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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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called s.w.a.t. to secure the perimeter. after two hours searching the suspect wasjected and gave -- was located and gave up and taken into custody. >> some were evacuated. police blocked east 5th and east 2nd. people who were home were asked to shelter in place and lock the doors and windows. red cross shelter was set up and all clear at 2:00 a.m. this morning with residents allowed back home. no word if a weapon was found. thank you. 4:30. overseas, spain is raising the terror alert level following the deadly attacks in paris and france is at the highest alert level after gunmen storming the offices of a satirical newspaper and opening fire killing 12 and wounding two police officers. investigators are trying to determine if the fatal shooting
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of a policewoman on the southern edge of paris could be linked to the attack yesterday. that shooter is still loose. a national manhunt is underway for two masked men who stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo" and opened fire. we have the latest from washington dc. >> at the white house, president obama condemned the attacks as "cowardly evil." the attack on the "charlie hebdo" newspaper was well landed and deliberately executed by mack gunmen with automatic life folks, the worst attack in decades learning 12 dead and 11 wounded. french authorities are hunting for the suspect. these two men seen here in a new "wanted," poster are brothers in their 30's and armed. the third suspect 18 years
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surrendered to police. "charlie hebdo" was a target for lampooning the prophet mohammed in sketches. it was fire bombed in 2011 after publishing cartoons of the prophet. this time, the gunmen ambushed an editorial meeting and called victims by name. >> it was clearly an execution. >> they were shooting at police and they shouted "god is great." witnesses say "we avenged the prophet mohammed." >> this morning is the start of a national day of mourning in france with 150,000 people already beginning the vigils for the victims. >> just ordinary heroes fighting to have an oppress. >> in washington, new york, and san francisco mourners paid tribute. >> they claim they avenge the prophet mohammed and i say they offended the prophet today.
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>> the united states has been quick to offer intelligence sharing what could be critical information with the french. kristen? we have learned the f.b.i. and homeland security officials are landing to hold a special news conference and a conference call today with police across the nation to discuss the terror attack. >> some police departments are increasing security around the french consulates in the united states including in san 4jqk3% "i am clear," hundreds gathered chanting "i am charlie," and singing the french national anthem many french citizens condemning the deadly attack against the satirical newspaper, "charlie hebdo" in paris holding signs, french plans and pens symbolizing the
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power of free speech. >> our thoughts are with the victims and pray to the image. this has been shared a million times in all languages posted by people around the globe. we will have continuing coverage of the attack in paris on air and online at our reporting continues at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. happening tonight a show and tell by san lenadro police to persuade critics who worry what they see as the militarization of police departments. police are holding a community meeting to show off an armored medivac vehicle like this one. the city tried to my one for $200,000 in the fall but community members objected. the city council postponed the decision until a community meeting could be held. the city says the vehicle would be used to protect s.w.a.t. officers and emergency workers in hostage or other dangerous situations. officials say the vehicle would
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not have weapons attached. the medivac vehicle is on display from 5:00 to 6:00 tonight on east 14th and then a community meeting. >> we could know this afternoon if dreams of a bay area oh olympics are still alive. the committee is meeting in denver and is expected to decide with united states city bids on the 2024 summer games. an announcement is expected at 3:00 our time. the bay area surgeon against los angeles, post, and washington, dc. >> they will announce and i am grateful the olympic committee will make a bid to bring back the olympics to the united states. i want it in the united states and certainly in the bay area. >> the mayor and oakland mayor schaaf made a last call to the united states olympic committee yesterday boosting their pitch with talk of a new stadium that would be built in oakland to hold track and field events. a final decision by the olympic
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committee is expected in 2017. a 25-year-old woman is arrested in connection with the arson at house made fame out in the mrs. doubtfire movie. the woman was arrested in san jose yesterday morning facing arson and attempted murder charges. the current homeowner is a plastic sun would specializes in gender reassignment procedures and told police welch was disgruntled former patient. >> the san francisco map is back in court tomorrow to answer to an added hate crime charge in the stabbing of a transgender woman. the 54-year-old jones is accused of stabbing 24-year-old samantha palsy and jones pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and assault. jones harassed the victim and a friend repeatedly causing the pair offensive names. when they got off the bus jones stabbed her several times and is held on $2 million bail.
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13 former united airline flight attendants are filing a whistleblower come payment because they were fired because of security conditions and they want their jobs back refuting to fly out of the sfo after seeing this drawing script belled on the boeing 747 bound for hong kong last july. someone wrote "bye bye," and the flight attendants said they would only work if united replaced the vandalized jet and mechanics found nothing suspicious and the airline fired the flight attendants. >> we are less than two days away from the closing of the golden gate bridge to install a movable median barrier. >> this is the bridge right now that will close for 52 hours over the week from 12:00 a.m. on saturday until 4:00 a.m. monday morning and trains will operate the machinery that moves the barrier to accommodate the
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morning and evening commute. bridge officials will not re-open the span until 4:00 a.m. on monday even if it is done early. the time will be used for training and the barrier is intended to prevent head-on collisions. >> parking lots including the overlook will be closed starting at 8:00 p.m. on friday night. roads leading to the bridge will be closed this weekend in marin county and highway 101 closed at the marin and sausalito access with no northbound accident in sausalito. in san francisco, there are two closings: one at doyle and marina boulevard and the other at lake street. >> the sidewalk close to the bay is open to previouses and the motorcyclists but the west side is closed. you can get waze app from smartphone and join the abc7 news group. leyla gulen will give us alternates but, now
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meteorologist mike nicco it is feeling like ground hog day? >> seven days in a row under a "spare the air" alert with no burning of wood. low-to-mid 50's across the golden gate bridge at 54. downtown is 52 and financial district is 51. temperatures are up as we expected thanks to the cloud cover with no 30's and a lot of low-to-mid 40's and saratoga at 48 and belmont is 52 and pacifica is 53. sutro tower is fought lacking to hazy as yesterday and our worst quality is in vallejo on this 13th "spare the air" day. for the afternoon hours we will be partly sunny not so warm, with bad air mostly low-to-mid 60's and moving forward we have a wind shift late today that will bring us cleaner air tomorrow and possibly a "spare the air" day but i hope the bay area air quality management district will maybe not issue a "spare the air" for tomorrow but it is on the books.
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partly sunny to partly cloudy and temperatures in the low 60's closer to where we should be. we are starting off in dublin with a crash involving overturned big rig westbound on 580 up to foothill boulevard we have two lanes taken away with injuries involved. it flipped and we have two lanes blocked and we are seeing delays away from 680 if you are traveling between pleasanton and livermore you could find slowing and no word when this is going to clear up. right now between your drive tracy to dublin is not too much, 26 minutes and along highway 4th drive is at top speeds from antioch to concord and southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. score one for the little guy who designed a unique logo for oakland claims victory over a
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marketing team with the same idea. >> man versus rock, a set back for a almost climber making history in yosemite. the bay bridge toll plaza is still light. we keep up weather and traffic through the commercial
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 4:43 on thursday morning. a gesture of good will on of behalf the oakland a's after we recorded on a t-shirt controversy. they will stop the sales of t-shirts with the same logo created by an oakland teen. the shirt of the team is on the left. 16-year-old ryan's logo is on the right promoting a positive image and the jerseysdamaged his brand by using the term
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"stoak," only for baseball and wants an apology. >> i tried to contact mlb to getness on the matter and i spent countless hours and my supporters did, too. eventually i gave up. >> you may notice that the is spelled differently at "stoak." >> a controversial tell casey is back on the men use of california restaurants. it was illegalo serve foie gras but it changed yesterday when the judge overturned te law. here are the details. >> we are going a classic preparation. >> to celebrate the ban on foie gras in california the chef created a four help course menu at san francisco's hotel each dish made with fattened duck
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liver. >> the state-imposed ban was effective in twelve it will after proponents argued that force-feeding geese and ducks is inhumane. >> it involves taking a duck and sticking a tube in her throat and filling her so much with grain the liver balloons to eight times the size. >> talking about cruelty... >> a federal district judge ruled that california's law cannot trump federal regulations that oversee the inspection and le of poultry. foie gras producers and los angeles restaurants claim the ban has cost them millns. >> it is a loss. decreasen business. >> it is up to the loser, the state, to determine wther they want to file an appeal and we encourage them to do that. >> if the state attorney general decides to defend the law, shell likely argue that california has the right to overridfederal law in order to protect animals.
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in san francisco for abc7 news. >> we have an update from yosemite's el capitan. >> this photo was posted on instagram yesterday. jorgensen wrote he ripped skin and tape from his fingers on the most difficult part of the mountain and is disappointed that he and the climbing partner have not made it yet but jorgensen said they will not ge up. they are using only a rope attached if they fall which has happened numers times. they began the climb 13 days ago and if they make it they will be the first ever to free chime the challenging wall which is smooth and vertical and unforgiving. >> when they are not claiming they are sleeping in tents dangling from the sid of cliff. >> thanks for joining us. >> i did crazy stuff but that is
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not one of them. >> would they chase tordoes with me? >> to each his own. >> that is scary. >> i will tell you would you not chase the tornadoes. >> it has been quiet with record highs and a light breeze with stagnant air and as far as any rain or adverse weather we have had the "spare the air" to deal with. live doppler hd shows light and blowing barely offshore. they have kept the fog away. the golden gate bridge is breezy. no fog. high clouds. record highs are over. the wind shifts late today. it will bring cooler weather tomorrow through the weekend. we have a chance of rain late next week. today, low-to-mid 60's from 60 in fairfield and antioch to 65 in san jose and livermore and fremont and oakland. 66 is the warm spot in morgan hill. tonight the clouds overtake us and milder than this morning. low 40's inland and most of us
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in the mid-40's to around 50 degrees. the setup looks different with high pressure moving off and losing the print so we have the high clouds rolling in from the disturbance to the south. it has n moisture. it is weak. it will hurl the high clouds today. look for the high clouds to drop and become mid-level clouds helping to diffuse the sunshine and credit -- create cooler conditions. the wind shift will take away the poor air quality but today the air quality management says it would not be a day to burn. friday is the last day through the weekend we will see it pulling back with the temperatures and cleaner air. low-to-mid 60's on saturday. low 60's on sunday. we will hang on to the low 60's monday and maybe low-to-mid 60's and a warming trend through the middle part of next week's the rain arrives friday into saturday. >> we have a new updade on the
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sig-alert westbound 580 at foothim boulevard where we have an overturned big rig and we have an update from c.h.p. saying 9 estimated time of re-opening a couple of the lanes is going to be between 7:45 and 8:45 so if you ae traveling from the central valley over the altamont pass coming influence -- through pleasanton, give yourself extra time. you will have heavier delays building pushing from dublin into castro valley. right now, we have 7:45 to 8:45 re-opening of two lanes. if you are traveling westbound 580, you will know you are going to see an overturned big rig. the san mateo bridge shows traffic light to the peninsula and if you want to take the dumbton it is a breeze at 65 miles per hour. we have an answer to the biggest tech mysteries of the
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year: when will apple watch be released? >> apple is ready to announce the launch date for the apple watch. >> the new device goes on sale in march in three models with starting price of $350. >> at&t customs ca really over their unused effect on january 25th. >> the new fitness tracker made debut at the consumer electronics show in la vegas. the smart socks monitor the wearer's movement and alert them when it is try to get a new pair of running shoes retailing for $200. >> these are smart socks. >> smart socks. $200 socks? come on. $10.
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ten bucks. >> a second he is driving down the street and next a bus driver is swerving to avoid a truck in his path and this video shows the horrible collision that does not begin to tell the story. wait until you see what happened to the driver. >> millions go to the doctor for headaches and it could be a wasted and expensive trip. >> abc7 news showing you n francisco and we will find out what is in store later today. it is a "spare the air" day but it could be ending.
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amazing video is used for bus drivers in albuquerque, new mexico. a pickup truck crashed into a bus after running a red light and moments later you can see the bus hop a car smashed into a highway sign.
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check this out from another angle, inside the bus the collision knocked the bus driver out of the his seat and he was not wearing his seatbelt. somehow he suffered only minor injuries with the driver in the truck. the bus was empty at time. >> the oakland zoo recycling christmas clear. a local lot donated left over christmas trees which are used for special treats for the animals. the small pines are snacks for the giraffes and zebras and camels, with good difficulties in the streets for baboons and otters to find in "smell and seek." and monkeys use them for swinging to copy their habitat. >> 4:54. mike has the forecast. we will zoom to livermore the "pick" city for what to
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expect during average january. i start at and warm to 59 and 40 by end of the month, the extremes are 18 and 77 and nearly 2.75" of rain and the most is 12.5" of rain. away the state we have above average temperatures mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley to monterey to san diego and low-to-mid 70's around los angeles and palm springs and another day into the future and another day without snow in the sierra but it will be back in the 50's by next week. >> you will not need the chains. berkeley has head heights pushing to the maze and it is looking light. we have sparse lights there as they make it in the westbound direction and the eastbound direction is not too much traffic. walnut creek 680 southbound, the tail lights push to highway 24 and looking clear northbound direction, we have construction there between treat and monument that will last until approximately 6 and we have a sig-alert westbound 580 at
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foothill boulevard two lanes are blocked with overturned big rig. a study reveals doctors could be mishandling patients complaining of headaches more than 12 million american are affected and $30 billion in health care costs. data of 9,000 of the patients in 1999 to suggestly costly mri's and 62 percent of the scans are inappropriate for headaches. a person from alameda county is one of nine who got measles after visiting disney between december 15 and december 20th much the parents are between eight months and 21 years six were not vaccinated. disney is our parent company. a report finding reading to your children groomed them to
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road more. a thousand children between 6 and 17 and they found 31 percent read books for fund. down from 37 percent four years ago. the study found reading allowed to children long after they learn to read for themselves correlated with a love of reading that will last through their lifetime. experts believe it is because they hear more complex words and stories and they may not otherwise tackle themselves. attention bart riders, the transit age has an important question: how do you feel about guys would take a seat on the train and spread out with their legs to ensure they have more room? the practice has a name "man-spreading," and new york city transit authority has started posting signs reading "dude, stop the spread please it is a space issue." san francisco muni will conduct a survey in the future to find out if a similar program could be needed here. we could leave out "dude," here you know?
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at 5 o'clock a project to speed up caltrain service will engreat for rider but drivers may not be happy. we will explain. >> we have latest developments in the paris terror attack and reaction from around the world. there is a moving tribute in the pay area to on dozens of victims. >> we leave you with abc7 news now and a look winding berkeley. stay tu ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now
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