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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> time is 6:00. it's saturday, january 10th. good morning. i'm chris nguyen. it's dry outside and a little hazy. let's get a quick track of the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. these tracking live doppler hd for us. good morning. >> good morning, chris. it's the ninth spare the air day today. once some of the fog lefts we will be left with the hazy conditions once again. quarter mile visibility from santa rosa to napa, where right now it's 39 degrees. 52 san francisco. 550 fremont and livermore. and we are looking at no delays
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yet at sfo. we are starting out on the cool side. but by the afternoon temperatures will be slightly cooler than yesterday's upper 60s. notice all the cloud cover thins out a little bit and then by sunday we could see a few sprinkles. eye a spare-the-air day today. we have a system offshore. i will let you know if that will bring us anything more than sprinkles and when we can clean out the dirty air. that's all coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. if you are looking to drive across the golden gate bridge this weekend, you are out of luck. eye closed to regular traffic. workers are busy right now installing a movable median barrier that will help prevent head-on collisions. abc7 news reporter nick smith joins us live from the golden gate bridge toll plaza this morning with a look at what's to come for the weekend ahead. hey, nick. >> the big thing chris right now are the signs behind me. see the big signs that say "closed"? that's exactly what we see as
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they stand here. we aren't seeing any cars because it's closed on both ends. officials shut it down to vehicles last night so workers can install a movable median pairier designed to prevent head-on collisions. it's part of an effort to increase safety. now the new configuration means drivers will need to slow down. >> it's important for drivers to know on monday morning as they are coming southbound on the golden gate bridge, two things are important. one, the speed limit on the waldo grade from to the entrance entrance to the bridge will be reduced from 55 do 45 miles an hour. that's for good reason. because people need to get used to this new merge. >> to create a movable barrier 35,000 steal concrete clad box attached together by steele pins will be installed along the bridge and on the approachable portion of highway 101 north of the golden gate. to recon figure the bridge to six lanes during the rush hour
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commute the 32-foot called and one foot wide barrier will be used using truck. i can show you a worker on top of the closed signs. they can adjust signs replace bulbs, all the things they can't do when the bridge is open. they are use to go opportunity to do all kinds of maintenance project. we have spoken with the spokesperson for the golden gate bridge. i will corner her and find out what the latest is. and if they still plan to be open for monday mornings's commute. we will see if things are going according to plan. but at 10:00 we will be given an opportunity to walk across the bridge and see the blocks right in their final spot so we can actually see how they will work, move, come back, go back and forth. live at golden gate bridge nick smith, abc7 news. >> great information, nick. thank you very much. 6:03 is our time. if you have to make the drive from the north bay to san francisco this weekend, the
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detour will take you over the richmond-san rafael bridge along interstate 80 and over the bay bridge that. drive typically takes about an hour but with all the extra traffic expected, plan ahead for a much longer commute. it is difficult, though, to predict exactly how much the shutdown will affect traffic and transportation. transportation officials aren't taking chances. they are preparing for a rough weekend. abc7 news reporter alan wang has that part of the story. >> this has never really been done on this scale before. >> the closing of the golden gate bridge this weekend could cause gridlock all over the bay area. the expectation is that drivers between san francisco and the north bay will funnel through the oakland bridge, down the 85-80 corridor and across the richmond-san rafael bridge.
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>> the richmond-san rafael bridge is two lanes in each direction. you have two lanes expected to carry not only the normal weekend but now the surplus weekend bridge. >> we came here to mark this off our bucket list. >> they are tourists who had to alter their weekend plans. >> we were going to go see the miur woods tomorrow morning. now we will be going south. >> to alleviate the congestion golden gate transit is running four times as many ferry runs in one service and both will run late night service on saturday night. golden gate transit buses offer the only way across the bridge. they will be operating on regular weekend schedules, but there could be delays so passengers should leave early to reach their destinations. >> even if i was going to be here this weekend, i wouldn't even try. >> a host of factors will determine this weekend's traffic conditions, but just to be safe the chp is preparing for the worst. alan wang, abc abc7 news. >> we will be monitoring the closer throughout this newscast all weekend and on air and online. visit for
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information on closers and details, along with information on public transit options. we also have a link for you to download the traffic app waze. it's free on apple's app store or google play and we would love to have you join the a.p. c7 news group. developing news this morning. police in san francisco are investigating a shooting of that left four people dead. it happened at around 10:00 last night on page street in the city of haze valley neighborhood. police say four men were shot to death inside a vehicle. right now no suspects are in custody but police were interviewing witnesses throughout the night. >> there were a lot of shots fired. some went into dwellings, and right now we are trying to find out and check on our residents to make sure no one inside a residents was hit but there were a lot of shots fired. >> police say they are looking into the motive for the shooting but say the area has been having issues with gang violence >> across the atlantic, three terror suspects in paris are dead while a fourth is still on
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the run. authorities are looking for this woman. she's the 26-year-old girlfriend of one of the dead suspects. the three men were killed in two separate police standoffs yesterday. hostages they took were also killed. it brings this week's death toll to 20. marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> a day of terror in france ending with that flash. hostages running for their lives at the scene of one of two standoffs that left three accused terrorists dead. the first at this printing factory near charles de gaulle airport where the brothers accused of the massacre wednesday at paris newspaper charlie hebdo were cornered by police. this were hold up for hours, finally coming outside shooting at officers before the gun battle that left both brothers dead, one called a french tv station.
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another called that television station from a medical vehicle. the man who killed an officer thursday were holding hostages at the supermarket near paris. he reportedly said he synchronized his attack with the brothers. the s.w.a.t. team swarmed in killing him and finding four hostages dead. his accomplice is still on the run. the french president saying through a translator, the country remains on high alert. >> france also knows this is not over yet. >> al-qaeda in yemen has now claimed responsibility for the terror attack at the charlie hebdo newspaper earlier this week. marcy gonzalez, abc news new york. attorney general eric holder will represent the united states at the meeting of world leaders in paris this weekend to talk about combating terrorism. >> during the hostage stand off police were getting tips from a
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20-year-old man who was hidden 27-year-old man who was hidden in a box in the building. for more than six messages he sent text messages to his father who sent them to police. he told police the layout of the building and the location of the gunman. crucial information that they used to time their assault on the building. the gunman never flew he was in the building. meanwhile a travel alert for americans overseas. the u.s. state department is urgently all americans living or traveling abroad to be more vigilant because of the attacks, recently in australia and canada. and muslims take together in union scare last night to show solidarity for the people of paris and the shooting victims. katie marzullo has more. >> one by one they light the candles and when they are done the flickering lights read "peace." they are a peace-loving people and they are outside, and they
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feel the sorrow of everybody else who has been -- and the victim of terrorism. >> bay area muslims wanted to do something to show they stand in solidarity with the people of paris. and to reject the notion that the killings at charlie hebdo were done in the name of islam. >> we need to say that this is wrong, unacceptable and has nothing to do with islam in general. >> haslam is a professor as u.c. berkeley and the chair of the northern california islamic council. he was just in paris last month for an islamic phobia conference. >> we don't accept bigotry antisemitism in general, and this is the moment for us to respond as a society, as a community. >> not everyone here is muslim. there are the people who just happened upon it and joined in. the security guards who patrol union square helped light the candles. then there are the french, a group of co-workers who happened to be in town this week on
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business. >> i don't think it's because of religion that this happens. crazy people do crazy things. this is what i think. >> maria can't wait to get home to her family in paris but for now she's comforted by the vigil. in san francisco, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> and we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and online at our reporting continues to now on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. the time is 6:11. and weather-wise, lisa, mild temperatures continue this weekend. but we are waking up to some fog in parts of the area? >> yeah it's moved into san francisco. we have fog from napa to santa rosa this morning. and right now a look outside from our roof camera. you can see how foggy it is. numbers of pretty mild, though. not quite as mild as they were yesterday. but what about these dirty air alerts? will they stick around? i'll let you know when we return. >> thank you.
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energy to help your dog have his day. wherever morning takes you take along nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. oatmeal. cinnamon. softly-baked. nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. >> good morning, everyone. here's a sight you don't see
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often we are looking at the golden gate bridge from the north side. it's closed to regular traffic. eve seen some bicyclists get an early start to their bay but as of now no one there. nick smith has a live report coming up in a little bit. 6:15 the time. involving news. investigators searching for black boxes in the crashed air asia plane have lifted the tail portion of the aircraft out of the java sea. the tail was hoisted from a depth of about 100 feet. the operation came two weeks after the plane went down, killing all 162 people on board. officials tell abc news ping-like sounds believed to be coming from the plane's black boxes were detected from the seabed. but due to strong currents divers were forced to suspend their underwater efforts for the time being. happening today, a private funeral will be held today as friends and family bid a final farewell to long time espn anchor stuart scott. a visitation service was held yesterday in raleigh, north carolina. scott died sunday at the age of
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49 after a long battle with stomach cancer. remembered mostly for his quick wit and colorful sports commentary, scott became an inspiration, especially to those fighting cancer. president obama released a statement saying scott inspired others with courage and love. comedian bill cosby was heckled once again during a live performance in canada. it happened last night in hamilton, ontario when a group stood up and began chanting we believe "we believe the women." cosby continued his stand-up routine of a security officers removed the hecklers. he later released a statement thank fans for their support. at least 18 women in recent months have accused him of past sexual assault. no charges have been filed. 6:16, the time. imagine glueing razor-sharp dimes flat against a wall and then climbing up that wall for half a mile.
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that's essentially what a man is trying to do on the don wall in yosemite. it's known as the hardest rock climb in the world. abc7's tiffany wilson has more on what they are up against. >> for the climbers, the don wall inspires all. for tommy it issued a challenge. >> when they succeed it will certainly be the hardest free climb that's been done. >> since 2007 caldwell investigated every millimeter size number in the half-mile wide sheet of granite. kevin jorgenson joined the effort five years ago. now they are two weeks in a free climb up the don wall. >> it's taken 40 years for climbing to pro gross to a point where this is going to be possible. >> to show you just how advanced they are, these are some of the typical holds that someone learning to climb would use. now on the don wall, kevin and tommy of clinging to holds good -- about the width of this nickel. >> the don wall contains 32 sections. they have cleared the most difficult 20. jorgenson's support team sent a
6:18 am
tweet, said kevin just sent 15 epic #donwall. that's climber lingo for he cleared pitch 15. 15 eluded him in many attempts and many questioned whether his hands were healthy enough to continue. >> he literally cut the fingertips open from the holds. and that's a frustrating position to be in. >> and waiting means more time huddled in a 7-foot nylon tent hoping the weather wouldn't turn. >> it's getting pretty rowdy. longtime climber tom evans is photographing the don wall quest. we spoke to him over the phone about tommy and kevin's progress. >> anything can happen. i like to say you don't have it made until you have it done. >> they took from big steps forward. perhaps one day these novices will see the summit, too. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. new this morning, a space-x rocket has blasted off with supplies for the international space station. the unmanned rocket took off
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this morning from cape canaveral, florida just before 2:00 a.m. local time. the primary mission for space-x was to deliver more than 5,000 pounds of food experiments and other items. but it's revolutionary attempt to land the leftover booster on an ocean barge was not successful. the company's founder, elan mussing, said the booster came down too hard and broke apart. it was the second try this week by space-x to launch its dragon cargo ship. time now is 6:19. weather-wise, what are we looking at today lisa? >> not as mild as yesterday but it looks like we can't move all that stuff out of the air. unfortunately we need a pretty strong cold front to do that. it's another spare the air day today. the ninth consecutive one. we have the hazy conditions. there is haze right now. 7:25 the official sunrise. sets at 5:10. 9 hours and 44 minutes of day
6:20 am
light. there's a weak weather system offshore that will move just to the south of us and that won't be enough to really clean things out. in fact, maybe a few sprinkles but overall we are just wait to go get back into that december weather regime where we had all those fronts. sfo, no delays yet, 52 downtown. 47 san jose, 46 morgan hill and 48 half moon bay. winter just started but we are certainly in a dry spell with all the particulates gathering at the surface, allowing for bad air. 39 in novato, and low to mid-40s from the east bay valleys. in fact 50 degrees in livermore. here's a look from our exploratorium camera. you ethe haze out there even without the sunlight. but once the sun comes up it really is going to be one of those days again where it doesn't really resemble the bay area. where it's so smoggy with a chance of sprinkles headed our way tomorrow. that system moves out and we are back to high pressure, quickly building in behind it.
6:21 am
you know what that means. more sunny and mild weather with that stagnate air. so that takes us through next week. and whether or not we are going to be able to bring in any rain, we still really aren't certain. here's a look at the air quality issues from the north bay. poor air quality where the pollutants are ticking up over 100, as well as the santa clara valley. just a little better. medium air quality for the coast, the central bay inland east bay and the south central bay. as we take a look at our pacific satellite picture, there's the system. it's a weak one. it's offshore to the south of us. it looks like it will bring a few sprinkles to points south say santa barbara. but as it begins to trek to the south, the circulation around it could spring up a few sprinkles. nothing to write home about. and even toward mount shasta, maybe some light rain. but overall we are looking at a pretty stagnate regime. here's a look at the hazy conditions by 1:00 this afternoon. then as we go through the second
6:22 am
half of the day the overnight hours, maybe a couple sprinkles. overall we are looking at over two weeks of try weather. the last time it rained as christmas eve. if we go into next weekend, it will be three weeks and today will be a dry day today with numbers cooler than yesterday. hazy sunshine. 62 fremont and livermore. 61 down around santa cruz. 59 at the coast and downtown. the accuweather seven-day forecast, so a chance of mainly morning sprinkles and then notice the warmer conditions as stronger high pressure builds in on monday. that press as you an offshore flow monday night into tuesday, wednesday low to mid-60s. by thursday and friday increasing clouds. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. we have more information on abc7 >> it feels like we are in los angeles with all the smog. >> looks like it for sure. >> lisa, thank you. coming up next, a wish comes true for four of the biggest
6:23 am
little basketball fans. why these kids got to practice with seth curry and
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>> lots to talk about on "good morning america" at 7:00. we are joined live from new york with a preview. poly, good morning. >> good morning, collision. and hello san francisco. coming up on gma this saturday morning, she is the most wanted woman on earth. the wife of one of the terrorists killed in france today is on the run believed to be armed and dangerous. all of this as french officials are calling for quote, extreme vigilance this morning. and american law enforcement officials are on alert, as well. also this morning, chris, you mentioned you are dealing with smog. a whole lot of snow in the midwest. look at this video of a deadly pileup involving nearly 200
6:26 am
cars. we have severe winter weather from missouri tigers all the way to massachusetts. meteorologist rob is talking about it all. and new developments overnight for bill cosby. organized protesters managed to get inside one of his comedy shows. we will tell you how he responded from the stage. and countdown is on. we are talking about the first-ever college football playoff national championship game. it all kicks off on monday on espn. we will tell you how the game is shaping up to be a tale of two quarterbacks and how they are gearing up for the big game. i'm going to go on a hunch and say that you are rooting for oregon. chris? >> you know what? i'm originally from washington state so across the state that's a good prediction. i'm a pac-12 guy. paula, i know you are a sports nut. do you have a prediction? >> i'm born and raised in michigan. lifelong michigan wolverines fan. i hate ohio state but i never -- but when it comes to
6:27 am
big games like this, i'm never going to bet against ohio state and you have to go with the conference so big 10 strong. not cheering for them, but i'm pulling for the big 10. >> thanks for spending time with us. we appreciate it. >> have a good one. >> take care. all right 6:27 is the time. gold state warrior player seth curry granted some wishes yesterday. four lucky make a wish kids got to practice with him in oakland yesterday. they are huge warrior fans and curry is their idol. one got a special haircut and another came from albuquerque for a welcome break from hospitals and surgeries. >> it's amazing seeing his reaction. he's been over the moon, especially since yesterday when he saw seth curry for the first time. he can't sleep. he had a hard time eating. he wants to play basketball constantly. >> pretty cool 'cuz he's like one of the best players in the league right now. >> all of the kids also got a pair of his new curry-1 basketball shoes.
6:28 am
they also got tickets to last night's game against the cleveland cavaliers. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. here's a live look outside of the golden gate bridge. closed this weekend for safety upgrades. nick smith will have a live report in a few minutes. >> there was an outpouring of people who really wanted to help you. >> a woman's emotional response to the support from abc7 news viewers on her side after a scam
6:29 am
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>> glad to have you with us on this saturday morning. i'm chris nguyen. we start this half-hour with a quick look at the forecast.
6:31 am
we send it over to lisa argen. lisa there's so much haze in the air. >> that has not changed. here's a look at sfo where you see the cloud cover and the fog that's moved into san francisco napa, and also santa rosa. it's mild. downtown 52. 50 at the airport, as well as oakland. 47 for san jose. morgan hill, one were the cooler spots, but overall temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday morning. you can see the flag just blowing a little bit. and that will not help to mix out all the pollutants in the air. another spare the air day with temperatures in a narrow range. 59 to 62. yesterday we were well into the upper 60s. so a cool day today with hazy sunshine. a light breeze. we have a weather system offshore that could bring us a few sprinkles but will it clean out the air? we will let you know about that and the prospects of a decent weather maker, rainmaker coming your way and whether or not that's going to happen. chris. >> thank you. 6:31 is our time. the golden gate bridge is
6:32 am
officially closed to drivers this weekend. crews are working to install a movable median barrier that will help prevent head-on collisions. nick smith is live at the golden gate bridge toll plaza this morning for us. nick, good morning. >> good morning chris. i had to runback up here. getting in a workout because i just got through speaking with ms. clemens. she is the spokesperson for golden gate bridge. she told me things are not only moving according to plan, but they are using teams at different ends. the bridge to make sure that they can complete the work as quickly and as safely as possible. take a look at some of the video we shot as they shut down the bridge last night around 11:58:00 p.m. we were here when officials shutdown golden gate bridge late last night so workers could install movable median barrier designed to prevent head-on collisionings. it's part of an effort to increase safety. now the golden gate bridge spokesperson told us that the
6:33 am
project is being done at different ends of the bridge so that the crews can meet with the middle. >> the crews are starting in three different locations on the bridge so you are going to see some work up here at the toll plaza. in mid-stand they are heading south and at the north end forecast bridge the crew is heading north. once the two from the middle and the south ends meet, a team will go over and then connect the last part between the middle and the north end. >> now, to create a movable barrier, 35,000 steal clad concrete blocks attached today by steele pins will be installed along the 1.7 long bridge, and on the approach portion of highway 101 north of the golden gate. to recon figure the bridge to six lanes during the rush hour bridge the 32-inch tall and one foot barrier will be used moving trucks. and she mentioned how drivers will have to get used to the new configuration and he they are saying everyone will have to slow down so they can
6:34 am
appreciate, get that, appreciate the way the lanes have changed. so you really will have to show down so you can pay attention because it will not be the same. in fact, they decreased the speed limit on the approach so it's no longer 55 miles an hour. it is now 45 miles an hour because they want drivers to be aware of the changes and to approach it with caution. i will have another live update in about an hour because we are trying to see how things are progressing here and let you know that things, once again are moving according to plan. at golden gate bridge, nick smith, abc7 news. >> the speed change will be a surprise to many drivers come monday morning. thank you. businesses are brace fourth the impact of the closer, but how they are affected depends on which side of bridge they are on. at the barrel house restaurant reservations are down 30% this weekend. in san francisco businesses around the ferry building or actually preparing for a boom in business. four times the number of ferries will be running to make up for the bridge closer.
6:35 am
>> more people more dog owners, more traffic, we will be down here. >> one guy told us he's going to be hosting a "stay in marin" party tonight. visit us online for details on closers and information on public transit options. there's a link to download the traffic app waze on your mobile device. it can help navigate the detours. it's free from apple's app store or from google play. we will love to have you join the abc7 news group. >> bad news for commuters gridlock is getting worse in the bay area. according to our media partner "the mercury news" traffic moving 35 miles per hour or less increased 65% in the bay area from 2009 to 2013. eastbound interstate 80 out of san francisco in the afternoon is the worst in the region. interstate 880 in southern alameda county is second worse and southbound highway 101 in san jose between fair oaks
6:36 am
avenue and 13th street is the third worst when it comes to gridlock. developing news, a search is underway for suspects as four people were shot to death in san francisco. it happened around 10:00 last night in the city's hayes valley neighborhood. police say four males inside a car were shot, and again all of them died. police say more than 10 shots were fired and right now they are talking to anyone who may have heard or seen anything. >> i am quite surprised because of the area. we have restaurants and a residential area so you never would imagine there would be a shooting there. >> police say they are still looking into the motive for the shooting. a "7 on your side" story about a marin county woman who fell victim to a ruthless scam artist just before christmas hit a nerve with people here in the bay area. it touched their hearts so deeply, they just had to help
6:37 am
her. here's michael finney with a big surprise that gave her story a great ending. >> this is the story that touched the hearts of so many. carolyn collins in her room at this assisted living home received a shocking phone call. >> i'm a policeman. my name is zach miller, and you are under arrest. there's a warrant out for your arrest. >> the man said carolyn failed to show up for jury duty. she had to pay $500 right away or she would go to jail. >> i was stunned. i believed him. he was a policeman. i trust policemen. >> the man ordered her to go to her bank, withdraw $500, and load it on to a green dot money card. he stayed on the line the whole time as carolyn walked to her bank, then to cvs to buy the money card. >> he told me don't tell people why you are taking this money out. out of the bank and going to
6:38 am
cvs. don't tell them at cvs or they will have you arrested. >> when she got home the man told her to scrape the silver lining off the money cashed. >> there's a number there and i want you to give me that number. >> she did. and the crook used it to steal all the money loaded on the card. it wasn't until later that a friend told her that was no cop, it was a scam. she had just lost all her savings. >> i live on ssi, and i don't have that much money at my fingertips. >> the story came on about carolyn and how she had been taken for $500 by the person. it really annoyed me. it actually, it angered me. >> he felt so outraged he vowed to help her restore her savings. >> i just wanted her to know that despite all the not so desirable people that are out there in this world, there's a lot of people who do care. >> i felt really sad and i teared up. i was really moved about what really happened to her. >> this woman of san jose
6:39 am
contacted me and asked how she could help. and offers poured in from all over the bay area. paul ray in san jose wrote, my heart was broken when she said she's been saving and living on ssi. i want to give her a $500 gift. one in san francisco said it's so sad that there are folks out there who would do such a thing. and ray in santa rosa writes i'm not a wealthy man, but i would like to donate to resurrect her faith in human kind. donations flowed in. legal aid of marin collected the money on carolyn's behalf and today i surprised her with a gift. >> carolyn, i'm michael finney from channel 7. >> wow! >> i have a check here from the viewers of "7 on your side" for the $500 you were scammed out of. >> carolyn was overwhelmed. >> oh, dear. >> it is a happy ending. >> it just made me feel good because i knew that i would put a smile on her face.
6:40 am
>> donors gave more than enough to restore her savings. >> we created the carolyn collins fund. >> i'm speechless! >> legal aid of marin will use the carolyn collins fund to visit homes for the elderly and warn about the scams. and as part of the program carolyn herself will be making her own presentation to those residents. we will follow up to show you how it all works out and our heartfelt thanks to all of our generous viewers. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> still ahead on the saturday morning news. the warriors shoot for their 14th straight win at area researchers cal arena against the cavaliers. larry beil will have the highlights coming up in sports. first a live look outside from the golden gate bridge n is the marin side. it is closed to regular traffic. in fact, it is the longest closer since the bridge opened in 1937. we will stay on top of it for you, plus lisa as the accuweather
6:41 am
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re >> welcome back. major changes are coming to the golden gate bridge. eye closed this morning to vehicle traffic. upgrades include the installation of a $30 million movable median barrier. bridge is schedule today rehope on monday morning. time is 6:43. marine biologists say a big my
6:44 am
male whale washed up on the beach near abbott lagoon thursday. crews from the marine area showed up and said the whale didn't survive the night. because these are seen so rarely, the academy of sciences will study the whale to learn more about the species. time now is 6:44 and weather-wise we are talking about the haze the fog and mild temperatures today. >> you've got that right. not as warm as yesterday. right now fog in oakland. this is a few from mt. tam where there is a quarter to half-mile visibility are santa rosa to napa and novato and some temperatures dropping into the upper. so a slice of the sun that will be up at 7:25. we will talk more about the dirty air and whether or not a weather system offshore will help things out. that's coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, interesting comments
6:45 am
from ex-warriors coach mark jackson as he returns to area researchers cal arena for the first time he's been let go. larry bale has the details and warriors highlights coming up in this is an allen family production. and here's why we love chex. one, we love choices like chocolate, vanilla and honey nut. two, we don't love artificial colors or flavors. does anybody? and's gluten free. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. have you tried gluten free chex oatmeal and new chex granola mix? two more delicious reasons to love chex. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth.
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>> welcome back. if you are just joining us the big story of the day, the golden gate bridge is closed to traffic all weekend long. this is a view from the marin side of the bridge. crews are getting an early start to the workday. we will keep an eye on this throughout the morning and let you know of any major issues throughout the day. so weather-wise, lisa, it has been, you know, it's been kind of rough in terms of people with upper respiratory issues. i've had a tough time with the haze in the air. >> and people want to burn in their fireplace, and that is not aloud on a day like today, a spare-the-air day. you look outside and you see why you may be smelling some of the dirty air out there. eye been a rough go.
6:48 am
nine consecutive spare the air days. we look for a weak weather system off the coast later on today to bring maybe some sprinkles but not muff to clean out the atmosphere. we need more than sprinkles we need a strong cold front. nothing on the horizon. there are prospects for next weekend. live doppler 7hd shows all the cloud cover. nice shot from mt. tam where you can see how pretty it will be when the sun comes up with the clouds and the pollutants. it makes for a great sunrise and sunset. 46 in morgan hill, 48 half moon bay. 52 downtown. we have fog, and you can see it from the sutro tower camera with 43 santa rosa. 39 napa, novato. quarter mile visibility here in the north bay. it is certainly gray and dicey out there if you are trying to navigate on a bike ride or driving up there to be careful. 50 livermore and emeryville this morning some clouds with temperatures mainly in the 40s. so hazy skies once again today.
6:49 am
the only thing we can muster from this system is maybe some sprinkles. it really won't mix out the atmosphere. but the weak weather system offshore that moves through. then another weak system moves into the bay, allowing for high pressure to build in strongly, bringing an offshore flow. maybe some gusty winds out of the east monday and tuesday will help a bit. there's the golden gate bridge and the poor air quality. in the north bay and the santa clara valley particulates are up to actually over 100 this count. so that's why we have the spare the air day again today. satellite and radar pictures shows the system offshore to the south of us. it will continue to sink to the south. we are looking at a few sprinkles and dense fog into southern california. as that pushes south the circulation around it will spit up a little bit of some mid-level cloudiness that could ring out a few sprinkles into late tonight and tomorrow. but overall we are still looking at a mild day.
6:50 am
yesterday we had upper 60s. today 67 in press no. our numbers coming down a few degrees with low 60s monterey. 52 in the northern sierra. they desperately need the rain. only 39% of normal for the sierra snowpack. here's the system coming in next weekend. if we see anything, it looks very light. it doesn't look like it's a big one. but it could set the stage for a pattern change. that's what we are looking for. highs today 59 to 62 in san jose. although you could see a 63 morgan hill. low 60s in livermore. 69 in the city and the accuweather seven-day forecast, hazy today. extra cloud cover tomorrow cooler each day and we look tore high pressure building monday. maybe tuesday and wednesday the gusty east winds will allow for better air quality than the clouds picking up again thursday and friday. >> we need the rain. >> yeah. january has been such a disappointment, yeah. >> it has. lisa, thank you. turning to sports now. tonight the sharks return home
6:51 am
from a three-game road trip against the new york rangers. the puck drops at 7:00. last night the warriors closed out a six-game homestand look for their 14th straight home victory against the cavaliers. here's abc7 sports direct larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. good line from ex-warriors head coach mark jackson. you cannot disrespect the caterpillar and rave about the butterfly. and he's right. jackson laid the foundation for their success. he was back at the oracle last night, working the game for espn. the standing ovation from the fans and seth curry. warriors, cavs, no lebron james. lots of shots for the newly acquired j.r. smith. 27 for jr. bogut, second game back from injury. and clay thompson has a dog named rocco. had 20 of his 24 in the first half. here's thompson. >> knock it down, scott, excuse me. rocco at home, loving it!
6:52 am
>> and rocco probably liked this, too. bogut, the big block. not in my house. played 20 minutes. leading to this, curry convert the three. 23 points starting an 11-0 run. barns had 11. warriors surge late to win 112-94. their 14th straight win at home. utah and jazz. look this. a globetrotter play. .2 left on the shot clock. trevor booker, all he could do is tip it. he tipped it up and tipped in. thunder won the game 99-94. that's amazing. college football news, oregon just lost one of their best receivers. darren carrington failed a drug test, marijuana. he's not eligible to play in the national championship game on monday night. this is a significant loss for the ducks. carrington had 7 catches for 126 yards and two touchdowns in the rose bowl against florida state. it's oregon minus carrington versus ohio state for the national title on monday night
6:53 am
january 12th. it's a 5:30 kickoff on espn and the watchespn app. you know you have made it as an athlete when you star in your own sports center commercial. a funny spot just debuted featuring the warriors own seth curry. >> not again. >> i know you guys were watching last night. thank you guys. it means a lot. thank you. >> what are you talking about, sir? >> i had the 27-10 last night and today chicken curry. >> 54 points last week and the next day curry soup. >> thank you. >> means a lot. i lace them up every night for guys like you. >> who was that guy? >> i don't know. >> he did like the chicken though. >> he was great there. it's all about the curry. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. 6:53 is our time. up next, the giants world series
6:54 am
trophy tour wrapped up. we will tell you where the fir
6:55 am
6:56 am
mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. >> welcome back. hearings the winning number from last night's mega-millions draw. >> nobody picked all six numbers, though. so tuesday night's jackpot soars to $246 million. tonight's power ball jackpot is
6:57 am
$162 million. today is the first stop for the san francisco giants trophy tour. it comes to the finley community center at 1:00 this afternoon. the third public tour held in the past twelve years the giants will show up a their 2010, '12 and '14 championship trophies. throughout the months of january, february and march, giants fans will have the chance to view the trophies and have their photo taken with them. if you want to catch the giants trophies, you can find a link with dates and locations on our website, still to come on the abc7 -- that would be fun to do. >> it will be a great start to the day with cloudy skies. clouds up in the north bay. a spare-the-air day today. 61 concord palo alto and oakland. 60s up in santa rosa and oakland. we will look for more clouds tonight. maybe some sprinkles tomorrow. and really status quo until tuesday where some breezy east winds and warmer temperatures move in.
6:58 am
that could clean things out a little bit. but notice the next seven days. we around looking at any rain. >> lisa, thank you. thanks for joining us on the abc7 satty morning news. the news continues online on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile device was our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. first, as we say good-bye a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. construction crews out there right now. it is closed this weekend for major upgrades. we will see you again for abc7 saturday morning news
6:59 am
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good mornings, america. breaking right now, terrorist on the run. the massive hunt for this woman at the center of the terror in france. [ gunfire ] the bloody endings to the twin hostage situations. terrified shoppers running for their lives. meanwhile, the explosive conclusion to the siege at a factory the terrorists who massacred those workers at a satire magazine going out with guns blazing, this, as al qaeda claims responsibility. caught on camera. horror on the highway. nearly 200 vehicles in a massive pileup. cars and trucks slamming into one another, unable to stop. a truck hauling fireworks caught in the middle. and the driving danger today.


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