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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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ities and get to know us at good morning, america. right now standing strong. >> je suis charlie. >> the march in paris, a million people taking to the streets under tight security in a city on alert and on edge. leaders from all over the world, including america's attorney general, gathering in the city of light. amidst the tears and the tributes, we are learning more now about the terrorists who launched the attacks that killed 17 people, including 2 police officers. all this as the hunt for the world's most wanted woman intensifies. now expanding outside france, the intense efforts to track her down. does she hold vital information about more attacks? and the magazine at the center of it all, "charlie hebdo," its editor in chief speaking out this morning and
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firing up the presses. a million copies about to hit the streets. hey, good morning, everybody. massive security in paris this morning as people hit the streets to stand against terrorism and, meanwhile, officials are scrambling to track down the woman believed to be linked to the attacks and now on the run. >> she's believed to have fled the city and the country. heading first to spain then to turkey before escaping into syria. >> the elusive hayat boumeddiene the common-law wife of the man who carried out that rampage at the kosher supermarket in paris, she may know whether more attacks are in the works. >> all of this as huge crowds take to the street united in solidarity supporting those killed and standing up for free speech and against terrorism. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is right in the middle of it and
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has the very latest from the french capital for us this morning. terry. >> reporter: good morning, paula. what an incredible moment it is. people, upwards of 1 million, just stepping off slowly, everywhere you look this is their icon je suis charlie, i am charlie for this little magazine that was attacked on wednesday. what you see here is a nation rising up after being knocked down by terror. as one, declaring we will not live in fear. across paris security is tight. thousands of additional troops on the streets, roadblocks, it's a city on alert and on edge. dozens of world leaders expected here today, including israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas, but this moment really belongs to the people. spontaneous memorials sprouting up in front of "charlie hebdo" offices, in windows.
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and colleagues and friends still haunted by those moments of terror. mathieu madenian was supposed to be at those offices on wednesday but he had to wait for a repairman. >> when i watch the television and i heard the shot and every bam, bam and every bam i think is one of my friends died. >> reporter: but the magazine will rise again, publishing 1 million copies next week. editor-in-chief gerard biard in london when his colleagues were slaughtered vows to continue. [ speaking a foreign language ] "what do you want us to do besides laugh," he says. "that's the only thing we know how to do, laugh and make ourselves laugh," and chloe verlhac whose husband, the famous cartoonist tignus was killed wednesday and now will raise their four
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children without him, she told us they would talk about the threats. they knew the danger. "i always supported him in all that he did," she says. "and i am so proud, so proud." so much emotion in the aftermath of these attacks. this is a city and a country that has been trau matized. but this is when the healing begins. a sense of determination and defiance really they're saying here, we will not be defeated. we'll take our country back. >> defiance, terry moran, thank you, and now to the massive search for the one person thought to be linked to the attacks who is still alive. this woman may now be hiding in syria and she could hold the key information about the terror network to whom the killers were linked, and abc's matt gutman is also in paris covering that angle. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning that stunning revelation, the woman who was the most wanted in the world is not even in france. that, as security authorities here learn that this was a well-orchestrated attack apparently planned long in advance. french security's hot pursuit of the world's most wanted female fugitive has ended in a trail
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gone cold. according to french authorities, 26-year-old hayat boumeddiene is a key member of the jihadi cell behind the twin attacks at "charlie hebdo's" headquarters and this jewish supermarket. the day before the market attack its perpetrator amedy coulibaly and his life partner boumeddiene had been linked by police to the shooting of a french policewoman, but this morning the shocking revelation, this black widow is actually 2500 miles away in syria. slipping out of france and flying from spain to turkey on january 2nd before crossing on thursday into syria. >> the reason that she may have wanted to go to syria is really just to have sanctuary there. >> reporter: boumeddiene may no longer be on french soil, but france is still very much on edge with reports more sleeper cells have been activated and a spike in terror threats. according to french officials, at least one member of the paris
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jihadis who had fallen off the international terrorist watch list may have traveled to yemen in july 2011 undetected allegedly training with al qaeda for at least three months. >> what u.s., french, british and other european intelligence officials are working on, are there any other threats that are connected to this and what can we do to stop those if there are any? that is a race against time. >> reporter: in hamburg overnight, charred proof that other extremists are still plotting. a firebombing of a german paper that once reprinted "charlie hebdo" cartoons. now, all around this square we've seen the police have closed off the perimeter. we're told that there are snipers on the rooftop. but in this crowd, there is almost no protection and you got to feel a little bit bad for the police here in paris after the week they've gone through trying to control this crowd which is said to swell over a million people at some point today, paula. >> very large demonstration there in paris, thank you very much. matt gutman.
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the attacks in paris have had a ripple effect here in the u.s. and around the world with security heightened at potential prime targets. and it has been a wake-up call for intelligence officials and abc's pierre thomas is here. pierre, we're hearing reports that hayat boumeddiene has reportedly fled to syria. if true, how difficult has this become in tracking her? >> extremely. huge parts of syria lawless and law enforcement officials have been having great difficulty getting to the radicals there. it's interesting how syria has now emerged as a magnet for radicals. and law enforcement officials have been talking for months about thousands of westerners including hundreds if not more europeans going there and there was great concern that what was happening in syria would soon spill over into the west. >> and linked to anwar al awlaki, the radical american-born yemen-based preacher. that was killed by a drone strike in 2011. what kind of influence is he still having here in the u.s. turning americans into terrorists? >> well, first, al qaeda in
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yemen is probably the most active unit of al qaeda today. they're the ones that tried to do the underwear bombing plot on christmas a few years ago. so anwar al awlaki is the key leader and he haunts us from the grave. the fbi has identified 50 cases where americans were charged with various terrorism officials who had information about anwar al awlaki on their computers, in their writings haunting us from the grave. >> all right, american officials on the case this morning. pierre thomas, thank for joining us. dan. >> pierre, thank you. haunting us from the grave. let's bring in abc's george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. george, good morning. >> good morning. >> the u.s. attorney general as you know eric holder is in paris for security meetings. you're going to be speaking to him coming up on "this week." from an american perspective, what are the national security concerns that we see when we watch these attacks in paris? >> it has been growing for months. in fact, the attorney general told pierre just a few months ago that this is the worst, most intense threat level he's seen since 9/11. a lot of concern that these attacks by isis, the offensive by isis, the activity by al qaeda in yemen is inspiring
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lone wolf attacks that could hit here in the united states, as well. we've seen attacks in ottawa, we've seen attacks in sydney, now paris, american officials quite concerned it could happen right here. >> now, we haven't nailed down exactly who was responsible yet but it seems like it might have been al qaeda in yemen. they've certainly stepped up and claimed credit for this. if we can nail down responsibilities, is there a possibility of some sort of military response on the part of america? >> there's already been a pretty active military response in yemen for the last year. over 100 air strikes as martha raddatz reported. the french are going to retaliate. if they ask the united states for assistance i'm sure we would provide it. >> isis and al qaeda has been at the center of this grotesque race for air time in terms of global consciousness here. is this al qaeda's way of reasserting itself? >> that's certainly one possibility. so much confusion out there, though, right now even though we've had the claims of responsibility from al qaeda in yemen, we also know that there
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was an isis flag in one of the cars of the terrorists and it does appear that there might have been a competition even among these gunmen themselves, and at some level you just have to wonder how much it matters. i mean, if you've got these groups who are both seeking to inspire attacks here, anyone who's of that mind can pick up that message, take action. >> not necessarily the group, it's the ideology. george, thank you. i appreciate it. reminder, george has a big show today as we said he'll be speaking with the attorney general eric holder from paris, that is coming up on "this week" later this morning right here on abc. >> george, we look forward to it. and now, let's turn to ron claiborne tracking the developing stories in airasia and that elusive black box. >> good morning, everyone. we begin overseas where airasia officials say they may be zeroing in on finding the plane's all-important black boxes. this morning, big pieces of debris including some passenger seats arrived at an indonesian port. the ceo of airasia tweeting overnight, "we are led to believe black box may have been found. still not confirmed but strong info coming out.
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my main thoughts is the fuselage." officials say they are hearing underwater pings that could be from the flight data recorders. the plane's tail section was pulled from the water on saturday. and a horrific traffic accident kills five members of a virginia family. one virginia family, a huge tractor trailer crashed into the family's car before rolling over and crushing their vehicle. police are reviewing cameras in the area to determine the cause of that crash. and investigators are trying to figure out why a small plane crashed into a busy los angeles street on friday. reports say the single engine plane was piloted by a former nasa scientist. he was killed in that accident. witnesses say the single engine plane nose-dived shortly after taking off from van nuys airport on friday. the cause of the investigation -- the cause of that crash is under investigation. this is a stunning story, an indiana mother is facing some very serious charges after police obtained video showing her 12-month-old baby playing with a gun with the woman present. we warn you this video you're about to see is quite disturbing.
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>> say, bang. shoot. shoot. bang. >> the child is, as you see there, is seen playing with the weapon, even at times putting it in its mouth. the man who shot the video as well as the mother of the baby are facing a slew of charges including child neglect. this child, as well as the baby's 1-month-old twin siblings have been placed in emergency care. the mother says the gun was a pellet gun and not a real gun. and a wild police chase spanning nine miles in south florida is caught on dash cam. the suspects riding a stolen car, allegedly stolen car crashed into another car and opened fire on the people inside. police and suspects weave in and out of traffic. you see it right there. eventually officers make a bold move and slam into the fleeing minivan stopping the suspects. three teenagers were taken into custody. and a final farewell for a
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member of our family, longtime espn sports anchor stuart scott. hundreds of friends, family and colleagues gathered at the providence baptist church in raleigh, north carolina, for a private funeral on saturday. scott, of course, was known for his pizazz and enthusiasm that he put into his reporting. stuart scott died last sunday a week ago after a long battle with cancer. he is survived by his two teenage daughters. finally, a california girl gets a second chance with a long, very long lost friend. for eight heartbreaking years lela totter wondered what happened to her beloved boxer chance. she was 10 years old when chance was snatched from her backyard. on saturday, yesterday, san diego police found chance by chance wandering the streets. i made that up. through a microchip in the dog. >> that's clever. very clever. >> they were able to reunite him with lela who is now 18 years of age. how is that?
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>> she's a little gray in the snout but looking pretty good. >> we're talking about the dog. >> yes, the dog. >> thank you for clarifying. it just goes to show -- >> a little gray in the snout. >> not the snout. not the snout. >> that's why we've installed a microchip in dan. we'll be able to find him. >> if we want to find him. >> i don't like the way this chat is going. moving on now, now to chris christie, the colorful governor of new jersey doubling down on a football controversy. last week you may remember this. this was the hug heard around the world. christie in a rather awkward embrace with the owner of the dallas cowboys after a victory and then came the questions about who was paying for christie's tickets to travel to the game? despite it all the possible presidential candidate is back at it today going to the cowboys game in green bay. maybe we'll see another hug like that. abc's kendis gibson is on the story. hey, kendis. >> reporter: hey, dan, and one can only hope. what a hug it is. chris christie claims to have been a lifelong cowboys fan. nothing wrong with that, even as governor of a state with
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football fans who absolutely despise the cowboys. what is raising eyebrows, his relations with the owner of the team. this morning chris christie and his now-infamous orange sweater expected in green bay, hours ahead of the cowboys/packers playoff matchup and perhaps more scenes like this. the new jersey governor taken to task over the skybox bro hug with cowboys owner jerry jones last weekend. "the daily show's" jon stewart questioning his loyalties. >> you lead a state, christie, that's half giants fans, half eagles fans, and you're groping the owner of the dallas [ bleep ] cowboys. >> reporter: and more questions amongst new jersey lawmakers. with christie's office admitting this week that jones gave the governor tickets to three cowboys games this season. even providing the private plane transportation to last week's matchup in dallas. >> this may be fun in football but chris christie is on thin ethical ice when it comes to accepting these tickets and accepting flights from the cowboys owner. >> reporter: in a statement
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christie's press secretary calling the controversy silliness. however, assuring governor christie, his orange sweater and his son andrew will all travel to lambeau field this weekend to attend the game against the green bay packers. the governor will be paying for travel and tickets for himself, his sweater and his son. the relationship could also spark a conflict of interest investigation with jones being a partial owner of a hospitality company that will operate the observatory and restaurant at one world trade center. the port authority oversees one world trade and that agency is run by the governors of new york and new jersey. okay, so christie is expected to be back in the owner's suite for this afternoon's game. his potential 2016 presidential rival, governor scott walker, of wisconsin, tweeted he will be sitting with the fans in the stands. the race has started. >> yes, so walker is a man of the people. >> yes. >> christie is up in the skybox.
7:17 am
>> yes, exactly. >> and he likes orange sweaters. >> with the millionaires. >> yeah. >> the orange sweater kind of makes you feel like he's one of us. >> he's wearing that and he's worn it the last couple of games. it's superstition at this point. >> all this may be moot if the cowboys lose today. >> dan wears the same tie and nobody seems to notice. >> i use it to clean crumbs off my face. that's an entirely different topic. kendis, thank you. appreciate it. staying on the gridiron there's so much fandemonium building for the national championship game which will be played tomorrow night. two college football teams slugging it out in the first ever playoff. oregon versus ohio state and the ducks versus the bucks and lindsay czarniak is there where the epic battle is about to go down. good morning, lindsay. >> reporter: good morning, paula. after years, you know, of criticism and pressure to make this system better, we finally got what we wanted, the two best teams playing for the national title, and i can tell you the teams are all business right now, but the fans, they are
7:18 am
having the time of their lives. >> go, bucks! >> i really love oregon. >> we're excited. >> reporter: as ohio state and oregon fans descend on dallas it's clear the contrast is tradition -- >> where i'm from it's scarlet and gray is what you grew up on. >> reporter: what is your favorite thing about ohio state football? >> the legacy. >> reporter: -- versus style. >> i just got my oregon shirt. this is actually my sister's. >> reporter: you're from texas but you love oregon. how did that happen? >> i just fell in love with their jerseys. >> reporter: it doesn't matter if you pull for oregon or ohio state, it seems fans big and small have fallen in love with the new college football playoff system. >> the old system was just -- it was flawed. >> if we had the two teams that were supposed to be here and projected to be here, i don't think it would have been as fun. >> reporter: he's right. with the new playoff selection committee the ohio state buckeyes at number five edged in, and after pulling off the upset over alabama, they find themselves poised for a shot at the national title. the new format is doing what
7:19 am
organizers had hoped for, creating fans that will stay for life. what is your favorite thing about oregon football? >> well, i like how they go really fast on the field and how they make a lot of points and stuff. >> reporter: how did you learn so much about college football? >> my dad. >> my dad. >> reporter: while these teams grew up with their chance at history, the fans are suiting up, as well. >> first, you got to actually pick out the game day and wear the right gloves, the right shoes, right hat, right underwear. >> reporter: you're really wearing oregon underwear. >> not today. game day. >> reporter: got it. so, you can see even the fans get superstitious. we have serious information to report. the national chicken council has weighed in, 320 million chicken wings will be consumed on monday, so that's a lot of sticky fingers, a lot of happy folks, oregon, by the way, favored by six. >> i imagine a lot of ranch dressing and bleu cheese and celery sticks and carrots, as well. lindsay, thank you very much and enjoy the game tomorrow night. >> you bet. and abc news will be live
7:20 am
from the site of the big game in arlington tomorrow with robin roberts reporting for "gma" and david muir in the middle of it all on "world news tonight," so stay with abc news live in texas all day tomorrow. and a reminder that game kickoff college football's national championship game is tomorrow 8:30 eastern on espn. dan, you're going to be watching, right? >> i'll be there in my green, maybe my orange. don't want to be like chris christie. am i mixing games here? >> colors applicable -- >> time to get the weather. now let's get it over to rob marciano. what's going on, man? >> great game. so looking forward to it. things have panned out quite nicely. >> why is everyone standing? >> well, i'm going to handle the weather. >> easy. you're not allowed to touch that, young man. get on the sled, big boy. they got the snowmobiles out there. come on. yeah, girls from michigan get all excited when they see the sleds riding in the snow. we saw several feet of snow across parts of watertown especially east of town, you saw four feet and the stretch just north of syracuse past watertown, the tug hill plateau,
7:21 am
that's where you got the most amount of snow. lake effect will be winding down. but look at all of the advisories that are in effect. arkansas all the way to new york city, that moisture that was in texas yesterday now riding up and over. some cooler air, so we have freezing rain advisories, even an ice storm warning for indianapolis as this storm makes its way up through the midsouth, up the mississippi river, runs into that very shallow layer of cold air and it will freeze on contact in spots, the timing of this will be later on today, tonight and in through tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. that moisture starts to get into the i-95 corridor. likely okay but the roads have been so cold because it's been so cold we're going to see freezing and back side, a little bit of snow and another plunge of cold air relative to what we had the past few weeks, not too bad.
7:22 am
>> for the professional football playoff, the cowboys at green bay today, should be all right. 20 degrees, and mile high, the colts take on the broncos, temperatures there falling to the 30s. >> that's not a toy, ron. >> exactly. not a toy. >> all right. >> more weather later. coming up on "gma" -- the man who can't seem to stay out of trouble, george zimmerman, the man acquitted in the trayvon martin case facing new charges. plus, the golden globes are tonight. we'll have a preview. keep it here on "gma." ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by advil, the pain reliever that's built to be as fast as it is strong. pain reliever that's built to be as fast as it is strong.
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live as one♪ they're talking about bacon in all of its glory. >> yes. well, one of our floor directors was saying there's a really good way to actually make pancakes. how do you do it? you put the bacon in the pan, you fry it then you pour the batter over it and cook it like that. it's like a bacon pop. >> so right in the grease.
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>> that is genius. >> diabolical. diabolical. low fat, everybody. well, sara, how do you feel about that given your restrictions. >> i'm hangry right now so i would eat that in a second. then i'd eat your survey. >> why don't you come over, i'll cook you breakfast. >> are you kidding? >> bianca is not cooking too. she had a baby. >> i'll cook. i'll make you a smoothie. how about that? >> sara this, is a tv invite. he doesn't really mean it. he wants you to come to his house? >> he actually does. >> i have a rule, no eye contact ever. >> can we come too? >> maybe ron.
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at a store near you. ♪ can't stop won't stop moving ♪ ♪ it's like i got this music ♪ ♪ in my eyes ♪ >> sing it, sara. that was sara singing. swift's "shake it off" may be actually good medicine, guys. a new study found that kids who listen to a half hour of their favorite songs reported less pain after major surgery. how about that? audio therapy, inexpensive, no side effects. >> i buy it. there's a huge and well-documented mind/body connection so all of your health is not necessarily below the neck. >> it's a nice distraction too. >> absolutely. >> just shake it off. shake off the pain. >> as therapeutic as listening to us on a sunday morning. >> i'm tempted to rafiqullah you to do a little bit of tutu dancing. >> i'm not wearing my ballerina outfit. that's for next weekend. >> we have the visual, though.
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coming up this morning on "gma," it is a huge night in hollywood. it's the golden globes, of course, and the hosts, amy poehler and tina fey, are always full of surprises. will anything be off-limits for them tonight? abc's chris connelly is here to handicap the entire evening including who is likely to win, who is likely to lose. he's a knowledgeable guy. that's coming up but we'll start with george zimmermann, the man who is no stranger to the headlines, and he is finding himself in trouble yet again. >> this would be his third run-in with the law since being acquitted in the trayvon martin case and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more, mara. >> reporter: paula, good morning. zimmermann was at the center of one of the most famous cases in recent years and finds himself back in court for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. george zimmermann is walking out of jail again. a fist bump as he heads out the door. on friday, zimmermann arrested on assault charges facing a florida judge. >> you are here having been charged with the crime of aggravated assault for domestic
7:32 am
violence with a weapon. >> reporter: the former neighborhood watchman is out on $5,000 bond after allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend earlier this week. represented by the same lawyer who helped secure his acquittal in july 2013 in the death of trayvon martin. >> i certainly wish that i weren't here this morning as i'm sure he does too. it's been a devastating experience that he's had that he's working through. >> reporter: zimmermann has repeatedly found himself in hot water following his acquittal that sparked national outrage and protests. his wife calling 911. >> oh, my god. i don't know what he's capable of. i'm really, really scared. he punched my dad in the nose. my dad has a mark on his face. >> after that his girlfriend samantha sh eib, calls 911 leading to another aggravated assault charge. >> broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my friggin' face. >> reporter: then in november 2013 pulled over for speeding
7:33 am
down a texas highway. quickly telling the officer he has a gun in the glove compartment. >> where are you headed this evening? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? >> reporter: all charges in these cases were dropped by the complainants but these run-ins with the law have his lawyer concerned. >> i'm not a psychologist, i don't know how it's manifesting itself but i'm concerned as we are here again. >> reporter: zimmermann was ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and also surrender any firewarps he owns. he's expected back in court next month. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty. if convicted he could face up to five years in prison. seems to be he keeps continuing to get in trouble with the law. >> a man we keep hearing about. mara, thank you. a lot of other news overnight. let's get another check of the morning's top stories with ron claiborne. >> hi again, esteemed colleagues. good morning, everyone. we begin in paris where nearly 1 million people from across the globe are expected to come together in a momentous unity rally.
7:34 am
among the massive crowds dozens of world leaders expected to attend including benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. more than 5,000 security officials will be patrolling that gathering. and the world's most wanted female fugitive is believed to have slipped into syria. officials in turkey say that hayat boumeddiene flew to that country earlier this month from spain and was not in france during the twin attacks in paris this past week. and a major cleanup under way in michigan after friday's deadly pileup. westbound lanes on i-94, they have now been re-opened. 193 cars and trucks skidded out of control on the snowy roadway. one person was killed and dozens more injured. and finally, where do rock and pop meet? apparently next month -- glad you asked that question. at the super bowl halftime katy perry, a dance friend, announcing lenny kravitz will be her special guest during the much anticipated performance.
7:35 am
she said performing alongside the 50-year-old artist would make her more cool and how about the big game that takes place on february 1st in glendale, arizona, teams, of course, still to be determined. i'm guessing seattle and new england. dan, what do you think? >> i like the fact you said new england. i have no idea -- >> he knows where that is. >> do you know who the team is that plays for -- >> new england patriots, i grew up in boston. >> the quarterback? >> the quarterback is -- rob marciano, time for the weather. how you doing, man. >> i'm still thrown by the fact that lenny kravitz is 50. >> he's amazing. >> he looks great and makes me feel old. 16 degrees is the windchill in new york city. it is chilly there again today across the northeast but looking at a bit of a warm-up. still minus 7, that is the windchill in worcester, mass, where they saw a burst of snow at last couple of days. currently feeling more like 16 in chicago, 20 in green bay. not much wind there. it'll hang around 20 degrees right through the game this afternoon, so a little bit of cloudiness, typical green bay weather, could be worse. that's for sure. not as frozen as the frozen tundra can be.
7:36 am
we are looking at some frozen precipitation in the way of some rain getting into subfreezing air from little rock just south of st. louis getting in through indianapolis, as well. up the ohio river -- i-70 north. mostly snow and a couple of inches of it down south towards cincinnati you'll see freezing rain and then this gets into the northeast tomorrow morning and it will be a rough commute especially over the bridges and some of the overpasses. meantime, looking at rain, it is pouring down across l.a. over an inch into the l.a. area. still raining this morning. will probably fester into the afternoon and that red carpet is soaked right now for the golden globes. may be stopping right around the time george clooney walks down. he has that effect.
7:37 am
>> this weather brought to you by massage envy spa. ron, could you just -- i got a knot right there. just put your elbow right in there. >> break it up break it up. >> you're not a masseuse. >> he's got no touch there. coming up here on "gma" from "boyhood" to "selma," the movies that are contending for golden globes tonight. who are the front-runners? we've got your expert viewing guide with chris connelly. and kelly clarkson picks the cutest way ever to show off her new song up ahead in "pop news."
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♪ we are hours away from one of the biggest nights in hollywood. >> the golden globe awards and millions will be watching to find out who goes home a winner and abc's chris connelly joining us from los angeles with more. on what to expect. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it's nice to be ready for the golden globes. >> so we know that amy poehler and tina fey are hosting yet again this year. have they given us any indication what to expect? >> well, i understand that they've said that anything is fair game. that could even mean a bill cosby joke of some kind if there is any humor to be found in the bill cosby situation. what they've made their reputation on is being funny
7:42 am
about people in the room fearlessly funny the way they've told jokes about james cameron or george clooney. maybe tonight we get to see amal clooney laughing for the first time. >> oh. >> that would be fun. >> and speaking of amal clooney, george clooney is going to be receiving the cecil b. demille award. the famous director from the the '30s, famous for "the ten commandments." why is he winning it so early. and will be there an amal sighting? >> what's better than hearing a 53-year-old man is too young for anything in hollywood. that's a miracle. just to consider that right there. george stands right next to angelina jolie and maybe meryl streep as the ultimate hollywood ambassador. you know he's been in successful films. he's directed and produced. he's looked out for innovative filmmakers like steven soderbergh and the kohn brothers and he's done amazing charity work. his work in darfur and his work on the telethons for things like 9/11 and haiti and katrina so he is a perfect representative for hollywood and ideal to get the cecil b. demille awards. >> the golden globes often
7:43 am
predict who will win an oscar. who are the front-runners say for best drama? >> you know, mysteries abound this year, dan. usually we have front-runners that we're certain about. and this year, there's a lot till to be determined. i look at that best drama category, and i see "boyhood" as your most likely choice. this is a critic's group above all. 84 foreign film critics vote for the golden globes and "boyhood" has always been a favorite for the critics from the beginning. i like its chances and think "selma," though, has a great chance and if it does win, it emerges as an oscar front-runner for the first time. >> i haven't seen "selma" but "boyhood" can crede. >> i don't think i have seen any of those movies. >> three kids is a pretty good excuse. >> what about best comedy? >> i think -- i definitely think even though you might not think of it as a comedy "birdman" is the likely choice here and i think "birdman", it does win this category, positions itself as a contender for the oscars and get the nominations for those later on this week. "birdman" is a highly acclaimed movie. it's certainly going to do wonderful things for michael
7:44 am
keaton who is a likely best actor comedy or musical winner tonight. so i think that's a fairly likely choice in this category. >> and, well, you've mentioned it already, but let's go through the other best actor contenders. >> well, here again i think you want to be leaning forward on your couch when best actor drama comes up. michael keaton is definitely a contender as we look forward but who wins this category? actor-drama might be his best rival, i like the idea of eddie redmayne from "the theory of everything" winning in this category. but there are lots of other good performances here, benedict cumberbatch also certainly a likely choice for the "the imitation game" but i'm going to go with redmayne. and i think he positions himself very well for the oscars if he wins tonight, but who knows? >> who knows? chris connelly, thanks for the reminder i think we need to get out more and see some of these great -- >> i'm reminded not infrequently of that. thank you, chris. we'll have a full wrap-up tomorrow on "gma." coming up here on "gma," emma stone and her byfriend
7:45 am
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staples. make more happen. ♪ time for "pop news" and sara haines. what's popping? >> thank you, dan. kelly clarkson -- >> what is that? >> okay, a serious transition and did not work. kelly clarkson found the cutest way to give us a sneak peek of her new song. river rose jamming to mommy in the studio. ♪ i'm going to play it turns it on but i know he can take it ♪ ♪ up up up ♪ >> look at her little mouth.
7:49 am
she's getting out of that chair. kelly's new single "heartbeat" song drops on monday. that's the way to go. a daughter, a baby in any social media. people love it. >> people love dance babies. this morning we've got the news that "breaking bad" fans like myself have been waiting for about the highly anticipated spin-off "better call saul" and i have to admit it's a little bit of a downer. >> no. >> sara. >> come on. >> i didn't promise "pop" was always happy. >> your honor, he'll never do it again. >> there's tons of buzz surrounding the new show starring bob odenkirk and the creator now say that -- this is the downer part -- walter white and jesse pinkman will not appear in season one. ah. don't be disappointed. it's entirely possible for them to show up in the future seasons. they want to keep things organic. the thing i love about that "breaking bad" was great because of its writing and they said they won't make a stunt of it and put them in there but
7:50 am
but if it makes sense we'll put them in it. >> i agree with rob. i think it's going to be good. >> oh, it's going to be amazing. that actor is so talented, saul. >> yeah. >> amazing. so maybe this has happened to you. you see a celebrity and want to sneak a picture of them. a woman named alejandra spotted a-listers emma stone and boyfriend andrew garfield enjoying a meal in new york city at a nearby table so she did what many of us would do. what? >> she whipped out her phone to take a secret picture but she got busted. there's emma, wait a second. with a big gotcha smile in the back. right over her shoulder. and an embarrassed alejandra instagrammed either i caught a great moment between andrew garfield and emma stone or i clearly got caught and i am officially fired as a paparazzi. #oops. that's what i call a groupie. >> you have to get close to the screen to see it. >> she's literally like busted.
7:51 am
>> that looks more like a sara haines photobomb where you do one eye. it's always creepier. it's like this. it's like this. and nothing feels better or looks better than a fresh blow-out but not everyone feels the same way. check out this puppy who makes it his mission to protect from this awfully loud machine. >> get it. get it. >> get on it. >> wait. that's the second boxer in the show this morning. >> we try to keep it -- >> three we get a prize, i think. >> that is awesome. >> boxers. >> no, i love all -- actually animals but dogs are my weakness. i'm not sure what this guy is thinking but his owner is about to have a really bad hair day. how cute is that? the difference between a big and small dog is if i turn on a hair drier, my dogs are gone. >> it's a frightening noise. >> they don't protect. let's just say that. >> you're tough on your own. right back with more "gma." great "pop news" as always. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the hotel search. hotel, trivago. >> thanks for joining us this sunday morning and hope it's filled with friend, football and -- >> food. >> food, lots of food. >> what she said. thanks, guys. see you later.
7:57 am
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>> announcer: starting right now, a special edition of abc's "this week," terror in paris. a country on edge after a week of terror. security in major cities around the world stepped up. the u.s. on alert. one of the highest threat levels since 9/11. are other sleeper cells waiting to strike? how did terrorists with ties to al qaeda slip through the cracks? this morning, breaking details inside an analysis from our team around the world. plus, attorney general eric holder and the senate intel committee chair are here as hundreds of thousands gather this morning in paris, refusing to be afraid. from the global resources of abc news, a special edition of "this week: "terror in paris." here now, chief anchor, george stephanopoulos.


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