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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 9, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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danica patrick: for the millions living with copd breathing becomes a struggle. copd is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. you may have heard of it as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. over time, you feel like you're breathing through a straw. it's the 4th leading cause of death in the u.s. and it took my grandmother. if you're over 35 and have ever smoked, you could be at risk. the good news is you can improve your symptoms. i'm danica patrick and i drive4copd. join the movement at take our screening questionnaire today, and talk to your doctor. . >> police say it will save
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lives. many people can't see past its military might. >> tonight heated meeting in san leandro on the city new armored ambulance and why some think if used it will just escalate already dangerous situation dangerous situationed dangerous situations. >> there is no doubt the armored vehicle will protect people inside but the question is do local police really need it. >> 7 news reporter is live in sap leandro with the story. alan? >> pb 100 people attended the meeting here tonight. community concern is directly related to the national debate over police and the excessive use of force. law enforcements here says it has to be ready for an active shooter situation but opponent say armored vehicle will only escalate tension. >> more resources available faster transport people out of this area where the threat is still there. >> if approved this armored truck would be the only dual purpose medevac and swat vehicle in northern california.
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>> keep me up at night is the school shootings that take place. >> at special san lee andro city council meetings city council meetings. >> many here see the vehicle with gun port and turret as threat. >> this kind of a device is used forest ka las vegas. people see it coming and don't decide to suddenly give up but get aggrevated and became more ration nature. you can't fool us. rescue on the side of an armored personnel carrier doesn't make it any less of a military vehicle. san jose berkeley rejected armored police vehicles because of public out cry. this vehicle would be bought with a 200,000 dollar homeland security grant. it would be shared with fremont and alameda fire and now only needs the approval of
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san leandro city council scheduled to vote on it some time in february. in san leandro, abc 7 news. >> new details are emerging on the suspect wanted for the mass shooting at this magazine that dared to take on radical islam. police force of thousands mobilize to track down the two gunmen and france's worst terror attack in decade. lana has the latest. >> massive man hunt is under way in france. police searching for the 2 men seen on this get away tape. >> the brothers here suspect entered the terrorist attack that took the lives of 12 people at charlie satirical newspaper in paris. new details are emerging about the link to radical islam. brother known to counterterrorism officials they were on the u.s. no fly list. >> very many respects they mirror the tsarnaev brother from his the boston pwromtion
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bombs. >> they tried to join al qaeda in iraq. authorities are looking into reports that one of the brothers visited yemen in 2011. >> these are orphan lacking for family and want to belong to something and feel like they need revenge. >> in paris the sparkle dim in the city of lights. but france vow to fight on. sfechb in their grief mourners gather with pen in hand. former editor of him mourning his friends and challenging the press and public to be brave. >> here in the united states this attack has reverb rated. the president went to the french embassy and signed a book of condolence on social media the phrase everyone standing together has gone viral. this is abc news. >> and look at this. the cover of the new yorker january 19 issue shows the eiffel tower top with a pencil. tribute to charlie and freedom of speech
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satire. >> we'll have continue >> we'll have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and on line on our web site. reporting continues now on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> ping detected from the black box of the air asia plane that crashed natural java sale. ping heard short time ago raising hope the data recorder will be recovered. divers now trying to raise the tail section of the plane but officials worry the recorder may have come loose. 162 people were on board the flight that crashed on december 28 only 44 bodies have been recovered. >> man was hit by car and killed in san jose this evening killed in san jose this evening. happened just after 6 on monterey road. man identity age not released. driver remained at the scene and is cooperate with police. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be a factor. >> fire that smoldered for hours in san jose is now out. we were over the burning pile of junk at this metal recycling
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plant. started after 3 when nearby transformer blew. busy vac ate as precaution but no one hurt. >> more hazy day ahead. live look from the roof cam in san francisco. sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. we have some changes on live doppler 7hd in the form of more cloud cover. look for yourself. we are even starting to see few returns. i'll just widen out a little bit here and you take a look here really the last couple of hours and i loop it you will notice the cloud cover coming in. potential for maybe atmosphere moisture engine up a little bit not more than sprinkle coming very soon. this afternoon from sutro camera you see how hazy the sky were his. combination of the pollution and the high clouds are air quality will tip to suffer from our exploratorium camera look to go san francisco camera look to go san francisco. poor air quality for santa clara valley in the north bay tomorrow. that continues for the santa clara valley on saturday. we do get
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some improvement in the air sunday and monday. jan is typically one of the wet east months second half of the month live up to that aisle let you know coming right up. >> thank you sand can track the hazy weather any time with the 7 news weather app. you can get fright from the app store or google play. we also have more information on our web site slash app. >> mean spirited crime haunting south bay church just days before christmas thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments and sound equipment. that's not all. replaceable and sacred church property gone too. all of it taken from the church in saratoga. 7 news reporter is there live tonight. lisa? >> this all happened the sunday before christmas. thought is that the thieves broke in and pried open the side doors then got inside. since then the church has upped the security system but the loss is huge.
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>>reporter: miss parks can really belt it out. members of west hope presbyterian church have been struggling to hear songs and sermons since just before christmas. that's when thieves broke in. >> everything was just gone. >>reporter: thieves stole a drum set. microphone. equalizer and mixers. worst of all the church 50-year-old l golden brass communion set was also taken. >> really l kind of prooit price leads artifact. christmas is a season of giving love and all those things then to have somebody steal just before it crazy to me. >>reporter: it was a last minute mad dash to piece meal equipment together for christmas eve service but it wasn't the same. >> that was very sad. discuss made me i actually cried during made me i actually cried durings service. my gosh we are trying to get everything up and running. >>reporter: things not much better. stolen equipment alone ks 10,000 dollars which can't
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be replaced easily. the musical director is trying to stay positive. >> who would steal from a church and all could i hope is that they were so desperate they needed it much more than we did. >>reporter: investigators have very few ladies. in saratoga lisa abc 7 news. >> scientist from the marin mammal center examine a sperm whale that washed up at the lagoon at point reyes today. we over the scene as onlookers tried to help the whale because pigmy sperm whale are very rare scientist want to bring it in to examine it. >> 2 people arrested in drug bust this morning in contra costa county. 10 pounds of marijuana various other drugs and 2 guns were seized during a search at home on park rain circle in antioch. 23-year-old patrick west and 25-year-old cedar west arrested. it was part of anti-violence support team in conjunction with police and the sheriff's department. we have reaction tonight to senator boxer decision not to
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seek a fifth term. >> if her leaving will be a great loss to the congress of the united states. people of california and to our country. >>reporter: long time friend pelosi is one of many talking about how much respect they have for boxer. she made her nouns in the meantime an interview with her eldest grandson posted on you tube. >> i want to come home. i want to come home to the state that i love so much california. >>reporter: boxer says she announced her decision now to give whoever her successor is time to prepare. >> that is one of the reasons i am announce thanksgiving early. to give everyone a shot everyone a chance. >>reporter: pwoshtion is not retiring. 74-year-old says she wants to work with other politicians on issues she has championed. >> who will take boxer place in the sen sat in on the democratic side lieutenant governor newsom attorney general harris, state control general harris, state controller chung and former los angeles mayor antone why have been mentioned. for republican
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name include neal cash who ran unsuccessfully against governor brown and former secretary of state rice and congressman ice. now mythical strategist predict this race will be the most expense knife history. some say are saying 1 billion dollars may be spent depending on who runs. >> wow! >> listen to this. just bad manners or something worse? next on 7 news why muni is studying the phenomenon known as man spreading. >> plus a real life cliff hanger. trouble on the mountain but will the set back facing 2 el captain climbers keep them from making history. >> from bending the rule to enforcing them. new role for how to get away with murder
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>> what a scary scene for police officer in seattle. this just rae leased video show of says ambushed on new year's eve. they were investigating an unrelated domestic violence case when a gun man began
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firing on them. everyone took cover. no one was hurt. police still looking for the man who shot at them. bakersfield company recalling all of the granny smith and gala apple shipment after linked to listeria outbreak. the shipment come from this packing plant. fruit was included pre-package carmel apple link to the outbreak. 5 people have died including union-year-old woman from santa cruz county. 28 others gotten sick. >> 2 climbers attempting to make history by free climbing el captain in yosemite one is advancing and one is stuck. one inch close tort top and leading santa rosa jorgeen sen behind. he says the sharp rock has ripped the scene off his fingers forcing him to slow down. of the other higher on the granite wall. once he reaches a ledge he will stop and witness for the other. both climbers have been at it for 12 days and hundreds of
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spectators have showed up to watch the 2 daredevil claim the 3000 foot granite face using just their hands and feet. well. if you have never heard of man spreading brace yourself. it's a rude technique people use to stop people from sitting next to them. katie is live in san francisco with the story tonight. katie talk about if tacky. >>reporter: that's a good word dan. tacky. obviously i'm far too much of a lady to illustrate this for you but here's the deal. we rode the bus what kind of experience they have trying to jockey for seat on muni bus most people i talked with were pretty easy going riders if you will then a man who defended his gender and this alleged spread. the people are probably not always that plight on the bus but in this case we call it male
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bonding. >> we are beth comfortable. both man spreading. >>reporter: man spreading. you want find it in the dictionary. it's a term apparently coined in new york to describe men who sit on public transportation with their legs spread wide enough to take up more than one seat. >> i haven't come across the man spreading thing. >> vick soreia finds fellow riders to be quite plight. >> mostly i have people very nice give me a seat because i'm old. >>reporter: san francisco municipal transportation agency knows seats are at a premium with 700,000 riders served daily to that end it surhave i customers this year to find out which etiquette issues are of concern. >> the more we talk about the issues the more to get to the ride the riders and better for muni and public transit in san francisco. >> maybe it will top the list of complaints maybe it won't. ladies we are not entirely innocent. >> with packages i hate to say but a lot of women with. >>reporter: he's not the only
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person that tell us bag on seat are a problem. but back to men are a problem. but back to men. cut him some slack. >> i'll scoot in if somebody kochls in. but the idea that i'm preventing people from sitting down is somehow a nuisance is kind of ridiculous. >>reporter: if he's wrong riders you have got an educational campaign coming your way. in san francisco katie abc 7 news. >> jet blue encouraging better seat etiquette on flights. >> airline has posted over the top video on twitter ands facebook with title how not to take ap that. >> i keep my space. >> exactly. >> viola davis is one of hotel wad most demand actress right now. >> co-star in cyberthriller black hat and up for both zag and global award for tv how to get awhich were murder. >> comes to the character anna lee what can we expect here's george with the sister station in los angeles. >> i can't tell you that. i would have to kill you and i
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would be very sad for your family. >>reporter: on the set of how to get away with murder tight lid on story lines. viola davis happy to keep the show secret and thrilled at the rae response the drama series has been receiving since its september day beat. i'm the failed tv pilot queen because mostly the awed generals not responded to anything that i have done. you lie souch mean nothing to me. >>reporter: davis spent many years doing episode tv before her successful film career. there's one big difference now. >> listen when i was doing tv i wasn't doing tv with a 4-year-old and i was a little bit younger. but you know whether it's all good. because pi think of the alternative which is, you know, people who are struggling in the business but 95 percent who are not working who want to work who want to be able to show people their craft so i'm blessed. locate this guy. okay. you get discovered. you are dead
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meat. >>reporter: davis on the big screen later this month in black hat playing an fbi agent to track down cybercriminals. it was not if producers sent an expert to her house for some intense computer training. >> i just was terrified by the time he left but i think that once i got into the world i felt like can i go out? >>reporter: george for abc 7 news. all right it's still awfully mild but cooler today. >> dip in the temperature there >> dip in the temperature there. sandhya has the latest. >> we are stepping in the right direction and that is starting the cooling trend and then we are waiting for the rain. actually looking like we may switch over to the pattern next weekend. not this weekend. next weekend. live doppler 7hd showing you the cloud cover. few sprinkle l may show up as we head towards your wean. mile and a half visibility with
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fog in santa rosa foggy in napa concord 3 mile visibility and haze reducing advice nibility hay word and tomorrow morning tomorrow give yourself extra time to get to work orchids off to school because of the lower visibility might take you a little longer. temperatures rate now in the 40's and the 50's really mild because of the cloud cover. so we are not expecting it to get very cold tonight. east bay hills camera across the bay visibility is good from this vantage point. patchy fog high clouds in the morning. hazy sky into the weekend and we have a slate chance of sprinkles on sunday. counting those drops. not amount to whole lot. satellite picture showing awe couple of disturbance sending the cloud today. bringing us cool down that's all it was. temperatures dropped from 2 to continue degree this is afternoon. mostly 50's, 60's across the bay area. out of those 70's. main stormtrack is still aimed well to the north but things are going to be changing as the disturbance bump natural big ridge of high
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pressure provided us with the record warmth recently and dry pattern. ridge gives way 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning not giving way yet. a lot of cloud cover as we head towards the afternoon hours. clouds thin out a bit. we still have the haze around then as we head towards sunday perhaps some of the haze will get cleaned out a little bit. 5:00 a.m. sunday weak system startsd to move towards us not directly over us but may bring us slight chance of sprinkle or 2 going in the early afternoon. now here's what i really want to show. long range model towards january 17 18, saturday sunday 9 to continue days out. starting to look wet. and this is consistently showing wet for few days so let's hope this continues as we get closer and closer. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. temperatures in the low 40's to the low 50's in the low 40's to the low 50's. tomorrow afternoon a lot like today. hazy sky. 60 apartment i don't care. 64 oakland 63 santa rosa. palo alto san jose 62 degree ins santa cruz and 61 in half moon
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bay. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow is another spare the air day. eighth consecutive one 14th of the season. we are lacking at a little bit of a cool down saturday. maybe few sprinkles on sunday so we are like i said going in the right direction. dry with sunny streak next week. monday though we have a slight chance of maybe seeing a few showers in the north bay. that is still inconsistent wait and see but we are really waiting for that january 17, 18 time period now it's computer still looking wet. >> we are just a little more than 24 hours away from the big historic closure of the golden gate bridge. >> this is live look at the bridge right now. chp set up closure tomorrow night and 9:30 bridge expected to be completely shut down by 11:30. >> reopen monday morning at 4. crew installing new movable median barrier in effort to
1:32 am
prevent head on collision. >> in addition to the bridge also road closure beginning this weekend in marin county highway 101 closed at the marin city sausalito exit and no northbound access from alexander avenue in sausalito in. san francisco 2 closure one at doyle drive marina boulevard. like street is the other. >> visit us on line at our web site for details of closures and detours and information on public transit options. >> we also have if app to down load. navigate the detour. it's free from going el play and join the abc 7 news crew. >> it's the of wave. >> we have a lot to talk about sports coming up. >> larry here with all the details. >> roads are closed but i'm always open. so is 24-7 and so is chase and randall t.huge game tonight for stanford. that wasn't good? i thought it was -- clever as i
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>> good evening. wild game tonight stanford chance to go 3 and o in conference play first time in more than a decade. went to double over time against a reeling ucla squad. bruins came in on a losing streak trailed by 14 in the second half. chase and randall with 3 of the 32. ucla answer was 19-4 run. bryce making it rain. and getting the league 66-65 2 minutes left randall tie was free throw misses the second. to over time. 8 and a half seconds left bruins down 2. catch and shoot 3 t.76-75. bruins stanford have a time out. don't use it. attacking. randall. he's fouled. 2 free throw will win this game. make the first. misses the second again. this is a pack 12 best free throw shooter missed 3 tonight. ucla takes advantage in double over time tiny parker 2 handed rim attack and bruins end the losing streak 86-81 in
1:37 am
double over time. the he's canadians. all to boost the 3 ball. 5 of 8 from downtown at team high 17 and zag up 30. ferrari freshman for usf and love his name. hit the 3. but the only thing that went right gonzaga wins 88-57. 15 and 1. warriors will host the cavaliers tomorrow night minus lebron and curry will show off new sneakers. made by under armor featuring this foam that they say is to anatomically fit essential pressure points like the aching el. the shoe sell for 120 dollars. >> shark got schooled by the blue saturday night and thousands tonight would be different. or would
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it is so good all the time. >> saturday night the blue blasted shark in the tank 7-2. men in teal wept out da!da men in teal wept out da tonight in st. louis determined to make sure that would not happen again. and again lost 7-2.
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not happy. i like the intensity on this kid. get him in the sports department. promise a better effort. shark promise a better effort. sharks did. make it 4-2 blue. hat trick saturday night. to the showers early. history repeating itself. 7-2 blues. 18 finalist for the hall of fame announced tonight. riders tim brown make the list of finalist for the sixth straight year. 9 time pro bowler is fourth all time career reception finishing with 100. hailey made the list of finalist for a sixth consecutive year. won 5 superbowl. 100 and a half sack with nineers and cowboys newelected january 31 and rae minder college football ohio state and oregon play for the national championship this coming monday night january the 12th. connect off 5:30 p.m. california time on espn and also available on the watch espn app.
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