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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 8, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
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story, right? >> stephanie went to the bathroom and noticed the toilet
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water was a little higher than normal. she used the plunger and looked back in and she saw the head of -- she saw a snake. she ran to her desk screaming. animal control came in and pulled out the snake. it was over five feet long. >> i'm shivering. this is just horrible. it was taken to a facility where it bit a handler. it bit a handler. if the snake isn't claimed by tomorrow, it will go to a rescue group. >> so they are sure this was somebody's. this wasn't just running around in the wild. that's somebody's snake. >> it didn't come up like -- wasn't there an anaconda movie? >> i don't think they came up through toilets. >> okay. >> but another reason to use the great sound effects. coming up, the best movies from the last year. rotten tomatoes are here with their pick. a stand-up comedian is not laughing about an attack on stage. the assault with a baseball bat. we'll tell you who came to the rescue. a little later, a baby gorilla rejected by her mother.
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bill cosby got a standing ovation last night in canada. his first show since many of those sex abuse claims surfaced. protesters were outside the show with signs reading "rape is no joke." and cosby's tv wife phylicia rashad is speaking out in his defense. she tells abc's linsey davis that she believes the allegations are part of a campaign to ruin cosby's legacy. a stand-up act at a club outside seattle came to a standstill when a man charged the stage swinging a baseball bat. >> the comedian never saw it coming and has a skull fracture.
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joe moreno from komo in seattle has the story. >> reporter: as a stand-up comic, bill has faced tough crowds before. he also knows how to handle hecklers. >> hecklers can't faze me. i got hit with a baseball bat. >> reporter: he was getting ready to introduce the next comedian to the stage. >> i was getting the next mike stand. >> reporter: a man ran up with a baseball bat and came up swinging for avila's head. two blows connecting knocking him to the floor. >> we were shocked because that's just something that doesn't happen on a comedy shade. >> reporter: some shielded avila, the rest worked to take down the attacker. that man tried out a stand-up routine a few weeks ago trying to be jesus christ. but the bit bombed. >> it was offensive on every level. i don't get offended easily. i don't set a lot of rules. people say a lot of offensive things. >> reporter: avila says each
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week the man pushed the same routine so he banned him from the show. whether that's the motive for the attack is unclear. >> a heckler here and there is one thing. this was something completely different. >> reporter: avila has three young children and knows how lucky he is not to suffer brain damage or worse. if nothing else, his trip to the hospital will give him some fresh material for a few laughs on stage. >> joe moreno from our station in seattle. tough to see, though. >> and that's what -- he's going to use this as material. and you know he will. this is what comics do. they push the envelope. you aren't a good comic if you haven't offended a lot of people. i can't wait to hear what joke he's going to make about this one. >> he's out of the hospital later today. >> they're doing a benefit for him as well. that's a tight-knit community, the comics out there. we're looking ahead to this weekend's golden globes. >> rotten tomatoes helps us pick who will win big. you're watching "world news now."
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tt2wút3nú&t bt@qez0 tt2wút3nú&t "a@quvt tt2wút3nú&t bm@qí]x tt4wút3nú&t " dztq 2ll tt4wút3nú&t " entq bh, tt4wút3nú&t " gzt& [ot tt4wút3nú&t " hnt& ka8 tt4wút3nú&t " iztq !(@ tt4wút3nú&t " jntq 3x tt4wút3nú&t " lzt& +5é ♪ first, major award show, the golden globes just days away. rotten tomatoes has already handed out some awards.
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editor in chief matt atchitee joins us with moire. let's get started with the golden tomato for the best wide release film. >> that goes to "boyhood." kind of an amazing cinematic achievement filmed over the course of 12 years. we see the actor, a young actor start out at about 6 years old. we see him literally become a man. it's a story of a boy who has his parents split up and his mom goes through succession of bad husbands. we see him learn who he is. it's a great, great movie. critics really love it. 98% on the tomato meters with 250 reviews at last count. critics really think this was a stunning achievement. >> what is it about this movie they love? >> not just the time it took to film it. there's this kind of -- almost a game tick was shot over 12 years. it's kind of the most amazing
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coming of age story. we really see this kid grow up and it tells a story that really i think, only cinema can tell being able to show someone grow up on screen. you see this young man become who he's going to be. >> and another golden tomato going to "selma." >> kind of a late addition to the awards race. and a lot of favorites, i think, for a lot of people. an amazing movie about the march and the events leading up to the march from selma to mobile. >> a lot of people passed on this. >> it was in development for a long time. great movie. 100% on the tomato meter with upwards of 70 reviews. really an amazing movie. not just one of those kind of eat your vegetables movie. a really excite enjoyable movie. >> your pick for best animated film? >> the lego movie. that's going to get love at
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oscar time. this great movie that who would have thought you could make a great movie out of legos. super fun and got a little dusty in the theater. >> you got teary eyed over a lego animated movie? >> wouldn't you? don't you have a heart? >> i may have to go see this now. let's talk about best reviewed comedy. >> "grand budapest hotel." probably his most stylized film. we see a lot of influence of his earlier animated films. great comedic per formance by ralph fiennes. opens up a new career path for him. critics love this one. very funny and enjoyable. >> what are your big surprises this year? one year there was "slumdog millionaire" was the big takeaway. >> this may not be a huge surprise. i think we'll see a golden globe for jennifer aniston this year.
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i think that's going to happen. you can kind of make predictions based on who they think is going to attend and we didn't see nominations for angelina jolie this year. i'm sure the hollywood foreign press doesn't want angelina jolie and jennifer aniston at the same show. >> i didn't know they put those things into calculation. >> i don't think that's totally off the radar. >> what would be a possible surprise movie that takes it away at the golden globes that we weren't expecting? >> that's a good question. "selma." "selma" might be a little bit of a surprise. hollywood foreign press likes to award the most glamorous movies. it's a good movie but doesn't hit the glam factor. that being said it's an amazing movie, one of the best movies of the year. >> rotten tomatoes editor in chief matt. thanks for joining us.
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stay with us for more from "world news now."
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call the number on your screen now. ♪ finally this half hour, a baby looking for a home. a little baby gorilla whose biological mother failed to act maternally after a risky surgery. >> first in oklahoma city then cincinnati and now columbus. here's david muir with her story. >> reporter: meet comid pap the 4-month-old looking for a home. her mother rejected her. moved to cincinnati in a private
1:26 am
plane wrapped in this blanket to feel as if she was being held by another gorilla. she's now being brought to the columbus zoo. it's a delicate task getting mothers to embrace baby gorillas. a collapsed lung pneumonia setting in. a week later a stunning turn around sucking her thumb, drinking from her bottle, even getting burped. the biggest test of all, meeting her mother. they carry the baby outdoors. the baby looking in mom looking out. but holding the baby would come next. cameras capturing the moment they put that baby into the cage. from the surveillance camera the moth approaches the baby reaching out to her, cradling her. >> she immediately went up to the baby picked it up and held it. >> reporter: zookeepers in
1:27 am
columbus now hoping for the same thing. the task more challenging because the baby is an orphan hoping for a mother to embrace her. nine human caretakers taking shifts around the clock. placed in a cage next to her potential new family. one hand reaching out to another between the bars. a 4-month-old waiting for a family. david muir, abc news new york. >> the columbus zoo says they've done this 14 times and four of the gorillas have come from other zoos. >> they know what's they are doing. this is amazing to see what the process is you have to go through to find a home for -- >> look at her reaching out. so sweet. >> we will certainly keep you posted here about little camina. >> follow us an facebook at
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[bell chime] ting this morning on "world news now" -- terror in paris. the deadliest attack in france in decades and the major developments overnight. >> clearly an execution. they knew the men they were hunting. >> this horrifying bloodshed in a newspaper office. what may have inspired the attack and concerns here in the u.s. dangerous conditions. the icy roads, deadly pile-ups and life-threatening subzero windchills keeping 1 million american children out of school today. defending bill cosby. as more women accuse cosby of sexual assault, his sitcom wife speaks out. >> this was the first time i was hearing anything like that. >> her jaw-dropping comments in a growing scandal. it's an abc news exclusive on this thursday, january 8th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. we start with the brazen terror attack in paris sending shockwaves around the world. >> a widespread manhunt is under way for these two brothers accused of brutally killing 12 people and wounding 11 at a french satirical newspaper that often mocked islam. the editor and two police officers among the dead. a third suspect just 18 years old has surrendered to police. >> meanwhile, spontaneous rallies are being held in cities as far as new york and san francisco. thousands gathering to condemn the shooting rampage. some carrying banners saying "we are not afraid." abc's terry moran is in france where it's a national day of mourning. >> reporter: in the streets of paris, terrorists wearing ski masks and carrying automatic weapons firing a hail of bullets. the deadliest attack france has
1:32 am
seen in decades unfolding here at the offices of "charlie hebdo," a satirical newspaper about a mile from the notre dame cathedral. the attackers pulling up around 11:30 a.m. opening fire on two doormen killing one. inside they find corrine rey and her daughter. they force them to give them the security codes and enter. the masked men walking into an editorial meeting gunning down the editor stephane charbonnier and then nine others. >> they called their name and shot them. and they were shot in the head. there was not a riot. it was clearly an execution. >> reporter: five minutes later, the gunmen racing out shooting at police and shouting --
1:33 am
all allahu akbar, god is great. and according to witnesses, we avenge the prophet muhammad. they shoot and wound one policeman and then running towards him, they execute him on the ground. sprinting to their car, they speed off. in their wake, a chaotic scene. the wounded on stretchers. neighbors shocked something like this could happen here. an anti-terror operation. heavily armed police surrounding an apartment building in a city 80 miles from paris. as night fell on paris, thousands gathering holding signs, "not afraid" and this -- "je suis charlie," "i am charlie." this is a city in shock, but no question about it, a city determined to fight back. terry moran, abc news, paris. president obama has called the paris attack cowardly and evil. the white house released this photo of the president speaking with french president francois hollande from air force one expressing solidarity and offering condolences and assistance with finding the suspects. the president held talks about
1:34 am
the shooting with vice president biden and secretary of state john kerry. the terror attacks bring to mind the recent deadly attacks like the one in canada and australia. this was not a lone wolf operation clearly. a carefully executed plan and cause for great concern. more from abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: the recent attacks in canada, in australia, were carried out by people who appeared to be inspired by isis online but didn't really know much about it. the so-called lone wolves who were likely mentally disturbed and looking for a cause. but these men seemed homegrown and far more hard core, more determined to terrorize and kill as many as possible. this is exactly the kind of attack authorities fear most in the u.s. terrorists who may have traveled out of the country to get trained and then return, or those connected to a larger group, a larger cause where they can get weapons and support within their own country. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. here in new york, the police department has beefed up
1:35 am
security around the french consulate in response to the paris attack. but there won't be a noticeable change across much of the city. officials say that's because new york already has an extensive security and counter terrorism presence in place. meanwhile our coverage of the terror attack in paris does not end here. we'll update the investigation in our next half hour. another developing story, the urgent search for black boxes of airasia 8501. they are located in the plane's tail section which is lying upside down on the floor of the java sea off indonesia. the challenge is to figure out how to remove them. the information on the flight data recorders will go a long way toward revealing why the plane went down. the wreckage on the sea floor is six miles from where the jet disappeared from radar. investigators in ohio are investigating a deadly police officer involved shooting at the columbus airport. it started when a man tried to buy a ticket using a fake i.d.
1:36 am
then he lunged at officers with a knife. he was armed with multiple knives and had suspicious items in his car. three people killed and 30 injured in a huge interstate pile-up in western pennsylvania. state police say nine cars and nine tractor-trailers collided during the whiteout on interstate 80. the coroner described the crash scene as carnage and metal everywhere. the sudden whiteout had visibility to virtual zero. and a whiteout is blamed in a pile-up in michigan. more than 40 vehicles involved in that chain-reaction collision in heavy snow. several drivers blame the accident on two tractor trailers trying to pass slower traffic on snow-covered roads. eight people were hospitalized. most with minor injuries. the bitter cold across the nation is forcing a million students to stay home from school today. the closures stretch from the upper midwest into new england and down to the south. the actual temperature yesterday in wausau, wisconsin, minus 12
1:37 am
degrees. accuweather's justin povick has an update now on today's snowfall and hazardous conditions. >> good morning reena and t.j. thanks. the snow lightening up throughout portions of the northeast. here comes the resurgence of more snow. we're going to stay very, very cold. thankfully winds lightening up a bit. not a lot of travel delays along interstate 95. one, two three, it's just the snow with our next storm system that's primarily target inging in from upstate new york back into the state of maine. still slippery travel along portions of interstate 95. southeast cold all day long. there's the 32-degree line. that's by mid-afternoon. showers over southeastern florida and right into the upcoming weekend we stay cold across the country. in fact, icy travel possible to texas by saturday. reena and t.j., back to you. they expected to be business at usual as a courthouse in miami following a soggy situation with water.
1:38 am
it flowed into several courtrooms yesterday when an inmate in a holding cell somehow broke a fire sprinkler. hearings had to be moved to other rooms. the suspect who was facing burglary charges will now be charged with tampering with fire equipment. foie gras is now back on the menu thanks to a federal judge banning the sale of the delicacy. animal rights activists were upset over the production by force feeding the birds through tubes. yesterday's ruling clears the way for restaurants to continue selling foie gras it does not lift the ban on producing it. okay. with the super bowl right around the corner word has come that guacamole is good for your heart. researchers say eating an avocado a day lowered bad cholesterol and turkey tacos
1:39 am
with avocado for dipper. but they say watch out for the chips with guacamole. calories can add up quickly. >> avocado growers have an ad in the super bowl for the first time. >> they are so expensive. $1.99 each for an avocado? >> but you have to eat it with chips, don't you? >> that's where you get in trouble. cold temperatures out there in the east. they are a good thing, at least for fans of sweeter wine. >> vineyards in new york state say this week's frigid temperatures coincide with the peak season allowing them to take advantage of producing their so-called ice wine. >> if you have never heard of this before ice win is what you get when you allow the grapes used for regular wine to remain on the vine a few months longer to freeze. that allows the flavors to concentrate for a sweeter wine. the mix" coming your way next. legos like you've never seen them used before. >> and talented kids under so much pressure to be the best. now they are competing on
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reality tv. but where do you draw the line? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action.
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