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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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martyrs. it is believes the brothers suspected of carrying out the wednesday terror attack have one hostage. a school is near. french officials say that the kouachis have spread to the safe evacuation of students. resident are instructed to "shelter in place. this is near the charles de gaulle airport and two runways are closed. authorities knowledge that both brothers were then to counterterrorism officials and on the united states "for fly," list and french officials have passed along intelligence that one visited yemen in 2011 and received training from al qaeda. attorney general holder will travel to paris to discuss the ongoing terror threat with french officials. we will have continuing coverage in the paris terror attack on air and online at and we will bring you any major developments as we
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learn about them. our reporting continues now on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. and airport and airline security could have beside up security measures as five were arrested in a gun smuggling separations involving passenger jets between atlanta and new york city. officials say the new measures could include stepping up airline employee screenings and random security checks and additional patrols in secure areas. as you heard leyla gulen mention bay area commuters brace for a weekend without the golden gate bridge. tonight at midnight the span will shut down for crews to install a barrier membership to previce president collections. we are at the bridge with what you can expect. 5078 this is a huge project and signs have been posted alerting drivers of the closure of the golden gate bridge closed half a dozen time but never this long. it shuts down this weekend start
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ing at 11:59 tonight until 4:00 am on monday. pedestrians and bicyclists will be allowed to cross but no cars. the california highway patrol will detour drivers at four exit points on the marin side, traffic is re-routed and southbound at the sausalito marin city exit. in san francisco traveling on lombard are turned to marina boulevard. those coming up 19 will turn on lake street. >> the big thing there is no pulling to the closure and saying but i have to do this. no. it is closed. the road is closed. can you not cross the bridge. don't try. >> the closing is for safety reasons. right now thin cone are the only thing that separate northbound and southbound traffic. there is little wiggle room. zipper truck are prosecute in to
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secure a concrete barrier that officials say could save lives and prevent accidents. this will also be road closings this weekend on routes leading to the bridge in marin 101 is closed at marin city and sausalito exit with no northbound access from alexandria avenue and in san francisco there are two closings at dole drive and marina and the other at park presidio boulevard and lake street. >> leyla gulen will have traffic alternatives through the morning. you can visit us at with details on closings and detours. we have a link to download the traffic app waz. which is free on apple app and google play. next month the san lenadro
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city council will vote whether to approve an armored truck for the police department. a heated meeting was held at the senior community center and police toll the city council the armored truck was the only duel purpose period advantage and s.w.a.t. vehicle in northern california that allows paramedics to help victims trapped in a crime sc [ inaudible ] >> cannot fool us. painting rescue on the side of an armored personally carrier doesn't make it any less of a military vehicle. >> cities like san jose and berkeley have rejected the armored police vehicle because of public outcry. $200,000 homeland security grant pays for the vehicle and fremont police and alameda fire would share it. >> a woman arrested in connection with arson at the house made famous in "mrs. doubtfire," will be arraigned. the prosecution charged the
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welch with felony charges including attempted murder and arson. the how many owner is a plastic surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment and said welch is a disgruntled former patient and is held on $2 million in jail. >> san jose police are investigating the fail accident -- a fatal accident that hit a pedestrian with the identity of the victim not released. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating. drugs and alcohol were not believed a factor. governor brown will unveil the 2015-2016 state budget. it is a whopping $113 billion. the recent history has shown a preference if putting money away for a rainy day in the remember fund being proactive in education and focusing on the environment and that will get plenty of attention in the budget. brown said he will put nearly $3
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billion in the budget remember. schools get $66 billion up 39 percent from four years ago. the governor is expected to society money aside for environmental measures such as the high-speed rail project. >> members of a south bay church hope 2015 starts better than 2014 ended. thieves stole tens of thousands of sound equipment days before christmas. our reporter has that story. ♪ rejoy ♪ ♪ rejoice ♪ >> she can really belt it out the members of the west hope friend church have been struggling to hear the song since before christmas weapon the -- when the thieves broke stealing microphones equalizers and mixers and a drum seat and the 50-year-old golden brass commune union society was taken.
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>> christmas is a season giving and love and to have someone steal just before it? that is crazy. >> a last help minute mad dash to put equipment together for christmas eve service but it wasn't the same. >> that was very sad. it made me cry during the service. my gosh we just trying to getting up and running. >> it has not gotten better. the stolen equipment alone cost $10,000 which cannot be replaced easy. the musical director is trying to stay positive. >> who would steel from a church? >> investigators have few leads. we have had a string of "spare the air" days and we will find out how many more days. >> today, possibly tomorrow and hopefully they do not change the 5-day forecast and add another day which they have done the last couple of days.
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that is what the forecast calls for and the conditions and they have to do it. 53 if you come cross the golden gate bridge and same in the ferry building headed downtown it is 54 and headed to the financial district 53. and temperatures are milder this morning, and richmond and san leandro and union city at 50 and belmont at 53 degrees and the rest of us in the money 40's like palo alto and santa clara and pittsburg and american canyon and walnut creek at 47. the cool spot is pleasanton at 44. our poorest air quality is over oakland right now as we look at the port from the east bay hills camera, it is more hazy than yesterday and as we head into afternoon hour, unhealthy air is possible and we will see decreasing clouds but it will be cooler than yesterday with upper 50's to low 60's and upper 50's to mid-60's inland and low-to-mid 60's around the bay. it is hazy in downtown san francisco as we head through the weekend this is a changes sunday
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we could wake up to drizzle and have sprinkles in the afternoon and hopefully that will bring us the clone air. >> we are starting off with a look at the golden gate bridge and in case you forget what it will look like, in a couple of days you are going to see it closed. looking you can see traffic right now is nice and clear with more problems. of course, it is going to be shut down and starting tonight at 11:2359 through monday morning at 4:00 a.m. and helpfully they can get thing open early. be prepared. you are not going to extra verse. you have heard c.h.p. they have warned. you can use richmond and san rafael bridge but it will be dogged down because they do take quite a few commuters each morning. stay in place at him and enjoy. >> over the altamont pass top speeds from tracy to dublin and drive time traffic, 24 minutes and highway 4 antioch to concord is 13 minutes 101 through the north bay at 16 minutes to get
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to san francisco. from nfl tackles to crime fighter, next the 49ers jonathan martin puts on game first to stop a suspected thief. >> plan president obama is laying out that can on the doors to college for millions more students. >> you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza still lit at this early hour traffic-wiz with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break.
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>> covering antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening today, president obama is set to lay out a plan to make community college free for american students. he teased preparal in the facebook video taken
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force one with free school for two years with on thing certain state. states pick up the rest and student could save $3,600 a area and the president will release more details of the proposal during a stop in tennessee today. the proposal is expected to face opposition from the new republican-controlled congress. >> now a story we mentioned yesterday o. san francisco transportation officials are tackling a concept many of us have never heard of until now. it is called "man-spreading," a technique some goes use to keep other transit riders from sitting next to them. katie marzullo has more. hello. people are probably not always that polite on the because but in this case we call it male bonding. >> we are comfortable. we are -- spreading. >> man-spreading is not in the decisionsary a term coined in new york to describe men who sit
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on public transportation with their legs spread wide enough to take up more than one seat. >> i have not come across man-spreading. >> it is none any. >> victoria finds the riders polite. >> mostly they give me a seat because i'm old. >> the agency notes seats are at a premium with 700,000 riders served each day. it will survey the cues terms to feign out which issues are of concern. >> the more we talk about the issues the better it is for muni and public transportation. >> maybe man-spreading will top the list, maybe not. ladies are not innocent. >> with packages and women with --. >> he is not the only person to say bags on the seat are a problem. back to men, luiz said cut them slack. >> i will scoot in if someone
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comes but the idea i am preventing someone from sitting down is ridiculous. >> if he is wrong riders, you have an educational campaign. coming your way. >> this is not a gender thing. >> it is already a gender thing. >> the 49ers' season could be over but a player is busy playing the position of crime stepper. >> that is offensive tackle jonathan martin who stopped a shoplifter and this is the picture of the suspected shoplifter on the floor yesterday in los angeles with the 6' 5 312 mar tip looking at him saying he saw the shop lifting and chased a suspect and punched him five to eight times and came to san francisco from miami last year after the scandal where teammates bullied him. my advice? if you see a 6' 5" tackle
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looking at you, put the items down. >> exactly. >> that is a way to resurrect your reputation being "soft." >> exactly. guess he is not soft anymore. good for him. >> hope the guy wasn't terribly hurt. even though: the he is a "suspected," thief. >> now the air has been kind of polluted. >> we will try to change that and hopefully by sunday we do that. we say that each morning but the conditions are under very fluid pattern where it is continuing to change from time to time and because of that the forecast could be different than what we talk about year. especially sunday in the form of sprinkles. we are looking into the clouds you can see the moisture not reaching the ground. we have light and variable wind which is why it is so hazy this morning. and foggy in spots.
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notice the clouds as we head through the afternoon, they will move off to the east and we will see increase in sunshine from southwest to northeast during the afternoon. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's and we will have a sprinkling upper 50's here and there and we will be 2-3 degrees cooler than yesterday. tonight we have a break from the clouds and temperatures are still very mild and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's possibly in the san ramon valley to santa rosa we could be in the low 40's and san francisco is the warm spot at 50 degrees. two areas of low-to-upper we talked about yesterday county one is scooting away and headed to mexico. this is what we are concerned with. it is putting the hid on the atmosphere. the form of the mid-level clouds not letting the sun warm the ground ask overturn the atmosphere so we will see pollution like yesterday tick up quickly in the morning hours. this will also fall apart but behind it there is another system that is coming in and
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with that, it brings a chance drizzle on sunday morning and sprinkles during the afternoon. that is why i am hoping in the bay area air quality management district hoping that temperature could be our last "spare the air" day with poor air quality mainly in the santa clara valley. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60 on saturday and we will be cooler on sunday with the wet weather even if it does not reach the ground weapon water evaporates it cools so upper 50's to nearly 60. we will have a chance of sprinkles in the north by on monday and dry on tuesday and wednesday and thursday and warmer. >> we will look at walnut creek and the drive is a breeze headed through pleasant hill to walnut creek to highway 24. we have construction though, in the northbound direction at 680, traveling between treat and monument boulevard watch out for crews and that will wrap up by 6:00.
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the san mateo bridge the commute is light headed to the peninsula so not too traffic and a few folks did take this entire week off. here is a hook at the rest of san jose you can see a wide picture of 101 with top speed along 10165 miles per hour near the san jose airport and taking 280 away are downtown san jose to cupertino it is 63 miles per hour drive and along highway 85 no delays. terrorism time traffic 680, walnut creek to dublin to 580 it is 15 minutes. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco, 49 minutes and the santa cruz mountains from highway one to los gatos 24 minutes. 2015 is shaking up to be a great year for apple itunes. >> here is the tech bytes. a new spin for apps, in january, consumers spent half a billion at apple app stores and which was done on new area's
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day, the single biggest sales day ever. >> video fans several popular titles will see new installments including guardians for xbox, and unchartered and "batman," available for both gaming platforms. the biggest buzz from the consumer electronics show is the so-called tesla of scooters electric spark support are entirely electric but needs no capping -- it uses a charging system. >> we node that in new york. have a good friday and a good weekend. >> a real life cliff hangar above the floor of yosemite valley with a set back facing the two el capitan climbers that could keep them from making history. >> an unusual haul who masked robbers made off with.
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>> on this friday morning at san francisco you can see the embarcardero is deserted right new but it could pick up later. we are watching traffic and weather and you can see it throughout the entire commercial break.
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los angeles police are trying to identify two robbers who stole boxes of nike air jordans. you can see from the surveillance video they were wearing ape masks. they pointed guns as the employee and ignored the cash but snatched the shoes which retail for away $200 each. a suspect left behind a gun on a chair and police hope to find fingerprints or other identifying information. >> two climbers attempting to make history by free climbing el captain have separated with one advancing and the other is
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stuck. caldwell is moving closer to the top and leaving jorgensen hype. the sharp rock has ripped the skin off his fingers. caldwell is higher and when he reaches a ledge he will stop and wait for jorgensen. hundreds of spectators are watching the two liking for 12 days. they using only their happeneds and feet. >> if they don't make it, there will always be a next attempt. mike? >> it is not going anywhere. >> no. no. no. good morning everyone, our pick city for what to expect in an average january napa 56 and 39 to start the month, and 60 and 40 so a little bit of warming and your extreme is 19 and 85 degrees 5" of rain and the greatest is a little over 15". a last low-to-mid 60's long the coast through the central valley
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and mid-to-upper 60's in san diego and los angeles and palm springs at 7 a and our dwindling snow pack is now only 41 percent of average and 17 percent where we go out to the going of april which is the snow season and we have a light mix sunday and monday and that is it. leyla gulen? we have 31 bart trains running on time right now and it look like mass transit is in go shape but i want to let you know that part is going to start a weekend maintenance police as the daly city station so that is going to include mechanical and electrical structural repairs and a lot of stuff is going to be on so i let you know more information about that and we will let you know what is happening on our bay area roads green conditions everywhere and we have construction northbound side of highway 242 between 680 and highway 4 you will find the lanes closed and that will last until 6:00. japanese automaker is
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teaming up with the research center in california to advance technology behind cell phone driving vehicles with the two announced a five year research and development partnership for systems that can go into cars that will enon the mass market. the executives say self driving cars could lead to better safety and low emission technology. they hope to introduce the technology to consumers in the next five years. >> bart spend $2.7 million to reconstruct and make sift improvements to the area outside the richmond station where buses and taxis and cars drop off and pick up riders. transit officials say the project will modernize the existing lock on the west side of the station including energy efficient lighting and drought resistant landscaping. scientists from sausalito will examine the body of a sperm whale that washed up neither point reyes. we were over the sketch as p lookers tried to help the whale,
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the biologists deemed it was dead. the that is correct park service rangers moved the whale so it would not wash to sea and will retrieve the body to learn more of the rare sperm whales. a lucky lottery player what but the a winning scratchless ticket in milpitas knew she won. >> good surprise. she showed up to claim what she thought was a $1,000 surprise. it turns out the winning scratch was worth $1 million. she is going to use the noun pay off her house help her kids and take a nice long vacation in hawaii. the store where she bought the ticket will get $5,000. congratulations. from terror attack to hostage stand off, next at 5:00 a.m. negotiations going on right now in a paris suburb between armed suspects and
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police. >> also, the manhunt underway in the east bay after shots were fired and someone was robbed in front of his own home. >> as we head to break we leave you with abc7 news and 80 through berkeley so far is friday l
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♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning. it is 5:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. we have major developments on the paris manhunt. but, first we will check on the weather and traffic. meteorologist mike


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