lot where people are packing their cars this morning. it happened at 10 pock last --
6:32 am
10:30 last night. there were a group of people who got off the plane walking to the packing plot they got in an altercation and gunshots were fired. police are checking surveillace camera. passenger cannot believe it happened. >> i didn't know, oh no, i come each morning. it has been fine. in the morning. fine in the morning. i have not had a problem. i am shocked. it makes me uneasy. >> police closed off part of the parking lot during the investigation. some passenger could not get to their cars. everything back to normal and police say they have not made any arrests and they do not know
6:33 am
the motive behind the shooting and the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. they have not been able to -- have been able to stabilize him. he is critical but stable condition. we continue to follow breaking news in paris: 12 people are dead after mass gunmen opened fire in the offices of a french satire newspaper. the president of french is calling it "a terror attack," the dead include a journalist and police officers and five are in critical country attackers got away in two vehicles. the fresh publication has been targeted before for local -- lampooning prophet mohammed. >> investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire in vallejo that was a former auto repair shop. >> firefighters cut through the door at the former shop on broadway and found a pair juan
6:34 am
grow operation inside the four car garage with dozens of plants. officials say no one was inside the building when they got there. >> it appears to be growing situation, a massive operation. when we opened it up we started to knock it down and we transitioned to offensive operation. >> it took firefighters half a hour to put out the flames. asan mateo police are warning residents after a mountain lion sighting last night after a resident reported seeing a mountain lion jump over a fence into the creek bed behind their property. police did not locate the big cat and officials from fish and wildlife were notified. police are searching for a
6:35 am
criminal that underwent thousands in cosmetic procedures and skipped out on the bill. this is surveillance video of the patient before he got bow dioxin egyptians, fillers and laser resurfacing. san francisco plastic surgeon said that the man is about 40 years old and 6' tall with dark hair. he knew what he wanted done and said he would pay with cash. the cost of the services totaled $5,000 and when it was said and done the man appeared distracted on his cell phone and left. drivers in an unmanned underwater vehicle have found the tail of the missing airasia 8501. they spotted it yesterday in the java sea during a search and were able to get photographs of it. investigators are certainly interested because the tail is where the cockpit voice is kept. this is the first confirmed sighting of a significant piece of wreck average from the flight that disappeared december 28 with 162 on board.
6:36 am
40 bodies have been recovered. >> a man arrested on child pornography charges is facing new charges of impersonating a santa cruz police officer on facebook. the man wanted revenge for an early arrest. he created a fake facebook page in the name of the officer and distributed inappropriate terribles under that officer's name. >> in millbrae police are trying to track down a man wearing a burlap sack on his head who assaulted a jogger. the victim was running on monday morning and the man ran up behind her, grab her shorts and he ran off. >> if you rely on east bay mud for water the bill will not increase. a land is now on hold for pumping water from the sacramento river and charging users an extra 14 percent. rake height was scheduled if
6:37 am
this month and east bay mud gets. water from the river but officials have been firsts to look elsewhere because of drought. there could be emergency supply use next month. california is far short of the 20 percent goal set by governor brown last year. water use dropped by 9 percent last year in november of last year compared to the previous year. the bay area is doing a better jonathan southern california and we have cut our water use by 18 percent compares to 3 percent in los angeles and other southern california counties. a cliff side rescue caught on camera only on abc7 news we and we will go to pacifica to explain how authorities found the man in desperate need of help. >> think twice before you leg on, the trouble with inflight wi-fi that can cause you months
6:38 am
of headaches. >> and live pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza and the backup going on there, leyla gulen is following traffic average the bay area and machine machine will have our weather forecast after the commercial messages. now earn cash for your school year-round at safeway with just for u e box tops offers. simply enroll online at safeway dot com slash box tops and start earning! plus, now until january 20th buy five participating products and earn 20 e box tops with the just for u digital coupon, only at safeway! here's what's new at safeway from general mills! start the morning off right with these delicious big g cereals! or, try new yoplait greek two percent! grab a quick bite with nature valley and motts snacks! and enjoy a hearty meal with some new favorites. you'll find these and other general mills products on sale at safeway today!
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we will focus on san jose today on what to expect during average january segment.
6:41 am
58 and 41 is the average high and low going 61 and 43 so we warming. the second wettest month at over 3" and most is 10.25". 280 and 17 not so much hazy and this is a warmer spot, 11 warmer-than-average at 69. 72 today in monterey a gray -- great day to be this. 59 was the record high in lake tahoe yesterday. 57 today. the snow pack is dwindling is only 43 percent of where we shoulden. no chance to enhance the snow fall unless they make it because mother nature is bringing warmer-than-average weather and dry conditions through mike seven-day's seven-day forecast. >> no chains are requireed and no snow tires. >> an accident with possible injuries eastbound highway 24. it is at tunnel road as you
6:42 am
enter the caldecott tunnel against traffic you will find delays. it sounds like a sports car slid right under a big rig. as we slide over to 880 in the southbound direction another big rig issues here a tractor trailer fire which is out but the tractor trailer is stuck on the shoulder and when you get beyond the metering lights on the bay bridge we have a stall blocking the middle lanes. it is now 6:42. growing frustration at a major airport in the west and lost luggage and in answer for passengers. what is behind a delay in denver. >> first, stay in the know look at san mateo bridge with traffic westbound starting to get heavy and we will have weather and traffic through the entire commercial break.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 6:45. pacifica firefighters are relieved they were able to save a man who was screaming for help below on a beach. he was stuck at the bottom of a cliff. the rescue was an exclusive at 11 o'clock. our reporter, matt keller is here with new information from pacifica. we got an update. although the rescue was dramatic it appears that man is okay. police say he was treated and released at the scene. here is video of the dramatic rescue. police and firefighters rescuing the pan at look last night pulling him up in a rescue
6:46 am
basket. the woman who called 9-1-1 was often a walk in the neighborhood at 9:00 last night and she stopped to watch the waves. that is when she her a man screaming for help. she got out the flashlight but could not see anything and called 9-1-1. police arrived to find the man on the side of the cliff and they put him in the rescue basket and pulled him to safety. police say it does not appear he fell over the cliff but he was by the water and became trapped at high tide. if you are a 49ers fan you may not want to hear this but the bitter rival seattle, are the favorite to repeat as super bowl champions. the seahawks face 2-1 odds to claim another i trophy and they hold the top seed of nfc and opponents, patriots are 10-3 pick to win the super bowl and happen to be led by tom brady
6:47 am
who is from a local high school in san mateo. >> i had this discussion yesterday and those are the two tombs he picked. >> my son picked too. trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the early numbers with the dow reversing itself into positive territory and 133 points on the positive side to 17056. >> now the money. >> a million people could lose food 12567s because of the improving economy from the center on budget priorities urging congress to change a federal law limited how long someone can received if stamps when they are out of a job the most adults without children can only get food stamps for three months unless they are working our attending a job training program for at least 20 hours a week. >> you may want to think twice
6:48 am
before you purchase wi-fi on the airplane. the inflight wi-fi service blocks youtube and can read your e-mail. they trick your computer into evening thissing it is google and that helps it block the popular video streaming service and it gives them the ability to senate your searches and read your mail. >> if you have had crew luggage last or delayed you hey want to be able to travelers in denver. passengers fly united had denver have been dealing with hours long delays for luggage because of a new contractor that hired last month to handle bugs for 250 regional flights durings ds of cities. the contractor flames the trouble on the holiday travel rush. both say now the holiday rush is ending it should be back to normal. bay the way we say "hours," but there are reports of people
6:49 am
weighing three days. three days. three days for their luggage. >> extreme weather is still going on back east... how can you not plan for that? >> things like this happen so often. >> it comes down to money. >> citrus -- it is frustrating. >> the "spare the air" ban is up against for the 6th consecutive day but we have only exceeded standards once in 12 days so it is working. >> we started the morning with three-quarters of a mile visibility and now up to 6 and the tule fog is limited and not is hazy in the east bay valley. the air is cleaner this morning. we have mid-to-upper 30's at bart in dublin/pleasanton and lafayette. 42 at pittsburg. 41 in union city. mid-40's in fremont and hayward
6:50 am
and san lenadro and sfo and upper 40's in oakland and daly city and 50 in san francisco and 57 in el the flow of the sun from the bay area. it looks cool. poor air quality. absolutely. warmth peaks today. cooler air tomorrow. chip are air comes in toward the weekend. a chance of rain that is light next week. 72 today which would be a record. 78 yesterday in santa cruz tying a record. 71 in leg leg and upper 60's for the rest of the south bay. we are 68 in los altos and 65 in millbrae and the warmest spots today is 71 in mel -- check out bodega bay, 68 degrees a warm spot to the north and a lot of mid-to-upper 60's through the vietnam and 69 in cloverdale
6:51 am
which is the warmest spot and mid-to-upper 60's through the east bay shore line with 67 in castro valley and low-to-mid 60's inland east bay neighborhoods but for pleasanton at 67. tonight, we will have upper 30's to low 40's and mid-to-upper 40's and down to 50 in san francisco. high pressure has been hanging around and status question so status quo as far as our poor air quality which today you can see four out of our five regions could have it and fingers crossed we get cleaner air on saturday and sunday when the temperatures are 10- or 15-degrees cooler where they should be. leyla gulen? s with three action at your drive through san rafael southbound 101 you can see how slow it is it is barely bumming and we have flashing lights in the far left hand lane and the
6:52 am
flashing lits manufactured to the right if not completely off of the freeway so we have all lanes re-opened possibly caltran and removing debris and it could be a stalled vehicle that needed assistance and it appears it caused quite the jam and track is slowly moving through. in oakland we have a car and a big rig with a problem before the caldecott tunnel so you will find delays. the grand new accident southbound 680 near 101 in san jose it is blocking one lane and right now most of the traffic is con infewed to 101 up to the them its. >> we back with seven things to know before you go but first looking atom toll plaza a lot lot of traffic with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break so you do not
6:53 am
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shop here are seven things to though before you go: protecting news from san lenadro. bart police hope surveillance video helps to identify at least one purpose who shot a map in the parking lot of the station after 10:00, and the victim is treated if a serious gunshot wound. a breaking news, 12 people are dead after a shooting at the
6:55 am
headquarters of a french satirical newspaper in paris and is caused a terror attack. the gunman got away in two vehicles. >> breaking news in pack can, police are investigating a fatal crash on skyline boulevard. a car was on fire before 4:00 a.m. and one person is believed to be inside. skyline boulevard is closed right new. this morning police are sending for a man who last a san francisco's doctor's office without paying for thousands in cosmetic procedures including bow dioxin egyptians. when the procedures were done the man appeared distracted on the cell phone and left. president obama picked san francisco's former top cop for a new post and is now working for the department of homeland security. she will be assistant secretary serving as a liaison with law enforcement agencies. she is the first female police chief in 2004 and retired in
6:56 am
2009. check out the breezes and the clean are air this morning compared to yesterday with more record highs possible. if you are on the ferry ride they are gutting to around 30 miles per hour on the water. low secretary inland most of us in the mid-60 to nearly seven. a tough commute through the north pay because of an early incident with flashing lights south of san pay tremendous to the righthand side and the traffic is bumper-to-bumper traffic and remember the golden gate bridge will shut down saturday at midnight through monday at 4:00 a.m. for median installations. >> good to have you back, leyla gulen. we will be back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic.
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good morning, america. and breaking right now, deadly terror attack breaking right now for our viewers out west. a deadly shooting rampage at a magazine in paris. the worst attack there in 20 years. the gunman escaping the scene. latest details coming in. also happening now, bone-rattling cold blanketing more than half the country. windchills up to 45 below. icy roads dangerous. flame retardants on the train tracks to keep them from freezing. the freeze as far south as florida. our extreme team tracking it all. new this morning, speaking out. reports this morning the television wife of bill cosby finally coming forward. what phylicia rash


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