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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning. it is 5:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. we have major developments on the paris manhunt. but, first we will check on the weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco?
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we will look at live doppler hd and show you the difference between yesterday morning and this morning the moisture is coming from the south and that is not reaching the ground but it is keeping temperatures up this morning so enjoy mid-40's to low 50's. it is hazy out there and more fog because of humidity. 43 to 53. by noon we are 58 to 62. 58 to 64 with increasing sunshine and no worries at 53 to 55 other than the "spare the air" today. >> on the roads? this is the drive to berkeley along i-80 the headlights are pushing to the maze and it looks heavier than it did 30 minutes ago, but still, moving along at top speeds and the tolls are empty into san francisco. the golden gate bridge is going to shut down tonight and we will give you the details and how to get an it in a few minutes. at 5:01, right new french hostage negotiators are trying to talk to two suspects in the
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deadly attack on a satirical newspaper into reaching a hostage and giving themselves up holed up in a village at the airport. our reporter is at the airport. >> second stand off is taking place with another terrorist at a grocery store in paris. french media say the 26-year-old man is the same person would shot and killed a police woman in paris yesterday connected to the same terror cell responsible for wendesday's newspaper shoot ing. s.w.a.t. teams are moving into the area. this is the other stand off 15 miles away from that stand off. it is in a town northeast of we paris. hundreds of security forces back by plans have extremed into the town and it is believed the brothers suspected of the attack at "charlie hebdo" are holed up in a printing plant and have at least one hostage. a french official says they have spoken by phone with the
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kouachis and have agreed to safe evacuation of the students of a school and a lawmaker snowed the french commend post says the suspects want to die as martyrs and people are told to "shelter in place," and other schools are on lockdown near the charles gaulle airport. both kouachis were known to officials and on the united states "no-fly list," and one gunman visited yemen in 2011 and received training from al-qaeda. new developments are continuing and i will bring you more information in half an hour. matt, thank you. lights on the replica eiffel tower in las vegas went dark for six minutes at 8:00 last night to honor the victims of the "charlie hebdo" miscar. the casino posted video on twitter saying "it stamps with
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victims in mourning those last." >> we will bring you major developments. our reporting continues on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. as you heard, it is a big day starting tonight drivers trying to get back-and-forth between san francisco and marin county will have to take the long we away the golden gate bridge will shut down completely. we are at the bridge. good morning, eric. the california highway patrol will shut the bridge down at 11:59 tonight a minute before midnight. pests will -- besides will be able to cross but in cars. a manufacturable barrier is installed to separate northbound and southbound lanes. right now had of only small yellow cones giving drivers little wiggle room and for room
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for error. the bridge has been closed in the past but never this long. before midnight, do not be surprised if you are turned around. officers are re-routing drivers as preparation work is underway and make sure the bridge is clear. >> we are trying to get the word out to plan ahead and do not put yourself in a situation. we want to let people know, do not take it to the last minute. if you know it is shutting down at 11:30 do not be there at 11:29. >> parking lots for visitors are closed and traffic will detoured at fur exits. officials say the bear barrier could prevent deadly head on accidents. it will be the longest closure ever for the golden gate bridge and re-open on monday at 4:00 a.m. of course the bridge closing has an effect on a couple
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getting married tomorrow. the wedding is if san francisco and the honeymoon in sauce -- sausalito. friends and families have backed hotels and they will have to dry an hour or more out of their way to get to their hotel on their wedding night. >> this are closings this weekend on routes leading to the bridge if marin county highway 101 is close the at the marin city and sausalito exit with no northbound access in sausalito. in san francisco there are two closings one at doyle drive and marina and the other at park presidio boulevard and lake. >> leyla gulen will have traffic alternatives and visit us at for details on closings and information on public transit. we have a link to app which is free from app
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at apple app and google play. >> city officials will prespree google-funded electric shuttles to encourage people to get out of their cars and out alternate transportation. they run from 10:00 to 6:00 people on weekdays and noon to 8:00 on weekend ends and are tremendous to the public. they have bicycle racks and room for two wheelchairs. from richmond police are searching if a suspect who robbed and shot a man. it happened on south 41st street at 9:40 an hispanic victim if his 30's was packing in front of his house and an african-american man around 18-20 robbed and shot him with a small handgun. victim is in critical condition. police describe the suspect as 5' 10" with black jacket. >> five high school students are facing felony charge in santa rosa after being connected with
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alleged gang-related beating inside a school bathroom. a 14-year-old boy joked aboutening in a local street bang and students who were members confronted teen in the bathroom and one punch him in the pace and all eight students have been identified, five were arrested and booked on suspicion of felony battery with injury. developing news in the crash of airasia 8501 pings have been detected. plane went down in the java sea december 28. the pings raise hope the recorder will be recovered and give investigators clues of what happened. divers are trying to raise the plane but the recorders by have come lose. 162 were on the flight. only 44 bodies have been recovered. senator boxer's decision not to seek re-election to a 5th term provides a rare opening for
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ambitious california democratic would have been waiting to move up the legal ladder. california senator boxer a democrat, will not seek re-election to a new term next career. the 74-year-old boxer was elected in 1992 and is a staunch supporter of abortion rights and gun control and environmental protections. she announced the decision new to give her successor whoever that is time to prepare. would will take her place in the senate? on the democratic side, lt. governor, attorney general pamela harris state comptroller and former los angeles mayor have been mentioned and possible republicans including neel kashkari would ran unsuccessfully for governor against jerry brown and darryl issa and will be the most responsive in history it is predicted. >> temperatures have been warp.
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-- warm and the air not so good. >> the only thing changes is it is warmer in the morning because of the center moisture. we are in the mid-to-upper 40's through the san ramon valley and 50 at concord and 56 in lows tram pass. there is still warm air above the cooler nighttime air. we are at 51 in by mole and redwood city and newark and 53 in milpitas and foster city and we are at 47 in novato right now. what is going to happen through the day we will see an increase in sunshine, not total sunshine but, we will lose the higher clouds so it is cloudy and early and we will see a little bit more in the way of sunshine and that will keep our temperatures close to where we were yesterday which is 59 to 63 inland and 58 to 61 is the spread at the coast and warmest an the bay at 60 to 64. it is a "spare the air" day. from our roof camera you can see
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how quiet the weather is on the embarcadero, and nothing moving around. "spare the air" is possible tomorrow, number 15. sprinkles, yes after a chance of morning drizzle and a chance of rain across the north bay and it is light on monday. >> we start off in san jose seeing how it is moving along on 101 headed up to the san jose airport and you are not going to find delays if you are traveling southbound direction it is almost empty. the drive westbound highway 92 off the san mateo bridge at highway 101 you will find construction crews around until 6:00 this morning and slow for the concern zone. if you are headed along 101 in the morning and southbound direction through san mateo not going to find any delays. to the north, away from sfo into the city at the 280 extension you can see clear conditions at the curve and green and at top
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speed and at skyway nine minutes gets you from sfo to 3rd street. washington is slapping honda with a huge fine in america's money. >> the united states supreme court is down to business and the key case they will consider today. also the fate of a police officer who tweeted out lets to protesters with a key decision made by the prosecution. >> and here is the bay bridge with traffic lacking fine and warm are air this morning. stay on top of weather and traffic by watching your screen through the entire commercial
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covering fremont, palo alto, the north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> quite a scary scene for police officers in seattle. this video shows officers getting ambushed on new year's eve investigating an unrelated domestic violence case and a gunman started firing. everyone took cover. no one was hurt. police are still looking for the man. >> the supreme court get to being would on the first official business of 2015. on the dock set is same-sex marriage considering whether same-sex marriage couples have a constitutional right to marry no matter which state they live in. five states have petitioned the court to review this after
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judges uphell the bans. if the court decides to take up the issue a ruling will be announced by june. the santa clara district attorney will not file criminal charges against a san jose police officer positive made threatening tweets at police brutality protesters this is a tweet made by the officer last month "threat everyone me or my family and i will use my god given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you." the d.a. found the tweets were inappropriate but they were not targeted at a specific person they were not a criminal threat. the police department is conducting an internal investigation and officer white remains on leave. community group say they will keep up the pressure for the department to fire the 20-year veteran. two people face drug charms after a bust in contra costa 10,000 marijuana and other drugs and two guns were seized during the search at the home in antioch yesterday. police arrested the 23-year-old patrick west and 25-year-old cedric west part of anant
5:17 am
violence support effort team in conjunction with the miss and the sheriff deputy. >> macy's is making changes to meet demands of customers shopping online hiring 150 more workers to staff the on-line division in san francisco. 14 stores will close across the nation. macy's said staffing will stay the same because layoffs are offset by new jobs else >> always cries on wall street with the december jobs report is released. here is america's money. good morning. expect a big reaction from wall street to the all important december jobs report surging 323 points yesterday partly based on expectation of the economy continuing to improve. >> honda will pay $70 million government fine the largest silt -- civil rights penalty ever partly for failing to report 1,700 complaints causing death
5:18 am
or injury and the other for not reporting warranty claims. >> an oklahoma divorceee has cashed $974 million check. >> she refused to take the money from her ex-husband oil billionaire saying it wasn't enough but new there is word from the bank the check was presented for payment. >> it did not bounce? i am pretty sure if you write a check with that many numbers you should be clear it will clear. we are talking about how minuscule the amount she is fighting for more on top of what she would have got continue she just cashed but when you are that bitter... >> where's my check? >> sorry. who is getting divorced? >> as far as you know. >> they duke it out for the principle. i want that vase. no you don't. >> i have seen that movie "war of the roses." >> that was scary. >> but we still got married.
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>> take the $900 million check cash it and go home. >> or the new island you just bought. >> now crazy 8th consecutive "spare the air" day and a possible 9th tomorrow. we are waiting for mother mate to bring in the fan and clear us out but it hasn't been the case. we have a light offshore wind with tule fog working into the east bay and thenning for -- and then fog developing around 101 corridor but not san rafael. it is clear looking southbound on 101 headed to the golden gate bridge and that is fog free. we will reverse yesterday and start off with a lot of cloud cover and see increasing sunshine. but will not rid ourselves of the clouds but we will be brighter and still, cooler than yesterday by a degree or two and you will not notice. a chance of wet weather in the form of sprinkles and maybe light rain monday in the north bay and that is it. it will be sunny and warmer most
5:20 am
of next week. low-to-mid 60's in most neighbors and antioch around 61 is the cool spot and san francisco and a few areas like bodega bay could be around 59 and same around rent wood. as far as tonight, mid-to-upper 40's to most neighbors and 50 in san francisco and the cool spot is santa rosa and morning were hill at 42 degrees. if the heater did not run it should not run tonight. the area of low helps us with the high clouds the last couple of days and this is what will come in slide down to southern california and tap into moisture so if you are headed to southern california they have a chance of rain and this weak disturbance will keep us humid and because of that we could have drizzle on sunday or, a new sprinkles during the day on sunday and another system is coming in from the north a different system that could bring light rain. as far as our "spare the air"
5:21 am
day it is to the south again and that will have the poorest air quality and along with the north bay and possibly tomorrow the south bay again. the moderates look better than the poor air quality. the seven-day forecast shows upper 50's to let 60 on saturday and upper 50's to near 60 and cooler on sunday and with a chance of sprinkles on monday, low 60 and you can see the warmer weather into the low-to-mid 60's with increasing sunshine tuesday wednesday and thursday. we are starting off with a look at the golden gate bridge looking quite different on monday but right now it looks like the traffic is moving nicely coming in from the north pay into san francisco and we do have construction that will run this morning until further notice so construction of the construction as we head and the afternoon and evening. if you have not her the golden gate bridge is going to shut down starting tonight at 11:59 through monday at 4:00 a.m. that
5:22 am
is to install a median to replace the cones to divide traffic. you can use the waz. app to get around. you are advised to stay home. if you do not have to travel i suggest you don't. that is 80,000 travelers on the bridge on saturday or a sunday and that means extra traffic on richmond-san rafael bridge. do not expect to see light conditions. you can down the app by downloading apple app and google play and joining our group. >> straight ahead, then things to know. >> a new role for how to get away with murder star. >> as you get your day into gather, keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial break with abc7 news now looking at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is fairly
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it is 5:25 here seven things to know before you go. the breaking news outside paris. french s.w.a.t. teams are locked in a hostage stand off after surrounding two terror suspects wanted in the massacre at a french political magazine holed up in a building. they have told police they are prepared to die as martyrs. >> two richmond police searching for a man would robbed and shot another while parking his car in front of his home. the victim is in critical condition. police describe the man as between 18 and 20 and the suspect is 5' 10". 25-year-old woman arrested in connection with arson at the house made famous in "mrs. doubtfire," will be arraigned this afternoon. year, the prosecution charged welch with several felonies
5:26 am
including attempted murder and arson. >> four, governor brown will unveil the budget if the area which is for the books a record $113 billion reflecting the improved economy. the money boosts schools and pay doubt, however brown will not give anymore cash to the university of california. >> five the golden gate bridge will close tonight and not re-open until monday morning. the closing allows crews to install a barrier on the median and replacing the yellow plastic pipes. c.h.p. is encouraging drivers to avoid the area. six a look at walnut creek with the drive quiet in the southbound direction but we do have a couple of spots of construction in the northbound direction between treat boulevard and highway 4. seven we are waking up to milder and more humid conditions with the poorest air quality in oakland, another "spare the air" day and we will look at the fog and the possibility of sprinkles
5:27 am
on sunday and light rain on monday. thanks mine, at 5:27. davis is deservedly one of the most in demand actresses right now. the 49-year-old actress is up for two awards for tv how to get away with murder. >> he is keeping tightlipped on the story lines but did say that she is thrilled with the response that the drama series has received since the september debut. >> it is all good. i think of the alternative that is people who are struggling the 95 percent who want to work and who want to show people their craft. i am mess the. >> she will star on the big screen playing a tech savvy f.b.i. agent assembling a team experts to track down computer
5:28 am
criminals. >> we have 90 minutes of news including the brand but jobs report. >> plus, tensions arise over this one of a kind vehicle and an armored truck for police has people taking sides. >> a look outside the embarcadero if san francisco all is quiet and calm. ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:30. thanks for starting your day with us. leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco is here and we will start with mike in the weather.
5:31 am
another "spare the air" >> okay, folks, here is a look at visibility. hazy and fog out there and different and for this friday we will start withwhich hopefully will not have delays because it is just clouds and in fog. temperatures are starting in the 40's and nearly 50 and increasing sunshine and upper 50's to mid 60 and enjoy a quiet evening in the low-to-mid 50's. traffic wise how is it looking? >> light. things are looking nice to get us started and happy friday. the san rafael drive, 101 pushing in the southbound direction be tail lights up to 580 and it is cleared there and you get to the golden gate bridge again a breeze headed into san francisco but i have to say do not forget the bridge is going to closed for 52 hours and not re-opening until monday so
5:32 am
the alternate is the richmond and san rafael bridge that will be blogged down to stay at home is my advice. >> if possible. >> we have breaking news two stand offs in and around paris. a second stand off is taking place with another terrorist at a guessry store in paris. french media report two people are dead. they say this 26-year-old man is the same person would shot and killed the police woman in paris yesterday connected to the same cell responsible for wednesday's newspaper shooting. matt is in the newsroom with more on the drama. >> he was seen wearing a pull let -- bullet-proof vest. dogs were seen around the hostage site of the second stage situation and it is not condition firmed -- confirmed if
5:33 am
it is related to the hostage situation we have confirmation from the french media two people are dead in the second hostage situation. the other stand off is 15 miles away in a town northeast of paris and helicopters and hundreds of security forces backed by ambulances have. extrad to the town. french special forces could be soon on rooftops. it is believes the brothers suspected of carrying out the terror attack at "charlie hebdo" have one hostage. folks have spoken by phone with kouachis and a lawmaker at the post says the suspects say they want to die as martyrs. residents are instructed to shelter in place and schools are on lockdown including a high school where 900 people are trapped and two runways at charles de gaulle airport are closed. kosher restaurants closing as a result of second hostage
5:34 am
situation. back in half hand hour with another update. we will have continuing coverage of the theyor attack in paris and on-line and the aftermath of it at and we will bring you any major developments as we learn about then. our reporting continues on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. if the up, the government could beef up security measures for airport and airline lowees around the country. this comes after five people were arrested last month in a gun smuggling operation involving passenger jet between atlanta and new york city. the measures could include stepping up airline employee screenings and random security checks and additional patrols in security areas. >> the golden gate bridge is closed it cars this weekend for safety republicans. we have been telling you about there and authorities are trying to make sure this impacts traffic as legal -- little as
5:35 am
possible. >> there are closings tomorrow and will be shut down completely by 11:30. the signs though, say 11:59. it will re-open monday morning at 4:00. the bridge has never been closed this length type, 52 hours. crews are installing a new barrier to prevent head-on collisions. we will have detail on the closing and the detours and information on public transit options and a link to download the traffic app waz. to enough gate the detours which is free on apple app and google play. we would love to have you join the news group. >> next month a san lenadro city council will vote on whether to approve an armored truck. a meet was held at the senior community center.
5:36 am
police from the region toll the city council it would be the only duel purpose medivac and s.w.a.t. vehicle in northern california abouting paramedics to help victims trapped in a crime scene. >> you cannot fool us. painting rescue on the side of an armored personnel carrier doesn't make it any less of a military vehicle. >> cities like san jose and berkeley have rejected the arm mored vehicle because of public outcry. a $200 homeland security grant would pay for the vehicle and fremont police and alameda fire share it. >> this afternoon a 25-year-old woman arrested in connection with arson at the house made famous in "mrs. doubtfire," will be arraigned. year the press charged the woman with several physical any charge -- felony charges including murder and arson and the
5:37 am
homeowner is a plastic surgeon and told police welch was a disgruntled former patient held at san francisco county jail on $2 million pop. -- bond. >> had was a fail accident involving a pedestrian when a car hit a man on monterey identity. the identity is fought released of the victim. the driver is cooperating with miss. drugs and alcohol were not plaintiffed to be factors. >> governor brown will unveil the proposed 2015-2016 state budget. it is a $113 billion. the recent history has shown a preference for putting money away from the reserve fund and focusing on education and the environment which will get plenty of attention in the budget. brown has said he will put $3 billion into the budget research and schools will receive $66 billion and is expected to set
5:38 am
aside money for environmental measures such as the high-speed rail project. >> the latest jobs report was released minutes ago. the labor department announced unemployment rate if december has dropped to 5.6 percent from 5.8 percent in november. employers added 252,000 jobs last month. we will see how wall street reactions after the markets open if an hour. yesterday the dow jones industrial average rose more than 323 points. the unemployment report and now the price of oil drop could ball each other out. mike? temperatures in the north bay we are in the mid-to-upper 40's and san rafael at 51 degrees bodega is 55 indicative of what well find this morning as more humidity and the cloud cover keep the temperatures up. the 48s in lafayette and san ramon and brentwood at 49 and same in cupertino.
5:39 am
the low 50's around the bay shore and either side starting from san jose up to 54 in san francisco and 50 in what half. the temperatures are running anywhere from the same in half moon bay and a degree cooler in hayward which are not the trend for everyone else and 2-7 degrees warmer. you do not need the heavy coat. from our camera, it looks quiet on the character -- embarcadero. we will see pore -- more sunshine. it is another "spare the air" day. it is possible we could have another "spare the air" day tomorrow with hazy conditions in the morning like we have in crack correct. temperatures are in the upper 50's to low 60 and sprinkles and drizzle is possible on sunday with upper 50's to nearly 60 and a chance light rain across the north bay and monday, low 60. we have a new accident in public lynn westbound 580 involving a couple of vehicles. there are possible injuries.
5:40 am
an ambulance is called to the scene. we are looking at delays approaching the scene of the accident with a lane blocked so that will cause a battle neck and spectator slowing as you pass by to reach 680. as we take you to san francisco, southbound 280 at highway 101 we have a mattress if the lane and one lane is blocked and you can expect delays if you are headed to the road the next few minutes caltran is not there to remove it. drive time traffic, along 580 from tracy to dublin with the accident it is putting on a few extra minutes to the commute, 33 minutes and highway 4 is clear and 101 is clear at under 20 minutes. >> from nfl tackle to "crime fighter," jonathan martin stops a suspected thief. >> the land -- plan to
5:41 am
millions of college students being laid at by president obama. stay tuned. bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is friday. here is a view of the city of san francisco. from our sutro tower camera. you can see over parts of city...we will get the official
5:44 am
definition from mike coming up in a minute. the 49ers season could be over but a player is playing the position of "crimestopper." >> offensive tackle jonathan martin stopped a suspected shoplifter. this is a picture of is on the floor in los angeles with martin standing over him. the stanford graduate saw the shoplifter and chased down the suspect and punch him five or eight times. he came to san francisco from miami after a scandal where teammates bullied him. he tweeted saying took a dude out trying to problem a store. church members are putting on a brave face after a devastating robbery before christmas left them scrambling to conduct services. thieves stole thousands in musical and sound equipment from west hope presbyterian church. they took a full drum set
5:45 am
microphones and mixers. worst, the 50-year-old brass set was taken and church members were devastated from possibly an inside job. >> they knew exactly where it was and what they wanted to steal. that was very sad. made me c my gosh we are just trying to get up and running ... >> stolen equipment cost $10,000 that cannot be easy to replace with few leads for investigators. president obama is set to lay out a lay to make community check free for american students he teased this in facebook yesterday. under the plan, students would need to maintain good grades in exchange for two years of free school. federal funding would cover 75 kicks of proposal and participating states would pick up the rest of the tab and students could save up to $3,800 a year.
5:46 am
the president will release more details about the proposal during a stop in tennessee today and the plan is expected to face opposition from the new republican-controlled congress. still want to use "groundhog day," but after eight days, >> mike:. >> absolutely. "spare the air" again sonny and cher as we watch the air. good morning everyone. they got each other the isn't that great? the clouds are rolling in and the humidity and we are picking up a few radar runs but anything that is falling is not making it to the ground. it is warmer because of the higher humidity. from the east bay hills we have been following oakland or i have been following oakland because you have the poorest air quality. the haze is hanging around the port this morning. we will see increasing sunshine, with total sunshine and starting with clouds and haze and fog and more sunshine in the afternoon.
5:47 am
temperatures will stillen cooler than yesterday by a degree or two barely nuttable. here is the change in the forecast a chance of drizzle on sunday sprinkles during the day, and that will keep us as a cooler day this weekend and monday a system passes to the north and maybe a slight chance of light rain otherwise, it will be sunny and warmer and more "spare the air" days. we see. >> low pressure -- low-to-mid 60's and a lot of cloud cover still out there. as far as our lows tonight, san francisco around 50 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 40's and santa rosa a few spots in the low-to-mid 40's and area of low-to-upper to the south and that is not a concern of ours anymore, with no effect on the weather other than holding low up and because of that, the low will sink to southern california and as it spins it will tap
5:48 am
interest more moisture and with the counter-clockwise snow bring the moisture to us so we will have drizzle on sunday morning and sprinkles in the afternoon. the next system on sunday or monday comes from the north and push that out of the way. until then, north bay, santa clara valley, you have potential for the herest air quality and all of us are under the burning ban. you want a fire after work? hope you have gas logs. saturday, south bay and sunday, monday and tuesday hopefully it is better. the seven-day forecast shows pus of the center moisture in the air it cools the air like it cools our skin and upper 50's to low 60 and low-to-mid 60's and total sunshine is waiting for us next week. we will take a look at the accident in dublin and westbound 580 up to dougherty road we have two cars tangled up and possible injuries with an ambulance on
5:49 am
the scene. it is causing backups. you can see the yellow up to the dublin interchange it is only getting tougher and then it loosens up and opens into castro valley. we do have the golden gate bridge closure tonight at 11:39. this is the golden gate bridge is travel is clear and will help you a lot, and, remember it is closed for 52 hours, you want to be returned and you can download the app by going to google play or theup store with a couple of alternates including the bay bridge that will be bog down. if you can stay in, i suggest you do. coming up more controversy for bill cosby what he did now, that has critics sound, off. >> a cliff hangar above the near
5:50 am
of yosemite with a setback facing the two el captain climbers that could keep them from making history. >> an unusual haul that has two masked robbers being hunted down this morning. >> you can have weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with a quiet embarcadero right new in san francisco. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ ♪ [ beep ] hey.
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>> two robbers in lows -- los angeles two robbers stole two boxers of air jordans. they used guns and ignored the cash. a suspect place add handgun on the chair and left it behind so this could be how officers
5:53 am
identify at least one of the pacificked men. two climbers attempting to pick history by free climbing el capitan have separated with one advancing while the other is stuck. caldwell is moving closer to the top and leasing jorgensen behind. jorgensen says the sharp rocks have ripped the skin off his fingers slowing him down. caldwell is higher on the granite wall and when he reaches the ledge and there are not many he will stop and wait for jorgensen. both have been at it for 12 days. hundreds of spectators have shown up to watch the two climb the 3,000' granite face using just their hands and feet. we talking about the ice skating. >> not you were talking about football? the lineman practicing spin. >>ic skating now, the outdoor
5:54 am
ring in walnut creek has extended their season until january 19. it was supposed to close on monday. >> walnut creek on ice is extending hours and has family friendly events liking a fundraiser tomorrow to benefit abused and neglected and abandoned kids in foster scare. our anchor will emcee the event and play the band push. will he ice skate? >> better have him show up and skate. >> can he do that? >> we can ask. >> i can barely skate backwards. >> he is a great skater. >> that is why we brought it up. >> napa is the pick city, what to expect in a january day, the low does not jump much from 39 to 40 but the high goes from 56 to 60 in 19 and 85 are the
5:55 am
extremes and 5" of rain but 15" is the greatest amount. low-to-mid 60's through most neighbors and los angeles and palm springs have sprinkles and low-to-mid 70's and snow pack continues. the emergency is down to 41 percent and 17 percent for the reason and the seven-day forecast shows we have a chance of a light mix on sunday and monday but it will not add to the snow pack. it looks like the metering lights have been fund on at the bay bridge so you have a wait on your hands but eight minutes from the east bay to san francisco. this construction project is in the wrapping up stages if you travel westbound 92 off san mateo bridge coming up highway 101 you could still see the lingering construction crews but all in all everyone has cleared off the freeway. as you travel over the altamont pass, it will take you 40 minutes because we are tracking an accident at the dublin interchange and more of that in a few minutes.
5:56 am
japanese automaker nissan is teaming up with nasa to advance technology behind self driving vehicle announcing a five year research and development patchship for systems that could apply to commercially sold cars. google is working on that. nissan executives say the self driving cars could lead to improve safety and low emission technology and hope to inthough dues the technology to consumers in the next five years. >> bart will respond $2.7 million to reconstruct and make safety improvements outside richmond where buses and takes and cars drop off and pick up riders. officials say the project will modernize the exiting lot on the west side of the station including energy efficient lighting and drought resistant landscaping. >> scientists will examine a experiment whale that washed up near point reyes. we were on the scene as
5:57 am
onlookers liked to help the whale but it was determined to be dead. the wail was moved so it would not wash out to sea. because the sperm whales are rare scientists want to bring it in to will whatten and hopefully learn something. at 6:00, new york's mayor putting police on the hotseat after two weeks of tension find out where he says the department is fulling short and he is considering legal action. >> lost without your cell phone? a new study reveals something about the serious health impact when you are disconnected. >> we will look at the toll thomas eric toll plaza where it is backing this is
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news from outside paris, a hostage stand off. what we are learning of the negotiations. the golden gate bridge is ready to close at the end of the night for safety improvements. what you need to know to avoid big commute problems. new developments in the search for airasia and what could provide a new look at the disaster. >> it is friday, january 9th. leyla gulen is here this morning with meteorologist mike nicco to give us at look at the weekend weather. we start with what is going on outside when you step outside you will notice it is milder with the southern winds bringing in more humidity and trying to spread the sprinkles. i have not heard of anything reaching the ground. hazy this morning as we hook from sutro tower and mid-40's to mid-50's through 7:00 and upper


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