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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. it is 5:00. on january 8. january 8. >> okay i am eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco is talking about another "spare the air" day, the same thing every day. >> we will look at what is on this is another "spare the air" day, so you is groundhog day. not so hazy contract east hills camera. the next 12 hours, it is milder at 38 to 55 and by noon we are 58 to 64 and low 60's at 4:00 and mid-50's this evening.
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the roads, leyla gulen? >> we have big problems through dublin, a sig-alert is westbound on 580 with a map for you in a moment but i take you to the north bay do look at san rafael. it is looking clear. at the golden gate bridge not fining any problems and the big closure this weekend we will keep you updated. at 5:02 people are in their homes after the search for a man police believe was armed forced evacuations in downtown san mateo. s.w.a.t. teams surround decembered an apartment complex at south fremont and 3rd looking for one of two men suspected of breaking into cars inside a nearby parking garage. suspects crashed their car while trying to escape and police captured one of them and the other ran into an apartment complex. officers found him and he surrendered. residents were allowed back in their homes at 2:30 this morning. a massive shrine is growing in front of a paris office after
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the terror attack that left 12 people dead. >> bells ringing out at the famed notre dame as people observed a moment silence two hours ago as france holds a "national day of mourning." authorities are searching for two armed men one believed to have highs with al-qaeda suspected in the attack in paris. they are identified as brothers their 30's the third suspect 18 surrendered to miss. investigators are trying to determine if the fatal shooting of a police woman could be linked. the shooter is still loose. our reporter. have a report from washington with the latest in the next half hour. >> bay area is showing sympathy to the victims of the french attack with hundreds holding a vigil at the french consulate in
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san francisco. amy hollyfield is at the consulate with more. it was quite a show of solidarity last night of the look at this touching video the crowd was so large it was originally planned to be on the sidewalk but they had to shut down the street at the french consulate because there were so many people. they had the traditional candles you would expect. they held up pens in tribute to the cartoonists gunned down. >> just sad. i cannot crib it. >> freedom of the press, tremendous dome -- freedom of expression. i care deeply about that. >> people hope that the newspaper will be reborn. those who are here from paris say it is hard to be far away from home during the tragedy but last night having the support in
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san francisco made it easier. journalists are standing united after the attack at san francisco's cartoon art museum satirical drawings lined the walls. the attacks are not a surprise some say. free speech supporters using their words as weapons. "charlie hebdo" is trending with messages of support from all around the world. >> our thoughts are with the victims victims and we have a # "charliehebdo" shared times. >> our reporting continues on twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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>> there was a possible chemical leak in pittsburg, workers thought butane was leaking and firefighters checked out the tanker and discovered the leaving material was oil and not butane which is highly flammable. all clear was at 8:00. health care workers will gather in gilroy on the future of a regional hospital after a rally outside a meeting at o'connor hospital in san jose. the two hospitals belong to the daughters of charity h care system and the nonprofit catholic hospital chain wants to sell four bay area facilities to prime health care for-profit company and union leaders fear they will reduce care for needy patients. the attorney general pamela harris, must sign off. >> caltrain hopes powering
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training with electricity will speed up the ride and that could delay the drivers at the railroad crossings. electric trains can speed up and slow down faster than the current fleet. this would allow caltrain to basketball ridership from 60,000 to 110,000 and that means running more trains would create severe delays for drivers at seven grade crossings along the line. spacex will launch a rocket carrying supplies for international space station on saturday after scrubbing the mission two days ago. that masks the latest delay for falcon 9 rockets and many eyes will focus on the return to earth that will land on a floating barge in the atlantic ocean rather than disintegrating when it re-enters the earth's atmosphere. if that works it could sharply lower the cot of future missions. spacex is a private contractor
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working with nasa with tell that -- with the tesla c.e.o. involved. >> you do not need to dress so warmly with a few 30's. they are the exception. in the north bay, petaluma is at 38 and santa rosa is 39, and low-to-mid 50's and calistoga at 48 and same in novato and mill valley and 47 in san rafael and bodega bay they are sleeping in 52 in san francisco is the warm spot and 50 in alameda and a lot of mid-to-upper 40's to cupertino and san jose at 46 and san ramon is a cool spot at 42. through the afternoon the clouds will get thicker and that will shade the sunshine and shave a too degrees off the temperatures at 61 to 66 and 59 to 65 inland and 59 to 66 at the coast. it is another "spare the air" day. as we look from the east bay
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hills you can see it is not so hazy as a couple of days ago and that is good sign that things are clearing and possibly another "spare the air" day tomorrow and through the weekend we will have high clouds sunshine, and low pressure 60's. now a check on the commute. >> we are starting on a tough note traveling through dublin, westbound 580 you will find an overturned big rig with two lanes taken away and the update from c.h.p. is the two lanes will re-open at 7:45 to 8:45 so expect heave delays. we are looking at 31 minutes influence the altamont pass from tracy and into dublin and then you have extra time tacked on to the commute from dublin to get into castro valley to 238 if you go up to 880. there is an alternate getting off at foothill boulevard and get back on at ede 680 southbound from walnut creek
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to dublin is 14 minutes. so far 680 is not affected. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains 23 minutes. you know the back to the future self lacing shoes? they are coming to a store near you in america's money report. >> saving for the future, a new study reveals how well a job we are doing. >> celebrity athletes join a wheelchair workout. we show you the glassy smooth bay and the bay bridge in the background.
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following daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all bay area. bill cosby was applauded by fans inside the canadian theater as angry protesters booed the comic legend outside and chanted at fans. >> he took the stage for the first time since november. 10 performances on the north american tour have been canceled in the wake of sexual assault allegations from more than 15 women. hours before the 77-year-old
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comic took the stage three more women came forward accusing him of drugging and assaulting them between 1981 and 1996. >> an audit fines millions in questionable spending by the agency that manages california courts. the audit of the office of the courts documents huge salaries by the directors, eight of the nine made more money than the governor questioning $40 million in spents audited over four years. california courts have faced courtroom closings and layoffs as thousands of employees have been let go. >> many families are still living on the edge although the economy is recovering. 62 percent of americans do not have enough money in their savings to pay for unexpected we expenses like a $500 car repair or a trip to the emergency room. many say they would cut back elsewhere, borrow from friends or use a credit card. the bright spot in the survey is budgeting. more than 80 percent have a
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household budget up from 60 percent two years ago. >> rebound on wall street after positive news on jobs. >> good morning topping america's money positive economic news at the united states felt around the world. >> stocks rebounded following the big gain for united states markets investors pleased with signs that more jobs were created last month than the month before. >> cadillac hopes of higher prices are fading poor sales forcing the luxury brand to slash prices of the option packages by up to $3,000. >> prices are effective immediately. >> nike is going to release a version of the sneakers worn by michael j -- michael j. fox. in word on what it will cost. bars are not included. >> what is the point, folks?
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that is a separate kick start project. >> all full speed ahead for tesla motors. a new estimate shows last month for the first time ever, tesla model s was the best selling electric car in the united states selling 3,500 units, which starts at over $70,000 beat out the me son and the volt and hopes to sell an s.u.v. later this year and a cheaper mass market electric car in two or three careers. >> young basketball players got the surprise of a lifetime yesterday with a visit from two members of the world famous harlem globetrotters. slick willy shah and bucket were trapped if wheelchairs to play in oakland at a middle school a mix of students and adults with disabilities and kids without disabilities.
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it was a surprise to the constitutes. there were two purposes. paint a different pictures of those who are disabled and to encourage those who are to take up a sport like basketball. the globe troters found it challenging to get around the court if a wheelchair. >> it was difficult because we are able to run and jump and being confined to a wheelchair it is great a different view. >> they will visit other schools in oakland and san jose while in town and perform for the general public tomorrow at s.a.t. center in san jose and on saturday at oracle in arena. >> they still have the skills don't they? >> always. whether they are sitting or standing. now a check on the weather forecast. what do we have? >> "spare the air" and another one so no wood burning but it is milder this morning so hopefully the heater is not running and no ice to scrape because this is in frost.
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look at yesterday, we talked about near record highs in richmond 70, and gilroy is 73 and contents field tied your record with 68. now, outside right now it is hazy in the north bay but the fog is not all that thicke and it is mainly in the central valley. you can see how quiet it is with winds blowing offshore at the ferry building with high clouds today and record highs are over. the wind will shift late this afternoon and that cooler onshore freeze along with the diffused sunshine because of the high clouds will drop our temperatures today and we are still along at a chance of rain next week and hopefully the door opens and there are a couple of storms behind it. we need to make up some rain deficits. low-to-mid 60 everywhere and further inland you are the cooler you are going to be and the closer you are to san jose and fremont and livermore and 6
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to morgan hill. santa cruz is down to 65 degrees tonight, the high clouds are thick enough to keep us in low 40's around santa rosa. milder than this morning. a couple of players on the map high pressure is retreating off to the east and that will on the door if this low and with the flow around the high clockwise counter-clockwise an the low, it will push the high clouds over the top of us as we head throughout the day today and tomorrow. unfortunately, it does not have any moisture. you can watch the clouds thicken and lower as we head throughout the day. san jose you are slated to have the poorest air quality today and again tomorrow and that with be eight consecutive "spare the air" days and over the week the wind shift and cooler air and dry air and temperatures are back closer to average by sunday and monday with low 60's and we will see a warming trend on tuesday and wednesday and
5:20 am
low-to-mid 60's before the next chance of rain next week. have a good one. >> we are taking you back to dublin with two lanes taken away westbound a 80 at foothill boulevard where we have an overturned big rig and worry starting to see more traffic building. folks are headed out to the roads to get to work. the sig-alert because of the overturned big rig is around between 7:45 and 8:45 so expect to see an increase in traffic as each minute problems. you can see more red as you make the drive out of pleasanton to 680 and there is a way to get around this if irtraveling along 580 you can take dublin canyon to eden canyon to get on a 80. traveling between pass into dublin it will fake 49 minutes. that is the golden gate bridge where traffic is running smoothly and i want to take a look at the bay bridge toll
5:21 am
plaza where if things are moving along fine, empty so far and i will let you know when the metering lights turn on. >> thank you. straight ahead, seven things to know use start your day. >> hollywood at the vatican with a meet between the pope and one of the power couples. the unique campaign to find homes for hard luck hounds. >> as you get in gear check out weather and traffic through our use now with traffic building at the toll plaza but no wait. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! ...guaranteed!
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a second suspect was caught earlier. >> a moment of silence was held in paris for the 12 people killed in the terror attack at the office of a satirical newspaper. a manhunt is underway for two suspects. trench media report that the two men robbed a service station and were last seen heading back toward paris. three, hundreds of people gathered outside the friend consulate in san francisco last night chanting "i am charlie," in french condemning the attack holding candles and flowers and pens to symbolize free speech. >> the bay area could find out this afternoon if we remain in the running for hosting the summer olympics in 2024. the committee will decide which american city will bid on the game phasing competition from los angeles, washington dc, and boston. >> newlyweds to dallas are upset after wal-mart refused to aren't their engagement go to. the pert shows the couple posing with a groom's shotgun and
5:25 am
wal-mart said the store policy is ought to print photos with weapons in them and it would promote "gang culture." number since, waking up to cleaner air this morning but it is our 7th "spare the air" day if a row and right now vallejo and oakland have the poorest air quality and we could have one more before the cooler and cleaner air arrives. number seven, the san mateo bridge shows traffic running heightly there but it is a challenging early commute from dublin to castro valley because of an overturned big rig blocking two lanes in the commute direction westbound. i will tell you how long it will take you to head into castro valley. >> san francisco building is red tagged after a car crashed through the wall. look at this video. a car crashed into the restaurant on california and larkin after a crash involving
5:26 am
two vehicles. the white mini cooper and toyota truck. >> campaign underway in oakland to find homes for hard luck hounds. oakland animal services has launch add campaign to find come pan beyonds for 12 dogs at the shelter longer than two months. here are pictures of the dogs that need homes. the shelter will waive adoption fees for qualify homes and will provide a pet food express make year including a new collar and leash and dog bed. animal services is located at 1101on 29th avenue. >> angelina and brad pitt will meet with the pope traveling to the vatican this month to meet with pope francis as part of a v.i.p. meet and greets with the pontiff. joely and pitt consider themselves nonreligious but admire the pope. jolie was criticized for making the prisoner of war in
5:27 am
"unbroken," a man of universal faith when the real life character is a christian. >> they have common interests in charity work and helping people around the world. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including gearing up for the golden gate bridge closing with surrounding streets you will want to avoid and way to navigate your alternate route. >> here is a look at the embarcadero in san francisco hardly any traffic to speak of and it is clear with another "spare the air" day for don't wait
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5:30 am
gulen and meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. live doppler hd shows light and variable winds again this morning. our 13th "spare the air" day of the winter season. no wood burning through midnight. the next 12 hours we are waking up milder mostly in the 40's to low 50's and upper 50's to mid-60's by noon and increasing clouds keep our temperatures out of record range with low-to-mid 60's this afternoon. enjoy the mild mid-50's in the evening. >> pretty tame. how is the traffic? >> not too tame. we have veto of this sig-alert. that is a look at walnut creek but here is video of the overturned big rig in dublin/pleasanton westbound 580, the big rig was hauling beer. beer. it overturned at foothill boulevard. right now we have two lanes shut down causing delays. the re-opening is not until later this morning. expect to tack on a few extra minutes.
5:31 am
>> what is the saying...crying over spilled beer? oops, that is milk. >> in san mateo residents can return home after police capture the second of two armed burglary suspects. the tense police action led to a shelter-in-place order for hours. our reporter is here with that story. matt? police captured the man but not before scary moments for people in the san mateo neighbor. police got a call at 7:30 from a person say they witnessed a car burglary and the witness description led police to stop a vehicle on 4th avenue. the pursuit took place, the car crashed and the passenger was arrested and the driver ran off toward an apartment complex on south fremont street. police believed he was armed and concerned he could end up heighting in an apartment. >> that is a concern when they flee toward a complex and that was one of the reasons the media perimeter was set up and s.w.a.t. was called in.
5:32 am
here is video of the suspect in handcuffs after he was spotted in the bushes by police at midnight. earlier police set up the perimeter and blocked off the area and people were asked to lock the doors and witnesses and shelter if place with the suspect's cars towed to the police station. officers will sent it. this is in word on weapons being found. thanks matt. french media is reporting that the two men suspected in yesterday's terror attack in pair less that left 12 dead have been spotted after robbing a service station in northern france. a national manhunt is underway for the two men believed brothers who stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo" and opened fire. also investigators are trying to figure if the fatal shooting of a police woman on the southern edge could be linked to yesterday's attack and that
5:33 am
shooter is still on the run. we are in washington dc, with the latest. susan? good morning eric. at the white house, president obama condemns the attacks as "cowardly evil." the attack in paris on "charlie hebdo" was well landed and deliberately executed by masked gunmen with automatic rifles. the worst terror attack in france in decades leaving 12 dead 11 wounded. this morning, french authorities are on the hunted for suspects. the to men seen in a new poster are brothers in their 30's. the police say they are armed and dangerous. the third and youngest suspect, 18 years old surrendered to police last night. >> the french publication was a target before for lampooning the prophet mohammed. it was fire bombed in 2011 after publishing car continues of the prophet. this time, the gunman am
5:34 am
ambushed an editorial meeting and called we people by name. they shouted "allahu akbar!" which is god is great and "we avenge prophet moment." the french president hollande said transwas hold a "national day of mourning," with 150,000 starting vigils for the victims. >> ordinary heroes fighting no the free press. >> in washington, dc, new york, and san francisco mourners pay tribute. >> they claim they avenge the prophet mohammed and i say they offended the prophet today. >> the united states has been quick to offer intelligence support sharing information that could be critical with the french. we have learned the f.b.i. and homeland security security officials are holding a special conference call with police
5:35 am
across the nation to discuss the terror attack and also, some believes are increasing security an the french consulates in the united states including the one in san francisco. the english translation "i am charlie," hundreds of people gathered outside the french consulate in san francisco last night chanting this and singing the french national anthem. many of them are french citizens offering their support for france and condemning the deadly attack against the satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo" this paris holding up signs, french flags and pens symbolizing free speech. >> our thought are with the victims and their family and created this image posted on face book. it has been share add million times in all languages posted by people around the globe. we will have continuing coverage of the attack in paris on air and on-line at
5:36 am
our reporting continues on twitter@abcnews. >> a show and tell by san lenadro police to persuade critics who worry about what they see as the grow militarization of police departments with a community meeting to show off an armored medivac vehicle similar to the one if this similar the city tried to buy one for $200,000 last fall but some community members objected and the city council postponed a decision until a community meeting could be hell. the city says the vehicle would be used to protect s.w.a.t. officers and emergency workers in hostage or other dangerous situations. officials say the vehicle would not have any weapons attached and the medivac vehicle is on display from 5:00 to 6:00 fm at the san lenadro community center on east 14th street followed by the community meeting at 6:00. >> we could know this afternoon if dreams of a bay area olympics are still alive.
5:37 am
the olympic committee is meeting in november and is expected to decide which united states city will bid on the 2024 summer games. an announcement is expected at 3:00 our time and the bay area is up against los angeles post, and washington dc. >> they will make an announcement. i am grateful that the united states olympic committee will make a bid to bring back the olympics to the united states. i want that in the united states, i certainly want it in the bay area. pair lee and oakland mayor schaaf made a last call to the united states olympic committee yesterday boosting their pitch with take of a new stadium that will be built in deck to hold track and kneeled events. a final decision by the olympic committee is expected in 2017. >> 25-year-old woman will appear in court this morning for the arson fire set at the house made famous in "mrs. doubtfire," movie arrested in san jose yesterday only. she faces arson and attempted murder charges.
5:38 am
the current owner of the home is a plastic surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment procedures. he told police that welch was a disgruntled former patient. >> we are a day and a half away from the closing of the golden gate bridge to help stall a movable median barrier. this is not a lot of traffic right now but the bridge will close down for 52 hours from midnight on friday in 4:00 am on monday. crews will be trained to operate the machinery that moves the barrier to accommodate the commute. they will now re-open the span until 4:00 a.m. on monday even in the installation work is done early. the median barrier is intended to help prevent head collisions. roads leading up to the prim will be closed this weekend in marin, highway 101 is closed at
5:39 am
marin city sausalito exit with no northbound accident from sausalito. in san francisco there are two closings at doyle and marina boulevard and the other at park presidio boulevard and lake. >> the east sidewalk close to the bay is open to previouses and bicyclist but the west side is closed. if you need hope get waze app and join the abc7 group. >> we will talk about your alternates alternates and how to get around but mike is here to talk about not being able to get away the "spare the air" alert. >> it is milder this morning even inland east bay neighborhood the cool spot is san ramon and around mount diabolo and the warm air is lurking for the afternoon highs. 53 in richmond and 50 at half moon bay and calistoga and june
5:40 am
at pinole and 40 at fairly and 45 at alameda and 46 in newark and 45 in cupertino and foster city and check out milpitas 57 degrees. look at the exploritorium the flag is barely unfurled but another offshore breeze means another "spare the air" day and it will be partly sunny with high clouds this afternoon and a few mid-clouds in the afternoon and low-to-upper 60's for all of our neighborhoods in the afternoon. not so hazy as it was this time yesterday and the day before. moving forward, a last "spare the air" day tomorrow ask low-to-mid 60's again and more low and mid-60 as the "spare the air"s are over and low 60's on mound but dry. >> three days of the forecast. leyla gulen? >> they are pushing back the estimated time of re-opening a sig-alert causing major problems in dublin as you travel along
5:41 am
westbound 580 where we have an overturned big rig hauling beer. that is where it flipped at foothill boulevard and now they are saying from now three or four hours to re-open. they may have to do a hard closing and you need to get on the roads sooner traveling through the san ramon valley or out of livermore and pleasanton. all the red can be seen building up at the dublin interchange and beyond the accident you should be home free. right now, between tracy into castro valley it will take you an hour and five minutes. if you are traveling westbound 580 you can get off at dublin can wrong and back on it at eden canyon and that gets you on to 580. the golden gate bridge is going to see the full closing starting at midnight on saturday through monday at 4:00 a.m. and you can nize the bay bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge and it will be closed completely.
5:42 am
it is just about 5:42. score one for the little guy a teen would designed a neat logo promoting oakland claims victory. map versus a wall of rock a set back in a local climb are try willing to make history in yosemite. >> a look outside at the san francisco international airport and it could be cloudy. we will check on the delays because the weather is bad back east as the morning news bulldog:
5:43 am
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:45. a gesture of good well on behalf of the oakland a's half we recorded on a t-shirt logo controversy involving the team. the team will stop sales of shirts t-shirts featuring the same logo created by an teen. he says that his shirts promote a positive image of oakland and the jersey damaged his brand by using "stoak," only used for bail. >> i tried to contact mlb to getness on the matter and i
5:46 am
spent countless hours and some of my supporters did, too. i gave up. >> the problem is he did not trademark the logo but says a quick internet seven would turn up his brand. >> foie gras is no longer illegal in the state after a ruling was overturned saying it enkemped on federal domain. animal rights activisted claim the process is inhumane to make foie gras. the producers if los angeles are suing the state claiming that ban has cost them millions. >> there is a loss, for sure saw a decrease in business. >> it is up to the loser the state, to determine whether they will file an appeal to the circuit court and we encourage that. foie gras is made by force-feeding birds for the purpose of enlarging police
5:47 am
officers following a series of reports showing undercover video of birds being force-fed at central valley farms. >> update now from yosemite's el capitan of kevin said he ripped skin from his fingers and happened and is disappointed he and his climbing partner have nod mate it yet but they will not give up. >> they are attempting to free climb the market using only their happeneds and feet with a rope only if case though fall which has happened numerous times. they began 13 days ago and if they make it they will be the first, ever, to free climb the challenging wall which is vertical granite. >> they looked at the trust when they started 13 days ago and hopefully it will stay calm. >> they have been lucky with this stretch of weather but it will change next week more than
5:48 am
this week for them and the rest of us dealing with report highs yesterday in the 70's and oakland and in richmond. in contrast to the east panic is setting in because it is cold it is 12 in atlanta. that is nearly a record which is six. they are still away from setting that and wind chill in detroit chicago, cleveland 20 to 25 degrees below zero and it feels like two below zero in philadelphia and now in new york and washington dc it feels like around zero. at home we have haze. no real fog pus of the high nog and keeping us mild and the haze is down. walnut creek you can see looking well southbound along 680. high clouds today. record highs are over. the win shifts this afternoon and that willbly cooler weather as we head through tomorrow and the weekend. the cool air is because of high clouds and we have a chance of
5:49 am
rain still, late, next week. today, low-to-mid 60's above average again and no record high temperatures. when you are inland, fairfield and antioch and morgan hill, 66 and 65 at santa cruz and san jose and fremont and livermore and oakland. the thicker clouds keep us milder than this morning and a few low 40's in santa rosa and san ramon valley and everyone else is in the mid-40's to around 50 degrees. two main players with highs to the north and lows to the south the high is retreating and that is why we have the high clouds invade with this low coming up from the south. unfortunately, it is so weak it has no moisture so we will see the high clouds joined with mid-clouds this afternoon and the diffused sunshine is why we are going to be cooler. today, poorest air quality is santa clara valley and we look at slow and 280 and 17, tomorrow, possibly another
5:50 am
"spare the air" day but the last one. that would be 14 and eight consecutive days. the seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 60's tomorrow and low-to-mid 60's saturday and low 60 on sunday and monday for the coolest we will see a warming trend on tuesday and monday before the next storm next week. >> the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge and traffic is stopped as it tries to move interest san francisco. you may want to consider taking mass transit if you your travels take you out of livermore the altamont pass 45 bart trains on time all because of this to avoid, westbound 580 at foothill boulevard with a sig-alert in place causing big backups. we have video shot a little while ago and that is a big rig and it is dearing spilled beer so there could be a reason to cry over spilled beer because it really is taking on a lot of time to the commute. westbound 580 there are ways to
5:51 am
get around this two lanes are remaining closed and this will last until 10:00 this o and c.h.p. keeps updating this because it is going to take longer than what is expected. two lanes are shut down after the big rig filmed on to its side with injuries involved. the way to get around westbound along 580 is to get off and that will take you to dublin canyon. right now it is in excess of one hour from tracy to castro valley. coming up boaters stranded in shows and there is little that the rescuers can do to help. >> a second he is drive down the street and then a bus driver is swerving to avoid a truck in his path and this involve the terrible collision doesn't tell the entire story wait until you see what happened to the driver. >> if you are one of months who go to the doctor for headaches, it could be a wasted and
5:52 am
expensive trip. >> from the rooftop camera of the embarcadero, it is baren right now. we will keep you updated on weather and traffic through the commercial break. discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside.
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some use maying video is a train tool for bus drivers in albuquerque, new mexico, after a pickup returned a red light and smashes into a bus, and the collision knocks the driver out
5:55 am
of the seat and through the front windshield. he was not wearing a seatbelt but he suffered only minor injuries along with the truck driver. fortunately, the bus was empty at time. >> chose call. now a check on the forecast. mike? >> we will start with livermore our pick city for what to expect during an average january. we start with a low of 38 and warm to 40 and we start with a high of 55 and warm to vine. we have been as cold as 18 and as warm as 77 and nearly 2.75" of rain an average but we have had the greatest amount as 12.5". not so warm across the state mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley and monterey and eureka and san diego and low-to-mid 60's around los angeles and 59 in yosemite and the snow, only 43 percent of average as we hurricane at the seven-day forecast it will not get better any time soon. we are void of snow through next
5:56 am
wednesday. no chains are required on 80, 88 or 50. the golden gate bridge shows it is shutting down starting friday night into saturday so if you have plans to go into san francisco or the north bay for friday night make sure you cross the bridge before the clock strikes midnight. if you are going to be headed there this morning, it looks like it is clear but the closing will last until monday nor median installation. 80 and 880 and 280 all moving along at top speed. a new study reveals doctors could be pass handling patients with headaches more than 12 million americans and $30 billion in health care costs. researchers at harvard looked at data on 9,000 of the patients from 1999 to 2000 finding doctors ignore guidelines by suggesting costly m.r.i. and ct
5:57 am
scans. 62 percent of scans inappropriate for headaches. >> muni has an important question to ask: how do you feel about guys would take a seat on the bus and train and spread out especially with their legs to ensure that they have more room? the practice has a name "man-spreading." new york city transit authority has posted signs reading "dude stop the spreading, please it is a space issue." san francisco will study if a similar program is needed here. >> women can spread their stuff out, too, their bags and put up their feet so it is everyone. >> next at 6:00 "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" to explain with travel clubs do not necessarily deliver. >> solving an age old problem that is hurting your kids how technology could be the answer to get rid of the overloaded
5:58 am
backpacks. bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic backing up. you can keep tabs through the entire commercial break where abc7 news now. nature valley crunchy
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a manhunt in san mateo forces homeowners out overnight and what police say two men did to put them on their trail. >> betters stranded if san jose and rescuers are waiting for something to break free. >> a moment silence in france as the country mourns in the wake of a terror attack with new developments as the search if the begin man continues -- gunman continues. a lost news to get to ask a lot of traffic news and weather. thanks for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco has another "spare the air" day. >> fire a


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